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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. Hey, folks, welcome to welcome to Radio Free America. Don't don't shout that. Don't want to call attention to what's going on here.


It might might become our new callsign, my new identifier. We're one of the few remaining places, apparently where the truth can be told and for how long, we don't know. Anyway, it's great to have you.


Rush Limbaugh back at it here on Thursday of Treatment Week, telephone number 800 two eight two two eight eight two if you want to be on the program. The email address, Rushmore at EIB Net U.S.. Let me go over some things here. Just sit at the table, give you some things that are going to be shaken out today that we're going to be talking about. There's a fascinating thing. It is the most fascinating thing that's going on out there in a long time.


You heard the story. You know the details of what's going on with GameStop folks. It's not just political. Now, the elites are bent out of shape that a bunch of average ordinary users have figured out how to make themselves billionaires using him. I'm going to explain it. I'm going to I'm going to take the time necessary to explain this. I'm you. Damn right. I've been studying it all morning. And the best thing I can tell you is that it is whatever you think is going on in politics, the Washington establishment, the deep state, what have you.


It's the same thing in finance. There are those who are allowed to make a lot of money and those of you who aren't. And if you figure out how to make a lot of money and if you're like Donald Trump and you figure out how to get elected, if you figure out how to beat the deep state, they're going to come out and they're going to wipe you out. They're going to destroy you. That's what's happening with GameStop. A bunch of people on Reddit figured out how to game the system.


They figured out how to turn the system into a profit making device for themselves. In the process, they are harming the intended winners in this financial circumstance. And that would be the hedge funds out there. They hedge funds are supposed to be the ones making a lot of money and they're not and they're begging other hedge funds to bail them out. So, yes, I'm going to explain this to me. It's not going to take a long time.


But but it's it's folks it's fascinating. And the reason that it is fascinating is now it's not just politics now. They're not just calling us racist, sexist, bigots, homophobes in an order in a way to control us in a way to shame us. Now, they're actually making it clear to anybody who has the ability to notice that you're not allowed. To use the stock market the way they do, you're not allowed to profit, you're not allowed to make the kind of money they do the elites.


Now, I have attempted to explain this. Over the course of many busy years here on the EIB Network, the the notion of being an elite, of being a member of the deep state, the Washington establishment, what is it? It's many things. Among those many things are perks. And the perks are the ability to guarantee your kid's financial future. The ability to guarantee yourself a financial future, the ability to guarantee yourself a position of some power, depending on who you are in the establishment, the club of elites, whatever you want to call it, and it extends to far more than just political things.


And it is why it is so hard. It's like the never Trump has the never Trump fashion themselves as he leads the never Trump. They played the dutiful role lost with honor, the never trump, the Republicans who hated Donald Trump because he came and screwed up their position. As accepted elites. So they had to fire back at him and they they were they had a role to play and for that role to play, they were rewarded. Banks lent the money or financiers bankrolled their stupid little magazines that nobody read and their cruises and all that.


And they were guaranteed a financial foundation. And Trump came in and threatened all of that, he had to go, but this GameStop business now now makes this something that is understandable beyond the political world and that is its value. It's not just political anymore. It's not just that you can't think for yourself on issues and matters of politics. It doesn't you know, everything is rigged in favor of the elites and this has come along and upset that rigging.


You know, if everything doesn't benefit the establishment, then it has to be censored, right? Your speech, your attitude, if it doesn't benefit, the establishment's got to be censored, it's going to be canceled. It's going to be silenced. Well, now with this GameStop story and the revelations contained in it, the elites, the same people that that were hell bent on getting rid of Donald Trump, saying people are now trying to tell you what you can and can't do with your money.


Not only what you can and can't think, but it's now what you can and can't do with your money. So, yes, Mr. Sterling, I will explain this as the program unfolds, as look, it's more detailed. Just let me give you a couple of paragraphs as a as a stopgap until we get into it as the program unfolds. Some hedge fund managers shorted game stops. Now, what is GameStop? What the hell is it? GameStop is a company.


This has not been widely explained because the elites don't take the time to explain this, but let me say one it is GameStop is a company that sells physical copies of video games. In dying malls, I mean, they are and they're an out of fashion. Company is another thing that ticks off the elites, this this this company is way behind the times. They're selling physical copies of video games. Next to all the other dying stores in malls, but right now, GameStop has become the most highly traded asset in the United States.


Game stocks are game stops, stock price was four dollars last summer, twenty dollars at the end of twenty twenty. Is now worth close to three hundred dollars and here is a passage from an elitist. Publication describing it essentially many normal people. Many normal people have made a huge bet. Against gigantic hedge funds and other financial institutions and are winning oh, no.


In practice, this means that we are seeing one of the and here's the here's the rub of it, folks. We are seeing one of the largest wealth transfers from the financial ruling class to the middle and upper middle class in recent memory.


And it's not been authorized. You see, it's just happening within the normal ebb and flow of the market.


Some normal people figured out how to earn a hell of a lot of money using.


The establishment's own methods against them, this is all about short squeezing and short selling, and if you don't know what those terms are, hang on, because I will explain those as the program unfolds. But the key to this is the reason why this is a story. The reason why you're watching, you know what else is funny sturdily had to ask me, are you going to explain it? Because you've been watching cable news and you can't the people in charge of explaining it don't know what they're talking about.


Right. Because they only know the establishment view of finance. They only know the elite because they think themselves as elite financial people. CNN Financial People, MSNBC, they're really woefully ill educated on this kind of stuff. So I did a test today. I tried to watch the info Beeb's and a couple of cable networks explain this. They don't know what they're talking about. They're reading whatever some of these written form on the teleprompter, and they're using odd facial expressions to make it look like they know what they're talking about.


But the key to this is what has happened. We are seeing one of the largest wealth transfers from the financial ruling class. To the middle and upper classes in recent memory, and it's not authorized, sometimes the upper class authorizes a transfer of wealth. With certain new policies, certain new regulations, this is totally unauthorized, this came about because of the understanding of the system and how to game it by normal people.


Right here it is in this story. Many normal people have made a huge bet against it.


They are winning. And because this has been a massive transfer of wealth. It's understandably the only thing anybody's talking about because it's unauthorized, so. A group of Reddit users who grew up playing video games from GameStop, that's how that's how old they are, decided to beat Wall Street at its own game. They got together, they banded together and began buying GameStop stocks.


That drove the price up, other regular traders saw the price increase. They began buying and some real momentum was created. But now the hedge fund guys who sold short are losing their shirts. The hedge fund guys, the elites had planned to sell GameStop short. That means they are counting on GameStop losing money. They only win at GameStop loses. Will GameStop.


Stock price for dollars last summer, twenty dollars at the end of the twenty twenty forty dollars two weeks ago. It was worth a hundred dollars on Monday and Tuesday, and today it's 300 dollars. The hedge funds are taking it in the shorts. I mean, big time they are they're being wiped out to a certain extent and they don't like it. These normal people have figured out a way that they don't like. It's they're asking other hedge funds to bail them out and to stop trading like Facebook and Google, stop you from commenting.


They're asking other apps that allow this kind of trading activity to stop it. They're using their power to ask normal people or to prevent normal people from trading. From short selling and from from taking advantage of the fact that the elites are short selling and short squeezing. So if you are an elite hedge fund and your position is that you are selling short on GameStop and their stock price has gone from four bucks to 300, you are losing your shirt, you're losing your pants or losing your underwear, you're losing your scrotum.


You're losing everything out there. So there is there is, ladies and gentlemen, an app.


Called Robin Hood. And Robin Hood. Bills themselves as democratizing finance for all securities by Robin Hood, financial crypto by Robin Hood, crypto there, Alex, and that's the app that people are using to bring about this transfer of wealth.


So the elites are leaning on Robin Hood, like Google and so forth, to lean on other news organizations, to censor conservatives.


To wipe them out did not give them a form. Same thing is that's what's amazing to me about the story, the educational value it has, the informative value it has. It's not just your political opinions. And your political thoughts. That are under scrutiny and are. Essentially being censored, no, not now, it's the way that you invest your money. Nooria and I can't you know, the circumstance here is such a valuable teaching moment, so we will get it.


There's a little bit more detail to this that I will explain as the the program unfolds. Now, the other regular traders that saw these price increases, they began buying some real momentum was created. Now the hedge fund guys have sold short, are losing their shorts and everything. The Reddit users where all this started, the Reddit users, Robert, did nothing illegal.


It's important for you, no matter what you hear on the news, they have done nothing illegal. They played the same game that hedge fund managers play every day and make a lot of rich people even richer. Yet the markets are now shutting down trades. Like I just explained, you know, shutting down trades in GameStop in order to protect the elite. They're even getting blocked on social media. But when you design and use a system to benefit yourself.


Don't complain when it gets used against you, and that is what's happening here with GameStop, it's folks it's not some obscure thing involving what young kids are doing. The teachable moment here is how. This censorship that we are experiencing from tech media, the tech oligarchs, is not contained to your political thoughts. It's not limited to who you vote for and who your who your political friends and enemies are. No, no, no. It extends to money, how you earn it, how much you earn and how much you're not permitted to earn.


It's not just about politics when we're talking about this. Leftist attempt at unity. By the way, Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney. For National during an online forum presented by the Economic Club of Chicago, yes, Tuesday, yes, a couple of days ago, Romney said that Republicans must publicly announce. Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election legitimately. If we're ever to achieve national unity. If we are ever to achieve national unity, everybody, every Republican must publicly announce that Biden won the presidential election legitimately.


That's how we achieve national unity. Now, how are we going to define unity here?


That's the next question. But I got to take a break. Back after more.


I know this GameStop thing all started with some random guys on a message board on Reddit. That message board on Reddit is called Wall Street Bets. They discovered that there was a massive short selling of GameStop by hedge funds. Short selling, again, is where you're betting on the stock price to go down. You have to have the money in a short sell, you have to have the money and put it up. To back up your short, you just can't go in and bet that it's going to go down and not put up any money like a regular trade, you can bet it's going to go up without putting up any money, but a short sell.


You have to put up the money. It leaves your back pocket. It leaves your account. So these hedge funds were betting big on GameStop. Losing value, these these random guys on the message board on Reddit discovered this massive short selling, and when you discover it, you can thwart it by betting on the stock price to go up. So they started to buy it, and that raises the price. Enough of them bought the stock that it started going way up.


The hedge funds could not buy shares to cover their short positions. Remember, you have to buy the totality of your position when you sell short. It's a it's a Wall Street rule and. What happens is when they don't have the money to cover their short positions, that causes the stock to skyrocket. This is called a short squeeze. So if you see the term short squeeze, Mr. Spurtle, and you're watching cable news, financial experts try to explain it, it's when people selling short do not have the money to cover what they are betting will happen.


You've got to fully expose your position on the short sell. And if you can't, you're being short squeezed. That's the term. That's the definition of it. So at this point, the hedge funds went to the media. And said these little guys are not playing fair. These little guys are and they sort of characterize them as a bunch of hayseed hicks that renegades doing damage, just exactly what they say about conservatives in the realm of politics, that they're unfair, that they're stupid.


They don't know what they're talking about. They got to shut me. Shut up. They have to be silenced. The same thing was was played here in terms of these Reddit users.


It went to the point where the hedge funds were losing so many billions of dollars. They were needing bailouts by other hedge funds.


And lo and behold, Robin Hood has shut down trading of GameStop. Lo and behold, just like they shut down parler, just like they shut down any other conservative attempt at free speech on the World Wide Web.


So has the big hedge fund.


People have come a long. Stockbroker service Robinhood shut down in the midst of trader GameStop. Now here's here's here's the. The simplest way to understand it in terms of dollars and cents. Discard this from the article New York Post about this discord, a communication tool similar to Slack's said that it pulled a server associated with Wall Street bets that's on Reddit for continuing to allow hateful, discriminatory content after repeated warnings.


The server has been on our trust and safety team's radar for some time due to occasional content that violates our community guidelines, including hate speech. So they were accusing these people, these normal people who were engaging in buying GameStop because it was going up in value.


They have now accused them of the same things they have accused you of engaging in on social media. Hate and discriminatory content after being warned to stop it. You have been you have been given guidelines that you are violating if you are using this server, you're engaging in hate speech, you're glorifying violence, you're spreading misinformation. This is being used to justify shutting down trades. In stop trades that show it gaining money, now the financial hit to the. Hedge fund people.


Who were engaging in short selling and again, it's key to understand that if you're going to short sell, you have to put up the totality of your position. Unlike if you're betting on a stock to go up, you just bet on it to go up and you hope and pray, and if it goes up, then you collect your winnings, roll them over, do what you've got to provide the money if you're going to short sell.


The reason this is bad for the hedge fund guys is that they were selling future options, which means that they have to now buy the stock. That they thought they would get for four dollars a share at four thousand dollars a share. That's how much this stock has gone up since the summer and basically in the past week. So they're having to buy this stock. They thought they were going to be able to buy it at four bucks a share. Now it's costing them their future options, 4000, maybe 400 a share.


But regardless, it's a tremendous amount of money that they don't have or they don't want you to think they have. They're asking to be to be bailed out. If it's 400 or 4000, it doesn't matter, it is a huge amount of money that they didn't expect to have to come up with. They expected to be getting away with selling short at four bucks a share and cleaning up. And now Robin Hood has shut down trading. On Robin has been shut down from allowing trades and in games it's identical and the thing is this is the elites moving in to control what they want everybody to believe is a free market.


The elites of the Democrat Party take what everybody believes is a free market and speech that there's a free market in political opinion. We got a First Amendment. You can say what you believe. You can think what you want to think, but you can't. If you disagree with them, if you violate what they agree with, what they think, if you are in opposition to them, they shut you down, they make it impossible for you to get traction beyond your own oral cavity, your own voice, your own mouth.


Now they're showing that the same thing is going to happen with money. If you go out there and you find a way in the system, they run to earn big money and cause them to lose big, or are they going to come after you and they are coming after these people and all they are by definition, normal people on Reddit, normal people.


Who saw this big, gigantic short sell of a company that was actually starting to make money, so they they drove the stock price up, which is fair and free and totally illegal.


Totally legal, not illegal. Totally legal to do.


But they're going to be punished. They're going to be shut down. They're going to be maligned and be called racist. Bigots are going to be called people engaging in hate speech because that's how you shame them.


That's how you get people to shut up. Nobody wants to be a racist. Nobody wants to be somebody who hates nobody wants to be accused of any of this. Republicans have proven it's not worth fighting back. So this is what they're now. Engaging in in the realm of money. And so you see folks strip this all down. Put Donald Trump back in the mix and you'll see why. He had to be destroyed, it wasn't just his political agenda.


Donald Trump was enabling average ordinary Americans. To do well financially, they were benefiting from a tremendously growth economy, the first three years of Trump's.


Administration before the virus had look at what he had done, the unemployment numbers for African-Americans, Hispanics and women, and look at the amount of money that they were earning, the wages were increasing left and right, none of that's permitted. That's not supposed to happen. It's the left that is in control of what people earn. It's the left. It's and it's the left, by the way, for 50 years that has been promising these minorities. That their fortunes are about to turn, the Democrats are going to take care of them.


Democrats are going to fix them. The Democrats are going to make sure that their lives turn out better, but they never do. The Republicans, meanwhile, remain racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, hate mongers. Democrats on the left remain well-intentioned, compassionate, understanding, tolerant and wonderful people trying against all is hate speech of the Republicans to make people's life. The whole thing is exactly 180 degrees out of phase.


Donald Trump caused these people to panic exactly like the panic we're seeing in the financial markets here. And he also demonstrated that it was. About money as well, if people became more financially self-reliant, if people became more financially secure, then they needed less and less government, they needed less and less assistance.


This is impermissible, he had to go and of course, the Republicans in the establishment, such as the Never Trump and the Romneys of the world, is Cindy McCain. And these people, they have a they have a position in. The establishment, they are to lose with honor, and they do that now and then occasionally win, but when they win, they don't really do anything with it, right. When they win, they almost. Act like they need to be forgiven.


And start talking about power sharing and stuff like that, so folks, it's a gold mine of information.


It's 400 bucks a share, I thought not 4500 bucks a share that the hedge fund guys now have to come up with when they were expecting four bucks a share.


So, anyway, this is. Well, what is it going to mean? Let me take a call quick, let me grab Rick here in Spring Hill, Florida, before he becomes too little, too late. Rick, welcome to the EIB Network. Great to have you here. How are you doing?


Very well, Russ. So glad to hear your voice. My wife and I are very happy with your show. We love you. We love the show. You're conservative speak. We love it.


I appreciate that, sir. Thank you very much.


My point you made at the beginning of your segment talking about the bittersweet moment of the game. Stop. You know, it's it's sweet that these, you know, normal, everyday people figured it out and, you know, they're betting on the game. Stop and put in these billionaires in their place, you know, the shutting down of the selling of stocks. You likened it at the beginning of saying the same thing they did when conservatives migrated to parliament.


Yeah, exactly. Parler take the farm away from them.


The same thing that happened in the election that night when suddenly the votes for Donald Trump coming in and they had to stop the voting, not stop the election. Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.


Joe Biden was a legitimate winner on election. Be very careful.


OK, very careful. I'm sorry. You know, no need to tow the line, you know, for big state media's. You know, it's I just appreciate your voice and, you know, if everybody doesn't pay attention and start fighting back, you know, it's it's getting to the point where, you know, we're we are the minority or will be shortly.


Well, this is the you know, I made a I had I had a comment, actually a monologue on this program back on I think it was the 22nd of January. I'm not really doesn't matter. It's it's it's fairly recently. But in it I made the exact point you're making here. I. Talked about how I had heard a lot of Republican rush, we're going to wipe these people out in twenty, twenty two, they're so overstepping, they're grabbing too much.


People are going to wake up. They're going to realize. And I said, you know what? You're making a mistake. Assuming that the Democrats victory in 2020, Biden's victory, whatever is is a is a one off.


You got to realize millions and millions and millions and millions of people voted for this.


It wasn't simply due to achieving it wasn't simply due to vote fraud or whatever else you think happened, millions of Americans voted for this. They voted for the council culture. They voted for the WOAK culture. They voted for defunding cops. They voted for climate change. They voted for all this stuff. And the idea that twenty, twenty two comes along and people are going to realize their mistake and elect Republicans in a massive turnout, I think that's just the normal ebb and flow of retail politics.


We have surpassed that now. This is no longer Republicans versus Democrats, and everybody gives it their best shot. The Democrats are shooting for an entirely new game now, which is unity under fascism. Unity under fascism is not unity where everybody is Kumbaya, unity under fascism is. You better agree or you are up the creek. It's a demand that you agree with your political opponents or else. And it's not pretty and it's not pleasant, and this is what their demand is anyway.


I'm glad you called, Rick.


Thank you very much for your really, really great kind words. I appreciate them. And we'll be back after this.


All right. By the way, folks, look at this. Short sellers are sitting on an estimated loss of seventy point eight billion dollars from their short positions in the United States and companies they're in on the stock market. So far this year, 70 billion. The vast majority of that chalked up during this GameStop business, 70 billion and climbing 70 billion. The hedge funds have got to come up with in cash. If they want to maintain their positions, by the way, we're going to get into this as the program unfolds.


Breaking news, New York attorney general has accused Governor Cuomo of underreporting nursing home deaths by up to 50 percent. The New York attorney general, one Democrat on another, is accusing Governor Cuomo of underreporting this names, Letitia James released a report today detailing the investigations that her office has conducted. Report shows the nursing home deaths in New York state were likely undercounted by up to 50 percent by Cuomo himself and his offices, his agencies. This. This could be the issue that eliminates Cuomo from the name of power broking.


We'll see. It's a long shot. But anyway, back to the phones. We got Ryan here in Wichita who part of the Redit group that was driving the price up on game stock. How you doing, sir? Great to have you here on the program. I'm doing great, Ross, great to talk to you. I've been listening to you since I was a little kid. My dad had me listening to you and the little kid, and now I'm 41 years old.


Let me ask you, how surprised were you when you heard me discussing GameStop today?


I turn the radio on my drive to work and I'm like, I got a call rush. And I called about 30 times and got through. And I'm like, today's my day. There it is. Yes, sir. OK, so tell us what's what's the scoop? OK, the scoop is, is I got involved about a week ago. I kind of found out some big into Bitcoin. I'm on the Bitcoin page on Reddit. And they were talking about Wall Street bets.


I get over the Wall Street bets. I joined the group that a lot of reading, a lot of research found out about the GameStop deal, looked into it for the short position. I kind of understood what was going to happen. I got in last Wednesday around 38 dollars.


And hey, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Now, this is important for people. Don't follow this stuff that you got in at 38 dollars a share.


Correct? Yes. And it started to move up and it got a little wild. So if I'm a day trader, so I was in and out of it a few times and it just kept going up and and it just turned into a wildfire. And it was really there was more than GameStop to BlackBerry and AMC were two other ones that were on fire, too. And then it all came to a screeching halt this morning because Robin Hood, TD Ameritrade and Schwab all blocked those users from buying it.


Well, exactly. Yeah. Schwab, TD Ameritrade and and yet Robin Hood all suspended trading.


And they would let you sell, but they would not let you buy, which is why the prices plummeted this morning. All the while, I guarantee you the hedge funds are shorting the thing to death because they can do whatever they want.


And so you are living, breathing, testifying evidence that the market is rigged for the big boys, just like the political market is rigged for the American left.


Absolutely. It is reaffirmed. My my dad has been telling me for a long time that it's been rigged for the big boys. And this morning I've been I've been trading stocks since I was 17 years old. And my grandma left me money, you know, in her will when she passed away and put it in the stock market. I've been playing ever since and I've done well over the years. But today I sold everything. I sold everything. There's cash in the account and I don't know what I want to do.


I think I'm just going to sell.


But you see, you started to earn too much. You and your compatriots on Reddit, you started to earn too much and you were earning it from the elites who thought they were in control of the game.


This is you're saying it was it's a big transfer of wealth, and that's not the game. The game is the big boys get bigger and the the middle class stays poor forever. That's the game.


Or static, you know, when exactly you've you've you've nailed it there.


So here's a guy playing the game. Here's a guy got in at thirty eight dollars a share. Now, the users of the apps are not being allowed to buy GameStop. It's been shut down by TD Ameritrade, Schwab and and Robin Hood.


Those are the three ways that you had of buying stock, going long, going short, however you wanted to do it. So he sold everything today and got out after realizing that he had stopped everything, he wasn't going to be able to do it because they were now. Limiting his upward expansion mobility. Got to take a break. We'll be back and continue after this. Don't go away.


So as I watch the Obama regime implement its agenda and quite rapidly, it is obvious yet another prediction I made is coming true, and that is that Biden is simply the front man for Obama. Frontman for Obama's third term. Who is really running the country right now, do you think? I couldn't see a way out, we were completely surrounded and they all looked like the same person, zombies itching to convert us into their weird Hollywood cult. Everywhere we turn, there they were and more were coming, spilling into every opening around us.


It seemed like they were calling out to each other telepathically, get them fresh meat. I thought the only way out was to give in and go with them. But just as I started to follow their leader, it hit me. Adriana's hand met my cheek. Yeah, I slapped him with one quick strike to the face. SNAP out of it, Patrick. Let's get the hell out of here. And that's when we made a run for it through the only opening in the crowd.


We were only a few feet from making it out. When they blocked us in again, we were goners. Redfield America is a storytelling show, the kind Hollywood doesn't want you to hear, listen to read pilled America on I heart radio or wherever you get your podcast that's read pilled America. Yessiree, Bob, it's a no brainer.


Joe Biden is a front man for Obama as predicted. I saw Susan Rice yesterday. You know, make some comments, a speech, whatever she's doing in the White House press briefing, she spent more time detailing what the administration has done and was going to do. And Biden has, including the time he spent on the campaign, how Susan Rice has ties right back to Obama, a signing ceremonies of Biden's executive orders. Have you seen them? Susan Rice and John Kerry ruthlessly explain to their media puppets why the president is destroying jobs and incomes.


And he is 11000 jobs destroyed. The Keystone XL pipeline grab audio, sound bite number three. Excuse me, I got this from mom from the scene, a bit of a debate about that Gateway pundit, Jim Hoft, and yesterday one of the one of the pipeline workers and admittedly conservative Urban Project founder Henry Davis Twitter page.


He posted a new video in reaction to the ending of the Keystone XL pipeline.


Here is the audio from Lost My Job today, the stroke of a pen I just bought this car hit a six year payment plan on it, probably going to have to sell the car and then probably won't be able to make next month's mortgage. Just doesn't make any sense. It doesn't make any sense. How did Donald Trump I know how they took it. They didn't steal the election. When you steal something, that's when no one knows that.


You're right.


I need to protect Henry Davis here.


He's he's lost his way now, headed down the pathway where Biden may not be a legitimate winner. He's he's making the point here. They didn't steal a stealing. It is is when when no one knows who took it. He said they didn't steal it right out in front of our eyes. But I can't let him say that. Doing our best to protect Henry Davis here. But he went on, he made a claim, I mean, he made a price and he said he said, Joe, we are going to take this back from you now in a normal ebb and flow that would be permissible speech in American public.


We're going to beat you, Joe. We're going to beat you next time. Oh, no, folks, you can't say it. You cannot say it, that is upsetting, it is counter to normalcy. It does not promote unity. No, no, no, no, you can't say it.


But I'm telling you this, this business with the Keystone XL pipeline, it's more than. Then I think we have been led to believe, particularly when you look at the reaction to it from from Biden administration people, and I want to I want to make a point here that I have made over the course of many years on this program.


On MSNBC the other night. Senator Chuck Schumer was a guest of Rachel Maddow excuse me, and she said, give me your legislative priorities in your own words. And he answered essentially with one word, he said, climate. Climate. Now, those of you who are regular longtime listeners of the EIB Network will immediately flash back to the things I have said about this. I have explained many times, and it's necessary to explain that many times for everybody to hear it.


Climate change climate, however, is a terminal terminal, is it? However they categorize it and discuss it gives them. Control over everything in your life, ladies and gentlemen, everything. The first way they do it, they start out and they blame you for it. They blame you for destroying the planet, the planet is being destroyed. We've got 30 years to save it, but you are destroying the planet. How? By virtue of the car you drive.


By virtue of your job, the Keystone XL pipeline. Your home. Do you have adequate solar panels or are you using fossil fuels and are you? Not being responsible with your thermostat, your business, your wealth is to blame the way you get around your movement, your diet, your car. It gives them control over everything. That's why climate change is never going to go away. It gives them the ability. To regulate every aspect of human life, which is their objective.


And by blaming you, they give you redemption opportunities. Oh, yeah, they blame you for it, but you've got 20 years to make amends, you get 20 years to redeem yourself, how can you do it? You buy the car, they tell you to buy or you eat the foods or you you don't support various industries. It's all inclusive, folks. You become a climate warrior yourself, you become somebody that. Is hellbent on saving the planet, making amends for your transgressions, and it's really simple the way it works, because everybody wants their lives to matter.


Everybody wants to matter. It's one of the biggest psychological hit points that marketing people use.


Everybody wants to matter. Most people think their lives get lost in a massive shuffle of humanity, that they don't stand out, that they don't really matter. It's it's koka because everybody's life does matter. But it's easy for people to think their individual life doesn't like their vote doesn't count. I don't care. You can tell me to vote. My vote doesn't matter. You know, people think that. So everybody wants their lives to matter. And here come the climate change people with an instant way of making your life matter, you can save the planet.


How could you get any more meaningful than that? So it gives them control over your job, what kind of job, your home. Your business, your wealth, how did you earn it? How did you maintain it? Your movement, how you get around it becomes subject to legislation and regulation, your diet. Don't laugh, they're serious about this business of getting rid of meat. The kind of car you drive, it gives them control over virtually everything, they're even lying about certain things.


Biden's climate adviser is a babe named Gina McCarthy. Now let me check something real. I want to check the audio sound roster. Just so happens that I often have audio sound bites from people I'm going to share things with and I want to make sure that I don't before I tell you what she said. OK, so Gina McCarthy said climate change is the most significant public health issue of our time. Climate change is what, folks? It's heat, is it not?


I mean, basically, climate change is the out of control warming of the planet that's going to result in rising sea levels and the drowning of cities and the drowning of your house. And if you live on the beach, it's heat, is it not? So here are the stats. And the source for this. Is the Centers for Disease Control. Heart disease kills 33 percent. Thirty three percent of deaths in America are attributable to heart disease, 26 percent of deaths of all Americans cancer related.


Cold people that die from exposure to the cold is six point four percent and increasing. The percentage of people killed by heat, i.e.. They're exposed to unhealthy high temperatures, zero point three percent and declining, and yet this baby, Gina McCarthy, went to the White House briefing room yesterday. And said something provably false, climate change, the most significant public health issue over time, it's not zero point three percent. And declining heart disease, 33 percent equals 920, 3000 people a year who succumb to heart disease, cancer, seven hundred forty six thousand people have twenty six percent.


People who die from exposure to cold temperatures, six point four percent or one hundred eighty one thousand people and people who die from heat climate change. Point three percent, not even one full percentage point three, three tenths of a percent. Eighty six hundred people. And yet she goes to the briefing room and simply lies her teeth off. About climate and because it does contain virtually everything now, yesterday at the White House, during press briefing, John F.


Kerry, the special presidential envoy for climate. Had his turn behind the White House microphone, he said this about United States climate, President Biden is deeply committed, totally seized by this issue, as you can tell by this executive order and by the other, the initiative for getting back into Paris immediately. That's why he rejoined the Paris agreement so quickly, because he knows it is urgent. He also knows that Paris alone is not enough, not with almost 90 percent of all of the planet's emissions.


Global emissions come from outside of U.S. borders. We could go to zero tomorrow and the problem isn't solved.


We can go to zero tomorrow and the problem is not solved. Well, if that's the case. We go to zero emissions, which is not possible. Zero emissions tomorrow.


And the problem isn't solved, so you see there is no solution, there is only an ongoing effort which must require the regulation and control of your life.


Then he said, you got a question from the ABC White House correspondent Cecilia Vega, her question was, you know, there certainly are oil and gas industry workers who are watching you both right now. You're going to hear your message. And the takeaway to them is that they're seeing an end to their livelihood. You're shutting down Keystone XL, you're shutting down domestic drilling. What do you say to them, particularly those people who President Trump struck a chord with on the campaign trail when he promised to save their jobs?


What is your message to them right now? Now, get this answer.


What President Biden wants to do is make sure those folks have better choices, that they have alternatives, that they can be the people who go to work to make the solar panels. And unfortunately, workers have been fed a false narrative. No surprise, right. For the last few years, they've been fed the notion that somehow dealing with climate is coming at their expense. No, it's not. What's happening to them is happening because of other market forces already taking place.


Solar panels. Yes. The guy that we played the audio from who I have to jump in and save from himself, Henry Davis, Keystone XL pipeline worker John Kerry is saying, go make solar panels. You want to talk about a failing industry, solar panels. These people, the Keystone XL pipeline, were making good money. And as the audio from Henry Davis illustrates, they were able to be purchasing new condominiums, homes, cars and so forth.


Everything was fine and plus the benefits. To the country where unparallelled. They were contributing the Keystone XL pipeline, was contributing to the United States becoming energy independent. So here comes John Kerry. Biden wants to make sure those people have better choices. They can be the people that go to work to make solar better choices. What's wrong with the Keystone XL pipeline? What why do you take that choice away? Better choices, so you have no idea what's good for you.


But the bottom line is this, the Keystone XL pipeline. Was so successful, it runs counter to the political desires and energy efforts of the American left. So it's got to be shut down not to benefit the American people and not to benefit those workers to be shut down and fired and then told to go build solar panels. It's to benefit the people that make solar panels and to subsidize them because it's not a profit generating industry without the subsidies that come from the federal government.


And all of this is happening under the guise of saving the planet because you're destroying it. This administration is destroying jobs quicker than you could ever destroy this planet, which is something you cannot do. Now, folks, I wanted to add this is what losing looks like. Even though you're being told you're winning, this is what losing looks like, and I wonder how long it's going to take for a lot of you get fed up and tired of losing and patently ridiculous.


John Kerry laid off oil and gas workers got better choices. No, they're not. They've just had the Keystone XL pipeline taken away from their choice. It's literally been taken away from them. Choices are not being expanded. They're being limited. And Kerry says zero emissions won't make a difference in climate change. What more proof do you need than folks that this thing is nothing more than an issue designed to give them total regulatory control over your life? I spent 30 years.


That's why I often say that I consider myself as somewhat of a failure. I have spent 30 years trying to explain all this to people and they still voted for it. A bunch of people did. Millions and millions. Voted for it and furthermore, you know, now that we've got a Democrat in the White House now, the Pentagon is free to be who it is. You know, we've talked about the makeup of.


The kind of people in the Pentagon we have warrior generals, we have politically correct generals, we have generals who are used to fighting wars, defend and protect the United States. We have generals who believe everything is. Political correctness saw the story from the Hill Dotcom Pentagon declares climate change a national security issue. See? Climate change is everything. Now, even the Pentagon, which is charged with defending and protecting the American people, the American way of life, whatever it's to become.


Now claim that. Climate change is a national security issue, along with domestic terrorism.


Not antifa, not ISIS, don't be confused, domestic terrorism are these people. And attacked the Capitol building on January 6th. Biden has called a halt to border wall construction. That's another 5000 jobs lost. Billions of dollars in salary and wages just lost. Just I mean, wave the magic wand and lose. American jobs, here is Jim in Enterprise, Alabama. We head back to the phones. I'm glad you waited. It's great to have you here.


Hello, sir.


Good afternoon, Mr. Limbaugh. It is a honor to talk to you and listen to you for 30 years. Thank you, sir. I was calling about the XL pipeline. I think it's twofold. One is probably 80 percent of those people are union members and those people normally vote Democrat. I think that's going to hurt the Democrats in 2022. But the other thing is a conspiracy is that much of the transportation of that before the pipeline is built is by railway, who's the biggest railway owner and would be Mr.


Warren Buffett. You're talking about the real way to handle the the pipeline, getting the oil to and from it. Yes, yes. So I think it's twofold. I yes, go ahead.


Oh, you're saying that Warren Buffett's on this. You're giving us a conspiracy theory that Warren Buffett is going to be the big winner here because he owns the railroads that are now going to become the method of transportation? I possibly. What worries me is that they're not going.


To move this oil. They're going to shut it down, they're not going to move it at all, at least through the United States, in order to protect against damage, overflows, leakage. What have you. And again, here we have somebody else, folks saying that we're going to clean the clocks in 20, 22. If retail politics for what it is, yeah, we might be able to say that, but I think that's a little shortsighted.


Maybe I should go into detail again explaining why. What are you, Mr. Stern, do you think 2022, if this keeps up, is an automatic win for. All right. All right, well, we'll take a break and we'll come back and continue here in a minute. Stay with us. All right, let me run through this 20 22 thing again, because it requires a belief that nothing has fundamentally changed American politics. It requires the belief that people didn't know what they were doing when they voted for Joe Biden and the Democrats in 2018 and 2020.


Twenty eighteen midterms and the twenty twenty presidential people didn't know what they were doing, and once they see what the Democrats are going to do. Like the closing of the Keystone pipeline. Some of these other things. Oh, there's going to be this massive. Rejection of the Democrats is the next chance people have to vote, which would be 20, 20 to. And I hear a lot of people. Saying this, a lot of people indicating they believe this.


People on our side, people on the Republican side, traditional political junkies saying let the Democrats do whatever they're going to do because they're going to get swamped. We're going to wipe them out in the midterms. We're going to win the House back. We're going to win the Senate back. It's going to be a beautiful thing. And when these people say this to me. I said, do people not get what's going on here? The days of traditional American politics Wednesday and agreed to power sharing, the Democrats agree that they're going to lose now and then.


We agree that we're going to win now and then we agree that when we win, they're going to beat us to hell up and try to take power away from us. And we're going to help them. We agree that when they win, we're going to acknowledge that they won and we're going to do everything they can to make sure they don't lose in the future. That's the power sharing. But sometimes the Democrats so overstep that we end up winning anyway.


If you think that we're anywhere near that. That those days of American politics survive, you have to realize that they don't any longer the days of traditional American politics. No longer exist, the Democrats folks, and they've been openly honest about this. The Democrats are setting it up, so they're never going to lose elections again, they are setting it up so that even if they lose elections, they win. So what do you mean we're going to win it all back in 2022 22, who thinks that that's in the cards?


Again, you have to believe. That people didn't know what they were doing when they voted in the 2010 midterms and they didn't know what they were doing when they voted for Democrats in the 2020 election. And there are people who believe that the only reason the Democrats won in 2020 is cheating and maybe 2018 the midterms as well.


Rush, it's going to be so massive, they can't they can't win except by cheating and they're going to be so rejected, they're not going to be able to cheat enough to win. Rush, I've been hearing people say that to.


So I ask these people when they when they give me this 2022 theory as well, how did they and they win in 2018 and 2022. And what I get back is they cheated Rush. I am not wandering off the reservation here. But you're making a big mistake if you think that the success the Democrats had in 2018 in the midterms and the 2020 election. Is simply due to cheating. You're missing something very important. There are millions of Americans who knowingly voted for this.


There are millions of college students who knowingly support the abolition of the First Amendment. There are millions of young people becoming adults who openly support the council culture and the elimination. Of constitutional rights by certain Americans, and they are growing in number as well as growing in age. There are millions of Americans who have bought into the Democrat agenda. This is not simply because the Democrats. Fraudulently stole an election, even if they did. You've got to understand something, Biden still got enough votes to enable them to go over the line.


Whatever amount of cheating there was does not equal enough to win or barely enough to win.


I myself have made it abundantly clear how difficult it would be to jury rig or game in the American presidential election, if you if you knew if you knew the districts, if you knew the precincts, if you knew the battleground states in advance, if you could dictate that, then you could do it much easier than just randomly guessing. The thing that you have to you have to consider. You have to remember is. Even if you believe there was cheating that went on and a lot of people do, and I'm not going to try to talk you out of that, don't misunderstand me, but you've got to understand at the same time.


Millions and millions. And millions of Americans voted for Joe Biden or they voted for somebody with a D next to his name. They didn't necessarily vote for Biden, and I don't think I think they I think they voted against Trump. I think they voted against Republicans. I think they voted for the guy with a Democrat or the big D next to his name. But the point is, the idea that the American people did not know what they were doing and in two years are going to be running to the ballot box.


To reverse their decision, why wasn't what Pelosi was doing from 2019 to 2000? Why wasn't that enough to wake them up? I mean, this fraudulent, phony impeachment business. This unconstitutional impeachment, these people engaged in with House managers like Eric Swalwell is out there, you know, banging around with Fang Fang, why wasn't who the Democrats are enough to wake people up after the twenty eighteen midterms? And then how do you explain Georgia? Why didn't Georgia?


Become the de facto replacement for twenty. Why didn't people in Georgia realize, oh my God, we got to step up here, we've got to prevent the Democrats winning a Senate? I know what some of you are saying because Rush, everybody knew that we're going to cheat and they didn't vote. And you had a bunch of Republicans telling people not to. Fine, fine. I'm just telling you that no matter what, you've got to make excuses for why what you think is going to happen in 2022 hasn't happened yet, despite two different opportunities for it to happen.


Pelosi and the Democrats in media were doing enough mean spirited, fraudulent, lying, cheating, anti Trump things through 2019 and 2020 to wake people up. And by the way, 74, 75 million people voted for Trump, maybe more. That is a hell of a lot of people as well. There's so many things, folks that are that are working against. The whole idea that retail politics hasn't changed. Look at the media, the media is.


It's easy to complain and whine and moan about it, but the media so predictable, they are treating. Have you noticed how they're treated by the administration like the second coming of Camelot? JFK has essentially been raised from the dead and is occupying the Oval Office in the White House residency, and pretty soon you have a little Hunter Biden sitting on his dad's knee under his desk in the Oval Office, waving as the kerosene goes by.


I. I mean, the media, the media is actually calling for this program and other conservative programs and Fox News to be platformed. Like Palmer has been there, Qualys, CNN. You would think they'd be devoted to the First Amendment, they're not only for themselves. What has to change? Well, I'm all I'm saying is don't think the 2022 is automatic. Because of how over the top the Democrats are going, you got to realize that the Democrats are taking people with them, they are winning the minds and hearts of a certain percentage of Americans every election.


We sit here and say we can't believe it. It is unreal, it's unbelievable that people are going to wake up and yet they don't. In our minds, they don't wake up. You know, sometimes, folks, I think the trichomes troll, the Democrats. I think the trichomes try to see how silly they can make the Democrats act. Have you seen this story? The trichomes is from the UK Daily Mail. Chacon's begin using anal swabs to test for covid in Beijing.


Are you kidding me? It's bad enough they have to poke the swab all the way up to your brain. Now they're going in. Your anus in China, and of course, since the Democrats love the Giacomino, want to emulate them. How long is it going to be before they start doing the anal swab, the test people in this country for covid while the trichomes sit around and look at it and laugh themselves silly.


Bob not making it up. UK Daily Mail, Beijing is using anal swabs to test its residents for coronavirus, a method that experts say is more accurate and raises the chances of detecting the virus. To collect samples. I may have to do my countdown here, people don't want to hear offensive things. To to collect the test samples, a swab. Needs to be inserted. About one point two to two inches. Into the rectum. And then rotated several times.


After completing the motion twice, the swab is removed before being securely placed inside a sample container. The whole procedure is set to take about 10 seconds. Several times, yes. The swab is inserted up to two inches inside the rectum for those of you in Rio, Linda. Hmm. Hmm. The booty now maybe that works, I don't know, and then after you do that, two inches up there and then you rotate it several times what it says.


Yes, you rotate it several times. And after completing the motion twice, the rotation twice, the swab is removed, put inside a sample container. It takes about 10 seconds.


And then it's sent off to someplace where some little lab. I don't know that they have drivethrough testing in China, but you're asking obviously, are they going to incorporate anal swabs with drive through? That'll be interesting to see.


Got to get back to the phones very quickly, folks. First, during times of trouble and change, bring all kinds of reasons for despair. But those who built and preserved our country did not despair. And, well, they did at times.


They found ways to overcome it. There's a lot to learn from their actions, in their thoughts at the time. And who better to remind us of this? And our good friends at Hillsdale College, it is their observation, their thought that you can draw upon the thinking, the books, the history and the ideas that gave our forefathers strength and inspiration. Few entities curate these thoughts better than Hillsdale, if you really want to know.


About the founding of this country and the people who engaged in it and the efforts that they made and what they had to overcome, there's no better source. Then Hillsdale College, Hillsdale was founded in 1844 for the express purpose of teaching these things, and it teaches them still today and not just for the enrolled students at Hillsdale, but for you as well. You can study all these things along with Hillsdale College professors doing the teaching right in your home, video courses available on demand.


And they're free, no strings attached through Hillsdale Free online courses. You can study the history of our civilization, the wisdom of our philosophers, the writings of smart authors, and you can reacquaint yourself with the Constitution. And some of the best lessons come from events and words shared from the past with Hillsdale providing the guidance. There's a whole lot to learn and a lot of it's not being taught anymore, which is the real crying shame. They've made it free for you folks.


Go to Rush for Hillsdale Dotcom and you'll see it'll all become available to sign up. No strings attached. Rush for Hillsdale, Dotcom, Aberdeen, South Dakota. Ryan, great to have you on the program. Hello, sir.


I was Rush. Thank you for taking my call. You bet, sir.


Great to have you here with us. I thought your explanation of short selling and its relationship to the GameStop situation was brilliant, but I was kind of hoping to be able to attempt to expound on that a little bit. Sure. Go ahead. Does this mean you really didn't think it was brilliant? You're just saying that to soften me up for what you want to say that you think I should have said and didn't?


Well, the important thing to remember about short selling is that essentially it's a promise to borrow against current stock price. Exactly. And you've got to have the money for the future stock price.


The day traders know that every outstanding margin call out there is a promise to buy. So what happens when you have a lot of margin calls, a lot of promise to buy? There's there's anticipation that on the strength of those margin call purchases, the stock price will go up. My point in bringing this up is simply that what happened to those hedge fund managers, the big boys on Wall Street? In my considered opinion, is squarely on their own shoulders.


They were leveraged.


They leveraged themselves so much into those margin calls that wasn't even enough stock to cover all of those margin call purchases. And the day traders realized that it was the short squeeze was virtually inevitable given that situation with that leverage. Exactly.


There was no way to avoid the short squeeze. It was going to happen by virtue of the redit guys continue to drive the stock price up. But if it wouldn't have been the Wall Street, that's right, it does, it would have been someone else. There are hundreds of thousands of day traders out there that practically do it for a living.


OK, true that that part is true, but the Redit people, the ones that did it, I didn't mean to impugn anybody else nor praise the renegades.


They're simply the guys that did it made it happen.


It is the fastest three hours in media. Two of them are already over the evidence, the fastest three hours in me.


We'll be back and get into the next one before you know it. So don't go anywhere, folks.


Hey, views expressed by the host of this program documented to be almost always right, ninety nine point eight percent of the time.


It's a thrill and a delight to be with you each and every day here at the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. Rush Limbaugh, 802 eight two two eight eight two. The e-mail address, L'il Rush Limbaugh and EIB U.S..


I opened the program suggesting that what the Obama presidency really is is nothing more than the third term of the Obama presidency that he is a front man for Obama. And mere moments ago, as Joe Biden blew through the record of president signing executive orders after they've been inaugurated, he set a record for the number that have been signed.


Joe Biden admitted that he is simply re-establishing the Obama administration as weak, and I've signed executive orders tackling covid-19 economic and climate crisis as well as advancing racial equality. But today, I'm about to sign two executive orders and basically the best way to describe them to undo the damage Trump has done. There's nothing new that we're doing here other than restoring the Affordable Care Act and restoring the Medicaid to the way it was before Trump became president.


There's nothing new we're doing here other than restoring the Affordable Care Act. And restoring Medicaid to the way it was before Trump became president was simply undoing the damage Trump has done. So we're putting the Obama administration back in and as though it was never stopped pretty soon, let me tell you what's going to happen. Pretty soon Obama is going to learn that there's nothing more Biden can do for him. How long is it going to take Biden to reimplement the Obama regime?


And once that's done, then the Biden usefulness. Well, maybe help reach its max. We shall see, we have another Keystone XL pipeline worker who wants to respond to John Kerry's claim to make solar panels, that they're giving them more choices for jobs. I mean, it was a it's a great thing that Kerry's doing by shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline. The people that work there are being having their job opportunities expanded like never before. Here's this guy named Anthony Fetters.


His reaction to it.


I think that's great. But let's not shut out thousands of American families that's working now, waiting on those jobs to happen. Can't we do both at the same time and want no infrastructure gets in place that maybe we can transition into that?


But no, in the meantime, you know, this is our livelihood. We don't consider it a temporary job which considers our career. The pump stations that we were constructing for the energy this year alone employed several hundred people with several hundred more to come. And once the pipeline got started, the mainline it would have employed several thousand more. So the impact of that pipeline is huge. Yeah, yeah.


And by the way, grab audio sound bite number. What is it that I want to hear Jay Inslee. I had that was. Well, I have right in front of me. I can't find it, but it's number six and that's really the one that I'm looking for is not here.


Jay Inslee, listen to him talk about this in. He wants to talk about what we want to give people the future job choices or some such thing.


Listen to it on the other side wants to shackle people to a past of an era of declining jobs. We do not want to shackle our children to the dead weight of jobs that aren't going to exist 30 years from now. The other side wants to shackle people to a past of an area of declining jobs, we don't want to shackle our children to the dead weight of jobs that are going to exist. What do you mean? You're going to take a job that you admit would be lasting for 30 years and you want to take it away from people on the basis that it's temporary.


You think the people that worked in the horse and buggy industry would have been happy for 30 more years once the automobile was invented for crying out loud? So this guy, we don't want to shackle kids to jobs that won't exist in 30 years. So you're going to put them out of work.


You're going to make them wards of the state. You're going to eliminate the jobs that they have on the basis that they're just temporary. 30 year temporary jobs. I am in my 31st or 30 second year here at the EIB Network, and Jay Inslee is saying that I shouldn't have started this job. Because it's a temporary gig, it was only going to last 30 years and by the way, I had to work pretty hard to make it last that long.


Highly competitive business that I'm in. Ditto Fox News in the rest of them, 30 years, we don't want to shackle kids to be in a temporary job, that they're going to be taken away from a 30 years. In the meantime, this Keystone pipeline worker, Anthony Fetters, is right. Why can't you do both?


Here's John Kerry back again. He's flabbergasted that he hasn't been greeted with bouquets of flowers for his performance yesterday at the White House press briefing.


You can't have an ostrich policy where you put your head in the sand and pretend that nothing was going on around you matters. We have to address this. You know, God gave us the ability to be rational and logical. And as President Kennedy said, here on Earth, God's work is our own. We have to do this and we have to undertake to listen to the scientists respond. This is so logical. I don't understand the opposition.


The question he was asked was, how do we get our credibility back? Mr. Secretary, China, Russia, the rest of the world, because they can simply say, well, wait a out. We can't trust America anymore. How do you get them to take us seriously and re-engage? He's talking about reengaging in a Paris climate or reengaging in the Iran deal. He's talking about reengaging in climate change. And he thought that he was brilliant yesterday in his performance, that he would have been greeted as such.


He can't understand is anybody in opposition to what he said? Which is classic of the arrogance these people walk around with and routinely display. Now, folks, Rand Paul has been on fire this week, senator from Kentucky and Tuesday in Washington. On the Senate floor, he made a really great speech on the unconstitutional sham second impeachment of Donald Trump. We have a couple sound bites. There's no one.


If we are about to try to impeach a president, where is the chief justice? If the accused is no longer president? Where is the constitutional power to impeach him?


Private citizens don't get impeached.


Impeachment is for removal from office and the accused here has already left office. Hyper partisan Democrats are about to drag our great country down into the gutter of rancor and vitriol, which has never been seen in our nation's history. They've already Democrats are wasting the nation's time on a partisan vendetta against a man no longer in office. It's almost as if they have no ability to exist except in opposition to Donald Trump. That's true. Without him as their boogey man, they might have to legislate and to actually convince Americans that their policy prescriptions are the right one.


And by the way, what are they doing? Biden has formed a panel to investigate packing the Supreme Court. They're going to do that. They're already looking into creating a state out of the RICO and Washington to everything we warned you about, to create Democrats in perpetuity is being done. So when when Rand Paul says here. That they might have to legislate, actually convince Americans their policy prescriptions, they're never going to have to do that. That's my if I had to make a point, if I had to try to find a way to convince people of one thing, the Democrats are never going to have to convince you of anything.


They're just going to do it. If you disagree with them having a 13 seat Supreme Court to ban. They're just going to do it, they're going to have the votes and they're going to do it. They're not going to persuade you. This is what we're missing. This is not retail politics as it's always been, the Democrats are going to persuade anybody. Once they get state's. In Puerto Rico, in Washington, D.C., I don't have to persuade people now because they've only got 50 seats in the Senate, power sharing with Mitch McConnell and so forth, but.


I'm talking to our long term plan is to not need to persuade anybody. Do not doubt me, that is that is the core. Of their belief that is the core of their agenda, to no longer have to persuade anybody that they will have such vote power, such majority power, they won't have to persuade a damn fool of anything. Now, one other thing here that he said. John Roberts, where's the chief justice? Well, this is an interesting point, John Roberts refuses to sit at the Trump rally where this.


Chief Justice John Roberts refusal to preside over Trump's second impeachment trial is raising questions about whether he views the first of its kind proceedings as constitutional. The Supreme Court has been declining to comment when asked by the media. Why the chief justice will not take part in this historic trial. Chuck Schumer said the chief justice doesn't want to take part in it. Constitution says the chief justice presides for a sitting president, Trump is not a sitting president. I'm going to tell you what I think is going on here.


I think the chief is questioning the constitutionality of the Democrats latest attempt here. Now, he would never say so in public because it would hurt his reputation in Georgetown. So what's going to happen in Robert's absence, the trial will be presided over by Pat Leakey. Leahy, you heard what happened to him. They swore him in and then something happened and they had to put him in an ambulance and move him up to the hospital. And then after a few short minutes, everything's fine here.


Do we know any more than that? Is that is that we don't know why that leaky Leahy had to go to the hospital anyway. Rand Paul making a big deal out of the fact that the chief justice won't even show up. Here's the next Rand Paul bite.


But what of Democrat words? What a Democrat. Incitement to violence. No Democrat will honestly ask whether Bernie Sanders incited the shooter that nearly killed Steve Scalise and volunteer coach. The shooter nearly pulled off a massacre. I was there because he fervently believed the false and inflammatory rhetoric spewed by Bernie and other Democrats. No Democrat will ask whether Maxine Waters incited violence when she literally told her supporters, and I quote, that if you see a member of the Trump administration at a restaurant, at a department store, at a gas station or any place, you create a crowd and you push back on them.


Is that not incitement? Shame, shame on these angry, unhinged partisans who are putting forth this sham impeachment, deranged by their hatred of the former president.


And it's truly that it is deranged hatred. There is no question about it. He's absolutely right about Bernie Sanders inciting that wacko to shoot up the baseball practice. But we're not allowed to say that. And Republicans go along with it. Neither Mitt Romney. So they will go along. Oh, yeah. We cannot engage in that kind of hate speech. No, no, no. We don't want to say that. Nice old Bernie Henninger doing it, Bernie.


Nothing to do with it. And they're hoping that the Democrats will extend to them the same favor that the next time some Democrat blows away another Democrat, that they won't go out, start blaming Republicans for it. But of course, that doesn't happen, does it? They always try to find a way to blame Sarah Palin or me or Fox News.


Oh, take your pick. Brief break. We'll be back and continue after this.


On the cutting edge of societal evolution and Rush Limbaugh behind the golden EIB microphone.


Great to be with you as always, ladies and gentlemen, the whole body, Victor Davis Hanson has a piece published today at entitled The After Trump Era Begins. I just want to share with you some Poquoson. Mr. Hanson is especially brilliant in predicting and tapping into the makeup and direction of the American culture as dictated by the American political climate at any given time. And he points out hypocrisy as well as anybody finds it pointed out, as well as anybody I've ever seen.


Let me give you just a few of his observations here, because he's right on the money and it is. All part of what here is an ongoing effort to continue to inform people and educate them about what we're up against.


Pull, quote, No one speaking of Amazon. Amazon is opposing mail in ballots for its own employees, voting on whether to unionize a warehouse in Alabama. Now, isn't that interesting? Amazon was all for mail in ballots for the presidential election. All for mail in ballots in the Georgia runoff, all for mail in ballots and any other kind of early voting, whatever your regular ballots, you can all for it except in an election of their own. Amazon is opposing mail in ballots for its own employees, voting on whether to unionize.


A warehouse in Alabama, you know why? Amazon says they're worried about fraud. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, oh, yeah. Oh yeah, they're worried about fraud. Amazon worried about fraud. In their own, you intellection, so they say you people live in Alabama, you watch a teacher, a bunch of frauds, they don't trust you and Amazon. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who owns a Washington Post. Ridiculed people who were concerned about massive Maylin and fraud during the 2020 election.


In our brave new world, we will hear no more retired military officers weighing in on the fascism of the commander in chief like we did with Donald Trump.


This is an area, by the way, that I happen to know, Victor, and this this bugs him as much as I think anything does the behavior of military people and their wanton. Disregard of the Constitution and. Their wanton disregard of military ethics. Yeah, he says we'll hear no more retired military officers weighing in on the fascism of the commander in chief yet.


Biden's unity agenda actually is fascism. I better take the time to explain this, so I'm going to put that on the agenda because there is. When they talk about unity, they're being totally honest, but they don't mean it like you think, they don't mean unity where everybody agrees, they mean unity, where they are accepted as the majority. You accept them or else? It is the unity of fascism. Anyway, Mr. Hanson says that no longer will we hear military generals, retired military officers compare the recurring violence of antifa or black lives matter to that of Islamic terrorists.


No. None will compare Biden, who dismissed antifascism your idea to Mussolini or the Nazis, as they did Trump, any retired officer who smears President Biden will be reminded. That he is violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice and he's going to be flogged for it. The media, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Hollywood, top retired military brass, corporate America, universities, professional sports are all recalibrating the truth for the New Year one, which began on January 20th.


And about a month, they'll have it all down and soon we won't even be able to tell the old reality from the new the after Trump era has begun and you heard Biden basically admit what it is, it's to eliminate every bit of evidence Trump was ever president and to re-establish the Obama administration as being in its third term. That is where we are with, by the way, some added goodies. The Obama administration serving as the Biden administration is now free.


To be even more radical left wing. In their own minds, that's where we are, folks, and got to take a break. We'll be back the. Go away. Hi, how are you? Hey, you know what? I'm going to go back to the phones here in just a second, but I got a couple of things I just remembered. I got something here from my uncle who sent this to me for my for my birthday, which is on January 12, my uncle Steve.


And it's a it's a booklet here on the year I was born, 1951, remember, when it's a nostalgic look back in time at what print ads were looking like, what television ads looked like, what famous things happened in 1951, like in January, the United Nations headquarters were officially opened in New York City. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg sentenced to death in July of 1951 following their conviction, Willie Mays, age 20, joins the New York Giants.


Joe DiMaggio signed a 100000 dollar contract for third year in a row, but the cost of living in 1951, the year I was born. These things, for some reason, they fascinate me. A new house. This is the average new house. In 1951 was nine thousand dollars and we lived in one we lived in a very average new still there, I don't know who lives in it now, but it's still there. The average income in 1951 was three thousand five hundred fifteen dollars a year.


The average price of a new car was 1500 dollars a year. The average rent for an apartment, 78 bucks a year tuition to Harvard in 1951, 600 dollars. Gasoline was 19 cents a gallon. A first class postage stamp, three cents. Sugar was eighty five cents for ten pounds, vitamin D, milk 92 cents a gallon, ground coffee 72 cents a pound, bacon 52 cents a pound, eggs 24 cents per dozen. Fresh ground hamburger, 50 cents per pound.


Bread, 61 cents per loaf. Just amazing stuff, how cheap everything seemed. But it wasn't it wasn't it was that that's what the thing about inflation calculators are here is when Prairie Village, Kansas. Great to have you graduated, sir.


Hi, Mr. Limbaugh. Thank you for taking my call. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


I appreciate that. Thank you very much, sir, for being older than you. There's certain things I'm seeing in the current political climate, for example, the potential blacklisting of anybody that worked in the White House and possibly even extending to anybody that even voted for the president. Yep. As well as the fact that the Department of Homeland Security apparently is searching for domestic terrorism behind every tree and every rock. And the only thing I can think of is what I'm seeing reminds me of McCarthyism.


And I'm afraid what we're seeing now may be the new McCarthyism.


This is exactly what I'm trying to say. People don't realize how the Democrats are setting it up. So it doesn't matter. 2022, we're going to chalak them. They're not setting it up for all that stuff. Doesn't matter anymore. They're so far ahead of us in terms of defining the kind of country this is going to be. We're looking at it as winning and retail politics. And they you know what the difference is? You know what the real difference is?


When. They know how to use power, and we don't know if maybe it's not that we don't, it's just that we when we have government power, we don't use Trump did. Trump didn't look what they did to him. Look what they made sure he wasn't going to be able to do, serve again. Republicans prior to Trump do not exercise the power. They've got to implement an agenda and grow it. They just don't. Democrats do.


We certainly cannot take the 2022 elections for granted. We must actually do the work necessary to accomplish what we need to accomplish. Well, yeah, but that's going to be stopping these people from doing what they're trying to like, you had a brilliant observation. I've been meaning to bring this up. They are blacklisting everybody that worked in the Trump administration. They are making a move on Harvard to take away all degrees awarded to people who worked for Trump in his administration from cabinet level on down.


This would include Kayleigh McEnany, for example, and they're using Harvard students to push this. But they literally are. Demanding of corporate America that they not hire anybody. Who worked for Trump now? Why is that? The real purpose of it. Is to really harm these people so as to teach everybody a lesson the next time that Trump or somebody like him attempts to run for the presidency, you damn well are not going to support him, because if you do and even if he wins, you're eventually are going to pay a steep price for it.


This is therefore an effort. To eliminate any support for any future outsider who might seek to be elected the president. That's what they're doing. That is their use of power that they have. They're not afraid of using it, they're not afraid of the backlash against it, they don't care. And it's all oriented around the fact that they are entitled to power. That we are not that unity is only defined by us accepting that they are the legitimate.


People entitled to power, we are not. So when Mitt Romney comes along and says, well, we must all, in order to declare unity in this country, we must all acknowledge and state publicly that Joe Biden is a legitimate winner of the presidential election. What is that? Well, that's that's Romney being what Republicans are supposed to be. In this new America, you know what, folks, I've mentioned this before. And I'm going to mention again, I think what you ought to do.


Given that we are in an era of covid-19 and oh, speaking of which, the California governor is deciding to lift. The lockdown in your home order. Did you know that after all this time, Gavin Newsom? His lifting the stay at home water in California.


Now, all this time, Gavin Newsom was telling everybody it's the only way not to die, the only way to stay safe, the only way to prevent yourself from getting covid-19 now lifting the order because one and a half million people signed a recall petition against the guy anyway.


What you need to do. You need to rent or buy however you do it, a movie called Lives of Others. It is a brilliant portrayal of life. In the Soviet client state. Of the German, East German, Democrat, Republican, whatever the hell it was, it was. It's scary. It is instructive. It is.


Informative, it gives you an idea of what kind of fascism and totalitarianism we could be.


Facing the lives of others. It is a brilliant portrayal of life in East Germany. During the superpower days of the Soviet Union, Irish Honaker was the grand poobah. And it's it's it's a classic, classic movie if you're not doing anything with it, look at it, watch it and learn from it.


We'll be right back.


Hey, folks, think of how often that you browse the web with your phone or on your computer.


Think about all the places that you access free Wi-Fi when it's offered. Now, you might think that you're alone, that nobody's tracking your activity or watching you making any online purchases, but. Online cyber hackers have a number of ways of planting malware on your phone or your computer without you knowing it. That's the way they get hold of your information without you knowing, and they can do it if they can see your connection, if they are monitoring, if they're in the same place you appear on, the same network you're on, they can see your connection.


And then without you knowing it, they can plant malware. You have to click on something to make it happen, but it doesn't automatically happen.


But they still will provide something for you to click on.


But it's all rooted in the fact that they can see your connection and cyber threats are ever evolving these days. You need all the help you can get to protect yourself and your devices. And there is one name in online security to remember, and that is Norton, the Norton 360 software. It protects you and your devices, real time protection against the threats that could put your personal information at risk. Now, Norton 360 has something called a VPN, a virtual private network.


This alone is worth getting. Norton 360 it eliminates. Your connection being seen, you connect via a virtual private network, the cyber hacker could be seated right next to you, could be looking at your computer terminal at your screen. Your monitor will never see your connection. If you're running through a virtual private network, it hides your connection, it protects you and your devices from any online cyber hacker.


It makes you anonymous and invisible when you're online.


Now, no one can prevent all cybercrime, but Norton 360 gives you the protection that you need in this highly connected world. And you can get 50 percent off your first year at Norton dot com slash rush. That's the magic. My name is the offer code. Norton dot com slash rush, 50 percent off. OK, Ron in Woodbury, New Jersey, your next. Great to have you. Hello.


Testing, one, two. Anybody there we go to Mary in Wichita, Kansas, you're next. Great to have you.


Hi. Hi, Rush. You hear me? I do. OK, my my thing is that we've already lost the republic. We lost that a long time ago. And that's what we are. We are a republic and we've lost it. We're just useful idiots. They make us look great. People think we're fighting for this. But look at the schools. Look at the schools. We have parents don't pay to do what they're teaching in school.


So when these kids come home, it's the parents really know what America was about.


I think it's worse than that. I think they do now and then have the guts to do anything about it. It's true. True. I believe they don't have the guts to do it. I mean, the thing is, because we have lost our moral compass, literally our moral compass. I see it in the Catholic Church as well. You you know, to have a good education. But when you when you don't live your faith, you don't live by the rules that God's given us.


This is what we've got.


So how are you getting through the day, Mary? How are you? My God. Oh, yes. It's it's I go to Mass every day. And I said before the Lord, and that's my piece. Yeah, but it my that's my compass.


This is a very powerful thing to say. We've lost the republic. You're essentially saying that we have lost the foundation of who and what we are as a nation. We've lost it. Not that we're losing it. You think we've lost it? It's over. Oh, yes, we think about it, Rush, we have our true our true freedom, if you think about what true freedom really is, it takes responsibility. It takes some guts to speak up.


It takes it has consequences. I mean, look at the I'll just go with abortion. I mean, it's birth control for people. They don't take the responsibility of bringing a child into the world because they don't even look that what that child could do for them or maybe somebody else that would take that child. They just see that it's a I don't want to take this consequence. I don't want to take the responsibility. You see, parents fail their kids all the time.


You don't see kids even cutting lawns anymore. They have lawn services. Kids don't have any responsibility when they get into college. You have 1960s liberal nut jobs teaching your kids and parents. Are they questioning any of this? Like you said, they don't care. And here we are right now. They don't even understand. And and if you think about Christianity, OK, well, look, everybody.


Is there a solution to this or not? Is there a solution? I think we need to return to God. We need to we need to fight back. Absolutely.


OK, well, as long as you think that there is a solution to it and that's fine with the problem I have is people are fatalistic and think there's nothing we can do about it. And that's no good either. But I appreciate the call. I understand the sentiment. I really do. I want to get another word in before we have to go. Rochester, New York. Dave. Hello. How are you doing, sir?


Hello, Mr. Limbaugh. How are you doing? Fine, thank you. That's good.


Way to the point. I do receive information from some Canadian news outlets, and since the pipeline is, I guess, has caused quite a furor with some of the politicians, I really don't like it. And not only that horology, a lot of these people lost their jobs, but I guess there was native people who were really counting on this to some of the provinces that was running through. And with all this equity being talked about, I can't understand why that would be OK.


You know, I saying, no, I don't.


It's my hearing. I'm having your. You are you're simply saying that native tribes in Canada were hurt because of the closing of the pipeline? Well, they're counting on it economically and nobody nobody cares about that. Is that your point?


Well, with all the equity that we're talking about in Washington.


Oh, well, that's that's that's I don't even believe it when they thought that was what Susan Rice was talking about, that they're going to have racial equity all throughout this. This has been a street. That's a crock. The left doesn't do equity or equality. And the choice of the word equity was on purpose anyway.


The fact they're hurting Native Americans, what's news about that? Who are they helping? That's the question.


All right, folks. That's it for today. But open line Friday awaits in 21 hours. Where we will return and continue and we will be ready and ready for whatever happens between now and when the program starts tomorrow.


So look forward to it. See you next time.


I couldn't see a way out, we were completely surrounded and they all looked like the same person, zombies itching to convert us into their weird Hollywood cult. Everywhere we turn, there they were and more were coming, spilling into every opening around us. It seemed like they were calling out to each other telepathically, get them fresh meat. I thought the only way out was to give in and go with them. But just as I started to follow their leader, it hit me.


Adriana's hand met my cheek. Yeah, I slapped him with one quick strike to the face. SNAP out of it. Patrick, let's get the hell out of here. And that's when we made a run for it through the only opening in the crowd. We were only a few feet from making it out. When they blocked us in again, we were goners. Redfield Americas, a storytelling show, the kind Hollywood doesn't want you to hear, listen to read pilled America on I Heart Radio or wherever you get your podcast that's read pilled America.