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You know, I like hey, bitches, welcome back.


I am also filming this episode, so excuse me, let me move all the butt plugs off my desk.


Been testing a lot of new products for the horny stoner.


This right here is like a plug that you put in your hoo ha and it's got this weighted ball inside the plug. So it's funny.


I was walking around the other day, I bent down to pick something up and I was like, oh, gravity. So this will be up soon. But, you know, the vibe in here is really good.


I was like, you know what? I'm in the mood to talk some shit out with you guys. It's been a really tough week. I lost a puppy. It was peaceful. Everything happened at the right time, but I got a little candlelit for her. How many of you have grieved of that loss before?


So if you could just send a little.


Good energy my way out, appreciate that, so thank you, but good stuff. This episode is all about how to make money from home just quick, fast and easy ways.


It's not all about selling clothes online, which I know I practice and preach, but stuff other things you could do, whatever age, gender, demographic, wherever you're from, as long as you have some Wi-Fi, you can do this.


But first and foremost, I'm not going to give you a little sponsored commercial.


I just want to tell you a few things that I've been up to as far as my website's alien outfitters has a ton of new clothing.


We started drop shipping with a company called Full. So now I can finally print all the designs I want on all the clothing I want.


It's been a game changer for my business. So if you print stuff on shirts out of your house, quit that. Save time and money with print full. That's not an ad. It's just I feel stupid for not doing this sooner. But we got all these really cute shirts like this one says, looks like an angel, but could actually kill you. This one says, made of glitter water and anxiety. Everything's inspired by my personal life.


All my websites I like, I sell what I like. And a lot of people like what I like. We got these cute, like face masks that have a it's not a Louis Vuitton print. It looks kind of similar.


It's got butterflies and stuff, hella cute leggings, all sorts of stuff I've never been able to put on.


So that's going on. An alien outfitters at Bleys for Beeb's wear, bringing on some new knives.


I think next week we're going to do like a buy three, get three free sale. So if you need some knives to battle the pandemic, you know, fight the infection, something sharp. Keep an eye out at blades for Beeb's. Instagram will be posted when we do that sale.


And last but definitely not least, all my little buds let out there who are fans of the horny stoner. We got the craziest clothing over there now with Prefill as well. So I wanted to read you some of the designs I've been working on. We got stressed, depressed and horny unisex hoodie. Sorry I'm late. I was masturbating literally my excuse for always being late. We got the panties, the roll, your read on it. Panties, be a slut.


Do whatever you want. Crop top money makes me cum unisex shirt. The Big D energy. That's one of my favorites. I just want to get high and be nasty. Sad but horny. He's thirty but he's so hot.


Just crazy shirts that I love to wear at home. They're super soft and comfy. Everything is unisex. We have sizes too extra small to like six x so plus size is definitely included. That was a huge priority with this whole new drop. So I'm sure some of you has fast forwarded through this part. But I want to be more like open and honest about what I'm doing with my current endeavors. It's still me and my two employees that are still working out of my house right now with all the CBD people are buying.


Business has tripled. People are stressed out, obviously. So I'm doing my best to keep the supply up with the demand. But it's definitely taking up every hour of the day.


I'm trying to self care, especially with this rough week. I've been trying to take time to grieve, but I need more employees. I need a warehouse. I need a bigger car, because now I'm having to take trips to the post office, which I haven't done in so long, because usually our mailman can fit everything in his little car. My accountant was like, girl time the upgrade.


Oh, this is weird. Like, I like being intentionally small.


So it's OK. Let's get into this episode. I am so excited. I'm so excited. OK, so my little I got my notepad here. I got this actually I got this notepad at the dollar store says I'm very busy actually have this on a mug. I've been putting on my mentorship notes in here.


I had a really good mentorship last week with a sex worker and she's finally putting her stories about the industry like on her tech talk.


And it's been so cool to, like, help girls who are just non apologetic, who are in that industry. And people want to hear about that, you know, because no one talks about it. It's so taboo. So that was really good session.


I had girl power. OK, like I said, this is for everyone. There's a little money making stuff for all of. All in the quarantine, OK, so if you are a writer or so you draw, I want you to look into making a book and I'm not talking about like a thousand page hardcover book. I'm talking about self publishing an e-book on Amazon. So Kindle Direct Publishing offers a way for you to make an e-book and sell it for like you can make it for free and publish it for free and get to the market fast.


It takes five minutes to publish your book and it appears on Kindle stores worldwide. Within twenty four hours you can make money by earning 70 percent royalty on sales. It looks like they ship everywhere.


You basically have a lot of control and you can publish and digital and print.


So I myself have always wanted to do this. This has been a bookmark of mine for like five years, but I haven't sat down to focus on it.


But you could make a five page e-book on how to do X, Y and Z. So if this is something that interests you, I encourage you to at least like put a generic like make a goal sheet of what your book would be about, whether it's a how to or what whatever you're into how to is just like the way I would see it done, but it could be short and sweet and you could sell it for ninety nine cents, you could sell it for five dollars and donate half the proceeds to somewhere that really needs it.


So I hope that gets the gears going.


Moving on, are you an independent contractor or are you someone who does social media marketing. Are you good at typing.


Are you good at photography, editing, writing descriptions, ads like, you know, all these at home jobs that people do on the Internet. And there's probably hundreds that I'm not even thinking about right now.


But I listen to me.


I outsource work through fever and up work dotcom, when I encounter an issue on my website, say I need a fix.


How something on the navigation logs. If I need someone to write descriptions, edit photos, take the white out of like make a white background on a photo, Facebook ads listing inventory on my website, all these weird little things that will happen during the day.


And I'm like, I don't have time to do this.


It's super time consuming. Even email marketing, editing my podcast, editing YouTube videos, there's so much that you can find.


So I use this website. I'm a customer of this website.


But think about could you be an independent contractor for millions of people who need you to do their work right now?


Because there are some businesses that are thriving, y'all.


But you can basically sign up, tell what skills you do.


I have like a dashboard with all the jobs I pay people weekly or per job fair.


And it's just two hours, five hour dotcom. If you got your notebook out, which I expect you to if you're listening to the podcast. Vivir Dotcom finds thousands of freelance services on demand. Start connecting money back guaranteed professional sellers.


Twenty four hour delivery, millions of gigs, unbeatable value graphics design, digital marketing, writing, translation, music, audio, video and animation programming and tech.


So much you can put your price, you can barter with people sew up work is another similar website I use. I use Fiverr for more like quick things that I need like within a day. But I have contractors I've worked with for years and they are on my payroll. But I found them through up work.


It was formerly Elance oDesk, but it's a global freelancing platform for businesses and independent professionals.


Connect and collaborate remotely was rebranded up work?


I mean, I don't know what the difference in those two are, but hey, sign up for both whether you need help or you want to be the help for anyone who will pay you to do it.


OK, cash money. OK, moving on. Something totally different voices dotcom.


I totally get annoyed at hearing my own voice and I'm sure everyone does. But someone was like, you should be a cartoon voice.


Oh, you should be like a like a seductive ebook reader or something like audio book reader.


So yeah, voices dotcom. You can start for free, you sign up in seconds, you can post jobs if you need them. But I would basically sign up to be a reader or, you know, recording my voice pretty much. And when I did this a while ago just to explore, I got hired to do a voiceover for this like meditation thing like.


I read mantras and it was like one hundred dollars for the job, I read about three or four paragraphs and it was really cool. I haven't gotten any jobs ever since. When you sign up and make a profile, you have to, like, put a recording on. And luckily, like, I have a Yeti blue microphone, which makes things sound very nicely.


But if you don't have the equipment, you can find mikes on Amazon for pretty cheap.


You could use your iPhone for all I care, but it's hey, you have a nice voice. Maybe you're the next million dollar voice voices dotcom.


Again, none of this is sponsoring a gay reviews and survey sites.


So I've never done this because I think it it makes me cringe and I hate it and I don't want to do it and it makes me want to pull out my brain.


But I looked into making money, taking surveys.


I don't know about doing reviews. That's kind of sketchy to leave a review if you haven't reviewed something. So here are the top 14 best survey sites that will pay cash in May. So if you have a lot of time on your hands and you feel like filling in some bubbles on the Internet, you can check out survey junkie. It's the best one. Overall swag bucks in box dollars, life points, my points, pinecone research, branded surveys.


Those are just some.


I think it was like top eight. Oh, I just Googled, make money taking surveys and all that information came up. So remember, Google is your daddy. Repeat after me. Google is your daddy. Don't know how to do something. Google will teach. You want to make money, Google will teach you. You hit a roadblock. Google will help you figure it out and you'll learn from that lesson. OK, ok, moving on.


So I recently have started, I think, Amazon influencer program.


I don't know if they have to request for you to do this like they reach out to you, but it allows you to create an Amazon wish list with your exclusive items that you want to promote products like to your fans or your following. Amazon reached out to me to do this. And I promote so many products already like my lighting stuff.


I wear things I use in the kitchen.


So I thought it was a really cool idea to create a whole wish list for my followers.


And it's actually been really handy when I make a lot of tech talks about viral products, I just add them to this Amazon wish list and then they give you a percentage of the sale. It's not that much. It kind of adds up on a good month. I make fifty bucks, but hey, making money from home.


Moving on. OK, I don't have this legit gambling apps.


A long time ago I had to research into all the apps I downloaded on my phone someone I think this went viral on Instagram.


It's an app called Prove It, Real Money Games, PR of it compete for cash and glory to prove it is a unique real money experience where players like you compete for cash and glory in their favorite games. Instead of playing for tokens and power ups or spending money on an app purchases, you can monetize your gaming skills and compete in eSports tournaments for real cash prizes over one point twenty five million in prizes. So what's cool about this app is you sign up.


I think you pay like ten dollars to get tokens and then you can play all these games. Some are free, but I think some are like fifty cents a dollar, five dollars. You know, the stakes get higher the more money or tokens you use to play. And then if you win, you get more money back, obviously. So when I downloaded this app, Janša, I would sit in bed and do like the trivia ones because, you know, we have a big age gap.


He's seventeen years older than me. So we would play like trivia. And I was going to like the New Age stuff and he was like eighties and, you know, that kind of stuff.


So our two brains together, we could always win trivia. And I ended up making my ten bucks in a fifty bucks. I don't encourage gambling, but like if you're good at that kind of thing, if you're good at like little like Tetris and stuff, it might be fun to just play, you know, it's a ten dollar investment and it's fun. And you could get your whole family to do the trivia and try to win. So there might be some new apps.


This one has almost five stars. So, you know, if you find some more, good luck.


All right. Robin Hood stocks. I just started investing in stocks.


Not that much. I think I've invested about a thousand dollars.


But the stock market obviously, I guess, isn't that good. Right now, but it could also be a good time to buy if things are low. I mean, it'd be a long term investment, but Robinhood is free to join.


You can invest in stocks, options and ETFs, all commission free, whatever that means. Zero dollar minimum deposit you can invest on Robin Hood Financial without having to pay commission fees. Over 10 million accounts, refer friends, get stocks, real time market data. So again, you can just download the app. And look, I'm not a stock expert. Maybe you are. Maybe your friend is, your data is whatever. But it's a way to do something from home to make money again.


It's more long term.


Don't go out there and spend all your savings on stocks just by two cents.


Two cents, OK? Craigslist work, Craigslist throwback. So I have three acres and I don't like mulching my yard. It takes two weeks and 10 tons of mulch. So what do I do? I get on Craigslist and ask for help. And sometimes people who are out of work, they're on there because they can do stuff like that and they have the time to do it, you know? Ya know, there's so much on Craigslist, good and bad.


So if you're at home and you have a skill, particularly like yard work, like everyone needs help right now. Everyone's working on their yards fixing things, you know, granted, stay six feet away from people.


But there's also free stuff on Craigslist so you can go on there. And like I was on there today and someone had free dance mirrors. I want to make a room with a stripper pole and have dance or mirrors all around it. And they were giving them away for free. And of course, someone picked them up already.


But sorry, I got really excited about that. Yeah, you can get free stuff and sell it. You could put up a job listing or whatever and help people out, make money or you could sell stuff on Craigslist. Just keep it legal, you know, Craigslist, figure it out.


So two more things I wanted to mention. If you don't want to do any of the stuff, you're like, fuck it. You know, why don't you fine-tune the skills you already have? Two things I thought of before I started learning a new language.


I tried this. I tried to learn Spanish because I was pretty good at it in high school.


But there's an app called Duolingo and as I say, Duolingo, Duolingo, the world's best way to learn a language.


It's free. It's a mobile app. This shit works. OK, I did this for a few weeks. Of course, I kind of got sick of it because I just do too much. But if you are, like, literally sitting in bed, the least you could do is spend five minutes a day to learn a language.


And if you learn a language that puts you ahead of the pack when you sign up or sorry, apply for a new job, you can be like, I know every language and they're going to hire you. Or you could sign up for up work and figure and translate shit for people.


Think about it like skills. Another skill, I think, is meditation. One of my favorite meditation apps is. Headspace, that's what it is, headspace. I love that guy's voice, so the least you can do if you're not even trying to make money on a wireless news, this podcast. But meditation helps your overall health, especially if you're stressed girl and guys. Meditate one minute, whatever, like it's just so good here.


Why is meditation so, why is meditation so hard to find? The relaxation response for meditation helps decrease metabolism, lowers blood pressure, improves heart rate breathing and brainwaves. Tension and tightness seep from the muscles as the body perceives a quiet message to relax. There's scientific evidence showing meditation works. You know what? I think I'm going to download Headspace and get my meditation on because I'm grieving pretty hard this week and might be healthy for me. So I encourage you to do that.


And last but not least, credit card rewards points. This is for the house that got credit cards. OK, let's know, credit card debt here. But have you ever checked your account to see what kind of points you have? I personally think American Express has the best points. I tend to go in there and I don't buy stuff through American Express because the points work less. And that way I also don't recommend using your points to purchase stuff at Amazon Checkout because you end up using more points for less.


So what I do is I go in there and I exchange them for a Wal-Mart gift cards. You can find so much stuff on Wal-Mart. And I have purchased everything from my lawnmower, my weed whacker, my toilet paper, my dishwashing detergent. Like all the essentials I never paid for. I just use points. I spend a lot of money on inventory, tens of thousands every month. So I get tens of thousands of points back every month.


And with mine, I think it's MasterCard, black lingerie business card. Same scenario. You can either get gift cards, but they also have money back. So you can actually use those points to apply to your credit card statement or you can get money deposited into your bank account. I know for like American Airlines, I know they do like flight points and I know other stores like Victoria's Secret Marshals, T.J.. Max, all my favorite places, the more you spend there, they'll send you gift cards to spend at their store.


So maybe call your bank, see what kind of rewards you have if you need some essentials. So maybe it's time to transition to a new credit card so that your money is being spent more wisely. You know, I never use my debit card anymore because I know I'm going to use a credit card that I can essentially get points back to spend on other stuff like business essentials.


And just to kind of close this off, I think you all know well, now, if you've listened to every episode that if you aren't selling your used clothes and books and movies and anything with a barcode around your house, I am disappointed in you. You should consider opening up an eBay store, a hashmark account, a deposit account. Merci. Merci. I have to say that Amazon store or create an Etsy shop. If you like to make things and make money from home, follow me on YouTube.


I tell you exactly how to form an LLC, how to create stuff, how to ship stuff out, how to totally, like, circumvent all the mistakes I did and start making money I have gotten. You know what? Let's go to the screenshots. I'm actually proud this I don't want to boast about this, but I got like five messages this morning. Tea underscore hi says I need to get a ton of messages, but I just want to thank you.


I followed advice from videos and started selling on Amazon. I sold over forty K in my first month profiting fifteen K. This allowed me to pay all my bills and keep my animals fed. While I'm not allowed to work my normal job, I can't thank you enough for the knowledge and you shared and for being such an inspiration. And then really, I don't want to say her name because she said, I just need to tell you that you're amazing, my friend, and I listen and subscribe to our podcast.


And we started setting up our accounts. So she picks your major boss, babe, and skirmish. Yes, girl. Get it. Get that bag. Watandar says, I wanted to thank you. After watching you on Tick Tock and following you here, I started an eBay store on March 24th. I'm going to break two thousand this week. You are a badass, inspirational woman and she shared it. She sent me. We're proud of you Watandar.


OK, just two more. I'm just excited. OK, virus beauties that I was in your life the other day and mentioned. I start a business. Just wanted to thank you for the push. I needed to jump in shipping out twelve hundred and products today. Bish you need to teach me what you're doing. Okay. Last one. CareMore said I'm sorry. There's some language at the beginning. I just wanted to say thank you for your help.


My wife is so and so. She's gone from 40 hours a week to straight eighty hours a week, working her daytime and fulfilling her dream after none of this would have been possible if she didn't have you to be inspired to by. Sorry, thank you for being a great monitor mentor. This is the text is not clear and showing my wife how. Also thank you for basically saying like his wife was inspired. I like this, I like that her hubby reached out because she's too busy.


Kilner right now I wanted to show you guys that like the videos and the info's actually working. I love giving out free information because it makes me feel good. I've worked for the past ten years and I'm not talked about what I've done because I thought it was weird and confusing. And I'm finally reaching a point of super awesome fulfillment. And I think we all crave to do something in our work that fulfills us authentically.


So being able to broadcast this makes me feel so good. And if you are out there chasing that bag because of this info or if you're watching or listening, whatever, let me know, because it makes my day and it makes me want to keep doing this. So maybe I can start at Amazon eBook or something, you know, take my own life or maybe go back on Voice's dotcom or look at some stock, start gambling.


Just do it all. Anyone out there, just do what? Go one hundred and everything like me. It's a love hate relationship with my work. I can't stop doing it, but I love it. And then I get drained. So then I need to go and you go meditate everything and talk about full circle. Thank you for listening. I love you. Have a wonderful happy quarantine. Stay positive. We're going to get through this together. All right.


I love you.