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Hey, let's welcome back to the Selection Panel podcast. My name is Anna and I'm your host.


From the champagne room to the boardroom, we discuss sluts who make money and hear success stories from women all around the world.


This episode is brought to you by Alien Outfitters Dotcom, a wonderful world where you can accent your individuality. Use code slut for 10 percent off at Alien Outfitters Dotcom.


And today's episode I give you guys the real T, you keep asking me who is my boyfriend? Why don't I show his face? What am I hiding? Well, today I'm telling you all of our dirty secrets from how we work together, how we live together, our sex life, everything you want to know. So I hope you enjoy this episode.


Hello World. My name is Jay. I am. And a significant other. And Previously on one of her podcasts or one of her socials. She had mentioned that I would come on and answer some questions if there happens to be any questions from you guys. And yes, there was a lot of questions. Obviously, I'm not going to be able to answer them all because some of them are just ridiculous. And then others, I think that we'll be able to get to most of them.


And a couple of our close friends actually had some questions.


We will get to those. So anyway, how's everything going, miss your partner?


How's life treating you? It's going well. I've been I've been doing a lot of a lot more to you to talk to someone, things that make you happy to talk in all over the place.


And I love that. Yeah. So in turn, with things growing in that area, it's really been cool to see that and a lot of the time and investment that is shown to return some good, excellent, excellent, excellent.


And yes, speaking of our assistant, Miss Katz, she actually got into a car accident and broke her wrist or injured her wrist. So we're wishing her well.


She just got surgery and a new a new vehicle. So we can't wait to have her back.


Yeah, we need you to do it anyway. Just really you take your time and get better.


So without any further ado, why don't we get to some of these questions? This lady says, how does it feel to have such a powerful partner in life? Most men are intimidated by the thought of assassins.


We're just learning how to read here. So bear with us. Oh, my God. You can't talk with your hands in front of your mouth.


Are you doing OK? Slowly. And you know. You know what you're doing. Come on. I know you just made me nervous. Don't be nervous. Just don't be nervous. Just slow. Hard when you look like staring into my soul. I'm not saying I'm not trying to, but why don't you read a different question?


You know what I mean? So let's get inside your head. All right. Here we go.


Everyone wants to know what you do for a living and why you hide your face or I intentionally don't show you my account. OK, so that's a two part question here. Let's go ahead and address part one. I work for Alien Outfitters. I am the shipping and receiving person. I do the fulfillments. I pack up all the orders, try to make sure nothing gets broken. And if anybody gets anything wrong, it's my fault and just send it back and we'll take care of it.


And now, as far as what why I hide my face or why I don't want to be seen, I really don't know. I I've just always kind of been that way. I never had Facebook. I just really wasn't that interested in what other people had to say.


I didn't care what other people drove or what they were eating.


And I didn't really I guess, you know, the disinterest I have in other people is just what I expect from them in return. I don't expect people to be interested in what I've got going on. And we have quite a bit of an age difference.


So that might impact. Yeah, but even my my friends that are my age, they're all into the social media and everything. And I mean, recently I've given up all social media. So I mean, if anybody. Follow me on Instagram. I mean, I don't know what I'm doing, you know, and so, yeah, I've given up all social social media's and given up my phone.


I'm trying to really just take it back to the beginning.


Well, I have an explanation as to why I don't show your face. Why do you think? Because I'm terribly ugly.


Because I feel like I share everything with the world. And the most important thing I have is you. And I want to keep that sacred and special and for us, because from past experiences with friends or even celebrities, when they're always pretending to be happy or flaunting how much they love each other, it's not real because I feel like it makes people feel bad. And see a lot of those couples end up not staying together.


It's like a a curse or something that it's hard when you put everything out there and, you know, it's people then think they know everything about you and whatnot. But honestly, it's really not that deep.


I just it was never I don't know that it was ever a conscious decision. Maybe when we first started dating, I didn't really want to be seen with you. I'm not sure why. Maybe because you were so young. I don't know exactly, but I just never really been one to brag and show off and and whatnot.


I just don't care about that sort of thing. Just my my own business. I respect your privacy, too.


So it's just it's worked really well for us. And I think it adds to kind of like a mystery or an aura about you that, yeah, it seems that way.


Unfortunately, I like it. I'm really not that interesting. But this next question is, how does it feel dating a bad bitch?


Okay, well, that's the only way I would have you know, my whole life I've tried to surround my people with excuse me, surround myself with people that are successful or at least driven. And that is what is attractive to me as far as even just looking for friends or the girlfriends or anybody. I need that person to have some sort of hustle, man. I mean, I don't care. You know, I don't judge on what kind of hustle, just be driven.


So I get asked a lot. Do you have a man? Are you single? So why don't you tell everyone how we got engaged and if we plan to get married or not, we'll yes, we definitely plan to get married.


I mean, I think we just kind of been patient with it, you know, so busy. And it's just the stress that's not needed until it's time.


I mean, I think time also like what I was saying about other couples showing off how happy they are. I also think getting married is kind of a curse as well, because I don't know. It's like once you get married, you just get divorced. And we both come from broken homes. So marriage isn't exactly appealing. So I felt like we could be extremely patient and the longer we got to know each other, the better it would be until we knew we were ready, because I don't want to do it just to have a wedding and we would have already broken up by now.


You know, I think we're stuck together now.


But what was the other part of that question, how we got engaged?


Oh, I, I'm terribly scared of the water. So I took her out on a jet ski with her on the back of it and proposed on this jet ski like a motherfucking gymnast without dropping the ring in the water.


And the what led up to that? We were on this jet ski and you were driving fast so fast like it was a motorcycle. I was scared for my life. And I did have a feeling it might be that day because I told you how special that day would be since it is about numbers.


And I'm thinking, why is he going so fast? If there's a chance he has this ring like he's out of his fucking mind. And then you stopped and I thought the jet ski was broken. So I was about to have a panic attack being stuck in the ocean. That's not good.


And you pull out a crumpled dollar bill and not even a 20 or 100 dollars one. Grab the ring out of that. And I'm like, you know how close we are to the water?


And you basically handed it to me and said, here's the fucking ring.


And what I didn't say that necessarily were like, put it on or something. Well, I was a little frantic about choppiness, so I just wanted it to be on.


And it wasn't like you were on one knee. I'm like, well, I mean, I'm not that flexible. I had well, I just I said, baby, you have to ask me.


Yeah, I'm basically a child, you know, but it was really sweet.


And the instructor who is absolutely insane comes on over because he sees or stopped and he's like, hey, I want a picture and you're not really enjoying pictures.


You're like, no, we're good. And I'm like, yes, I just figured it would be a big to do. But this guy was very agile with his jet ski is a pro. So in this awful photo he took were like holding a pose like I mean, it felt like because he couldn't figure out how to put his camera up and it was tough to really notice stuff. So basically, I would have been right if I just said no.


But it's a memory. And I kind of redid it again.


If we're if we're being completely honest, I felt the need to get down on one knee out here by our pond, one beautiful evening and kind of say a few sweet words that we've both forgotten.


And yeah. So it's I actually did it a couple of times. I think that she she just she deserves it. So when did we first meet and what was your first thought of me.


You looked very fun, you looked energetic and I mean I was intoxicated.


We met at a nightclub and I'm not a person that goes to nightclubs really. I really don't like them. But I did meet Miss such a partner there in episode thirteen.


We go in great detail and kind of explain that story. So if you want the full tea, that's where to find it.


What are the questions?


Do we have see, well, I wanted to kind of throw you off track because now that my YouTube channel is growing, of course, negative comments are rolling in. And I woke up to this pretty long comment and I try to have a thick skin, but I'm so passionate about what I do there. I'm going to be honest. I'm human. I have emotions. But it's really hard for me not to reply because what I'm doing and saying, well, I'll just get into it.


I have no idea what you're talking about.


This lovely lady named Lauren Smith to you, Lauren? She asked. Well, back story. The video she commented on is a bikini try hall. It's one of my most viewed videos and I show all my favorite swimsuits and explain why I like them. And this is a comment. What does your significant other say about this video? You apparently are in a relationship because of the ring on your hand, but you need help. Seriously, this video is cringing as fuck throw up faces.


Don't get me wrong, you're beautiful. You have a nice body, but you shouldn't flaunt it the way you do. Like when I'm watching this video, all I see is tits and pussy. I bet this is where you got most of your subscribers anyways. And it's really sad because a lot of guys think that most women are like this. Seriously, think about becoming more modest with your body.


I mean, are you wanting to for me to respond to this?


Yeah, well, she asked. Know, I see you're in a relationship. What is your significant other say about this video?


Well, her significant other doesn't monitor all her videos. I've actually never seen one, to be quite honest with you. I don't follow her. I don't look at anything. She does not feel the need to share with me or to make sure I'm OK with shit because I trust her and I know that. She's going to do what she wants to do anyway, so why am I going to fight and cause an argument now? If it's something I don't agree with, then we can talk about it and discuss it like adults.


But I'm pretty easygoing. There's not a lot that I'm that I'm not cool with, you know, because I trust her and I trust I trust you. I trust that you're going to make proper decisions. And as far as this lady right here, I think that a lot of people probably feel that way. And I don't blame her. It's OK. You know, it's I think that that's fucked up.


Well, she wrote it to you. Well, I shouldn't have to be modest to be respected. And you don't have to be. That's just her that's just her opinion. You know, she's not forcing you to change. You have to value her opinion. Fortunately, there are people like her out there. If there wasn't people like her, you wouldn't stand out because you would be just like everyone else. That's true.


For every one of her. There's one of you and you guys probably have more in common than you realize. You know, I guarantee you, she's just probably talking like her parents talk to me and it's probably not her fault. And she's probably a pleasant chicken in her world, her little circle of trust. She probably has a lot of people that feel the same way. So she feels like that's her world, that people normally don't look like you and act like you and flaunt like you do.


Maybe she doesn't have the confidence that she did, but she never said in my face, who cares if she does or not? And that's why I don't that's why I'm not on social media, you know, because everything everyone says is something they wouldn't say to your face.


Well, I posted a quote on Instagram the day before this, which I thought was pretty important in regards to the halftime show with Jay Leno and Shakira. I did not see that. Well, Jay Leno was on a poll and there's a lot of booty shaking. So people who are a little more conservative thought it was inappropriate. So I posted that nudity and power and modesty and power, some different things, power, different people. And it's no one's place to tell you which one does.


Well, yeah.


I mean, honestly, I think a lot about the world in the state of the world.


And I will tell you one thing that I don't know if it's social media or are not I don't know what it is, but people have just forgotten how to mind their own business.


I think I may have said this previously, but, you know, if everybody would just mind their own business, then we'd be a lot happier place, I believe.


Do you think it's important that people share their opinions when they're not asked or should they just keep scrolling?


Well, they have a voice, you know, but in your in your instance, you shouldn't care what she says. You shouldn't engage. You don't have time for that shit. First of all, you know, you shouldn't care what she says. You and her are like different species. Menger, you're like a bird flying around free and she's like a fucking earthworm stuck in the ground somewhere, you know, she can barely see Shipman's. Everything she sees is like normal to her.


But little does she know there's a whole fucking world out there, you know, so you and her just not even on the same fucking stratosphere.


Well, a lot of my tick tock comments are similar. You know, people tell me how ugly my tattoos are, how I look like a man. And I'm like, you know, I know I'm supposed to have a thick skin, but at the same time, like, I am a human being when dealing with that's where you're wrong.


You're not a human being with feelings. No know. You're actually not you know, to them all you are is an object that's on their phone. You're not a human being. They're not meeting you in person. They're able to say what they want to say and take out their anger on you. You know, I think a lot of people are under this impression that if they drag someone down, it's going to make themselves feel better. It's going to lift them up, you know, but that's not the way it works, man.


That's not the way it works. When you're dragging someone else down, all you're doing is exploring those depths by yourself. You're not with anybody, man. Now, there's a good line.


It's like happy people don't hate and haters aren't happy. Yeah, there's a lot of shit. I mean, you know, I say just mind your own fucking business. So when you keep coming negative shit on my girl's Instagram, come find you instead.


I'm just kidding. I'm just fine. I'm just fine. I would never say so.


When you did have Instagram for like that month, we had a discussion about not following each other because I personally cannot be my own brand. If I know you're watching, if that makes sense, how do you feel about that?


We blocked each other. Yeah. Yeah, I was coming up on your explore. Yeah.


They must know that I'm interested in girls that look like you or something, you know, but no, I, I think it's really the only way men, especially in your situation where you need to be able to be. Creative and be yourself, you know, I kind of think it's like let's say you went home for Thanksgiving and you went by yourself, you would be able to be yourself with your family and you wouldn't have to be anyone else.


And even if your family was cool with me, let's say you took me to your family for Thanksgiving. You could be yourself, but you might you know, you might tiptoe around a few things. You might just be a little different. Hold off on a few little things here and there. And guess what? When you're trying to promote yourself and honesty and your passion, if you hold back at all, it's not going to translate to the fans.


That's a really great point. Would you have any advice to give to these boyfriends so that they're not mad about their women posting their body online?


No, no, I don't I don't really. I think that that's something that that's I don't know that that's able to be changed in people. I think that that's what is that called that's your those are your morals.


I think that a lot of morals come into play when you talk about posting your body, sharing your your girlfriend or someone that you have feelings for her, sharing it with the world and whatnot. But, you know, I don't know that you're ever going to change that person. I don't really know. I just think that you either need to meet in the middle somewhere like 90 percent of other obstacles in a relationship, or you need to fucking find somebody who's cool with it.


And when you are meeting them and you're getting into that fucking dating process, you need to tell them the deal instead of just kind of springing it on them, you know? So I don't know. It's it's complicated. That's a tough one. It's tough.


It's hard because we are all just bodies and and there's all sorts of fucking shit in that person.


And her boyfriend might have issues, you know, my love his mom too much or some shit and doesn't want to objectify women. And he has feelings for this girl that remind him of his mom or some shit. And he doesn't want people thinking about her in a weird way. And I respect that man. It's just it ties into it lot.


Well, if you're religious like that, then I have no no advice for you on that aspect.


So do you think it's intimidating to be with me at some times based on, you know, I don't have perspective of being in a relationship where a guy really tells me what to do because I wouldn't be with him if he did. So do you think it's intimidating to be with me in that aspect?


Absolutely not. No. I think that ties into the previous question about, you know, being confident about a girlfriend showing her body or whatnot. I just you just have to have that confidence, man. I mean, that's how many times have I said that over the years that we just, you know, whenever anything comes up or there's difficulty or whatever, you just have to have confidence that you chose the right person and that you're going to work it out, you know.


So how would a girl know when a guy is into her, particularly if she's a confident woman myself?


First of all, any guy is going to be into you guys are just ridiculous.


But I don't know. I mean, you know, I mean, are we talking, like, physical cues, you know, flirty cues, like playing with his hair or, you know, stumbling around bullshit.


But, well, people don't even meet each other quite yet. I feel like with the whole Tinder thing, we're both not experienced. And there's all this fake bullshit where guys don't text you back and all the stupid games that it's like normal now.


Yeah, I guess if a guy is showing interest in you at all beyond just saying hello or whatever, I mean, I, I guess he's interested. It's just hard. I don't know. Guys are a lot different than me. Most, most guys are, you know, we'll.


Have you been in any long term relationships.


Yeah. Yeah. I've been in two to two long term. Maybe about two or three years. Yeah.


Yeah. How do you think those relationships like what you learn from those in order for us to sustain our relationship so long?


I didn't really figure out what I wanted as much as I figured out what I didn't want and what I couldn't deal with some. Yeah, it's I guess it's just I mean, it's hard when relationships are hard and takes a lot of work, and if people aren't willing to kind of grow together, it's tough.


You know, it's really hard. So I just learned, I guess, what I what I didn't want, basically.


Sorry. Oh, and here's a couple questions from our good friend. Oh, sorry. I'm screaming into the mike. How sorry. And is going to have your hands full trying to fix this shit. Sorry about that.


So our friend, I think we can say her name, Mishkat has a couple of questions. And first off, she wants to know if we will adopt her. And I've already told you, the papers have already told you, yes, we got room. That's that's no problem. So, Mira, her second question comes in, she wants to know what are my favorite things about her that have made me a better person?


And I guess I would say I mean, just the work ethic alone. I mean, if you if you spend any time around her, you will have to hustle. I mean, it's just inevitable. You just feel like you're in quicksand if you're just going a normal speed. So I guess just that hustle, man, it's just unparalleled. It's ridiculous. It's out of control. So how the hell do you keep up with me?


It's a work in progress. I've really honestly I've really had to try.


And I mean, I'm even taking like ADHD meds like Adderall and shit like that just didn't work and just to keep up. So trust me, it's not easy. It's really not easy. But I would have it no other way, rebel underscore Ekso asked, how does he keep you constantly glowing with the power of a thousand suns?


I think we have a Game of Thrones fan or something. How do I guess that one's for you? How do I keep you glowing while you're patient with me?


You're supportive. Stay out of my way. You cook me dinner, you bring me coffee in the morning. You always fill up the dog's water bowl.


I basically work for you any time there's a problem in the house or things that need to be done. I can just make a list and we all have to really speak about it. But you honestly, the fact how safe I feel with you, I think keeps me going. It's nice to, you know, when I feel like when we're in public and walking around, I never can sense danger. It feels like a warm blanket. Yeah. Yes.


Let's keep it good. Let's keep it that way. Now, you've been super open minded with my sexuality. And just honestly, the journey I'm on because I have changed drastically since from the time you met me and you've been pretty consistent, but typically someone would just give up with me. So I think the fact that you've helped me get through this mental health thing, me reconnecting with my dad, like so many big, huge things in my life, this whole business, I mean, you were there before I even started a business.


So there's little people on one hand that I can say have known me since before then. So I think that's a great point. Yeah, very true. Well, let's talk about sex not doing is your sex life if your sex life isn't the best with your boyfriend. How can you fix it? The sex drive with my boyfriend is completely different than mine.


I mean, it's difficult, you know, I mean, it depends how long you've been with someone, you know, you've been with them for a long time, I think that that's common. You know, you just kind of have to try everything, man.


You got to try everything, you know, lock yourself in a room with your clothes off and no one can leave until somebody comes.


I mean, it's more about communication.


Yeah, well, maybe they don't like talking to each other, you know, maybe they don't. Maybe that's not their thing.


You know, you can always Google how to do it. Yeah.


I mean, I don't know, get freaky man, you know, have porn on every TV in the house for the whole fucking day loud.


OK, if let's say the guy wants to fuck like a rabbit, but the girl's not into it. Say she's on like mad like me that make her like sometimes it's harder to orgasm. You know how to approach her. If she was like no, I'm good.


I'm like, well you got two options there. You can either, you know, jack them off, suck his dick, you know, do something for him, or you can pretty much kind of get into an open relationship where, you know, you're not sexually that active and you're not that's not something you need. But you love your significant other and you want them to be happy. And it works for people. I mean, you just have to kind of set your boundaries and make it happen.


You know, there's a lot of grey areas when you get into that sort of discussion that you kind of have to maybe tackle, you know, kind of learn on the job a little, you know, mistakes happen.


But as long as you trust each other and you want to be together, I think that it's a great thing if you can pull it off, you know, but it's risky and you might lose that person, you know, and with myself just being a female, I think in correlation to having a period, you know, my hormones go up and down and there's always that time of the month where I need more attention than usual. So I'm just very direct and pretty much like, take your fucking pants off.


You have no option but with consent, of course. Well, yeah. Yeah, but, you know, we have I think we have a few tricks.




I think if I ask you for a massage that kind of leads into and normally just touching and just touching, smelling somebody are attracted to and I mean then there is that, that point where it comes to or look, you know, if you're just not feeling that person and you aren't having sex and even when you get intimate, you're not like turned on or whatever, maybe they're just not for you men.


I mean, maybe that's going to be your next good friend, you know, and the last resort before you quit. I think going to therapy is an option.


If you've been with someone, you if you if you're living with this person and you've been with them for a while, I think it's worth a try for sure.


Man with an open mind, you know, Kayla asks, how do you spice up your sex life? I'm kind of in a comfortable stage in my relationship.


Well, she just said it right there. I mean, if you're comfortable, then you need to be uncomfortable. You know, that's that way with life. It's that way with everything.


You know, as soon as you put yourself outside of your comfort zone, you know, there's a lot of instincts that are going to kick in, you know, and maybe you won't be so fucking comfortable, man.


And us owning a sex toy shop. I think it's quite easy when new products come in. It's fun for us to test them. So if you need some new toys when it's done or not, go, yeah, let us know.


What are some things that make you hard. I know. Anyway, go well.


What is it then. What is it that makes me hard. Two girls and then I love my Hitoshi, you know, that's the best bestie, so I love a good Hitoshi blowjob because I get to pleasure myself while I'm pleased. Obviously that makes me hard.


I'm thinking that she's maybe talking about something a little more PG 13, and that's like saying, yeah, well, when we're fuckin I'm super hard.


Well, I like wearing jean shorts like that, but just jeans.


I don't know what it is. I mean, I don't know what it is about jeans and like ugs I'm so simple with that stupid shit, you know. But I like jeans. I like I like people who are fun. I like people who haven't been beaten down by life thoroughly. And you know, I like people that don't have a lot of stress behind their eyes, you know, and there's a few techniques I like to use on you.


Yeah. For good. If we're getting contentious and. Yeah. What is your favored position?


I mean, I like when when you're riding me, you know, when you're facing me, I guess that's cowgirl.


I actually one of the first times I actually get back orgasmed was and that's why I like that because you can always really come out of control.


I got a starburst and it's a real thing. It's a real thing. So yeah, I like that because I like to make you happy. So I feel like that. And then I just get the fuck sit there, you know, and do whatever, you know, look at tits. So what are like horoscopes or sign. I'm a cancer.


Very emotional individual really. I'm just kidding them. I mean, I don't know, maybe I am, I don't know. Maybe I'm just damaged goods. I just can't even get in touch with my feelings.


One Scorpius or both water signs.


And you were born on a new moon and I was born on a full moon, which I think we are we're kind of opposites attract. I think Scorpio and cancer is good.


I'm insane.


Yeah. Yeah, I'm easy. I'm easy going. So it works.


So what would you say our position right now is with our quote unquote open relationship, people are very curious, mean.


Well, we're in a new area and it's kind of it's kind of evolved into that. We really don't have any friends. I mean, we would have to go out and really kind of make friends. We would have to go out and meet people at the bar and shit. And I mean, that's just never been my thing anyway. Even when I was single. I don't want to meet people at a bar. You know, I'm not into that.


I'm not into that shit. You know, I'd rather meet somebody at the damn Starbucks or the grocery store swooshes. I mean, it's kind of just a work in progress. Men of a young lady comes by in either of our lives, then maybe we can and see what happens. But as of right now, we really don't, you know, and we we're always taking applications.


And I know that's that's to send in your application.


It can it can be difficult, though, with you know, that's a whole nother I'm working from home and shit. It just makes it hard. Was this an actual question? What was the question?


Um, I just asked what the like our current status was. And, you know, we don't do anything on our own if we do something else together. Well, there have been opportunities and things. I mean, one time I was in show. I mean, there's been like, hey, if this happens, it's OK. And then you kind of set the boundaries like, hey, you know, it's cool. She sucks your dick or whatever, but as long as you know what's going on, you know, I feel like that's a good thing, you know, that's become a little more difficult for me emotionally.


And then I just communicate that to you.


Yeah. So it's it's just a work in progress. And who knows, maybe in a few years it'll be crazy open and we'll be swingers. And this will be the fucking Playboy mansion out here.


And well, a girl from my kindergarten class reached out to me almost a year ago and she didn't know we were open and she kind of invited herself over, which I was very happy with. And she was cute things. Yeah. Things escalated quickly. And she, you know, before we kind of were like, hey, let's move this into the bedroom. She or you went to the bathroom and she quickly told me that she had a boyfriend, but her boyfriend was OK with her and I hooking up.


And we were under the impression it would be a group thing because I personally don't feel comfortable without you.


Yeah, I got missed out on that one, fellows. I had to take a back seat and take one for the team. Yeah. Yeah, I was told I could watch, but I was a little sour.


I went upstairs and went upstairs and cried. So that was our last experience. But I was.


I was so. I don't I don't know how to describe it all, I mean, I remember we went to breakfast the next day and we quickly rebounded. I mean, it was it wasn't a thing that it was it wasn't an experience. And every time you embark on that kind of territory, you always learn something. You learn then that we like to do things in a group way.


Yes. At least at that moment. And, you know, or had this young lady had mentioned that previously, it would have been that cool man, you know what I mean? I would have had no problem watching, but at the time I was a little disappointed.


Well, this guy asked if he'd ever let a guy in the room with us, like two guys and myself. Are you a guy? We'll see. No, that's actually not the question. All right. The question is, where is that question? I remember this question. The question was, would I watch? No.


And just wait. This is going to be one of the very first times I'm right about something.


I was right here.


Let's see if we can find this. It's it's an important question. See? Sorry about the. Here we go right here. So let me ask this. So would you ever watch me with another guy? Yeah, just like I said. Well, OK, so as of right now, hell no. All right. First of all, I'm not that big of a watcher. I'm not as we just talked about, I'm not too into this.


I like watching you have sex with other girls. I think that's one of your best qualities.


But as far as this not look, I am very open. All right? I'm not as open as some, obviously. But, you know, I'm always changing just like everybody. And I don't know that I'd ever be able to watch. But maybe in the future, if it was something that she wanted to do, maybe I could share.


God only knows her about a thousand.


My therapist said it's a bit sexist. Yeah. What is that? We can bring women in for my pleasure. And your pleasure. Yeah, but it doesn't go. Oh, it is sexist. One hundred percent. Because I've brought that.


I mean I guess that's a fantasy of mine that lives in my head and I but I respect your decision because we have those boundaries and and we've talked about that. And like I said, you know, it's something that could definitely happen one of these days.


And I feel lucky. Do you have any pet names for me?


They're all just crude as fuck, you know, slut. I mean, I call you baby. I mean, you know, it's pretty basic. I really call my first name. It's pretty serious over here. We can't we don't get to comical about the names.


You know, this is a long one. How did you handle everything with her while she was at her lowest depression? Only because sometimes I feel like it can be hard to find a person to deal with that, especially when I feel like there's days that I can't even get out of bed. Yeah, great question. It really is.


And it is going to be hard to find someone that's OK with that is going to take somebody that's really patient and strong and confident. And it's tough, man. And I know that that she has gone over some of her mental health issues and depression and whatnot. But to be honest with you, I hardly noticed anything, man. I mean, I know there were issues and she was struggling at certain times. But, you know, if anyone was taking on as much as you take on, they would feel the you know what I mean?


They would have some serious stress. And you're doing a lot. So you should give yourself a lot of credit. And as far as that question right there, it is going to be very difficult to find somebody to, you know, to to to you stand by your side, you know, because I know it's tough depression. You know, it brings people down that are around you. You know, misery loves company.


How did you handle the weight of my shortcomings on yourself? Because I know. I know I was a lot to handle you. Just like I said before, you have to have I just had confidence that we were going to be cool when we were going to work it out. And that's what a partnership is about. You know, if you're going through that sort of thing with your mental health, we're going through it together.


And I think any hard times define your relationship. That's when you really know him. Well, that is also. Yeah, one hundred percent. And that's the perspective that we're always looking for. You're always looking for this perspective. How do I know when things are going good? You have to think back to when things were shit and you were all fucked up. And now now that you're clearheaded and feeling good, there's that perspective, man. And life is beautiful.


You know, you have to have that. So enjoy this. If you can enjoy this time that you're down only because you know that you're going to fucking get better and you're going to be on top of shit sooner than later.


I remember the first time you told me that you loved me. It was because I basically panicked about something. And I remember we were at our old condo and I just started running barefoot outside. I was losing my mind. I hop defense. I was trying to run away from you, sweetie vodka.


And you I needed you to chase me and come after me because, I mean, that's like something like to my childhood. But the fact that you found me, you just picked me up. I was crying and snotting all over you and you carried me inside. You were like, look, I love you. And I remember thinking, you know, this guy can handle me at my worst. He can have me at my best. And there have been similar times where I'm upstairs crying in my bathroom, a little spot.


And as much as you don't want to bother me, especially if we have an argument, you still come up there, you rub my back, he tell me to calm down and breathe.


And I think having you know how to handle me in that situation is really important, because the times that you don't chase me or don't tell me to breathe, it just escalates for me, which is my. Issues that I'm working on and it's we all just grow together and we all just grow together. What insecurities have you felt inside and outside of our relationship? None. Honestly, I've never felt insecure about our relationship. Never. Not once. I mean, everything we've ever been through is just solidified how confident I have always been.


And I mean, I don't know if I don't mean to sound, you know, like a shithead when I say that, but honestly, I've always been pretty confident.


Do you think having a lot of tattoos, like for both of us, do you think that makes a difference in our relationship for any reason?


No, I mean, how we're perceived by others or between me and, you know, I guess with others, I don't know.


I don't really spend a lot of time worrying about what other people feel or skater kid wants to know how much your sleeves cost and who doesn't. I mean, that anyone knows it's all relative as to who's doing it and how long they're taken. But, you know, Rodney Rains and Charlotte and Skinny and Charlotte done most of my tattoos and they've done my sleeves. And I would highly recommend visiting either one of those guys. There are some people and the artists are really, really good artists.


So but I don't know, sleeve memory. What do you think, Babydoll? What, fifteen hundred bucks or something? At least a thousand a session. If you're there for more than five hours, it's you should I mean it depends but yeah. I mean it should be if you're getting good work done with a couple hundred bucks an hour some tip. Yeah. I mean sleeve. What. A couple of grand. I don't fucking know. And it's tough.


I don't know.


I don't know.


Do you have any suggestions as to how to balance the relationship. I know we work and live together which is still a challenge for us, but do you have any remarks to balance?


Yeah, I do. And this is going to kind of come off a little bit crude and I don't mean it that way, but certain things have to take a backseat. And I think that one thing that needs to be able to take a back seat is the quality time that you spend with your significant other. You know, that's what everybody's always after that quality time and whatnot. And you just have to be confident, man, that if you're in business with your partner and working your ass off and you're spending all the time in the world together, look, man, you got to have you've got to have time apart.


And, you know, you just got to, you know, not talk too much, you know, being around somebody, you know, familiarity breeds contempt. You know, when you're familiar with someone, you're quicker to get pissed at them. You fucking all that cool shit that brought you together a couple of years ago, all that little cool shit like their accent or whatever is starting to piss you off, you know? So the cure for that is to fucking separate yourselves, you know, and create a little bit of space.


And maybe you'll miss that person, you know. But if you're around somebody all the time like me and this young lady here are it's tough. It really is. You have to be crazy patient, you know.


Do you think when I leave the house like Vorobyov and stuff, that that helps, like splitting up house time?


Yeah, one hundred percent definitely does. Not only that, but when you leave and you go experience life for a little while and you're out in the world and when you come home, you might have a story to tell. You know, I'm sure you're sick of the same stories. I tell you. No, but so, yeah, it offers an opportunity for experience and you get to come home and talk about something and, you know, and it's funny.


And that could be a little bit of a moment that we share. You know, it's not talking about work and not talking about our relationship. So, yeah, leave the fucking house, man.


Well, more, quote unquote, normal relationships, they have their own life. They go to work, you know, and they get to share that or they have different friends circles or the same one. And we don't have a friends circle to spend time with. We don't have separate friends circle.


So I think that might be what's the word like inhibit us from having that connection, does it?


It really does. And then that's why I think you thrive with the social media. I think that's something I think that's something you need. It's an outlet. You know, without that, you might be really pissed off.


I go on live almost every day and I am so I'm smiling all the time.


Afterwards, I feel like I got some of that energy out that I kind of direct to you too much in a sense. And you're also the type of person that reenergizes when you're alone and you've kind of come to grasp that you're OK with not having a friend circle. Yeah, and it's I think that has benefited you instead of feeling like you're missing out or that you need to try and make friends. And if it's a failure, like it's difficult.


My friend my friend Circle is very, very, very, very small. We're talking like as small as you can get. There are a lot of people in my life that I've had that I wish I kept in touch with. That's one of my one of my shortcomings is the. I just just don't keep in touch with people. I need to call a few people. So quite a few. Well, as far as balance goes, I think we've both learned and this is kind of an interesting topic as far as how often the phone is out, because sometimes we're spending time together, but since we're both on our phones, we're not spending time together.


Yes, very true.


Well, the phones, I think, are just a I don't know I don't know what to think about the phone. And I it's one of those blessings and curses at the same time. I think it's I've I've done my very, very best to get rid of the phone. Over the past couple of weeks, I've been trying to turn it off, even leave the house without it. And and just to even think how hard it is to leave the house without your phone.


It's fucking shameful, man. It's fucking shameful. I should be able to leave the house without a fucking cell phone if I want to. You know, it's it's pretty frightening. Then once again, I'm a little older, so I have that I have that experience of not having a phone. And I had to find a fucking pager man that I had a pager.


I had two pagers. Yeah. And, you know, that shit was awesome. And you would go to the you would get paged and you would go to the Circle K and you would go to the little phone that you put the quarter in and you would try to call this person back at the cell that a payphone there waiting and you would play pay phone fucking tag all night long and then to find out your boy is and that a phone that doesn't receive calls.


So you'd have to have like certain you'd have to map it out. You'd be like, well, that phone doesn't receive calls, so I can't call you. And it would be your whole goddamn night. You're trying to get a quarterback from somebody, man. You know, it's but it was worth it. It was a beautiful thing.


So what do you picture when you think of your future with me?


Dogs look lots and lots of fucked up old dogs that need homes and need some sort of love. That's that's what I think about.


Well, we're in a position right now where we don't want children. And I've always told you that I don't know, as I get older, that will change. But I'm very happy with dogs. Maybe opening of don't forget that I also age when you do so, I'm going to have a I'm going to be 75 years old.


I have a ten year old kid. We'll just clone you and everything will be OK. Or we could just adopt a kid that's older than the mirror. She wants to be a dog again.


Yeah, well, I wanted to end this podcast with this question from a wonderfully great friend of mine. She says that she's so excited to hear your voice and to make her pussy purr.


So if you could please say the word for her, can't Kinzie no doubt she loves you first, though she doesn't give a shit. I think we all know that. But hello, miss.


Very you know, and can't wait to see you again.


Well, it was always a pleasure.


Yeah. I hope I didn't speak too loudly into the mic or anything. And we're getting. Yeah, we're getting better at this year.


If you enjoyed Jay podcast, please let me now on my Instagram and we can do this again I think. Yeah. Yeah. We can't. Any time. Any time. Well we got to get back to work so thanks for listening.


Yeah. Everybody love each other out there.


Peace and love. Yeah. I buy you guys.


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