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Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. Is that Shakespeare? No, it's Geico. Yeah, that's Shakespeare from one of his unpublished works which to not for awakening. Honey, give us the berries for fifteen minutes.


Could save you fifteen percent or more.


No, it's from Geico because they help save people money.


Well I hate to break it to you, but Geico got it from Shakespeare.


Geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.


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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast, People of Earth.


It's so nice to be with so many Rush Limbaugh listeners and fans. And students. Wherever you are, I hope it's sunny where you are, we have more sunshine, I know I'm getting so excited as of late about sunshine, but we had two days of sunshine and the snow is melting.


And it's been so long since you've just had two days that I don't know where you are. But again, I hope it's sunny. The number is 800 to eight to 2082. First segment today.


It's a big, big covert action. We got covert action all over the country and in Congress. And I mean, there's a rumor going around that the the Democrat controlled Senate.


They worked overnight. And they read. Well, actually, it was a Republican senator, Ron Johnson. From Wisconsin, and I never knew that rain before, but now I know Johnson from Wisconsin. He read he forced the 628 page bill to be read, so this could be the first time that politicians ever read a bill and who knows if they were even listening.


I would like to see the C-SPAN video of that, see who was playing Candy Crush or, you know, sexting with a friend of Como's or something. Who knows? But it was forced to be read. This is the big one point nine trillion covid.


It's absurd. It's really absurd because it's all our money.


There are so many things that you and I have in common with Mr. Limbaugh, our love for America. And the ability to recognize some of this ridiculousness and Rush Rush had a sixth sense of it. And he brings up something in this vintage segment that I'm about to play that you could basically use as a template and you could put it on anything Congress has been doing for years.


Remember when President Donald Trump. This is not before he was re-elected in 2020. This is back this is before this, when he wanted five point one billion dollars for the wall.


You probably remember Rush talking about the way you need to look at these things, and that is still applicable today.


So it's not a crisis, right? It's just a manufactured crisis. We know this is book, by the way. There's a link to a story up on Drudge. And I've got to be very careful here, but I'm not being critical.


I'm being analytical here. There's a story up on Drudge. I think it's from the Greybeard Web site. And it's a good story. It is a list of all the things that cost much, much more than the wall will cost much more than Trump is asking five point one dollars billion that the Democrats have had no problem funding. And it's oddball weird stuff. You know, it's the mating habits of Australian rabbit bats. It's whether or not Eskimos still cheat on their wives.


They're going to studies for that kind of stuff. I've always said, you know, for half of the whatever the money you're spending, another blow, the whistle on Palm Beach, they would have to go to Eskimo to study this.


But I wonder how persuasive it is anymore. I mean, this is a tactic that we have employed the whole time. I've been doing this radio show and I just don't know how effective it is. I'm not suggesting not to do it. Stories are worthwhile and they do provide interesting fodder for people that want to repeat the stuff on Twitter and Facebook and so forth. But I don't think this is really about money, and I don't think that anybody out there that's paying any attention to this thinks it's about money.


I don't think anybody thinks the Democrats think five billion dollars too much. It's not about that at all.


The Democrats have authorized more money for this, as we've just demonstrated since 2005. It's not about money.


You know, the interesting thing about this is we've learned, especially in 2020, but over the last decade. And we know that Democrats and Republicans, especially those in Washington, not all, but a lot of them, they don't really care about the money because it's not their money. It's our money. Everything is our money. I was explaining this to my kids, 16 and 19. I said everything. When you go to Washington, D.C. and you're driving around, you paid for all of it.


Indirectly, whatever you paid for, all of it, you see you see a guy with a fancy desk in a Senate office, you paid for it, he goes on a junket. You paid for it. Their health insurance, everything government does not exist unless you and I continue to work, as long as we're paying taxes, then Nancy Pelosi can run her mouth, say stupid things, and they can continue to print money and like and just blow it out.


A fire hose. To quote certain people this time, it's not evidence, it's money. And, you know, Biden has proposed one point nine trillion in additional covid-19 spending, and I couldn't help but notice in that vintage audio byte rush talking about some of the stupid things.


So I wanted to see if there were any, like bat research or anything like that.


But we do have some interesting things here within this bill, which is all your money.


And I think what's so disingenuous about it is so much of this money is not going directly to people that need it for covid relief. And if you recall, remember when they attacked President Trump? Well, they did that every hour of every day, but this attack was about his covid money. But the difference is, first of all, I I think there's way too much spending on both sides. That's the problem. Both the Republicans and the Democrats are usually in on it.


That's why they're always doing elbow bumps and fist bumps and hand bumps and mask bumps and butt bumps and then whatever bumping that Cuomo would do, which hasn't come out on video yet. But that's why it's all happening. They're all in on it.


This is a vote by this is a payback. This is a buyoff. That's what one point nine trillion dollars of our money is. It's not their money. Fifty million dollars for environmental justice grants.


What the heck is that? What is it doesn't matter. None of your business anyway, most of these things don't get read, so we have 628 pages in this one. And this could be and I wasn't kidding, this might be the first time that it was red. And the other thing that's disingenuous about it is the Democrats, which are running the show at the moment, sadly, that's why your gas prices are going up.


People are out of work. Illegals are pouring over the border. If you're wondering as much as you want to blame it on Trump, he's been he's been in Palm Beach for three months or two months. Don't blame him. 112 million dollars for the California Transit Project. Ten million dollars to preserve Native American language preservation. Now, if that said, ten million dollars for Native American job support due to covid, it would be different, but it's never what it should be.


That's the problem.


That's why they make it so long and complicated. People don't read it, or as Nancy would say, you have to read it. We have to read it to know what's in it. I think that's what she said, 200 million dollars for museum and library services for what all you're doing is virtually burning books, banning and censoring 200 million bucks from museum, museum and library services. That's absurd. That money is going to go directly to rewriting history and banning books, but why is it in a covid bill?


750 million dollars for global health. For the Center for Disease Control and others, this is some of the stuff in the bill I'm desperately looking for, for example, in my state of Pennsylvania, all the people. Lost their jobs. All the people that lost their small businesses, where's the relief for that? Listen to this one. And this is my favorite, 129 billion dollars for schools, K through 12. And this is to help them reopen, but it's actually just a handout for the teachers unions and public schools.


They get the money, whether they reopen or not, just like the teachers get paid, whether they're sitting by their pool on a computer or if they're in the classroom, nobody wants to offend teachers. But you know exactly what I'm talking about. Public schools, especially in Democrat territory, are designed to create money for unions and the thing that is so disingenuous about the 129 billion dollars for the K-12 schools inside this bill to call it portcullis would be silly.


It's beyond that. It's one point nine trillion dollars of our money. And they'll spend it any way they want, and if you have a problem with it, tough. That money is going to be doled out in 2023, 2024 and 2025, so what makes this extra terrifying? Does that mean covid is still going to be around then? Well, I guess it's what however, they rig the PCR test, however they want to keep this going. But we have some good news today after that very exciting covid report.


Mike, why don't you hit it? As it is so exciting. And I know Mr. Limbaugh will be following along and hopefully he'll be smiling, as we all will, this open line Friday is very special. Think about this, what was your Limbaugh light bulb moment? And I know there's a lot of them, but think about this, what was that moment, your Limbaugh light bulb moment, that Rush comment or segment where you realized? This is the guy, this Rush guy is the guy, Limbaugh is the guy, I mean, he nailed it.


And you left the show that day, that afternoon, and you said I I can't miss him ever again. I've got to tune in because you had that Limbaugh light bulb moment. That's what we're going to be doing on Open Line Friday. Today, it's going to be very exciting. We'll also be checking in when you call in, if you could if you could look outside your window. I don't know if you're quarantined or if if your governor is locked you in a room.


I'm sorry to hear that, but look outside and make sure if you do call when you call, tell us if you're in a free state or if you're still in a communist Democrat occupied state because there's a little movement on the horizon. I don't know if you saw Connecticut in two weeks. Connecticut is allowing people get this. They're allowing people to exercise their constitutional rights. They're going to let him travel freely. They're going to let him go to a restaurant and go to an event.


Yes. Yeah. All big boys and girls in Connecticut get to do that. But you still have to wear your mask.


Now, one of the reasons they make you wear your mask in Connecticut, they need to know who will be compliant, who will obey. And which sheep will allow this takeover to continue? So that makes it easier for them, because in Connecticut, just like New York, everybody's on camera.


So by wearing your mask, they could go up that guy, that oh, that guy's leaving the Jimmy has his mask on.


There's a guy jogging next to a lake with a dog. The dog has a mask and is in a hazmat suit. The guy's in a mask. Well, we can certainly con them with another covid scare. So it is open line Friday and you're invited 800 to a 228 82.


I'm Ken Matthews, your guide on the EIB Network, 800 202 2082. My name is Ken Matthews on the EIB Network as we keep conservatism alive.


And thrilled that you're here, by the way, it is open line Friday, it's a special open line Friday. What was your Limbaugh light bulb moment?


And we couldn't help but think about how many of those there were and how many times people would be in school, in college, in school, or maybe watching the news.


They'd see something. They think it was legit and then on their way home or at their lunch hour, they'd hear Rush actually. Give us the true facts on the issue. And for many, that was a a Limbaugh light bulb moment. Go ahead and play cut to Mike, if you think back something I've always said, think back as an adult. When you were in school, think back to your your favorite teacher, when your best teacher was probably not somebody you liked, but they got more out of you than you thought you had.


They enabled you to learn more about yourself than you knew their rare.


People that are that good at motivating and inspiring are rare in many cases you hope it's parents. And in many cases it is. But in a lot of cases it happens outside the family as well, or in some cases only. How many times has Rush been that that teacher or I lost track of the beautiful phone calls? A few weeks ago on this very show where men and women both would call and remember fatherly advice from Rush because he became a father figure.


To many or a professor. To many. We've often said that imagine if the news media just shut up for a minute. And listened. They could have learned some things from Rush and his analysis. And the fact that so many people loved him. They could learn something, but they were so busy like they are doing now, banning and censoring and attacking 822, 28, 82, open line Friday. Let's go to Dan, Oklahoma City. Dan, welcome to the EIB Network.


Well, thank you.


Can the two. I want to say, first of all, one of the things that really put the nail in the coffin for me on where I stood economically is when Rush had his TV show, he played John Kennedy giving a speech at the press corps and talking about how he was going to lower taxes, I think by 40 percent, because there wasn't enough revenue going to Washington, D.C. and to stimulate the economy. That's what I was going to do it.


And Rush said this cabinet went through the roof. They were mad. Kennedy Scott said it without really consulting with them. And sure enough, it worked just that way. And so that was a really enlightening point that I've used many times. And another thing I do, a health and fitness radio show, been doing it since March of 1997. I would not have that show if it wasn't for Rush. And yet Rush has you know, I don't do a political show.


I just teach people how to stay healthy. And Rush is the best example of creation. Well, that's not only did it cut a path to the jungle for people that want to do political conservative talk, but for people who have nothing to do with that, he created he may talk radio a viable outlet for so many people, people doing shows about dogs, about cooking, all these different things that have nothing to do with politics. And yet if it wasn't for Rush, that wouldn't exist.


Dan, you are spot on, go ahead. Well, I just wanted to I wish I had gotten in to thank him on that and I wish he would erode. He may have. I have read it Rush Revere books on the creation of wealth because liberals, from what I my discussion today, think there's this one pie out there. And if I have more than the other person, that other person has less. I sort of understand how wealth actually creates and expands for everybody.


You know, Ronald Reagan lifting the ships that John Kennedy with the water rises, lifts the ships for everyone. And Russia's such an extraordinary example that just open the outlets for all these different expressions. And even people that probably don't agree with Russia now have ways of expression because of him.


Dan, I'm so glad you called because you hit the nail on the head about the trailblazing nature of what Mr. Limbaugh accomplished. I love when you said cutting the way through the jungle because that's exactly what had to happen.


And the minute Rush Limbaugh took off, meaning you, the listener. Started to engage and there were 50 stations and 100, then there were 200, and you know, the rest of the story, the minute that happened, everybody was freaking out.


I love the fact that you brought up Kennedy speech, because if Kennedy were around today, as you know, he'd be a conservative, strong military, stay out of people's business around the world. Lower taxes people have are incentivized to work more. Don't penalize them when they succeed. Those are all what Dan just pointed out about the pie analogy, which so many conservatives know about. There's this myth that, like Dan said, if you if your neighbor is doing real well, somehow he's taking it out of your pocket.


It's just the opposite of that. And I just wish it was being taught more in schools.


One of the coolest things for me as a rush listener over the decades was hearing young people call and learn conservatism firsthand.


800 Twohey to 2082, your guide as we keep conservatism alive on the EIB Network. Illegal immigrant kids could soon overwhelm the shelters. Wow, I got to tell you, communist socialist, they work fast, they work quickly, bam, bam, they get in there, they they get those 60 plus executive orders and memorandums and everything that.


Of course, Joe didn't know what he was signing, but they're pushing it through under the Biden administration, we are now nearing maximum capacity in shelters for illegal immigrant children.


The Department of Health and Human Services revealed the shelter system is now at 94 percent, according to Newsmax and according to Axios, it's expected to hit maximum capacity in less than two weeks.


The Border Patrol referred an average of 321 children per day to HHS in the week ending March 4th. You know what upsets me about this? I don't have the luxury to scream and yell on the show, and I wouldn't do it, but it upsets me knowing the damage that covid. And this progressive government has done to American children, let alone children coming into the country. Accio said the number of children crossing into the United States from Mexico will overwhelm government systems within a month, agency facilities are at levels of overcrowding not seen since 2019, and that migrant influx.


And we have a we have an administration that wants to grant amnesty. And they may get it done. If Lindsey Graham nasti. Has anything to do with it. That's the sad thing about so much of what these progressives have managed to pull off even in the last 20 years, they had to have help from gutless GOP members. It is so unfortunate. So now we're dealing with two issues here. We are giving covid benefits, part of that one point nine trillion dollars of your money and my money will be going to guys.


These are people here illegally. And if I ends foreign illegal nationals. And they've both spiked up and now the children are being involved and they're being kept in the same facilities that Obama built.


That the left would call cages because President Trump utilized them for a transitional period and just to remind people and I think this because I still hear young people that do their book reports from Snopes, I still hear them say stupid things like President Trump. Put kids in cages. The the Mexican American border is the hottest spot for child trafficking. On the planet. Because it's still so porous and it's so corrupt and the corruption is on both sides. One of the biggest scams is adult foreign nationals either buying, renting or stealing a child.


So they looked like a family unit. That's how they can get through. That's how they get over the border. That's how they get the pity, that's how they get whatever it may be. So they pretend to be something they're not and we are the most compassionate nation on Earth, we see this. Oh my God, look, there's a mom and a dad and there's a six year old and an eight year old. All that that poor family.


Well, yeah, the poor children more like it because if they're not who they say they are.


Nine out of 10 times more criminals. Because most people don't steal other other people's children to use as a prop to cross the border. That's why you separate children from adults. That's why you do it. That's the reason, so I wish that was being taught, you know, immigration was long a topic of discussion throughout Rush's entire career and his take on it, like so many things, was brilliant.


In fact, Rush Limbaugh even came up with his own immigration bill. Take a listen. What the Republicans need to be doing with immigration.


I mean, just my mind, just off the top of my head here, they need to fight for something they know they can't get simply because they don't have the numbers they need to be fighting for something called sovereignty of the United States border.


And their immigration bill ought to have something in it like this. And again, just thinking of the moment, but I'm not thinking about something passing. I'm thinking about the Republicans need something to be seen fighting for, even if they are going to lose it. And it's something like this. You know, we've got 10 to 12, 20, whatever it is, a million immigrants in the country. We're not talking about deporting them. Nobody is. But we're going to we're going to lock down this border and we are going to us re-establish this distinct American culture that immigrants in the past came to this country for.


And we are going to do everything we can to require assimilation. You're going to have to you cross that border legally. You're going to have to be able to hum some bars of The Star-Spangled Banner. You're going to have to be able to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. You're going to have to know your zip code. You're going to be able to tell us, answer some questions about this nation's history. You have to know who George Washington is.


You're going to have to know what the civil war was about. You know, basic, simple things that everybody in this country thought in the first five years of their lives or five years of school. And if you don't do any of these things, you do get sent back and that border is going to be tight. And you sneak across that border and get caught. You're sent home and you have a red mark. You never get back. We are serious about the border and we are serious about people who come here becoming Americans.


And we want people to come here and become Americans. We want people to come here and assimilate. We want people to come here and build this into the greatest nation ever again. You can construct an immigration bill that spells out your belief in this country, that requires people coming here to reflect those beliefs and to learn them. You may never get it passed, but it's something that you fight for and it's distinctive. And once again, it draws a contrast between them.


And the Democrats are simply looking for votes. And right now, that's what everybody thinks the Republicans are doing, is simply looking for votes. And so right now, the cynics look at both parties simply trolling for votes, not really care about the people that get here. This the Democrats are going to be a little bit nicer because they're the welfare state guys, well positioned. This is something we're looking for Americans. We're not looking for votes and we're looking to shore up and secure our border.


And there are certain things that you've got to do once we let you across. And if you get cross, if you get caught crossing illegally, you never get back in here. And that word gets spread all over the world and we adhere to that. And the ones that do get here that we allow in, we permit and under the policy that we come up with and then we'll deal with the assimilation of those who are here. But nobody's talking deportation.


But the border has got to be secured and shut down. And as I say, look at this is just the I mean, the most general of of approaches here.


When I say, you know, be able to hum a few bars of the national anthem, I'm not being facetious. I'm serious. But I'm using this as imagery. You've got to become an American when you come here. You've got to want to become an American. You've got to make a modicum of effort to become an American here because it's a greatest place on the planet. We want to keep it that way. This is good for people who come.


It's not punishment for them to have to do this. It's what every immigrant in the past wanted when they came here. We simply reestablished that. And then we realized that immigration involves more than just people from the southern hemisphere. It involves people from Europe and Asia and everywhere, that it's not oriented toward one group of people. And you fight for it. You know, you're going to lose it with this current president and party. But you fight for it and you give people a rallying cry and you define yourselves in the process instead of simply running around and make it look like you also are trolling for votes or you want to be credited with compassion.


So for the Democrats own that, nobody's going to steal that away from them.


On the Republican side, isn't it amazing how history repeats itself? And this is what's so sad about the lack of real history instruction in American schools.


History repeats itself.


The patterns repeated. What the Congress is doing now, the current Congress, the cornerstone, sadly, has become corruption, so it's the same thing over and over and over. We're going to have a a billion page bill. We're going to give you an hour to read it. If you don't sign it, we're going to call you a racist. So you better sign it. And then all the political buddies get paid off. We all scratch our heads.


How many times has that happened, hundreds of times, just like this immigration debate. If I hear one more Republicans say, yeah, I'm really strong on immigration and then what happens? Talk is cheap. You're listening to the EIB Network, it's open line Friday. Coming up next, more of your Limbaugh light bulb moment on Ken. Matthew will get back.


It's open line Friday on the EIB Network, 800 to eight to 2082. My name is Ken Matthews. I'm thrilled that you're here. And I hope it's Sunny where you are. I know I've said that before today, but I'm just so excited. I'm like a little kid. It's not cold and bitter.


Like Hillary Clinton's heart, anyway, it is open line Friday, we are looking for your Limbaugh light bulb moment, that Rush comment or segment where you realized, oh my gosh, this guy gets it.


I got to I got to continue listening to this guy. I got to spread the word about this guy. Let's go to the free state of Texas. This is Casey. Hi, Casey. You're on the EIB Network.


Hi, how are you? I'm feeling good, Orlando. I'm so glad you called.


Get my light bulb moment moment as kind of a different when I was driving down the highway in 1992, when I was home from college with my dad and I heard Russ talking about how women belong behind an ironing board and some other stuff. And I was like, oh, is this guy? I don't believe in you know, he I am trying to get through college and he's talking about how I belong behind ironing board. But it took me a couple of years to come around to understand his sense of humor.


And boy, do I miss him so.


Isn't isn't it phenomenal, though, how many people won't even take the time like you did and you were you had wisdom then and of course your father did for having it on, but not take the time to appreciate conservative humor?


We are among the most self-effacing. We like to make fun and have a blast with everything. It's such an it not only is it an icebreaker, but it's such a learning tool like you knew, you know now exactly where Rush Limbaugh stood on everything and he wrapped it in that hyperbole for effect because he's an entertainer. He said in an interview.


I saw him I saw an interview 10 years ago. I forget what show. And he said, at the end of the day, it's show business. It's great that people are learning, but they need to laugh and be entertained. And here you are. Well, it took me a while to figure it out, but when I started hearing about these and other stuff, I started laughing and I understood it. But he taught me a lot and I do miss him.


But can I say one other thing just real quick? I, I don't know if people are aware of this, but the sunrise moment is out there, and I think they're the ones guiding Biden's climate agenda. And last night on the webcast, they were talking about how they want ten trillion dollars over 10 years and they want that to be passed by the end of April. So. And wow. Yeah, it's crazy.


And Ayanna Pressley was on the call, but yeah, 10 trillion dollars over 10 years. And they want 15 million union federally paid union jobs created. So. Well, this was worse than we think.


So I want to thank you, Casey, because it was a lovely call. It was a bonus call.


We got the Limbaugh light bulb and we also got a update out of Texas.


And one of the things that I found so confusing about the agenda of the left is why would you not want America to be energy independent?


It's a simple question, and I think if you have any liberal friends left, I have very few friends in general, no liberal friend if you have.


Liberal friends ask him that question, why would why would you want us to be dependent on a Middle Eastern country or a South American country or whatever?


Nothing against those countries. Let me ask you this. As conservatives, you don't like to be dependent on anybody. I don't like to be dependent on anyone. The more dependent you are and I'm going to say the word, it's going to trigger some people, especially White Gokmen. The more dependent on someone you are, the closer you get to the definition of being a slave. And that is the furthest thing from conservatism. And Rush, he was such an evangelist of preaching responsibility.


Thinking with your own brain. Independence, independence is a critical part of conservatism. It is a building block of conservatism.


So would you rather have, you know, a little bit more? But all of it was given to you. Or worse, all of it was taken from someone else and given to you. Conservatives are not comfortable with that. And I never could understand that that's why the American first thing always confused me. To me, it was refreshing. Because when you look at most people, whether it's taking their kid to a little league game, whether it's their alma mater, I mean, look, I know there's a lot of college graduates in this audience.


I graduated from North Carolina State, but some people are so over the top right there, so over the top with their team. You know, it's been 78 years. Their whole cars covered with stickers. They're wearing all the stuff, you know, the person.


Right. And they want that team to win no matter what. I hope my team pounds that other team into the world or yelling at the TV set.


You get, you know, 45 year old women that could go in coach college football. They know so much about their team.


Yet when you say to those same people, America needs to be first, we have to have the brightest minds. We have to have the best educational experience experiences.


And when we when we invite people into our country, we love the fact that they want to immerse themselves in what is the greatness of America. They look at you like they're crazy. So they'll be all, well, I don't know about that. I mean, isn't that it's no different than saying go team. I hope you destroy the other team.


We just have to transfer some of this enthusiasm into the historical greatness of our country. This is the EIB Network. It's open line Friday.


Here's a number 800 to eight to twenty eight eighty two. We'll be right back.


More and more states are starting to open up and respect our constitutional rights. And recently, Connecticut did it. You can roam freely in Connecticut, just like the Constitution gave you the right to. You still have to wear a mask and stuff. But a lot of states are not requiring mask anymore.


We have free states like Florida, and I just drew a blank. Oh, Texas.


But there's another one, too. Anyway, there are several Oklahoma. And yeah, Mississippi, thank you, thank you, sir. OK, Mississippi and what what can you do with the armbands when you when you take them off? Well, here's some things.


But your face mask becomes an armband. You can wear it in Democrat run territories.


Fifteen minutes could save you. Fifteen percent or more. Is that Shakespeare? No, it's Geico.


Yeah, that's Shakespeare from one of his unpublished works, which B, not for Awakening and they give us the batteries for fifteen minutes.


Could save you fifteen percent or more.


No it's from Geico because they help save people money.


Well I hate to break it to you but Geico got it from Shakespeare.


Geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.


Have you ever wondered what the media and big tech is hiding from you like massive stories that actually affect you and your life that they don't want you to see because they make the left, the Biden administration look bad? Well, now there's a podcast dedicated to exposing all of that each and every day. So download the fastest growing podcast in the conservative movement, the Ben Ferguson Show podcast right now. That's right. You can listen to Ben Ferguson show podcast on I Heart Radio App, Apple podcast, or wherever you get your podcast, download it.


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People of Earth, thank you for joining us as we keep conservatism alive on the EIB Network. My name is Ken. And before we go any further, we do have some breaking news here from CBS News now. You know, CBS, they are they're breaking the big stuff. Several orangutans and bonobos at the San Diego Zoo have received covid-19 vaccine. I know you like I said, these got this these guys and gals of CBS, they are like a laser.


They know exactly what we care about, the orangutans in the bonobos at the San Diego Zoo. So let's say three orangutans and two bonobos says here they well, they were registered to vote.


So here they voted for Newsom and they voted for Biden. So they they get the covid vaccine right there, hided Mike Laura from New York City.


It's open line Friday today on Open Line Friday. Very special open line Friday. What was your Limbaugh light bulb moment? We've had some beautiful calls. That Rush moment, that comment, that segment where you realize Rush Limbaugh, well, he's the guy. He's nailing it. Rush's right, 800 to a to 2082. And we're coming we're coming off the ridiculous threat about insurrection and inauguration and we're coming off this thing that took place.


And I do say the ridiculous threat because it was built up to be horror and then it was staged to look like horror. And then the Democrats and many Republicans and all of the news media still categorize, categorize, excuse me, January 6th as this this armed insurrection. We find out now from the FBI, not only was it unarmed, no weapons were found.


The predominant number of instigators in aggregate agitators arrested are all Bielema Antifa.


That's a fact. It's truth. Look it up. Starting with Mr. John Sullivan.


There was a CNN reporter and not reporter excuse me, a CNN videographer embedded with a small contingent of antifa. And they were there to get the right shots that John Sullivan can later sell. He was taking photos and he sold some of his photos. One of the most frightening things at that. Horrible day for people like Ashley Babbette, who lost their lives, which is still being lied about, one of the most horrible things was watching all the video and I've seen over 21 videos from that day watching people stand around.


While she lie there on the floor bleeding. And pose for pictures. The media didn't show you that I know, I know they rarely do. Rush has been on top of this kabuki theater that the Democrats have managed to do for decades and they can't get it straight, you know how one week the Democrats are cops are bad, blank, the police defund the police, and then the next week they'll put a police officer's coffin, use it as a prop to move a bill or a policy.


The same with the military. One week is we can have our military, our military there going around the world are doing all kinds of bad stuff. And then the next week, oh my God, our military. So they can't keep their story straight. But the Democrats have done this for years, it's an on again, off again thing, it's always about political theater. The left is completely comfortable using children as props. But more importantly, they use any American as a prop and police officers and military are wonderful props, plus they have cool uniforms and tools and awesome guns.


They're great props to use.


But it's an on again, off again thing, that's the difference between conservatives and the left, if you want to know there is no on again one day the conservatives don't get up and say, yeah, we're about breaking the law.


Firebombed the police car, know that that's lawyers in New York to do that. Rush talked about the supposed threat during Biden's inaugural, which was another made up threat, they may be insecure, but I don't think that's what's guiding this. I think that this is all politics, like everything they do has been politicized. And there was a reason why they didn't allow people. There's a reason why they had a razor wire. There's a reason why they had 25000 National Guard troops.


It was to create the impression that they were already discussing that there might be another attempt to seize the capital like there was on January 6th. Trump supporters don't you know, they can't be trusted and they're lurking out there and they are hiding in the deep, dark crevices around the capital and they are waiting to just unload on the new president. But we got to be prepared so we can't have you here because you would be in danger. We need the National Guard here to create the illusion that you might be in danger.


I think this was all an attempt to make it look like the government of the United States is under siege because of the deranged Trump voters.


Nothing says this was a perfectly normal election. And now it's time to come together as a united nation, like having your swearing in behind 12 foot high razor wire surrounded by 25000 troops whose loyalty you doubt.


Now, think about how the news media played along with this. This is what makes what the news media has done to the American people, especially over the past decade. Even before the Obama CIA graced us with his earthly presence, even before that, the media is on board with this, there's never any questions.


Remember when the National Guard were feared by the mainstream media and the left was saying Donald Trump's going to he's going to mobilize the guard pretty soon, they're going to go from house to house and they're going to take down rainbow flags. This was even before the claim that the National Guard is made up of white supremacist, the reaction to President Trump's press conference yesterday. It really is hilarious. The drive bys are still having kittens. Over the way Trump called them out for their fake news, and yet they continue to publish fake news articles today, the big one.


You ready for this? The AP reported. That Trump is on the verge of calling up one hundred thousand National Guard troops to start rounding up illegal aliens and throwing them out of the country. I saw the story big when I got in here today was it was headlined above the fold at Drudge. So I clicked on it and I read it and I thought, this doesn't make any sense. I mean, it didn't compute.


And lo and behold, it's made up. What it was, according to the White House, Trump hasn't even seen it, it's part of the. Sausage making that goes on in every governmental department like the Pentagon has all kinds of operational plans for various circumstances that may happen in the future. And you have these battle plans ready to go, and they're constantly revised, commanders are asking their underlings to come up with various plans and memos are flying back and forth.


And ninety nine point nine percent of them never become policy and the never acted upon, it's just part of the way bureaucracies operate and the White House does the same thing.


And apparently this was a low level memo that had been asked for by somebody in some department to deal with what might be a big emergency down the road. Something was never seriously considered to be anything.


It's amazing how. The news media has taken so much liberty. To take away our liberty with false narratives and it's so easily done, all you have to do is do what liberals do all the time.


They think about the worst case scenario and they just say, what if?


And a lot of them work in newsrooms and then someone says that would be a great headline. What if radio talk show host put on red hats? And they went around and started stealing puppies. Now you've got your headline, unknown sources say that radio host will be stealing puppies later today. Be on the lookout for maggots and there's your headline. And then all the people that grew up on Snopes and Slick a Pedia, they're hiding their puppies. And I like puppies.


Rush love puppies who doesn't love puppies except for Hillary. 800 202 2082 Open Line Friday. What was your Limbaugh light bulb moment? Scott in Columbia, Missouri. Scott, welcome to the EIB Network. Hey, mom, my first time would be. Actually, I was it was in college and a late night TV and I saw Rush's show and his one week anniversary show.


Like the minute I saw it, it was so funny.


He was like celebrating that he made it. I know I'll be on after a week. And from the what caught me was his humor and how politically incorrect it was. He had a scantily clad lady walk out with a prison. He opened up.


And, you know, I remember months later he had another lady on a couch and he called her the Fat Woman, and she was reading books and reading one of his books.


So it was so funny. Everything he did was so funny. And so that's how I got introduced to his books and that's how I started listening to his radio show and being a 28 year listener. And wow, my fiancee and I at the time, we've now been married over 27 years, went to our bake sale. We drove down from our hometown of Shannon down to Fort Collins and had the best day of our lives at the end. Wow.


Scott, that is a great story. Russ, congratulations. Great day. Congratulations to to the marriage.


You have any kids? Five, five kids, five kids. Yeah, 25 kids, 13 and our oldest child was born two years, three years after we were introduced to Rush, after James and I got married and my at our wedding, I had a migrans cake out of Russia's face on it get out of Russia's right.


And it was based on a photo from when he was on the cover of U.S. News and World Report back in 92 or 93.


So it's just been a great three decades and really having a hard time just. I'm thinking about him not being gone, I mean, because you could listen to, like one morning update on his app, you would get more out of that minute and a half of a morning update from then. I mean, just what you learned in those small tidbits was just so true.


And not to mention all three hours or so each day so true before is that we used to record a song on cassette tapes. And when my wife and I would get home from work or school and we'd listen to cassette tapes of this show, I love what me miss.


And so well, what we learn on everything from the environment to the deaths of the Clintons to Obama, everything I'm really going to miss.


Well, we're going to do our best to keep it going on the EIB Network. So you have a great stop to visit for conservatism. But I want to thank you for those great memories and great insight.


Your story just kept getting better and better. And five five Rush babies and a Rush family in a rush cake.


That's a lot of love and a lot of rush. God bless you. We'll be right back.


Very quickly, there's a great Web site called The College Fix. Young, savvy conservatives, hip, funny, well researched, entertaining, keeps you kind of in the loop, what's going on? Around in colleges, etc., and they went on Facebook and they put a parody, not a parody, but a cartoon making fun of how people censored and aband, Dr. Seuss and then Facebook censored and banned.


Their joke about you get the drill, you get it. No sense of humor on the left and we're trying so hard, we're trying so hard to be tolerant of so many socialist and fascist. But I have to say, we are getting we're growing tired of the virtual book burning. But anyway, it is open line Friday and here is a vintage open line Friday call.


Izabel one of my all time top 10 favorite female names. Isabella in Fort Myers, Florida. Great to have you on Open Line Friday. Hello.


Hi, Rose. Thank you so much. This is unbelievable the way I went to finish my week.


Well, I'm glad you got through. Thank you. I'm a Hispanic five years U.S. citizen. And one of the things that infuriates me and and sometimes logically I don't understand is why many of the Hispanics who live in the United States who left our countries because they are corrupted, because the politicians promise the moon, the stars and all the planets and then come through and they do it every year and they take their money away. They put poor roads, no services, nothing works.


Right. Right. We already have been down that road. And no, recently we're talking about generations and all the Latin American countries. And we come here thinking, this is the land where I can flourish, the civilians, when my talents are going to be rewarded because I got high and I have that ethics. And we got involved behind those same demagogues, populist and corrupt politicians like the current administration. So that is the piece that I get very how can I say passionate, mad, disappointed and everything in between that we are so that gullible by our own wrong decisions.


Wrong judgments, right. And we have the is in all of this Hispanic people, Ramos.


Isabel, are you essentially saying that this country is becoming as corrupt or is on his way to becoming as corrupt as the countries that you left and wanted to escape? Is that what you see?


It I'm seeing it in is sad. And I talk to my friends in my family here. And they said, do you see? That is exactly what happened, you know, 20 years ago in Venezuela. Do you see that? That is what happened. How big a role in Colombia started? Do you see that is how the drug dealers in Latin America can work behind the government. I just see that we are slowly but surely the United States of America, a country what we would if used to be ruled by the law.


Now the law becomes a moving target and the parents and cover whomever plays the game better. I'm seeing it. And it's so sad that the only difference between the American politicians and many of the Latin American politicians is that the ones here, if they're good English, that's it.


Well, yeah, there's there's no question there's got to be frustrating people like you. I mean, you have come here because you wanted to escape.


Yeah, I knew you wanted to escape a number of things.


Poverty, corruption, any number of, you know, economic distress. You come here. This is the shining city on a hill. This is this is this is the place on earth. Everybody wants to come. Nobody wants to leave this country, although that's not actually have more people renouncing their citizenship today than ever before.


But we'll leave that aside for the moment. This is the place everybody wants to come. And it's just it's a sad reality, Isabel, that not everybody it's just any group of people.


There you go. Well, it's not not everybody came here for the same reasons you did not everybody's coming here for the same reasons you did. Some are coming here because it's a giant hammock. I mean, it's as many reasons as there are people. But I can imagine the disappointment you face that a lot of it feel a lot of us feel the same way. I see what's happening to the country. And the real thing about it that bothers so many of us and I don't know if this is affecting you, but so many of us look out over the landscape and don't see that many people who care about it.


Anyway, I appreciate the call. Well, thanks.


Thanks very much.


Imagine the impact that call had on millions of Americans, especially younger people, because that message that you just heard has been removed from the news media because the news media is dominated by the left.


And one of the foundational principles of leftist thinking is America.


It's just not that good. Just not that impressive. And often it's the bad guy. And everybody else is the good guy and wealth, not good success.


Yeah, not really that good unless it's Jay-Z or Barack Obama, that success or Oprah or Hillary Clinton, that success is OK. But you get the point. So many people come here for freedom and because our schools don't teach real history.


Too many people don't know what real freedom is and they certainly don't know what Nazism or fascism is, that's why they throw those names around like candy.


We'll be right back on Open Line Friday, one of the problems we have, not just the news media, but the the public education system, you may remember two months ago Harold Ford, a former U.S. congressman, a contributor to Fox News in the background when he was giving commentary over his fireplace in his home, was a picture of Mao, not a peep about it in the news media for the most part. So we need to spend some time explaining to our young people what makes America great and why we must protect it.


OK, folks, let me get for me on a on a Friday serious here for a moment. I've had conversations in recent days, weeks with with liberals. And every time I mention this to you, why are you hanging around? Well, you can't avoid them and I'm not afraid of them. And some I like engaging them. Sometimes I because these people, many of them are just following a script that, you know, they don't think they've got their template, their narrative.


And life is is is very compartmentalized. And if something doesn't fit the little cocoon that they've woven for themselves to live in, if you if you can penetrate that cocoon, you can blow them up, you can cause them all kinds of problems. The mind starts working.


So I asked him a question is, if you will, ever stopped and asked yourself, do you guys, you're so mad at this country, you think the world hates this country and you think this country is so corrupt. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself this question, why? How in less than 250 years has the American population built the most prosperous, the most powerful, the most advanced civilization ever? The Europeans have been around thousands of years longer than we have the Asians much longer than that.


Yet we run rings around every one of them and everybody else, too. That's not even close. It's not a contest in any way that you want to measure. So how can it be? I ask them that less than 300 million Americans can rule the world as it had never has been real before in less than 250 years of existence. Have you ever really stopped to ask yourself this question? They think that the world hates us, which is not true.


They buy totally in to the media and Democrat Party drive by template. I kept and look, I'm not arguing with you put at this. I'm asking for your opinion. I want you to think about something. I'm not trying to be confrontational. They think everything's confrontational.


So I stated it again as that the rest of the world, all of it has been around for crying in terms of nation states, thousands of years, much longer than we have. United States is less than 300 years. It took me five times. United States are less than 300 years old. No population of people in any country has ever approached our economic prosperity and wealth, our power. No nation in the history of civilization has so dominated the world for good.


As the United States of America, we have liberated over a hundred million people from bondage and slavery. We feed the world. We closed the world. We provide disaster relief in all circumstances to friend and foe alike. We're the only nation on earth that can.


Have you ever stopped to ask yourself how in human history this came about? What makes this possible? So I finally got an answer and the answer was, well, I think we were founded on principles that are based on freedom and enlightenment, for one thing.


And I said, hot damn progress. That's I was stunned.


I did not think, you know what I thought?


I thought we were going to if we started talking about the founding, I thought I'd start getting stories about how our founders, a bunch of racists, slave owners, atheists and agnostics. And so if I thought I'd get the usual pissy multicultural tripe that is being taught out there now, but I did not.


And then the liberals I was talking to said, well, but the principles of this country are greater than the men that wrote them down.




OK, we're getting close now to what I originally thought, so I was getting a little bit depressed. Now I got an answer that was fairly close to being accurate, but then the answer had to be qualified by saying that the people who wrote the principles down not that big a deal.


So I said, really, it's interesting that you say that, you know, what happened in Philadelphia in 1776 was a miracle. Divine inspiration had to have been there. The principles may be bigger than the men who wrote them down, but they did write them and they were not racists and they were not bigots. Whatever else the PC crowd teaches today. And I then further pointed out, this is the one I this when I started taking giant strides, I said our founding principles, which you just proclaimed great.


We're not liberal as defined by today's liberalism, today's liberals are not tolerant, they are not interested in freedom, they do not believe in God. They want God out of as much of our culture as possible. Well, God wasn't. Part of the founding of this country has got to start getting a knee jerk reaction.


I said if you read the Declaration of Independence, One Nation under God creator, I mean the Pledge of Allegiance.


Clearly the founders of this country believed in God and believe that we were all created and that we were all created equal, certain inalienable rights, among them life, liberty and the pursuit to happiness, life, liberty, pursuit, to have these these words mean things. You say that the principles are bigger than the people who wrote them down, but it took people to write them down. Where do they get the inspiration? Where'd they get the intelligence? They were great people that put this country together, a country that stood the test of time like no other country in the history of civilization.


Today's liberals are none of the founding fathers.


Today's liberals are not capitalists as constituted today. They are socialists.


So I agree with you about some of this stuff. Well, you should agree with me about all of it, because I'm right. And the future of our country depends on maintaining the institutions and traditions that built this country. And in order to preserve these traditions and institutions, we've got to understand their origin. We must admit and be honest about what they are today's liberals do, and they are trying to tear them down. Today's liberals want to tear down these traditions and institutions and remake the country in their own image.


So the liberals that I was talking to started talking about Republicans.


And would you forget Republicans and Democrats for a second who said anything about Republicans and Democrats? You people have got to stop acting knee jerk. You got to start listening to what I'm saying and reacting to that. I'm talking about conservatives, liberals. I'm talking about traditionalists versus secularists. I'm talking about people who hate the way America is today versus people who love it and want to preserve it. It's you've got to get out of your head.


The idea that I am attacking you, you know, I told them we all have the same wish. We all have the same desire, all us liberals, all those conservatives, we want to preserve the country, I mean, we want America to remain America and we want to leave it for our descendants as we inherited it from our forebears.


Our arguments are about how to do it.


And in the in the in the argument phase here, we actually learn that perhaps we don't want the same thing in terms of preserving the traditions and institutions, because today's liberals and socialists do want to tear them down and they have been imbued with guilt over prosperity.


It's not fair. We have so much it's not fair because how we haven't done it through any greatness of our own. Mr. Limbaugh, we've stolen it. We've stolen all the oil from these countries around the world. We've stolen their diamonds. We've stolen this. And then we waste all of what we are. And this is what they've been taught.


I said, no, you've got it totally backwards. The problem with the world is not America. The problem with the world is the lack of equal distribution of capitalism.


And it's just that simple what it is that makes this country unique from any other set of population centers, countries, nations, whatever you want to call them is two things. A, our founding documents and what's in the founding documents, the the IT document stated or documented recognition that we are all created by God and that we all have certain inalienable rights. That means it's part of our yearning spirit. It's part of our creation that is liberty, a yearning to be free.


We don't want to be bound up. We don't want to be shut up. We don't want to be constrained.


We are human beings. We're explorers, we're researchers, we're pioneers. We don't want to be. And they understood this pursuit of happiness. Life is to be maximized in pursuit. And it's and and people are to get as much out of it as they are able. And they can't do it with shackles around their ankles.


They can't do it with governments that hold them in contempt. They can't do it with leaders that think they have no brains. People are going to be constrained by people who think they have no ability to do things.


So they're going to want to do everything for them, the right to life. We're all created equal right to life. And it's it's those those definitions of our creation and our freedom are what set us apart from virtually every nation on the face of the earth. I don't know if you know this or not. And nothing against the Brits. They don't even have a constitution.


They do not have one European Union. They're trying to write one. And it's a bunch of commie libs that are it's a disaster, nothing but a PC manual and digest. And that is how we've stood the test of time. It is those three things that are under assault by today's left, the right to life, the pursuit of happiness.




That was a great line by by the way, nothing against the Brits, but they don't even have a constitution.


That just I love that stuff, you know, Rush would say, don't put this off if you have family memories on old movie reels and video cassettes stored away someplace, it's time to transfer them in a way that allows you to see them again, experience them again, share them with family.


Legacy Box is the name of the company Rush recommends. And here's why.


Family members, family members always interested in sharing pictures and videos with each other. Smartphones make that real easy these days, almost second nature.


But how about all of those videos and family movies from long ago when everybody used camcorders, Betamax, what was a Super eight, whatever it is, Betamax, VHS, all that stuff, and then Super eight millimeter film. And on all those movies you have, they're safely stored away out of reach, but they're not capable of being seen because nobody's got the players anymore. Nobody has got the media unless you use legacy box. And if you use legacy boxes, all that stuff can be brought back to life.


Legacy box makes it easy. What they do, they ship you one of their specially made boxes so that you can ship these family memories back to them and make sure they don't get damaged in transit. Ship it back to Legacy Box, Tennessee. In a couple of weeks, you will get digital copies or digital files of all those family videos or films or pictures, whatever you've sent them. You'll be able to share all of that for the first time.


And who knows how long you'll be able to share it with DVD or thumb drive or computer link with every family member you want to talk about. You know, having a family present, talk about making family happy. This is it. You've got some things, no doubt in your attic that people in your family have not seen in decades. Now you can bring it all back to life, legacy box, dot com slash Rush is the website to make it happen.


That's the website you want for this legacy box dot com slash rush. You will say 50 percent off the regular price of their services today if you use that address. Legacy box, dot com slash rush.


Coming up, we continue to celebrate the wisdom of Rush on open line Friday.


It's open line Friday. My name is Ken Matthews. Thrilled that you're tuning in.


What was your Limbaugh light bulb moment?


Let's go to Mary in Cleveland, Ohio. Hi, Mary. You're on the EIB Network.


Hi, Ken. I'm a 10 year listener, first time caller. First of all, I'd like to say mega ditto, mega eternal dittos to our rush and and in prayers to Katherine like I am a police officer here in Ohio in a small town. I would I work second shift and my parents came from Mexico 60 years ago. We always voted Democrat because that's what we were supposed to do. That's what my dad told us to do. And that's what we did every day when I would come on shift, I would go to the station and our maintenance man would always be listening to Rush.


And I would sometimes just shake my head and say, why do you listen to him? And he said, Have you ever listened to Rush Limbaugh? And I said, Oh, he's a blowhard or or a know it all or I don't know what things I said to him, but but the maintenance man said, do me a favor, please listen to one show. That was the lightbulb. Ten years of one show, one show, and then the next day I listen to the next show and then the next day and then the next day and then 10 years later.


I feel lost. I don't know, I'm I'm afraid for our country. I, I mean, he was my beacon.


But you are you are not lost. You are a leader. You called up you're in law enforcement. You're a woman and you're a conservative American leader. I mean, that's how you just spoke.


You just spoke as if Rush Limbaugh was speaking. So that that's what happened over the last ten years.


I mean, the way people describe Rush as just a gentleman and he you know, as I was listening to him, he didn't put the bow left down. He never he never did. He didn't he didn't have to do that. He just such a kind soul and a gentleman. And he's going to be so greatly missed. And I'm afraid for our country. I but I am thankful and appreciative for the time we had with him. And I certainly appreciate all you do as well can.


Well, thank you for that. And Mary, I we want to thank you and remind you that there are millions of people that feel the same way you do, and you are in a position where your knowledge is touching people in such a positive way.


It's thrilling to hear from law enforcement and you've uplifted everybody today.


We'll be right back with a special edition of Open Line Friday. What was your Limbaugh light bulb moment? That Rush comment or segment where you realized, oh, my gosh, I got to listen to this guy more 892, 2082. As you know, states are starting to realize that there's a constitution in America and they're getting rid of those ridiculous mask and lockdowns and everything else. What do you do with the discarded mask? Well, as I said earlier, and Democrat run territories, you can use it as an armband.


Don't throw it in the parking lot. You can use it as a doggy diaper. What do you do with those mask? I mean, everybody likes to recycle, even conservatives.


How about a hamster hammock? I get sick and tired of seeing those little hamsters tortured on those wheels round and round they go, like Nancy Pelosi.


How about a swimwear thong that would work so happy that you are spending time with us today on the EIB Network? My name is Ken. Quick breaking news and we get back to Open Line Friday, your favorite line ball light bulb moment and we continue.


To celebrate the question and what do you think of OK.


All right, we continue to celebrate the wisdom of Rush Limbaugh. So let me do these.


Are we are we good, Mike, with standing by? OK, so let me let me get into a couple pieces of breaking news now. The Supreme Court has just dismissed. The sanctuary city cases at the request of the Department of Justice. I have said for many years that the Department of Justice and the FBI, I don't know if they serve you and me anymore, I think they serve the political masters and I think this is proof. So you may remember the three pending request to hear challenges to the Trump administration's order.


Remember President Trump said, look, if you are not going to enforce the law.


And you're going to call yourself a sanctuary city or a sanctuary state, and you're going to let lawbreakers roam free, and I would say there was a version of this that took place recently. Just to go back a moment, a lot of people aren't covering this in the mainstream news, but more than 100 illegal foreign nationals tested positive in Brownsville, Texas, recently for covid. And off they went, no quarantine, no tracking, so let's just review this, you're going to track a 17 year old high school senior who takes a faulty test for PCR at the grocery store.


Or the pharmacy, you're going to track and trace him and quarantine him and mess up his life, but an illegal immigrant could come in and they just they just get a taxi fare or a bus ticket from the Biden administration. So the Supreme Court said states and cities that refuse to cooperate with the Department of Health and Security. And refuse to deport people, even though that's the law. All those cases have been dropped. They're not that I don't know what the Supreme Court's doing.


I don't know what the DOJ is doing, and I don't know what the FBI is doing. But things are changing and that's why there's so much censorship. Now, here's some good news.


A Japanese billionaire.


Who has already booked a seat on the first private flight to the moon since he says he's willing to bring eight people along and he'll pay their way.


This is very exciting. I cannot think of a better vehicle for the Gang of Eight. Now, I know that all the Gang of Eight is still together, but we can certainly whip up a gang of Republican and Democrat nitwits, get them on that flight and keep them on the moon.


I don't know how we send them stuff. I mean, I'm sure we can send them Tang and Merry's and. We could give it some oxygen, you know, vehicle up there, whatever. I'm not saying we we I don't want to ever bring him back. No, I don't, because they've already done too much damage. Congress in the Senate have already done too much damage just in the last decade. But wouldn't that be great? And this could be cool when you think about it.


And if they want to report on the way there, that would be great.


I can't think of a better place to leave failing politicians than the moon. And then they take up less space here. Now, let's go over very quickly to our friend Andrew Cuomo, where this brilliant misdirection, the I'd like to call it the false flag harassment. Lever now, did he harasses people, it certainly looks like it, he sexually harassed those women. That's what it looks like. But understand, in the eyes of the Democrat Party, this is standard operating procedure.


This is normal.


So what they did is they took all the eyes off all the grandmas and grandpas and elderly relatives that died because of Kormos decision in New York, just like Governor Wolf's decision in Pennsylvania, Wittmer, Newsome and the rest.


Well, actually, there's five big ones. And now we're all focusing on did he dance with her? Did he touch her? Did he touch her back? Did he did he lick her neck? Now, that was Biden. Biden does the next licking, not Cuomo, according to this, but nobody's paying attention to the real story. People died because Cuomo lied. And more and more people know that so soon as that happened, they said we got to switch the narrative, we'll just make what is Makem another, you know, Democrat.


Piggish dude, and everybody go, OK? It happens all the time, everybody does. What's the big deal? And that's exactly what's happening. That's exactly what's happening. There's people that don't even know about the covid story.


With Cuomo. Brings back some Harvey Weinstein memories, doesn't it? Go ahead and play cut nine, Mike. Let me ask you a question. Do you think a major conservative Republican fat cat donor would have been able to keep secret eight different sexual harassment settlements? Do you think they would have been able to keep that out of the media for decades? Folks, Harvey Weinstein was at the White House frequently when Bill Clinton was there. And when Obama was there, he was tight.


He was tight with Democrat presidents, tight with the Democrat Party, a major donor, a major fundraiser. He threw parties for these people constantly. And it ought not be astounding because we all ought to know by now. But the thing that makes it different. Everybody apparently knew about Harvey Weinstein, everybody that worked with him, everybody that donated took money from him. Everybody did pal around with him all throughout Hollywood. Everybody knew. And here Harvey Weinstein gets to apologize and promise everybody is going to double down, going after the NRA as though that is going to buy him some leniency.


And it will. Folks, you remain loyal to the cause on the left and they'll tolerate anything. Harvey Weinstein issues whatever apologies. You know, I came from the 60s when you got away with a lot more back in the 60s.


Harvey, I came from the 60s, too. And I remember when the feminazi started taking over in the late 60s and early 70s. And so did you, pal. You just ignored them and didn't have anything to do with them. And everybody knew that's the thing. The New York Times has known about this for years. What triggered this, folks? Why all of a sudden now is The New York Times breaking the seal on this? Something had to happen to cause it, but Harvey, I want to give you some advice here, buddy.


I've never met Harvey, but you're playing this all wrong, apologizing and promising to bury Wayne LaPierre and all that.


That isn't what you do, Harvey. You need to get the neck brace, you learn from Ted Kennedy, you get the neck brace faking auto accident or something, but get a neck brace on there as quickly as you can. And then you learn from Bill Clinton, have a meeting with Jesse Jackson and walk around with the Torah. He's Jewish. So Bible won't work but walk around with a religious book. That's how Bill Clinton did it. Meeting with Jesse Jackson, Ted Kennedy, of course, with the neck brace and one more thing as we are discussing.


You know, the the Weinstein's in the Kormos and allegations and things that are going on, something that I've noticed over the years and I know you have, because most people can see right through the news media now and what side they're on and what they believe and what they think of you and what they think of America and what they think of pickup trucks or guns or constitution, how it's mocked constantly.


When the news media is covering something across the spectrum, when you are punching around. And you see CBS and Fox and MSNBC and CNN in The New York Times when when they're all covering either the same topic or word for word, but sometimes they're getting a little better at it.


They're they're mixing up their vocabulary a little bit.


I think I think Rush Limbaugh embarrassed the media to a point with the gravitas incident, I think someone in newsrooms is going, maybe you should come up with another word, you know, sort of just say in Russia to this or or Trump is of that. What if we come up with another word?


So what we have here, I think that this entire Cuomo.


Thing with the women is a cover up, and I say this because the way the news media is covering it, they're all on board with it. So somebody put a bug in someone's ear. Someone high up and said to the news media, because they don't take their marching orders from the American people, they take their marching orders from their handlers, whoever they may be. And somebody said, look, let's get off this covid, let's get off this nursing home thing.


Don't talk about the ventilator's. Don't talk about the threats. Don't talk about the deaths, the fake PCR test. Just stay focused and we can help Andrew Cuomo get through his horrific leadership record.


And I think they're all buying into it because nobody is going really hard on Cuomo. About covid and we all know what's been up with covid, we know about Governor Wolf in Pennsylvania, we know about Michigan, we know about California, we know all this stuff.


Not just citizen journalists, we just know because we're paying attention to, you know, the scandal that would erupt.


If they exposed what happened with covid in New York, it would be like dominoes, it would go right to Pennsylvania and Dr. Levin, who is no longer in Pennsylvania, Biden hired her. It would be dominoes, you would have five governors, you would have so many people who would come forward and testify. You'd have whistleblowers, you'd you'd have witnesses, it would be one of the biggest scandals in the world. It would almost be as big as the stolen election scandal.


But the same thing happened here in Pennsylvania. Our secretary of state, Boockvar, she she retired a couple of weeks ago. And we were told by the governor's office through through the lieutenant governor, John Fetterman, that anybody who speaks of of a stolen election is a liar and they don't get First Amendment rights.


So if we as people demand the truth.


I think little by little it'll start coming out, that's what started to happen with the Cuomo breakdown. Nobody ever thought he would get caught for his horrific leadership of New York and everything that took place in the city and throughout the state. And it almost got to that point. And then, boom, he touched me inappropriately. Now we're all not paying attention. It's just amazing. It's amazing.


It is truly what? Mr. Limbaugh always said it's just a it's stagecraft, it's a narrative, and they just move it along where they want us to look, how they want us to think.


We'll be right back on the EIB Network.


And, of course, the White House official statement. There is no crisis. Crisis excuse me. There's no crisis at the border. As we were just discussing, you and I both know there is you know that things are are going south, no pun intended, quickly at the border and people are trying to remove the wall, for goodness sake. And the White House says there's no crisis.


Come on. Come on, man. China isn't a threat. 800 202 2082 Open Line Friday special edition your limb ball light bulb moment, that moment where you realized Rush Limbaugh. This is the dude. This guy, this guy gets it. I need to tune in to this guy, wow, he thinks like I think what was that moment?


Let's go to Judy in Springfield, Missouri. Hi, Judy. You're on the EIB Network.


Hi. Can I bet there's many stories about Rush? You know how he's inspired us and how he still inspires us, but where did Rush get his inspiration? The story I'm going to tell you about is from his family and his grandpa, Lemba. That was an attorney when our son was, I think was about 1990. He was 18 years old. He was in college out of state. And he said, mom, Russia's saying that is grandpa's birthday and he's going to be gone for a couple of days.


And let's go to Cape Girardeau. You know, that was, I think, spring break. And anyway, I said, yeah, we you know, just an hour and a half away, let's head on over there. So we headed on over to Cape Girardeau and he had the address for him. So we drove up to the house. The housekeeper answered the door of Grandpa's and he talked with the housekeeper and he said grandpa was in the background and he said, tell that young man to come on in, which our son was a stranger to him, but he had to come on.


And our son stayed in there and taught our lesson to grandpa for over an hour. And he talked. It was amazing. He said, Mom, he talked about the Lord, the family, the country, conservatism, values, what makes the United States great? I said, can you imagine Rush, Steve and David and all the grandkids hearing all of that and for all their life? And our son was just he was amazed. He said, Mom, this man is brilliant.


And so, you know, and I hope you know, our son now is the dean of the college right now. So hopefully he's passing this on, you know, to other young people. But I'm saying, you know, that was such a it's such a day. And he was getting ready to leave. He said, I think, Mr. Limbaugh, for having me and talking with me for so long. And he said, why don't you go on over to Millie's house?


And I think that's right.


His mom and Millie was ready for you know, she knew this young kid is eighteen year old boy. He was going over, you know.


Oh, well, my husband my husband was a coach and would actually he was right, his PE teacher. And he was famous just teachers. So I knew all the states because he said it's on. So I want to say disagree with him. We said the street and I thought, oh, my son is a teacher, lives right down the street. I know, really. So we went down there and he had a great time with military, he said, and I won't go into all the things that she said, well, really great.


But it was such a wonderful day. But I'm saying, grandparents, you're in you know, you you leave a legacy for your grandchildren. And and what about Grandpa Limbaugh lived there. I'm sure Rush stood at his feet per minute. Yeah, all of them. You know, Rush, Stephen Day. I don't even know all of the names that you're your son.


Your son was able to step into the shoes of Rush Limbaugh and live a piece of that.


That is such a that is such a great story. And the fact that he's a dean of a college now, you said that's amazing.


Yes. He's one of the dean's conservative. And, you know, and for poor grandpa, not I mean, if some 18 year old came to my door and one to come out, I don't think I'd invite anybody in. You know, of course, now with stuff going on, I wouldn't. But that, you know, he said, tell that young man to come in. He had the insight, you know, and and all the things he talked about.


He said, Mom, Mr. Limbaugh is brilliant. So that's where Rush Limbaugh and a lot of his brilliant.


Yeah, it is from one of many of the people. But we just learned a little bit here, blessing upon blessing.


You know, I was wondering it when he when he went back to class and everybody was talking about spring break, you know, spring break out.


And it's like, where did you go? I went here and I went, Oh, yeah, we were partying. Would you do. I was hanging out with Rauch's grandpa. We were talking how great America is. That must that's the real story right there. That is a great conservative story. Where are you going for where are you going for spring break? Rush's grandparents house. 800 202, 28, 82, by the way, I think we could do this.


I think we can fit this this next cut in my. This is yeah, can we do? It is OK. Oh, OK, I'm glad. All right, well, I was looking at the wrong clock. I'm glad you said it was too long in a panic, as if I had the button, but I don't have the button.


So it's not a it's not a it's not a big deal. It's not a big deal.


Something that really should concern people more than it is now.


I know it concerns you if you're a conservative. And especially if you love freedom, you love freedom of speech. We've learned that a lot of leftists don't understand what freedom of speech is. I mean, people that are elected. Not just leftist, but we have elected officials, they don't understand what freedom of speech is, what it means. And our kids have been indoctrinated that freedom of speech, if you say something that makes someone mad. Then they violated something, and that isn't how it works and just a couple couple examples here from a guy named Francis Mintern.


Francis Venton is over at the Manhattan Contrarian, and it is a I love this blog and I've communicated with him a couple times. The Manhattan contrarian. He is an attorney, a conservative attorney, libertarian attorney in New York.


And I'm reading a list here of people that have been de platformed, banned or censored recently like the last couple of months.


Clarence Thomas back on around February 16, a PBS documentary titled Created Equal on Clarence Thomas, in his own words, mysteriously started to disappear from streaming services, Amazon Prime video and others. Now, think about that, Alphonsus, the Trump CPAC speech. By now you've probably heard this the entire Donald Trump CPAC speech was dumped off, let's see, YouTube, etc..


What else did they hit?


I think it was taken off Facebook, too. And then if you posted it, you were penalized. They scrubbed that content.


Think about where that fits on the world stage and where we are now as a country.


One of the most annoying things to conservatives and I know this bothered Rush. This bothers all of us as conservatives, and I know it bothered a lot of people that listen to the show that the the news media would just do slight wordplay and they would tweak a story just enough so they can harm someone in it. Let me explain. We've all heard the Nazis are fine people scam, right, children in cages scam. That was standard fare. That's standard fare with the news.


You still hear the news people and you still hear Democrats using that lie as talking points. You can go right through everything, Russian collusion. What President Trump said about immigration. And they would do the same thing. With Rush. Because Rush had such an influence on the country and that scared think about how the newscaster sounds or how he must feel. When?


And I love that line, the guy in Palm Beach in a golf shirt has more influence than the big news station, and that is what drove a lot of people on the left crazy.


I heard it. I saw it. I knew it.


One of the most annoying things, and I believe her name, I forget her name now was a Jane or Judy, the law enforcement officer from. Mary, thank you. I'm sorry, Mary called from Cleveland, Ohio, and she had a wonderful story and the story was.


And there was a component in that Rush Limbaugh story that she related, so. Flawlessly, and it was I said. Who are you listening to and the maintenance guy said, oh, it's Rush Limbaugh, and back then, more than a decade ago, she had been programmed by the media.


To pre label Rush Limbaugh the same way the news media programs you on everything, how you are supposed to think about. A flag, a shirt. An occupation, it's all programming. And she immediately said to the maintenance guy, oh, I'm not going to listen, I know all about that guy. And what did the guy say? What every conservative always says about any source. Have you heard Rush before? Have you ever listen to the show?


It's just like books, people do that with books all the time. Hey, did you see that book about whatever I know what kind of garbage is in that? That guy's a conservative whack job, blah, blah, blah.


Did you read it?


No, I don't need to read it. That is my favorite line from leftist, especially in the news media. Who people who are in media know leftists in the news media, and that's the dumbest thing they say. I don't need to read that book. I know what's in it. I don't need to listen to Rush Limbaugh. I know what Don Lemon says about Rush Limbaugh. So do you realize the level of ignorance there? It's crazy, it's one thing to say, I read that book, I didn't like it, why?


And then you have a discussion, but do you realize what the Democrats have done, the left in this country have. Effectively shut down real debate because of all their different strategies. And one of the biggest misconceptions was about immigration, that somehow conservatives. And Rush wasn't thrilled. With the millions of people that came from around the world and did wonderful things with their lives in this country. And I'm sure so many people in this audience have these great stories, my family's from Hungary and Poland and I was blessed with Abel, I was blessed with knowing and they've since passed on.


But I was blessed as a young kid of knowing people that came directly from them, those countries.


And I was exposed to the culture, but I was able to find out why they ended up in New Jersey. Or why they ended up in Connecticut or New York, how they ended up here? And they came legally. And the case of my family, they came through Ellis Island, but that's that slight of hand that the news media will say. Well, conservatives are anti-immigrant or they're anti-immigrant. No, we're not. We're anti illegal. Immigration, and that is on the same level of Donald Trump said Nazis are fine people.


He never said that in his life.


And every time I hear it regurgitated by some puppet in the media, it irks me because if they just played the entire video, you would see exactly what the man said.


And it would have been a it would have been a non-issue. A non-issue or what or what Van Jones said about the Russian scam. It's a nothing burger. That's where. This whole communication, we need to, you know, let's get along, let's put our hands across the aisle, let's debate, I don't think there's a leftist that ever wants that to happen, because if you did, you would be transparent, you would be truthful, you would share facts and information.


You wouldn't cover up. So let that let that simmer for a minute, think about all the false narratives that have been pumped in. And then thank God we could turn on EIB and hear this stuff debunked and what is the first thing that happens when? Rush Limbaugh would debunk a false narrative. He's a conspiracy theorist, he's a this, he's a that. I got to tell you, it does get old after a while, doesn't it? And right now, I think there's a total meltdown because we've been so misinformed, especially in 2020, misinformation about elections and about about pandemics and about insurrections, and now it's I really think and I don't know if Rush had said this before or not.


I think now the Democrats are weaker than they've been in a long time. And I think that's why they're making so many stupid decisions, because I don't think they realize that. In every state, there are people waking up. And so much of that is because of Mr. Limbaugh and his ability to wake people up. In a way that is memorable, like all the calls that we're getting today, the way he touched people with humor. We had the gentleman call and talk about he was watching and I actually saw that show and it was great watching Russian on his TV show celebrating one week.


It was great, and that just sticks with you and the left, they don't have that ability. They used to have somewhat of that ability with late night television, but even that's become a joke, an angry, bitter bore fest.


Here's another great call. From Rush Classic Go ahead, Mike, here's Alejandro Alejandro from Beaumont, Texas. I'm glad you called your next on the program. Great to have you here.


Give us a pleasure and an honor to speak with you as an immigrant from Argentina. I got here when I was 20 years old and I got I apologize in the way speaking that really nervous. I listen to you on the radio as soon as I got to Miami and you say something really profound. You always got to involve yourself with smart people and try to learn what they do. And then you say try to find something to make a living that you really love and getting care for.


In Argentina, I actually was running away from a guy like Obama with a premeditating for everything in Argentina. And I'm here. And what I accomplish in this country, believe me, is not no place in the world that you can accomplish as much as you can in this country for a while.


I know I was I was a line cook today. I own my own company and we should have love. I just become a private pilot and I buy my own little plane. And I mean, I'm ecstatic. I'm super happy. And last year I got my citizenship just to go vote Obama out.


Well, God bless you, Alejandro. And I'm going to tell you, I've got thirty seconds left here. But I think what you said something profound and you you went by it pretty quickly and I want to go back to it. He said people like him come to this country to run away from the Obamas of their country. So he came here and he found what he was looking for. He became successful, is able to buy a little airplane, and now he feels like he's back home.


He feels like whatever he was running away from caught up to him. That's we've had people in Eastern Bloc who've called and said same thing over the years. Alejandro, I'm honored you're in the audience. I'm glad you got through enough. We're talking amnesty for 11 million. Alejandro's.


It'd be a whole different ball of wax fox. This guy, Alejandro's people like him are the Democrats worst nightmare.


And there you have it. More true. We'll be right back.


Guiding you through the EIB Network on a special edition of Open Line Friday. You know, for years, Rush came to appreciate Hillsdale College. Their passion for teaching really resonated with rock. Dr. Larry Arne, the president of Hillsdale, was no stranger in the Rush studio.


They made a point of staying connected, learning from one another.


And like Rush is fond of saying, the learning never stops in times of trouble and change, bring all kinds of reasons for despair. But those who built and preserved our country did not despair. And, well, they did. At times.


They found ways to overcome it. There's a lot to learn from their actions, in their thoughts at the time. And who better to remind us of this than our good friends at Hillsdale College? It is their observation, their thought that you can draw upon the thinking, the books, the history and the ideas that gave our forefathers strength and inspiration. Few entities curate these thoughts better than Hillsdale. If you really want to know about the founding of this country and the people who engaged in it and the efforts that they made and what they had to overcome, there's no better source than Hillsdale College.


Hillsdale was founded in 1844 for the express purpose of teaching these things, and it teaches them still today, and not just for the enrolled students at Hillsdale, but for you as well. You can study all these things along with Hillsdale College professors doing the teaching right in your home, video courses available on demand and they're free, no strings attached through Hillsdale Free online courses. You can study the history of our civilization, the wisdom of our philosophers, the writings of smart authors, and you can reacquaint yourself with the Constitution.


And some of the best lessons come from events and words shared from the past with Hillsdale providing the guidance. There's a whole lot to learn and a lot of it's not being taught anymore, which is the real crying shame they've made it free for you folks got a rush for Hillsdale Dotcom and you'll see it'll all become available to sign up. No strings attached. Rush for Hillsdale Dotcom.


Oh, this is such great news on the EIB Network, we have just the spot to just enough time for Abby in San Diego on Open Line Friday.


Welcome to the EIB Network.


Oh, my God. Am I online can with you? Yes, we are, we are here. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Was so excited. I love your show and I love that you're filling in the rest. Still to this day, I want to thank my dad and my mom who introduced me to read this program 30 years ago in 1991. And they were just giggling and laughing. And they're conservative people. My mom, you know, first American born in Mexico.


And, you know, we're being exposed to liberalism in California. You almost feel like the Lone Ranger. But my dad is still listening. He's 91 years old. We're still laughing. And now we're trying to sing. Russ and I just wanted to thank Russ in the teens to giving us so much support this time. My light bulb moment with him was right. After listening, he inspired me to become a teacher, a school teacher in fourth grade.


And I thought history teaches fourth graders to see some real facts. And I'm proud of what I did in my school for a lot of military families. So there are some teachers in this country that are conservative and I feel very sad that I'm teaching anymore. I did it for 20 years, but Ross's inspiration and his teachings helped me get through the day with a bunch of liberal teachers around me. And I'm just very, very grateful.


Abbie, I'm so glad you called. And I'm so glad you brought up the fact that there are not only good teachers, which we all know, but there's so many conservative teachers and they are being ostracized and labeled now so unfairly when you think about this discrimination that goes against people that embrace conservative values. And it must be very unsettling in the teachers lounge when when you don't want to play along with the narrative.


Yes, but you know, what is great is that people like Rush and my dad and my family, I am oh, I love people. I absolutely love people. And I love these kids. But my own and they are out there and and far between. And, you know, I think the team there would be I really wanted to thank all of them for leaving these shows together with you and the guest house and all the clips relating to what's happening today.


I'm not going to lose the faith in our country. I'm not going to lose hope. And it's because of Rush Limbaugh and your team and the family. And God bless. Thank you.


Thank you so much, Abby. That is such a great message. We'll be right back.


I'm so glad that Abby, who just called, recognize the efforts of the entire IBE team. And today, Mike and Mike, there'd be a double mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Greg and Allie. And they have done such a great job assembling the greatest radio content to ever exist on a broadcast frequency. They've assembled it. So we.


As fellow listeners. Can continue to celebrate the wisdom of Rush, but we can keep conservatism alive and it the thing that amazes me every time I'm in here is how. Right on point, Rush is. Then and now, which is just when you think about it, it truly is miraculous. I hope you have a great weekend. Thanks again for tuning in to the EIB Network. My name's Ken Matthews. God bless you. And crispy chicken sandwich.


The McDonald's is its Boyana McDonald's. One more these coie. It's a little crispy chicken sandwich. Or then I put on disemboweling and love them and don't ba ba ba ba.


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