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She hasn't eaten there since in fear of contracting chlamydia from a foot long with all my heart.


But, you know, I like this baby girl. I bought you like 20 followers.


God, yeah. Are you kidding me? This can't be real.


This can't be real. All the strippers on Take Talk are like, look how much money I made Monday.


I'm like, yo, y'all are getting that bag, like I said. So.


OK, so like I kind of that's all the way back and now my underwear goes up to my door. This is the best. One of the reasons. Yeah. Oh yes.


Welcome back to the because our podcast. How's it going. My name is APD and this is Episode nine. This week on the podcast, I'm joined by Meghan Trainor. Isn't that literally just crazy? I never thought of making trying on the podcast and her brother, Ryan Traina, I recorded this episode with maybe like three days ago now.


We jumped on Zune. Zune, that's a new one.


Jumped on Zune, good old Zune. We jumped on the zoom.


I just had such a bloody good time.


Like, it literally felt like I was just hanging out with friends, catching up, although saying that we were talking about some very some very weird topics, as you're about to hear.


I mean, I say it was just making Orion, but the entire family lived together under one roof. They literally all live in one big house together. So even their mom was just jumping in and having a laugh with us. They've just released a Christmas album. And therefore, since I mean, it is nearly Christmas as well. It would only be fitting if I threw in a couple of festive secrets at the end, which I'm not going to lie.


I thought they were going to be more lighthearted, just fun, festive little secrets. Turns out they were far more outrageous than the normal festive ones. I feel like this podcast, as time goes on, as you listen through the secrets, just get more and more extreme. So that's just a warning. If you listen to them for the first time and you're not quite sure how the secrecy works. I've been sent a ton of anonymous secrets from the public and invited some of the biggest celebrities to help me go through them, as well as hearing some of the most outrageous secrets that have been sent in by the public.


My guests also share and trust me, they do with this episode some of the most unbelievable stories from their private lives, too. If you haven't already subscribed, please make sure you do so well in Episode nine.


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I feel like we need to jump into the episode and have a laugh. Let's do it.


What's up? I'm Maggie Traynor, and this is my brother, Ryan Tanner, yo, and we just made a Christmas album together called A Very Traina Christmas. And so we're everywhere promoting it. You've even the backdrop now.


I wish people could see. Obviously, this is audio for even the backdrop behind them is the most festive thing I've ever seen.


Yeah, well, it's been like this since August for us. So has it been since August? Yemen.


Who wants to kick off with a secret first? All you want to. Here's the deal. We just got secrets about each other or the work or they buy yourself. We live together.


I'm twenty six and you're 20. There's like nothing. I'm twenty seven. Twenty sixteen. OK, twenty six. Twenty seven. We're five a year and nine days apart. We're very close. We toured the world together. I'm too much of an open book so he knows every gross thing about me and I know pretty much his whole life.


So we were really struggling on like do we have a secret with from you? It's been such a struggle. It's been it's been a mission.


For the last thing I think I thought I if she thinks I think I have, it's not fun, but yeah, you can go.


OK, I'll be the best ones. The best ones.


I just I just wrote an episode with my mom, my dad and my sister and.


Oh, and everyone's favorite episode just because they're like the family dynamic.


Yeah. OK, here you go girl. Here's like the only thing you don't know. I guess so my secret is, well you know, I'm pregnant. That's not a secret. Yeah. But I recently don't fit in my underwear so I had to get bigger underwear and now my underwear goes up to my we're all wearing.


So your underwear is like that. You're right.


It's not connected, but it's like as big as a parachute and it goes up to my shoulder.


So is it just an atomic weapon all the time? No, it's because it's the grannie's. So it hugs me.


Is it like being hugged? Is it like my body?


I kind of enjoy it. I like I'm not mad but. Yeah, OK, that's a secret. That's that's a visual for you. That's your life. That's my life. Now when I pee, it's like an event. Wow.


Oh yeah. Imagine going into a restaurant and having to like take a while. It's like so it's like doing your quick changes on tour for six minutes.


OK, there's my secret. What's your secret. Ah ok. OK.


My secret is that I actually had the biggest like in love with her crush at the beginning of the tour. Jojo so huge crush until she lived with us.


Oh I was like this is the girl of my dreams.


That's what I wanted for you. And then she moved in with my assistant and then became my best friend and told me and she was so gorgeous that I wanted to fire her day one because I was like, this isn't going to work. Like, my brother's too much. My brother said, you can't be in the house. And then he started living with her and yeah. Because now it's like, no, no, no, no, no.


She moved in with us after the divorce. I was like. I'm no longer in love with this person. It's a different kind of love. It's a different kind of brother sister live. Wow. Well, does she still work with you guys? No, but she's still my best friend. She's good friends. Yeah, she's coming to visit soon. Yeah. With her boyfriend now.




Yeah. There you go. That's like. All right. That was so good.


I had a fight with my sister and I was going away with the school to New York the day after, so I decided to take the remote for our bedroom television so my sister couldn't use it for the whole week. She still doesn't know that I took it to New York with me and I just pretended to find it when I got back back home. That's evil. That's good. The remote is such a challenging thing in the house or so good.


I love that she had it for an entire week as well. Yeah, because I feel like she's getting pleasure out of doing that the entire time she's in New York because she knows us, is looking for every single day.


That's clever. See, I wasn't smart enough to do that stuff. That's evil.


Did you guys ever share a room? When I was very little, I think we had bunk beds. We have my mom behind us and we took turns. We rotated. We have another younger brother that's like a year younger than me or two years. So we're all very close. We all live together. Oh, that's cool. I like that. Oh, you still live together now? I love that. So good.


Yeah, we have a little like winning in the house, but yeah, I make sure I buy houses that are like separate. We see them all the time.


You can get your own space. Yeah. You can have your own TV remote so you can't steal each other. Exactly.


I currently have two boyfriends. Oh, this is kind of just happened and now it's been like eight months and I don't know how to tell them eight months. I've tried breaking it off with both of them, but they just don't accept it. How they just don't accept it.


Side note, I also have a kid to one of them.


Oh, we had separated after the baby was born. We both are like, oh, oh, oh, my God, I want to know, like what the dynamic is, I think this just looks like a case of bad decisions were made.


Like, make good times. Yes, I was about to say I was like when it was like I've got two boyfriends, I was like, OK, that kind of sounds like something that people do when they're like nine, 10 years old. Everyone's had a couple of girlfriends or boyfriends at the same time.


And that young. Young.


I have you know, I've never met a guy loader, I personally have a lot of our friends.


I sound like I'm trying to backtrack now and try to backtrack.


Yeah, I'm not sure.


What I'm saying is, like, if she's got a kid with one of them as well.


See, that's the thing.


I mean, this woman sounds powerful or crazy or because it sounds like she's approached them and then to still just like.


No, like I'm trying to yeah. She's trying to be and they won't accept it. Yeah.


I feel like it's kind of easy for her because she's trying to break it up. So I feel like at the moment she has two boyfriends. The most fitting thing is none, she's tried to break it up with them, they're obviously not fighting for her life. Yeah, she said she needs cash and got her head in the right place. Yeah, and both. There's plenty of. I don't think they I don't think they want to leave, I think they I think they can't not leave you here.


Well, they don't leave right now.


I've never heard of that before, ever. The boyfriend's going to leave. I've tried I tried breaking up with them, but they just won't accept.


They made an agreement like this is cool. Record this.


I have no idea. They better find out. I was fired from my job last year, but I was too scared to tell my family. So one of my friends suggested that I should become a stripper just until I find out a new job.


I did, and the money was unbelievable, one day, about two months into my new stripper life, my 19 year old brother came in with his friends. He threatened to tell my parents about becoming a stripper if I told on him being at the strip club. It's been 10 months. I still work there and neither of us have told our family. I mean. She's getting the bag, yet, like all of the stickers on Tick Tock are like, look how much money I made Monday election, that's all.


Y'all are getting that bag like I.


So it was her brother with there with his friends walking in, seeing OK, in the moment, especially if I had a little buzz going, I'd be really upset. And then if you explained to me like I'm pretending if I'm the stereotype I guess I but if like the next day or not you let me cool off and you go look how much money are making.


It's not that bad.


I'd be like, all right, cool. But definitely in the moment I would do the same job. Yeah. I got to get you out of here. But then you'd show me the paper. I was like, oh, this is this is great.


Yeah. And then, you know, like, that's not the one you go to.


And then you've got to keep it a secret from the parents because I mean, she's 19. Well, she is a strong just 19 year old brother came in. Oh, yes, yes, yes, she's fine, I think.


I don't think she should be embarrassed at all about that. No, no, no. I mean, it's always it's always going to be awkward telling your parents that you're a stripper, but I don't feel like she should be embarrassed if she's enjoying it.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.


The weird part, I think great money we would pass the brother, but he sounds like a good girl, like he's going to keep her secrets. We'll keep secrets from my dad for like a week. Oh yeah. Yeah. As long as we can. They figure out everything now. Yeah. That's the thing that's going to last so long. Yeah. They'll they're going to find out.


And it should be I mean. I hope hopefully they're cool parents, right? I feel like she's got a good trade, she's got like the job that she's hiding and he's just trying to hide that he's come in to the strip club once.


She's got the she's got the good and the good deal.


And I feel like my mom, when my mom, the cool parents, that she would love me and support me. Yeah, I know I'm finally paying rent. I'm finally, like, getting my life together. And I'm in the street corner. And I used to be like, wow, I love it.


You need Hel's, you know, that's like and this is why this woman should tell her mom.


Yeah. Just in case she's just in case your mom's with that.


I think if the brothers listen to the brother should be demanding a little cut to keep it as a secret.


Oh, that was my sister. I'd be like, let me get 20 percent and I'll I'll keep it quiet. That's what. As far as smart man. Smart, yeah.


I was best friends with a boy for years, and recently, just under a year, he's been telling me he has feelings for me. I don't like him at all. I just see him as a best friend.


This is why girls can be best friends are boys.


And it's like, I want that to be real. I'm always like I was always friends with all his guy friends and I played baseball and football. But there's always like a moment if you're straight, there's always like a moment of like, oh, I have feelings for you. Like, why don't you like me back? And like a weird tension.


But this is the flip reverse of the most common secret, the submitted, which is usually falling in love with your best friend and not knowing when I'm ruined, ruin the friendship.


But this is the other way. This is. For them, for me, they should just and I don't know what to do. They should just tell the friend. And if it works out, then they were meant to be friends forever. And if it doesn't work out like I've lost so many friends over the years, like, you know, how you grow up and you're like, we just kind of drifted and you were my everything at one point.


And then you make new friends. Now, my friends are my family. Family.


Now and again, I secretly buy likes and followers for my girlfriend's Instagram to make her feel better about herself. She's always hyped when this happens and seems so happy that people seem interested in her posts. Little does she know that they're all because I buy them on an app. I've spent so much money, but I can't stop. I just wanted to feel good about herself. This is the problem. This is the problem.


That's I hate that so much to make you feel better. And then what? This is a bizarre move. It never has moved.


I don't think they're going to last at all when they find out. I don't like the key to all my relationships in life are being honest, like down to everything. I'm like, I don't like your breath at this moment in the day.


Like telling the person that I love, like this is how you make me feel. This is not like that. This will never end. Well, this is Taraji. He's got his story. Do you think this is this is the new light by your girlfriend, flowers on the way back from work, you just buy some Instagram like Xbox was?


Yes, I did. Yes.


Baby Girl, I bought you like I got to got you a dozen lights coming your way.


Oh, man, this is a bad idea.


This was a bad idea. But he thinks he's being nice, though it comes from yesterday and that money he could put that money, that energy that time distorts the long term.


Yeah, yeah. It's going to be so much better.


I get it. I just I and it makes me sad and I need that to feel good.


And it should you should be enough. It shouldn't be the likes, you know, like. But that's what's wrong with social media is so good, it's so damaging. Oh, I love how that literally hits us all harder than that was falling in love with their best friend like all of these other secrets as well.


But it's so damaging. I was on a date with a guy, I quickly realized that he wasn't my type and only spoke about himself, so I left to go to the toilet and on the way I started chat to another guy in the bar. I then went home with him, leaving the other guy at the bar waiting for me to return. Oh, I feel so bad.


But then I would have a realization like, all right, I'm going to have to just move on from this day. Like you got to. I hope that dude at the bar just figured it out. So they were like scheduled to have a date.


Yeah, but it sounds like the sat at the table having a date. One goes to go to the toilet, see somebody else starts chatting to him and then just ditches with that guy. OK, so, like, I kind of dissolve, but it wasn't like, hey, we're on a date.


It was like we went to like a high school party or something, together or not together. Yet we got together, we went together, and then I left with a different dude and he gets not mad, but he never like he's never been like, I like you.


It was my prom date, guys.


But when you did that on prom. No, not on prom. Not a problem. It's like I was on you had prom with somebody.


Sleeveface, you know, it was a random high school party or something. And I yeah. I didn't I wasn't I wasn't being treated well though. I was like, I'm out. You are not great. So and I was fine. They're fine.


It's like it was like you're on a date and like that was scheduled for you too. That's kind of ruthless. I'd at least lie and be like, hey, I have diarrhea. I have to go home and then sneak out.


I mean, I've definitely been on a day like I I'm going to go home now and send it off in a newburn.


Then I just go to another club.


Yeah, I was going to say, you've done this, but not like that's like I would never text and text and a friend to be like call me and tell him I'm sorry, I have to leave now.


I want to say that's where her head was at. But she was happy. She just goes, I said, I must have been like the worst date of all time.


If she's just like I don't even have to say bye to this guy. Like, it's got to be a big stage. It's I see this person again. Hey, I wish my dad like.


Well, to be fair, he was awful or something else. So I was just like kind of like himself too much, I guess.


You guys sounded nervous to be a TV show and then they reacted. Oh, that's good.


I'm currently in my second year of university and haven't told my friends that I have a three year old son. What? Oh, they've all seen pictures of him, but they think he's my nephew. He lives at home two hours away from where I live with my mom looking after him next year. I am planning on moving him to live with me. Should I tell my friends about him in advance or have it be a massive surprise?


Yeah, this is crazy. How do you. Hold on. Have you got a secret? Oh, how do you get away with it. How do you get away with it. I've told them. Why would you tell them your nephew. Like who cares if the kid is. I want to thank your friends are going to be so bloody happy, yeah, right. I'm so happy for you there to be so if anything, they're just going to be more confused.


I'd be like, yeah, why didn't I look like I'm rattled from the scene?


I'm like, what's what's the point here? OK, but her question is, should I tell my friends about him in advance or have it be a massive surprise when he gets here? When does he get there? Next year?


Well, at this point, they're going to be like at some like friend's wedding in the future and they'll have like a 14 year old son.


By the way, I saw no way. Either way, it's going to be a.


I mean I mean, at this point, you might as well do the wait for the massive surprise. I know you've had a lot of things like that as long as the biggest secret of your life.


Yeah, I had to wait and then be like today. Here's his birth certificate.


His my my four year old. Yeah, that's.


So go for the big whenever whenever we get secret like this, I'm always like. Is crazy that somebody live in such a normal life, just a second year of uni can be holding on to something so big, like it always makes me think about, like what is going on with, like, my friends and friends behind closed doors.


What the. You just don't know.


We have no idea what any human scary. The most scariest thing is we're like, what's actually going on in your life? This is just flat out impressive to me. It's impressive.


My mom was shouting about me getting chlamydia. All right, let's bring that one back. My mom was shouting about me getting chlamydia and my little sister overheard. I didn't want her to tell anyone. So when she asked what it was, I said it was an illness caught at Subway from a dodgy sandwich. That's actually a phenomenal lie. She hasn't eaten there since in fear of contracting chlamydia from a foot long.


Oh, I can go. I like this one. I love this.


Honestly, you don't like need somebody in your life like this is.


Yeah, this is probably messy. That's fucking her.


Larry is. Wow. It's just you eat a bad subway sub, just watch out like.


Oh no, that's fine. OK. My little sister ever heard this.


So, so now this little sister is going to be like scarred for life from Subway. Yeah. Which is best.


Whatever she's going to be walking past with her friends like two years. But no, no, no, no, let's not go there. You can come here if you go in that. Yeah. That's what I would let her like. I would just like keep that with her and then let her figure that out on her own.


One day from Subway. Right. Our friend will get into. Oh, God, did you go to Subway?


Yeah, it's true.


It's going to be hilarious. Keep that and let it ride as creative. This is what I created. I know that I learned.


You're reading this trash and you read the first sentence, bro.


My mom was shouting about me getting to you after you heard me say it off the flight if the mom that messes up.


One time I had to take care of my friend's body while she was abroad and when I was feeding her, I forgot to close the window and escaped, I felt so bad I brought a new one that looked the exact same. She's never realized.


Yup, yup. We've got a bunny, a budgie, a bird, a bird budgie.


What? They won't now, to be honest, like when we first got begi in the first that first house we were living in, he's my little microdots. So we got like this like I am like her dog. It was micromachines. I mean, it like it always be close calls of sitting on the couch and almost crushing her because she would like to burrow in the couch and me and Justin would always try to disguise it like, OK, we need like another one on deck.


Oh my God, you need one just out there, right? Yeah. We were always older, bro. She was so small that in our minds we'd just be like sitting there, like we might have to replace that.


They are in a band. I would swap and just laugh at a bird is also my vagi.


My little dog has one eye that goes the other way.


That would be I'd be like my dog. My dog has that as well. Yeah. It's so cute.


I would have been like, who is this Bergsman. They all look the same be that I think, I think that's a good friend. I think they've got a good friend that I look at as a good friend. Good job. Yeah.


I remember one of my neighbors actually when I, when I was younger, my neighbors had like a younger daughter and I swear they swapped out their goldfish, died.


She had a pet goldfish. And I swear it must have died about six times.


Oh, yeah, yes. I live so long, I never live that long. They would just do it. Yeah, yeah. This is first of all, it's like a cheap if you don't kill your fish.


And I have a vivid memory of me showing my parents that I could on until years later I realized I wasn't farting.


I was going, oh, I'm twenty seven. I still haunts me to this day. Oh my God.


This is the best one of the reasons. Yeah.


Oh yeah. First of all, I salute you for your talents. Yeah man. Second of all, we've all done embarrassing things when we were younger in front of our parents. I have plenty of those that I'm scarred for life too. Is it something that they just like they can't talk about it? See, that's like something I bring up with my mom. I remember when I was just like with it all the time, like, yeah, that's how close we are.


And we would like laugh about it.


But yeah, it would just be funny. Yeah. How's your twenty seven.


Like that's it depends on her parents are like oh yeah. You'd be like oh I was just running around the high school also.


Did they know like the like was I like a or like did they just leave it on him and they just let it ride and they're like I silly girl because I don't like specifics and it's got a little more area.


Oh my whiting's you know, I mean they got to know because I mean support supported. I just like like it's. Yeah. Don't do something like.


That is good. I love that person, whoever they are. I hope she's still got the talent.


I know like I like a party, but I guess life. Yeah, I think I got kicked out of that, too. I've seen way too. Yeah. She's like this trick and then. Yeah. Oh yeah. There's many talents, many talents on take that little girl talk up smiling.


OK, switching things up a little bit. I've got three festive secrets now coming in next. OK, perfect, perfect. When I was younger, I always had doubts about Santa being real, so I decided I'd see for myself my record in the living room on Christmas night. I didn't tell my parents because I had suspicions that it was them acting as Santa. So I set up the iPad to record and went to bed on the video the next day.


It was only about 30 minutes long. I didn't catch Santa, but I did catch my parents having sex on the couch.


And now this is not no good. This is no good. No, I don't think they. Oh, yeah.


Now, this is gut wrenching. This is gut wrenching. I would feel I feel terrible for this person.


That's like one it's like the hardest part is your first heartbreak when you find out. Yeah. Yeah. First of all, Santa is not real and no, no, no.


Santa could still be real. They might have had sex and then Santa could still there's still a glimpse of hope.


And then my mom, they set up a video camera to catch Santa.


And their parents were just thinking, oh, oh, she's one of us. I love how your mom's in the room.


This would this would ruin me.


I luckily, I've never caught my parents doing that. But I have friends who have walked in on their parents and they've never been OK since. I can't think of anything worse. Yeah, it's a tough visual.


And I mean, Simon, you're gorgeous. If it is like this, if I have a Black Hawk, that Christmas was ruined.


When you're expecting to have a video of Santa himself. Yeah. And instead you just have your parents having sex. So I don't know how old this kid is.


Like, that's trauma just goes to the parents.


Like, how could you do this?


Santa is going to show up with anything. Yeah, it is. How did you guys are doing this?


Oh, I have so many question marks in my head. I'm like, where they last naked, where they like doing it like parents when they have five seconds to do it.


I don't know, like what did I want to get dressed up Christmas while I was dressed as Santa. Sure. 100 percent. Yeah. Mom was. So there was no fucking Santa. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


There's so many levels of trauma to this story. Again, I don't think he did dress up as Santa because then it would have been like, mom, mom, what do you do with that.


Yeah, I would like to be even more Skyring san Santoso Santoso. You say to my parents. Yeah.


One Christmas, I was working in a department store as a festive elf and greeting customers as they entered. I'm a I'm quite a tall guy, so I'm not sure why I was chosen for this role at the time. We were also handing out free hot chocolate. So naturally, I helped myself to about 13, 13 hot chocolates. OK, later in the day, I realized that the Milky drink was not getting on with my stomach. You had 13, dude, and even later that day I shat myself.


I didn't make it to the toilet, so I ended up just throwing my boxes away and going commando under my costume.


Tights on bare ball sack was not comfortable and this guy's out and did stuff like one or two chocolates.


Max, you just takes down 13. He was being so high for sugar to like.


Oh, so I guess all that job is tough. That was my job. I'd be sucking down some hot chocolate. I would also say, is that like.


And then this itself was just let it all hang out and then. Yeah, those tights are. Yeah, they're just they're revealing everything.


There's children. That's a good I mean like good last minute movies. Like I just got to throw away the boxes and keep at it like that's a good elf. That's a good that's just a tough day on the job. Yeah. That is commitment.




I would have been like I have to go home, you know, I just how are there no one around and be like, hey buddy, how many hot chocolates is that. Like you might want to slow down, like you're going to have a movie about those department stores.


I'm in like one person every fifty feet in a week alone.


I just live a super tall. Yeah, that's a great visual. Say this needs to be reacted like we reenacted. Yeah.


Like an animation or something that says good visual like go do it.


Last Christmas, I accidentally got really drunk and was feeling really sick, thinking I'd be fine. I walked into the kitchen but then threw up all over the turkey. I wiped it off with kitchen roll and pretended it didn't happen.


And everyone, you know, your had ordered pizza.


Are you kidding me?


For this can't be real. This can't be real. It has to be. No, no, no, no, no. Oh, they were really drunk. Wiped it off with a kitchen rule. I'd be like, yo, I messed up guys. I really messed up. I got drunk.


I thought you had ordered I'll buy the pizza ordered on me like I'm so sorry they made them eat. It did.


I would puke again if I saw everybody puke turkey like. That's like, yeah, that's like knowing your oh, man did imagine like I did. Where is he? Was it a Christmas? You're with family. You lost your mom. You throw up Turkey at.


So at the end of every episode, I always like to ask the guests who they think should come on next. So is there anyone in particular that you know or you think might just be fitting in, might enjoy coming on and chatting about these kind of things?


Is there anyone that springs to mind the next episode they're asking?


Could we recommend to be a guest on their show?


Tom, don't know. That's my guy.


I just did the voice you gave them for, like, Olimar. Yeah, we were going to have oleomargarine.


We were trying to make out he wasn't around.


I'll text you to do it because it would be hilarious. And he probably has way better than us. Yeah, he's a mess in the best way.


Amazing. Really appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you so much for your time. This is great. Great Christmas with the album as well. I had no idea how fun this is. Great.


Thank you. I'm still thinking about the Subway sandwich, I think.


What a throw up turkey. So up.


I hope you enjoyed this week's episode of the CBS podcast. I really appreciate you listening all the way to the end means a bloody lot. Next week, I'm joined by Jamie Lang and Frances. And I'm so excited.


I feel like it's going to be the most outrageous out there episode. I catch both of them beforehand and they're like, just go for it. Let's talk about anything, any topic, whatever you want. We're down.


So I prepared had some of the some of the most out there secrets we have had on the episode.


It will also be Episode 10, which means that after next week, having a little break over Christmas and then we're coming back in the new year, which technically sounds a little bit fancy, technically a season to season two of the Bloody Secret's Out.


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