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The stories of Mahabharata retold by should the.


Welcomed your friends to another episode of The Stories of Mahabharata. In the last episode, we heard how ViaSat gifted Sungai with the special vision to witness the war in Krooks, Hatra, and narrated the trustor.


We also heard how the Ponderosa and the Cordova's adès their armies before the war began. Christian Adrover, just Chadiha to the center of the battle field between the two armies, Kushner pointed of the coat of army and said, Region, can you see your enemy clear enough? There stands the huge guard of Army Lovenox showing his strong, valiant kings and warriors wait for orders from the chief Bhishma. I just looked at the core of Army and saw his grandfather, his teachers, his cousins and many others with whom he grew up.


They were standing right in the front ready to fight him. These people are his enemies and he's supposed to kill them.


Suddenly, Arjun felt a strange shiver ran down his spine. A deep sense of despair and panic made him numb.


His head was spinning and he felt like throwing up.


His feet trembled and his entire body was shaking like a leaf. He grabbed the side of the chariot to hold his balance. I, I see my relative standing on the other side there, eagerly waiting to fight me.


Krishna, I feel sick. My body's trembling, my mouth is dry and my skin burns. I feel weak and my boy slipping away from my hand. My legs have become weak and I'm unable to stand. Krishna was surprised to hear this. He turned to Arjun and asked, But why? Moments ago you were fine. Arjun was sweating as his heart raced. He tried to loosen his arm up to get some air. He said, I can kill my relatives.


How can they kill my grandfather? Bestman whose lap I grew up. How can I kill through not who taught me to shoot an arrow. I know. I know the solution. And his brothers are greedy and evil.


Still, they are our cousins. We played together during our childhood, shared meals together and studied together. How can I kill them just for the sake of a kingdom? What pleasure would that give me? What happiness they achieve by killing my cousins and relatives. It is a grave sin to kill your own folks.


Killing them would result in destruction of our family and family values.


I can't let that happen.


I would rather let the core of us kill me.


I just threw down his boat, took off his armor and sat down on the floor of the chariot.


Krishna was shocked to hear this. He looked at Arjun and with a stern voice he said, What has come over you now at this critical juncture when both armies are prepared to fight this decisive battle?


How could you talk of giving up your arms and desert the battlefield? Come on, get up, pick up your arms and fight urgently and move.


Sweat dripped from his forehead. As he tried to lift his head, he wiped his brows and said, I'm sorry, Krishna. It is impossible for me to kill Bhishma and drone.


I love them and respect them like my own father. I can never hurt them, let alone kill them in the battlefield. I'd rather live my life as a beggar than commit such a heinous crime.


This war is a huge mistake. I'm not sure if it is better to be conquered or to conquer. What pleasure would I have by winning a kingdom vidoe Bhishma Drona and the other loved ones of my family. Once you looked up at Krishna, his eyes were filled with tears. He looked back at the bond of Army and saw you this to him and his brothers, eagerly waiting for him to come back.


He looked again at the core of Army and saw Bhishma prepared to launch an attack. Arjun, with forded bombs, looked at Krishna and said, I'm confused, my friend.


My mind is no and I cannot think clear. Tell me, tell me.


What should I do? Be my guide and tell me how can I overcome this weakness. Give me the knowledge that would help me see my path bright and clear.


Krishna smiled and said, You speak sincerely, but your sorrow and weakness has no basis. A wise man does not lament for the living or the dead. He knows there never was a time when you, I and the kings and warriors gathered here have not existed.


Nor there will be a time when we will cease to exist, just like a person changes from childhood to youth and then to his old age at death, he just moves on to another body, another physical state, this physical. Existence is merely a transient experience. Understand this, the body is mortal, but the inner self that lives within the body is immortal and indestructible, just as one abundance worn out clothes and puts on a new one and a body is worn out, the inner self puts on a new body to experience another cycle of life, and this self cannot be slain or destroyed by any weapon.


One might think he's the slayer and his victim might think he's slim. Both are wrong because you are never born and you will never die once you know this. You should realize that you could neither slay nor cause another to be slayed, even if you believe the self is subject to birth and death, you should know that death is inevitable for the living and birth is inevitable for the dead ends. You should not grieve so you get up and fight.


Or, however, was not inspired by Krishna spirited words.


He was still morals and did not utter a single word, Krishna said. Arjun tried to understand. You are a Chatrier and it is your duty to fight against the evil.


Upholding righteousness and protecting the innocent is your karma. This is your path to salvation at this critical moment, if you drop your weapons and abandon the battlefield, you not only a grave singer, but you would also lose the dignity and honor amongst your fellow Sharia's. Your enemies would ridicule you and say mean things about you. Wouldn't that be more painful? So get up and fight. You have nothing to lose. If you get killed in the battle, you'd go to the heavens.


If you win, you'd enjoy the kingdom rise above the mundane feelings of joy and sorrow, success and failure, victory and defeat and engage in this righteous battle. And you'd incur no sin. John still didn't feel any better. He mulled over Krishna's advice, but failed to derive any strength from his words, Krishna noticed his helpless look and continued.


I understand you need more explanation than the song categories that I've been talking about. Let me tell you the principles of yoga, the path in which no effort goes to waste.


You ignorant people who follow the Vedas to the letter are full of desires, and all their actions and prayers are only to achieve earthly pleasure or a good reincarnation.


The Vedic scriptures of little use to the one who seeks the ultimate truth, the Brahman.


You must rise above and detach yourself from the duality of pain and pleasure, joy and happiness. Remember, you only have the right to your work and not on its consequence or reward. You should not be motivated by the profits of your action. Renounce any attachment to the rewards of action and become indifferent and success and failure. Only then you can free your mind of any confusion and attain the state of deep samadhi. Such a person can free himself from the laws of karma and from the necessity to be born again.


When you transcend the charm of the Vedas and your mind attends the bliss of self realization, only then you can achieve divine consciousness.


I just looked up at Krishna and his eyes glittered with hope.


He asked for Krishna.


Tell me, tell me, how does a man who is fixed in divine consciousness behave? How does such a person talk, walk, sit. Krishnan said a man who has renounced all sensual cravings and finds satisfaction in the self alone, such a man is fixed in divine consciousness. Such a person's mind is unperturbed and misery, pain, pleasure, fear and anger. Just as it always withdraws his limbs into his shell, he can withdraw his senses from earthly objects.


Remember June attachment to sense objects breeds desire, bizarre breeds anger that clouds their judgment and you fail to differentiate between right and wrong. They are forever free. Who can renounce all selfish desire and break away from the bondage of ego? The feeling of I me, mine. Only then can you unite with the Lord or attain this state and will pass from death to immortality.


How did you nost Krishna? You say the path of knowledge is superior to the path of action. Then why do you ask me to follow the path of action? I'm confused. Tell me, how can I attend eternal bliss?


Krishna smiled and said, Oh, yes, indeed. There are multiple parts to it in bliss. The path of knowledge and the path of action are the two major parts. But the path of selfless action is the preferred one. No being can survive without action. Even breathing is an action. There is nothing in this universe that I'm required to do. Yet I'm always engaged in action or else the universe would have been destroyed.


How did you perform your duties?


Selflessly in the spirit of sacrifice, without the expectation of any reward.


And you will attain the Supreme.


Let me control all actions while you fight not for the throne, but to serve your duty for which you are chosen. Krishna's response intrigued. He was curious to know more. He asked what makes a person do evil things? It seems they're employed by some unknown force to do the things they aren't supposed to do.


Selfish desire and anger are the primary causes of all sins, answered Krishna. Selfish desire is your greatest enemy. It takes over your senses and intellect and buries your knowledge and understanding, you must fight to control your senses and then only you'll conquer your enemy later.


Ottoman rule your ego for Ottoman lies above your intellect, your mind, your senses and your body. I talked this eternal yoga, the secret to give us. We've also taught this to Manu and Manu to each other, they use this knowledge spread to the kings and sages. But over time, people began to forget the practice of this yoga and now it's almost forgotten. You are my friend, so I deliver you the secret teaching for your benefit.


I was confused again.


How is that possible? Because one lived long ago, long before you were born.


How could you teach him, my dear? You and I have been born many times and had many lives.


But you don't remember them? I do. Listen to me, Arjun. I am the Lord, the eternal who dwells in every creature in the sun over the ages. Whenever righteousness is in peril, I appear on Earth to protect the good, destroy the evil and restore tarma. I am the cause of all action and the consequences. But I myself am changeless and beyond all action.


Actions do not cling to me because I am not attached to the results. People make offerings of material and service to reach the Supreme Lord, but our offerings of wisdom is better than any material offering. And you must.


You talk of the path of renunciation and you talk about the path of selfless action, which is better. Christian answered both the sleep on the Supreme Court, however, the path of action is better than the path of renunciation. Remember, the Lord does not partake in the good and evil deeds of any person when a person's wisdom is clouded by ignorance. He loses his sense of judgment. Only the light of knowledge of the inner self can lift this cloud of ignorance.


Those who gained this knowledge have equal reward for all. They see the same self in all beings hermit and outcast, an elephant, a call. What a dog. To realize the self one needs to master. His senses, his mind and his intellect through meditation have focused, concentrated and peaceful mind can only connect with the inner self.


The Supreme Court was still not satisfied, doubts and confusion raged in his mind, he asked, How can I control the mind? It is restless, turbulent and wild. Trying to control it is like controlling the wind.


Yes, the mind is restless and is difficult to control, said Krishna, but with regular practice and detachment, it can be conquered. Or just what if a man who has faith but lacks self-control and wanders from the path to not achieving success in yoga, won't ever be able to attain salvation?


No person who does good work will ever fall from grace through multiple births. He continues his advancement on the path to perfection. Krishna noticed Ergin was still not inspired, he could sense the doubts in his mind he touched urgent shoulder and said, Listen to me, partner, I will now reveal to you the knowledge that will clear all doubts and you will get to know the essence of me. Arjun, I'm the source of the universe and there is nothing superior to me.


Everything begins from me and ends in me like a string of pearls. Everything is it on me, Arjun. I'm the taste of water and the glow of the moon and the light of the sun and the fragrance of the earth and the warmth of fire. I am the life of the living, the consciousness of all those who have developed consciousness and the splendor of all things beautiful. I know everything about the past, the present and the future, but no one knows me completely.


Those who take refuge in me with an urge to liberate themselves from old age and death come to know the brahma, the self and the nature of all action.


Those who worship me and meditate on me thinking about nothing else, I fulfill all their needs.


I treat all creatures as equal, none are less dear and none more, but those who worship me with love and devotion, they live in me and I come to life in them, even sinners who become purified when they take refuge in me.


Remember one who surrenders to me, you will never come to any harm. Or John, give me all your love. Seek me in yourself and you will unite with me.


As you knelt in front of Krishna and with folded palms, he said, tell me more about you.


I want to know more, Krishna said. How much do you want to listen, Arjun, for? There is no end to my attributes. Since you want to know, I will tell you something.


I am the true self in the heart of every creature and the beginning, middle and end of their existence among the gods and Vishnu of the lights. I'm the sun. And in the night sky I'm the moon. I'm the beginning, middle and end of all creation of all the sciences and the science of self-knowledge and all devouring death as well as the souls of all of the feminine qualities I'm filled beauty, speech, memory, intelligence, loyalty and forgiveness.


There is no end to my divine powers. Wherever you find strange beauty, mind and knowledge, be rest assured that they have sprung from me.


And looked at, Arjun was awestruck to hear these words. Krishna smiled and said, But Arjun, what use is this detailed knowledge to you? Just remember, I pervade everywhere and I support the entire cosmos with only a fraction of my being.


Sitting at the feet of Krishna, Arjuna said, You have taught me the mystery of the self unlighted me with the knowledge to attain salvation. Your words have clarified all my doubts, but but I have one more request and pray you fulfill my wish. Just as you described your infinite glory, please reveal your true self to me. I want to witness with my mortal lies the creator of the universe.


You can see me with your physicalize of flesh and blood, said Krishna. But I will fulfill your wish. I grant you the divine vision that will enable you to perceive my celestial being saying so. Krishna revealed his true form. Ergen saw Kushner standing in front of him as huge as the Himalayas, brighter than a thousand suns. He seemed to look at all directions with millions of faces and eyes within his body and saw the entire universe in all its manifolds with folded palms.


Arjun said, Oh, Lord, I see in you all the gods and every living creature. I see my seated on a lotus. I see the ancient sages singing your praises. I see you everywhere you are the supreme, the refuge of all creation, the everlasting spirit and the eternal guardian of Dharma. O Lord, I tremble in fear to look at you. Your fierce mouth seems to engulf everything. I see the sunset at the rostrum.


I see Bhishma drawn Coruna. I see the warriors and kings who have assembled here to fight with millions of other creatures. They're all being sucked inside your wide open jaws to their ultimate destruction. You swallow the entire universe in your fear mouth as your entire creation bursts into flames. Oh Lord, I bow before you please have mercy on me and tell me who you are. Me, Arjun. I am time to destroy all of all, said Krishna. I have come to devour the world.


Whether you fight or not, all the warriors assembled here will die. Don't worry about killing your loved ones, for I have already killed them. Be thrown Gerbera coroner. The Sergeant who killed them. All of you are only my instrument. So do not hesitate to rise and fight to conquer your enemies, both in front of Christian and said Who, Krishna?


You are the Lord of everything. You are the creator and protector of the universe. I am fortunate to have you as my guide. I have treated you as my friend, and at times I might have made careless and foolish remarks about you. Please forgive me if I sound disrespectful.


I was ignorant and I did not know your true self.


Now I see you in this splendid form and I feel enthralled and scared at the same time. Please, or Lord, retract my divine vision and let me see you as a Krishna, you know. As you know, Mortel has ever seen me in the form you witnessed today. Fear not, for I am your friend. Christner then assumed his human form and smiled at Arjun. I've given you the knowledge and wisdom to help you make your decision.


If you understand what I said, you should not have any further confusion.


Follow the path I recommend and you will attend Moksha for your region. You are my dearest friend. So let me tell you this final words. Surrender to me with complete devotion and you all need to practice. Any of the Yorgos I mentioned earlier. Abandon everything and come to me.


Leave all your worries, anxieties and doubts to me.


And I promise I will protect you.


Klinz, you are for all your sins and embrace you with Foldit. Bombs are juicehead. You have cleared my mind of all doubts and delusions through your grace. I understand what my duties are and what part I should follow. My faith is stronger and I promise to do your will.


Arjun bent down and picked up his gun, looking once again at the God of Army.


He said, Krishna, take me to my position. We have a battle to win.


Krishna smiled and tugged on the reins, and the chattier gently rolled back to the head of the pond of affirmation. The stories of Mahabharata is written, directed and told by should it Diabolik Audio Engineering, Original Music and sound design by AVC. Find us online at Facebook dot com slash Mahabharata podcast. Join the group for updates and news. Subscribe to the podcast using iTunes or any other podcast her on Twitter. We are at Mahabharat Audio.


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