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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. And greetings once again to all of you music lovers, thrill seekers, conversationalists all across the fruited plain. Time for broadcast excellence. Another three hours straight. We have my name. Rush Limbaugh. I am America's real anchorman. Executing assignments, duties flawlessly, serving humanity simply by showing up the telephone number, if you want to join us, is 800 to eight to two eight eight to the email address, Rushville.


And I've been at that U.S. My voice is a little weak today, a little hoarse today. And I think it's going to get stronger as the day goes on. We'll see. But there might be random moments where I do that have to have cleared throat.


I will try not to do that with the microphone on, but sometimes it may not be possible. So I apologize in advance for that.


So we are one day away. From the strangest inauguration of a president in our lifetimes. That would be the inauguration of Joe Plug's Biden. It's an interesting story here today from the Federalist.


Donald Trump set to leave office with a higher approval rating than George W. Bush. There was also a survey last week that.


Told the story that Donald Trump's the most admired man in the country, the most admired man in the world maybe, and everybody looks at how in the world can that be?


Well, it can. And it was and now he's got a higher approval rating.


And George W. Bush Trump is leaving office with a approval rating about 40 percent. And as you know, George W. Bush left office with just under 30 percent of Americans on his side. What does this tell you now? It tells you a number of things, but I think that it is proof. That fighting back. Defending yourself and more importantly, defending your base. Works, it is a vastly more successful strategy. The vastly more successful way. Of using your power and maintaining it, you know, it took it took the drive by media seven years, almost the entirety of two Bush terms to get his approval numbers down to the 30s.


And they celebrated when they did. We've played for you over and over. Wolf Blitzer practically having an orgasm multiple times an hour, reporting breaking news, George W. Bush's approval rating in the 30s, they had been struggling to get there and they finally pulled it off.


And you would think, based on a news coverage this week and just on the overall presentation of events, you would think that Donald Trump was was was leaving office with no approval, that everybody hates the guy guts. And it's the exact opposite. Because now they're having to say, OK, well, we're dealing with a cult here. They're trying to make a difference, trying to draw differences. Drive bys are trying to draw a difference between the 75 million people that voted for Trump.


They are a cult and the oddball kook, Anon's at Kuhnen, they are doing everything they can. To disparage and to render all of you Trump supporters is not worthy of any attention because you're not normal, you're you're a cult, and therefore their efforts to get you to abandon Trump are never going to work because you're cultists. And it just it doesn't happen. The only way you'll ever abandon Trump is if Trump abandons you and they don't expect that to happen.


Washington Post. Has a story Cunanan adherents discussed posing as National Guard to try to infiltrate the inauguration, according to FBI intelligence briefing. Really, in a nutshell, we are supposed to believe because of the story in The Washington Post, that there's a real risk that right wingers are pretending to be National Guard soldiers so they can disrupt Biden's inauguration.


Told you this yesterday, told you they're impugning the National Guard and uniformed military personnel. They are 90 percent white. That means they're 90 percent white supremacist. That means they vote for. Trump, only 20 percent voted for Biden, it could be a bloodbath, they say it could be really, really bad. Now, bear in mind that. If you believe. For example, that antifa or Black Lives Matter infiltrates left wing protests. And makes them look horrible and horrible and so forth for the purposes of impugning the wife.


That is a conspiracy theory and you have no right to it.


You are engaging in Cucamonga conspiracy theories if you believe that antifa or Black Lives Matter infiltrates. That's a conspiracy theory that'll get you banned from social media. You suggested Antifa members might have posed as Trump supporters to disrupt the protests at the Capitol. It's unthinkable, but.


It's the exact opposite. If you point out that right wingers are infiltrating the National Guard and it makes it the Washington Post story, because I get very, very easy to do.


Really so easy to do, and it could be a bloodbath, it could be horrible out there. The acting defense secretary. Yes, I said acting, do you know why the word acting is necessary here? Acting Defense Secretary Trump, for the most part, exceptions. Of course, Trump was never. Allowed to have any of his picks actually confirmed. Some of them were never confirmed, they were simply acting defense secretaries awaiting confirmation. Anyway, this one, Christopher Miller, said yesterday that there is no intelligence whatsoever.


This is the acting secretary of defense.


There's no intelligence to suggest that Biden's inauguration is being targeted by any members of the National Guard. But nevertheless, he thought it was a good idea to vet all twenty five hundred of them anyway, which means pouring through their online posts and probably any divorce records, you know, just to be safe. So even though we've been told by the Department of Defense that there is no evidence of any uprising within the National Guard, quote, the Pentagon is deploying 750 active duty soldiers to Washington for security for the inaugural, which.


That's a long standing violation, long standing prohibition against using active duty troops to police American citizens, but they're going to do it because the threat is so real, the threat is so high, this is so bogus. It's just a continuation of what they were doing yesterday. The character assassination of a uniform military person, which they've deployed, they have called them out, they have called them up, the National Guard, now they are impugning and poisoning them.


This is the Posse Comitatus Act forbids U.S. military involvement in domestic law enforcement. Now, here's an observation for you and I think. This is very important to point out the Washington establishment. The deep state, whatever you want to call the swamp, whatever you want to call them, look what they can do. They can build massive fences around an entire city, in this case Washington. They can build massive fences and they can have. Military personnel, armed military personnel deployed at a moment's notice.


They can have razor wire at the top. Of the fences that they are able to. Build over an entire metro area seemingly overnight. They can bring in massive military and shut down anyone coming in to Washington, D.C., and they can do this. In one week. Or less. But for decades. They failed to protect the southern border in similar fashion. They said it wasn't possible. They said walls do not work while they are in the process of building their own.


Not walls don't work. Walls make our country look bad. We can't do that. This is bad. We want immigrants. We want people flooding our car. We need these people to do jobs Americans won't do.


We heard all of that. But they can when they want, they can they can build a wall around a city the size of Washington, D.C., they can deploy 26000 military personnel and then impugn them at the same time. That they couldn't. Do anything similar to protect the nation at the southern border. Trump showed that it can be done in two years.


Trump showed that a lot of things they say can't be done, could be done, and they hate him for it. Donald Trump showed and do not discount the importance of this Donald Trump, whether he intended to or not, Donald Trump illustrated. To the world that the Washington establishment is incompetent, whether on purpose or not. Donald Trump did. In two years. Construct a wall and other things, rebuilt an economy on the premise of American greatness of America, first he did all of this and he made all of the Washington swamp dwellers look either uninformed, incompetent or incapable.


Well, that's inexcusable. Can't have that. So we got to reverse that. Trump needs to be the one need to look like an abject idiot. And this is what ticks them off the most, he shut them up, he showed them up with a smile on his face every day. The mistake he made was thinking he was going to be rewarded for this, I don't blame him. To this day, I find it literally outrageous that the concept of making America great again is controversial.


I find it just stupefying that the whole notion. Of America first, make America great again. Is what animates a political party. The Democrat Party into massive opposition. The concept of putting America first, the concept of American greatness, there's nothing like that to get them in gear to stop it.


But Trump succeeded in it and the rest of the world saw it. They saw that it is possible to do the Trump agenda. The only thing that stopped it was the pandemic. Trump showed the entire world that an outsider and this is important with no corrupt connections to lobbying groups or foreign countries, can actually solve massive issues that have plagued this country for years.


Precisely that an outsider can do it, an outsider that's not tied down, not weighted down with corrupt connections to lobbying firms, foreign countries, foreign companies, you name it. Another, he showed them up every day of his administration, can't have that, this cannot be allowed to stand.


We can't have a guy with orange hair who has never been in our club. We can't have this guy come in and literally reverse everything we have been doing for 40 years. So now that things work, we can't allow this.


And so this guy has got to go and he's got to be destroyed in the process. Trump showed them. He shot him up, he showed them to be the purposefully incompetent. Lying bunch of corrupt people that they are in the Washington establishment, they meet, they go on TV. They have investigations, they pass laws, they campaign on the problems, but they have not fixed anything. In the country in decades. Under the premise that, well, really can't be so.


So permanently embedded the way they are, all we can do is manage whatever decline. Stems from all of this, how about this? This is from TMZ, which is a gossip journalism site headlined Biden's Inauguration Will Use Pricey Security Company to secure the event. Folks, it's getting harder and harder not to be a conspiracy theorist, and I'm not one I really am not. But what are we faced with here once the left telling us we're not we're left to figure this out.


They're telling us they do not trust the police. They wanted to defund the police as quick as they could. They don't trust the military, the military. The National Guard could be an uprising against Biden. Secret Service may be part of it. They don't trust them, so Plug's and his gang went out and hired a private firm, a private firm, because they can't trust the people who swear an oath under the Constitution to protect them, can't trust them.


Now, where do you think the people that these people are hiring come from? Are ex Secret Service, they are ex military, they are ex National Guard. This story has been out since the middle of December, Biden's inauguration will use pricey security company to secure the inauguration. This is being done to show the military and others that Biden and his team mean business. Man, oh, man, folks, what they are doing to the image of some of the most wonderful, competent, great people in all of our country and all of this, like I told you yesterday, oops, I got to take a break.


I just saw the clock.


It's a good thing I saw the clock when I was going to say is, do you you think these twenty six thousand troops, the National Guard, do you think and the stories that accompany their deployment, do you think they are there really to protect Joe Biden?


You think that's why they're out there? They want you to think that they want you to think that Donald Trump and his Kuhnen buddies and all of you cultists have rendered this country maybe unmanageable. You've rendered this country. In a. In a state, the circumstance where it may not be. Able to be protected. That's what they want you to think. They want you to think that this is all about. How Trump and his people have have have have destroyed the norms, but what the real purpose of this is.


Twenty, I mentioned this yesterday. How offensive this is. Twenty six thousand uniformed military personnel. To protect the U.S. Capitol, to protect the president elect, to make sure that his inauguration happens peacefully and safely, because otherwise it may not. This is also about the Democrats showing you they can this is about the Democrats making sure.


That you get the picture. They are in charge, they run the military, they are the people. Who now have all of these levers of power at their control and they are going to use them whenever they see fit to make sure you don't get any ideas. About not supporting them, about coming up with ways that might weaken their position, you are supposed to remain docile. If you're not docile, you're supposed to get their. You are to believe there is nothing you can do, that you face an insurmountable.


Show of force. From the Democrat Party. And they are willing to use it. We'll be back. Sit tight and look at this. Folks, this is from a relatively new website, EPIK Times headline, Federal prisons placed under full on lockdown in light of current events. So not only do we have the United States military in the form of twenty six thousand National Guard troops deployed at the U.S. Capitol to make sure. That the inauguration and the peaceful transition of power takes place.


That somehow Donald Trump is thwarted in whatever effort. He's running to make sure Biden doesn't get inaugurated, right? That's what we're supposed to be really worried about, you know, the shutting down prisons. Full on lockdown in light of current events, quote unquote, I talked about this yesterday, too, but they just keep adding on to this. It makes no sense unless. Unless the fact that all of the National Guard is in the swamp makes them unable to respond to a prison riot.


They locking down prisons because they can't stop a prison riot because they've got people they'd normally deploy to that deployed in the. Capitol grounds. And we have so many prison riots, you know, this is just. The lengths to which these people on the left are going to create all of these false images. And and the false image basically is that you are unstable. You pose an existential threat to this country, you could go off at any moment, you've got bombs secret in a way, who knows what you have planned.


They can't take any chances. They got to deploy the National Guard. They got it locked down prisons. They got to do whatever they can because you.


Trump cultist. You are insane now the left is telegraphing that they're afraid of prisoners, they're afraid of the police, they're afraid of National Guard, they are afraid of military and Secret Service and Trump voters. And we might as well throw truth in there. Now, I got to go to the audio sound bite roster and get started there, grab sound bite number one, Mark McKinnon. I'll tell you a little story about Mark. I had never met Mark McKinnon and I don't think I ever have, actually, which is strange, given the story that I'm about to tell you.


The Republican National Convention one year was held in Nuevo York. I forget the year, certainly you might remember, because the Democratic convention was there a bunch of times the Republican convention was in New York, this is like I still lived in New York when this happened. So this would be Priya.


To 1997, I believe. It doesn't really matter when I wish I could remember it, just to close the loop on the story. But Peggy Noonan and I decided to have. A dinner at Patsy's the night before the convention was to start, and it was a you know, I was just a. It was an open invitation to anybody in the Republican leadership to show up. It was purely a social thing. It was not designed to be anything official.


And. It was well attended, lot of people showed up, I was kind of surprised by how many who did, and one of them who showed up was Mark McKinnon. Now, at the time, this would have been this would have been George W. Bush or thereabouts, because McKinnon ran all of the media for George W. Bush, he purchased it all. He decided where it would be purchased. He decided what the ads were going to be.


He was the media maven for George W. Bush in both 2000 and 2004.


I just got a note, the dinner was 2004, this. OK, so OK, so I see I've lost my my I thought it had to be before 1997, so I had moved out of New York and I went back there for this. Is is what happened. So, no, I've not seen Peggy Noonan since, any rate.


We had this big table set up at Patsy's, it was a square table, took up much of the second floor, Patsy's on fifty six between eighth and Broadway. And so. McKinnon walks in and there's a guy friend of mine comes over and sits down and points out, McKennitt, you know who that is, that's the most important person in this room tonight. Really? Who is it? That's Mark McKinnon. And I said, what's he do?


He buys all the media for George W. Bush. He is in charge of Bush's media campaign, in other words, he holds the campaign in the palm of his hand.


I said, wow. McKinnon didn't say anything, and I studied in the whole night and I did not go introduce myself either because I. I just didn't don't know why, just didn't. He did something. That I noticed all night, he studied everything going on, he had a very wary eye looking at everything going on, listening to everything everybody was saying, and there were a lot of people saying. Strategic things, there are a lot of people with ideas, a lot of people.


This is the convention for Bush's second term. And McKinnon is arguably one of most important people in this room because he's in charge of running the media, running the advertising. Coming up with the plans, coming up with a strategic reason, all that and he had the most wary eye he was just studying. If you don't know who he is, he also stars on a showtime. Series called The Circus, and he wears a cowboy hat. But he just studied everybody in that room that night and he didn't say, I don't think I didn't see him talk to anybody.


He was simply gathering information. Running the George W. Bush media campaign. And I'll never forget the person that came up to me said the guy is the most important person in this room tonight is Mark McKinnon, and I had never met him. And I'm not even sure I had heard of him. And I don't say this to be insulting. That's not the point. I don't insult people. I'm just being honest. I didn't. You know, I'm not a traditional political guy, I'm not a political activist, I don't learn who's running this or that aspect of a campaign.


I just because I have my own role to play in it and I view what I do is as important as anybody else in terms of disseminating information, being honest with people. Well, it turns out McKinnon is one of these guys. That has joined the Never Trump the Lincoln Project. He's one of these never Trump is doing everything that he can to get rid of, to impugn, to besmirch Donald Trump. They got some shocking news at the Lincoln Project the other day, you heard about this, that would be John Weaver, former McCain guy was discovered to have been texting young men, underage young men, sexting underage young men.


Not a good look.


For the never Trump race and the Lincoln Project, and there's even more to it than that. McKinnon has his show on Showtime, The Circus. And it's about how the inside the Beltway crowd, it's about how the swamp looks at Washington through the Trump years and beyond.


When when McKinnon worked for Bush. He couldn't get enough of talk radio, talk radio was crucial. Bush believed in talk radio. Bush.


Either Bush, the Bush family, were amazingly accessible to me. Invited me to the White House on my birthday, had a number of social events there where we discussed the events of the world out on the Truman Balcony.


George W. Bush and his dad were just amazingly. Nice to me and McKinnon back in those days, believed in talk radio, was part of the. Ingredients, if you will. Of success for the Bush administration.


So yesterday on MSNBC Live, which is where MacKenna now has a gig, the anchor at Katie Tour.


Said to him this said this problem, people believing democracy was stolen from them. That needs to be addressed in the who in the world thinks democracy has been stolen from them. Are there people that wanted to vote that couldn't vote? It seems to me that people think democracy has been stolen from over Trump people. Who else thinks democracy has been stolen from them? Anyway, her question, the problem of people believing democracy was stolen from them needs to be addressed in the public platforms that conservatives flock to mark the Fox News's the OAS and the Newsmax in an amazing last week, these people didn't even know who owned and was.


They had an idea what news Max was, but they weren't sure. Now, all of a sudden, these two organizations may as well be Satan. Oh, and news oh, and the right wing talk radio show. So we got to do something about that. And here is what Mark McKinnon's reply was.


There needs to be a very concerned, much broader effort, a lot of thought into how do we leech out this poison. I know that there are some efforts like that being planned right now, and I hope they're significant because it's going to take a lot and it's going to take a long time. It's not going to happen overnight and it's not going to happen easily, but it's going to take a long a sustained effort. I think that those kind of efforts are being contemplated and planned.


So he's letting us in on the idea that they have the Lincoln Project and others in the Never Trumper world are already making plans and are happy to announce them on MSNBC of getting rid of the OAS. Ends of the news maxes out there of the Fox News is out there and of course, right wing talk radio. Now, McKinnon makes it clear that ain't going to be easy.


It isn't going to happen overnight, it's going to have to take some patience out there. It's going to require a long, sustained effort. So I heard this soundbite today before I played it for you and I all I could think about was that dinner at Patsy's back in 2004 when I was the good guy.


I think. I think I was a good guy, you know, I'm not even sure now if I ever was a. OK, before we get started on the phones, we have a little sound bite here, I want to play for us today on CNN. They had video of an unidentified migrant from Honduras talking about why he's coming to the United States as part of the caravan. You know, the Biden campaign, Biden team, the buy, whatever it's told these guys.


No, no, no, no, no, no. You don't come now. You're not going to come. You you you just going to embarrass it. You can't come now. You got to stay where you are. We'll give you the go signal. But it's not it's not now. You can't come now. Well, the migrants are forming the caravan. They're chomping at the bit to get here. And they're not going to stop.


So CNN caught up with one of them and and a little short conversation about why they having a new president, whereas Biden, he's going to have all the US he given us 100 days to get to the U.S. so we can get a better life for our kids and family.


He's giving us 100 days to get to the U.S. so we can get a better life for our kids and family. They're having a new President Biden. He going to help all of us. He giving us 100 days to get to the U.S. so we can get a better life for our kids and for what happens if you don't get here in 100 days. I get put in cages. Like Obama did to you. 2014 to the funds, we start in Cleveland, it's Lusi, great to have you on the EIB Network.




Hi, I love you Rush. And I am a conservative and not a feminazi because of you.


Well, I appreciate that. That that's that's a take. That that's wonderful.


Hey, I've seen many an inauguration. I've held my nose through some of them. But this is the first one that seems more like a dictatorship taking over. Why not an inauguration?


Why is it feel like that to you? Not as seriously. Is it is it feel like that because of the way people are talking about it or does it look that way?


It looks that way. It is the the the fences, the troops. There is no you cannot disagree. You cannot protest. I mean, four years ago, people were out in the street protesting as Donald Trump walked down the street, now were allowed to be in a pen with only 100 other people protesting all by yourself. I mean, that's not democracy, that that isn't it. That, you know, there's that word again, democracy. What does that mean to you and no wrong answer?


I'm fascinated by people who use the word. I'd like to know what it means. You say a word, democracy is being threatened or that's not democracy. Whatever the Biden team is doing, what is democracy mean to you? And again, no wrong answer. Don't get flummoxed.


I am the daughter of immigrants who came to this country for a better life. And America. Was it America where you could have your opinion, where you could agree to disagree, where two opposing sides could come to a mute? There is not there is none of that anymore.


That's true. That is true. The left doesn't care about your opinion anymore.


No, no. They just want to crush you into the ground. Exactly. That's it.


I mean, and there's no right way to talk to someone because what you say is crazy. I mean, you have to try to have a civil conversation with someone. It's like, wow, you're one of those left wing kooks and some are right wing kooks. It's like, that's that's what it is anymore.


No, she's right that the left is not interested in entering the arena of ideas. They're not interested in in the challenge of persuading people to agree with them. They're going to force you to they're going to force you to agree with them. And if you don't, then you're going to pay a price. But they're not going to waste their time trying to persuade you to change your mind. They don't think they should have to. If you don't agree with them, you're already in trouble.


And there's there's no way no way around it. So the democratic principles that people have thought undergird this country and support the Constitution are not worth much right now because there isn't much democracy happening out there by design and it's on purpose. Amen, brother. Amen. I'm glad you called. Lucy, I really I really appreciate it. We had a caller in the program yesterday and I misjudged remember the time that I had with him. I had one minute less than I thought.


And here's his question, boiled it down to its essence, what is the stain on the GOP from the capital protest on January 6th? He believes that it is a stain that's going to be there for a long time and that we're going to have a difficult time erasing it, that the idea that the Republicans trumpets whatever literally did that literally engage in all that is something that he thinks we're going to have big, big trouble overcoming. He wanted my thoughts on it.


I just wanted you to know I haven't forgot it.


I'm working on it. Got to take a break now. We'll be back after this.


OK, the first hour of the broadcast, Excellences Gurdgiev today, days in the can on the way over to Limbaugh Broadcast Museum. I am your indefatigable host, Ellen Rushville. Nevertheless, fighting a little fatigue. So bear with me out there.


Take a brief break here at the top of the hour and back to continue before you know it.


I couldn't see a way out, we were completely surrounded and they all looked like the same person, zombies itching to convert us into their weird Hollywood cult. Everywhere we turn, there they were and more were coming, spilling into every opening around us. It seemed like they were calling out to each other telepathically, get them fresh meat. I thought the only way out was to give in and go with them. But just as I started to follow their leader, it hit me.


Adriana's hand met my cheek. Yeah, I slapped him with one quick strike to the face. SNAP out of it. Patrick, let's get the hell out of here. And that's when we made a run for it through the only opening in the crowd. We were only a few feet from making it out. When they blocked us in again, we were goners. Redfield America is a storytelling show, the kind Hollywood doesn't want you to hear, listen to read pilled America on I heart radio or wherever you get your podcast that's read pilled America.


I will get this and hang on.


I got to print one more thing here, if you never mind. I don't have time to print the link anyway. Greetings and welcome back. Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network, 802 eight two two eight eight two is the phone number if you want to be on the program. The email address. L Rushworth, EIB Network, U.S.. Hang on just a second. I got a it takes me five steps to print something since Apple released their latest beta.


So I see. OK, there we go. All right.


It's got news here about cocaine. Mitch is what I'm trying to. The PT. I've got two things here I need to share with you. OK. First story is from the Hill. Yeah, from the Hill dotcom to headline McConnell, Trump provoked a crowd that stormed Capitol. There it is. This has been this has been sort of simmering underneath the radar out there. It has been an item of curiosity. What is the turtle going to do? Is the turtle going to dump on Trump or is the turtle going to maintain one last vestige of loyalty?


And we now have the answer. Outgoing Senate Majority Leader Cocain Mitch. And by the way, I don't know what that means. I just find it hilarious. I read a couple of blogs who nicknamed him that. I have no I probably ought not use that, actually, because it might mean something that I don't know.


It means could be more than just a clever little nickname. So I just thought, I'll just stick with the turtle.


Outgoing Senate Majority Leader the turtle, Mitch McConnell, today accused President Trump of provoking the violent crowd that stormed the Capitol on January six. So this is about this is this this is going to end.


Whatever scant. Faint, nearly invisible hopes. There were that there would be some kind. Of even quazi loyalty between the Republican swamp and Trump, it was it was it was more than likely to eventuate this way, but there was still scant hope that maybe it wouldn't.


Here's what McConnell said on the Senate floor the last time the Senate convened. We had just reclaimed the capital from violent criminals who tried to stop Congress from doing our duty. The mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people, McConnell said on the Senate floor.


This marks the first convening of the full Senate since the attack. McConnell's statements carry significance ahead of an anticipated Senate impeachment trial. The GOP leader has told colleagues he hasn't yet decided how he would vote. On a House passed article of impeachment against Trump, now his remark that the crowd was fed lies. Is a reference. To baseless and debunked claims spread by Trump and members of his legal team and inner circle that widespread election fraud cost Trump a second term.


Trump has not formally conceded the race. The president elect Biden even now. His remark the crowd was fed lies is a reference to Trump's baseless debunked claims, is what that should have been written. So be more easily understood. In other words, McConnell. Remarking the crowd was fed lies. Is a reference to Trump. And his baseless claims. That election fraud is what spurred on the protests, so here the marker has been thrown down. The only reason it happened, cocaine, which is saying it happened because Trump.


Fed the mob models. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people. We've been through the timeline on this. There's no way this can be true. Trump didn't give any marching orders. He didn't tell anybody to go down the Capitol and do what they did. It's why this is troubling. Now, Mitch McConnell, no question, is the king of the Washington Republican establishment. And he's made it clear what his objective is, his objective is to kill off the Trump movement, he said as much.


I think McConnell also opposed the Tea Party movement. Now, this story, there's a story, the right scoop dotcom mob fed lies, they were provoked by the president and other powerful people, according to Mitch McConnell. So it's clear what's happening, he is attempting to kill off the Trump movement, the MAGGA movement is attempting to impugn it and make it impossible for it to have any credibility going forward. Making it clear that he believes that all of this that happened on January 6th of the capital happened precisely because Donald Trump wanted it to happen and directed it to happen.


Trump didn't direct any of the sort. In fact, Trump was still speaking when these people started doing what they were doing. And we also know that Antifa had infiltrated this movement and was made themselves making themselves made to look like Trump supporters. You think McConnell knows that? McConnell is aware of the Antifa and Black Lives Matter involvement in all of this. You know, I had a story in the stack yesterday and let me I was hoping I wasn't going to have to use this.


But it's about yeah, here it is, Mitch McConnell, the Peter Schweitzer story, Peter Schweitzer has written books about the financial corruption of the deep state, financial corruption of people in the Washington establishment. And at a piece in Breitbart yesterday, the headline, Mitch McConnell and his wife financially tied to the government. As I said, I was hoping I wouldn't have to use this. I was hoping I wouldn't have to go there. But man, folks, they're making it hard.


I told you some Mark McKinnon stories, let me tell you a little a brief little Mitch McConnell story. After every presidential election where we lost the Senate, where we had minority control, the Senate, Mitch would call.


And he was. Really trying to be helpful. He was he was attempting to I'm sure I wasn't the only person he called was calling a lot of people, explaining to them how the Senate works and that there was no reason to really panic. Over having lost the Senate. Because of one thing. The Senate, I mean I mean, if he called me once, he was to call me three different times after three different elections where the Republicans had not secured majority control of the Senate, he said, look.


The bottom line about the U.S. Senate is it takes 60 votes to get anything and the Democrats don't have 60 votes. And then he embarked on an effort to educate me on the filibuster and what the Democrats would do if they triggered it or if they blew it up and didn't use it, whatever, but he was attempting to be very helpful at the same time. He was it was engaging in CIA. I mean, they had just failed to win majority control of the Senate.


And one of the reasons for his calls was to tell me it's not that bad. They need 60 votes and they don't have 60 votes. And then he would explain to me the purpose, the constitutional purpose of the Senate, and I've shared this with you before, he said, look, the purpose of the Senate is to cool things down in the House of Representatives, people's house. That's where it gets knocked down, drag out. That's where there's all kinds of raised voices and lots of energy.


But when what they're working on at the House legislation, when it gets over to the Senate, we're like a coffee cup, saucer rush. We are where the hot coffee might boil over. It's collected in the saucer where it cools down, and that's what we at the Senate do, we provide the slowdown, we provide the cooling off of overheated passions. In legislative arguments, we should never pass legislation in the heat of any emotional argument or in the midst of any emotional out of control, and that's what we in the Senate do.


So he called two or three times to assure me that doesn't matter. They don't have 60 votes. And he would run through the the vote count and he would he would tell me the various Republicans he thought would cave and vote with Democrats and he did it by name. But he would he would always fall short of 60, he was always tell me no reason to worry about me. Yeah, we we didn't win control, but since you need 60 votes up here, they're not going to be able to do anything.


To which I said, well, wouldn't it wouldn't it be better to win? I mean, I realize you didn't and you want to make the best case for losing you can. But wouldn't it be better to win? Majority control, wouldn't you have more power, wouldn't you have more? Well, yeah, of course, but we didn't. We lost. So I have to look on the bright side, Russian, and the bright side, is it 60 votes?


I can't do anything without it and they don't got it. Anyway, here is Schweitzer's story. Schweitzer on Sunday detailed how Mitch McConnell and his wife, Elaine Chao, are financially tied. To the Chinese Communist Party. Schweitzer was on the Fox News channels, the next revolution, that's what Steve Steve Hilton, I think it airs on Sunday night, said the McConnells position on China has softened over the years.


Which he argued is due to the growing relationship between the Chinese government and Elaine Chao's company. Schweitzer said, really, it goes to the fact that Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao, his wife, are financially tied to the Chinese government. Now, I have to say that Peter Schweitzer has written book after book after book. He's detailed the Clintons and their financial corruption and their illegal ties to agents of foreign governments and nobody.


Has challenged him, nobody has sued him, nobody has told him to take it down, nobody has accused him of lying. They've just ignored it and hoped that it would go away. And the same thing is happening here. So if you want to know why the establishment, the swamp. The deep state, if you want to know why. They say that China, Joe and Mitch McConnell will work well together, look no further than renowned investigator Peter Schweitzer's follow the money revelations about McConnell and his wife.


And you know, folks, this is not I know both these people. I know Mitch McConnell. I know Elaine Chao.


It's this is why I've always said you never want to get close to these people because. You don't want to make them enemies, and you you still have to be able to. Report the truth. Again, Schweitzer has not been wrong on any of his years and years of reporting on the Bidens. I suspect that he's not wrong on this. Nobody's even tried to debunk it. Elaine Chao was the first to ditch Trump. According to Schweitzer, this is the strategy of the Chinese government across the world, they seek out political elites, they give them commercial deals, and they end up being wedded to the trichomes.


They don't want to anger the Chinese, the mcconnells, not because they could destroy their families financially, like. The Mafia, so you don't want to make the trichomes mad once they've got their hooks into you. So there's some snark going around that maybe the Chinese told McConnell, hey, it's time to lower the boom on Trump. So I don't know if it would even take that, I don't know how surprised I am that this has happened because I think all of the Washington establishment has made up their minds that they are all in on destroying as much of Trump and his family as they can.


Let me hit the spot break. We'll come back and get to the phones right after. Don't go away.


Half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair while I utilize talent on loan from God.


So we go back to the phones, as promised, this is Richard in Philadelphia. Welcome, sir. I'm glad you waited. Hi. Good afternoon. You know your story about this, the private security agency that Biden is hiring for his security? Yeah, he's create he's creating essentially a Praetorian Guard. By definition, a Praetorian Guard is a private security force that is loyal to the man, not to the country or the Constitution. Yeah. So who who.


And this is a very dangerous step because the Iranian guard. Is the Praetorian Guard of the ayatollah, right, and who are his shock troops are the Basij are a bunch of hoodlums who wear hoods and black thing, black hoods on their faces.


Those of you, Balaclava. Yes. Excuse, yes. Yeah, that would be they wear balaclavas. Yeah, yeah. I think this is a dangerous line has been crossed because now you have now you have armed private security. The president, we already know that we can't trust the National Guard. We can't trust the Army. We can't trust Assoc..


No, they might be in the back pocket of Trump. There might be some secret plan they've got. Yeah, they might have some secret plan here to defend Trump and take out Trump support. Oh, yeah. Could be really bad. So Plug's had to go hire his own right.


And now he controls the security apparatus, the intelligence apparatus of this country, the FBI. We know the FBI has loyalties. We know the CIA's loyalties. So what is next? I am very fearful. What what what's going to happen?


Wait a minute. Where you say that? What are the CIA's loyalties? Well, the CIA's loyalty certainly wasn't. Look at the John Brennan. What was his loyalties? What was Kloppers where is his loyalty? Do you think his loyalty is to the Constitution? No way. He knows right now and it wasn't to the president? No, it wasn't. It was the forces that were attempting to oust the president.


And now we know that you can't trust the National Guard and they can't trust the Secret Service in that way.


That's what they want the result to be. I don't know that they've achieved it, but that's certainly what they want. Here's but thanks for the call, Richard. Here's what he's talking about at TMZ, a gossip site. And I don't mean to sound derogatory. I'm just saying these are TMZ guys. They're not this Harvey Levin in his group and they're not, you know, run of the mill standard drive by media outlet.


And they have a story, Biden's inauguration will use pricey security company to secure his inauguration. Biden's inauguration pricey security company hired services show they mean business. TMZ obtained federal procurement documents that show the Secret Service has hired a company called Show called Security Services to help out with the inauguration company, scored a seven and a half million dollar contract for the job. And it sounds like they'll be worth every dime of taxpayer money. It turns out that a division of show called Checkmate is what will be deployed here and at a glance at their specialty's shows why they cost a lot.


Checkmate boasts temporary deployable security assets that create hardened perimeters which can stop vehicle borne threats and attempted weapons, handoffs of people who get past checkpoints. So you are supposed to conclude that the United States military isn't enough. The National Guard. Twenty six thousand, not enough. In order to maintain his own safety, Biden had to go out and hire a remember when we hired private security to help out the troops in Iraq?


They wanted to put those people in jail. Remember, now they're hiring them.


Like I say, folks, it is not it doesn't make me happy nor comfortable to have to discuss Mitch McConnell this way, but it's undeniable what he said.


McConnell has been over the years, nothing but but helpful to me that that's been is at least that's what my interpretation of his all the time he reached out to me. I literally thought he was trying to be helpful. I haven't heard from him in a long time, but.


But that. Doesn't necessarily. I mean, anything but now McConnell is making it clear where he stands that Trump is responsible for what happened at the U.S. Capitol. It's Trump who did it. It's Trump who encouraged that. We got the audio soundbite. This is from the Senate floor.


Just this afternoon, the mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people.


Who is that? And they tried to use fear and violence to stop a specific proceeding of the first branch of the federal government, which they did not like. But we pressed on. We stood together and said an angry mob would not veto power over the rule of law in our nation, not even for one night. We certified the people's choice for their 46 president.


And we did it proudly. We proudly certified Joe Biden. Do you think this guy is ever going to be seen in public? You think Joe Biden is going to be a virtual president? No, I'm serious. You think Biden's ever going to show up in public and do public events now he'll be on TV from the Oval Office. Will he ever leave the White House? Will he leave the residence? Will he leave the Oval Office? The West Wing?


I guess he's going to have to for some ceremonial things, but they'll employ Commy Harris for as much of those things as they can. So anyway, you heard him say it. The mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people. We don't know who he means their. They tried to use fear and violence to stop a specific proceeding of the first bank branch of the federal government, which they did not like, and that's what he means, the United States Senate.


But McConnell wants you to know that your senators bravely pressed on and they were not intimidated. They were not in any way. Inspired to quit, they bravely kept on. They pressed on, they stood together, and they said that an angry mob would not get veto power over the rule of law in our nation, by golly.


So they bravely continued work. They bravely stood up to that mob that was inspired by the president, provoked by the president. So I guess the mystery is now over and we know where McConnell and thus the Republican leadership stand, they're not along grabbed soundbites four and five. We have often shared with you the near lunatic rantings and ravings of the New York Times columnist Thomas Lupi Friedman. We have a couple of more from last night. CNN's Anderson Cooper, 195, Luppi Friedman was on as a guest and Anderson Cooper said, hey, Luppi, what does it say that the FBI feels the need to vet 25000 National Guard troops to make sure there's no internal threat?


They're scared. They want you to think they're scared. They want you to think that the National Guard really has been infiltrated, that Trump loyalists are in there, that Kuhnen and they're going to wreak havoc and it could blow up the whole inauguration. What can we do, Thomas? What does it say? The FBI feels the need to vet the National Guard, people on duty.


Ideas don't just win. They require power to win. You know, bin Laden was powerful. And what we're going to need here is Republicans, conservatives to take on these ideas. There's got to be a war of ideas within conservatism to actually root this out. And it's going to take a real war of ideas within the conservative movement. The Liz changes. We have to defend them. We have to protect them. We have to enable them because they're taking a risk.


They're the Muslims, the Democrats who took a risk and took on bin Laden and his ideas.


All these folks. Are you are you are you following this? You are. No different than the people in radical Islam looking up to bin Laden, Trump is bin Laden, Trump is ISIS and Thomas Luppi freedom have been fighting these people his whole life. He understands that there needs to be a war of ideas within the conservative movement. And Liz Cheney has to be defended. We've got to protect these radical conservatives. We have to enable them because they're taking a risk.


Just like Muslims who denounced bin Laden, any of these people denouncing Trump, we got to give them cover. So he's calling for a war within conservatism, he says that the left must back conservatives that fight Trump just like Muslims who were against bin Laden. And the next bite, I want you to listen to him describe the American media giant, Rupert Murdoch, Sheryl Sandberg, Mark Zuckerberg. What the hell are you people doing? What do we have to do to get you to realize that these ideas have been mainlined into people now, so far so deep that we've had to check the National Guard to see who has been infected or not?


The liberal press, you know, we've been mobilized.


We were so mobilized against Trump. And if everyone's just been just on total edge, we've got to all calm down. But we also got to understand the stakes. If you are proving conspiracy theories, you are an enemy of the nation. And if I see you on the street, if I see you at a conference, I am going to call you out. Oh, man.


Am I frightened. I might be called up by Thomas Friedman. What could that mean for my career? What could it mean for yours to be called out by Thomas Luppi? Friedman So what he's doing here? In that bite, he is justifying. The way the liberal media has been mobilized against Trump. He's justifying what the media has taken on as its responsibility and to hell with objectivity, to hell with fairness, none of that no Trump is so bad and his supporters are so bad, we have to destroy them no matter how we do it.


And no matter what we do, that's our new calling. The hell with journalistic principles. To hell with fairness, to hell with anything, that these people pose a very real threat and we're going to take them out however we do it. He's asking Rupert Murdoch, that's Fox News, Sheryl Sandberg and Zuckerberg of Facebook. Where the hell are you people? Why aren't you on the same page as Thomas Luppi Friedman? Why don't you get it? What do we have to do to get you to realize these ideas have been mainlined into people now?


So again, folks, it's the same thing they've been saying since this program began. Since August of 1988, you in this audience are nothing more than mind numbed robots, you are incapable of thinking for yourself. You do not know what to think or do or how to vote until you get your ideas from me. You don't know who to vote for. You don't know how to talk. You don't know how to say things until you get marching orders from me.


They've been attempting. To establish that as a norm, as a reality, since August 1st of 1988, they have failed. Miserably, the audience has continued to grow and is continuing to grow at at geometric proportions, but they have convinced a whole lot of American leftists not to even try the program.


They have convinced people. That this is just mind numbing robot ville. For a number of years, it hasn't stopped our audience growth, but it has limited, you have to admit. So for 30, what, 31, 32 years, they have been attempting to destroy the reputation of this program by destroying the reputation of people listened to it, by destroying the reputation to host, that would be me. And they have failed, but they've not given up.


You heard Whoopi Friedman say that it remains the number one objective. That they must continue. To try let's take a brief break, we'll come back. We have you on the phones right after this. Don't go away.


Email phishing attacks, that's phishing spelled with a P-H, not an F. Phishing attacks happen on a daily basis. A phishing attack is just one of the ways that cyber hackers get their hands on your information. They create an e-mail that looks legitimate. It's designed to fool you. It's designed to make you think it came from one of your credit card companies or any other outfit that that you do business with via a credit card. They are especially good at creating fake and phony American Express emails.


I have come so close, I even I aware of these tricks, have come close to clicking on a bad link.


Don't do it. I've come because it looks legit and you don't want to run afoul of any of your credit card companies. If you get a note saying there's a problem on your account, if you got a note saying you need to click on this to get straight, you want to fix it, you don't want anything to be wrong. So you're they've got your right off the bat. Just use restraint. The first thing to do if you have any doubts is check the actual e-mail address that the phishing attack is coming from and you'll find it is not the e-mail address of, say, Amex or MasterCard or Citibank or any any credit card that you use.


All of the logos look legit and all of the formatting in the e-mail looks legit, but if you check the email address from which the email was sent to you. You'll find that it's not really associated with a particular credit card company if you use more than one email address and let's say you have your credit card email sent to a secondary email address, make sure that the email that you receive. Information from various credit card companies is the one that you're about to follow.


The thing is, if you see a link in an e-mail, no, just don't click on it and you will avoid any phishing attack because if you hit the link. You are opening your computer. The hackers, you're opening them up to malware, you're inviting them in and you don't even know it, the best defense for this comes from LifeLock. LifeLock systems monitor online transactions in the billions every week they look for evidence that your data is being used illegally.


They look for evidence of phishing attacks. They find it. They let you know ahead of your next credit card statement or bank statement, you're hearing from LifeLock with news on something suspicious happening. Now, no one company can prevent all identity theft, but I'm telling you, folks, LifeLock has both the monitoring skills and a restoration team that don't stop until.


Whatever gets broken, gets fixed, nobody else has a restoration team, they do get protected with lifelike sign up at LifeLock Dotcom or call them 800 440. Forty eight. Thirty three. Use my name in the sign up process to get 25 percent off your first year. That's 800, 440, 48, 33 or LifeLock dot com.


OK, we have Fred in Cleveland. Fred, your next it's great to have you. I'm glad you waited. Hello, sir.


Good day. Rush at first like to thank you for the free education, for your commitment to America and for the memories. Thank you, sir. And Godspeed to you. Thank you very much. Okay. My my question for you is we have two lines of defense left as I see it, the church, which is fading fast and talk radio, which is holding strong. How do we keep those two entities from being destroyed in the next year?


All right.


Now, the church, I am so glad you mentioned these two. I am an expert in one of them.


OK, that would be talk radio. The church. You're going to have to get to the ministerial level and you're going to have to. Just like I informed people just now about the phoniness of a phishing attack that is designed to get you to open up your computer to hackers, you're going to have to get to the minister and beg him for a spine. To maintain the principles of the church's religion, that they are non-negotiable and that they they they are there not to be changed under pressure, or and that's why you're a member of the church, because the church and its teachings reach you.


The church and its teachings are what give you comfort. They help you to answer questions to which there are no answers as human beings on Earth and you need the church to continue. To fulfill that role, you don't need the church to be Wolke, you don't need the church to be any in any part of the earthly social justice movement. That's not why you go to church. You're not looking for the church to have a role there in talk radio.


There is a single thing that everybody who listens to talk radio can do what let me ask you a question. What is the most often used attempt? To destroy. A talk radio show on radio or TV, what what is the most often used technique? You're asking me, yeah, holy crap, I don't know.


That's points of sponsor boycotts. Oh, right. OK, sponsor boycotts. OK, well, you should know by now as a regular listener that it's all made up, right. We have proven that sponsor boycotts are made up. We've told you I've told you countless times the people running those scams are 10 people making themselves look like 150000 people. And they're sending out form emails to advertisers claiming that they're never going to buy the product again and they never have bought it in the first place.


They don't live in the state or city where the business is. They're simply using intimidation and they're trying to get businesses to to feel guilty about being associated with the so-called reprobate host. It's all lies. It's all made up more often than not. And so if you're serious about protecting talk radio, it's the next time you hear of any host who's being targeted by way of a sponsor boycott. Do not participate in it.


And in fact, mobilize yourself and your friends to oppose it, to give people the strength.


And the confidence to oppose it, that's the most often used technique, I think there will be additional techniques used based on what I'm hearing about how they're going to try to de platform people on Facebook and Twitter and so forth.


But for now, avoid the sponsor boycott. We'll be back after this. It's the fastest three hours in media for a reason. Two of them are already over. And yet there's just one remaining and it's coming up right after a brief, very brief, obscene profit break right now here at the top of the hour.


Would I be would I be mean would it be mean to point out that Mitch McConnell didn't seem to mind his wife getting a cabinet job under Trump? And in fact, she was she was in the Trump cabinet for four years, right? She was she was one of the early. I think labor secretary. Well, no, I mean, if if if Senator McConnell is is now going to dump over Trump, you know, grab somebody number twenty three.


This is on the Senate floor today, Mitch McConnell. Who I guess is pretended to represent 75 million Trump voters all these years.


But but here's here's Senator McConnell, leader of the Republicans in the Senate on the Senate floor just this afternoon, the mob was fed lies.


They were provoked by the president and other powerful people, and they tried to use fear and violence to stop a specific proceeding of the first branch of the federal government, which they did not like. Yeah, but we pressed on, all right. We stood together. We an angry mob would not veto power over the rule of law in our nation. We were not even for one night. It was right. We certified the people's choice for their 46 president and we were brave about it.


We certified the People's Choice 2006 president mean Joe Biden. So you don't you don't think it'd be mean to point out that Senator McConnell didn't mind his wife being in Trump's cabinet for four years? Well, no, I mean, I'm saying if if Trump's capable of all of this, then clearly this isn't the first time Trump has done things that you might object to. Why didn't Elaine Chao resign from the Trump cabinet much earlier? Because there were clearly I mean, they were talking about invoking the 25th Amendment.


They were talking about, you know, two years in doing all kinds of things.


To get rid of Trump, but she hung in there for all four years as a member of Trump's cabinet. There has to be a reason why today on CNN, the info babe Brianna Keilar had as one of her guests, Ronald Brownstein of The Atlantic.


He's a senior editor there. She asked him this question, Does what Mitch McConnell said on the Senate floor, the sound bite you just heard, does what McConnell said tell you anything about what to expect from Senate Republicans in the impeachment trial?


It is important that Senate Majority Leader McConnell is saying these things and drawing these lines, but you can't ignore his role in getting the party and the country to this point. I mean, Donald Trump did not get to the point of January six overnight and he did not get there alone. McConnell's comments do signal that this, in fact, may be a breaking point for some of them. And if you look at the polling, it is true that three quarters of Republicans say that Trump won the election.


It was stolen. They see nothing wrong on how he is behaving. That's an ominous number for the stability of the society. But if a quarter or a fifth of Republican voters aren't easy with the parties kind of merging with these extremist elements, that's a pretty scary number for the future of Republican electoral prospects.


So if McConnell thinks the way I interpret this, if McConnell thinks that he is buying himself some goodwill from the drive by media, he can think again. They can't buy goodwill. They've never been able to buy friendship, support or goodwill goodwill, yet they do not learn from this. They they nevertheless end up think that it's always possible.


And it isn't and you hear it right here in Branson. OK, so fine, Mitch McConnell saying these things. He's drawing these lines, but you can't ignore his own role in getting the party and the country to this point. I mean, Donald Trump didn't get the January 6th overnight and he didn't get there alone. Mitch McConnell helped out. Now, McConnell's comments do signal maybe a breaking point for some Republicans. And if you look at the polling, it's true, three quarters of Republicans say Trump won the election.


Then it was stolen. They see nothing wrong with how he's behaving. Brownstein says that's a that's an ominous number for the stability of the society. That number scares the hell out of them. We're talking 70 to 75 million people and there's polling data out there. That says 75 percent of those people think that Trump won. That the election was stolen, they see nothing wrong with Trump behaving the way he is and they're worried.


See, this is bombed out on them and we had a sound bite earlier today that demonstrates that they failed, they were certain that this what happened on January 6th, they were certain that this was going to end up. Destroying the bond Trump has with his voters. And it hasn't happened. And they're devastated. They don't know what to do. They literally thought that they were going to be able. To end all of this. With that revelation and it's not been the case, here's Biden, by the way, audio sound bite number 25.


This is in New Castle, Delaware, today, before Biden heading to Washington for the virtual inauguration.


He decided to make some remarks, and here they are. When I came home after graduating from Delaware and then going on to law school at Syracuse, I got home after law school to Wilmington, to our county and had gone dark. Dr. King was assassinated. Wilmington had been in flames. The National Guard patrol the streets. And that turmoil inspired me to become a public defender, a step I never anticipated would lead me toward this improbable journey. Isn't it funny the way Democrats always have?


A current events story with ties to their quite younger past that serve as the motivation for them getting into politics.


It always amazes me that every Democrat has some tie in to Martin Luther King or Bobby Kennedy or JFK or Sirhan Sirhan, you take your pick. Tie a the John Lewis, they may have a tie and a Bull Connor. They may have a tie in to James Edwards, I just it's fascinated me and so here's Plug's when I came home after graduating from Delaware and then going on to law school at Syracuse, I came home after law school in Wilmington.


To our country. Now, you didn't leave the country. What is it like, Kim, he's come home twice here when I came home after graduating from Delaware and then going on to law school at Syracuse. I came home after a law school of Wilmington. To our country, you were never out of the country unless you went to Syracuse in Italy. Which I guess is possible he wouldn't know. But it had gone dark when I when I when I came home after law school in Wilmington.


And came home to our country. It had gone dark, our country gone dark when I came home. But you never left the country. Dr King was assassinated, Wilmington had been in flames. The National Guard. Aha, there it is, the National Guard patrol the streets and that turmoil inspired me to become a public defender, a step I never anticipated would lead me toward this. Improbable journey. They always have every Democrat always has one of these sob stories where something horrible happened and it motivated them to work for nothing.


Which is, what, a public defender? I mean, a public defender works for essentially nothing pro bono cases. It makes him sound like such wonderful people, such good people. Oh, they saw so much suffering, they saw so much sadness, they saw such flames, they saw the country when they came back to the country after graduating from Delaware and graduating from Syracuse, when they got back to the country and they saw the flames of Martin Luther King's, oh, my God, I got to give my services away and then tell people that's why I got into politics to become president.


So that's his story. He's. Sticking to it. I just. Amazed how they got away with this, let's go back to the phones. We got some time here in this segment. We'll take Tim in Kirkwood, Missouri, outside St. Louis. Great to have you.


Welcome. Thanks for. Thanks for having me on. You bet. Mitch McConnell should not be blaming President Trump, nor unnamed political leaders. He should be blaming the millions of us out here that feel that we were cheated in this last election.


Well, you don't have a mind of your own. You're on your mind. No robot. You're only doing what you're doing because Trump led you to it, you see.


So he thinks you're exempt from. Yeah. I didn't mean to stop you, I just I continue with your thought. No, it's, you know, Rush, we're all frustrated and it just seemed like the tide is turning against us here and there's just no way to reverse it. Well, you know, I understand, I understand that, but let me oh, this is tough.


Let me ask you how long you've had the sense that the tide is turning against you?


Oh, several months. OK, so it's not something you just realize today. It's something that you've been aware of for a while.


Oh, no, I felt this coming. I mean, we've, you know, people that want to be able to vote without registering these these mail in ballots, these, um. Yeah. Registered ballots.


Yes. All of these things were designed to counter your vote. All these things were designed to make your vote not count. Really, it was designed to overwhelm the massive turnout that they knew there was going to be for Donald Trump.


Yeah. But the idea that things have been aligned against you, it's not new at all, but you know what's going to happen, all of this eventually, I don't know when and I don't know how, but all of this is going to backfire. And you know why? Because the Democrats are Wile E. Coyote. They always blow themselves up, they always step in it. I can't predict when it's going to happen here, but they always do.


The media will always be there to cover it up for them as well. They're going to blow this because they blow everything they blew with the oil stone memorial, they've had any number of chances to totally take over and co-opt this country. I'm frankly surprised that there is still. Given everything that's happened, that there is still a viable opposition which is made up of people like you. Tim, you're not at your wit's end yet, you're not without your options, and you certainly have not lost all of your power.


They're scared to death, Tim, of what you can still do. They're scared to death of Trump. They're scared to death. He was going to run again. They're scared to death. They don't think that they have vanquished Trump. They hope they're able to down the road, but they don't believe they have now. People that have visions of authoritarianism in totality are quite dangerous. And they're not to be taken lightly, so don't misunderstand, but they are going to blow this.


It's going to blow up on them one way or another. It always does, and the reason it does is because of the people of this country, the people, the majority of this country is not socialist. The majority of the population doesn't want socialism or communism, and they realize it's being forced on them against their will.


And I'm going to tell you something, Tim, we have a more active, engaged opposition to the Democrat Party today than at any time in my lifetime. And it manifests itself in any number of ways I have been frustrated over the years, as I have shared with you. That we don't seem to engage in any real opposition, we just complain, we go vote, we complain, we talk about this or that, those days are behind us. I think there are a whole lot of people do it a lot more than complaining.


And I'm not talking about the conspiracy side of things. I'm not talking about the Cubans, whoever the hell they are and whatever else. I think there is a genuine degree of anger in this country over the specifics of what happened in this election. I think there is a legitimate.


Amount of anger among the American people who voted for Trump who realize are strongly believe that he was cheated.


They are livid over the way he was treated for four years. They are livid over the efforts that have been made to destroy him. They're not going away, you have, I think, every reason in the world to remain confident now. Having said that, Biden is going to be inaugurated tomorrow and he's going to be president and the Democrats are going to run everything for a while. And in that they're going to blow it, look at what they're doing in California, they're forcing people to leave California Tech people there, forcing people out.


Now it's got its downside. Those people are going to other states. They're going to our states and they're bringing their corrupted policies with them.


But the people that have brought liberalism to their states can't even stay to live their. So we've got plenty of opportunity. That's going to be presented. It's going to be right in front of our faces each and every day, it's going to require action, it's going to require voting, it's going to require any number of things.


But I'm telling you, I'm seeing the clock. I got to go.


I'm telling I'm seeing more people engaged over this defeat than I've seen any defeat prior.


All right. Now, look at this. We just got an email snuggly, just got an email from Mark McKinnon, who I have discussed on the program today, specifically at a dinner in New York Sunday night before the Republican convention, 2004. Here is the email from McCannon, hello, Nordley, Mark McKinnon here. I'm pleased that Rush remembers our dinner in 2004. Remind him that it was me, Peggy Noonan and Matt Drudge at his table. I knew that I was trying to protect the identity of people who may not wanted it known.


I do things like that. What Rush got wrong is that I have no association and never have had with the Lincoln Project, I have no contract with MSNBC, I never have had. And the project I referred to only has to do with getting the facts out about what actually happened during the election, which unfortunately many on conservative media got wrong or distorted. I don't know what he's talking about there, but he wants a correction. So I offer corrections.


And he said once the effort is announced, Rush will see that many people he respects in Republican circles will be involved. I suppose it's too much to ask for a correction, but I would like for Rush to know what he got wrong about me. Too much to ask for correction. I do nothing but correct myself if I have been shown to be wrong and I do it at the very beginning of the next segment or show after I've been informed I was wrong.


I'm not like people that don't do corrections like the New York Times or I don't, you know, I do them bury them. I make them prominent. I admit that I was wrong about that. I'm not in this to be wrong. It doesn't serve me to be wrong about things. It doesn't serve me for people to think I don't care if I got something wrong. So I am happy to read this e-mail. I'm happy to issue the claim to corrections.


Although I don't I don't understand some of it, but. OK, so he's he may not be a member. Lincoln Project sternly, is it safe to say the guys are never Trumper? I'm not aware of it, I don't. Yeah, but never Trump are a specific beast, and for whatever reason, I've always assumed that he is a never trump people. He hangs around with our.


Particularly on his his Showtime show, it's called The Circus.


Anyway, Mark, if you listened, you would know that I do corrections immediately when I am what's proven to me that I got something wrong, nothing in it to be wrong about things for me anyway.


We'll be back. We'll continue after this. Don't go away. All right.


So I have I have some emails here responding to the short email sent to Senator Leahy by Mark McKinnon. And one of the passages in the McEnany email that seems to have piqued peculiar people's attention is this. The project I referred to only has to do with getting the facts out about what actually happened during the election, I assume he means this past election and voter fraud. I don't know what he's talking about here. Then the next sentence, which unfortunately many on conservative media got wrong or distorted.


So it's got to be that he's referring to the voter fraud allegations then this. Once the effort is announced by us and his buddies. Rush will see that many people he respects in Republican circles will be involved.


So people are writing me, Rush, who are these people in Republican circles that you still respect? And I'm not kidding you. McKinnon thinks you still respect the people who are they? And they mentioned names, one, these emails said, is it? Is it Drudge, is it Peggy Noonan, is it Mitch McConnell, is it Bill Kristol, is it Jonah Goldberg? Is it anybody named Bush? Is it Romney? Is it pences at least?


Who is it Rush? Who are these Republicans that you secretly, privately still respect at Mark McKinnon says will be involved here? I don't know, I'm not going to answer this e-mail. I'm just sharing with you that this is a reaction to the McCannon e-mail by some in New York, some of you in the audience.


What Republicans do you still respect? Like people are afraid that I'm lying to them. Oh, no. McKinnon says you still respect some of the people. Who are they? That's the tone of the e-mails, folks, I assure you. Not guilty here on this back to the phones we go, Jack in Worth, Illinois, your next. I'm glad you waited.


Hi, how are you doing, Rush? It's an honor to speak to you. Thank you. I. Real quick, as I was it so quick, I believe the Republican Party did not give President Trump from day one any support now that he's being out. I believe President Trump should announce tonight he's going to run independent and take all of his followers and do the same for me and my wife. We're both going to go independent. I've been a lifelong Republican.


We're changing our affiliation to independent.


Why does he have to do it tonight? Well, he's going to be giving a speech, and it might be his last opportunity to talk to the mass people out there, all the supporters. He's been banned from social media. It's going to be hard for him to get out there and tell his followers we have a midterm election coming up. All those Republicans are going to be up for election. We need to find independent people and take the 80 million plus people that support Trump.


And go independent and start getting these people out. Republican and Democrat go independent, the people will follow him. He's the leader. We've got the idea. Let me just I I don't think that if, for example, Trump does not deliver a speech tonight that he has run out of. Wait a minute. Wait just a minute. What is it I'm looking at here? Harold Ford is on Fox, but he's in his kitchen. He's moved his satellite broadcast location from his living room where he had the Mao photo over the fireplace to the kitchen and what you can see now, he's got one of those stoves with a big faucet behind it where you can fill up a pasta pot with water without having to walk to a sink.


That's a hifalutin kitchen, by the way, that that is a chef professional kitchen, when you don't have to walk to a sink to fill up a pasta water possible or whatever, are you going to boil apples, whatever are going to do.


But he's moved. He's moved to the kitchen.


You got a red brick oven behind him now instead of the photo of Mao Tse tung. Anyway, I've just I didn't lose my place, if you if you're worried, Jack, that if Trump doesn't do a speech tonight that he's lost opportunity to reach you, that's not going to be the case. What do you feel that running as an independent would be what you think would be a positive thing?


I mean, I don't you know, I. I am so. Outside of that aspect of politics, parties and labels and independents, Republicans, you know, I'm I'm I'm loyal to the term and the label conservative.


It means specific things, but even that has been subject to a massive branding effort to destroy it. So I think even conservatism may need to be rethought in terms of where and how it is used. But for Trump to announce that he's switching parties to independent identity, I think in Trump's case, it doesn't matter what his party, it doesn't matter what label is. Trump is Magga. Trump is make America great again. Whatever he does, that needs to remain the identity of his political objectives.


Make America great again. America first. It can be done. It needs to be done. He did it. The first three years of Trump's. Presidency were just phenomenal, and then here came the pandemic. A disease from which 99 percent of the people who get it recover from it and we shut down the economy, we shut down the. Small businesses in blue states and blue cities, it was devastating, unnecessary, but I don't know if Trump wants to go independent, fine.


If you think that Republican is a bad word and that the Republican Party's reputation image has been destroyed by the left and the Democrats, fine and dandy doesn't matter to me as long as that's the agenda. That remains understandable. You know, here's here's the thing about agendas, political agendas. I've called your attention to this. In terms of Reagan, Reagan had a very, very understandable agenda, it was not complicated, and he could express it and advance it anywhere.


It was referred to as the three legged stool. Anticommunism, i.e., defeating the Soviet European Union and China. Rebuilding the American military. And the American economy by way of tax cuts, those were the three things that made up the Reagan agenda, no matter where he went, no matter what his labels were, whether he's considered a conservative or a Republican or what have you.


The truth of the matter is that Republicans in Washington didn't like Ronald Reagan. They thought of him much the same way that they think of Trump. Now, Reagan was not as bad as Trump in their in their viewpoint because Reagan was at least sophisticated. Reagan had been a governor, Reagan had political electoral experience. Trump was just a bear in a China shop and he was out of control. But but whenever Trump calls himself party I.D., which to me is not relevant, it's what his agenda is.


And he still has the best agenda of any politician short of Reagan in my lifetime, make America great again. There's a reason 75 million people voted for Trump, there's a reason that when he made that trip down the escalator on June 5th. Of 2015, there is a reason that he had majority support in the Republican Party. And that is the people that voted for Trump know exactly what the left has been doing to our country, nothing to do with race has nothing to do with white supremacy, nothing to do with white this or that.


It has to do with the left destroying Western civilization. Destroying the very culture this country was built on, destroying constitutional morality and the rule of law and nothing to do with race. It had nothing to do with white people thinking their country was being taken away from them, made to be nothing to do with that at all. But that's what the left says it was about. They never gave up on that they're wrong about. But people were livid over this.


They were livid being called racists. They were livid when they when they heard that they wanted to return to slavery. That's what the Democrats were saying. The Trump agenda was about. Just a crock. It was always about a great country, it was always about. Making America great again for everybody who lives here, for everybody who is here illegally, it was not complicated. Make America great again is not something that you need a Ph.D. to understand.


It is so simple, people glommed on to it like white on rice. They loved it. It's why they're still there and they still believe it can happen. And it can. The Trump magga agenda can succeed, it will succeed again the next time it's implemented. Because it resonates with millions and millions of people, it's going to really resonate after two years of the Democrat tearing the country apart. Which they're going to do. The Democrats are going to tear this country apart.


Value by value, tradition by tradition, institution by institution, they're going to tear it apart, they are going to make America long. And hope and desire. For the America of their youth, which was great. And there was nothing wrong with it. There was nothing wrong with the Ozzie and Harriet version of America. There was nothing wrong with the Beaver Cleaver version of America. There was nothing wrong with America then. The Democrats are going to make something wrong with America.


They're going to turn it into something that was never intended to be. And the more they do that. The greater the opportunity we're going to have to make America great again. The Trump agenda will not die no matter what he calls it, Republican, independent. Take your pick. Doesn't matter to me.


Back in a second case. We are back. Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network, the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Studies of everything relevant and it matters. A household name in all four corners of the world. And now we go back to the phones. This is Tom Palm Coast, Florida. Great to have you, sir. I'm glad you waited.


Hello to Rush. Mega dittos from late August 1988, listener. And thank you to press for you and Katherine and your families. Thank you very, very much.


Like I said yesterday, I appreciate all of this. And don't let the manner in which I say thanks make it sound like it's it's it's pro forma. I really do appreciate it.


Never would have thought that I'm going to get right to it because I was told to. Do you believe 100 percent in your heart so that the Democrats will follow through with packing the court, ending the filibuster and making D.C. and Puerto Rico states?


I think they I think right now they have every intention of doing that. Yeah, they're going to try it.


Yeah, well, if they do and we know that since they cheated very well and won. Yes. And and and they'll expand mail in voting exponentially if they can because they saw how well it worked.


That's exactly right. How do you maintain the unbelievable amount of optimism you have for the future since they've won this one? And because I think we should be just to them.


I you know, this is this is this is hard to explain.


I I just don't see our country dying this way. I just don't see it. I rather see something happening that screws up the Democrats in the midst of their efforts to do this. I don't deny they're going to try. I don't deny that they're serious in their thinking about it. I just think that something is going to happen that will prevent them from actually accomplishing at all. I can't I can't begin to tell you what it is. I don't know if they'll have defectors in their own ranks, but but I just I just don't see the end of the United States right now.


I just don't see it.


I don't want to see the end of the United States by any stretch of the imagination. But they're getting very adept at the amount of evil they have in them. Yeah, I don't know.


And what they're doing and they're winning, doing it. And we seem to have no responses to it.


Yeah, I hear you. I don't I don't deny that. It's a frustrating thing that you've nailed it. They're winning while doing this.


It appears that that they're winning while doing this. But I'm telling you, there's a there's there's more of an organized opposition to them than there has ever been since I've been doing this show 30 plus years. I don't know how that's going to manifest itself either.


But I also, you know, in all aspects of life. I have just found, including having it confirmed again recently, there's just no purpose in pessimism. There's no unless you you are convinced that it's the only.


Reality that the worst you can think of is what's going to happen and you'd better prepare yourself for it. I just haven't gotten to that point yet. Where? Pessimism is a worthwhile virtue. Now, some people will tell you that it is because you have to prepare for inevitable reality. I'm still of the mind that inevitable reality isn't inevitable. That is still subject to change by virtue of going to war against it. I also don't deny that I am, for the most part, a naturally optimistic person.


So and if you want if you want to think I'm all wet and if you want to think I'm saying this out of something less than sincerity, go ahead. But that's not the case. I'm not trying to be optimistic for the sake of the audience or anything else. I'm just I'm just sharing with you what I actually feel and think in combo about this.


It just all adds up. I'm not ready to give up yet, I guess.


Yeah. Don't don't discount Donald Trump in all of this, particularly in in America's future. Now, I don't know anything.


I'm I just other than I know Donald Trump.


And that's it for today, folks, but there's always tomorrow, so best to you. Thank you so much for being with us. See you next time. I couldn't see a way out, we were completely surrounded and they all looked like the same person, zombies itching to convert us into their weird Hollywood cult. Everywhere we turn, there they were and more were coming, spilling into every opening around us. It seemed like they were calling out to each other telepathically, get them fresh meat.


I thought the only way out was to give in and go with them. But just as I started to follow their leader, it hit me. Adriana's hand met my cheek. Yeah, I slapped him with one quick strike to the face. SNAP out of it, Patrick. Let's get the hell out of here. And that's when we made a run for it through the only opening in the crowd. We were only a few feet from making it out.


When they blocked us in again, we were goners. Redfield America is a storytelling show, the kind Hollywood doesn't want you to hear, listen to read pilled America on I heart radio or wherever you get your podcast that's read Pilled America, the Buck Sexton podcast.


We are on defense big time and a lot of us got used to being on political offense for a few years, but the pendulum has swung far to the other side. Now, this is not a cause for despair. It's just a cause for looking at the reality and preparing for it, understanding who you trust, who you're alongside and how we move forward together.


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