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Well, so far, folks, over 100 people have died. Today from covid-19 due to President Biden's mishandling of the virus. Well, isn't isn't that the way we report this stuff? I mean, that's that's how they reported it with President Trump, because if they they they were a little bit more critical than I was. I mean, they had thousands of people dying every day because the Trump. I reduced my number to 100. Over 100 people have died so far from covid-19 due to President Biden's mishandling of the virus.


Well, they were going to fix it, right? We're going to unify ourselves out the wazoo and then we're going to fix all this. Now, you know how this actually works, what's going to happen is at the drive by, media is going to report that Biden has inherited an absolutely horrible coronavirus response. And they'll go out and they'll talk to Dr. Fauci and Dr. Fauci will say, yes, he has inherited a very, very bad and beleaguered response.


But we are confident, we are confident that the vaccine rollout will now proceed. In a very professional and all encompassing fashion. This is what happens, you know, Obama Obama takes office in 2000, he went up in 2009 and it takes, what, two weeks and we are treated to the news.


My God, the Bush economy was even worse than we thought. They left us a bigger mess than we thought.


Remember that. Don't deny it, folks. That's exactly how it ends up being reported.


So Biden will be said to have inherited a bad coronavirus vaccine rollout response, whatever.


Just like Obama, oh, my goodness, we inherited and they didn't even tell us, and it was worse than we thought, which was used to justify your taxes going up. Clinton did it to Clinton Takes Office 1993.


I have never worked harder on anything in my life except except Gennifer Flowers. She's a toughie for a while, but. Aside from that, I have never worked harder or anything, and, you know, the Bush people, they lied, they lied to us and we found that our economy is so much worse than what they told us. I thought I was going to be able to have middle class tax cut. I said so during that campaign, but now I can't do it.


I tried. I spent so much time working on it, but I can't got a raise as they always do this.


But trompe. What a dramatic Trump inherited. A decades long decline of our country. Not just an economy, of course, that was true, but Trump inherited a decades long.


Declined in our country, it was a decline that the Obama administration was promoting. It was a decline. The Obama administration said they were the experts to manage it, that they were elected in the right time. And Obama and his team told us, you need to lower your expectations. The days of. The next generation doing better than their parents, those days may be over in America because America is maybe not deserved to superpower status. Maybe America hasn't legitimately earned our economic power.


We've stolen things from other nations.


You know the drill. You know how Obama went about it. So. They were going to manage the new decline. There wasn't going to be economic growth in excess of one and a half percent GDP every year, and there wasn't. That's what Trump inherited, Trump inherited and administration economic policy, which was predicated on decline. And what did he do, what did Trump do? After getting to Washington and the Oval Office in 2017. Trump realizes that it's worse than he thought.


What did he do? He didn't complain, he didn't call a press conference in the Oval Office, he didn't say they lied to me, he just worked himself to the bone to fix it. And he did to the point now that The New York Times and The Washington Post are suggesting that the Biden economic transition team had better do everything they can to rebuild the economy to what it was. During Trump's first three years. Two hundred people, not 200 people have died so far today from covid-19 due to President Biden's mishandling of the virus.


They love this on the other side of the glass over there, but this is this is exactly how they reported it with Trump because of his mishandling in the middle of operation warp speed. We got vaccines in 10 months. That's not worth any credit.


Twin suicide bombings rocked the Iraqi capital, this is CNN. The foreign policies of the past, foreign policy failures of the Biden regime are starting to mount here, folks. Are you looking at the timeline here? Joe Biden's inauguration triggered violence in American cities and abroad. Did you see what's in Portland? Did you see the violence in Portland? And Tifa is attacking Democrat Party buildings. And the and the political powers that be in Portland are begging them to stop.


With megaphones, with Al Sharpton, megaphones begging them to stop and Antifa is saying. Things like we don't want Biden, we want revenge, they're not at all satisfied with what the Democrat Party has done to get even with what somebody else did. That has ticked off. Antifa twin suicide bombs rocked a busy market in central Baghdad this morning, Baghdad time about eight hours ahead of us, maybe six killed, at least 32 people injured, 110 others, according to officials and state media.


Security forces say they pursued the two attackers before they blew themselves up. It was the first suicide attack to strike Baghdad in nearly two years. Well, obviously, the foreign policy failures, the Biden administration starting to mount here, folks. Well, what are you planning? I'm only reporting things based on what I we were going to have unity and we were going to have love and we were going to have solutions to the world was going to be celebrated.


Don't you know, getting rid of Donald Trump, vanquishing Trump down to Meryl Lago wherever, getting rid of Trump like this was going to be? One of the most healing things for the entire world. It was like when General David Dinkins was elected mayor of New York, the homeless smelled nicer that day. The birds were chirping more happily. The sky was bluer.


The refugees in all of the garbage cans didn't smell as bad. That's how they report it. You remember that, Mr. Inertly. So that was what was supposed to happen here with the election of Biden, of blowing themselves up in Baghdad. Man, oh, man. By the way, President Biden wrote an executive order mandating masks on federal property. So naturally, he was not wearing one at the Lincoln Memorial last night, hours after signing his own executive order.


This is called leading by example, ladies and gentlemen. Democrats with this very move were given a green light to be raging hypocrites as if they needed it. They don't need a green light. They can behave with hypocrisy automatically.


So you see, you if you are on federal property, you have a mask mandate, but Plug's doesn't have to if he doesn't want to, you have to allow for the fact that he forgot. His aunt. Well, I don't know if it includes federal highway, it's a good point, federal highway, not exactly an enclosed, but you would say it's federal property. Yeah, that's a good question, you got to wear masks when you drive it along on a federal highway.


So is is I-95, is that a federal road? It is. It's not a state road in Florida. Oh, yeah. OK, OK. I don't know. All I do is drive on them. I don't know who owns them.


Yeah, that's true, every Democrat president says things were worse than they were told. First week in office. Oh, my God, I just I just couldn't square it with I didn't tell us how bad this really was. And then you spend the next four years or eight years blaming your predecessor. All right, ladies and gentlemen, I have a couple of things here, a couple of stories I have run across in the process of your prep today and a really, really good and both of them tie back to things that I was attempting to convey yesterday as I watched.


The inauguration of Joe Biden on television tonight, the one thing that so many things struck me and I was I was I was trying to fold in my observations, in comments that were happening in flash moments and trying to keep them organized and in some semblance of, well, organization and meaningfulness. It was it was a real challenge. But the thing that I there was nobody there. There wasn't anybody there by design and on purpose, the only people that were there were military people who had been.


Impugned and criticizer had to be disarmed, they couldn't be trusted with their own ammo. There was nobody there other than the acknowledged members of the Washington establishment who felt safe to come out now and join the newly elected and inaugurated president there on the dais, on the stage.


One of the pieces that I have that I that I want to share with you is by. A woman who writes in the U.K., Katie Hopkins, she's absolutely brilliantly funny, she's she's a solid conservative and she has written extensively about Brexit. And she came to the United States to attend the inauguration. She wanted to see it. He was at the ceremony. And she had many of the same impressions that I had. She phrases them a little differently, but she has many of the same impressions that I had watching.


A little bit odd until yesterday on television, and I want to share that with you and then the other story is equally as good. And it is from the Ludwig von Mises website. By a writer named Thoe Techo Bishop. Its title is Trump's Potential Legacy, 50 Million Plus Enemies of the State. And you're going to appreciate both of these pieces for what they are and the first one especially and I don't I don't mean to say one is better than the other, but Katie.


Katie. I'm looking for her last name here, Katie, I found Katie Hopkins, she's her observations of what was happening yesterday are so close to what I was trying to say. I I left the studio yesterday thinking that I had. I'm not doing my best. I didn't actually convey. Precisely what I was thinking and feeling watching it all yesterday, I saw her piece today. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's close. That's exactly close to what I was trying to say.


So let me take a brief break. We'll come back, get started with pool quoting and analyzing Katie Hopkins' piece.


We're going out to the next one because they might shape things that you want to discuss as we go to the phones again at 800 to eight two two eight eight to be right back. All right, let's go to the audio sound bites. I want you to hear Antifa in Portland. These are ostensibly Democrat activists. These are the people the Democrat Party rolled over for all this past summer. And Tifa was burning down the town in Seattle as well, along with Black Lives Matter.


They didn't do one thing to stop it. They let it happen. They kept the town roiled and shut down, just damage the economy so that reelecting Trump would be harder. Last night in Portland, they had a riot. They attacked the Democrat Party of Oregon headquarters. And the party responded with toughness that we haven't seen and I don't know how long. Oh, yeah, the Democrat Party had a taped message and they had it looped. They had a looped taped message that they just kept playing.


They knew it was going to scare the heck out of these. They knew how intimidating they sounded. They knew that a taped message via an Al Sharpton megaphone was exactly what was called for.


The local authority is subject to arrest authorization for the use of force, including he on one of the two powerful weapons software that the Democratic Party or corporate headquarters.


Involved in criminal behavior. Vandalism in. The Democratic Party of Oregon. Were you able to hear that? Yeah, I was not. It's a good thing I have the transcript because the first half of that I was not able to understand. But the it started up vandalism. And this is the Democrat Party. This is the taped message that they're sending out to A.P. vandalism. Indoor graffiti is subject to arrest or citation criminal conduct. This subject due to the use of force, including but not limited to crowd control agents.


And in fact, weapons stopped damaging the Democrat Party of Oregon Portland headquarters. And then the next thing you heard was the building being damaged as Antifa continued its assault. Well, they've already trashed the police station. So now is the time to take aim at the Democrat Party of Oregon headquarters. Anybody involved in criminal behavior, including vandalism and or graffiti and then antifa, so why in the absolute F is this even happening? And then some glass broke.


Unidentified protester. Starts reacting and then we had more. Threatening rhetoric via looped tape recording is subject to arrest of citation stop damaging the Democrat Party of Oregon Portland headquarters. That was really going to be effective. Right. And let's listen go back to audio soundbite of her 20 member four here. This is Joe Biden in Cleveland on September 29th last year.


White supremacists and teef is an idea, not an organization you've got. If not, that's what it is tonight. FBI, his FBI director, said, well, you know, now that we're done, sir, and Tifa is a danger.


All right, gentlemen, we're. That was during a presidential debate September 29.


That was in Cleveland, it was moderated by Chris Wallace, who, by the way, Chris Wallace said that that plugs his inaugural address was the best he'd ever heard. So I went to the White House website to get a copy of it. Folks, you want to see it? Most of the sentences are no longer than three words, because I think that's all he can do, reading a prompter. Most of that inaugural address was sentence fragments, anyway, you heard one say Antipas is nothing, they're not an organization and they're just an idea, right, as they destroy part one.


Welcome back. All right. Here's the Katie Hopkins piece from the U.K. Remember, she is a very funny writer. For a U.K. publication, this piece is published, David Horowitz's website, Front Page Magg, she came over to the United States from Britain, where she has been making a name for herself writing about Brexit. But she is a brilliant conservative writer. And as I say, she's she's hilarious. She came to the Biden inaugural ceremony yesterday and she had much the same impression that I did watching it on TV.


Let me give you some full quotes to illustrate what I mean. This is the inauguration should be an historical moment for the country instead. It felt like an illusion. It felt fabricated for television right down to the made for TV flags and the columns of light on the mall. Not only is the city of Washington completely abandoned by ordinary Americans, it feels like a military garrison, courtesy of twenty five thousand National Guard troops and police and Secret Service posted at every intersection.


Many of them are sleeping at my hotel and I couldn't wish for better roommates, meaning safety. But their frustration is obvious, these good men and women. Of the military. Secret Service, National Guard, they've left their homes, they've left their families and they've left their jobs in the case of National Guard, to be here at the Biden inauguration. But to what end?


We can all see that there's no threat here. There's no threat to be faced. Fake news is relying on repeating their footage of the riot on January six at Capitol Hill to perpetuate the myth that this is a city under siege to domestic terror. Man, is that so? Spot on. That is so right. The effort was clear, nobody know ever, no citizens allowed. It's too dangerous. Our elected officials are engaging in profound bravery. They need to be appreciated for putting themselves so front and center in harm's way.


We need the military, we need the National Guard, we need Secret Service because we live under a permanent internal domestic terrorist threat. And of course, all of that is because of Donald Trump. And the the cable news and all the news networks covering this yesterday. Were, in fact. Relying on completely rolling again all of their footage of the riot on January six. And intermingling it with live coverage. To create this idea that it was not safe in the nation's capital and it isn't safe because of a bunch of conspiracy theory, radical domestic right wing Donald Trump supporting terrorists.


They were so eager to perpetuate the myth that Washington is a city under siege, which it is not. She said Washington now feels like one giant stage built entirely for a drama of the Democrats own creation. She wrote that it feels numb here. It's like watching surgery on your own hand when you're anesthetized against the pain, but you can still see the knife cutting the flesh. Watch your own blood flow. That's exactly what it is like here in Washington without people.


There's no emotion. And without emotion, no one can feel anything. And just like surgery, it feels unreal. It is emotion that makes these events matter. It is the bond of the people there with the winner, with the president elect, whoever he is being inaugurated, but none of that was on display because there was no people. There were no people. There was no emotion. And by the way, the reason for this is that Biden does not have a bond with anybody.


They didn't the people were not demanding to be there in the first place. It didn't take a large effort to keep him away. All it took was uniformed National Guard people. A couple of news stories about how unsafe it was and then the spread of the virus. Oh, my goodness. And you didn't have any trouble keeping people away. She writes, It's a sterilized inauguration in a city sanitized by a garrison of troops. All you can feel is numb.


All I can say as I stand here now in the freezing cold with a handful of other people. Is that I hope America never has to see anything like this again. Nothing is as it seems, it's just horrible in every sense. There's no one here. And I'm not saying that in the weird, competitive way people talk about crowd sizes as a measure of popularity, what I mean is there is literally no one here. She wrote this yesterday, by the way, even pressed up to the gates within sight of the Capitol building.


There's barely a handful of Biden supporters alongside a small gaggle of media scratching about trying to find something to film. Residents with the means to do so have moved out, others stay locked in their homes and visitors heeded the fear mongering and stayed away. I was called a moron with a death wish for traveling to the United States to document this event. This is Katie Hopkins again from the U.K. writing. And even though it's perfectly safe, no one is here to bear witness to the event.


There's nobody here. She kept referencing that fact. That's the thing that struck me yesterday. And I don't think I did an adequate job of conveying there was nobody there. The whole thing seemed artificial, which then led to. Well, what else is artificial about it? Those kinds of questions that you just ask yourself. It should be an historical moment for the United States instead feels like an illusion fabricated for television right down to the made for TV flags and columns of light on the mall.


And, you know, by the way, those flags and there were I don't know how many, but there are lots and lots of them. And they were designed.


To be very sensitive to even the slightest wind so that they were in constant motion, those flags, the Biden administration said, were there to replace people.


Since we couldn't safely accommodate. People because a covid because of the threat of domestic terror. Sponsored, of course, by Donald Trump, the flags had to do a stand in. It did look like I know I conveyed this properly, it looked. It looked. Like these tinhorn dictatorships. In Central and South America. The only people. Present at the installation of the new leader are wearing military uniforms. Black lives are on Black Lives Matter Plaza, just a block or two from the White House.


Black Lives Matter protesters seem to enjoy special privileges. The entry point to this place remains relatively open and welcoming. Their music system gives the place a party feel. And there are no National Guards visible here. So Black Lives Matter was welcomed and there was no resistance to them. Biden stepped up to the podium on an empty stand, addressing a moral void of life and spoke of his hopes for unity.


A brief time out and I'll do some full quotes from the other story that I cited, be back before you know it. Don't go away.


Here we go. The wrap up by Katie Hopkins. We have to reject the culture in which facts are manipulated and manufactured. I remember those suitcases of ballots being hauled out from under tables in Pennsylvania and the statistic improbability.


Have these vote dumps in the swing states and I wonder how Joe Biden is not choking on his words. America has to be better than this, just let me just look around here, we stand in the shadow of the Capitol dome we endured. We prevailed. I look around just as he's asking us to do, and I see how barren it all is. Joe Biden is all but alone with what he's saying up there, nothing has prevailed here, not there's no joy.


There's there's no emotion. There's certainly not the will of the American people on display here. That's not what explains this. And that is a very powerful line, almost a throw away. But if you were in Washington on Inauguration Day, the one thing you did not see was the expressed will of the American people on display. They weren't there. They weren't allowed there. There was no emotion because of it. Katie Hopkins concludes, I might walk back to my hotel feeling about ready to sit down with that homeless guy and share his cheap whiskey, I meet a woman who has traveled from Texas.


To be here because of her love for Biden and because she was here four years ago for the vagina marches in which she had such a fantastic time. She can't believe that she's all alone. She can't believe she only one who showed up. She can't believe a city is so deserted.


Not only that. She can't get close enough to see or hear anything. So, so much for Biden's plea to see each other, to listen to each other, to hear each other. This poor woman has not seen another soul because there isn't anybody here. And she tells me she just feels really, really disappointed. I give her a hug and I tell her I feel it, too. Biden asked for unity. Maybe this is it. Maybe his supporters and I are united in our disappointment at it all.


All right. Now, the piece that ran the von Mises website by thoe Bishop Trump's potential legacy, 50 million plus enemies of the state.


So I'm just going to share with you some pull quotes from this piece, because it resonates to. Should skepticism of the 2020 election, fueled by a new administration's actions, finally convince 50 plus million Trump supporters that the barbarians in the Beltway do not represent them? And to react accordingly, then Trump's presidency will, despite his own actions, be the disruption that America's elites truly feared.


So right off the bat, this writer thinks that Trump, regardless where he is today and how he got there, has succeeded in disrupting the Washington establishment. And that's what they in the establishment actually feared and were not able to stop another quote.


Well. They finally got Donald Trump. But he sure scared the bejesus out of them. It took a massive five year campaign of hysteria, a fear of hate orchestrated by all wings of the ruling elite from the respectable right to the activist left.


The irony, of course, is that the last actions of Trump's presidency highlighted how little of a threat that he as an individual really was to the deep corruption in America's government. But, man, did he have them scared. He had them scared, they remain scared, they remain so scared that they're not going to stop until they have destroyed him.


Yeah, Lil Wayne may be free, but figures like Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Ross Ulbricht are not.


The Fed Federal Reserve big fat bubble has only gotten larger as Wall Street has thrived while American workers continue to be discriminated against.


Trump's impact on American politics may result in an even greater impact. On the U.S. government, then his collaboration with Mitch McConnell on the judiciary. A variety of polling indicates that as Donald Trump boarded Marine One to retreat the Mara Lago. He did so with most of his voters believing he is the rightful president. One poll even showed almost 80 percent of Republicans do not trust. The results of the 2012 presidential election, if we estimate that 75 percent of all the Trump's 2020 voters hold that view.


That leaves us with about 50 million Americans who believe they now live under an illegitimate federal government, whether they're right or wrong.


That is an incredible thing that 50 plus million Americans might believe they live under an illegitimate.


That's the last thing Biden wanted. That's the last thing that the Democrats want everybody to believe that legitimizes what's been restored, that Trump was the one illegitimate. Trump was the pretender to Trump was the danger. And this is another thing that got close to getting close to my feelings yesterday, I'm watching Biden and all these people speak as though everybody was just happy as hell. They're back back in power, happy as hell. Oh, it's back to normal.


Oh, thank God. Thank God you Democrats are back and. Oh, it's so wonderful. Now we can breathe easy. The Democrats on the stage yesterday comported themselves as though that's what everybody in America believed. Well, it isn't what everybody in America believes, it's what they. Hope, people believe, but they're not close. And the reality. The reality that all of that is bogus, that the American people are finally celebrating this return to normalcy, Democrats back in power, the reality that people don't think that way terrifies Washington.


More than anything Donald Trump could have done while occupying the White House. And he's the one that made this reality happen, even though they got rid of him, even though they finally got him.


They haven't what the state fears, above all, is any fundamental threat to its own power and its own existence and 50 plus million people.


Not thinking that their power is legitimate. That can be a frightening thing. Lo and behold, wait until you hear this audio sound bite. CNN is reporting. It's miraculous the virus numbers are improving in 43 states, folks, since Biden was since yesterday.


It's a miracle. Oh, my goodness, are we so happy?


Hi there. Welcome back. Rush Limbaugh and the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. Delighted to have you here, folks. As is always the case, still on second base, still chugging for third base. And I have an insight, third base, I can see it up there and I'm on the move. Great to be with you. Telephone number 800 two eight two two eight eight two if you want to be on the program. The e-mail address, L'il Rushmore and EIB.


Not just look, it's impossible not to be cynical, particularly when you predict these things.


And I'm not alone. You probably joined me constantly in predicting that. Either shortly after the election. Or well into the Biden transition and certainly after the inauguration, why the news media would be filled with stories. Of how bright? It is now, despite plug's talking about it's going to be a dark winter, which he did. He warned all of us that it's very dark out there and there's no light in sight, we nevertheless predicted the drive by media would take care of that.


And lo and behold, I have a couple of. Examples here. I mean, and some of this stuff is so saccharin, sweet that if you read it on your own, you would need to take diabetes medicine to lower your blood sugar. I have here a replica today of the front page of The New York Times. I just want to share with you the headlines. And I want to ask you, when is the last time you remember any stories with headlines like this about the American president?


The top headline above the fold, Democracy has prevailed, Biden Vows to Mend Nation. I don't know what the headline was on the day after Trump's inauguration, but I know that he was given no credit, he was given no understanding, he was given no praise whatsoever for wanting to make America great again. In fact, the news media was filled with how dangerous that was and how irresponsible it was and how impossible it was. Democracy has prevailed, when has it not?


Democracy prevailed when Donald Trump was elected president, they had to make up a four year just destructive, damaging campaign to try to convince people that Trump stole the election with the Russians. OK, here are some of the other headlines, a president forged by setbacks as much as by his successes.


Oh, Joe Biden, man, he's had such a tough row, such a challenging road to get where he is. Very few could have done what plug's Biden did, a president forged by setbacks as much as by his successes. Take a measure of me and my heart, he asks of Americans. So we're supposed to look at Plug's and we're supposed to. Take a measure of him and then we do it again with his heart. Another headline Taking Reins of Country Torn by crisis and strife, historic leap for Harris.


Oh, yeah, because.


You know, my friends, the day is coming where she is going to be president and and they're not talking about it, obviously, but the day is coming and it's arguably sooner than later. Taking reins of country torn by crisis and strife, historic leap for Commy Harris, another headline, transfer of power brings respite to a city where a mob held sway. We're all safe again. The peaceful transfer of power putting Joe Biden in the Oval Office. Has brought a needed respite to a city where a mob held sway.


Another headline, a call for the return of civility and truth as a guiding light.


You remember any such headlines as they during any period of the Trump presidency? No, you don't, because they didn't exist.


Here's another Wall Street Journal. The Biden Harris inauguration fashion signals a strong commitment to American fashion. We didn't get one story in four years about Melania Trump and her fashion, which every first lady gets. She didn't get a single story, she didn't get a single magazine cover, not Vogue, not whatever the hell they are. I don't read them, but she didn't get one. In fact, whenever it was mentioned, she was usually ripped and criticized for not knowing how to wear clothes.


And then she was. She was Slovenian anyway, she had this really thick accent, she really wasn't a good first lady, we couldn't understand what she was saying. Well, she didn't want to be married to Trump anyway, they told us. So, yeah, right here, it says the American fashion industry is suddenly abuzz again.


This is really the American fashion industry is. Abuzz again, all of this is so predictable, the fashion industry going to be doing stories on Jill Biden now they to be fair, they did a big piece on Hillary and Jill Biden and Michelle, my Belle Obama.


And who else was in there? No, who else.


But but they're making up for lost time. Oh, Kamei coming. Harris she got thrown in the fashion coverage to. The American fashion industry is suddenly abuzz again for today's inauguration, President Biden and first lady Dr. Jill Biden, don't forget the doctor. Vice President Kamala Harris and second gentleman Douglas Imhoff have all chosen to wear the work of American designers are labels including Ralph Lauren.


Christopher, John, Rogers and Markarian. We actually have a second gentleman who's fashion conscious, OK, fine and dandy. See, what else do we have here and the other. There are countless stories like these.


I will dredge them. I'll dredge them up. I want you to somebody grab somebody 24. This is CNN. This is just like moments ago within, I guess, the last 45 minutes. John King. He was standing there at his gigantic interactive map, you know, the one they use when they count states and electoral votes and all that on election night. Now they're they're counting covid cases and so forth. It's just a miracle, folks. This is the damn miracle.


It's so. And we predicted this. We predicted that after Election Day, covid would start. Start to fade away as a dominant factor. Here's how CNN reported the fact that virus numbers why, why? Forty three states, they're getting better. Look at all the green here on the map.


Green means fewer new infections now compared to a week ago. And you see a lot of green on the map. Forty three states trending in the right direction, meaning fewer new infections now compared to a week ago. The map does look better as the new administration takes over. This map looks good, but again, you're starting from a pretty horrific level when it comes to new infections. Some encouraging numbers if you're Joe Biden, which is what?


Some encouraging numbers if you're Joe Biden, not if you happen to have covid. But really encouraging numbers, if you are Joe Biden, see how it works, you can predict it and it's so predict they don't even try. To screw us up who are making predictions they don't even try. They just go ahead and do what we predict they're going to do. All right. I want to get started on the phones because I failed again to get into the phones in the first hour.


We're going to start with Mike in Cincinnati. I'm glad you waited, sir. You're up first today. Hi.


Hey, Rush. Hey, first, I want to say your voice sounds strong and fantastic like it did ten years ago. I don't know what you're doing, but whatever it is, keep it up. You sound really strong and good. So thank you out of that way for a while.


I'm actually my voice is very gravelly today. I'm glad to hear that our audio processing equipment is it really is. I'm having to clear my throat for it, but I'm glad to hear you. I really appreciate it. Bottom line. Thank you.


Yeah. Out here, you sound strong. Hey, what I want to do, I'll get right to the point that certainly told me to, and I don't want to mess with him. So yesterday I listened to every word of the speech understanding that Biden wrote none of the speech. Like most presidents, it's written by other people. But because he is a bridge over the moat with 50 million of us crocodiles in it, when he starts using words or when his writers start using words like Unite and United, it's not what even Biden might think.


It means what it means, considering who's the cabal behind him. Now, what it means is groupthink, collective, you know, attitude, a socialist unite. In other words, you're going to unite. You're going to do it our way or else that's what they really mean by the word unite.


So that's pretty darn scary, to be quite honest with you. And and they have a hive mentality. And the queen bee in the hive isn't even Biden. It's it's Karl Marx. These people have now crossed the bridge. They're in the White House. They're in the castle. They're going to lay it on.


Yeah, that's causing this, sadly, is true. We do have Marxist radicals and some of them, even admittedly, about themselves that are in this administration, we actually have that.


Now, I'm not saying Biden is don't let anybody misunderstand. I'm telling you that there are plenty of people. As as maybe some of you have learned for the first time, there are hundreds of people that make up a presidential administration just in the West Wing and in that group of people, there are some acknowledged lovers of Mao Tse tung. Obama had a bunch of those people. Anita Dunn, who's married to the guy that runs the Perkins Coie law firm, is named Bob Something or other.


When it came out that she was a she she gave up that news in a in a funeral for somebody at the Washington Cathedral, the National Cathedral. And she had to she had to kind of fade away a little bit disgraced because the Obama administration didn't want people to know that they actually had people who loved Mao Tse tung, Mao Tse tung, as a mass murderer in order to keep people in line.


But there are acknowledged Marxists and leftists in this administration, no question about it. There have been with the Obama administration and there were with with Clinton, not as many. It has gotten progressively more populated as time has gone on. But now the numbers are pretty serious. And it's worth pointing out now, you mentioned the inaugural address and I did two mere moments ago. I went on, I got a copy of it because because I was unable to follow along yesterday.


Because it started pretty much when the programs show prep was ending, I was putting everything together and the inaugural address began. So I went to the website, White House website. Folks, this is incredible. And I want to read to you. What some people are saying was the best inaugural address they have ever heard. Now, what I think I have here. Is the teleprompter version meaning I think this is the version that Biden gave? And the reason I think this is because there are sentence fragments far more than there are complete sentences.


There is nothing lofty here, there is nothing memorable here. For its substance, for its creativity, for its. Objectives, there's nothing in this speech. That would prompt anybody other than a partisan to call it the greatest they've ever heard, and more than that, I think the fact that there are so many. Four word sentences in this inaugural address. Tells us something about President Biden's ability with the prompter, they have to keep it short. They can't put lengthy sentences that contain.


A subject and a predicate and an objective. Because he may not be able to speak them with proper punctuation, don't know, but it's a guess. So after acknowledging the the high honor of the presence of so many bigwigs in the establishment, like the chief justice, the vice president, the speaker, the leader, the leader, the vice president, the distinguished guests, my fellow Americans, this is America's day. This is democracy's day. A day in history and hope of renewal.


And resolve. Through a crucible for the ages. America has been tested a new. America has risen to the challenge. Yeah, America was tested, 75 million people or more voted for a guy we don't like. That's a real test, getting rid of that guy. Today, we celebrate the triumph not of a candidate, but because the cause of democracy. Democracy is fragile. I think my predecessors of both parties for their presence here, I thank them from the bottom of my heart.


The American story depends not on any one of us, not on some of us, but on all of us. On we. The people. It's a great nation, we're good people. Over the centuries, through storm and strife and peace and war, we've come so far, but we still have far to go. We will press forward with speed and urgency, for we have much to do in this winter of peril and possibility much. To repair.


Much to restore, much to heal, much to build and much to gain. Five consecutive sentences there of three words each. Few periods in our nation, our nation's history have been more challenging or difficult than the one we're in now. We got the pandemic we got to. ex-President, we had to get out of here. Millions of jobs have been lost, hundreds, thousands of businesses have been closed by my party. He didn't say my party.


Anyway, it just it just. Well, I was expecting some when I heard his greatest speech ever heard on it. Wow, this is going to be really, really deep and profound and I just don't.


I got to go. I just so I'm sorry. I'm running away alone here.


Rush Limbaugh, a household name and all four corners of the world where every show matters, where every caller.


Creates heightened expectations. And we go back to the phones, Christian Brick Township, New Jersey, hi, high rush. Thanks for taking my call. You bet. I just wanted to comment quickly. Maybe you could speak on the political article that was just recently written where George Bush was quoted as saying to Representative Claiborne's that he was the savior of the country from this past election. And it kind of got me annoyed. And I I've actually never called a talk show and I decided to call your show because that was really upset with that comment.


You know, unfortunately, President Bush is coming off as a as a useful idiot right now.


Well, let me explain this to people who may not be aware of this, that it's going to be very few. But yesterday at the inauguration, George W. Bush approached James Clyburn, who named his daughter after a steak. Mingyong Clyburn, I just throw that in as an added bit of information and he went up to Clyburn and he. And Clyburn is the source for the story. He said that George Bush called him the savior and the reason is it was Cliburn's endorsement of Biden in South Carolina in the primaries that is seen by the cognizant of the establishment.


That endorsement of Cliburn's is what put Joe Biden over the top because it got the black vote to turn out. They had been sitting it out. They had been dormant. They came out for Biden because of their respect for Clyburn. And Bush went up to Clyburn to thank him for doing that. He was really basically saying, Congressman Clyburn, you're the reason that we got rid of Trump. You're the reason that we've got Biden in there. Thank you.


You are the savior that Clyburn is the source of this.


Thank you, Christian. We'll have commentary coming back.


All right. Welcome back. Now, one of the things that Christian, our previous caller, was upset about. During the eight years of the George W. Bush administration, they never defend themselves. Bush didn't.


Karl Rove didn't nobody I mean, and they were routinely attacked and the thing about it was that it was an attack on us too, just like these never ending attacks on Trump were attacks on the people that voted for Trump. And in fact, I would suggest that the real enemy that the media, the Democrats had was the people who voted for Trump, trump just one guy. And even if he had served a second term, he's still going to be out the door someday.


But Trump voters could be voters in perpetuity and that that was the real focus of their anger and their hatred was the voters that supported Trump. Well, during the eight years of Bush, I mean, he was savaged like Trump was. And in some cases, it was parallel, they compared him to Hitler. There were movies that justified the assassination of George W. Bush. It was it was dirty, it was mean, it was evil stuff. They had General Petraeus up to testify about some action that he was suggesting we take in Iraq to turn the tide there, and on the day of his testimony before congressional committees, they ran ads referring to him as General Betray US, accusing him of lying before he had even testified.


And it was all an effort to sabotage and undermine the Bush war in Iraq and the Bush war on terror. And despite it all, Bush never defended himself and neither did anybody in the administration. But we did. People. Conservative talk radio all over the country defended Bush. Defended his administration, defended his objectives. And Christian was a little upset here that. Bush's loyalty is to the people that were ripping of us to ripping of apart James Clyburn was out there ripping Bush apart like every other Democrat did for eight years from 2001 to 2009.


I'll never forget I commented on this when I saw there was a State of the Union speech, Bush had given it and he was mistreated during this speech, like you can't believe he was booed. The Democrats did not stand up for standing O's. They made it abundantly clear they thought he was an idiot. They had no respect for him whatsoever. And I watch it all the way through into the end of that speech. Cameras cut. To the fire outside the House chamber where the State of the Union speech was delivered.


And a senator from I think it was Minnesota, I can't remember who it was, you might remember, Senator, he was begging Bush Foreign for a photo.


He ran after him and wanted Bush to pose with him for a photo. And Bush did. The senator is no longer there. I don't know who I wish I can remember who it was prominent. It was a prominent senator. And I said, what the hell is this? So when he doesn't think the cameras are on, he's out there, he's with the president of the United States and he wants a picture to memorialize it. And Bush happily, dutifully stopped what he was doing and posed for the photo.


And I'm sitting there watching and I'm seeing this because these guys are trying to destroy you. And I would even mention that to Bush when I had a case is not a rush. It's just politics. It's all it isn't just politics. I am not going to take the office of the presidency down to the gutter of everyday politics. I'm going to stay above it. And that's why they wouldn't defend themselves.


But we did. And Christian was upset. That Bush chose to praise somebody that tried to destroy him. James Clyburn, here's Clyburn, by the way, telling the story, this is yesterday after the inauguration, Clyburn held a conference call with reporters and the question was, what were you thinking when President Biden was taking his oath of office?


George Bush said to me today, you know, you're the savior because if you had not nominated Joe Biden, we would not be having this transfer of power today. He said to me, Joe Biden was the only one who could have defeated the incumbent president.


Joe Biden was the only one who could have defeated Donald Trump. And you made it happen. President Bush. I mean, you you made it happen. Clevers. Bush told him he made it happen. Because if he did, I'll never forget it, Cliburn went through the motions of two days, supposedly rubbing his hands together in angst over what do I do, what do I do, what do I do? Because Biden. Biden doesn't have the greatest record on race in Washington, Foxy's.


He's. He's he sidled up to all kinds of racists and bigots in the Democrat Party over the course of his time there, but eventually Clyburn bit the bullet, went out there and endorsed Biden and that signaled to African-Americans in South Carolina, it's great and safe to vote for this guy, which they did. And that that from that day forward, it changed Biden's fortunes and he never lost a primary or one that mattered.


After that. And so that's that's why. Bush sought to praise him, so, Christian, I'm glad you called. I thank you, Steve in Indianapolis, your next on the EIB Network.


Hello. Hey, Rush, mega prayers to you, sir. You bet. It's great to have you with us. Thank you. Well, actually, a first time caller, I was really delighted to get through a mainly just wanted to talk to you about the election seems to be dominated this week. The. The thing that happened to Trump should've never happened. He had all the proof in the world that the election was stolen, literally no one had the.


No one was brave enough or was able to muster the guts to even look at what they had done to bring it to light. And I followed it all the way through. I mean, I, like many of them, are loyal, no Trump supporter. And we were all hoping this had one last thing that he could be done to, kept us from becoming a banana republic, which is what we are now. We are going to be a one party country.


The Democrats have proven that they can steal and the election that they want, they fine tuned it for the Georgia election. They got the machines just right where the candidates just work up just a little bit all the time. They didn't have these huge hundred thousand, you know, spikes like Biden did. And I was disappointed. I know. Yeah, yeah.


I have been waiting. I have been waiting for you or a caller like you, Steve, because I know that there are. Countless numbers of you out there. I was talking about this with with Katherine, my wife, last night. We were talking about that. I said, how many how many people do you think even when Trump boarded Air Force One yesterday morning, how many people do you think thought there was still going to be? Something.


That was going to roll out, that was going to prevent Biden from being inaugurated, truth is going to come out, whatever it was, and she said, I think there's a lot of people who think so. I think that there's a lot who think that there's something yet to happen. And I did, too. I had to agree with her.


I think there I think a lot of people like you, Steve, who are really expecting that there was going to be some last minute. Out of the blue. Roadrunner and coyote type thing that was going to cause Biden to fall off the cliff and I didn't. I never have thought that. I was very guarded about it here on the program when the microphone was on, but I never thought that that was in any way something that was going to happen.


I never thought there was a secret plan. I never thought we had people call here. Throughout the month of December, Trump's always five steps have these guys rush. I can't wait for this to fall out. I know he's got something up his sleeve and he's not going to be not going to tell us what it is. But, man, this guy, he's so smart. He's so he's he's five Step IV military people that I know believed this, that Trump was way ahead of everybody.


Biden had no idea what was going to happen.


And I didn't reply to these people and and I think I don't I didn't want to let them down or disappoint them, but they really believed it.


They really believe that Trump. Was on top of things and had whatever it was, they didn't know what her plan was, but that something was going to happen that was going to make all of this right.


And there wasn't anything. In fact, it was just the exact opposite. Now grab audio, sound bite number one, because this sound bite.


Is what the establishment thinks they know that you have been out there, people like Steve, they know that there are people out there who thought that there was going to be a massively wonderful orgasmic surprise at the last minute. So the host of the CBS Late Show, Stephen Colbert, is talking to former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau. And the question, what do you think about Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz or Mo Brooks over in the house, the people who suborned the sedition?


Suborned the sedition. I'm telling you, they have been waiting, they want to pounce. Is there any price? Is there any price to be paid by Whorley, by Ted Cruz, by Mo Brooks?


I sure hope so.


But the party has been radicalized. The base is radicalized and they've been radicalized not just by Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, but by Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and the entire right wing media ecosystem. And as long as that exists in radicalizing this base, we're going to have this problem here that.


What is what does that mean? It means we are not going to stop now. We know we've had our fun. We've gone around the edges here with Media Matters and we're going to make a beeline for Fox News and Rush Limbaugh now and in big time talk radio, we're not going to put up with us anymore. They are. Why the Republican Party even radicalized? They are. Why this caller, Steve, thinks that Trump had some massive last minute plan.


And now Steve's disappointed because he thought Trump really did have the goods on these guys for stealing the election. And apparently Trump didn't have the goods on these guys. So it's these guys. Jon Favreau, let me tell you something. He didn't even talk about Cruz and hauling them. Did you know they're secondary figures to him? It's Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, the entire right wing media ecosystem that as long as it exists. We're going to have this problem, in other words, we're going to have the radicalization of the GOP base as long as Rush Limbaugh and Fox News exist.


That's how they see it.


They didn't think trump anything. Obviously, they going to take a quick time out. We'll be back. Don't go away. All right.


Who's next as we head back to the phones? Tampa, Tampa, Florida, says, Chris. I'm glad you called, sir. Hello. Hello.


Russia's absolute honor to speak with you and something I'll remember for the rest of my life. And I just want to throw a shout out to my dad, my best friend, Dale. He's listening to and I'm just a little nervous.


So bear with me if you don't sound nervous at all. And I really I thank you for for calling. I appreciate that. Thank you.


So I was in the military for two years in Berlin. I was at Field Station Berlin. I was there a year before and a year after the wall fell on while I was there, kind of, you know, like the history and everything of World War Two. And I saw some old photos and videos of Hitler giving speeches. And one of the things that kind of struck me is that when Hitler was giving speeches, all I saw were troops, flags and politicians.


And I didn't see any people. There was occasionally there was.


But I mean, yeah, there were some people in the early days of Hitler before he became I mean, he was at one point Hitler was just another leader and he was out getting votes and campaigning.


And the early stages in the mid, late 30s, Hitler had had people had crowds that made up of America a just standard ordinary German citizens.


But as time went on, yeah, his his audiences were military.


It was very reminiscent of 1930s Germany. Just kind of it was a strange thing I noticed. And one thing that I think that we all should do is get out and get active, support your local politicians don't be afraid to call them. Don't be afraid to email them, give time, give money and always be peaceful. But the main thing is it's for everybody out there. Get active, be part of the solution. Don't be part of the problem.


Thank you again, Rush.


All right. I appreciate it. Thank you. Thanks very much for the call. Do we have time? Yes, we do, because I'm in charge of the time. Kim in Joplin, Missouri, it's great to have you. Your next on the EIB Network. Hi.


Good afternoon, Rush. Mega dittos and prayers. One cancer survivor to another. Well, thank you, sir.


I just wanted to call you said something a few minutes ago that struck a nerve, and that was that the current incoming administration fears the American people not accepting their legitimacy. Frankly, the incoming regime could not care less about that. They have now proven that they can and did successfully steal not one election, but two. They stole the national election and turned right around and stole Georgia. They no longer have anything to fear from the people because they can create however many votes they need to overcome the will of the people.


Welcome to Nazi Germany in 1941, when those two callers in a row here who are comparing this to Nazi Germany, do you think?


And I'm not. I just need to ask you a question, do you think that is a good way of persuading people of what's happening?


No, I don't think it's a good way. I think it's the only way they got to have a visual. It's not going to work because those in the Republican Party that see this deal are being silenced. Silence. Yeah, we're being silenced, our voices aren't heard, we're not on Colbert. I mean, you know, we're not getting mainstream coverage. We are being satire.


But there's there's nothing new about that. But but they know. They know you exist. Yeah. But they don't care if we exist because they.


Oh, yes, they do. Look, I know your point that they're not they do care. You exist to the point. They want to wipe you out.


They care you exist. Do not do not doubt that. We'll be back here in just a sec.


And this really is the fastest three hours in media. We're already here at the end of the second busy broadcast hour on the EIB Network today. Which means there's one more to go and we'll get to it. We'll be back here again, starting with it before you know it.


Be patient, my friends, the EIB Network and Ill Rush Mau. Roll right on. Right after this.


Right on. Right on. Here we are back at it. Just as promised. Rush Limbaugh Talent on loan from God.


And by the way, a little point of clarification. I said yes, I have rounded third base around second base, still rounding second base and concede third base. I'm not I'm not trying to get into third base yet. Don't don't misunderstand. We've got a baseball metaphor going here to help explain the the progress on on my treatment zone. Baseball metaphor worked. Everybody can understand as a rounded second, the objective is to steal home. I mean, long term objective is to round the bases.


We have rounded second base. We concede third base, but we're not. It'd be a major theft right now to get into third. But we're trying. But based on what I'd said previously in the last hour, some people misunderstood and I didn't I don't want anybody having any false misunderstandings about about any of this. Anyway, great to have you. Welcome back. 802 eight two two eight eight two if you want to be on the program. And the email address is Rush Paul at EIB.


Net Dot. U.S. and these Portland rioters, they have damaged an ice building, they have they have they have attacked the Democrat Party headquarters in Portland and the police in Portland are literally asking MTV to please stop it.


They've got a recorded message on on a loop that they're playing. Please stop it. Please stop destroying a Democratic headquarters on the day of Biden's inauguration. Please just stop it, there's no show of force, there's no force in opposition to antifa, they're just they're being given a run of the place. And I just saw, you know, I opened the program joking about this. I opened the program joking about this, but I think it was it was CNN just have a little graphic on the screen.


Incoming Biden administration says they can't find any evidence of a vaccine program for covid-19.


Here we go. Here we go. The Biden team, like every other incoming Democrat administration, is going to point out, why doesn't there's no program, why there isn't any vaccine program, why there's no Trump didn't do diddly squat.


So that's what that's what the page that they're trying to get everybody on and they're trying to set now is that man his Trump punch they didn't do. Jack, there isn't a vaccine. Well, if there isn't a vaccine program, then how is anybody getting vaccinated? But that's what it said. Yeah, and there's does not happen, there's no vaccine program, we can't find it, maybe you're not looking hard enough. Here's the thing, this is a big difference, and I don't know if.


People remember, you know, when Trump took office in 2017, he didn't start out with a bunch of complaints about what he had found. He might have referenced the fact that the Obama economy was a mess, which it was, but that was part of his campaign. He didn't start out making excuses. Donald Trump did not begin his administration by pointing out that a bunch of people had lied to him about how bad it was.


Now, I shared with you some of the New York Times headlines that ran yesterday morning and today heralding the new president and Joe Biden and how syrupy saccharine they are, how you need diabetes medicine to avoid going into sugar shock, insulin shock.


Well, I went back and I looked at the headlines from January 21st, 2017. This would be the headlines. For Donald Trump's inauguration. And the top headline headline above the fold with false claims, Trump Attacks Media on turnout and intelligence rift.


Women's March highlights as huge crowds protest Trump, We are not going away, that also a New York Times headline there was this Defiant Voices Flooded U.S. Cities as women rally for Rights.


The New York Times. Another headline. From The New York Times in Trump's hometown, a clear message of defiance from women. And women were out in force in Queens, which is Trump's hometown in Queens, Manhattan, maybe, but those were the headlines with false claims.


Trump attacks media on turnout, meaning how big the crowd was. Women's march highlights as huge crowds protest Trump Nobody wanted this guy, everybody voted against him. We don't know how he became president, but everybody doesn't like this guy. That was the message that The New York Times headlines heralded on the day after his inauguration.


By the way, we have a new sound bite from James Clyburn, who was also one of the leaders of the Congressional Black Caucus. Asians, you know, the House of Representatives has that group. It's an offset.


The Congressional House Caucasians. He was a he was the president of that group. It rotates. So anyway, he was he was on a balance of power show. Bloomberg TV hosted by David Westin. David Westin is the former president of ABC News. He's a former executive. Executives don't want to be behind camera, but this guy is executives don't want to be talent, but this guy apparently does. David Westin, so he has is his guest, James Clyburn, the congressional black Caucasians question.


There was apparently a moment of bipartisanship yesterday between you and the former president, George W. Bush, when he said that you were the savior. What did you take him to mean by that?


George W. Bush for the Senate, for the was president? We just around a lot. And I saw the book that I saw yesterday because he had a very colorful comment to make four years ago after the inaugural speech. And so I may be greeted each other without ever. But I looked at him. I said, well, hopefully we don't have a strange speech here today, though he said it in colorful language four years ago. So that started the conversation.


And then he turned to me. You do know that you were the it and he was talking about the primary.


You do know that you want to see some of the primary South Carolina primary where Clyburn got all the African-American vote out after he endorsed. Biden, now, you remember the colorful language, do you remember what George W. Bush said after the Trump inaugural address? Do you remember what George W. Bush said? What did he say? You don't remember what he said? No, there's no there's no problem. He don't. But since Clyburn referred to it, I want to tell you what he said.


I can't use the language. Cliburn's right. It was kind of salty. But I can get close after it was over, after Trump had finished his speech. I don't know if Bush was asked what he thought or if he just volunteered it on his way off the stage. But he said, quote, That was some really strange crap there, but he didn't say crap. And if you remember the Trump inaugural speech, he took it to everybody on that stage because everybody on that stage, there were people like Bush showed up tradition, any past president can show up their auto invited.


So he showed up. It's like if you've won the Masters, you go every year, you're an eternal champion. You go every year until you retire. This is the same Jimmy Carter couldn't be there this year for health reasons, but. So when Trump gave his inaugural address, Obama was there, Bush was there, there were a lot who boycotted it, too, but.


There were enough Washington establishment people there that Trump's speech couldn't be easily said and categorized as a direct attack on them, it I remember commenting on it, he called them out.


It couldn't be to their face because he was seated in front of them and they were behind him. But it was fearless. He accused them. Of being the stupid leaders that had given us rotten trade deals, that had permitted wanton illegal immigration, he just took it right to them. And when it was over George W. Bush, that was some strange crap. Right there, almost as though it was the first time Bush had heard Trump say those things.


We'll squeeze another phone call in here in our remaining moments, the first segment of the broadcast, our Madison, Wisconsin.


And Mike, hello, sir Rush. It is an honor and a pleasure. And it's like winning the lottery, getting through the phone lines to speak with you and hang in there, buddy. American Idol. But yes, as you alluded to, Madison, Wisconsin, bleeding heart liberal parents. And when I first stumbled across you in like 90 or 91, I thought you were the most dangerous guy in America.


I just stuns the hell out of me. But I'll accept it because I know you mean it. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I was in college and I thought you were the most dangerous guy, but for some reason I kept listening and observing and took to heart what you said.


Why do you think you did instead of just turning the show off and finding something else? What was it that kept you listening?


I mean, I thought you were so outrageous and so dangerous of what you said. I could not believe what I was hearing was, you know, it's kind of like you have to look at a train wreck. You don't want to, but you have to. And luckily I did because again, I started to actually listen to what you said and applied it to what are Democrats doing? What are they saying? And they you by God, you were right.


They were completely different. And I just started to think more because, again, I didn't know better. That's all I grew up in was liberalism. Yeah.


And like I say, I just I started to listen. And again, this was back in 1991. And it's just like, man, what he's saying not only sounds good, but is factual. I just I saw it. I heard it. I saw what Democrats were doing. And that's where I kind of ended up being. And now, like I said, you know, I transformed into a full fledged, you know, Republican slash conservative.


And it just I find it more truthful, more honest, more genuine. And again, another big taste was when they were just beating the heck out of Clarence Thomas, thinking, this is a black guy, everybody should be loving this. And Democrats were ruthless against him. And it just it was like, which is what miserable people.


Well, I got to tell you, I appreciate it. That is very detailed explanation for why you hung in. And basically what let me just help out. You know, I'm a master communicator, among many other things at which I excel. And as a master communicator, I often seek to make my points using as few words as possible.


A lot of people don't do that, they engage in circumlocution, which is using more words than you need because they think it makes them sound smart. But communication, you really want to pull it out. You really want to be effective. You use the fewest number of words necessary. And the answer to the question I have, why did you keep listening? You didn't like it. You thought I was a dangerous guy. Why didn't you go find something less threatening to answer the question?


Because the show is compelling. He was unable to turn it off and he may not have known why at first, but he had to keep listening even though he thought he hated it. It was compelling, he was hearing things he hadn't heard before on the outlets that he routinely listened to and those things that he was hearing intrigued him, which is a testament here to to Mike's brain, to his mind. A lot of people, when they are challenged and threaten that way, they get rid of the threat, they get rid of the challenge.


They turn off the show. But Mike here kept coming back to it because he was he was almost compelled to. So bottom line, it's a good show, whatever else it is, it's a good show and it always has been. Mike, thank you very much for the call. Tremendous commentary. And I appreciate it. You know, our buddies that I drive have discovered something. Our buddies that I drive have discovered just how dependable their capabilities and systems were in 2020.


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You'll save 90 percent off your first year when you sign up today.


And we are back Rush Limbaugh with half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair.


Ladies and gentlemen, you remember one of the practices of the Obama administration when they were dealing with criminals, the Department of Justice, lawsuits against mafia types, organized crime, RICO, whatever, whenever they.


Found somebody guilty in a trial rather than collect fines.


On behalf of the United States of America, the Obama administration changed up and they allowed left wing activist groups like Take your pick, like the NARAL gang, the the abortion rights gang or the Human Rights Club, the the gay rights group. They would allow them to collect the fines.


It was. It was almost like a money laundering scheme in a way that the Obama administration, Department of Justice, would would file suit against these people and they would either take him to trial or there would be a settlement. Most people said, well, you can't compete with the endless money of the federal government. So whatever fine came out, went to left wing activist groups. Well, guess what Biden is doing? He has demanded he is called he's called for the DOJ to resume the Obama era slush fund payouts to left wing groups.


Now, this. Is what Democrats see as getting back to normal, using taxpayer money. To line the pockets of left wing extremist and radical groups who were then going to do what a portion of that money is going to be donated back to the Democrat Party. It's going to be used to register voters, it is for lack of a better term, it's a money laundering opposition. It's operates a way for the for the Democrat Party to get their hands on this money that they otherwise wouldn't be able to touch.


It has nothing to do with justice. It has everything to do with using public money. To ensure one party rule, the Breitbart News agency has the story, and that's pretty pretty much the nub of it.


Biden wants to return to those days right now.


Welcome back. Rush Limbaugh, your guiding light through times of trouble, Mukund, murkiness, tumult, chaos, unsettledness, the dark days and, yes, even the the good times.


Here's Robert in Roanoke, Virginia. Welcome. Great to have you here. Hello. Good afternoon, sir. You and Catherine, and this is an honor that was second only to shaking from saying.


Well, thank you very much. Really appreciate that. I really do. Thank you.


Now, to my point, I told certainly what my question was. May I add a role on question after that one? I don't want to break the rules.


No, go ahead. There's no rules, whatever you want.


Well, now that the GOP has turned their back on. Well, Trump and the rest of us, for the most part, not all of them, but for the most part, and we see how elections can be manipulated and done with at will. Is there any reason to vote for the GOP again? And furthermore, even if a third party comes out of this. It is it just is fruitless. I mean, you know, this is a it's a tough thing, it's a I think it's a personal decision for everybody that's going to be involved in in this.


There needs to be an organized opposition to the Democrats. There need there needs to be a place where the fruits and labors of the organized opposition. Can vote, there has to be there has to be some mechanism for the opposition to have a chance. Let me I've got a couple of stories here that I can I can share with you that I think will maybe give you some some clarity on this where other people thinking about I got a story from Joel Pollak at Breitbart, John Nalty at Breitbart.


They've got a couple theories on answering your question. I also I got a note from a a friend who basically is voicing the same question that you're asking. Only in an opinion e-mail that he sent me says they turned their backs on us when it matters. But today they're sending out press releases and being interviewed in local media complaining about what Biden is doing with the Keystone XL Paris climate accords, immigration. And what this means is. That Biden gave his inaugural address and the Republicans in Washington did what they know how to do.


They went out and created some fundraising letters to send to their massive mailing list, and they begged a bunch of people to give them money.


They express shock and outrage that the Democrats would ever try to go back in the Paris climate accords or that they would shut down the Keystone XL pipeline or that they would get rid of the wall. And this is what irritates people. Where were you? We had a guy to stop this, we had somebody that was perfectly capable of stopping all of this. His name was Donald Trump and all you had to do was support him, but you couldn't. Because it's an establishment thing and you didn't think he belonged and you do so.


You enable. The forces in opposition to Trump to win and now you're sending us fundraising emails asking us to help you stop. Biden and the Democrats, if you want to stop Biden now, why didn't you want to stop him in October? Why didn't you want to stop him in September? I don't know that these people understand the level of sophistication of the average Republican voter today. What I just voiced is by no means educational for you. You feel it yourself, you don't need me to tell you what's going on here.


These very same people who are sending you fundraising letters, asking you to help them stop Biden and the Keystone Pipeline and the Paris Accords, you're scratching their heads, your heads or worse and saying we had a guy in office that had stopped all of this.


They weren't in the Paris Accords. The Keystone pipeline was running. It was up and running. Immigration was in the process of being fixed. We had the guy you helped us get rid of him. Why? In the world it just doesn't compute. So your question, should we be supporting the Republican Party, it would be, man, why would you? But it's up to you. You know, maybe they should have done something about election fraud.


Maybe they should have been concerned about all this so that Biden wouldn't win. But when you get right down to it, they wanted Biden to win, they wanted Trump gone because they are establishment types themselves.


I just I find this mind boggling. After Biden's inauguration speech comes, have you seen these fundraising emails, Mr. Certainly, I mean, it's amazing. It's amazing, it's so unnecessary. We had the guy in place who had stopped at all, he had stopped them in the Paris Accords and the Keystone pipeline. He had shut them down.


Oh, man, have a frustrating now here's Joel Pollak. In Breitbart, where Trump supporters go from here, I just share with you some some some pull quotes here to give you an idea of what his piece is about. Unlike his predecessors, Trump never broke the law, let Clinton did, he never broke the rules of the Constitution like Obama did. But Trump tested the limits of democracy by trusting his movement to impose its will. Trump's boldness made him an extraordinary, successful president until the disastrous January six challenge.


That left the Republican Party divided and dispirited. If that that should never have happened. None of that on January six should ever have happened. Another quote, To a large extent, Biden's sweeping promises are going to be defeated more by reality than by Republicans.


George Orwell observed it for a left wing party in power, its most serious antagonist is always its own past propaganda. Exactly what he means is they're they're going to raise their expectations so high that they're not going to be able to fulfill them or anybody and they're going to overstep in the process.


They're going to, in essence, essentially sabotage themselves. More than the Republicans will say, if you're asking me Rush, Rush, what he did to me, I would actually. Give it a lot of thought, because what if all was right, what what if. At the end of the day, the Democrats are going to end up sabotaging themselves and you don't have to give any money to Republicans to make that happen because it will don't doubt me.


Another poll quote. Rebuilding without Donald Trump must include his policies, it must include the Maga agenda or do you think? That the Republican hierarchy. In the House, in the Senate right now are in any way desirous of incorporating the Magg agenda, they want no part of it. They are looking forward to the Mitt Romney's of the world reconstituting the Republican Party as it was in the early 2000s and the mid 2000s.


Before Trump came along and corrupted the whole thing, they don't want any part of Mega. And why wouldn't they why wouldn't what in the world is so off-putting about make America great again? Mr. Pollack says the GOP should also retain Trump's approach to free trade. Which was astonishingly successful and insist on reciprocity with our trading partners. Republicans can also challenge Democrats claim to be the party of science, the pandemic has proved. The Democrat boasts to be the party of science, a farce, the Democrats imposed unnecessarily harsh lockdowns and the teachers unions and big Democrat run cities and states forced children to stay at home when they were at minimal risk of transmitting the virus or suffering from it.


So those are a couple of things from General John Nulty, when I say the Republican Party, I'm not talking about Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, I'm talking about us. We the people, those who call themselves Republicans, but only because that was the party Trump chose to run with. So ask yourself, are you a Republican because. Of course, of. Rubio of McConnell. Paul Ryan or are you a Republican because of Trump? Because there are different kinds of Republicans.


In just five years and this is profound here, folks, I've made this point myself countless times in just five years, starting in 2015, the Republican Party had become the party of the working class.


The party that backed private union members, the party fighting for civil liberties, fighting against the suicide of free trade.


We are the party standing side by side with legendary Labor leader Cesar Chavez to stop illegal immigration. We're the ones opposing endless wars. The corporatization of America, big mergers, big consolidation in words, we used to be the party of Wall Street, the party of big banks, the party, the Chamber of Commerce, the party. We're not. Trump turned the Republican Party into the party of the people and now the Democrats are the party of the rich, that Democrats are the party of the idle wealthy.


End of Wall Street. Quick time out back with more in a moment. You know, you really have to ask yourself, why are you a Republican? And you can start your answer. Well, I was a Republican in the Reagan or I was a Republican because of Bush. But that's I think you're a Republican because of what the Republicans promised you they would do if elected. You believed? What their stated agenda was, and you elected them on that basis and then.


More often than not, after they were elected, that agenda vanished, it just didn't happen. There was always some excuse, there was always some reason. After they were elected. They discovered that was going to make it really, really hard, like Mitch McConnell saying, well, we need 60 votes here in the Senate, we don't have them.


And then the big kahuna came along, Donald Trump. What did Trump do? Why he began to implement that very agenda and he called it Making America great again.


It is like a renaissance. Finally, people thank God there's somebody that actually wants to do these things, and then he started doing them.


He kept every promise. He kept promises he didn't make. Even in the midst of trying to destroy him, he kept on. It was an amazing thing to watch. A four year effort to destroy Donald Trump and he kept on. That's how we developed the reputation as a fighter. And people loved him for it. They loved him for all of the right reasons. And that's why they're loyal to him, and that's why. They hate to see him go.


But then, as I just mentioned, the very Republican Party whose agenda he helped implement, four or five of them were around, but most weren't they they didn't like him for implementing the agenda.


You're not supposed to do that. Not, you know, Trump. The agenda is supposed to be something we always promise but don't quite get there so we can continue to raise money. My friend, cyber hackers think your cell phones got a lot of your personal information on it. And they're right. The clever hackers are good at getting hold of that information, too, while you don't even know it's happening, they can do it without you knowing. That's why you need to shield your phone.


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Folks, I apologize for the raspy voice today, but I've done my best to get the phlegm out of there and make it sound acceptable. Interesting story here. Trump's parting speech.


As he was getting on Air Force One on Wednesday morning, this was not even the big farewell address of the day before Trump's parting speech. Has had more viewers on YouTube, on both ABC and CBS than Biden's inaugural had every speech Trump has given this week as outrated Biden's inaugural.


See you tomorrow.