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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. Man, oh, man. I mean, man, oh, man. Was that not nice yesterday to hear Catherine? I don't know if you heard the program yesterday, if you didn't check out Rush Limbaugh Dotcom. But Rush's widow, Katherine was on and she stayed almost the whole hour, taking questions on Russia's career. And even as his likeness of all of his pets and all of their all of the things that made Russia Russian was just so nice to hear.


And what an inspiration and what an inspiration, of course, Rush Limbaugh was and is. And that's why team IIIB is putting together remembering Rush. And I could not be happier than to be back behind the Golden EIB Mike in the Attila the Hun Chair keeping the Advanced Institutes or the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies going. I am the talk show host formerly known as Congressman Jason Lewis from the great state of Minnesota land of 10000 riots. The rest of us are locked up.


It is great to be back. And it was great to be in Congress. Great to be in politics. I served in the 15th. The most productive session in a generation alongside President Trump will get to a little bit of that today. Will also get to a few of your calls. As we remember, Rush together, one 800 202 288 two. That's the contact line is always here on the Rush Limbaugh program, one 888 to 288 to.


I want to tell you, though, getting back on on Russia's program and getting back into radio, coming from Congress, it feels a little bit like a promotion, you know what I mean? When you spend some time in Washington, you quickly realize you can take the politician out of the swamp, but you can't take the swamp out of the politician. And nobody understood that more than Rush. And I can tell you from firsthand experience in the Republican caucus, in the conference meetings we had once a week, I can tell you Rush Limbaugh was beloved.


And to those few who didn't love him, they feared him. And that's what made Rush Rush. That's why he was so instrumental in that most productive first two years of the Trump presidency. And let me just give you a quick recap on that, because I was there when one of the reasons Democrats focus on identity politics and seek to divide the country is because that's all they have. If they can't divide the country and label everybody who disagrees with them or projecting themselves onto those people by having malice in their hearts, this identity politics is the most toxic development to come around.


Everybody sees right through it. You just call your opponent a misogynist, a racist, a homophobe, a transphobia, and then you don't have to debate the record low unemployment under the Trump administration for blacks, Hispanics, for women, the lowest unemployment rate since 1969, thanks to the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, which we passed in the 15th. You want to talk about the most sweeping deregulation, giving us energy independence 16 Congressional Review Act. That's a historic record.


Prior to the 15th, only one was enacted to undo onerous regulation, repealing the Obamacare mandate, reforming Dodd-Frank security at the border, which is now total chaos. All veterans administrations reform allowing to terminate employees at the VA. And by the way, if it's a good idea to terminate employees at the VA, wouldn't it be a good idea to have the ability to terminate bad federal employees across the country in every department or better yet? At the state level, we have a teachers union right now that wants covid relief money, they're going to get 130 billion.


They want to be paid and have immense benefits, the best pension programs in the world, but they just don't want to work. And when you point that out, what does the head of the L.A., the California union say? Well, obviously you're a white supremacist. That's all they have. They can't run on the record. They can't run on the juvenile justice reform bill that I authored. They can't run on criminal justice reform, on a growing economy.


On energy independence, instead, they're canceling Enbridge line three here in Minnesota. They're canceling Keystone. I wouldn't want to run on that record either. And those are the things that we always learned. From Rush Limbaugh. Those are the things that made serving in Congress so much easier because we knew someone had our back. We knew somebody was leading the charge other than President Trump and other than those of us in 115 who were working with the president. I tell you, it was an amazing time, I had not seen anything like it since the Reagan revolution of 1980 and 81 and 82, Kenneth Roth and all the rest.


Well, we had the opportunity in that hundred and fifteenth Congress, the first two years of the Trump presidency to change the world. To make it a better place, we did now Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the Democrat Party is trying to undo it all. I ask you, what would the Democrats run on without identity politics? What would they run on subsidising Obamacare? Well, they're putting that in the culvert relief bill or undoing the tax reform that gave us the greatest economy in a generation.


Yet they're trying to do that, reregulate the energy market. So we're energy dependent once again under the Veterans Administration. Reform, open borders, plus a modern welfare state, which is a recipe for chaos. That is exactly what they're doing. No wonder they don't want to talk about it. And no wonder. Has more than ever before the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies is needed, and that's why I'm so glad that Team EIB is putting together a Remembering Rush program each and every day so we can hear the wisdom from Romell Rush.


You know, I filled in for Rush many years ago before I got into politics and the way the excellence in broadcasting folks treated me, whether it was the late Kate Carson or James Goldens Nordley and all the rest, is something I'll never forget. And it is so nice, as I say, to be back here. I call the promotion my friends to take it for me. If you ever get elected to Congress, demand a recount. But now I've got Ali Gregg on the phones crash running the board.


Let me see Ali Gregan and crash. Sounds like a bad law firm, but they're going to get us through today as we remember. Rush, let's start with a clip, because the learning never stopped with Rush Limbaugh and indeed it never can with all of us. We're starting to learn more about Joe Biden. He doesn't know it yet, but we do. And the fact is, that's what Rush stood for, continual learning and continue continued vigilance.


So let's run Rush's audio here, crash on what it means that the learning never stops.


It's been a learning process all of these years. I mean, it's the learning never stops as as I say. And it's it's just recognizing what is. And and part of it is these are things I wouldn't I couldn't know when I was 35 or 40. I haven't lived long enough. I haven't met enough people. I hadn't had enough opportunities to see and hang around people up close to learn how and who they are and what they do.


You really it does require a certain number of years of experience up close and from afar and keen powers of observation that you add to the base of knowledge that's constantly expanding.


Like you go back and listen to this program. Back in the 90s, there wasn't any talk of a ruling class elites, the establishment, it was there. The closest we got to it was when we discussed Republican Party and conservatism and how they really don't like conservatives because they associate it with a Barry Goldwater landslide loss. And they weren't big on Reagan. But, yeah, it's taken years for me to figure this out, to learn it and to be sure of it myself.


You know, that's that's really vintage rush, isn't it? Things change. I mean, the only constant the the late Louis Rukeyser of Wall Street week used to say the only constant is change. And things are never the same in the past. And that's what Rush would say all the time, to say you have to continually learn. And now we have for the first time, thanks to President Trump, dragging the Republican Party, kicking and screaming into a new era of representing the forgotten man and woman, the working class.


The Democrats have told the working man and woman pound sand that if you're not a member of an academic elite institution, if you're not a member of a public sector union, if you're a member of a trade union, you're a millwright, engineer, electrician. You work at at a mine up on Minnesota's iron range. Or you want to lay pipelines so that we can get cheap natural gas. Forget about it. We are not going to represent you.


So it's a golden opportunity for the Republican Party if they grab it. That was the Trump phenomenon that Rush was so much a part of, that we in the 15th were so much a part of. And that's why it's so important to understand that this is a new Republican Party and it's not going back, no matter what the swamp thinks, no matter what the establishment thinks, the Cold War is over. America is tired of endless war. America wants to represent the working class.


And that means American sovereignty. And that means there's going to be a cost to sovereignty, just like there's a defense budget. There's also a cost to open borders and no tax on trade. You know, I got to be honest with you, I grew up in the era of Milton Friedman and all the rest and the notion of absolute 100 percent free trade, a sort of a David Ricardo Ricardi in view. There should be no taxes on incoming imports.


But who says there should be no taxes on income? Nobody says zero there. So why should there be no taxes on consumption? And we'll get into this a little later. But it's really, really important because there's been a paradigm shift in the parties. And if the Republican Party can grasp hold of the working class has as Trump attempted to do and did. This will be a shift in allegiance and a shift in the electoral outcomes if they are honest.


We'll talk about that today as well. Going forward, it's just could not be more crucial. I am Jason Lewis, former Congressman Jason Lewis in on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network.


More of remembering Rush when we come back right after this.


And we are back remembering America's real anchorman, Rush Limbaugh on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. I am Jason Lewis. So happy to be back, I would say in the old days, filling in for the great one. Now, today, we're going to remember him. And thankfully, as I say, Team EIB is set to move forward for the next, well, weeks and months foreseeable future. So we can continue learning from Rush in these wonderful Remembering Rush segments as we are going to do all day to day.


And we'll also squeeze in a couple of calls. So much to talk about, so much to talk about. I will tell you, there's never been a clear contrast between what what is possible in America, what freedom will bring, what markets will bring, what American sovereignty will bring, and what can be done to destroy it in short order. You know, there's a great statistic out there called the civilian labor force participation rate, it's far better than the unemployment rate of all the available pool of labor.


How many adults are working? And under President Trump and our leadership in Congress, we got it up to 63 percent, thanks to a massive growth spurt coming out of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act and deregulation under Joe Biden and the covid lockdown's put forth by Democrats. Put forth by the Foushee Swamp creatures. It is now barely above 61 percent, you're seeing in short order everything we warned about in the twenty eighteen midterms, everything I warned as as a U.S. Senate candidate in 2020, these people will do and say anything for power.


Power is the key. They are anointed to govern you. They are busybodies on steroids. And that's what Rush was talking about time and time again. And that's exactly what he's talking about right here in this next clip.


You know what our greatest illustrations of the Democrats use of power versus the Republicans is? Look at all the hypocrisy. They get away with hypocrisy. Don't even touch them. It doesn't even attach itself to them yet. It can destroy a Republican. How is this?


And in large part, it's not solely this, but in large part it's the way they have marshaled the use of power.


They're not afraid to use it. They're not afraid of the blowback to it.


And I really think Republicans are. I think Republicans, it may be afraid. It's too strong a word. They're just uncomfortable with the media constantly yapping at their ankles. They're just not they'd rather have the media not questioning their motives and their actions and what they're doing. And so the Republicans do not use power even when they have won it. The Democrats are totally different. They're not afraid at all. They're not afraid of the backlash against it. They don't care.


It's all oriented around the fact that they in their minds are entitled to power, that we aren't, that unity is only defined by us, excepting they are the legitimate people entitled to power that we are not. That's what unity is. Unity is us conforming to them. We have to be a bunch of conformists. We have to agree that unity means them in power and using their power. There's a piece here at Front Page Mag, which is David Horowitz's magazine, when resistance became sedition and sedition became resistance is simply a story on how the Democrats get away with rank hypocrisy.


Here's the full quote. The difference between resistance and sedition, the difference between protests and insurrection, for example. None of what Antifa did is ever an insurrection, none of what Black Lives Matter ever, never is it an insurrection. But when the people protested at the capital, it was not a protest. It was an insurrection. And those people need to be flogged and they need to be put in jail and be tried. They need to be convicted and need to be sent packing.


The difference between resistance and sedition, between protests and insurrection is who is in charge. Democrats resist Republican elected officials, Republicans, however, they don't resist, they are said to be committing sedition when they criticize Democrat elected officials. Oh, yeah, this is how it works. Democrats protest, Republicans riot. These are not distinctions in law. The only real distinction is who is in power and who is on the barricades. Political hypocrisy is not a new phenomenon, but the Democrats have weaponized the national security state to suppress political opposition over the same behavior they engage in as a serious threat to the survival of our country.


The very things they do are said to be no big deal. They are simply practicing dissent when Republicans do those same things. It is said to be a serious threat to the survival of the country and the people of this country. What do you Republicans think you're doing? And they gin up even more hate. And this is all about knowing how to use power when they have it to define us. When is the last time you ever heard a Republican seriously tried to define the modern day leftist, liberal or progressive?


I mean, maybe throw around words like socialist or Marxist or what have you, but actually explaining to people how they are bad for the country, why they if any of them try that, you know what would happen to them? And yet they got away with doing that exact thing to us and we are left to have to defend ourselves and to explain it or to say that now the charge is bogus, you don't understand. And boil it all down, it comes down to power and the use of it and how they are not afraid to use it.


You know, Rush is so right about that. Back with me, Jason Lewis on Remembering Rush today, one 800 202 288 to. We'll get to some calls when we can. But hearing from the great one, talk about power and the real danger, of course, that Rush alludes to is when you believe you were born to exercise power. When you are an elitist and you think you're a busybody and you want to control other human beings, you can't have limits on power that becomes an obstacle and therefore you can't have the Constitution.


And therefore you start to talk about packing the Supreme Court, ending the legislative filibuster, undoing the Byrd rule. You know, this debate on the minimum wage is a perfect example of what Rush was talking about. The Democrats tried to throw in a minimum wage bill for good or ill. I actually think Amazon and all these big companies who have their employees on public assistance because they're not paying them enough deserve the minimum wage. It's the mom and pop Main Street stores that can't afford it.


It ought to be bifurcated at the least. But the bottom line is forget about the issue. They tried to throw that in budget reconciliation so they didn't have to be subjected to a filibuster or the Byrd Rule. They are going to undo the filibuster and then they're going to try to pack the Supreme Court because judicial review, the separation of powers stands in the way of absolute power. That is my friends, the Democrats I saw in Washington, D.C., they have no interest in compromising the whole unity.


Garbage is a media gaslighting tool to make you conform in. The dirty little secret is most people would rather conform than put up a fight. Most people are not individualistic enough to lead. We all got that conformity, Gene. We've all got that Karenin, us lecturing somebody else on you're not wearing your mask, it's all there and that's what they exploit. But the purpose of the Constitution and the Republic was to make certain that individual wouldn't have to conform in man.


Oh, man, is that ever needed more than ever right now. And so is Rush. Back with more after this.


And thank you once again. Done it is the talk show host formerly known as Congressman Jason Lewis, back on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network, along with you remembering Rush. So glad EIB is doing this and I'm so fortunate to be here. Let me let me just tell you a little something about Rush's impact here that a lot of people don't don't understand. You know, that back in the middle 80s or the mid 80s, I am radio was in real dire straits.


FM was coming in and it was sort of doing to AM music what, quite frankly, the digital world is doing to broadcasting in general today. And they didn't know what they were going to do with the band. And when you add that into the into the mix of a midday day part for those of you in the business, you know what I'm talking about. Morning Drive and RPM Driver are the moneymakers in broadcasting when everybody's listening in their car.


At least it was in the old days before the lockdown's before we all had to work from home. Let me tell you something. For a guy to come in and I was at the 50000 watt blow torch, a news radio. Eighty five KOA in Denver. That's where I got my start in radio. I was finishing up some graduate work in Denver and was doing part time radio Kioa. And when Rush started out, he literally not only saved and band created a new industry, which many of us then took advantage of, but also saved the day part.


But more important, he started out on small stations in places like Denver or Minneapolis or Portland or pick your favorite town. And so he was not on the main big 50000 watt stations. And that's half the battle in broadcasting, having people being able to hear you. So when he came in, he had to work his way in and he became so popular in the Mile High City that pretty soon Calloway and others said, we got to take this guy.


That was the power of Rush, speaking of power, and boy, he had it in spades and he proved it time and time again. So it is my distinct honor to be here today and take you through some of these old clips remembering Rush Limbaugh and the impact, the profound impact he really had in so many ways, in so many ways. And, you know, when you talk about power as well, want everybody to remember, the Democrats are not shy, as Rush said, about using it this minimum wage bill.


Remember, they want to undo the legislative filibuster. The last check on the mob. We do not live by the by mob rule in this country. We're we're a republic, not a pure democracy, where you get fifty point one percent of the people and they can do anything they want to. The other forty nine point nine percent. We have checks and balances horizontally and vertically called federalism. We have the filibuster in the Senate, a tradition that makes certain we have a consensus, not a mere mere tiny temporary majority.


They want to undo that so they can ram through H.R. one. So they can do pack the court and then every right, quite frankly, is in jeopardy, and that's what Rush is talking about when he talks about political power and third parties and why the latter is unnecessary if we just stand up to power.


I made a point that the Democrats know what to do with their power, they use it when they have it, and for the most part, the Republicans do not. And I mean, raw power, I don't mean the power that you have in majority votes in the Senate or in the House. Clearly, the Republicans will use that kind of power, but.


They will allow it to be watered down during debate and they'll make every every vote closed. Or what have you, it's a you know, it's a it's why so many Republican voters are constantly nervous. The Democrats, however, when they win and when they acquire power and even when they're out of power, they use it as though they've won it. You know, people ask me a third party, third party would not be necessary. If the Republican Party would simply coalesce around principled conservatives who don't fear anybody, especially radical leftist in Washington.


And this is part and parcel of using power when you have it. Now, we've got some people on our side who know how to do this. One of them is Kristi Noem. She is the governor in South Dakota. And she said at Bismack Review that Republicans need to toughen up, the party needs to toughen up and self evaluate for not following through on key issues. Now, here's an elected Republican who gets it. This is the blueprint, this is this is using power when you have it, which is what we're up against.


Democrats use it constantly. They bludgeon us with it. Kelly moved on to former President Trump, touting his accomplishments despite tough Democrat opposition before asking Norm to respond with her thoughts on his term. President Trump, she said, did things of great magnitude for this country, what he did on tax reform, on trade deals, his support of Israel, his protection of our national defense. His enforcement of our laws. This man got up every single day, Donald Trump, he fought for the common everyday American so that the common everyday American could have a chance to be successful and to pursue the American dream.


She added that she believes Trump's legacy is going to be remembered as one of the greatest presidents in our country's history, that's due to the actual policies that he pursued and the fact that he actually did what he campaigned on and he followed through with it. So she believes that the Republicans need to toughen up what the Democrats are doing. Try this. Democrat lawmakers introduced Bill for nationwide mail in voting necessary, they say, to make real progress. Wow.


Well, I tell you what, we're going to get into election integrity and voter reform next hour with more clips from Rush. And all you can say on some of these clips is right on Rush. I mean, he hit it out of the park there. I know I was there in that Congress with Governor Norm when we did all of those things and got this economy going. We had one point nine percent growth for a decade under Bush and Obama.


And everyone said three percent growth is impossible given the unemployment rate down to to levels not seen since 1969, impossible energy independence, why Jimmy Carter put on his cardigan sweater decades ago and said, turn your thermostat down, put on your sweater. We will never be energy independent. We were energy independent. The policy is, as Rush alluded, are what drives Democrats crazy. They know they're on the wrong side of history, so they focus on everything else.


And they know that if there's a debate over these policies are going to lose, so they have to codify them permanently with things like H.R. one, which would codify mail in balloting, which would codify the covid sham of an election. When when I say sham, I mean the process. I mean the process of in Minnesota, when the secretary cuts a deal with with a liberal outfit suing him under a consent decree to allow ballots to come in after Election Day.


To allow ballot harvesting is the Supreme Court is hearing finally, boy, Johnny, on the spot, that Supreme Court Evars right. Where were you when we needed you? You know, this is what they do when it comes to power. That's what Rush is talking about. And I'll give you Exhibit A. Obamacare. The Democrats knew they would probably lose power when they passed Obamacare. They rammed it through anyway. Sure enough, they lost one legislative house.


But it's still here. It's still here. And now if they can undo the legislative filibuster requiring 60 votes in the United States Senate. They can cram through anything they want, including in the plan was always this go to get control of the Senate, which they did, and then undo through Senate rules the legislative filibuster, the super nuclear option, and then literally draft another law to pack the Supreme Court, the passes with fifty point one or I should say 50 plus one.


Kamala Harris. Now, fortunately, mansion and company are standing, you know, in front or as an obstacle to the legislative filibuster being undone. So now they're trying to throw everything into something called budget reconciliation. And that's the Byrd Rule that says, well, if it's not unrelated to the budget, you can't put it in budget reconciliation. And that's what this minimum wage bill got stymied and that's why it was thrown out. But they're doing everything they can to accumulate permanent power.


And anybody who wants permanent power and will do and say anything to attain it is precisely the sort of individual that should never, ever see it.


I am Jason Lewis in I'm remembering Rush on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network.


Back with former Congressman Jason Lewis on remembering Rush and asking the burning question, what do Dr. Seuss and Neera Tanden have in common? Well, after yesterday, they're both looking for work. I just had to squeeze that in there. I'm telling you, I debated Neera Tanden on a network known for its, shall we say, mendacity. And she is a vicious political partisan. And I guess those thousand tweets that she deleted just wasn't quite enough. I don't know what it is about liberals and deleting tweets.


You ever notice that I can find any conservative tweet going back decades, but Neera got rid of a thousand. Still didn't do the trick for the OMB nominee. She is toast. One of the reasons are going after Dr. Seuss and To Kill a Mockingbird and Shakespeare. And every aspect of Western tradition is its gaslighting. It's not it's not erasing history. It's rewriting history. And if you do that and you keep the country preoccupied with tribalism and division and identity politics, you don't have to really have a debate over how crummy your health care has become.


Even though your premiums have tripled under Obamacare, you don't have to worry about covid lockdown's for schoolchildren in a mental health crisis when they have absolutely nearly, I should say, zero. What the hell? I'll say absolutely zero chance of really serious illness. You don't have to talk about how the teachers unions own the Democrat Party education in Minnesota, where I live and across the country, the NEA, and they are holding our children hostage for their own rank benefit.


You just talk about Dr. Seuss and you talk about it ad infinitum. Rush talked about this not long ago. Here's what he said.


I'm not in the political consultants business and I'm not in the business of running elections. There are professionals who do that. But like everybody else, I have my thoughts and opinions on it. But I've always believed. That people are human beings and we have some things in common and finding them and appealing to them as human beings rather than as victims or members of a group is in the long run going to be far more meaningful and productive than taking your policy manual and slicing it up into a bunch of different things that may not have a thing in common.


But you are out appealing to this group that your weekend maybe you're having trouble with women. So you come up with things to say to women, to get them to support you and all that. I just losing proposition. And it has been. Until Trump has come along and Trump didn't do any of that. I mean, Trump spoke to people's people. And he spoke to people where they live and how they live and the reasons why and it didn't matter what their race was, didn't matter what their sex or sexual orientation was, and as such, the whole demographic thing.


Didn't matter, but to the Republicans and Democrats to to the to the consultant class establishment class, it's it's all about groups. And the way you tailor messages for groups of people rather than having an overarching message for everybody. That is just so true, and that is the consultancy class, they look at how this is going to play amongst Hispanics, amongst the gay population, amongst blacks, amongst women they don't look at as individuals and Americans. And the reason the the radical left is doing this is that they can keep the country preoccupied over how miserable.


The dominant culture really is why they don't have to address these other issues in which they demonstrably fail. That's really it in a nutshell. And it is the most cynical, the most divisive strategy I've ever seen in my lifetime in the media and corporate America and the non-profits and K through 12 and higher ed are all in on the scam, one 800 to eight two two eight eight two. I'm Jason Lewis. Let's try to squeeze in a call. Lafayette, Indiana.


Scott, thanks for joining the Excellence in Broadcasting Network.


Hello. Hello, Scott. Hello. Yeah, go ahead. Oh, yes, sir. I'm a 51 year old small business owner and I was thinking about getting into politics. Do you think being a former congressman, it is worth my time and reputation, given the current political climate that is out there right now, being that, you know, there's my city is very purple, so and we have a university, so there's going to be major backlash.


Is it worth doing that to go out being a congressman to, you know, can I make a difference? Would I be immediately stifled by you know, you can make a difference.


I tell you, in the 15th Congress in which I served, it was the most transformative two years with President Trump leading the way literally in generations. Finally, we put America first American sovereignty. We zeroed in on China, the main culprit, the Cold War, is over except for the communist Chinese. But the Democrats want to, you know, raise the rushy Russian bogeyman. Where the hell were they when Reagan was trying to build up defenses against the former Soviet Union?


Nowhere to be found. Now they're trying to lie. They're not trying to lie. They did lie for years and years and years. And so what we did is ignore it. We pushed ahead and we changed the country and it's not going back. That's why the Democrats focus on identity politics. So having said that, you can make a massive difference in just a short period of time. I am so I'm proud to have been a member during the Trump era.


But I will tell you this during the council culture, they will come after you. They will not try to defeat you. They will try to destroy you. And, you know, you need that kind of. Up you money, right, you need you need corporations that that, for instance, the companies that sponsor the Rush Limbaugh program, God bless them, they are proud and brave people. The first thing the Democrats and the liberals and the media try to do is undercut the sustenance which you need.


So if you're willing to put up with that, as I was and many others, I say get after it.


Scott, we need you. Thanks for the call. I'm Jason Lewis, remembering Rush on the EIB.


All right. Coming up next hour on Remembering Rush, we're going to be talking about election integrity, the subject they think is taboo. They don't want you to talk about is precisely what Rush would talk about. And we will hear him on the way to wipe out elections, the way the Democrats plan mail in ballots and all the rest. That's coming up with rush clips next hour on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. I am Jason Lewis. It's an honor to sit in on this program once again, this time a little bit bittersweet and given the circumstances, obviously.


But just hearing Rush's voice sure makes it a lot easier for all of us. We've got more clips, more calls at one 800 two eight two two eight eight two as we squeeze a few of those. And, you know, when we get into this election integrity and what the Democrats are trying to do with H.R. one, which would basically codify the Maylin rules for covid, you start to understand why this Biden adviser was caught saying the other day that covid was the best thing ever to happen for Joe Biden.


I was on the campaign trail all last year, traveling all throughout the great state of Minnesota. And let me tell you something. We warned about this time and time and time again. We said if the government can find a pandemic exception to the Bill of Rights now, they will do so in perpetuity if they can lock you down and violate your privileges and immunities, not to mention the due process clause of the 14th Amendment. They're going to continue to do it time and time again.


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Join us, listen to crime stories with Nancy Grace on Thee I heart radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you listen to your podcast. And thank you once again, Johnny Donovan, it is our number two on remembering Russia on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network could not be happier. High atop the EIB Tower from midtown Manhattan has the Rush Limbaugh Advanced Advanced Institute for Conservative Studies goes on unabated as we remember Rush. And it's my honor to be here. So greetings to all of you.


Music lovers, thrill seekers, conversationalists across the fruited plain, as Al Rushville would say. It is a pleasure to be with you. I am Jason Lewis, former member of Congress. Now back on the radio, which, as I say, we call a promotion in my world. It is great to be here. We'll try to squeeze in a couple of calls, one 800 two eight two two eight eight two. As we remember, Rush, you know, one thing I wanted to get to last hour and I did not and I know Rush would and he did so many times.


And that is this this gaslighting that's going on that the Democrat media complex and actually it's the corporate state as well. I mean, I'm not quite certain how corporate CEOs conduct meetings without sitting down because obviously they have no spines to stand up with. I've never seen a larger group of conformists and chickens. I mean, all across Minnesota, every Fortune 500 company. What do you want us to do? We're sorry. What do we do? What program do we start?


What should we just use the word inclusion more often? Is that what you want us to do? They have basically gone all in on the Democrat left. They have basically adopted the Churchillian view that those who feed the crocodile the most will merely get eaten last. That is corporate America. And they're getting rewarded. They get rewarded with bailouts during the 07 08 financial meltdown. They're getting rewarded if they do carbon tax credits, the corporate state, it's not it's not a surprise that big business wants a minimum wage.


That's the best way to put their small competitors out of business. So we've got these. Oh, and by the way, the bond market, the stock market. Well, they basically want another stimulus package. They think it's a good old Keynesian stimulus. I hate to use that term stimulus. I don't know why I keep thinking of Hunter Biden or Andrew Cuomo. The last thing they need is the stimulus of any kind. But I digress. Point being.


Right now, right now, we are set to spend five point seven trillion dollars uncovered relief spending. We've already spent two point nine trillion in the spring of last year. Last December, another almost trillion, 900 billion. And now the Democrats are cramming through this Christmas tree ornament, one point nine trillion dollar, five point seven trillion. When I was in Congress, the entire federal budget was four trillion. When I say gaslighting, what I'm talking about is this all we have to do is open up the economy, get the government off the backs of the people with regard to regulations, and keep taxes and incentives where they ought to be.


That's what we did in the 15th. That's what they don't want to do. They want to tax, they want to regulate, they want to spend and they want to keep the schools shut and the economy closed down. Let me tell you something. These so-called experts who first told us not to wear a mask, then to wear a mask, who first told us there would be no threat from the covid virus in America, then there was the greatest threat ever known to mankind.


Want lockdown's in perpetuity. They want a permanent pandemic exception to the Bill of Rights. In the Constitution. There is none. And if the Supreme Court had more guts, as the president said the other day. They would have struck these things down had state legislatures had more guts, they would have struck down the outrageous usurpation of election law going on in every single state which Russia is going to talk about here in a second. The idea that we have hunkered down in absolute conformity, that we have instilled fear in our young people, that we have deliberately infected nursing homes and congregated living centers, that we have quarantined the healthy.


Well, we infected the vulnerable is not a public policy mistake, it is a scandal. And it's not just Cuomo in New York, it's walls in Minnesota. You go across the Democrat blue state landscape and you will see much of the same across this country. In fact, the Minnesota Department of Health, where I live, said that they had a policy of taking covid positive patients out of hospitals, putting them in nursing homes that would be, quote, affirmative.


That was part of their affirmative plan to use their verbiage. This is going to be the greatest catastrophe looking back in American history. The idea that we have shut down an economy, we've destroyed children, an entire generation of them, we've killed the elderly and we did it in the name of pure abstract power. And now they want to keep it, and that means making certain we take this covid experience with mail in ballots, ballot harvesting consent decrees that under undercut election law.


And we keep it going, which is exactly what Rush warned about not long ago. This is Deedes is in Spokane, Washington. Great to have you. Hi.


Hi. Prayers to Rush. Thank you. I just I just want to let you know. I the big voice on the right, I warned everybody this was coming, it should not be a surprise. I told you, Democrats are hell bent on making elections meaningless. They know they can't eliminate them. They know they cannot wipe out elections, they'll never succeed with that, but the next best thing is making elections foregone conclusions. Therefore, making elections meaningless, that means using whatever they can, such as mail in ballots, mail in voting.


To give themselves an advantage now some of you might be saying, wait a minute, why does mail in voting automatically give them an advantage? Republicans can do it to you. Republicans are trying to stop it. Republicans and I don't blame them, by the way, Republicans are standing against mail in voting, we ought to have one election day like we did for decades. We've had the Election Day where all you did was show up at the polls and vote.


There was no early voting. There was just Election Day and absentee for people who literally couldn't make it.


It was a very tiny percentage of voters. And we were able to do it and we were able to count the votes and know who won by the end of the night on Election Day, and then all of a sudden we stopped being able to do any of that. For whatever reason. We weren't able to have. Show up in person voting no, we needed we needed early voting and then we needed mail in voting and pretty soon there's going to be some other kind of virtual voting because of culvert.


Well, that's what mail in voting no don't come up with something in addition to it. They never stop. Their objective is to make elections meaningless. There's a way it happens. And they have got it down pat, so now they've introduced a bill for nationwide mail in vote. They're expanding on it. They're not content for how it worked in 2020.


Mail in voting and voting for several months before and after Election Day. This is what they're aiming for. What do you mean after election? Oh, yeah, they're going to move for this. Some people can't vote on Election Day, even with mail in ballots. We need to make sure every vote counts. You've heard their mantras. This is called using their power as a bludgeon when they have it.


I am Jason Lewis, and along with you enjoying remembering Rush on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network, Rush is right on on that. Trust me, we saw it in Minnesota. covid is the best thing to happen to Democrats. That's why they're so eager to keep it going. And now they've got H.R. one. That's to what Rush was referring to, to federalize our elections, even though by definition in our republic they are a state function state, send representatives to Washington.


You don't federalize that. You allow it to say. Now, there's some there's some caveat for the presidential side. But for members of Congress, it's a state function. And not only do they want to overturn that, you've got you've got attorneys general, you've got secretaries of state already overturning settled law in their respective states. Where where were the courts, where were our state legislatures saying, hey, this is an executive overreach, a usurpation of power?


This is a violation of the separation of powers, legislators, right. Election law, not secretaries of state. All right, one 800 two two eight eight two, that is the contact line here on the Rush Limbaugh program. Glad to be back with you, Jason Lewis and Dale in North Georgia. You're on The Rush Limbaugh Show. Jason, just a quick question and point, there's an article on the Fox News website right now that points out that 108 illegal aliens have tested positive for covid and were allowed to continue and enter into the United States.


My question is, what's the difference between the Biden Harris policy at the border and Governor Como's policy in New York, where he allowed covid patients into nursing homes? There is no difference.


And there's a common theme. They don't give a damn thing about how many Democrat officials broke their own guidelines. Whether it's, you know, eating at a fancy restaurant in San Francisco, whether it's going to a retreat, whatever you've heard the stories, they're legion. And what does that tell you? Tells you it's all for show. It's window dressing they don't believe in. Now they're telling you to wear two masks, the vaccine really isn't going to be enough.


This is the best thing that ever happened to tyrants and I don't use that phrase loosely. But if you can tell people that you can't go out of your house, you have de facto house arrest, and then you let in people who are positive. You put people from hospitals into nursing homes, you open the borders and you combine it with the welfare state and free health care. You don't give a damn about the virus. This is a political exercise for power.


And that's what we're seeing, and if we don't, if we don't? Straighten the ship out pretty soon, I fear, for, as Jefferson used to say, to tremble for his country and we're all trembling right now. Back with more on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network.


And we are back remembering America's real anchorman, Rush Limbaugh on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. I am Jason Lewis. It is so nice to be back at EIB with the gang all doing a great job. I remember them fondly from filling in for us prior to my a little foray into politics as a member of the House and then a candidate for the United States Senate in Minnesota. You know, speaking of elections, before we get to Russia's next clip, you know, there's a reason and it's very, very odd to me, friends, you're not supposed to talk about election integrity, voter fraud, voter I.D. harvesting ballots, late ballots.


And I to talk about that, it's a done deal. Corporations are telling people not to talk about it. It's crazy, right? And yet Supreme Court's hearing the Arizona case about harvesting ballots, but voter ID out of precinct balloting, that's odd. The Democrats first bill in the last two sessions of Congress, H.R. one is all about federalizing the elections and putting in place the permanent covid mailing without ID ballots. Now, wait a minute, we're not supposed to talk about this.


And yet that's the first bill out of the Democrats. We're not supposed to talk about this, but yet the Supreme Court feels necessary to hear this case in Arizona. Where were you when we needed you in the fall? We really had a couple of institutions go AWOL on us in this election, folks, I know I was running for the U.S. Senate here in Minnesota against a post above. It's almost hard to believe my opponent was about as radical as you could get.


Senator Tina Smith. You know, post birth abortion, I backed the governor of Virginia, former executive of Planned Parenthood, raised taxes, identity politics, all she cared about was getting on Omar's voters and she thought that was enough and maybe it was. But I got more votes than any Republican Republican statewide candidate in history. I actually outperformed the top of the ticket, and yet we lost.


That's Tommy Boy would say in the great movie Tommy Boy, why it's a mystery. Well, now we've got H.R. one and they want to cram that through, it's why they want to get rid of the legislative filibuster to get it done. And if they do, Katie, bar the door. Republicans will never get elected again. You'll have permanently. Permanent ballot harvesting. You can take ballots 10 days after the election just to see how many you need that you can go get them right.


You'll have felons voting and pretty soon imprisoned felons voting, there was a lower federal court judge ruling out in the Northwest, it said allowing people who are in prison not to vote or banning them from voting performed a disparate impact on a certain class of citizens. Therefore, that was illegal. That never made it, thankfully. But that's coming. That's coming. And, of course, no I.D. And that's precisely what Rush was talking about not long ago when it came to voter I.D..


This is Dede is in Spokane, Washington. Great to have you.


Hi. Hi. Pass to Rush. Thank you. I just I just wanted to let you know I'm a retired letter carrier after 30 years. I recently retired. And I just want to let you know about my concern with mail in ballots. And I know you're talking about even the absentee ballots. And I know that in November when we vote, there's many absentee ballots because the snowbirds and I would just like people to know that is good carriers. And there is a lot of rabid union carriers that are being told terribly trunkless would take away their votes.


I mean, their their job. He wants to close post office and privatize. They hate Trump. And all my years, I know that there's ways that they delay mail. They can make mail disappear. We have a saying which is and post office called take it for a ride. And if they want to delay something, they don't deliver it that day. They'll take it for a ride or they'll put it back in the mail stream. It reminds me of when you were talking years ago about Lois Lerner.


Lois Lerner? Yes, that's right. Lois Lerner was the one that was responsible for delaying and denying fundraising status to conservative fundraising groups and shouldn't even need a memo to do it. She was in that job because it was understood she would do it anyway.


Look, this mail in ballot thing, I'm glad I'm glad you called the we all understand the pitfalls of this. Here's all you need to know about mail in voting, folks. The only thing you need to know, the president needs to make this point more frequently and a little louder. No I.D. is required. Now, he he talks about how absentee balloting is much, much different because you've got to go through a process. The process is proving who you are.


You cannot vote absentee without proving who you are. Mail in balloting. You don't have to prove who you are. You can make it up. You don't have to prove anything. There's no I.D. and there's no ID verification. It is made to order for fraud. That's the only reason the Democrat Party is interested in it. That's exactly right. One 800 282 288 as we continue on with remembering Rush, time to squeeze in a quick call. This is Robert Jamestown, Tennessee.


You're on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network with me today, Jason Lewis and Jason.


Then God bless Rush. Shortell misses you and me both, my friend.


You know, the battle to manage to be fought with the Republican Party here, Republican Party setback all last summer and sat on their hands and did nothing about this. Let the Democrats go through all these legislatures, all these courts change all these roles. And they sat on their hands and did nothing. There was there was no great mystery. Russell was talking about it in April. What was going to take place? It was obvious as the sun rises.


But they still sit here today and have done nothing about it. They haven't challenged anything that's gone on in Pennsylvania, Detroit. And the way that is being set up is all they got to do is hold off in the cities, in the minority communities, hold off in the cities to see what votes they're going to need to to, you know, take take take the lead in the election. But, you know, roll a couple of vans in it and pull those votes out.


And the Republicans, you know, are not going to challenge that. They're not going to disenfranchise any cities or minority voters.


We'll look. Look, let me get right to the point. You're 100 percent correct. And that is not only was were the justices AWOL in the fall on this, that should have been taken up immediately. There could have been a number of procedures to do that. But state legislatures, Republicans in state legislatures, including my own, were totally AWOL, too. They talked a good game, but they didn't do. Jack, you go back to the 2008 Coleman Franken case and you got a thousand felons voting, mysteriously making up a deficit to swing the Senate for the Democrats coming out of Minnesota so they can enact Obamacare.


We've known there's been voter fraud in Minnesota since the day we abolished voter ID, not abolish it. Never had it. Don't have provisional ballots. You can vouch for somebody. We know what's going on. And this has been let me tell you what's going on real quick here you go back to Prop eight in California when then Attorney General Kamala Harris has attorney general. The state's attorney says, I declined to defend the Prop eight. That set this on the glide path when you had the state executive officials from AGs, two secretaries of state refusing to defend state law, in fact, contravening state law, the secretary of state in Minnesota cut deal after deal with liberal activist groups to usurp the power of the Minnesota state legislature.


And nothing, nothing was done about it.


It is a grotesque violation of the separation of powers. And that's what that's why they want to keep it.


And we do. We are here at the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies, which will be around, thankfully, for a long, long time as we relish these rush clips. We remember Rush, Bow and boy, I tell you, it is so smart and so, shall we say profound that we continue to do this, because now more than ever, Rush is needed, especially when it's when you talk about having a backbone. You know, I served in 115 Congress and that was the most profound Congress.


Speaking of, by the way, I digress. You never know how words start to become fashionable. Profound gravitas, he doesn't have the gravitas now it's existential, if I hear one more cable news pundit use the overhyped term, it's an existential threat. Russia has an existential climate change. You want to know how this fear overcoverage started? Chart over fear over climate change. Activists fear over global warming until Texas got hit with a snowstorm. Now it's climate change.


The weather event of this year, when we were stuck 10 below degrees at 10 below in Minnesota for a month, Texas got hit with a snowstorm, proved to fundamental things that they better not talk about global warming, better keep it on climate change. And number two, about that windmill. It's amazing. One 800 282 288 to Jason Lewis in remembering Rush and his his clarion call to establishment Republicans to get out of the way. Here's what Russia had to say about that.


This is key in San Francisco. And thank you. Great to have you. I love I love San Francisco. It's great to hear from somebody from there. How are you?


I'm doing great, Rush, mega dittos. And thank you for listening to me today. Rush. I firmly believe and I've been listening to you since my college days when you were in Sacramento. I firmly believe that conservatism, when articulated clearly and when practiced faithfully and without apology, wins every time.


And so I am incensed when I look at the current political landscape, when I look at the establishment Republicans and I look at the opportunity that they are squandering, because not since when Reagan got a chance to position conservatism against the failed liberal policies of Carter, have we ever been given an opportunity to so clearly position ourselves as a service man and how different we are when you look across this country, when you look at every major metropolitan area that has been controlled by Democrats and liberals for 50 years, you look at Detroit, you look at every other area where you just have to show up and point fingers and show what liberalism unchecked can do.


Rush, I'm in my early 40s. I've got a seven year old, I've got a four year old. They can see conservatism flourish for the rest of their lifetimes if we don't squander this opportunity. And you, sir, have always said liberals will always show you what they were afraid of. When you look Lois Lerner and the IRS and all these scandals. Who are they targeting? It is not the establishment Republicans. It is conservatives because they fear conservatism.


This guy, you obviously have been listening to me since the Sacramento days because there's nothing wrong with what you said, you are absolutely right. And I want to ask your question, why do you think the establishment Republicans don't see it that way?


Because I don't think they care. You know, the difference is, again, the first president that I in my childhood was aware of was Reagan. And one thing about Reagan was that you knew here is a gentleman who believes who not only believes in what he says, but cares about his country. He wants to put his country first. What I look at the landscape today, I see a bunch of career politicians who are more concerned about getting re-elected, about staying in power than putting the interests and the needs of their nation.


Wait, wait, wait.


Let me play devil's advocate. You just said, and a lot of people agree with you that this nation is hungering and thirsting for an alternative to be articulated well and and reasonably and with good cheer. And the people are just dying to vote for it. So if that's driving them their effort to be re-elected, why don't they do what you say they should do?


Because I don't believe they're true conservatives. I don't believe that they believe in conservatism. All right, and why not? I'm going to keep drilling down because there are answers to all these questions. I mean, why not?


Well, again, because they are listening to the media the way that they're being portrayed. As you have said many times, they just want to be liked. And in their minds, they think that if they just espouse conservatism, they won't be like and somehow they have it in their mind to retain power, to get re-elected. They have to be liked.


There is a specific answer to my question, and you've you've given part of it.


But in the real world of politics, one of the reasons is in addition to what you said, when they see conservatism, they see Barry Goldwater, they see a landslide defeat. They see a Republican Party in the wilderness for 40 years. They don't see the beginning of a movement. They don't see something that led to Ronald Reagan. They don't see Reagan, they see Goldwater. Their consultants see that they are not conservative, as you say. They have also, I think, as establishment types.


How many times have you heard what you would think are conservative media say? You know, the American people have made up their minds and they actually want a big energetic government and president executive. They call him. They want this. We have got to adjust to the reality that the American people want a large, efficient, energetic government working for them. We have to convince them that we can do it better and smarter. And that's the current mindset of Republican consultants, many in the so-called conservative media who advise the Republicans that you are talking about.


You throw that into the mix, in addition to everything you said, that they're really not conservative and there's another big one, too, they don't believe in smaller government governments. The answer to everything, governments where they make their money, government is where they have their contacts. Government is where they go to lobbying work after they finish their work in office and really score. And without big government for lobbyists to massage or manipulate and earn big money, there could be no big financial opportunity.


You got to have a big government so that it can be massaged and managed and manipulated, scored money off of and so forth. And that really follow the money. And you'll have the answers to many questions. But at the root of it, they really aren't conservative, but they're not conservative because it embarrasses them. They they think pro-life is a killing issue.


For example, social issues and the things that they've won on are the things that they are afraid of. I agree wholeheartedly Russian, you know, as a as the son of immigrants, you know, my family immigrated here when I was a young child. And I will tell you, though, that America, the America the conservatism stands for is why people have immigrated to this country for so many years and still do it is it is for what America is even to this day still stands for.


And nothing better epitomizes that America than conservatism.


No question about it. There's another thing to. You and I look at what's happening in the country, we see a crisis, we see a crisis that really threatens the existence of America as founded. The Republicans you're talking about don't see that they don't see a spending crisis. That's not the problem. You haven't seen him reduce spending. Yeah, I mean, they don't believe that's a problem, they'll tell you, look, man, the national debt has been growing ever since I was a kid.


We're still here today. Any problem? That's an old shibboleth. Nobody is not going to kill us. It's no big deal.


They don't. They don't. And it's still see the world the same way that that you do. And it's a shame. But at the root of it, you're right, they're not conservative. We can get into the whys and wherefores of it. And that's useful simply is as an informational or educational exercise. But that remains the the fact that not only are they not, they are wrong about it, they have fears about it, but are misconstrued.


I mean, if you if you social if if all conservatism is to use Barry Goldwater and believe me, you know, don't don't discount that. That that to them is what's going to happen if we nominate. Why do you think they keep nominating moderate Northeastern liberal Republicans?


They really think conservatism equals landslide defeat, why they don't see Reagan is probably rooted in the fact that they don't want to admit that they were wrong and they really don't want to get into the argument of smaller government because they're really, really, really don't want to do the work necessary to make that happen.


Also here, coming up next segment, trying to get to one 800 to two to eight to two excuse me, two eight eight two for your calls. I'm Jason Lewis on remembering. Let me just add on real quick here and then we'll go to the next break. Your crash, and that is Rush, could not be more correct about this. There are two forces as to why the swamp always wins. And I'm speaking as a former member of Congress here.


One are the forces of globalism, the corporate state, you name it, liberals who believe in globalism, don't believe in American sovereignty, open borders, free trade without any any concern over American sovereignty, American jobs and our national defense and the hollowing out of America. That is the group that pressures Republicans. And therefore, too many Republicans don't want to take the path of most resistance. They want the path of least resistance. And when you bring it up in the halls of Washington and say we've got to do something, otherwise, why are we getting elected?


They will tell you each and every time, well, you can't do anything if you don't get elected.


Take a poll. Back after this.


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That is pound to fifty and say pure torque. You'll have the option to receive a one time auto dial text message from pure torque, something to look at it to. And we are back remembering the real anchorman of America, Rush Limbaugh, on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. I am former Congressman Jason Lewis from the great state of Minnesota. You all know Minnesota is just too many jokes there, folks. I don't have time for them all. Let's squeeze in a quick call.


Orlando, Florida. Marsha, you're on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. With me, Jason Lewis, remembering Rush. Is that a phone call for me, that is, ma'am. All right, my tribute, it's not mine. It's from Oswald Chambers devotional book that most for highest, the author who benefits you most is not the one who tells you something he did not know before, but the one who gives expression to the truth. That has been Bambrick struggling in years for utterance.


Wow. Well, that is important, isn't it, the ability to express yourself, validate truths and convince people by telling them something they didn't already know?


Yes, well, not that they didn't already know, but there has just been something I had that experience. And that's why that struck me. Yeah, because all I had to listen to was a liberal local talk show. And I asked the Lord to please give us somebody who spoke conservate. I didn't know the term conservative at that point, but that spoke truth. That was healthy for this nation.


You know, you would think with the monopoly that the left has on media that they'd be happy. Instead, they're trying to stamp out every last vestige of an opposing viewpoint. That's what they do in Cuba, in Venezuela, in the former Soviet Union, in China. They take away your ability to defend yourself. They take away free speech. They collectivised the farm. They have state run education, and then they finally imprison their political opponents. Any of this stuff sound familiar, folks?


I'm Jason Lewis. Remembering Rush on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network.


Back on Remembering Rush. I am former Congressman Jason Lewis. It is my honor to guide you through all these great clips. Next hour, we're going to loosen it up a little bit and talk about Rush. And are you ready for this or are you sitting down cats? Actually, I really appreciate this. I'm looking forward to hearing these clips again because I watch I grew up with cats and dogs in my family and I don't know about you, but in our household, the cats rule the day.


And these were big dogs, but they did not they did not take on the cats. So we'll talk a little bit about that and the definition of the now famous Gorbals them. Remember, Ross used to talk about Gorbachev and the fawning, the idolatry by the liberal left of Mikhail Gorbachev when in fact it was Reagan that won the Cold War. Nevertheless, Gorbachev was loved more so by the American media than his own people, but nevertheless loved that.


Was the Gorbachev him now in the era of, you know, Andrew Cuomo and Hunter Biden? I'm not certain I'd use that term again. But we can do this. Kind of like the Biden shuffle has nothing to do with policy. Just watching Joe walk. Everything's taking on a whole new meaning, isn't it? You haven't noticed that. So coming up next hour, we'll try to squeeze in a call if we have time, one 800 202 288 to, as we remember, Rush on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network.


I'm Jason Lewis. Back with more.


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And thanks once again, back for the third hour of the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. The Rush Limbaugh program remains and will remain as the team EIB puts together these great clips as we remember Rush. We're gonna have some fun this hour, lightening it up a little bit in the first segment or two. But then Rush meets Mikhail Gorbachev and defines what a Gorbachev. I would tell you, it's one thing they never talk about in the governor's mansion in Albany.


But regardless, you get the point and we're going to talk a little bit about that. There is one thing I did want to squeeze in before we get to all these fun little cat and dog stories and that Catherine talked about yesterday on the EIB. And that is where we are, because this pertains to what Rush talks about a little later in the hour with regard to the media fawning the American liberal fawning over the right kind of fascism. Remember, the Nazi Party was the National Socialist Worker's Party.


And what we're going through today is not the purest form of communism, as in the Cold War, unless you're talking about China, where the government owns the means of production. This is more of a corporatism, a globalist corporatism. And that's that's what we're fighting, where the favored big businesses and the favored government unions get all the breaks and the rest of us are locked down. You have a teachers union that are putting children through hell with the backing of Joe Biden and Tim Walz in Minnesota and Andrew Cuomo and every Democrat governor in the country bowing and groveling at the feet of the teachers union.


And when you call them out, they call you a white supremacist. Has the California union leader did. Well, let me read you a quick quote. Quote, All government employees should realize that the process of collective bargaining has usually understood cannot be transplanted into the public sector. In the public service. Donald Trump. Jason Lewis, Ronald Reagan, pick your favorite conservative, Rush Limbaugh, no. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, even Roosevelt understood the obvious conflict of interest when you have the teachers unions electing governors and then sitting across the bargaining table negotiating their next contract.


What I'm telling you here and now that I'm free from politics, I can say this. There should be no no power in these government unions, political speaking. Janice helped along the way, but we got to go further. We cannot be held hostage to this. Our kids are dying and not from covid, from suicide, drug abuse harming themselves. It's an outrage, just a damnable outrage. So that's why we need a lighter note, this first segment, and let's kick it off with what Catherine was talking about yesterday, and that is the great debate on the Rush Limbaugh program between cats and dogs and the New Limbaugh kitten.


We got a new kitten. We waited an appropriate amount of time. We went out, got a new kit, a new Abyssinian, a tourny and this little cat. I'm going to have to send some pictures up to Coco over the weekend. This little cat pumpkin pumpkin was an adult cat as a kitten. It was the most amazing. This this little kid is a kid. This little kitten is like every kitten you've ever seen. It just gets into.


And no, I don't think I've got a kitten unlike anybody else's. Everybody's got these same stories. But I mean, this little kitten tries to find every wrong place to go, every dangerous place to hide. But it's the most affectionate little thing. I've got some of the most amazing pictures of this thing sitting on the couch with us watching TV. And it's not actually what it's doing, but it looks like it named her Ali. But I'm telling you, the most affectionate little thing, unlike most cats, she's not yet reached the aloof status that'll happen as she gets older, becomes a woman cat.


But right now it's running me ragged.


And a cat is mine, you know, I'm the only one that feeds the cat so that it bobs, but she loves Catherine. At the same time, you know, we we've introduced one dog to her, our two dogs, the lead dog, Abby, is not having it. Abby didn't care. Another dog show this cat. It's that's another story. Wellesley doesn't care. She is totally clueless anyway. She doesn't care about the cat being in the room.


So anyway, they're late nights and a cat is all over me in bed. It just it's the most fun thing. Most people think dogs are smarter than cats. And that and the reason for that is, is it cats don't respond when you call them not. I know you cat owners. My cat does my cat look at I have a cat.


And when the cat's hungry and I say her name or shall I say this, you look at me and sometimes she's an Abyssinian and they're they're little friendlier than other, you know, breeds can be punky. I mean, she'll still make a move, but not all the time. It's very rare. Just look at me like I'm an idiot. Don't you know I'm a cat and can't understand what you are saying? You call a dog, it's slobbers and licks you all over the place.


It has what people consider unconditional love and people that's brilliant. Get dog could learn the language. Dogs can even bark the language if they're good enough.


And smart enough can say, I think the cat has to be smarter than the dog. There's there's no other possible conclusion, cats have staff, dogs have masters. We always refer to the dogs as human, as its master and calls that are or is it around a dog's ordered into the water to go get the duck that you've just shot into the muck. Try getting the cat to do. A cat's not going to get itself dirty for you. Cats not going to do any cats, not going to catch any food for you.


Cats not going to do diddly squat. Cat's going to make you do all that for it.


And they succeed. There's and there's no such thing as a seeing eye cat. You know, they don't care.


You get run over Kaczor problem.


They're just they sit around. They are they are superb royalty.


They just they they've got it set up.


Everybody waits on them and don't have to do diddly squat. If you don't, they'll come headbutt you and all this to let you know.


But, you know, it's all this debate about animal intelligence is is relative anyway, because when you get right down to it in terms of human IQ, all animals are idiots with classic brush.


All animals are idiots, you know, as compared to imbeciles or morons, idiots are the most dangerous because they figured out how to procreate. But imbeciles and morons, I mean, all animals are are idiots. That is too too classic 1-800 to a do two eight eight two. Let's try Claire. She's in Cocoa, Florida. Welcome to the Rush Limbaugh program with Jason Lewis, remembering El Rashbaum.


Hello there. How are you? I'm good, Claire. How are you?


We lost our dog Scottie back in January. He was given a CAT scan before we adopted it. And the CAT disagrees with the CAT and that was it. Our forecast put him in his place immediately and he never bothered them. They snuggled in love. But this January, we found he had illnesses that came up. Suddenly we had to let him go. I said at the time, the dog being scutti up to the Rainbow Bridge. Now, I don't know if Rush was a fan of the old original Star Trek, but maybe during his last hour, Rush might have said, Beat me up, Scotty.


And I started what was there to meet him. Well, the rest was a fan or not. I know Scotty is there by his side yesterday. Saddledome. Claire, thanks so much, and I think your call typifies how close people were to rush you taught you call here to someone you don't know. You talk about someone you've never met as though they were a lifelong family member. And the great thing about Rush is he had that unique ability to make everyone feel as though he is their best friend, which he was in so many cases.


And you exemplify that beautifully. And I appreciate your call. One 800 282 two eight 288 two. As the great debate between cats and dogs, I've got a similar story. One time I ever saw my dad cry was when we lost our dog. But I also grew up in a family of cats and dogs. You know, there were I mean, this was an old time, big family, seven kids, a couple of well, one dog always, sometimes two and usually a couple of cats.


So this is a classic post-World War Two America, which, by the way, is a topic for another program, we ought to be facilitating the ability of the families to, quite frankly, have. Kids and be able to afford to have a family and grow up. Instead, all we think about is consumerism and importing the latest cheapest gadget while the country withers away. I'm very, very concerned about this. But regardless, the cat's ruled the dogs in every scenario.


And so when Rush says the cats are smarter, obviously he's right because think about it, you got a dog that could take one chomp out of a cat, but the cat's buffalo, the dog into thinking I'd better not. We done this one cat that used to sit on its back and just just swipe at the nose of our of our shepherd collie big dog, and that dog with the ears would go back and it would lie down. And that was it.


That's pretty smart, can I guess. Coming up in a little bit, we'll talk about the day or the time Rush meets Mikhail Gorbachev and how he leads that into what Gorbachev is now. This was something that if you lived through the 60s, as I did, as I tell people, I was a lot of fun before running water. I go way back. If you lived through the 60s, you'll know that loving the Soviet Union, loving communism, loving socialism was all the rage.


That's what it took to be a liberal in good standing. Well, the more things change, the more they stay the same. They're still doing it. Only now it looks like the National Socialist Workers Party to me. Either way. It's an ism that matter, whether it's communism or socialism, it all ends up as totalitarianism, and that's what we'll talk about in Russia.


We'll explain coming right up after this. And the Excellence in Broadcasting.


And we are back high atop the EIB tower from midtown Manhattan, as we all remember, Rush Limbaugh on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. And the good news is these sorts of programs will continue thanks to team EIB is putting together clips each and every day so we can all remember Rush. He's needed now more than ever. I am the former talk show host known as Congressman Jason Lewis, the former congressman now back on the radio. And glad to be here.


You know, I'm from Minnesota, represented a district here in Minnesota that ran for the U.S. Senate here in the in twenty twenty. And I want to tell you, I don't know what it is, but everybody thinks everyone in Minnesota ice fishes. Mean you run around airport or you're going back and forth to D.C., where you're from, Minnesota, you ice fish come. No, no, no, I drink at home. That's what the rest of us do.


And it's about all we've got to do because of the lockdown. You know, when we have more time, we're going to talk about the lockdown, the way Rush talked about it. This is the greatest assault on American liberty in my lifetime and I think perhaps in history. What the unconstitutional provisions, our campaign actually sued the governor of Minnesota. Based on privileges and immunities, but I think we probably should have based it on due process under the due process clause, you can have a post birth abortion, but you can't go to work or have your kid in school.


There are something woefully wrong here. And I will tell you, if we don't get this right, there should not be a Republican running for the House, the Senate or the governor's mansion who does not run on three things next cycle, not only in the lock down, never again on Lockdown's restoring law and order. So we're locking down law abiding citizens and letting protesters and riders, as we did in Minnesota, go free and bail them out, thanks to Kamala Harris.


And finally, free and fair elections so we don't suppress the vote of people who are cheated upon. One more little clip on the fascination between dogs and cats, and this one's a good one. It's a funny one on well, the funny story about the dogs, somebody in the break asked, we hear the dogs are said, look, you've done golf, you've done football. You better go for the trifecta and totally tick off the issues. Only crowd talking about the dogs.


All right. A funny story about the dogs over vacation. The dogs were at their school and I got Catherine still away with her family. She stayed on vacation. And I got the dogs. I got the dogs with me. And Catherine wanted to see and talk to the dogs.


So I got my iPhone out, it's got FaceTime, you can make video phone calls and the camera has to the phone has two cameras. So I put the camera that featured well, the feature, the dogs. I'm looking for dogs that camera. And I turn the phone around the Katherines. And because the dogs could hear her voice, I show her to the dogs on the phone. I know the dogs can actually see an image on the phone.


They can hear her voice and they were going nuts, you know.


Hi, Abby, Hywel. Woof, woof. And they're running around going nuts and going crazy.


The funniest thing is a great story. That is a great story. That the great thing about Rush wasn't it? He could engage the audience while making a point. It wasn't a Johnny one note. He has a thousand imitators that just get on and repeat the talking points, the devoid of a sense of humor, devoid of real diversity. That is, my dad used to say this a lot. I said, how do you run a business? I grew up in a small business family.


And I said, How do you know this and this? And this is a jayce. In order to run a business, you don't have to be the best at any one thing. You have to be second best at everything. And it's really true in a managerial context, your accountant better be the best accountant, an accounting, your marketing manager or your shop manager, whatever, you better know enough to be second best. So you know what's going on.


And Rush was far from second best. He was the best in a wide array of topics that made him so listenable. And that is really in so many ways the key to Rush taking a situation like Mikhail Gorbachev and meeting Gorbachev, turning it into a funny, funny story like this, we're going to go back to the graveyard of forgotten favorites and we are going to have another Gorbals them today because the drive by media is, in fact, having one.


It's the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the drive by media is out celebrating Mikhail Gorbachev as though he let it happen, as though Gorbachev made it happen. You know, I met Gorbachev. It was a George H.W. Bush's 80th birthday and it was at Reliant Stadium in Houston. And there was a big celebration. And I didn't go to the celebration on the field. There was a there was a pre bash.


In the bowels of the stadium in there and I went and I showed up for that, and Gorbachev was there with that bald headed interpreter who's been following him around for 30 years. And James Baker was there and everybody was there. And and this bald headed guy with Gorbachev kept looking at me and I said, this guy can't know who I am. Bit this is Gorbachev. These guys don't speak English, has no idea. But I kept looking at me, so finally I went up.


James Baker, you know, I'd like to meet Gorbachev. I happen to have it was wearing the exact same color gray suit that Gorbachev was where it's uncanny. So he he took me over and introduced me and and the he introduced me to the interpreter. And I heard the interpreter explain to Gorbachev who I was. I heard the nimble Lewski Limbaugh, something like that. And Gorbachev smiled and cocked his head and looked at me. We posed for a picture.


And when when we posted the picture, Rush Limbaugh Dotcom, the birthmark that was on Gorbachev's warhead, had gone from his to mind. It ended up on my forehead. You should see it. We put it up there at Rush Limbaugh Dotcom. Anyway, for those of you too young to know, I will explain what a Gore basem is at that point in time when we get to it. Well, we're going to get to it next segment.


We've got a great clip explaining the history of the the famous Rush Limbaugh Gorbals them, and it really, again, applying humor to a serious political point. And that is this absolute fascination, if not idolatry, this fawning over all things former Soviet Union. And, you know, it's it's like you're going to believe me or your own eyes when you look at the Democrat Party going all the way back to the 60s, but really since the advent of the squad on Omagh here in Minnesota and, you know, Presley and Rashied to Liebe and AOC and all the rest, they're not even they're not even shy about it anymore.


They are socialists, the green New Deal says universal basic income for those, quote, unwilling to work, close quote. This is the essence of everything nationalising industry and they are absolutely mesmerized by it. They love it. And that's where this country's going if we don't have the checks and balances so necessary to keep us free. And that's what's so darn scary right now. Jason Lewis in Remembering Rush. Back after this.


OK, gang. Greetings once again. Music lovers, thrill seekers, conversationalists all across the fruited plain. It is great to be back. And this next clip from Rush is really, really important because it's very, very important to identify a problem before you can fix it. And there's all this talk about liberals today, and it's hard to believe in the era of the squad being moderates, calling for unity, being liberals are certainly not liberals in the classical sense, in the classical sense.


Before Roosevelt destroyed the term, a liberal was someone who projected more liberty. Liberal schools of art meant we had the free inquiry of ideas. Today, our schools, especially our institutions of higher education, indoctrinate, they do not educate, which is why, by the way, 915 Congress, we tried to make them accountable with transparency. And I go a step further, not one public dollar for the schools that do not have due process and free speech.


But I digress. You've got to identify the opposition. And Rush did this in a funny way by explaining what a Gore basem is. Fire away.


Now, ladies and gentlemen, for those of you too young to have remembered or to those of you who weren't paying attention back in the 1980s, let me give you a little history lesson. During the 1980s, the al-Qaida of the day was the Soviet Union and to a lesser extent, the trichomes. But the Soviet Union was the enemy of the United States, acknowledged enemy of the United States. Soviet communism was expanding. Every Soviet leader, Gorbachev, Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov, were doing their best to expand communist beachheads all over the world, Nicaragua, Cuba, you name it.


They were literally trying to expand everywhere. The Democrat Party did not see the Soviet Union as much of an enemy. They didn't see the Soviet Union as much of a threat. They saw the Soviet Union as a great attempt, actually, at equality and fairness in governing a society. For the first five years of the Reagan administration, he refused to meet with the Soviet leader to the media, the Democrat Party. That was dangerous. You got to meet with him.


You got to have dialogue. You got to talk nuclear weapons, nuclear warheads all over the place. The nuclear arms race with nukes are going, no, you won't talk. And Reagan said they keep dying on me. They're not staying in office long enough to have a meeting that made a man that made the Democrats in the media mad Reagan to leave the Soviet Union would implode because of its own immorality. He believe that communism was ultimately implode on itself, but that didn't mean he didn't want to urge it along and help that along.


But if you weren't around to remember, it was really acrimonious, the media and the Democrat Party hated Ronald Reagan. Reagan was characterized as deranged, asleep half the time, fingered dangerously poised on the nuclear trigger, and he would wipe out the world in a moment's notice. It was dangerous. It was horrible. And all of this anti Soviet talk was unnecessarily provocative. It was destabilizing. All it was going to do was make the Soviets mad. The Democrat Party in the media thought it was impossible to defeat the Soviet Union, never too big.


They were too powerful and they didn't want the Soviet Union defeated. They thought that we should peacefully coexist down, interchange an entire exchange of ideas and that there could be cultural exchanges. And we had a lot to learn from them. They could learn something from us. But the Soviet Union was established. It was there, it was legitimate and it had no business being talked about the way Reagan talked about it.


And then all of these old Soviet leaders began to die off and they got a new one. And he was younger than any Soviet leader had ever been. And his name is Mikhail Cigarettes. Gorbachev, the American media and the Democrat Party immediately fell in love with Mikhail Gorbachev, and it was hoped and thought that Mikhail Gorbachev was actually going to save the world from Ronald Reagan. Reagan was a dangerous cowboy. Reagan was undisciplined. Reagan was uneducated. He was a dunce.


Tip O'Neill called him an amiable dunce, but he was still a dance, but Gorbachev, Gorbachev, there was a man in whom we could place our total trust. And then Gorbachev came along and proposed a couple of things called perestroika and glasnost and in the interests of saving time, what those things were. Were simple attempts by Gorbachev to institute a little bit of freedom amongst the Soviet people while maintaining an iron fist grouping on them and communism, what had happened was American culture began to infiltrate the Iron Curtain.


Something as simple as reruns of a Dallas TV series put the lie. To what the Soviet leadership told their population about America and then Levi's jeans and so much of pop culture began to undermine the Soviet leadership, they began to lose control their populations, and they tried to institute glasnost, openness and perestroika, which was designed actually to fool the American media into thinking that the Soviet Union was engaging in reform. And that made Gorbachev all the more popular. And Gorbachev finally came along and made it look like he was going to be the guy that could finally sit down, have a meeting with the United States and convince Reagan not to blow up the world.


And a meeting was scheduled in Washington, D.C.. Gorbachev. What's to come to the United States and actually have a meeting with Reagan at which time Gorbachev would tell Reagan how it was going to be? At which time Mikhail Gorbachev would save the world from Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan referred to the Soviet Union as the evil empire. That angered the American media and the Democrat Party, like you can't believe Reagan went into the radio studio one day to record a Saturday morning presidential address and before recording joked the bombing starts in five minutes.


That was leaked out and the press and the Democrat Party went bonkers thinking Reagan was on the verge of losing, it was literally going to bomb. You didn't joke about the Soviet Union. You didn't joke about nuclear weapons. It was horrible. And so when Gorbachev and the birthmark which grew as the Soviet Union expanded, you could see that birthmark.


You see Maine, you see the east coast of Florida. As the Soviets expansion and infiltration of U.S. culture grew, so did the Gorbachev birthmark.


And then finally, ladies and gentlemen, the trip to Washington was announced. Mikhail Sergei Ivanov, Gorbachev, often the lovely and gracious wife, Dragisa. Would come and by the way, show Nancy Reagan a thing or two about China. I'm talking about plates, dinner service in China. Nancy Reagan had nothing on raising Gramacho.


And so finally, it's an Andrews Air Force Base. And there is a gathered throng awaiting the arrival of Mikael's gavage of a joke. State Department luminaries, administration figures, media and members of the public who can get in.


We're all waiting as the leader of the evil empire arrived on American soil to save the world from the evil finger of Ronald Reagan. And then they saw it. The Ilyushin 62, a jetliner on final approach at Andrews Air Force Base. The technology to build that plane, by the way, stolen from Boeing. It landed in the Aleutians 62, a jetliner carrying Mikael's the garbage garbage barbershop and a communist leadership began to taxi near where the throngs were gathered to hail the arrival of the savior of the planet, Mikhail Gorbachev.


And I'm not exaggerating this. This is exactly how it was portrayed in the American media. The plane kept taxiing and got closer and closer, and as it got closer and closer, the anticipation in the crowd began to build. Finally, the Aleutian 62, a Soviet jetliner technology stolen from Boeing pulled to a stop in front of the gathered throng.


For the longest time, the door did not open.


This led to further anticipation on the part of the crowd, all of which all of whom were deeply invested in saving the planet from the United States of America. The door finally opened and the stairs were rolled up and still no sign of Gorbachev. Just a bunch of underlings, flight attendants support staff gathering at the top of the stairs and walking down. It was noted that Reagan was not there and then all at once. There he was, Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev had arrived standing atop the stairs just outside the front door of the Aleutian 62 Soviet jetliner technology to build it stolen from both, he waved and the crowd could barely contain itself.


Screams of delight, shouts of sheer and pure joy emanated from the hundreds and hundreds gathered to witness the arrival of the man who was going to save the world from Renaldo's. And then he took off the hat and there it was, the Buddhist monk. And instantly the crowd went nuts, began screaming, squealing with delight and uncontrolled passion, sheer joy, the likes of which had not been experienced outside of Soviet jetliner ever shouts from the crowd could be heard.


Oh, my God. Oh, my God. He's here. He has come. Oh, my God, we're saved. Gorbachev is here. Oh. And the first public guavas them ever to happen on record was witnessed. Gorbachev often walked down the stairs, got into Soviet zill, a limousine for miles to the gallon, just a piece of junk cars and drove off to the Soviet embassy to keep spying on the American people. Got some sleep, then had the meeting and Reagan had his way with him.


And that, my friends, is America's real anchorman, Rush Limbaugh, on the excellence in broadcasting. OK, we'll try to squeeze in Jessica here. Coming up real quick, at one 800 288 to the contact line is always for the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. But you know, one thing great about Rush that I always admired, among other things, of course, was his knowledge of technology. He was living proof that you're getting ripped off if you're getting a four year degree in liberal arts.


And if you want to do something, go do it, go learn it. And Rush loved and learn technology because it allowed him to do so much more, so much easier. So when he learned about Legacy Box and how they can digitally transfer all your old family films and videotapes, VCRs into computer files and thumb drives, while Rush was on board, he used the masses to transfer a number of products. He loved Legacy Box because it made it so simple.


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Super eight film Betamax, VHS slides, I mean, you name it, you've got all those movies and videotapes, stuff you took years ago, but you got no way to watch them anymore. And so you haven't seen them in years and years and years. You don't throw them out because you think someday you're going to make them watchable again. Will that someday is now. Is there a better time than right now to connect everybody in the family with this kind of a gift?


You start by having legacy box send you one of their actual boxes, it's shielded and protected, so none of this stuff gets damaged in transit.


You fill it up with all of those videocassettes, film reels, whatever you've got, even even even just photographs that you want digitize, send it all back to them and they get it done in two weeks, they have high speed transfer equipment maintaining the original quality.


And they take it and they digitally transfer those things, like I say, two weeks time, they do it carefully, stay in touch with the whole way and they send it back to you and you can get it back on DVD. You get it back on thumb drive or an iCloud or cloud link to share it with the family can edit it duplicated. You're up and running again. Things that haven't been seen in decades start today. Legacy box dotcom slash rush.


They are knocking 50 percent off the normal pricing right now. Legacy box, dotcom, legacy box, dot com slash rush.


We are back remembering Russia with former Congressman Jason Lewis. Let's run out to Waseca, Minnesota. Jessica's been so patient. Thanks for hanging on. You're on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network.


Hello. I just wanted to say, after the loss of Rush and Trump losing the election as a newly conservative voter in the last few years, I remember reading books and I followed Candice Owens and Ben Shapiro and I read this book, Tocsin Immortal, and it's about a world without people like Rush and it's bad and he is going to be so missed. But as conservative, I think we need to stick together more than ever now and just hope that things get better as the years progress.


And yeah, that's all I wanted to say. I just it's sad that he's not on the air anymore.


So sad. It's surreal, isn't it, without sounding too much like Andrew Cuomo. How old are you, Jessica?


I'm 45. Oh, well, you've been listening for a while, I presume.


Yeah, my dad listened to it when I was younger and so I, you know, cut 10 bits. And then the last few years I really caught on to what being a conservative is and my family values. And that's when Rush really hit me.


OK, well, I think the cancer culture and Russia's great work has done it all for a long, long time. Thank you all. I'm Jason Lewis. Remembering Rush continues tomorrow.