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I want to say, hey, hey, hey. Here we go. So much to tell you.


Hello. Hello there. Happy New Year. We do. And that still. I'm all for it. I'm all for it all. Jan, happy New Year, no problem, I got no problem. That is not a picadillo for me, so, you know, every week I post, you know, two or three little clips from the show, then I go Lincoln by, you know, whatever. You post a clip and I hope people enjoy it.


Maybe check out the podcast, blah, blah, blah.


So, one, I posted a clip last week, a caller from Sweden was asking about how I say I'm a democratic socialist, but, you know, in Sweden they're a democratic socialist country and he's like, you say, you're a democratic socialist, but then you're like shilling hello, Toshiba days or whatever.


Anyway, I posted I posted talking about that, talking about how I just, you know, as a democratic socialist, what that means to me is it would be nice if.


There was a a baseline health for all people. Funded by the government, and then you can still get rich and show your wares or whatnot, I mean, come on, Sweden, they've got a Volvo, they've got what do they sell?


Saab. Send me one of those for free if you think it's anyway irrelevant, but it started a lot of conversations, blah, blah, blah.


And Mark Ruffalo, the actor, Mark Ruffalo, who is a great actor, you know, and he's in the Marvel movies and anything, but he's also just a.


Grade a top shelf human being works tirelessly on behalf of various social justice, I think as justices, what I wanted to say like that and any way he would direct messaged me.


Because he left a comment underneath that post and and it was so long that it just kept coming up, couldn't post tap to retry because it was just so Longy, but he wanted me to see it.


So he sent it to me and it's quite brilliant. And so I said, can I first I said, write an op ed or something. You're so smart. He goes, I know. I don't know.


You know, he's so he's so cute. I go, Well, can I read it on my podcast?


He said, Sure. So this is what he said right on Sarah first, he says, so kudos to me. He says, In our country, democracy is in service to capitalism in his country, Sweden. Capitalism is in service to democracy, meaning we put money over people here. They put people over money as federal policy. There you go, when you build a country based on slave labor, at some point you may have to reconsider your priorities.


Economic justice and strong social programs that prioritize the value of human beings is a good place to start. Those things lead to greater happiness, less crime, more educated workforces that are healthy and more productivity. Forbes ranks the top 10 best countries for businesses. Every one of them is a democratic socialist country or has socialized medicine and education. Why? Because the state is responsible for their workers health care and education, not the companies. The state is responsible for those things.


No one is making a profit off those things, so every penny spent goes to the quality of those endeavors not to line the pockets of CEOs and shareholders, the people, the people are healthy, well-educated and happier. The streets are safer. And because the prison system is not for profit, they rehabilitate people who have committed crimes so they don't become repeat customers. Our country makes money off of sick people, makes money off of criminality, and makes money off of defunding public education.


It truly is more profitable to make more people miserable than happy, healthy and educated. Wow, if capital money. Money and why put that in quotes is your morality if capital is your morality? Then people in the natural world are simply going to always be less meaningful. We are wildly out of balance. We need to really do some soul searching about who we are and what our priorities should be. Maybe we're at one of those profound inflection moments where our hearts can lead us towards something kinder, more humane and less cruel than we are today.


Do we have the courage to even ask the big questions and talk honestly about the reality of who we are and who we want to be?


We don't want people to be hurting just to make sure that we mint more billionaires, we don't want children to starve for more golden parachutes, and we don't want people to be in prison so that we can put more money into a shareholders yacht or private jet. But that's what we're doing.


Strong social programs balance the harsh and cruel edge of unchecked capitalism. That's the truth. And balance is a good thing. So that was too long for a a an Instagram comment.


But he sent it to me and I'm bringing it to you. And I think it's right on the money.


It's not just heart smart, it's smart, smart. So kudos to Mark Ruffalo, who I just think is the bee's knees, so then I posted another video, posted just a silly video, a clip from last week where I talked about how nuts I want to bring back saying nuts again on nuts, you know, but in my mind, I'll be thinking of, like, penis nuts.


Anyway, it was just silly.


And I was scrolling through the comments.


I don't spend a lot of time looking at the comments, but I scroll through looking to see if a friend commented or someone I know or whatever.


I scroll, I scan and I saw three comments in a row by the same person, like you can see their little avatar.


So that made me stop and look at it. And I read it and it. It you know, I it doesn't take a lot to shock me, and this actually didn't shock me, but it was pretty far out and I'll post it right now if you're watching with your eyeholes on YouTube, but I'll read it to you, the listener.


Let's see here.


Someone named. Well, well, here we go, so his three comments on this post, which was just about saying nut's. One said, I like true sluts like you, and then then second one said, you need a true creampie gang bang pulled on you every hole filled with multiple calm. Then he felt like he didn't really say what he needed to say and came back and said, I'd fuck you balls deep in your ass and pussy with my 10 inch cock and fill em up with my cum.


And my friends would too. So I read this and I thought, Huh?


Let's see who this guy is, so then I clicked on his bio and it says, adventurous, always expanding and pursuing dreams, but always seek first the kingdom of God. And you'd think I would go, well, that seems odd. That's ironic. That's a real side by side. That sure is odd. No, it really felt right on the money. It did, you know. So I posted the screengrab side by side, and I didn't want to shame him, I had just listened to this and I'll talk about it later, a great podcast from Briney Brown and the whole podcast.


She talked about shame, which is, of course, something I'm very interested in.


I didn't want to shame him, but he did put it in a public space.


And I just kind of thought it was interesting to see the side by side. I don't know. It's interesting. There is this connection. I feel like this kind of perceived shield that people have if they are a child of God. You know. There's a couple ways to do it, you're either like into God or religion, and you want that as a place to find meaning.


And, you know, my sister's a rabbi and I really think there's like a man in the sky, which is, you know, I'm an asshole.


She goes, I don't know. I just like she likes to find meaning in everyday things, you know?


And so there's that there's a consciousness, a desire to expand your mind, you know, maybe with religion. But I think for the most part.


Or maybe just more than that. Are people who use it as an insurance policy?


I am I love God, I'm for God, I'm a God person. And then their behavior does not need to follow suit. They don't need to look inward. They don't need to examine, you know, living examined life. It's just this kind of invisible shield they have. Then they can just live this unconscious life and. You know, leave comments on a stranger's Instagram that says that you're going to rape them in various ways, unless he meant that with full consent, in which case it's just a bit graphic, but it's very odd, you know.


And I feel like there are people that they go, well, they can do anything they want, and then at the on their deathbed, if they say sorry, they still get to go to heaven.


But any. Anyone who behaves well. Because they want to go to heaven or because of a fear of hell.


I just don't think that's the way to live and there is no hell, there's no heaven or it depends on what your definition of heaven is or what your definition of hell.


But in terms of like the fiery pits of hell, if you're in the range of my voice right now and you're someone who believes and fears hell, let me release you of that fear. Right now. There is no hell.


I promise you. I promise you. I mean, what do I know, but I believe it with my whole heart. I mean, I I was in New York before covid. I was in New York and some kids were leaving. A Catholic school had just let out and they were leaving with, you know, the kids were walking out of the school and I couldn't help myself.


I go, there's no hell. And one boy, look back goes, what? And I go, I'm I'm I'm an adult, and I'm telling you, I promise you there is no hell. And the friend I was with said, you can't tell other people's kids there isn't hell. I was like, I guess, but like. I don't know what am I ruining hell for them? But if you are listening to me and you fear hell, please let me release you a bit and I promise you're not going to be a crueler person because you don't believe in hell.


It feels good to be good. It feels good to be kind. You know, you're still going to make the same mistakes either way.


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Function of beauty. It's a thing of beauty. I just made the slogan up. You can have that.


Oh, and also that. That same clip where I talk about wanting to say nuts, and it ends with me saying I but I'll think of them as peanuts, nuts, and then I go Pina's nuts, you know, eat them right out of the sack.


You know, we're we're sponsored by peanuts. Nuts. Anyway, someone named Wurtz A.. On Instagram, and I'll post it if you're watching this again on YouTube, you can see it right now. It's he made like a logo Silverman's Penis Nuts, and then the slogan was so good. You'll want to.


Which I thought was very funny, and then he wrote a little a little Yiddish on the bottom.


My middle guess me guest Mark Meital guest, Mark maybe, which means delicious because it says Meital guest Mark means delicious. Anyway, so good, you'll want to. And that was funny, then I go on Twitter and I see being dad trending, I go, what's this been, Dad?


And it's so hard to find the source of anything trending, because by then it's just like I just saw being dad is trending and ba ba ba ba ba.


But I find it, it's, it's a it's a whole long Twitter thread by a guy who's now been called being dead.


And basically the thread is he's home doing a puzzle with his nine year old daughter, nine year old daughter. So she's hungry. He says grab some baked beans.


She brings the can over, the can over. She says, I can't open it. And it's not one of the peel kinds they make now. It's like she needs a Canterbury, goes, go get a can opener. She gets a can opener. She goes, well, I don't know how to use it.


He says, we'll figure it out. What what are the look look at the can opener? How does it work? How do you think it works? Its got she goes, well it's got gears and I think this wheel court said and he goes, OK, so how would you fascinate.


And he just, he doesn't help her as much as he wants to and it takes six hours and there are tears involved but it ends with her finally clicking down, clamping, hearing that click and the reward of opening this can.


And I think he wanted people to go, oh, what a great dad, what a teachable moment, blah, blah, blah, and I was right there with it. I was exactly who he wanted to read this. Right? Well, like, what an investment he's made.


And this, you know, then I continue reading in the comments are like, that's child abuse. You know, I have an eating disorder because my father treated me this way. You don't there's no teachable moment when a child is hungry, you feed them, you don't let them get hungrier and hungrier. You feed them. You show them how it works. And now they learn how it works. You know, you're belittling this girl, you know?


And then as I'm reading comments, I'm like, Yeah, yeah.


So all I have to say about it is it's fascinating. And I actually sent the link to my sisters, we have an up a sisters WhatsApp.


And I said, read this thread and then the comments after, because I thought that would be a fun thing to discuss because I was so with him and then I was so with everyone else, you know, and really there's so much vitriol in the comments because clearly it triggered something historical.


And people, you know, like my shrink says, if it's hysterical, it's historical. Like they were very like, you know, I, I got an eating. This girl is you know, it was very passionate, the comments.


And I was like, wow. Right. That's a good point. That's a good point. You know, so I have nothing to add personally other than. It was interesting when my sisters right back and they go, oh, it's there's nothing there when you click on it, the guy had deleted his account. I don't know if I'm thinking along company lines here or what. I all I know is like looking at this whole covid. Debacle, clearly, this country, there's no federal leadership, right?


And to not have federal leadership at such a crucial time. But it seems to me that federally. Not state by state, but federally, everyone should have to wear a mask in public places.


Period. And if we do that. We can stay open, you know, like if if. If everyone has to wear a mask in public for now, no shoes, no shirt, no mask, it's not a big deal. Then. We can keep the economy open, we can things can stay open, and they just have to follow the covid rules, keep the restaurants on and keep everything open.


That's one way to do it. Or. Still, I think everyone should wear a mask while this shit's going on, but if you're going to close down, if you're going to shut down, you got to subsidize businesses and people and cancel rent, period. Pandemics are pricey. That's how they go. But it just has to be outworks.


But you can't just fuck people over, and I know it's just this fight between the House and the Senate. But you have to subsidize people and small businesses if you're going to ask them to close, you're killing them. So on one hand, there are all these people, maybe mostly on the right, saying. Fucking people are losing their businesses and their right.


And then but there are people on the left saying, we want to subsidize these businesses, we think we should cancel rent, we want to subsidize more than just giant conglomerates or people like, you know, Trump hotels and Joel Osteen, who neither of who pay taxes and are incredibly wealthy.


You know, either you shut everything down and you cancel, rent and subsidize businesses and people. Or you keep the country open using covid compliance rules and a federal law to wear masks in public places, period, no shoes, no shirt, no mask, no service.


Fucking good grief. And if you don't wear a mask, you're fined, period, and just like everyone else, if you have a medical condition that keeps you from wearing a mask, stay home.


Have someone else get your groceries, and that sucks, you know, and maybe you should hope for affordable health care for your condition.


You know, this lack of federal leadership has fucked everything, and the fact that Mitch McConnell blocks everything in the Senate, the whole 2000 thing.


You know, Republicans are actually fine with socialism when the government gives money to the rich. When it works for them, when it goes to corporations. But not when it's like Swedish socialism and puts people first as a federal policy, then that's socialism.


They prey on fears they're using socialism as this buzzword.


No one against it understands what it is. I assume maybe there was a time there's people from, you know, the communism scare that socialism is an entree into communism. No, it's we're talking about democratic socialism. Again, you like driving on roads. You like calling the fire department if there's a fire, I mean, come on. But, boy, this country is run like a company and it is money obsessed.


I remember Garry Shandling used to say America is a great company. I don't know if I really knew what he meant. Now I know it. Now I know what he meant. I fucked up my I fucked up my lo.


I sprained my lower back.


And it hurts. It's really stinks. And it's affecting everything, you know, and and to a degree, affecting my relationship, my pod, Rory.


You know, and he totally understands he has so much empathy and, you know, I feel bad for him because he he just wants to help. He wants to fix it, you know.


And there's nothing he can do and, you know, we were hanging out and I was like, I should really just be home by myself, you know, I don't want to expose you to me in pain.


It's not pleasant, you know?


And he goes, that's not what a relationship is.


A relationship is. We were in this together, you know? So you have back pain.


Who cares? And that's beautiful and I appreciate it, I really do, but it's it's it affects everything.


You know, I feel like when a dog is in pain and you go to pet it and it snaps at you and bites you, you know, normally it wants to be pet.


Petted. No, today it's it bites your hand. That's how I felt, I tried to explain it to him. You know that these things that I love, love, love usually him. Holding me, him coming up behind me and squeezing me and I feel his like. Penis kind of pushing and my butt. I love those things usually. But when I'm in pain, I don't feel sexual, I don't want to feel your penis and balls pushing against my took us.


Normally I do, I love it and he can't help it. It's just there. But it's just one of those things where he, you know, there's nothing he can do. So he just wants to even just very gently hug me.


And even then, mate, I'm like, I'm so scared he's going to squeeze me in a way that hurts, you know? So he comes to gently hold me and I'm like, no, no, no. And he really wants to understand and I finally came up with an analogy that made him really understand, I said, imagine you have to take a shit so bad and you hit a point where you go, I'm going to shit my pants.


It's happening. Fuck. And right in that moment, I start blowing you. And he laughed and he really said, oh, man, I, I get it now. That was really cute.


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All right, let's take some calls. Let's listen to some voice mails. What if everybody understood that everybody else is just as afraid as they are? With defensiveness, go away then, could we get along well?


Well, that's very deep. And I think this woman is absolutely correct. But more than that. This woman sounds very mystical. Deep question, probably true. But all I can think is what this woman looks like, this is what I envision. She's got very chunky jewelry involving turquoise. Many scholls layers of scholls. Definitely makes her own granola. Probably makes love to a man that she's molded out of composts. When you enter her house, it's just you just have to wade through like dream catchers.


This is what I see from this question. She's probably in her 70s with, like, long silver hair.


Still sexual, definitely, you know, I I'm really picturing a specific woman, but one time I was at this health food store in L.A. it's called AA1 and I was getting coconut oil because I was about to do this movie in Santa Fe, A Million Ways to die in the West.


And they go, it's so dry here. Schmeer yourself with coconut oil. It's so dry. And that's one of the best things to, like, moisturize.


So that was one of the things on the list. And I went to buy it. And this woman I'm describing sidles up next to me.


She goes, Coconut oil is a fantastic natural lubricant. And I said, really? She says, yes, she said it's it's it's a it works great as a lubricant. It can get inside your vagina and your penis hole and not hurt you. As a matter of fact, it's a it's like, I don't know, antiinflammatory or it's like antibiotic. Ganti something healthy for you.


All right, good to know. And then I used it as a as a as lube with my boyfriend, and it was incredible.


But ever since I kind of refresh that story with each new boyfriend, so it doesn't seem like, I don't know, gross like this is what I use, I don't know, I I shouldn't have to do that.


And now I'm exposing myself, but with each new boyfriend subsequent to that, I'd go I'd make the experience fresh. You know, I bumped into this woman at ER once, she said coconut oil is a good personal lubricant.


A good lubricant, that's the difference between a personal lubricant and a lubricant, I'm not sure, but you know what I'm saying, then we try it and then it becomes like a staple.


Hey, Sarah, I love your podcast and I love you. I had a question actually about your show. I love America on. There was crazy like crazy, but the Republican devoted Republican eyeglass store owner that on the episode that he was featured, you guys made a deal that if Trump lost the reelection, you would get 10 free pairs of frames anyones you want, no matter the price. So I was calling to see if you had fun.


Oh, my God. Offer or not.


And if you plan to. If you have yet. All right. That's all. Thank you.


Holy shit. I completely forgot about that. Oh, my God. All right. So I had this show on Hulu. And we did one piece called We Just Were. I for a long time got my eyeglasses from this incredible boutique store on Libya owned by an insane person.


And every time I'd walk in, he would just go in and we would just fight. He's this. Jewish, you know, Republican, and it's all about pro Israel with with them, with them.


I don't like calling people them, that sounds like a rule like they're all one thing, but anyway, that's the thing with them.


And it's you know, I always thought it was interesting because I'd walk in and we would be at each other's throats the whole time.


But then I'd be like, are these glasses too small for my face?


You'd be like, Yeah, you know what I mean? Like, he's he's like a glasses savant.


And he has an unbelievable selection of these, like. Glasses from every era, I think you know, but he's. I don't know if this is Jew on Jew crime, but the kind of Jew that.


Is not immaculate persay, I would say, if he has a briefcase, it's a CVS's bag and like even when he tends the glasses and these are like super high and glasses from the 50s, you know, all the way until, you know, all every price range.


But he'll, like, tint them or dye them.


And it's just he has like an old Gatorade bottle. He keeps the dye in and then he pours it into like a like what what you pee in in hospitals and he just dies. It it's, you know. I don't want to say they're cheap. I'm really being racist, but I I'm taking license because I am a Jew, but this is a different kind of thing anyway.


Oh, I'm so sorry.


I'll just. We will take the beating for how I'm speaking of him. But if you met him, all of this is true. I will say this is true about this specific person.


You know, the news he reads, he shares articles in my face. They're all from Breitbart Dotcom, you know, a news outlet that, you know, up until three years ago had a section called Black Crime. So it to give you a little.


A little frame of that anyway. I had a show on Hulu called I Love You American, most of the pieces we did, the field pieces were I am with a family of Trump supporting Republicans in Wisconsin.


And, you know, but you know what has different as we are, we're not so different after all. And blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It's kind of like a love fest.


Weird thing where, yes, we have different ideas, but at the root of it, we are connected and we're human, blah, blah, blah.


This was not that this I came into the office. I said, give me two cameras. Let's just go over there. I'm telling you, every time I walk in there, it's gold.


So we did we brought two cameras and I went in there and. And it was gold, I mean, this guy is perfect for television because he was not changed by the cameras at all. There was no Heisenberg principle at play here.


He was completely how he is when I go in there on my own and we, of course, fought. And he he.


He he gloated about Trump, and we went back and forth and, you know, and the Hillary Clinton's criminal crime family, whatever, but I completely forgot this moment where he says Trump is going to be re-elected.


And if he's not, I'll give you 10 pair of glasses for free at any price range.


And we shook on it. You want to put money on it?


I'll guarantee you. I'll bet you temper's the glasses for free. The Trump will get re-elected. OK, tempers are glasses or are you going to paint your glasses?


I don't get which ones. I got over this stuff for 10, 15 grand tempers the glasses. I guarantee you he gets re-elected or you pay double. This is unfair. You pay double.


You got it. So I have. He's got to pay up. Oh, my God. I'm so glad this caller called. I completely forgot. And let's call it we should call God, I hope that it's open. Is it an essential it's glasses, but it's and they do put in prescriptions, but they don't do eye exams.


I don't know how. Specific, I mean. I'm just going to try to call because I. Jack Siwa. They're not going to be there, but let's try it again. I'm sorry, the person you were trying to reach has a voicemail box that has not been set up yet. Please try your call again later, OK? Sure. Fuck. I don't know his last name. Jack's eyewear. Well, we'll try to. All right, listen, we got to get in touch with him because he owes me bigly.


And I want to rub it right in his big fat face, out of the guy's face as fat, I mean that metaphorically, I guess I should use other language. His greasy Jew face, just kidding, kidding, that was even worse.


Rub it in his face, OK? You know, the thing about Jack is we hate each other, but. Like I say at the end of that bit on Hulu, you know, if he was sick, would I bring him soup? You probably would. I, Sarah, know that PornHub has changed the rules about what accounts remain active and what content remains active. How has that changed your porn watching habits? Well, it really hasn't, I guess so, apparently.


PornHub has just reinforced has made it safer and more secure that they they make sure that there are no videos posted that are of underage women or women who might be exploited or who didn't know they're recorded.


They make sure they have they have a lot more monitors to make sure that that doesn't ever happen.


That does not affect me.


However, thank you for asking, though, but it really doesn't affect me at all because I watch guys fucking pocket pussies. Thank you for your concern, though. What else we got? My name is Laura and I'm from Israel. I wanted to say two things. The first one is I heard what you said earlier on on this podcast about Israelis and Palestinians. And I just wanted to say you're spot on. But, yeah, you're really spot on.


Like, you don't have to be from here and know, like, the whole history of this place to know that occupation is messed up. It's like I don't have to be a US citizen to know that separating children from their parents is really messed up. And also, like, thank you for saying that not all Israelis are for Netanyahu because I really feel like the Israeli left is not being seen elsewhere in the world. So, yeah, thanks for that.


Anyway, what I really wanted to say was I can believe you and Rachel Bloom didn't work together before, and I really think you should. You're both hilarious. And I'm speaking on behalf of Jewish women here when I say that you should really be there.


Yeah. Anyway, thank you so much. Bye.


Hmm, yeah, that's something that really bothers me. Listen. I agree 100 percent that criticizing Israel is not anti-Semitism.


We criticize the United States all the time. I don't hate the United States, I love it. I hate what I'm seeing, what it's doing, I you know, I mean, but it's that it's not anti-Semitism to to criticize.


A government, I'm fine with Bede's, as long as it's clear that you are boycotting a government and not a people. You know, when that line gets money, that's when it's scary, a little scary as a Jew, you know.


Listen, people like they're Jews suffering when Jews aren't suffering, when, God forbid, they're thriving. People don't like that. That's why we're so conditioned to complain. It's how we know how to get love that might be interesting to talk about. I mean, I am talking out of my ass, but it seems like something's there, but Bede's what is that? A boycott, divestment, sanctions. I get it.


I think divesting from South Africa made a real difference in ending apartheid. I'm not against BDS. I'm against Jews are pro occupation. It's absurd. Not all Jews are for the occupation, I would say most Jews are not for the occupation. It's like not all Jews are for occupation, just like not all Americans are for putting kids in cages. I think would be a good analogy there. I mean, come on. There are myriad Jewish run organizations that fight the occupation every day.


You can love your country and hate what it's doing. I really I hope for a peaceful end to occupation. You know, in in Chappelle's bird revelation. He talks about the end of apartheid and how it should have been a bloodbath, but for some reason it wasn't. That's what I would hope for here.


Unfortunately, Israel and the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. Also have to want an end to the occupation, and that's where I think there's a sticking point. You know, it ain't it ain't just Israel that benefits from the occupation in various ways.


And that seems to somehow be a kind of well-kept secret. But it is Israel, I mean, certainly, but it's the Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are and countries surrounding. Are not their hands aren't clean. But again, it's not people, it's governments, and when that's a clear line, I'm down with it. Just like here, I see a difference between the liars and the lied to. Anyway, yeah, I'm friends with Rachel Bloom, I adore her, I think she's brilliant.


We've become friendly, we've done some stuff together, fundraisers and stuff. I remember when we first hung out, she's like, do you sing? And I was like. Yeah, I actually had a sitcom that was a musical as well, but she's brilliant, brilliant and a lovely person and we both worked. Very closely and very recently with Adam Schlesinger, who died April 1st of covid-19, so we share that loss. Subscribe, rate and review.


Sorry, Dad, that was sudden, that was sudden. We're dad, we're coming to the end. Are you ready? Are you bracing yourself?


I'm ending the show and I'm doing it by saying subscribe, rate and review wherever you listen to podcasts and check us out on YouTube if you like, seeing it visually with your eyeball holes.


Other than that, Dad, here I go. I'm dismounting. I want to say, hey, hey, I got. Hey.