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I want to say, hey, I got. Hey, my friend, Josh Harmon, who. I'm. Collaborating on this musical with Josh Harmon, great playwright, brilliant, anyway, irrelevant. He texted me a picture he had just made a Boston cream pie.


And he was so proud and he texted it to me and my knee jerk reaction, which is always my reaction inside my head when I see like a pie or a cake that looks incredible to me is I just want to sit on it bare assed.


What what could that possibly be from? I don't know. Thinking of my childhood, thinking of my anything, I, I don't know what that's from.


But I have mentioned it a few times around. Friends and a couple girlfriends have been like. Oh, my God, me too. I don't know what that is, but it must be something I don't want to in real life. If you presented me with a beautiful frosted vanilla and vanilla cake, my favorite.


It is my instinct in my head I have this visual of just sitting hard on it bare assed, but I yeah, I mean, that does sound weird, sir.


I can't say I ever had that feeling, but I do think it'd be a good way to cool down like you go for a hot run outside your heart. You come back, just drop your pants.


I think Raj, if I was looking to cool down by sitting on something bare assed, wouldn't it be like a park bench or like a metal?


All I can think of is like a metal park bench. What's wrong with us? I don't know if I'd be like, boy, am I hot. I'd like to cool down by sitting on a cake. But when I see a cake that looks delicious to me, that's the thought of just plop, pull down my pants and underwear and just boom.


I know I wouldn't want to do it in real life because it's a mess and it's so much clean up and you don't you know, vagina is an inside thing.


It's like an open door.


You know, I don't want stuff in it. Like KAC. I mean, in a way, it's kind of like the porn I watch is not anything I would. Want in real life.


Sitting on a cake, same thing, it's a visual that happens when I see something I a cake or something that looks delicious.


Boy, I'd like to sit on that, I think, to myself. So I think I'm expressing it outwardly, one, because it seemed like it might be entertaining and to like call in if you have experienced that or you know what that might be.


What that comes from my friend Kevin Skinny, hilarious comedy writer, emailed me and was like, I I think I have a really good story for you from when I used to watch Mary. He would he and his lover, who is my manager and partner, Amy's very often would watch Mary when I would go on the road and stuff.


And he said, you know, he's a shy guy, too. But he said, I think you should call me on your podcast and keep it fresh.


And I'll tell you the story. I think it'll be funny.


So I don't know what it is. I don't know what the story is. But I'm going to call Kevin right now and hear Wiggill.


Hello, Kevin. You're on the air with Sarah Silverman at the highest level. You and.


Well, how are you? I'm doing really well. And I was nervous to tell you this story, but I'm sure you're all right.


What's up?


So it's just something that you mentioned. Well, I guess everybody has now. You mentioned coconut oil a few times, and it reminded me of a story that I just buried in my head because when it happened, I was so mortified. But this was about six years ago. And right when I was starting to house it for you and Mary on you in any way they can shoot. And within the span of twenty four hours, three different people randomly bharata the term oil pulling, which is something I had never heard before.


It's where you use cocaine.


Well, yes, I'm familiar like. That's right, because Amy and I were into that for a while.


Like you're supposed to swish it around in your mouth for like ten minutes.


Exactly. So when that all started, if you remember back about six years ago, you guys were in New York. I was, you know, just got off the phone with Amy Holmes back at your house and she had mentioned she was going to do it and that I should try it sometime. And I thought, you know what? There's I think I've seen some some coconut oil around here somewhere. Oh. And so I walked around and went, oh, yeah, I know she keeps the bedroom, not for ones that could really be where you would never keep it in the bedroom.


All I thought was I guess it's just we're things. So I went to the kitchen and I'm walking back to the bedroom. I took a generous portion of the coconut oil. You know, it was cold, so solidified and put it in my mouth and started to switch it around to break it up and, you know, turn it into oil. And after kind of 15 seconds, it melted. And that's when I JAG's, because of my time, I pulled out the Black Keys.


Oh, my God. I was just horrified because it was like, oh, my God. And not only was like, oh, my God, it's to you, you know, the embarrassment that invaded your privacy. And then I just started wondering when if I told you that I might take away your dignity and I could be even worse.


And, you know, so I didn't know what to do for a second. I calmed down and thought to myself, OK, relax, it's only serious. And then went immediately back to being horrified when I realized, how do I know that? Serious.


I'm trying to think of who I was with. Yeah, it could have been a I mean, was it black or was it like dark brown. It could have been like Michael Sheiner.


That's what I thought. Maybe, you know, I didn't want to fit in with the thing, the grades.


It could have been a cube of the grade.


Michael Sheen, I was thinking that I should take it to a public or something. Oh, my God.


You know what? You should have just swallowed it like a pill and been done with it.


Well, I figured if I put it back, you wouldn't know that I was in your. You're joking, but yeah.


Like it. Open jar of coconut mid-quarter and be like, you know, I know I had a pub in here. I put a thick tube in here. No. One thousand three hundred twenty six.


To Amy, this is so uncomfortable because I know he's your boyfriend, but I think he stole from me, you know, so I just wanted to confess that story and we might be related in some way or like married in some culture.


That story is amazing. Thank you for I know you're not the most extroverted person, though, a comedian. Yeah. So thank you for oh, of course. Let me call you.


And sharing that with the world. All right. Love you.


All right. Love you, too. Oh, there you go. I don't have anything to add. Oh, my. That makes me gag a little bit. I'm not weird about, like, a hair in my salad or something, but that was 100 percent of pubic. That came probably from my vagina. Into the mouth. Of the boyfriend, of a friend. And a friend apostrophe, let's talk about skin, I have very dry skin.


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Silverman Well, as you know, I talk a lot about my lover Rory.


Rory people my friends now say his name back at me the way I say it or even callers have said it to they go, Rory, but I can't say it unless I really articulate it.


But the weird thing is I have to have a I'm doing a movie. It just got pushed. But I'm doing a movie where I have like a fancy lady voice.


And when I have that voice, I can say his name very easily.


Rory, Rory. But in my voice, it's hard. It's hard to say.


So I say, Rory, anyway, as you know, I do talk a lot about Rory and our relationship on on this podcast.


And people want to hear I don't know why his side of things. So we're going to call him and so he can have, you know. Equal time. And by equal time, I mean, you know. Me having 18 hours of uninterrupted content and him having a handful of interrupted minutes, but here we go. Rory's side of the story. Oh, my God, I love the sound of his voice. I'm not going to lie. Hello, hello.


Hi, it's Sarah Silverman. Hello, Sarah, how are you? I'm well, how are you?


I'm your partner, your sexual and emotional partner. Oh, that's Sarah. OK, how are you that Sarah? I'm well, how are you? You're on the air.


Oh my God. I'm on the air. That's awesome. Oh, thanks for having me.


I tell I told the audience that I'm calling you so that you can have your equal time but not equal time.


I was looking for equal time. It was just, you know, I had I had like missed a few podcasts that I listen to them in a row. I caught up and and I and I noticed that, you know, I mentioned a bit. So I felt like maybe it was a good time to just check in. Yeah.


I mean, look, I talk about my life and you're part of it. You know, I have to express myself.


I get it. And I've never suggested anything otherwise. It was it was actually an episode where you said you said, you know, I don't even know what the line is with Rory, which I appreciated. You're like, I got to figure it out, you know? But then right before you said that, you had described, you know, the smell of my cum. So that's a good point to. Yeah, yeah. So it felt like it was at the right order that, you know, those two things was supposed to be like, what's the line?


Yeah, I feel like the line is like just a little bit past that. Right.


But it was like it's just a little things I wanted to clarify because like the smell of my cum thing I felt like was launched, you know, just disgusting. Like a little at the context is, you know, you do have a garage at your new house that smells like come, right? Yes. And that was the and that was the thing. But you said that you had written a joke. But I think it was in your phone and it said, you know, my boyfriend's cum smells like a garage, and I guess my whole thing is garages generally smell like like we all go and, like, old tires, like they don't smell.


That's not what your car smells like. Right.


So I think my car smells like your garage, but that's only because your garage smells like cum. That's what I'm saying. Yes. That's a really good point. That's a really good point. You're calm. Doesn't smell like if you pull into Exxon Mobil, right. It doesn't smell like their garage. My garage smells like generic come yet generic brand come and your cum smells generically like hum. Yeah. Like it smells like what it was like. It felt like the clarification is that my cum smells normal and that the anomaly is your garage.


Yes. That's, that's a perfect point. Yes. I respect that your column is not special. Yeah. The garage is special. I also just want to clarify, you told that story about how you know, I walk Mary, you know when you have to poop. Well, well, well you allegedly allegedly at the pool. Thank you. And I get. Yeah. And I guess my whole thing was just I just to clarify that you can poop here with me here.


It doesn't bother me at all. It's an honor. I like my toilet. What's love it when you poop in it.


I mean, I don't want to say anything but when I flush your toilet the last time I heard it and maybe this is my mind playing tricks on me, I could have sworn I heard it go.


Yum Subhas, definitely, yeah, it's it's the people that got it, you know, it doesn't do that to me, you know, it doesn't ever do that to me. It doesn't. No, absolutely. I've heard it before. I've even said to me, like, can you bring her back? Sometimes when I'm done, it's like, can you can you bring her back? Because there's Sarah. I do have that's like I know you have a regular job.


I have one of those fancy Japanese toilets. And I do feel like it has everything right. We were looking we're going through the manual. It's got it will blow hot air up your ass, will blow up, will hot water up your asshole. It'll put water up your vagina and it's just regular water. But they do something. It makes it feel like it's Évian but know. Yeah. And like it, it has so many functions. Why doesn't it say like have a robot saying yum.


When you flush it we're like oh yeah.


You know something. I agree. I mean that's probably an easy fix. You know, you can probably get that added. Yeah.


I have a suggestion box or like email you can for for comments. Come on page. Right.


It's actually on the toilet. There's a button and you just leave a message in and then they update your toilet like a Tesla. Oh yeah. Yeah, it's on Wipha. No, it is true. The Japanese are light years ahead of us in clean assholes like light years ahead. Yeah. Oh boy. We hoard toilet paper and they just spray water on. It makes a lot more sense.


Yeah. You just you know, I look at my big thing, first of all, I have to say I love the podcast. It's very good. I knew it was going to be good and it's fantastic.


Thanks for yeah, I listen to it and I listen to you in real life a lot. And then also on the podcast, I know I would never expect you to listen to the podcast like that.


Seems like homework. Like I I'm moved that you just do it on your own.


But I would never. I would never. You know, I'm a fan. I just think part of it is like when I come up, it's a lot of like my balls, my pubes by my shit, you know, things like that. So I just thought I would take a minute to let the audience know that, you know, I'm not just like a sexist, sex crazed bag of body fluids, that's all, you know.


Oh, you're so much more than that. You're coming out of. I've had you know, at times I've had cool jobs. I have hobbies. Yeah. I'm just big, disgusting poop machines. That's it. It's just really I just wanted to really say that on the show just for job interviews so they don't even have to ask me that question, you know.




I feel like this is this is going to be really good for you because you job with the interviewers. Get to that, like, what is your cum smell like? Why should I be like, oh, that's out there. You don't need to ask. You know, you can Google that. Yeah, exactly, it's just the information's out there. Yeah, yeah, and like that that was it. And I got, you know, and for me the line is, you know, I feel like I trust you.


I trust the line. I think you can, you know, talk about things. I do think sometimes that order like I said, I think sometimes it'll be like, oh, on the podcast I talked about this, you know, versus maybe like, hey, I'm sick about the podcast. Yeah. You know, and so far, because we're not like, you know, we're not at like a pretty early on, like we haven't you know, they're not there's not like real dirt, you know.


But I guess, you know, the fear would be like if we when we hit the like farts and fight stage. Like what? What, you know. Yeah.


Like when it that's when, you know, comics start mimicking their partner in the just the most awful like.


And then he was like, you know, you should by the way do to be in person.


Yeah. Well that's because I do believe you in person is your audience to know that you are one of the sweetest people on earth, but also a tremendous bully. You're a bully only post-coital. Well, yeah. And I think it's because I'm like make I'm now conscious and back in my body and I'm like making up for being vulnerable.


I know what it is. Yeah. Like it's, it's, it's definitely like steal my lunch money kind of bullying that goes on. But there's a part of me that feels like I deserve, you know, like I like, you know, I've been I've been I've probably been on the wrong side of that in my life.


So it feels like you don't deserve it. And it's only OK if you think it's funny, but so far you it seems to tickle you.


Oh, the body is one of the funniest things in the world is when you told me to I was eating, eating cereal. I thought it was too crunchy because you don't like crunching it. I said I'll eat out on your balcony and you said, can you go further? And you know what? This is why I'm so lucky. I just want to be clear, which basically applies. I should jump off your balcony. Sounds great, but he was eating grape nuts, which, by the way, are like grape nuts, is not making grape nuts right now.


Like they put out an announcement. We sent it to me. Is that like they're not closing, but the right now they are not making more grape nuts. And you can't find I'm out of grape nuts and you can't find grape nuts anywhere. I've never wanted grape nuts more, of course. But that year I should look inward about that. Like why do I suddenly want grape nuts now that I can't have it? That's a, you know, fucked up thing.


But you were always a great I have great, great. Not only in at your house, you know, on your list of things to eat. Yeah. They are crunchy. They're extremely crunchy trees.


Yeah. And it's like the fact that you are so kind of bad that, like you poured the grape nuts. Oh yeah. Because you were using that you mixed grape nuts granola and you put the vegan honey on it and it was so good we were a little high but right away you were like, oh, I'm going to go eat this on the patio. And I was so moved.


But then my mouth said, Could you go farther anyway? I could talk to you forever. And I can't wait to see you tonight at 6:00 for Zoome with your parents and The Bachelorette really well.


And then The Bachelor. And think about where we should order. Oh, I will I hopefully I clarify. Hopefully I cleared my name.


I think you did. I think this is going to really I think you're going to get discovered from this. I think so too. And just so you know, you're also on my podcast right now. I am. That's not fair. I didn't agree to that. Yes. You didn't realize that. Yeah. My podcast is just me answering viewers calls about you and your body parts. Right, isn't it called my side of the Rori the homeless?


That's a terrible name. I think you came up with that yesterday, called my side of the album.


This is what it's called. Oh, yes. All right.


Aggressively unclever. All right. Bye.


I want to pay my compliments to your producing team. Are doing a bang up job.


Good job, everyone. I don't use bang up lately. All right. You know how I feel about your company, Carol. All right. Bye bye.


Let's take a voicemail.


Hello, Sarah. My name is Warren Coughlan from Toronto, Canada. I just like to lobby for a reinstatement of some form of I heard America maybe not just restricted to America, but your unique approach to bringing together voices on opposite sides of the spectrum and finding the humanity within each of us and how to build relationships across those divisions, I think is something that is sorely needed right now. And there are not enough people striving to do so. I thought you had a unique gift and approach to doing it that made it appealing and possible in the minds of viewers.


And so I would encourage you to do something like that. Possibly here would be the one addition to it. You're clearly on one side of the political spectrum. If you had a co-host who is on the other side of the political spectrum and the two of you were to do that effort together to bring people together, it could actually be, I think, a very, very powerful demonstration of what might be possible and what is, in fact, desirable given current circumstances.


So given you've got some history in doing it, I thought you might be the right person to pull it off. So good luck to you and thanks for all you did.


Yeah, that's interesting. I mean, the idea of having a co-host with a different perspective is sounds like that would be interesting, but it really does nothing if if the other perspective is based on an alternative truth.


You know, you can't have a. Trump cultists are a kuhnen believer because their truth is not based on what's true, you have to have the same baseline truth to be able to disagree on something. There's no real argument to have if you, you know, both don't at least know the earth is round one person.


You know, one side thinks there should be Medicare for all. And then another person thinks there's, you know, a pedophile ring run by liberals out of a pizza shop and Jews are trying to enslave the world.


It's you have to both concede that the sky is blue.


But, yeah, if there was like a person with a different perspective that is based on the same truth, that would be interesting.


Sure. Blue shoe.


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Hi Sarah. Hi. You want to say that I absolutely love you. I always have. As a comedian, you are one of my top favorite comedians ever and an inspiration to me doing stand up. Now, I have a question about year of getting into my little stuff like that, something that you've always felt and just never expressed or that, oh, something new that I would say the country on the shit now. So I need to say something.


I'm just curious and I love you and this is not tearing it down. It's just more curiosity. Well, I don't know, first of all, if he loved me so much, he would maybe call me from a place that had more than one bar.


I mean, I've always been I'm from New Hampshire. So, I mean, it's I grew up with mostly Republicans, but beside any kind of which way you lean, it's you know, it's politics. You know, the presidential candidates all came through my hometown, Manchester, New Hampshire. And it was my family was just always involved. My mom was a photographer for the McGovern campaign.


My dad always worked, you know, worked for Jesse Jackson, you know, volunteered. But in terms of like, you know, my standup is more social politics and I feel like my whole being is more I'm more interested in social politics, which, you know, but everything is connected.


And then the past five years, you know, it's like everything's political. You know, you don't have to be a political person. But just by virtue of putting something out there at this time, it's political. People ask me if I would if I ever thought of, like running for office or something. But I just feel like politics is so limited compared to what I can do. It's just like an outspoken comedian or citizen with with a platform, you know, like and plus politicians are really freaky.


You know, they're like I like to I like to lead with my freakiness.


I let my I like to let my freak flag fly.


Politicians, like, squelch all that. And what they put forth is, you know, more conservative, whatever your politics are, it's like a more conservative thing they put forward. But then there's always fuckin freaky in their personal life.


Not always. I don't know.


I mean, they have this they have a conservative veneer, but then they like need to have someone shit on their chests, like in their home life is like, you know, I would just say, like, the irony is, I, I like to let my freak flag fly.


I like to put that out there.


And then my home life, my secret life is, you know, like really boring. Like, I you know, my greatest love is to be home and watching TV, maybe take a bath and, you know, moisturise.


I will say my you know, my like my kink is that I just like to really experiment with facial oils, I guess, and coconut oils.


I remember years ago the RNC, the Republican National Convention was in New York City and I was living there and they had to ship in prostitutes. For the RNC, there weren't enough sex workers in New York City for the RNC. Plus, I'm like, I wouldn't be psyched about, like, shaking people's hands, and I don't have the energy to be a politician I really don't like, I have bursts of creative energy. And then I need I'm depleted for like two days.


I need to just rest. And I do love holding babies, but I feel like people let me hold their babies not now during covid, but in regular life, just from being a famous comedian. You know what babies love.


And I know this because I love babies. I don't know how I figured this out, but it's true. They love the sound of like and a rich, elderly, appalled woman.


It's like if you do this around a baby, they love it more. I know. And, you know, little kids like I made it up once. It was a total money pit. But every once in a while, someone will say that they had it for the baby.


It was called Uncle Sarah, and it was an app for babies and toddlers. But all I did was like I had this one. Kids love when you yell at them, like when they know that you're kidding deep down, but you commit to it. They love that.


So I would do I do a thing with kids or I go like I'm taking a nap and I don't want to be disturbed. Don't wake me up.


And then I pretend to sleep and I get to go like this be.


And then they always poke me and I go, Oh, look me up.


Did you wake me up? Oh, they love it. I don't know why they like rage. All right, what else? A Johnny Snickers Hey. I found the Snickers video, it's on Instagram. If you Google Sarah Silverman Snickers It's on the first page. I couldn't find it last time.


That's so funny because. When you called and you said, I can't find this. I was like, right, of course, because if you search Sarah, I took those individual Snickers that just had all each individual letter.


This is Snickers and I spelled Chike is what he's referring to. I don't know. And like an Instagram post. And I was like, snickers no.


But he was like, I'm trying to find it and I can't, which I don't even know. I was trying to find it.


But I was like, yeah, of course. Because if you Google Sarah Silverman and Chike, you're going to get like six million posts before that one comes up. But. Right. I didn't think. Of course, you can just Google Sarah Silverman and Snickers down.


All right. What else?


Hey. Hi. Sarah Silverman. Yeah. What should happen to the Jim Jordan and Ted Cruz's? Of the world. I don't know if they should. Be expelled from. Congress over. It would be like a legal. Procedure brought against the. Is your opinion? Oh, what is my opinion? My hope is that they become wildly unpopular.


Yeah, I mean, it's just fucking so crazy that Ted Cruz says this fair election was unfair. Just announces makes up because Trump made up. That this election was was fraudulent, has zero proof of it, 60 lawsuits lost, 60 lawsuits presented, no proof. Probably the most fair, most carefully counted election of all time. But, you know, Ted Cruz tells everyone in the sound of his voice, within the sound of his voice, that this election was unfair.


And then his evidence is the people who believed his lie that the election was unfair. Ted Cruz telling people that the election was fraudulent and then is proof that it was fraudulent is that the people he told believed it is like me saying. That the inside of my labia is purple. And then people and then pointing to the people that I told that to as proof that it's purple, instead of looking at it and examining it and seeing that it is indeed not purple.


I'm not going to say what color it is, I'm just saying it isn't purple, that's my analogy. Is it the best, maybe not, possibly not, you can't spread a lie and then point at the people who believe you as the evidence. It's absurd. Sadly, it works, I suppose. Why wouldn't it? These people elected him. They trust him. I'm just very excited to have federal leadership very, very excited. Can you imagine a global pandemic happens and the president of the United States says just pass it, passes it off to the states, 50 different states who have to make 50 different decisions about how they're going to process those fucking stupid.


He lost interest. He likes throwing parties for himself. Rallies for himself. Beyond that, no. We need federal leadership, Biden said, yeah, this sucks and you're not going to like it, but I'm going to ask you, it's going to get worse before it gets better. And that's just the truth. It's not fun for me to say as your new president, but it's the truth. You're going to have to wear masks for the next 100 days.


We're going to vaccinate 100 million people. And by the end of that 100 days, we're going to have herd immunity.


And that's what we have to do, period. It's like so refreshing leadership, who knew? And I also believe he's planning massive rent, forgiveness and subsidies for small businesses. You can't shut a place down and not subsidize the businesses and their employees.


But, you know, they've been doing that so they could point to the left and say, oh, they're shutting down the economy. Yes, shut it down.


But you have to then subsidize the the businesses. But, of course, that never passed. I'm talking out of my ass. What else?


Hey, Sarah, this is Dave from Canada. Love the podcast. I have this theory that the reason so many people believe Donald Trump's lies is that the US is a very religious country and that religion teaches you to believe unbelievable things. What do you think? Well, I think that makes a lot of sense, I will say the last sentence you just said, people believe in unbelievable things. Well, that sounds kind of beautiful and inspiring. I completely agree with you.


But that was like, wow, there's something like not romantic, but, you know, beautiful about that.


People believe in unbelievable things. It sounds like something, you know, that would move you at the end of a, you know, Christmas special or something.


But yeah. This tends to be people who don't believe in science, sure, for sure, you know, all these Trump people are waiting for Jesus to come back and I just can't imagine they would recognize him if he did. You know, Jesus was a poor refugee who was definitely not into stuff and things.


Yeah, but then who represents him? And the loudest form people like Joel Osteen.


Fucking douche nozzle. Who has you know, his megachurch is an arena in Houston and when they had that huge hurricane. Just a big empty. Arena that he could have it would have been really, really helpful to open its doors to people who were displaced just so that. Maybe he ultimately did after, like online people were like, why doesn't he open the doors to his megachurch so people who have no home right now could sleep somewhere dry and warm.


It didn't occur to him that Joel Osteen would not recognize Jesus when he came back. I don't think, but who knows?


It's hard to say blanket statements about religion, but regardless if you're Jewish or Muslim or Christian or Buddhist, Buddhist, etc., or purple or green, I don't know if people is like if you're black or white or purple or green, nobody's purple or green.


But anyway, any religion that you are, there's there's like the reform kind that takes into account science and time and place and context and maintains the tenets of just basic care and humanity.


And then there's always a fundamentalist sect in all of these religions that are just whack a doodle. They're whack a doodle. Fundamentalists all think their guy is the one and everyone else is wrong. You don't think it's weird that all these religions have your gods have basically the same origin story? You know, religions have a lot more in common than just being tax exempt, but that's probably the biggest one. I don't know. I'm not anti religion. I'm just I'm anti fundamentalist.


I'm against any religion that or sect of religion that aims to take away rights from people. Oh, my God, my stomach is growing so loud. I don't know if you can hear it. Can you hear it? I can hear it, but I think I can hear it inside my body. Yeah.


I think at its worst, of course, religion at its worst, religion is evil. People kill in the name of religion at its best.


It's lovely and inclusive and it provides community to people. It's a relief. I think religion, it's you know, because you're giving yourself over.


To it. So it's kind of more convenient sometimes it takes away critical thinking.


Takes away choices, and that's that can feel very comforting to people, I think, and religion, I think is most popular when people are scared, you know, like the big commie scare of the of the 1950s in America, which reminds me of the Ted Cruz question telling a country it was in danger of communism and then pointing to a growing fear of communism, you know, and because of that, that the the big communism fear mongering in the 1950s, they added God to our money and our justice system, like behind the judge.


It says in God we trust. And they added under God in the Pledge of Allegiance. That's crazy.


We said that every day at school, the Pledge of Allegiance pledge allegiance to this flag.


It's a weird one nation under God that was added in the 50s here. All right.


What else, Sarah? I was just listening to the most recent episode. Took a bit of a shift on millennials. I'm old, which is I'm one of them. And I have felt it made me feel bad. I love dancing, too, but it made me feel bad. Then I remembered this fight or this discussion I've had with my partner about the phrase all men are trash, which he feels like is unproductive and polarizing.


And I feel like it has value in so far as like maybe guys should feel what it's like to have a negative generalization about them, even if they're a good guy, you know what I mean? Anyway, so that reaction made me think of this phrase that I stand by. I want to know what you think. What do you think of all men are trash?


I mean, that's funny.


I think any man who would see all men are trash and, like, go all the way through a thought process to go like, oh, wow. Right. Sweeping generalizations might be like what we have been doing in the patriarchy.


I mean, you'd have to be so evolved to get to that point from seeing all men are trash and not just a knee jerk reaction of defensiveness, which is what you felt when I said millennials were garbage.


I think it was a little bit on to the fact that it wasn't that that was a sweeping generalization.


And I think that was the humor of it. Maybe.


But let's just make a pact. You stop using the hashtag all men are trash. And I'll I'll stop saying millennials are garbage and we'll just think it instead.


Well, look at this, it's that time, Dad, I'm rounding down, rounding down, winding down.


It's the end of the show I'm about to say goodbye. I know you thought it was too sudden in the early episodes, and you want me to just make it clear where this is the denouement of the show. Beyond that, it's the end. It's the end of this episode, thank you for listening, Dad. Goodbye. See you on Sundays in. I want to say, hey, I got paid.