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On today's episode of the SEP, we discuss our prenups, plus my sister Morgan Adam is back. But am I doing the bad bitch slouchy jacket, right? She's never been a bodysuit girl before, but now she might be exclusively a bodysuit bitch.


Hello, you guys, and welcome to another episode of the SERP. I'm round out, of course, joined by Lizzie Gordon. And we're so excited to have you on our Christmas Edition. Well, I guess all month long is Christmas.


I guess all month long is Christmas for us. And also, I think Friday is the first day of Hanukkah.


I love this season, if you're watching the video version, you can see my beautiful tree that I put so much effort into and I'm very excited because as we go on, we get better camera angles, more camera angles.


And Shane.


OK, speaking about Christmas, Shane won't stop giving me gifts early.


And it's really starting to stress me out because you haven't got him share.


Well, I have, but I feel like I can never get him something that amounts to the loving, caring gifts that he gets me and he gets so excited. So he just starts giving them to me and some of them being, look at what we can throw, shut the fuck up.


That shit is so thick. And I saw the fucking shit over here that you've been keeping a secret, you fucking weirdo.


Well, this one is a candle candle because he knows that I always have a candle burning.


And so he just goes out and he spelled my name right.


Is it do you want to know what's going in our podcast so that hopefully in the wide shot one day they can see it burning?


Can I see the clipboard?


She's a business bitch. Oh, my God.


OK, so we have a very exciting episode today because Morgan is rejoining the. We're going to get a little update on her life and also talk about her new business venture, which just so happens to be Villagomez. I was going to say, what else is she doing?


Good Lord. We're going to get into in a minute. OK, let's talk about. So what was your Kylie Jenner dream while it was. Well, OK, here's the thing.


Lizzy was like I had a crazy dream, but I can't talk about dreams on the podcast because people don't like it.


You guys hate it. And I will say, like, I listen to a podcast, too, and every time they talk about dreams, the other cars are like people are so bored. I mean, I get it. It's not real, but it's like they matter to me.


I was dreaming so well, it's best hit us with it. OK, the fast version is I'm in this dream. It's Christmas time. I'm with Kendall and Kylie Jenner. We're doing a gift exchange. I reach over to grab this lip gloss that Kylie is giving me. And as I'm reaching over, a huge audible fart comes out of my butt and I don't say anything.


And then I think about it. It's like just because before I was like, excuse me, but it was such a big fart that honestly, I'm wondering, like, did I rip ass in my sleep?


And is my does my man know I fart because you don't fart in front of people?


Not far from that is still the most horrific thing I have ever heard in my life. I mean, to each his own.


But I farted in front of him accidentally one time and I almost fucking jumped off a cliff. Like I've never been so mortified. I've never been so angry. Well, you know what?


I did see a few people concerned that maybe your engagement was off because you had mentioned your roommate.


They were saying you referred to your friends, talked about the fact the house to you did. Oh, my God, you become a hot topic in your own house. Yeah, I mean, it's just.


Well, the funny thing is, like, everybody thinks that James is my fiancee.


Oh. Because he has here my husband. He has more of a social media presence than Joe. Exactly. And my favorite misconception is that I have two men. I kind of like bad ones, like a romantic.


And the other is family. Yeah, basically, yeah.


Now, Joe and I are still very much engaged and we do have a roommate. Lizzie does have a roommate. And this is why I don't pay the electric bill like I'm not the one who actually spends the money in an envelope. I give another human being my cut of the electric bill and I don't know what the full total is.


And here was that a hot topic issue to by someone else look like.


So like you said, it was stacked with no, because you don't die. You know, they stack the payments monthly. So I think we only pay our gas and electric bill like every three months. So I'm not going to take the fucking time to do the algebra to figure out what one month might be.


But OK, I hear you. Well, I'm busy. You know what I was thinking? We should have, like with a cute title card, like a segment on the podcast where it's like engaged girls.


And we talk about like, ah, engaged our engagement.


Oh I fuck. I'm so sorry. I just remembered today's today's the anniversary of my engagement. Oh my gosh.


I've said one year to Joe Jesus Christ to see we're both like we've been engaged for very long. It's not our fault coronavirus. We want to be married.


We're dying to have a huge mosque.


I've been seeing a lot. So this is my engaged girls segment. I've been seeing a lot of celebrity couples get a divorce and then they're all like battling over their finances. And I started thinking, like, oh, am I going to get is this like sensitive subjects? You don't have to know. I mean, you want to.


I have definitely always anticipated getting a prenup, regardless of how much money I don't have. And that's OK.


I've never looked into the actual logistics of a prenup. Is it specifically the money both of you have before or does it also involve the money you make while married?


I mean, I don't know. But I like at the end of the day, I think it's all very unique, depending upon the couple and what the couple's needs are independently.


But I just I also don't get. Financially entangled with anybody and even the person you're being married to. Yeah, Joe and I don't have a joint bank account.


Neither does Shane and I, which I think is funny because a lot of people always assume that I'm out here like spending money and no know I don't even know access to Jane's money, even if I wanted it.


I mean, no, like I say to people who do do that, like no judgment, I for me, I like to have my financial independence.


But we do share everything that's the same with me as I feel like everything I make is both of ours. However, our accounts are separate and obviously, like Shane has more money than me.


He's been working right successfully for over a decade. So I would definitely want to get a prenup on his behalf. But I also think for my specific case scenario, I, I think keeping separate bank accounts with the notion that everything that is mine is his.


Yeah, his is mine is where I'd like to be because even with Christmas presents.


Yeah. I don't want to open my bank account and nobody got me for Christmas. Right.


Well the other thing about it is like I think you and I are both not the type of people to fuck somebody over, like even after the relationship. I am a petty, spiteful bitch though and I don't trust myself if I if like, if this relationship does crumble like I never want to hurt Joe. He's been the best person to me ever.


And that's what I don't understand either for long term relationships. If you if a person was worthy of being in your life for five years. Three years. Yeah. How can you not respect them or want the best for them if it doesn't work unless they cheated?


I was gonna say, like, I think sometimes they do do malicious things, but even even in that regard, I feel like it's very important for your own mental sanity to not get bogged down in years worth of like litigation and like legal proceedings considered, which is just trying to fuck this person.


So it's all just negative energy that you're bringing to your life and you're draining the account.


You're trying to get money from me in litigation for years and years and years.


It's like just hopefully come. I know. I mean, everyone's scenarios are different.


But I do think when you're I think for me, I'd want to keep separate bank accounts. But I do think if you're two working people in a couple, one person will have highs and lows like you guys will alter. So I do think it's fair to maybe split what you've occurred while in a relationship together if you split. Right. But I don't think I'm entitled to anything like that prior to your.


Yeah, I mean, I totally agree with that.


And I know we're probably the odd ones out maybe like I think it might also be unique to L.A. in working. And I have no idea to each their own. I I'm not shaming anyone that does share a bank account. More than two. Yeah.


Before we go, do you want to talk about all of this due to fighting going on what you owe Jake?


Paul, look, yeah.


Because all I can say is like I'm praying for Logan Paul, like Floyd Mayweather, like you want to talk about who's going to catch that smoke, buddy, because it's not Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul, like, brazenly coming off of, like fighting a non boxer.


I mean, I macgregor's necks like you're going to die like this is this is Conor McGregor will fucking murder you and it will totally be legal and he's going to make a millions of dollars doing it on national television. Like don't fucking do it Jake.


Oh see I think it's a smart business strategy. I think it's elevating their name.


I know everyone in the hall has had so many concussions that for years his doctor has been like, don't get knocked in the head again, bro. And he's like Floyd Mayweather, like, come catch the smoke. And it's like, Daddy, please.


Well, like, he lost to chaos. And I'm not like what I will say is them fighting has brought my awareness to fighting. Like I couldn't have told you anything about fighting prior to them jumping in the ring. Right.


And I think that's totally great. But I also know that a lot of legitimate boxers who have been doing this for their entire lives are pretty upset about how reckless and dangerous it is for some of these men to be stepping into the ring and be certified boxers like I also. I could be wrong on this, a fact check it. I think that they are doing this fight under a different title. It's not pro because it's not legal or say it does not count on their record.


Yeah, I mean, they're doing it on some paper view.


And I know like Jake, Paul and the NBA star, they both made six hundred thousand dollars regardless of who won. So I think to them it elevates their brand, brings awareness. They think it's like that.


NBA star was also rushed to the hospital after the fight. I see. I have no business even thinking about fighting at all. All right. Well, Morgan got here.


Hello. Hello. And we're going to get into your life in just a second.


But Lizzie was breaking down the balls and fighting the balls on paper view.


All right.


Our mom never let us indulge in violence like she didn't even let us have water guns.


So I don't know anything about fighting, but I'd be more inclined to click if they were riding bulls or something like Heartwell fighting hard.


Maybe you should be the. You do want to take up the bill, right? You got one dropped off at your house, would like have a special covid screening for White Downs and like, should IDM Logan Paul and ask him if he wants to whoever can do a bull riding contest against me.


You can stay on the bull long enough.


You can honestly just start a saddle saddle. What do they call a saddle cattle ranch? All it's where the truckers hang out and they have a bull there. So you could just go walking Saddle Ranch with all of the troopers that get in trouble for partying without that.


OK, well, I'm like so much older now than all the truckers that they wouldn't know. And they just be like, who is this weird girl that comes every day to ride the bull alone with a camera?


Isn't it crazy that you're old now on the Internet? How old are you? I'm like twenty three.


I'm twenty three. But all of the like young hip tech talkers are like 16, 17.


Yeah. Like the DeMille O's and the Ray of the world. Addison, Ray, Ray, Ray.


They're 20 or Dix's 19. Right.


Right. OK, well, Morgan, how are you doing? She has started vlog miss. Welcome to the vlog, my community. And for those of you that might not know what vlog miss is, well, do you want to take it away? Do you want to describe your new business venture?


So vlog is basically where you blog every single day in December. I'm currently on day four. I posted five videos in a row. It's a world record for me and for you. I'm really starting to get tired, but it's fun.


I need to stop you for a second because I was watching your day for and I had to call your brother and say, check in on Morgan and get her the fuck out of her apartment. I don't think there's a demon on your balcony outside of your room. I think there's a man peeping in on you.


OK, well, that is because when I first moved in, like a year and a half ago, I really thought that there was someone living in my walls because I thought I saw, you know, this happens.


I know I watched all these documentaries of like in New York. It's a really common thing that people will live in people's walls and they never know. And called frogging. Yes. And sometimes they'll like it when they think you're in bed. And then these people come down to clean and then they see their squatter.


Oh, so there is a lot of like hidden nooks and crannies. You might have cameras. No.


So I was thinking more. By the time this goes up, you need to get some camera and maybe you should stay here tonight. Like I literally was like, call her. He's like, well, I did text her and she hasn't responded in twenty minutes.


And I was like, what's your fucking address? I'm going over there.


It is a little spooky, but someone did actually die in my apartment. But he was old. He was like 96. He passed away.


Well we know he's who's haunting your apartment, but we think it's on your balcony or something different. Bitch that that you heard that video is something different. You seeing someone outside your window while you're recording your intro is something different.


Well, OK, here's the thing.


Are you sure those footprints weren't just your old roommate that had maybe walked on the map before?


Or is there I don't know. What's mysterious about it to me is why are they so dark?


Because that's I know they're not mine because I even though I don't wash my hair every day anymore, I do take a shower like a body wash.


Yeah. Every single day. And I lay in bed with dirty feet. I think that's so nasty. So I know that I wouldn't be walking on a yoga mat enough to leave dark footprints outside, even off of like one glance. Keep her here tonight.


Don't let her go home. I know I thinking about moving because I'm starting to get a little spooked ghost I can deal with because I've been there for so long. I don't think he's trying to kill me.


And if he was, he would have done it right.


And I don't think it's a ghost. I think it's a fucking Golden State killer 2.0 working. Those does when both you need to install some motion detectors.


Yeah, I just wish if someone was squatting in my apartment, they would come forward. I'm in the market for friends, for a boyfriend.


I could use a buddy like even if he didn't have much to offer, like I would like to have someone to watch movies with at night.


Like we're all laughing right now, but like, yeah, this becomes disappear and shit, I'm not going to be well.


And there has been an increase in people being sex trafficked. And I'm not even trying to just be shocking.


Yes. Because of the lockdown. Yeah, well, no.


Just in the United States in general, like the last six months, and people are actually being sex trafficked out of the U.S. a lot. And you have had some scary instances specifically in the homes. HomeGoods parking.


Yes, I share my HomeGoods experience real quick. Yeah, yeah.


So there's this HomeGoods and it's specifically the HomeGoods parking lot that I almost got in sex trafficked twice.


So you go in there and you're looking around. There's always a guy in there with one little earbud.


And so at first I was just like walking around like, oh, maybe he's waiting for his wife or something, because everywhere I would go, like, there's different sections.


There's like the mirrors and the kitchen stuff. So I just kept going section to section and he was following me, but like from a distance.


Yeah. So I would look back and he was always like, find a new chair.


Where I was in his viewing point, I was like, OK, this is where I'm going to check out and go. So I get in the checkout line, which at HomeGoods is always ten miles long. This. Before covid also, and I see him like talking on his headset and he leaves the HomeGoods and then there's a squad of them outside.


So I was like, I'm not going out there because he's literally going to kill me and put me in a van. So I started, what once I checked out, I was too afraid to ask the employee to walk me to my car because I was like, I think you got to ask. There's no shame in like you have to. OK, there's two things.


One, do you think it might have been the in-store security because they do run the store?


No, he was like, really? Sus lueken. And then so once I started walking around the store again because I was like, OK, if I don't exit the store, then they can't take me.


And so then after like 20 minutes, he came back in and was looking for me.


And then when he saw me, he got on his headset again and was like, yeah, no one.


Morgan, you always need to feel confident asking somebody to walk you to your car, say this man is making me uncomfortable. I don't know who the fuck he is and he's been following me. I need you to walk me to the car or call the police.


Well, this happened not once but twice. Right. And then, like, we're we've we've banned shopping at that bus. And this isn't HomeGoods. This isn't their fault. Right. It's this weird parking lot.


The other thing that I've heard is if you're being followed and someone is making you uncomfortable, like one of the things that I got in my, like, campus rape training class that everybody has to take when they live in a dorm now is you turn around and you make eye contact and you say, can I help you?


Oh, that's actually pretty shocking. Yeah, because I followed in a grocery store, too, and it was the same exact details of what you're saying. And I felt uncomfortable and I just turned around and I looked at and I was like, can I fucking help you?


And he was like, so caught off guard that he, like, left. And I went and I, you know, I called my fiancee and I said, I don't feel safe where I am right now. I want you to know where I am. And I went to the person at the counter and I said, I don't feel safe this fucking psychos following me. Can you walk me to my car, please?


Oh, my God, it's so scary. But you are always out on the prowl.


I even had hair get my neighbor. But you have to feel empowered to stand up for yourself and to ask for help because it's not weird. Even if you're wrong, who fucking cares? You're safer.


I guess you'd rather be wrong than to basement with a shopping buddy. I'm. I'm available. OK, back to some happy.


Well, maybe not so happy. I know I'm still mad. I'm like I was Morgan into taking safety precautions. Right.


Well, you deserve to be safe and secure. Yes. I was thinking for a day of long nights I can set up a security system to look for the ghost or squatter in my apartment.


Yeah, maybe that's your today's because they let it go.


It's RadioShack still with a lot of people were very concerned. I know. Well, I just brushed over it too, because I was like he I don't know.


And everyone in the comments was like, oh, so that's me. Vladan is very intense, by the way.


Like, I was even thinking about it for you because I've appeared in quite a few of your blogs and the fact that you have to film every day and then post it. I mean, all the girls are already having breakdowns. I watch I can zoom a lot of Lochness because it's just there's something about it the like when you're going to bed at night, it's nice to just watch somebody live their life, but it does put a lot of them into breakdowns.


And even last night you're like, I don't know if goes tomorrow because my vlog is not that entertaining. I was like, well, you can't take a break instead of like having a break down. Not that like you shouldn't have a breakdown, but I don't know if YouTube should put people into breakdowns.


Well, I just have I'm uncomfortable posting videos by myself sometimes because I feel like sometimes I'm not entertaining enough on my own just because we've always made videos together. But a lot of the girls, like a lot of the bloggers I watch, just do nothing by themselves and I still watch. So I have like a weird mental block.


I mean, I love you. I love your content. I thought that opening where you went to get the mail, the way that you shot that and put those clips together, I thought was genius. I thought that was so funny.


OK, well, that's another thing. So there's a lady that her front door faces my front door. So if I get a ring camera, is that illegal? No, it's not illegal. That's how we call Chris.


What's true?


He's from our hometown shot caller. A lot of weird things happened in Colorado. Colorado is us, not as us as California. But there's some weird things that go on. Well, OK.


I think you're also underestimating the entertainment value of one being alone because I a Voxer, a different category. And I think it's so great that you've branched out into this category because now you will find get comfortable in finding your own voice as you being you. And I think, like you said, a lot of people you watch are just existing as themselves. And I know when you're filming it, you're editing it, you're posting it, you get in your head about it.


But I honestly think that your blogs are the best. When I'm honestly when you're by yourself, then I get it.


It's like I'm fine, but it's like I get an influx it all.


Now, I do think that that's like there's your vlog channel is special because of that thing.


You're right. It's a new business venture. We're all branching out. Oh, yes.


So even though it's scary, if you haven't already subscribed to her new vlog channel, it's Morgan's vlog. Which I honestly like, because when I say, oh, I watch Morgan's blog, it's organically the title of the channel free promo. I can't I on my blog, Misso, I'm on day four and I've made thirty eight cents.


Yes. Sorry, everyone, I'm about to retire.


You're you're going to embarrass.


Your blog has also put me into a mental breakdown because I know why you're in everyone I know, which is why you're making me spiral because I've always had an issue with my hair and this isn't projected on me by anyone else in the comments or anything.


It's just my hairline on the sides. And I was like casually like trying to get an appointment for my receding hairline. But now, after I've seen myself with all of those angles in your vlog, I was like, oh, booking it for sure. So now I have an appointment and like a week to figure this out.


I think you're perfect and beautiful. Yeah, that's so interesting because I never really noticed that about like, I never look at you and I'm like, well, it's not something I'm even fixing because people call me out on it.


It's for my people. You know, I'm just saying, should we start calling?


I understand this like YouTube, a static thing now where all the girls are always, like, injecting their faces.


Was are you're talking about injecting your face?


I kind of want to get injections. Just don't do it.


You have. I always thought you had lip injections. You have a beautiful mouth. Like, honestly, it's hard to I'll say it's hard to look at yourself every day from like a video standpoint. I don't think that's normal anyway.


So I don't think your hairline is bad. So I think that's. But I think that we our family doesn't necessarily have the best hair jeans, because there was someone that called me out and they were like, you have a weird hairline for a girl.


And now I think about it every day.


Well, I'm not going to say who I'm not going to start this train.


But wait, it was a person, you know. Yes. In real life, someone I was talking to this person and they were like looking at me.


And they're like, you have a really weird hairline for a girl because I had my hair up because I was just like rolling around one day. And now I think about it every day. So I get why you're insecure about that, because now I think about it too.


Well, now I can, like, feel it like I feel like I can feel it, like I can feel the process because mentally I'm thinking about it now so I can I feel like at all times.


Do you go biotin. No, but I guess I'm going well we'll go.


I'm going. So I'll send you my hair care routine. Stop washing your hair every day. That's where I wash my hair once a week.


Maybe a lot of guys get hairpieces though. I've been watching videos about, oh, I can't stand like well, I'm trying to avoid.


I have nothing against it, but I'm trying to avoid it so I can get because I have really thin hair too.


And how I started getting this keratin treatment, like I didn't like my hair, like what we were talking about earlier, Morgan. But it helps a lot and it makes me feel, you know, confident and fresh.


But I used to try to do hair extensions and I just felt like such I yeah, I used to get hair extensions too.


But then it breaks your hair and makeup. It's so weird because everyone's obsessed with hair extensions and getting fake nails, but those things actually ruin your hair and. Yeah. And the eyelash extensions like your eyelashes fall out.


Well, and I think people learned that during coronavirus and all of their places shut down. Right. They started to figure out, oh my gosh, I'm it's like chapstick. Once you start putting on Chapstick, you got to remember, you have to always keep putting on the chapstick. But then once you go cold turkey, you don't have to be like Capstick.


Moist moistness. Fuck over here. I will say it would be interesting for you to get the hairline surgery that all the gurus get.


See, that scares me. What is that where they pull it down? Well, they take the follicles for they like cut out a strip and then so it together in the back and then they take the individual hair follicles and implant them, which I wouldn't eat a lot.


It's just the very two edges of I mean, you made a huge video about that and his hairline looks great.


Now, a lot of a lot of people have done it. It just seems very process is a beast. I think a few months even.


I think like half a year at least. Right. I've heard prenatal pills are hella good for that, too.


I am trying to get. Yeah. I mean, seriously, I have joked Cibele, you can borrow it.


Joe's been taking my meital. He's like you ladies are hiding this shit. But I know it's good for everyone.


I'm like, why are you taking my little baby. Because men don't have every advantage to be good. We're not hiding it out of it, baby. Like what the fuck.


So he just uses it as, like an Advil or he like came in the bedroom the other day, like kicked down the door and was like, I used your mind all today. And I was like, OK, like, why?


Maybe he's on to something.


I saw you posted an update on your blog channel today, but you're feeling more stable now that you're off your medication or you're still going through it.


Oh, well, I'm actually feeling great today. Wow. Yeah. Well, last time I was here, you caught me in the height of a bad time.


Well, yeah, a bad time for you mentally and between us as siblings. Yeah.


That was the first time we had seen each other post driveway out. So it was a little walkie talkie knocking a lot.


And we had already scheduled I was like, we can reschedule if you want. You're like, oh, still come. I am mentally ill but I am reliable.


I thought it was I thought that episode was good though, because it was a lot more real than some of the more performance up that were performing on YouTube but were like more so trying to be funny on our main channels or whatever. And I think a lot I mean the comments were very and a lot of people were mad at me, but they were they people are always mad at you.


People are always like around is so mean to Morgan.


But I have to come on here and say that if he wasn't, nothing would get done. But so I need a little like push sometimes. And he gives me the push.


But I'm not going to mean way, though.


I also show love in a different way because even people that are like everyone's so mean to Morgan. I'm like, but I show up for you all the time. Like I've been in I've filmed with you like twenty, not twenty times like five times in the last week.


I definitely would not say that you're ever mean to me.


So but I'm not as good as you think I'm saying here she's just moody, she's edgy. She's going through something like I'm my own worst enemy.




It's not his fault. Let me get into some of the questions that people were asking you on Instagram. Oh, this person's so Morgan, I have a problem falling for gay guys.


Have you figured it out? Tips.


Do you fall for a lot of gays? I used to.


OK, I think that I always was interested in gays because he grew up my whole life being gay, but I didn't know.


So I just thought that's how men acted. Like I thought, every man had like a six step skincare routine and like wanted to go to Target and look at the hair care, like you also have a straight brother.


Yeah, but if he spends time with Austin, but like, he didn't want to, like, play Barbies with me, so he was less involved.


So whenever I met a guy that was like that and had like a skincare routine and wanted to have fun at Target, I was like, oh, I like him.


But now I know what a straight man is. I can pick him out real well.


That's impressive, especially in L.A. when there's a lot that are hard to decipher the difference. Lizzie got an inquire for me the other day. One of Lizzie spreads hit her up saying like, Hey, is Rylan single? I was like, whoa.


WOMAN Yes, OK, you do not seem strange. I know. I know. And the craziest thing is, like, she's fucking met him, but she was like, he's the one that was like a Justin Bieber standing right. Like, is he single? And I was like, he's very engaged.


Like a dude trying to get a I will say I've kissed more gay guys than straight guys. So. So how will this lady overcome? Yeah. So I think how you overcome this is if you get kissed by a gay guy and then you find out he's gay, you just have to think of it as like it was a friendship peck and nothing more a problem with the gay guys.


If you're hooking up with the gay guys, they're probably desperately trying to not be gay or like they haven't. They're still trying to figure it out. So there are hope, because I did that with a few girls that like if I were straight, I probably would have gotten into a relationship with and I didn't have bad intent like me, but I was trying to be like, oh, maybe this will be exciting for me. And then you kind of lead them on unintentionally.


Yeah. For yourself.


That's what happened to me.


I will say, though, just don't hold a grudge against them, because if you get your heart broken by a gay guy, they probably weren't meaning it and they probably just saw you was like, oh, like this girl is like my best friend.


So I guess she could be my kind of girlfriend if they aren't fully out yet. So I think you got to be compassionate when someone's figuring themselves out and then they can then become your best friend.


Yeah, I'm still friends with all of my gay guys that I've kissed in my life. I don't hold grudges.


The straight ones kick them right out, Block says.


What helped keep you sane during this pandemic, which I always going to answer for you, but I'll let you answer. Where are you going to say Animal Cross?


You're fucking with Animal Crossing. I love animal crossings. And I was a hater because I didn't know what it was until I had a Nintendo switch.


And everyone on Twitter was like, Oh, I love Animal Crossing. And I was like, y'all are weird. Like, I don't know what. I'm still a hater. We tried dipping our toes in the other night for like an hour. And there just seems to be no point, isn't it?


Just there isn't a real room, but you're on your switch. It's like you build an island and you catch fish and you sell them for money and build your little house. It's a slow build.


So but then you build your island and then you have to maintain it. So every day do you have to then go water your plants and feed your see, I already play house in real life.


Why would I like I can't stand doing my own dishes or watering my own plants. Why would I do that on a video.


Then gets more catered to the people who are very lonely. OK, I'm just going to open it up.


You have a fucking snail menagerie, you've got cookie, you've got the person living in your walls like, yeah, don't disrespect my family.


I have snails, I have a cat, I have my animal crossing islands. If you think I'm lonely, I'm not.


And this is how I built a community within myself.


OK, you guys, I wanted to try a new segment where we do. Lizzie, can you keep this up with me?


Advice about are we frying? We did a little. Oh my gosh. We are the worst.


Do you want me to do that? That's different. Different thing again.


OK, well, Lizzie and I, we actually pitched a show a long time ago where we would give celebrities advice that they didn't ask for. So we would take like a celebrity hot topic and give them advice. And we would have this really annoying intro where we'd say advice, though.


So I thought we would do that. But for people that watch and enjoy the show, so I have a couple of people that go into the show.


And if you if you like the segment, we'll do it again in the future. Follow our Instagram at the SERP official. That's where you'll be able to find out if you want to be included in different segment ideas.


I'm leaving these anonymous because I don't want to stir up some drama in people's real lives.


We don't want things to get messy.


They included their names, but in the chance that whoever they're talking about found out it was them, that could be like, oh my God, it's like I'm cheating on my boyfriend. What do you think I should do from that?


Sammie Jones and Co. address to five one Sycamore Lane. All right.


So from Anonymous by my own doing, this person writes in and says, I'm twenty one and I'm still a virgin. I've been masturbating for years and I have my own toys that I like to experiment with, kinky stuff like self ties. I would say that I'm confident with myself and no, I know what I want and I desperately want to experience being with somebody else. It would be nice to find a person and build a relationship with them before doing anything.


But I'm impatient. I just want to lose my virginity already. I really want to go all out when I lose my virginity. I wanted to have an. For my first time, but I now realize that sounds freaking crazy, especially since I haven't been with one person, but I don't want my first time to be boring and disappointing. I want it to be fun and I want to explore the kinks that I have always dreamt about. Do you have advice for me?


And what would be a good way to have sex for the first time?


God, that's so much pressure to put on yourself. I have like a big fucking epic virginity loss. Like I honestly, personally, like the first time I had sex afterwards, I was like, yeah, I think there's no way to avoid it being boring and disappointing.




Well, so you said you might want to get in a relationship beforehand. I would say stay out of a relationship and make it somebody that you're very comfortable with, because if you have all of these kinks you want to explore, if you get in a relationship you haven't got. And now the fact that you want to maybe try different flavors of people because maybe somebody is more gentle, maybe someone's more rough, and you want to explore what you want before locking down your first real relationship.


I also think when it comes to keeping your relationship with your kink, partner needs to be really established. It's a very vulnerable position to be putting yourself in, depending on what it is that you're interested in. And learning how to communicate with a partner sexually first is so important, like knowing what your boundaries are with a partner. Like there's some stuff that I would do to myself that I would never want done to me from a partner.


And learning that slowly I think is a really important thing, like training wheels.


We crawl before we walk like we fuck one person before we fuck five.


But I know I would say get the first one out of the way with someone you're comfortable with. When I lost my virginity, it was to the only girl I've ever slept with and I had really liked her for years. I was very close with her and she kind of like she wasn't into me. And I had past the point where I was I was into her like trying to be in a relationship.


So it was just this mutual agreement that we were going to have sex. And she was kind of honestly doing a favor for me.


But I loved it that way because it was it was with somebody I knew I trusted and I got it out of the way. And if you found somebody that you could explore with like that, you could build onto that until you find more people. What would you say, Morgan?


I'm going to be honest. My first time was a rando because like how random? Like a guy that I worked with, but I didn't talk to him. That's not super. Did he know it was your first time? Oh, no, and I didn't want to mention that because I didn't like him. I wasn't trying to, like, go in deep with him. I was just like 17, trying to get it out of the way.


So I can I hear them move on to bigger fish in the sea, having it be a random like I kind of like that. Well, I had a connection and I'm not super random, but did you fear, like, maybe having prolonged feelings for him after the fact?


No, but I will say that does happen.


Like sometimes if you kind of like someone and then you end up going in deeper with them, then typically the girl will get more attached than the guy.


And that's just the cold, hard truth. Yeah. So I try to do like the same thing that you guys both did, words like, I'm going to have sex with this guy. I'm not in a relationship with him, but I'm comfortable with him. I know him well enough. And then I wound up fucking talking to that motherfucker for five years.


Oh, my God. Yeah, I could text him right now if I wanted to.


I had his phone number on walk like a mile long. Oh, my God. Red Comer's. I have a lot of red Comer's. Do you know what that is?


It's I just linger. Yes, they linger. They're always there. If you're trying to send like a one off text. Yeah.


But you know, you're never going to get married and have kids now. And it's like I never even had feelings for this person. But it's like all I know is if I hit this bishop, he's going to respond.


Yeah, I would say just be safe, get out there and find somebody that you feel comfortable with and then go off, girl, and lower your expectations like this doesn't this is the first time you're having sex, but it's not the last.


But you also don't want to regret it because you will remember first forever. So I remember mine forever, but I regret it. I will say don't let your friends pressure you into doing it, because none of my friends pressured me to do it, but pressured me into doing anything.


But sometimes if everyone else is talking about things and you're like, I've never done that before, then you want to be able to be in the conversation. Yeah, so. So that's why I picked Sarandos just so I could be in a conversation. Oh yeah.


So I'd say stay on your own timeline, but this girl's subject line was I'm horny help.


So I think she's ready to go get her.


You know, I'm talking her friend, call a friend, be like, yo dude, I've never done this before. I really want to fuck. Are you down to fuck? Are you clean? I'm clean. Here's a condom. Get covered.


Tested under this person.


My best friend of three years recently stopped talking to me. Her family is Republican and I kept posting political things on my Facebook supporting Biden.


Since then, I haven't heard from her. I tried reaching out and did not hear back. Any advice on how to let go of a friendship? Best friend. Breakups hurt. Yes, I think you it politics aside, it's just a friend breakup for any reason.


Who wants to go first?


I've had a lot of friend breakups in my life and it is really sad. Yeah.


My whole thing with friendships, no matter what the fallout may be, is that if you guys can't have an open and honest conversation and meet somewhere in the middle, that person probably wasn't serving your life or meant to be in it for a long amount of time to begin with. You know what I mean? Yeah, I mean, for as much forgiveness as I preach in this world, I find it incredibly hard to forgive humans that have done me wrong.


I say, fuck you guys.


I would say I'm the same because I'm very like kind of cancer, not conserved.


How would you say I am reserved, reserved on who my friends are and I take a long time to warm up to people.


So then once I see someone as my friend, I really see them as my friend till the end of time. And then when they do something wrong or they end up not wanting to be your friend anymore, then you're like, take it back to her.


And it really does hurt.


I think the older you get, the smaller your friends circle gets as well, because it just does become harder to make time for a vast amount of people, especially as you get into relationships and everything. But I do have to believe that every time somebody has exited my life, it's for a reason and it's protection.


You learn from that relationship going into a new relationship. You build new rules and regulations for yourself.


And honestly, if it's meant to be, then it will either come back or you guys should be able to have a conversation that's open enough to meet somewhere that you guys can hash it out.


I will say that I do not feel better having a fake Instagram account that I use to stalk my ex friends to see how they're doing.


That does not feel. But internally, it is not a method of getting over that.


I would suggest for you now I have to cut out completely, like I need to move on Instagram, on Twitter. I need to like, step away so that I'm not being affected by that to boggle down my mental happiness every day.


I would take this man's advice on that view. He's definitely tapped into something a lot more healthy than my fucking fake Instagram account.


You're like lurking on the I always ask why do you fake, like, accounts?


And he's like, now, why would I need that?


And I was like, for many, many reasons. Also, though, I think an important part that I've learned this year because I obsess over things. So when, like, someone doesn't want my friend anymore, I'll think about it for like a year.


I think you have to forgive them internally and you can't obsess over them and you can't sit around hating them. I don't think going to your other circle of friends either and like, talking bad about them or that's that's me saying like this person that this this this they posted this this is I think you just got to drop it from your conversation. Don't spread anything bad about them and just accept that your life didn't match up at this point in time. And that's OK.


And you can find new friends.


But the the program I'm part of, whenever you feel like an animosity or like a resentment towards someone, you're supposed to pray for them to have what you want for fourteen days or longer if it doesn't sink in.


But it also it brings like a lot of like it's so much easier for me to do with someone that like. Is awful, and like I never liked, like, it's really easy, easy for me to pray for someone to be like, I hope that they find serenity and peace in their hearts so that they stop being so fucking hateful when I open the door.


But like, when it's somebody who I loved and I didn't see them leaving or exiting my life like it hurts so much more that it's like almost hard to comprehend. But I do think that at the same time you have to like it all. I would probably feel better saying like, God, I hope that person finds the peace in their heart, that they need it and that they're doing well and that they're thriving and that they feel the love they they deserve.


Yeah, I genuinely reach out to this person one more time, extend an olive branch. And if it's not taken or resolved, you just have to. Except that next time will you go and you will make new friends, hopefully. Oh yeah. I don't know why I'm talking here, although always live in Morgan's fucking walls, my walls are open. My Animal Island, my animal crossing island is open for business.


It is hard, though, especially when you're in like your 20s.


I feel you lose a lot of friends just while everyone's trying to figure them out.


So just also try to have compassion for people that if you think about how hard your life is and how hard it would be to change your life and your habits and then think, oh, you can't change someone else or what they're going through or change their habits. So check yourself before you check someone else.


All right.


Yes. Well, thank you so much for watching. You can follow us on Instagram at the SERP. We're also somewhere on there as our personal accounts as well.


We will see you next Wednesday for a brand new episode. Thank you guys so much for watching and supporting the show.


Goodbye. And, oh, that's such a good run. And you just ruined that. All right. Three, two. And that's it.


So much. You shut your mouth, your mouth with that feedback that I did not feel constructive as a criticism. Number one. Number two, you ruined the synergy of it, because if we had just fallen into it like we've planned and practice for all these, we ended up somewhere.