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The Buck Sexton podcast, Freedom is Our Fight. This year, you have a Democrat Party that increasingly just bears its authoritarian fangs without any sense whatsoever of fair play and good faith toward the other side because they haven't had it for years, because defeating Trump in their minds justified absolutely anything. The Buck Sexton podcast to get it for free daily on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you find your podcasts.


Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast.


Yeah, I guess so. Stand by for the audio. Sound bites. One dose. And trace of those trace. Greetings, my friends, and welcome. Great to have you. Rush Limbaugh still getting my sea legs back here day to back from a two week absence. Glad to be back behind the golden EIB microphone, just short wig, this is already Friday, which means more from US Southern Command in sunny south Florida.


It's open line right Friday. And you know, folks, I may be relying on you today. I normally don't do that. I normally take on the full responsibility of filling up the precious programming time myself because I am the highly trained, broadcast professional and also highly paid you are. Well, you're not paid you had a moral victory every time you appear here, but still fighting fatigue, some of the other after effects. But we're working on it.


We're trying to deal with it anyway. Whatever you want to talk about today, have at it. I'm looking forward to hearing what's on your mind. The phone number is 800 to eight to two eight eight to the e-mail address. Rushworth, EIB, U.S.. I don't care what anybody says. Donald Trump is not going to leave office between now and January 20th.


They can sit out there. He may resign. I doubt that, but he's not going to be forced out, is my point.


The 25th Amendment isn't going to happen. Is going to do it. You got some cabinet people resigning, some of them sound like they're like messy divorce and things really ticked off. But I think some of the other cabinet people are resigning just to thwart the 25th Amendment effort. Pence says he's not going to do it. He's not going to invoke it. Responding to Pelosi and Schumer's threats. That there will be impeachment. I just I know they desperately want Trump gone, and I know that they desperately want it codified that Trump cannot run again because make no mistake, they remain scared to death of you and they remain scared to death.


The Trump Trump, 75 million, 80 million votes. And I'm going to tell you, you're not going anywhere. Even if Trump does, you're not. You know what you believe, you know what your vision for the country is, you're not going to give up on it. You're not going to go packing away. I mean, some of you may not vote the next chance you get, although I would caution against saying that the 2022 midterms are going to be up.


And I know how can you trust an election going forward? The midterms are hundreds of House elections and Senate elections.


And it's arguable. You know, I was thinking about something last night. But how I am the one who has to face this, I'm the one who said throughout these past four years and I also echoed Obama, Obama said the exact same thing back in. 2012, that it would be impossible. To rig a presidential election simply because of the complexity and I said this to. And the reason I said it was is that there are too many precincts and there are too many states, you wouldn't know where to go.


Well, I'm going to revise my thinking on that now, obviously, I have to, because if you can cherry pick. What you know, are going to be the swing states and then specific precincts within those swing states, the the fraud margin of victory is one percent, maybe two percent maximum. It's not big. In other words, you don't have to have massive fraud in order to rig a presidential race, you just need to have a margin of victory of one percent, one and a half percent in the right places.


Which is what it looks like happened. So given that I know a lot of people are of the impression. And of the frame of mind that it's it's now ludicrous to trust any election result. And therefore, it may even crazier to participate. In elections. Now you can do what you want, you know, I don't tell you what to do and I don't tell you what to think, I give you the opportunity to agree with me, but there's no mandate that you do.


Cheating, rigging. A series of midterm elections. You know, the return incumbency rate in the House of Representatives, 95 percent, that's a that's a that's a big time, powerful figure. 95 percent of all incumbents win re-election. So if you want to try to have an outcome, that's not legitimate. And you're going to have to pick the right races to target, you're going to have to do whatever you're going to do to rig or try to rig, that is going to be a massive number of places you're going to have to guess.


Right. My point is that the midterm elections I know a lot of you right now are you're really you've had it.


The deck stacked against no matter what you do, you thought that about going in the Georgia runoff and we had Lin Wood, Sidney Powell telling Republicans not to vote in the Georgia runoff until these machines from Dominion were fixed or modified to be correct. But it is still the only avenue you have. And I won't talk about it as the days unfold here. But the bottom line is Trump is not going anywhere between now and Inauguration Day. Trump has announced he's not going to attend Biden's inauguration, by the way.


And he's doing this under the guise of safety and security, that there's no reason to throw gasoline on the fire, no reason to torment people, it's Biden's day. He'll let Biden have it. There were some who didn't attend Trump's inauguration, but Barack Hussein Obama did, George W. Bush did.


But there were some some holdouts. But I just don't see I don't see Trump being removed from office every now and then. They remain scared to death of you folks.


They remain scared to death that there are 75 to 80 million of you, and that no matter what they've tried, even with the events of this week, they can't separate you from Trump. And more importantly, they can't separate you from the ideas. They can't separate you from Magga, they can't separate you from make America great again. Which I think remains one of our big campaign strength going forward. The idea that making this country great is somehow bad, the idea that making America great either again or in period is something controversial to me is a big plus in our column, I think.


We're nowhere near reaching that point where a majority of Americans think America being great is a problem. It remains an objective for millions of people, it remains a goal because it means so much to people in their real lives.


Most Americans do not think America is the problem in the world. A number of Americans do.


They've been brainwashed in public education and in higher education, not denying that they're out there. But a majority of Americans know. Make America Great Again is a concept of ideas rooted in the founding of our country. Writing of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence. And it remains the bulwark. It remains the definition of America, both in terms of morality and virtue, decency in politics that people want to strive for and they're not going to give it up.


Whether Trump is around to lead it or not, and that's what really bugs them, remember, these are the people that do not think they should have to face opposition. They don't think they ought to have to debate you at all. That is beneath them. Dissenting ideas are beneath them. People that disagree with them, why that's just that's unheard of. We're not going to give people the time of day who disagree with us, we're not going to waste our time and debate.


We don't want to have to change hearts and minds.


That's not who we are and that's not what we're about. They say. We're simply going to enforce what we believe and cancel people out who disagree with us. That's the council culture and the latest example of the Cancelable culture is Josh Hawley. Senator from Missouri, Josh Hawley, had a contract with Simon Schuster to publish a book. And Stayman won't, Schuester has canceled the contract. In its online catalogue, Stayman own Schuster described Hallie's book as championing the idea that big tech companies Facebook, Amazon, Apple.


Represent the gravest threat to American liberties since the monopolies of the Gilded Age and proposes a dramatic, hopeful path forward. So Hallie's book. Warning of the dangers of big tech was canceled. 2021 has morphed into 1984. Steinmann. And Schuster decided to drop the publication, even though there is a contract for it. After what Steinmann onto Schuster called the deadly insurrection that took place in the capital Wednesday.


The title of Senator Hallie's book, The Tyranny of Big Tech, had been scheduled to go on sale in June, six months from now.


In a statement on Thursday, Simon Schuster, which is a unit of Viacom, CBS, said, quote, We didn't come to this decision lightly. No, of course not. They never do. As a publisher, it will always be our mission to amplify a variety of voices and viewpoints. At the same time, we take seriously our large public responsibility as citizens, and we cannot support Senator Whorley after his role in what became a dangerous threat to our democracy and freedom.


Josh Hawley writing a book that they eagerly signed a contract to publish. Josh Hawley is now referred to as a dangerous threat to our democracy and freedom. Well, we've got something in our Constitution called the First Amendment, the First Amendment. It talks about free speech. Now, look, Simon and Schuster, they're free to cancel anything. It's a private business. They don't want to run the book if they want to run the risk of being sued by Senator Whorley.


Fine and dandy. There's no law mandating they publish the book. The purpose of my comments is not to in any way affect that. They can do what they want to do. The point is for them to say that they're engaging here in securing the principles our democracy is is a joke. They are doing the exact opposite here.


Wall Street Journal called Hallie's office. The call wasn't returned. Senator Hallie's literary agent could not be reached, but here is a statement that Whorley tweeted, This could not be more Orwellian. Simon Schuster is canceling my contract because I was representing my constituents. I was leading a debate on the Senate floor on voter integrity, which they've now decided to redefine a sedition. Let me be clear, writes Senator Whorley, this is not just a contract dispute, it is a direct assault on the First Amendment.


Only approved speech apparently can not be published. This is the left looking to cancel every one they do not approve of. I will fight this council culture with everything I have. We will see you in court. So this is how they do it. They don't want to debate anybody. They don't want to have to explain themselves. They don't want to have to deal with dissent. They just to hell with it. We're just going to cancel Hallie's book.


We're not going to be responsible for what this lunatic thinks being published. Their attitude. Leftists do not have to enter debate. They do not have to win debates.


They do not fear for your support, for your hearts and minds. They don't have to do that. That is the definition of the council culture. One quick item before we go to the break. Facebook yesterday throttled us, they throttled the EIB Network in the Rush Limbaugh program by throttled us, that means they they slowed us down.


We haven't been banned. But Facebook reduced our distribution because of the story I did yesterday on Antifa, there was a two prong portion of the story. There was a story of that.


And it was a bit of a Washington examiner said that facial recognition software had identified a number of the protesters in the capital as members of Antifa. And then some hours later, the Hill Dotcom runs a story saying that, no, it's not true. The Washington Examiner got it wrong and I reported both. I reported the original story by Rowan Scarborough that there was facial recognition confirming in Tifa was part of the protest mob. And then when the Hill came out with their story, I reported that.


And Facebook acknowledges that I did, even though the story contained that I mentioned, the facial recognition story was redacted, they nevertheless throttled us right here on this page, restricted your page, has reduced distribution and other restrictions because of repeated sharing of false news.


People will also be able to see if a page has a history of sharing false news. You have to look at it as a badge of honor. Ladies and gentlemen, OK, we got much more.


We're just getting revved up and started. We'll be right back.


You know, this call here on line three? It looks intriguing. I may be misinterpreting what the caller wants to talk about, but I'll say this is the land in West Caldwell, New Jersey, as we start with you. This is where The Sopranos lived. West Quadrant. Yeah, that's where The Sopranos were. That's where the bada bing was. And Lynn, it's great to have you with us on the program. Hi. Good afternoon. Let me tell you that you're in my prayers every day.


Thank you. I need them. I appreciate that. My comment, as I said to your screener, was that yesterday, just accidentally, I'm sure all of that hubbub occurred when they started to debate the electoral count. That strikes me. All what hubbub, all the invasion of the Capitol building. Oh, the invasion and capital happened when they started when Trump started to talk about it, you mean.


No, when the Congress started to. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. With the electoral vote. Right. The Arizona vote.


Right. And they and they moved their focus away from what it should have been on whether the electoral votes were valid. Yeah. They moved it to denying any involvement with what was going on. They got rolled in New Jersey. That's a term they got rolled.


You mean the Republicans got rolled?


Oh, yes. I agree with you. Why do you think it keeps happening? You know, you could you could almost say, Lynn, that that entire day yesterday, was President Trump getting rolled?


Yes, orchestrated? Very much so. But why why why do we keep falling for traps when. See? So I make the mistake of assuming that everybody knows these people on the left like I do, but we're not there yet, we still have people that extend to them good intentions, benefit of the doubt. I do not. Look, I need you to hang on. I got a break coming up. I can't move it.


I look forward to chatting with you on the other side, still on the right side of the grass.


Don't that every show seems like the most important. Every caller matters. And the country we are born in is the best. Is the Rush Limbaugh program, EIB Network. We return not only in West Caldwell, New Jersey.


You I really agree with you on this that that we keep getting rolled.


And I know a lot of people in this audience. Probably the thing that frustrates them the most is that that very fact we keep getting rolled. So let's go to yesterday. And for me to illustrate this and I think you agreed with me on this, let me reset the table to make sure you understand what I'm setting. Trump has this Grand Day planned. He's going to address his supporters both from the White House and then outside, and he's going to motivate them.


He's going to try to inspire them to stay engaged, to stay involved. He's not trying to promote violence. That's not who he is. It's not who any of us are. We do not do that. It is the left in the media, which for the past four years has done that, particularly the last the last nine months, I've got a story here from the Federalist 28 times this. This story prints out the 10 pages, 28 times media and Democrats excused or endorsed violence committed by left wing activists.


That's who does this. So here Trump has this grand plan. It's his last gasp and he's hoping to make a big splash with it. And part of it is that there's going to be a march on the capital, people are going to leave wherever they are, they're going to go to the Capitol. There isn't a thought given to breaking into the place, not by our side, there's nothing to be gained by that. They're just going down as a show of force.


The rally was Wednesday, not yesterday, like I'm telling. I'm still getting my sea legs here, folks.


But they were doing what they could to be heard, to be noticed. They were hoping that there was one last gasp effort. To change the outcome of the Electoral College, nobody was thinking violence, they know that's not how you do it yet. What happened? They show up down there and then there's violence. And there's people breaking in the building and there was nobody to stop them to break, and it couldn't it didn't make any sense. And then you the event happens and you pull back from it and you realize.


That we got set up again. Yes. That may not be the right term, but they knew we were coming. And they had a little surprise plan, they were going.


To have some somebody somehow was going to engage in activity, behavior that was unbecoming, that was not productive, that would be very, very negative if attached to anybody.


And yet we were bright eyed and bushy tailed and all excited, this was something we really hoped was going to have legs. And now look, two days later and everybody's running around trying to be the first to get to the microphone to condemn violence. When they didn't commit it, we were saying, is this what you mean? We were set up. We got rolled. Yes.


They took the focus of the Congress off evaluating the electoral vote.


Why do we not know this is who they are when you know, I really I can't answer that question. I shake my head a lot and I scratch my head a lot. And I think to myself, why is it that people cannot see what's right in front of their nose? And I have to deduce that people are not that stupid, that people do see it, but for reasons other than I know they allow it to happen. I don't know why I don't know that this time they see it when it happens.


I'm asking why don't they see that it is the left stratagem?


It is their it's their objective to look at all.


I can I can give you examples and not stop Gabby Giffords get shot who they blame, Sarah Palin and a Web page because it has a gunsight on it. And then everybody starts blaming Sarah Palin for the fact she got shot. The guy that shot Gabby Giffords never heard of Sarah Palin, but doesn't matter. It survives. This is who they are. This is how they operate. And they have they for four years, they have been lying about and mischaracterizing Donald Trump.


And it seems if you're going to have a big rally planned, if you're going to have some. Last ditch effort that you've got to anticipate based on knowing who these people are, that they're not just going to stand aside and let you go to the Capitol and have your protest, they're going to make you pay a price for it. And it just for the life of me. This is why I get so frustrated that there seems to be an ongoing level of surprise or ignorance about who our political opponents are and how they operate.


What I think Republicans need to do is they need to start pulling in people who have been disenchanted with the Democratic Party and who had the mindset of Democrats, the Republicans that you're talking about don't have the mindset to do that.


They don't have the mindset to fight the Democrats, if you've noticed. Yeah, the objective now is to make sure every Democrat understands, hey, we didn't do it.


I you know, I condemn the violence. I don't want any part of the violence. Don't want me.


And like I said yesterday, you want a life in Washington. You want a career, the Washington establishment, you have got to dump all over Trump and his supporters.


If you don't, you're finished. This is what they know. And this is what this is what we're watching. That's why that's why Palin and others are calling for a third party.


Maybe what they should do is set up the kind of government aside that Obama set up. In his in his mansion in Washington. We have strings are pulled and people, you know, on the end of a string, and then there's my point. We when when the Democrats win the White House, it's time to nominate Supreme Court justice. What do we do? We vote for them by 98 to 97 percent. We give the Democrats what they want on the theory that they won the election.


They should get their judges. We don't set up satellite power offices and try to run operations to undermine the newly elected Democratic administration. It's not who we are.


There was a movie I watched several years ago about Churchill, and he made a very profound statement. He said, you cannot negotiate with a tiger when your head is in his mouth. People need to remember that. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, but why would your head ever why why would you put your head in the tiger's mouth?


Because you're stupid. Well, that would take a lot of work.


You got it. First you got it. You got to break through a cage. Then you somehow got to go find a tiger. Then you got to open a tiger's mouth. You got to put your head in there. And then you got to hope that Tiger doesn't bite down. Then you're going to tell the tiger not to bite you.


Well, I think we're halfway there, don't you? Oh, I don't know.


I it's hard to say. That's that's the that's the whole point. I use your phrases, we got rolled, I if you want if you want to say that, stick with it. That's that's fine. My my point is.


That here we all bright eyed and bushy tailed are all excited on Wednesday, we're looking forward to this. We don't really know what to expect. Some of us think there's no way this is going to actually happen, but we still want to participate. We support Trump. Want to give him every shot here?


And the event ends up getting sabotaged somehow, some way, and we end up getting blamed for things that we don't do yet, 28 times, media and Democrats.


Excused or endorsed violence committed by left wing activists.


Here's how this piece begins, Democrats and their allies in the media. That's not even correct. Democrats in the media. There Democrats are everywhere. They just disguise themselves, some of them are journalists, some of them are. Think tank thinkers, some of them are elected officials, some of them work at nonprofits. They're all Democrats. This doesn't, you know, sign themselves various.


Jobs to do various occupations anyway, Democrats in there, Democrats in the media are ready to condemn riots now that the turmoil has shifted to fit their narrative. On Wednesday, a mob of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol building.


It was an astonishing display of anarchic protest that delayed congressional certification of the Electoral College vote, formally handing Plug's Biden the keys to the White House.


The scenes from the dark day of disaster demonstrations illustrated a deteriorating country, repulsed millions of people, traumatized a nation still recovering from the death, despair and disruption that came to define the dystopian months of 20-20.


Above all, what happened on Wednesday is served as a grim reminder at the institutional stress test of 20/20 has followed us into 2021 and it goes on prints out to 10 pages, details 28 different times.


Democrats excused or promoted violence committed by left wing activists in Seattle.


In Portland, you know the locations, Minneapolis.


Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, you know, where this all happened? You know, the Democrats either ignored it and denied it or promoted it. Advocated for it. By the way, the attendance at that rally on Wednesday, I don't know if you noticed it was huge. The pictures from that rally indicated a huge attendance I've never seen. Conservatives and Republicans turn out a crowd like that completely covered the mall and the streets bordering it, and I don't mean to be putting anybody down here.


The conservatives that have shown up in various protests have shown up in great numbers and at Trump rallies. But this. Look, to be like something I haven't seen before. It's why it folks it's why you haven't really seen any photos from it or heard any estimates of the numbers attending because it was damn big, which argues that it was. Supplanted that it was enhanced, if you will. By people that may not have been sympathetic to the original purpose of the of the rally, at any rate, on a little long, I have to take a brief break.


Thank you for calling and holding on. We'll be back and continue in a minute.


We just have a new sound bite here from Nancy Pelosi, CNN's newsroom. She was talking with the correspondent, Manu Raju. Manu Raju, reporter about Pelosi's California call with the House Democrat caucus, about possible new articles of impeachment against the Trump after she's making very clear that there's more support for moving forward with impeachment among the House Democratic caucus now than there was the first time Donald Trump was impeached back in 2019.


She said that she prefers the president resigning or Vice President Mike Pence in the cabinet invoking the 25th Amendment to force the president out of office. But she's making it very clear they're prepared to move forward with impeachment.


Well, they better hurry if that's the objective, if they want to get rid of Trump the impeachment, because today is the eighth in 12 days. Plug's Biden gets inaugurated. So they got to do this in 11 days. So they've got to call a house together. They've got to get the Senate to go ahead and convict for this.


And then they want a proviso that Trump cannot. Seek the presidency ever again, and they think that doing this is going to pressure the Cabinet and Pence into invoking Amendment 25, but Pence has said that it is not going to do this.


There's more desire to impeach Trump now than there was in 2009. I totally believe that.


That was trumped up like you couldn't believe in 2019, a bunch of people just going along with it. But this the hatred is visceral. You can touch it, you can see it.


You can see it steaming from the electrodes on these Democrats heads. I've never seen personal animosity like this. I mean, it is it's almost to the point of uncontrollable and unpackaged. Here is Cindy Jefferson City, Missouri state Capitol. Great to have you with us. Hello.


Hi, Roge. Thank you for taking my call. You bet. First, I just want to say I'm talking to you from my phone back in 2016, you graciously gave me this iPhone, and it has been a treasured gift for me for so long.


And what kind of phone is it? Was it an iPhone eight type thing? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.


And my family at my Russophone. So anyway, prayers to you and your family and all of your staff that EIB and I'll get to my point this morning. My husband watches Fox News every morning. And this morning Geraldo Rivera was on there, the grim reaper who died.


Well, he would like for Ted Cruz and Josh Haley's career to die. And he said that they are responsible for the riots that took place on the Capitol.


Oh, come on. I know. Come on. It's ridiculous.


It's childish. It's this this idea. I mean, some are blaming me for promoting violence now because of my show yesterday. This is just absurd.


It is. It truly is. And it's infantile. It is. And Brian Kilmeade, God bless him, he came back and he said, so, Geraldo, do you think that we should condemn Bernie Sanders and get rid of Bernie Sanders because of the shooting that happened on the baseball field with Steve Scalise? Because that guy was a Bernie Sanders fan and Haraldur was like a I don't quite remember all that.


Yeah. I mean, Karola forgot that his mind went back to Al Capone's vault.


Yeah. And my son, who's 28 and a strict conservative, said, well, Hiroto, why don't you ask Steve Scalise? I bet he remembers all the facts about that. And it just it's so mind boggling how they can forget those issues. Well, it's it's a this is my I keep going back to my point. This is who they are. Why is everybody surprised? OK, so they're blaming Holly, you're blaming Holly for the riots.


They blame Ted Cruz, they just happen to be the most convenient, outspoken Republicans. They blame Sarah Palin for Gabby Giffords getting shot. They blame me for the Oklahoma City bombing back in 1995. For crying out loud, this is long before Fox News. I was it at the time that other local talk radio programs, they blame me for the Oklahoma bombing by Bill Clinton. This is what they do.


And I tell you, it's it's it's a study how they get away with this and nobody ever figures out who these people really are.


First hour is over as three hours in the media. We'll be right back. My friends, hang in there. Be tough before you know it.


The Buck Sexton podcast, Freedom is our fight. This year, you have a Democrat Party that increasingly just bears its authoritarian fangs without any sense whatsoever of fair play and good faith toward the other side because they haven't had it for years, because defeating Trump in their minds justified absolutely anything.


The Buck Sexton podcast to get it for free daily on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you find your podcasts. Hi, folks.


I got a report on the top of the hour, news from one of our EIB affiliates.


And it was a report on how Nancy Pelosi has the military on standby in case Trump launches the new code Monday from the Southern Command in sunny south Florida.


It's open line Friday. I'm telling you, the entire swamp, they are scared out of their gourd. They do not know what to expect next. Open line Friday, the Rush Limbaugh program, every show seems like the most important nobody wants to miss. The current or the next show, every caller, unlike most shows, every caller matters. What's the next caller going to say, what's Rush going to draw out of the next caller? It's a show unlike any other and it's great to have you as part of it.


Eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two open line Friday. Whatever you want to talk about, gang. Have at it, I swear. The entire. Washington establishment. Is poised, they are recoiling in fear, they are cowering in fear in the corners, they are scared to death of Donald Trump, they are scared to death of you.


You have been defeated, you have been vanquished, Donald Trump has been vanquished. But he hasn't left. He hasn't left town. He hasn't apologized, he hasn't said he won't do it again, whatever it is. And they're going to be like this, do you understand, for the next 12 days, in case you missed it, Nancy Pelosi, according to top of the hour, propaganda on the radio. From an EIB affiliate. Well, I'm assuming it's the radio, because our listeners would be listening to the EIB Radio affiliate and the local news or National News Network.


Pelosi has called the military and put them on standby in case Trump launches the new codes. Who we're going to nuke. The little potbelly dictator, Kim Jong un. What are they terrified? They're terrified that Trump is going to unleash classified documents.


You know, he's got a bevy of them folks. He's got classified documents about the hoax, the the four year Q. The four year Khu, I'm sorry, the four year effort to get the election results of 2016 overturned, there all kinds of people who broke the law, all kinds of people who are quaking in their boots.


They're worried, silly, that Trump is going to unleash some of these classified documents. You know what else they're worried about, you know what else they're scared of? They are scared to death. They are terrified. That Trump is going to pardon people. Who are dangerous to the establishment? Call it the swamp if you want. Because let me tell you, nothing's changed. The people in the Washington establishment. Why did they want to stop Trump in the first place, because they didn't want.


What they have been up to, which is no good for years to ever come out. They didn't want Trump to discover it and release it. They remain petrified for the next 12 days that Trump is going to release somehow some way what he knows about these people. In other words, they're worried to death that he's got a card or two to play here yet. Including the pardon power. They've got a lot of stuff to keep covered up. I don't know if Trump's going to write a book.


You think if Trump wrote a book that Simon Schuster would cancel it? Like they did, Josh, what do you think they would, you don't think so, they want the money too much. I don't know you. They hate this guy like you can't believe.


I'm telling you anyway, for Pelosi to call the military up, keep on stand by because they're worried Trump's going to launch the new code.


Man, oh, man. This is more fun than I thought it was going to be, actually. Here's Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz last night in Houston, Ctor K. TV news correspondent Tom Abrams said to Senator Cruz, Senator Cruz, 39 percent of Americans believe that there was election fraud or that it was rigged because the president has repeated it even before votes were cast. Senators like you and Josh Hawley have continued to talk about it. Where is the line between people believing something on their own and they believe it because they're constantly told that that's what the truth is, the president's language and rhetoric crossed a line and it was reckless.


I disagree with it. And I have disagreed with the president's language and rhetoric for the last four years.


Ted Cruz is backing away now.


It's like the last four years never happened or, yeah, Auriol, the last four years, I've been condemning Trump for his language. The last four years you heard me, I'm sure, remember?


No, I'm not trying to scrub a little pick a fight with Ted Cruz. I'm just I'm looking at I'm telling you what isn't in the news anywhere else. This is what the news looks like at any rate.


You want a job in Washington, you want a career in Washington. You want a future in Washington? As a Republican or Democrat, you have to become. A participating member of that establishment or you have to appear that you are. And that's the big lesson going forward. But that doesn't mean they are still for the next eight days, 12 days. They are scared to death what Trump is going to do. There was probably a big sigh of relief when Trump said he wasn't going to go to the inauguration.


Imagine if he decided to release a bunch of. Classified documents right before the inauguration ceremony. Ho, ho, ho. So they're probably happy to say they wouldn't go OK yesterday on this program, very early in the opening of the program. It's an audio sound bite. Number one, I'll give you a countdown from for extra time to find it. This is one of the things I said was on tap for yesterday's program in four, three, two, one, can I tell you what we're living through today?


Let me just give it to you in one short sentence fragment, one wrong word, dot, dot, dot. The listening devices are out there. People monitoring this program and others, they're out there and they're waiting for just one wrong word. And that's how precariously balanced we all are here.


One wrong word to the Hill excuse me, the Hill dot com headline. This story is, I think from today, the date's not here.


It has to be today because I didn't do this till yesterday. Limbaugh dismisses calls to end violence after mob hits capital. Let me ask those of you who were listening yesterday. Is that your recollection of what happened on this program? Did I dismiss calls to end the violence? Did that I make fun of people who were calling for an end to violence. Did I tell them to shut up? Did I make fun of a mock them and say, oh, listen to these cowards, did I do any of that?


So where does this come from, where does this limbo dismisses calls to end violence? I may not have joined the chorus and actually said, ladies and gentlemen, we must condemn because I'm not a conventional wisdom guy. I do not go with the flow. If everybody else is saying it, I don't. And if everybody else is thinking and I don't think it. But it doesn't mean that I'm saying the opposite. So here's how this story begins, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh took a dismissive tone.


To those calling for an end to violence after the ugly scenes of a mob insurrection at the capital, comparing the rioters to the colonists who sparked the American Revolution. And then they caught me. We're supposed to be horrified by the protesters, Limbaugh said. There's a lot of people out there calling for the end of violence, a lot of conservative social media who say that any violence or aggression at all is unacceptable regardless of the circumstances. Well, I I did say that, and that's pretty broad sweeping, isn't it?


Lots of conservative social media who say that any violence or aggression at all is unacceptable. Regardless of the circumstances, I added, I'm glad Sam Adams and Thomas Paine and the actual Tea Party guys, the Lexington and Concord, didn't feel that way. So that becomes Limbaugh dismissing calls to end Mylan's. No, all it means is that I refused to join the gigantic cog of conventional wisdom in thinking and speaking. Limbaugh said Wednesday's unrest was a result of months.


Of American citizens being fed up with left leaning political activism in the country said yesterday, hundreds of thousands of people. Americans have gotten tired of being ignored and lied about and smeared. As racist by these very Democrats in the media and the popular culture, Americans have gotten fed up with having elections stolen from them by the Democrats, including the White House. Now they think two more Senate seats have been stolen and they thought they were going to be stolen even before the election.


Other conservative voices were highly critical of the mob, unlike Limbaugh. And then they quote Senator Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham amnesty. Limbaugh also suggested a tiny minority of protesters and members of Antifa and Democrat sponsored instigators were the ones committing the violent acts. Even though video and still photographs of the scene showed supporters waving a Trump flag. Well, who's to say that Antifa can't pick up a Trump flag anyway? We dealt with that in the opening hour of the program.


So that's here. I, I gave them a target. I did it on purpose, by the way. I made myself a target. I wanted to take the hit yesterday. I was attempting to take the flak and the incoming from Donald Trump. I opened by saying one wrong word. We have a media montage let you hear in this regard and then we'll let you hear the exact thing I said in Infl and in context when we get back.


OK, that's how precariously balanced we all are here. I said yesterday one wrong word that I was offering myself up.


As the target I offered myself. To take the incoming. To deflect it away from others, here's a media montage, Don Lemon at CNN, Steve Schmidt, MSNBC, Katie Tourie, NBC, a whole bunch of people out there from NBC weighing in on my call for violence.


Supposedly Rush Limbaugh standing by the president after what we saw yesterday. Rush Limbaugh today talking about that he was offended that there have been calls to end the violence.


Rush Limbaugh is on his radio show talking about violence, saying that there's a lot of people calling for the end of the violence. But he says, I'm glad Sam Adams, Thomas Paine, the actual Tea Party guys, the men of Lexington and Concord, did not feel that way. So not turning down the heat.


Rush Limbaugh citing the revolution and they're like, you need to read a book on the revolution.


Rush Limbaugh is trying to prevent as much violence and get as many people heard as possible. And he's glad that the American revolutionaries resorted to violence.


Man, the degree of ignorance, what I said was, did not require a decoder. It did not require a special frequency to get the real words that I said. Turn on a radio as free as a bell, turn on my Web site and stream it. It was no mystery. This last guy was sinc yoga, Rush Limbaugh trying to foment as much violence to get as many people heard as possible. He is glad the American revolutionaries resorted to violence, they had no choice.


By the way, Mr. Yorga, but. I made no such comparisons, I simply pointed out that the American revolutionaries did not have this. This this self-defeating. Policy. Of tying their hands behind their backs. Because their opponents demanded it. Here is what I actually said in context, after warning everybody how precariously balanced the program was yesterday, that I knew they were out there just waiting for one wrong word, I knew they think they would find it in anything that I said.


But here is the whole thing. It takes 41 seconds in the mother of all ironies.


The Democrats in the media are calling yesterday's protest a bloody coup attempt, even though the only blood spilled was that of an unarmed Trump supporter who was shot, an unarmed white woman who was an Air Force veteran who had done four tours of duty in the Middle East defending the right to protest were supposed to be horrified by the protesters. Meanwhile, four years of a coup launched in the Oval Office of Barack Obama to overturn the election results of 2016. And not a single word of concern about the potential damage to our Constitution.


No, there were just other denials. We didn't do it. I know what you're talking about. Trump's got to go. Trump's poison. So, yeah, there's a lot of irony out there and there's a lot of people calling for the end of violence. There's a lot of conservatives, social media, who say that any violence or aggression at all is unacceptable regardless of the circumstances. I'm glad Sam Adams, Thomas Paine, the actual Tea Party guys, the men at Lexington and Concord didn't feel that way.


At no time did I compare anybody participating in the capital protest to Sam Adams, Thomas Paine, the actual Tea Party guys in the Lexington and Concord. But they think I did or they are lying about the fact that I did. A lot of people calling for the end of violence, a lot of conservative social media say that any violence or aggression at all is unacceptable.


Well, as I mentioned, 28 different times, media and Democrats excused or endorsed violence committed by left wing activists just last summer. One of them was Kamala Harris. June 20 20. After rioting have destroyed property businesses and killed people in several cities, Senator Cami Harris went on The Late Show.


She said, quote, They're not going to stop of the protests. This is a movement. They're not going to stop before Election Day in November and they're not going to stop after Election Day, she continued. Everybody should take note of that on both levels that they're not going to let up. They should not and we should not let up on the violence. Harris said that protests must continue in order to make a difference. The only way we're going to truly achieve change is when there are people in the system who are willing or pushing to do it and when there are those folks outside of the system demanding it.


So we have Trump, who told demonstrators yesterday afternoon to stop any violence. He told them to go home. He told them to go home in peace. He said, yeah, your election was stolen from you, but it's time now to go home, go home in peace. We have the vice president elect, Commy Harris. Who may well be our president sooner than you can shake a stick, encouraging the continuation of the rioting. In June of last year, promoting and advocating it, saluting it.


So who again should be removed from office? The hypocrisy here continues to be breathtaking. We'll be back. Don't go away. And now we go back to the phones Open line Friday. This is Dave in Boston. Welcome, sir. It's great to have you here with us. A rush to you. I wanted to thank you for being an inspiration to me and I'm sure millions of others across the country for dealing with your health situation during this pandemic makes my situation seem not quite so bad.


So thank you. Thank you, sir.


Appreciate that. So I'm not a violent person, but I wasn't too happy with what I saw the other day at the Capitol. But that being said, I am not happy at all with the way Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are calling for impeachment again. When is enough enough? And if you ask the. Joe Biden has already failed or one of his pledges. He pledged to unite. Where is he? If he wants to unite this country, wouldn't he be calling for an end to the rhetoric from these people?


All right, you're a great, great question. A great object lesson. If you ask me, says David Boston, if you ask me, Biden already failed on pledges he pledged to unite. Where is he? If he wanted to unite, wouldn't he be calling for an end to the rhetoric from these people? Yes, he did. He did it, he has united a state, he called for it, that's the way it works with Democrats, Biden calling for unity.


And so there's unity. It doesn't really have to be unity, you just have to call for it. It's just it's another example of how I say liberalism is one of the most gutless choices you can make, all you have to do is point out suffering or point out things you think are wrong and you are given.


Credit for being brilliant, for having compassion, for caring, you don't ever have to solve anything is a liberal. You don't ever have to fix anything, you don't ever have to improve a damn thing. In fact, things can go to hell in a handbasket on your watch. But as long as you call for unity, you go out and you give a speech and you say we're better when we're together.


Oh my God. Oh, that melts my heart. What a great guy. Mission accomplished. The fact that nobody unites behind you doesn't matter.


You called for it. You did the right thing.


The fact that you didn't pull anything off or accomplish it, why we're not even going to make mention of that. Why we're not even going to examine whether it happened. This is the kind of thing we're up against. They don't have to accomplish anything, folks. All they got to do is go out and suggest that we should do it or have it or be it or whatever. This is just, you know, added to the the growing mountain of things that literally frustrate the hell out of me over what these people get away with.


All they've got to do is look at an African-American. Oh, my God, what a what he said. Why can't that guy get hired as a coach in the NFL? Why can't that guy get hired as a quarterback? This country is so unfair. Oh, man. What a brilliant person you are. Oh, what a big heart you have. And when they finish, the black guy still hadn't been hired as a quarterback in the poor black coach still had been hired.


It doesn't matter because there's a liberal somewhere who called attention to it and blamed the racist ownership of the NFL for not hiring the right number of people.


And on it goes, nothing ever changes life for Democrat constituents never improves. African-Americans continue to complain about the same thing they've been complaining about for 50 years. But the Democrat Party gets all the credit in the world for caring, for having compassion, for opposing lynching and opposing riots and opposing this and opposing but stopping anything.


We're not even going to look at it. So, yeah, Biden called for unity. Mission accomplished, but Rush, there wasn't any unity, there hadn't been it doesn't matter. He called for it. He did the right thing. Here's Teresa Teresa, Coconut Creek, Florida. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.


Well, hi, Rush. I'm very emotional and quite honored that I'm having a chance to talk with you since I've been listening to you since 1988. And while I've tried many times to call, this is my first time so deep in my prayers and I'm humbled and honored to be able to talk to you.


Thank you very much. I'm glad you made it through today. I appreciate it, Teresa.


I was calling to say, well, I've got many things I think about, but the reason that the answer as to why Trump supporters are not going to go anywhere is because we are not Trump. Trump is us. Like we will be a magnet for a man.


Bingo. You're exactly correct. Amen.


Well, thank you. And by the way, I can say things like this because I've been listening to you since 1988, and you were the one who we couldn't believe that our nation was was under this kind of control. It's hard to believe it's not in our DNA. We believe in capitalism, freedom of thought, respect for one another. And the last five years have truly shown us with our own eyes what this left party is all about. And it's the destruction and destruction of all truth and the destruction of everything that we believe in.


And it's hard. It's hard to swallow. It's hard to believe. It's hard. It's hard to understand. But because honestly, because of you and your tenacity and your straightforwardness and the mayor of real zeal, you have walked us through the last five years and seeing that this is who they are and we are not going to go away because we still believe in everything that Trump has represented for us, I believe he will continue to represent whatever. You're right.


You're so right on the money. Teresa, I came along. You believed what you believed in 1988. I didn't talk you into anything in 1988. You already knew what you believed.


I came along and you rejoiced. You said finally somebody on the radio, somebody in national media who thinks like I do. It wasn't somebody on the radio making you think things you'd never thought of. And it's the same thing with Trump. Finally, somebody in the Republican Party sounded like you. Somebody there was running for office, running for president in the Republican Party, who was an echo of you and millions like you, this the media has yet to figure out.


And if they know it, they're in denial. The Democrat Party can't figure it out. They believe that they can they can destroy this bond that exists between you and Trump. If they somehow make Trump look bad, make Trump look like a reprobate, embarrass you about Trump, they can't do it because you came before Trump.


And the real question is, who's going to pick up the mantle from Trump, who are people like you going to get behind?


They they are scared to death of that. Look, I got a story here, Politico. Thank you very much, Chris. I can't thank you enough. I really appreciate it.


Trump's grip on GOP grass roots holds fast. Let me write a better headline for you, Politico. I mean, that's not a bad headline, but I got a better one. Grass roots support for Trump holds fast, not Trump's grip on grassroots hold fast.


But the grassroots support for Trump holds fast, you failed in everything you've tried to do, you've tried to break the bond between Trump and his voters and you've bombed out.


You failed. Florida GOP leader, the Trump name in the Republican Party is stronger than it has ever been.


You may not believe that you may be paying attention to the drive by media. You think they're in the process of destroying Trump, get your mind right. That isn't true.


Fox. Grassroots support for Trump holds fast, and it's going to hold fast until there's somebody else that these people can go to and Trump wants it to be him, by the way. He don't want to go anywhere. I'm up against it. I got to take a break, but. I ran into a piece yesterday, in fact, two people sent me this piece. And I'm going to pull quote it for you, it's my Ben Dominic, he's written it a lot of places.


He's written, I think, at. The Federalist, and I think he's had some stuff on American greatness, this particular piece is from a website called A TransAm. And he's married to Megan McCain. And it's a really good piece about who you are, it's a good piece about who the Trump supporters are after what happened on Wednesday. So I want to share this with you. You'll enjoy it and we'll link to it at Rush Limbaugh dot com, you want to read the whole thing?


I'm not going to have a chance to read the whole thing, even though if there's anybody who could and hold the audience during the reading of the whole thing, it'd be me. But we'll give you enough of it to whet your appetite to want to read the whole thing.


In the meantime, just be patient. We'll be back and get started with that in a minute.


And welcome back.


Rush Limbaugh, talent on loan from God.


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30 day money back trial period.


OK then Dominic, the consequences of the capital assault.


A little over a decade ago, I was tear gassed for the first time, this is how he begins his peace. It was the first day of September in the Twin Cities, it's Minneapolis and St. Paul for those of you in Rio, Linda, not Romulus, ignoramus.


And the anti globalist anti-war protesters were milling about with giant papier mâché heads of the people they hated.


Mark Hemingway of the Federalist was there, my future wife and the mother of my child was inside of me, Meghan McCain.


It was painful.


Afterwards, I left and set up my laptop at a nearby rooftop bar and had the best Guinness I have ever ordered in my life. The reports about the protesters were overwhelmingly sympathetic. These are left wing Democrat protesters. He's talking about this in Minneapolis, St. Paul. These were justified because of the wars The New York Times said so. A few years later, I covered Occupy Wall Street. The tone was similar. These people were taking over public parks.


They were experimenting all over the place. They were yelling at each other in circles. They were setting up occasional rape tents. And they were accepted because Wall Street exists and it's a thing and that's what Wall Street people do, they rape people, the sympathy for them was even greater than for the war people because of a lot of guilt about how media is funded. Zephyr Teachout wrote a thing.


So he's chronicling all of these filthy, disgusting Left-Wing protesters from Antifa. To Black Lives Matter. Now to the Occupy Wall Street now, everybody was fine with it, how nobody had a problem with it. And they were excavating all over the yard and all of our public parks, they were yelling each other in circles that, you know, the famous circle rape tents.


And yet around the same time, there was another form of protest, something very different, which emerged, it was called the Tea Party, and it was unlike the anti-war, anti globalist anti Wall Street people, a fundamentally dangerous and racist entity.


The Tea Party was bent on destruction and violence. It threatened the very foundations of representative government, we were told, and it only existed because people couldn't accept a black president, they were basically the Klan, Alan Grayson said so. It was on in all my years covering a Tea Party, I never saw him be rude to a cop. Even by accident, they were upper middle class people drove up in SUVs. They had no designs on destruction or occupation.


Their taxes paid for that park they were in so they would clean up after themselves. They took pride in it. That they weren't like the dirty, filthy leftists who left graffiti and literal crap on the ground, I must stop because of the constraints of time, but this only gets better.


Hang on.


Fastest three hours in media, even though I remain in a state of fighting fatigue. And it always it always starts to take the worst toll as we get to the third hour. But worry not, my friends will. Well, we'll persevere through it.


I'll be back here in just a few short minutes and continue with Mr. Dominick. Just please hang on.


So here's my point. Biden is making another speech. He says his cabinet is going to have as many women as men and the most minorities ever. Whether it does or not, it will. He said it. His intentions are good. Mission accomplished. There won't be any studies, there won't be any analysis, there won't be any did Biden follow through? There will just be the assumption that he meant it and that his intentions were honorable. He's a great guy.


And greetings and welcome back. Rush Limbaugh behind the golden EIB microphone Friday. That's exactly right. We'll plug on through and our final big busy broadcast, our lives from the Southern Command in sunny south Florida.


It's open line Friday, telephone number 800 two eight two two eight eight two. If you want to be on the program, let me resume with the Ben Dominic piece here. In all of my years covering the Tea Party, I never saw them be rude to a cop. Even by accident, they were upper middle class people drove up in SUVs.


They had no designs on destruction or occupation. Their taxes paid for that park they were in. So they they would clean up after themselves. They took pride in it that they weren't like the dirty, filthy leftists.


Who left graffiti and literal crap? On the ground. So, of course, it was these people who were absolutely marauded by the media. They're shouting at politicians confined, of course, to town halls was an act of political sabotage that threatened everything we hold dear.


Well, Occupy Wall Street could go dump on the ground and shout at everybody and just make general mayhem. And they were praised for being political activists.


Tea Party people go to town halls and participate in the political process.


And they were accused of political sabotage.


Mediocre politician Joe Biden literally called Tea Party activist terrorists. Yeah, Biden can be a nice guy, but he's also kind of an asshole that way. That's that's Delaware for you, writes Mr. Armitage. Politics is interesting in America.


There is a repeated pattern that emerges when you look into it. Certain factors and elements rise up in the media, lies about them aggressively.


They frame the new emerging development as something it isn't. As the most extreme version of what it could be. And then the call in gender's a response, the very thing the media frames this development as. Comes to fruition as a new and more virulent form. And this actually happened it absolutely happened in response to the 2012 election. As I said a few years ago about Democrat attacks on the misogyny and the heartlessness of Mitt Romney, if you cry wolf about extremism long enough.


You're going to someday lack the vocabulary when the actual beast shows up. The rise of Donald Trump is a piece of that, a take over the Republican Party by a politician who represents everything the media has framed a clichéd view of the party as four decades a rich old white racist who likes to fire people. Yeah, so suck on that. Go write a million pieces.


They don't care. What happened yesterday, meaning Wednesday, the Capitol didn't depress me the way it seemed to depress other people. Maybe that's because I don't view the institution of the Capitol as sacred the way others do.


As a former staffer in that building, I've known too many stories about the nooks and crannies where Ted Kennedy did stuff to to women to get to for KLEMET about it. And the invaders stayed inside the velvet ropes and Statuary Hall. That's what I actually care about.


But it is disturbing for a lot of reasons, too, in particular to stick out. The first is a comment. From an apolitical friend who wandered into the room where they the roiling crowd was on the screen in the early afternoon yesterday.


Is that is that Black Lives Matter? No, no, no, it's not, but also it is. An apolitical viewer of the summer of Twenty Twenty would learn one distinct lesson if you want to be heard, if you want to be listened to, you need to go into the streets. You need to make a ruckus. You need to set things on fire. You need to tear down icons of America. This disrespect will be welcomed.


It will be hailed. It'll be supported if your cause is just and if your motives are righteous as determined by the media.


Just about everybody who showed up on Capitol Hill yesterday believed that about why they were there, the only difference between the horn man standing in the Senate chair and the smiling man, the Halling, the speaker's podium out the door.


And the fellow who attempted to tear down Andrew Jackson, statue of the criminal who set fire to St. John's Church is a matter of Jersey color, meaning are you a Republican or Democrat?


And if you're Democrat, you're great. You can get away with whatever destruction you want. You can march into that capitol, you can tear it apart. You can take statues out, you can rip them to shreds. And you're praised if you're Republican and show up in that building and do anything but sneeze at something. You are a reprobate criminal. The second is that blaming this on Trump isn't just too simplistic, it's whistling past the graveyard of our norms.


Of course, he egged on his crowd to go to the Capitol and be loud and irritating, but he didn't tell them to break down doors and crash the gates and he didn't need to. Blaming this on Trump assumes this type of attitude will go away when Trump does. Well, that's way too easy. It's wishful thinking. The iconoclasm of the right is a real development and it is here to stay. You wish for the old man in the tricorn hat waving a Cato constitution when you see the new right blasting statues with graffiti, meaning you ain't seen nothing yet when Trump's gone and is not the abject leader of this movement, you you aren't going to believe what these people turn into.


And he's excited about it. Don't misunderstand. The crowd on Wednesday was not a Tea Party crowd. They brought their folding chairs in their canes. They drove more than they flew. They spat out their dip on the ground. They peed on the trees. And they didn't just disrespect the cops guarding the Capitol, they crushed past them. Capitol Police are fine, people are nice and generally accommodating, but they're also the TSA of Capitol Hill, they're mostly used to telling people to go back and get their bags and they're not deal with a security issue.


They rarely train. Most of them would fail a basic fitness test. But that's understandable because what's typically required of them is not a major security conflagration, but removing some loud Code Pink lady from a hearing. Or grabbing a jumper from the gallery, the norms of politics prevent them from having to be. More aggressive. Now, let me get to the last two paragraphs, because this it's actually kind of funny, you end at the beginning. I'm sorry.


You begin at the ending. Here's what's going to happen next. This is what everybody is guessing, predicting and being concerned about then Dominic. What will happen next is obvious. A total crushing anti free speech effort that treats Trump supporting groups like Branch Davidian. That's going to happen next. You remember the Branch Davidian where one of the Branch Davidian dealt with? You remember? Yes, that's right. In Waco, Texas. The Branch Davidian complex, who was the guy that ran the Branch Davidian, David Koresh, who was it that launched the invasion?


It was Janet Reno, the attorney general, United States, she burned them to the ground. Why? Well, supposedly they were doing something horrible to children in their. So she launched tanks. And any number of heavy artillery instruments at the Branch Davidian complex in Waco, Texas. And murdered a bunch of people. So that's what. Dominic thinks is heading next. A total crushing anti free speech effort that treats Trump supporting groups like the Branch Davidian as an effort to restore the fundamentally unserious neocons as the voice of reason in the room.


Let's attach some names to that. What Dominic is suggesting here. Is that the Washington establishment will bring back to life people like Bill Kristol and David Brooks.


And you pick whoever your neocons are, they will be presented by the American left as the voice of reason, much like when when Barack Hussein Obama had a pre inauguration dinner or maybe shortly after he was inaugurated dinner with chozen conservatives in Washington, they were to be identified as the reasonable conservatives, and they were David Brooks and George Will and Bill Kristol.


And that's where we got the comment about man, look at the crease in Obama's slacks. He's going to be a great president.


So dominant is saying we face a replay of the Washington establishment naming acceptable conservatives who are going to just be a bunch of Foyles.


We will witness a hardening of the bounds of the people's house to keep people away from politicians.


Oh, that's a given after what happened on Wednesday. You're not going to be able to get close to your elected representatives from the theory you might beat him up.


Theory, you might visit violence on your elected officials. You can't be trusted. Get close to you know, you can't go to his office. You can't. No, no, no, you can't do that. We're going to build barriers to keep you even further separated. There will be a use of any levers of government power like audits, regulation and lawfare to harass you.


Who will be now categorized as seditionists and terrorists by the incoming president who falsely claims to want to unite the country and above all, a doubling down on all the policies and efforts put in place to crush exactly the type of people who showed up at the Capitol Wednesday.


In a foolish and desperate attempt to simply make themselves heard. The Washington establishment will double down on all the policies and efforts to make life miserable for them audits, regulations, lawfare. You see, the rioters failed in their efforts. And thus ensured their marginalization, but marginalization doesn't mean evaporation because the. Rioters, the Trump supporters, the base is still there.


They're still here, they're still Americans and they're not going away. How our politicians handle that will dictate a lot about the next several years, and that shouldn't give people a lot of hope, considering that four years after his election and two weeks before his departure, the only person these people apparently still listen to is Donald Trump.


That's been dominant. We got a quick commercial break and time out will continue.


Get back to the phones right after this open line Friday, Rush Limbaugh, where every show seems like the most important show and every call holds an excitement that makes it matter. Here is Bob in Dayton, Ohio. Hi, Bob.


Great to have you here. Thank you. I want to wish you and God bless you and and your family.


Thank you, sir. I have an issue with what Lindsey Graham said, that he's done everything he can for Donald Trump and. Throughout his presidency. Lindsey Graham hasn't issued any subpoenas. For the Russia probe, that's not what he means. I'm sorry, that's not what Lindsey Graham what Lindsey Graham means is he tried to get Trump to tone it down, he tried to get Trump to behave according to Washington norms. He tried to to rein Trump in and get Trump to behave more like a Washingtonian.


But he just couldn't do it. He gave it everything he's got. He wasn't talking about helping Trump defeat his enemies.


OK, how come he hasn't issued any subpoenas for the Dominion machines or the.


Because he desires a career in the Washington political establishment. Post Trump. OK, this is a I've been explaining this yesterday and today, I mean, if you want a career in Washington, if you want a career in the Washington political class, you you will divorce yourself from Magga.


You will divorce yourself from Trump.


You might even you might even go try to talk about a great guy.


Kim Jong un is. Whatever you you have to you have to distance yourself from Donald Trump. OK, well. I'm just wondering why Lindsey Graham hasn't stood up for Trump. In my opinion. He thinks he has he thinks he has, he went on Hannity every other night, he was standing up for Trump. He was trying to get Trump re-elected. He was playing golf with Trump delivering. What do you mean why he hasn't stood up for Trump.


That's guarantee you he thinks he stood up for Trump more than anybody else in the Republican Party. That's what he meant. He gave it is all he tried. He tried. But it's just it's it's it's gotten beyond his ability to to help. OK, well, look, don't misunderstand my tone, I'm not I'm not I'm not yelling at you. I'm not I'm not making fun of what you're saying.


You're asking a legitimate question and I'm giving you the real answer. You think helping Trump would have been subpoenaing Trump's enemies, exposing the people that are involved in a coup like he said he was going to do that. And that's a proper definition of help. But that's not what Senator Graham means when he talks about he did everything he could. Well, he's not even talking to you when he says that he's talking to Schumer, he's talking to the Democrats, he's talking to the media.


Hey, look, I tried to help. I tried to get this guy reined in. I tried to make him more like us. And I really thought I was succeeding, but it didn't work.


Well, I'm just I'm just saying that that he should have been subpoenaing Underoath. The Dominion. People and and the the. Elected officials who who are, you know, the Dominion people are now talking about suing. People for defamation of character, and they're going to go after Sidney Powell, they claim they're going after Lin Wood, they claim, and because they think they've been defamed, they think that they have. They have. Been tarred and feathered improperly, that's that's that's where that stands.


They filed suit against Sydney today. See, I told you even even when I don't know that something's for sure going to happen. It happens. They filed suit. Is it a defamation suit? One and a half billion dollars. Over a billion dollars. Well, now Sydney Powell does not have a billion dollars. So there's obviously some symbolism in that. But Dominion, you got to look at who they've got on their side out there, Bob.


They've got the entire Democrat Party. They've got the Georgia governor and lieutenant governor or secretary of state. They've got. Venezuela. They've got the ghost of Hugo Chavez. And you want Lindsey Graham to subpoena them and Lindsey Graham can look at what they're doing. Lindsey Graham doesn't have a billion dollars either. Now, I realize see, this is the so many of you have been. Misled by a bunch of people. Who assured you a fact A, B and C was going to lead to results C, D and E, and then it was only a matter of time.


We're going to have these subpoenas are going to get these people brought up. And guess what, it isn't going to happen. And you're going to be deflated and disappointed yet again in the people you've been trusting. That's exactly what they want.


My good friends, news events in December overshadowed any reports of data breaches that occurred last month, and they did. There were more than a hundred such data breaches, they happened at the expense of online and retail businesses, consumer records in the millions were stolen by cyber thieves.


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I am so thrilled to be speaking with you, Rush. I've been trying for nearly four years to get through to you.


I'm glad you. Jesse, can I ask you a couple of questions before we get to what you are you a Cleveland Browns fan? Yes. How long have you been and how long you been a Browns fan?


Since I started dating a football guy at high school back in 71.


OK, so you have got to be really excited. They made the playoffs for the first time in eighteen years.


Yeah, but then then no one can be there. So it's it's a it's a half it's well known they're going to let nobody can be there because they're playing in Pittsburgh.


But the fact is your coach can't coach because he's got coach.


No, that's terrible. That's absolutely terrible. But I hope he's on the phone with somebody over there.


Well, it's just, you know, I like the Browns on a Steelers fan, but I like the Browns ever since Hard Knocks featured them two seasons ago.


Yeah. And I've been I mean, Bernie Kosar is was my favorite, I think is very well.


I here you're going way back to the Cleveland Browns and he tested. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Right right before that fantastically ad on Brian Sipe and everything.


So yeah. Sam Rigatoni, Brian Sipe and those guys, Ernest Byner. The fumble, the drive, the catch, the cardiac kids.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You got a great history there with Clint. But anyway, I just, I wanted to, I wanted to see if you're excited or if you're depressed over the covid reach inside the team. They're, you know, they're bussing down to Pittsburgh. The Cleveland Browns have not been able to practice all week because of Kovac.


I know Baker Mayfield, the quarterback, has not thrown a pass all week, Brian.


Well, the only thing you can say is, you know, I'm at a stage in my life where you go, it is what it is.


And yeah, I know there have been some grounds are not dictating your life. What was it you called about? I didn't mean to take you away off topic.


No, no, that's OK. Well, my my I was born and raised a Democrat. And I'm going to say in the last 12 years, I've slowly reached a point where where I've just become more more Republican. And I don't think it's that I've changed so much. It's that I've seen the change towards socialism and the Democratic Party. So I recognize myself as more Republican. But my my point to this whole thing is not as not only has Kamala Harris supported and celebrated all the bullcrap that's been going on in the West Coast, and there's been reports that she she assisted in bailing out a lot of those people out.


But what I want to I I'm so anxious if you could challenge George Stephanopoulos to to a debate on primetime TV because there is a complicity of Pelosi and all the situation and the news. Pelosi, because as we watched as a nation, we watched the news where she struts across the Capitol building. And and and a reaction to, I think, a question, as you know, aren't you going to do anything to stop, try and stop this?


And she shrugged her shoulders and said, people are going to do that's what people do. And I mean, she's on record saying, oh, that's you know, that's what people do. Nobody in the Democratic leadership came across and told the violence, stop it, you know, this is not right. Protest fine. But don't don't set fires to buildings. Don't attack the police. And the and the news is complicit that the mainstream media is complicit.


Well, I'm glad you realize it. This is this is this is music to my ears. It's been one of my source spots expressed all day that people do not yet understand who these people are. You get it? Pelosi was asked straightforward about violence. Now, that's who people are we're not worried about. Well, look, Jesse, I'm glad you called. I really appreciate your taking the time and I appreciate your kind words. We move on to Chris in Scottsdale, Arizona.


What's the temperature out there today?


We're about 65 degrees today, 65 degrees.


OK, great to know how you do. What's up?


Well, I first of all, 30 or dittos Rush and I want Megahed daily prayers for your full recovery.


Thank you very much, sir.


So, you know, watching this election on Tuesday night and it seems to me that the Republicans have zero strategy, that every election of consequence, there's always a little Blue Island in a sea of red. That's the last minute they're there, their ballots. And I'm watching this, waiting for the dump to happen. And with 91 percent of the ballots submitted here, it comes because Perdue had 100, 18000 vote lead and within a matter of seconds, 150000 come in.


Yeah. And wipes out his. I knew it was going to happen. Yeah, it was at 91 percent. But we have no strategy. They always seem to come in at the very end and hold out. And so they know exactly how many votes they need to submit. Yeah.


Strategy against it. It does seem that way, doesn't it? It does. And I don't know, I like it, it's not that I have an answer. I said I'm not in the business of politics, but it seems to me that we should have some type of strategy in these elections. Of course, you know.


Yeah. And, you know, if you go talk to Democrats. The Democrats are telling you to wear some of the dirtiest, most rotten election cheaters that they have ever encountered, and they'll give you Raimund versus the Y and they'll tell you some of the tactics that we utilize and so forth. They they think we outsmart them at every turn. They think exactly of us what we think of them. It's one of the most uncanny things.


And it's not an act they really do think that that that we are cheaters and fraud experts and all that, where you you think we're sitting ducks, you think we're sitting there just waiting for the latest avalanche of bad news and we've got no plans for it.


Right, yes, sir, I it's it's that's just a fascinating, interesting thing to me, but they do think it and in some cases they're right.


The Republicans are not just. A bunch of flat footed idiots sitting out there waiting for the bomb to drop. I mean, there are some very aggressive, very thinking, I think.


I think there's a well, there are many differences.


But I'll tell you what, I think one of the big differences today is it's been this way for a long time.


And I've mentioned it before, we target people who don't agree with us and we try to persuade them. We try to convince people. By trying to reach their hearts and minds, we attempt to persuade. We attempt to enter the arena of ideas and focus on people who disagree with us and either tell them they're wrong about us and who we are, that they're being lied to about it, or we try to explain what it is we really believe the left doesn't give a rat's rear end about any of that.


They come out and their objective is to make it impossible for people to support us because we're a bunch of rape is sexists, bigots, homophobes.


We're anti civil rights, were anti social justice, were anti justice, were racist, were pigs, were white supremacists. They don't care what's true or not. They just want to poison the water. We, on the other hand. Really do attempt. To change their minds, those who disagree with us. And it's a very it's a very challenging thing to try to do, I've been doing it for 30 years. Now, in the process, you know, I'm I will be honest if I think some liberal Democrat here, there's a reprobate, I'll say so.


But our focus is not lying about their character. Or their politics, we're very honest about who they are, we think being honest and getting people to understand it's all we need. We think once people understood what your average liberal socialist is about, who in the world would support that they couldn't care less about the truth. Their objective is to make sure that voting for a Republican is despicable, it's not possible it will not happen. Two completely different strategies, and I got to take a brief break and we will continue with Open Line Friday after this.


OK, let's head back to the phones. Open line Friday. This is Bakersfield, California. Earl, welcome, sir. I'm glad you called. Glad you waited.


Hi. Hi. How are you doing? And blessing to you and your family. But I want to get in that the Trump ticket will never diminish. We are here forever and it doesn't have to be Donald J. Trump senior. I would like to see Donald J. Trump junior run and anybody that the Trump family supports, you will have millions and millions of followers and voters. Interesting.


Interesting. So you think, well, that's who among the Trump progeny would you prefer? You've got Ivanka, you have Donald Trump Jr. you got Eric Trump, you've got up and coming. Baron Trump, you have the wife of Eric Trump, Laura Trump, who is, believe me, a brilliant political strategist. So who among these people do you think would would be your preferred carrier of the ring?


I think Donald would be the best at this particular time simply because he has been out there and he has been voicing his views and supporting the many millions of voters that follow his father. And so anybody that the Trump organization will support, we will be right there. And I would like to see it be junior if senior doesn't run. And that's the very reason that when they Pelosi put in that thing never to run again. Why do you think that, as you have been stating, they're afraid.


They know there's millions and tens of millions of people that support their beliefs and they know that they will follow with what they say they're going to do.


I know that they're afraid. I know they're afraid of Trump. They're afraid of the Maga agenda. They're afraid of anybody who can lead the Magg agenda.


Interesting. You know, you're the first guy that's brought that up IRL. And and I appreciate it. I mean, the first caller, there are a lot of people speculating about members of Trump's family and what their political aspirations might be. You know, at the top of the list is always Ivanka.


And people have speculated what her desires might be, and then, of course, her husband, Jared Kushner, is already quite involved with his advisory capacity for the for the president, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric and are next. So it's yeah, it's quite fascinating because the Maga agenda, they all believe in it. To the amazing thing, and it ain't going away. 75 million people not going to give this up, 80 million, whatever. Thanks again, Earl.


I appreciate it. There are you know, we've talked about this earlier, folks. There's eight days between now and when Plug's Biden gets inaugurated. I'm sorry, 12 days. Sorry, 12 days left now, the current congressional schedule. Has most lawmakers at home until January 19th, you know that you know what that means and nobody home folks, nobody home in Washington. This is a power vacuum.


A number of Democrats say leaving town now would create this major power vacuum in Washington.


They worry about what Trump might do before he leaves office and if the Democrats leave town and in advance of the partying down of the inauguration or whatever they're going to do. Trump's going to stay. He lives there, he lives. In the White House, oh, my goodness. They worry. Tom Malinowski, Democrat, New Jersey, we're the only branch of the government that can provide leadership for the country right now, meaning legislative.


Now, usually these 12 days would be a time for the U.S. Senate to be holding hearings on cabinet choices of Biden so they can be confirmed by senators on Inauguration Day, but not in 20 21 senators will hold a confirmation hearing on January 19th for Biden's nominee for defense secretary. But it's unclear if any others will be scheduled. Two long nervous weeks for the Democrats, major potential power vacuum.


They are scared folks do not doubt me on this. And it's been a fast three hours and a fun day, folks, I really appreciate your being with us today, as is the case.


Always hope you have a invigorating weekend and all goes to plan. We'll be right back here on Monday.


The Buck Sexton podcast, Freedom is our fight. This year. You have a Democrat Party that increasingly just bears its authoritarian fangs without any sense whatsoever of fair play and good faith toward the other side because they haven't had it for years, because defeating Trump in their minds justified absolutely anything.


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