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The stories of Mahabharata retold by should the.


Welcome, dear friends, to another episode of The Stories of Mahabharata. In the last episode, we heard the details of the first day's battle. The Pandavas lost two major warriors, Water and Sueda, and it seemed the Cordova's had an upper hand on the first day. The first day of the battle didn't go well for the Pandavas, the generals and leaders assembled in the UAE to stand united sat on a wooden throne while the medics were tending to his wounds.


He looked more and void of any hope. As Krishna stepped into the tent unleashed, he looked up and said, Krishna, what took you so long? I have been looking for you all evening.


Krishna sat next to you this year and said, I am here. Now tell me, how can I help you? You listed Health Christina's hand and said, Keshav, I think this war was a huge mistake, Bhishma is indomitable and I should have never dared to fight a war against him. Just as the summer fire burns down the grasslands, Bhishma is wiping out our army. We might be able to defeat the gods, but it's impossible to defeat Bhishma.


I cannot subject my generals and my soldiers to the wrath of Bhishma. Facing Bhishma in battle is no different than facing that. As June has disappointed me, he seems to be distracted and is hardly exerting himself. Only brother, he is trying his best and have done the most damage to the Code of Army, but truth be told, what is naive strategy and simple man to man combat?


We cannot destroy the huge code of army even in a thousand years. I feel hopeless, maybe, maybe I should surrender to Duryodhana and take refuge in the forests case.


Tell me, what should I do? Arjun's stood with his head held low. He Nacole, so they didn't say a single word. Krishna knew the loss of water and sweat on the first day had sapped the band of brothers off their will to win the war. He looked into his eyes and said, stop lamenting you, Steve, don't give up so easy. Today was only the first day of the war. We still have a long way to go and we are all with you secondees on your side.


And I know secondees will be the cause for Beekmans death. And our commander in chief, Dounia, is destined to kill drome, you should not feel hopeless at all. The Domna knelt in front of it and said, OK, I promise tomorrow will be our day, I will create such a difficult formation that it will be impossible for Bhishma to inflict any serious damage to our army.


The next morning, the two armies faced once again for the second day. This attacks upon the army with renewed energy. He targeted the soldiers from Chadi and Mazzeo and began to slay them indiscriminately. The continuous stream of ADLs from his boat hit the ponderously, just like a tsunami and wiped them off the ground. The great bondable warriors of human NewBay supporter Keith Richards tried their best to stop him, but failed miserably. The violent barrage of arrows from Bhishma was too much for them to counter.


They had to give up and run for their lives. On the one hand, they broke formation and began to flee the battlefield. When you heard the news, they called upon Krishna and said, Take me to Bhishma. We must stop him. Knocked on his chariot and sped towards the mighty chariot, decorated with colorful flags and drawn by four powerful white horses to the battlefield with a loud drawl. While Arjun's Gandhi spewed an endless stream of arrows that killed every cold of a soldier who came on their path to Rio Grande.


The Bushmen said, Grandfather, how could Arjun kill all my soldiers when you won? Drawing are both alive. It is for you. My gallant friend Carna withdrew from the battle and is sitting on the sidelines. Had he been present in the battlefield, I wouldn't have begged you.


But I'm helpless and have no option but to plead you to do something to stop Arjun.


Instead of showing your affection towards the son of Pandu, you should demonstrate your loyalty to ostinato at this time of distress.


To the others, Insult struck Bhishma like a lightning bolt. He felt like something was burning inside him with bloodshot eyes. He looked at Tureaud with pure disgust and said, I hate this job. I hate being a Chatrier. It turned this chariot and drove towards that. Soon, Arjun and Bhishma faced each other and the spectacular battle ensued. The soldiers stopped fighting and watched their amazing warfare. The gold from the heavens watched the battle and saved both of them, undefeatable this war.


To eternity. Even on the battlefield, Richard Domna was busy fighting a tough battle with Thrawn wish Richard Domna knew he was born to kill drone, but the drone was fighting. Today, it seemed like an impossible the speed and agility with which the old Branfman shot his arrows hole disappears. And Mace's he seemed like a man in his prime.


A few. The merciless killing of soldiers of the cadavers were trashing the Chadi soldiers on the front doors on a different sector, production team came to the rescue. Arrows rained from his bowl, killing hundreds of Kalinga warriors, the Kalinga, King Tiu and his son.


They rushed in to stop him being picked up a huge mess and haunted by the mess, crushed like a shell and killed him instantly. They tried to run the league. Him hold a spear at him. The spear tore apart, subtractive and killed him instantly and jumped on his chariot and screamed, Enjoy going, hurling spears with both hands.


The killing soldiers were scared to see the dreadful automobile that began to flee in hopes the news of the devastation of the Kalinga army reached Bhishma.


He knew he had to stop them. He stopped fighting with a June and his charioteer to take him to be the moment he saw beams Shariat Bhishma began to shoot arrows at him. Peachfuzz arrows guillotines horses enraged him, jumped off his chariot and Timi establishment, the man who shot and killed him.


The scared horses jumped up and ran away with a frantic pace.


He just yelled, Enjoy.


Hutchinson, Johnson, Abhimanyu was engaged in a fierce battle with Tureaud and son ajunkie forward to help his son, but failed to slow the rate at which a jump kept on destroying his army.


In the meantime, he found the charioteer and rejoined the battle halfling to the battlefield. He found drone trying to persuade the crowd of US soldiers from fleeing Arjun's that they must stop beside drone and said, I don't think we can stop until June. Today he's fighting like it possessed man. All soldiers are tired and scared. Let them go. The sun will set soon and the battle will end tomorrow morning.


We'll start fresh as the sun began to set on the western horizon, the trumpets and gunshots blew to notify the end of the day's battle. The cold of soldier sighed and relief while the bond was rejoiced as the day certainly went in their favor. The third, this battle began with a huge misfortune for all of us here in studio, and we're engaged in a fierce battle that is no weakling and is regarded as one of the greatest warrior. But PIMS and brutal attacks overwhelming the incessant flow of arrows, spears and missiles from the was too much for them to counter the impact of a powerful weapon and hold it until the weapon hit those armor with a huge blow and knocked them out to the audience.


Charioteer didn't wait any longer to turn this chariot around and fled the battlefield as fast as it could with draw the line half dead on the floor rather than soldiers were scared and they to run for their lives. Hearing this grave news, Pasma was deeply concerned. If Troughton falls, that might mean the end of this war piastres charioteer to take him to the children's camp. The injury wasn't fatal. By the time Bhishma arrived at his tent, Duryodhana had already regained his consciousness and was trying to sit up straight while the medics were treating his wounds when the road and saw Bhishma Entercom, he couldn't hold back his anger.


Ignoring his pain, Breard and stood up and lashed out at Bhishma Domy grandfather.


Who are you fighting for? It can't be for us for sure.


The way you fight makes me think you are actually helping your favorites, The Bond of US.


How is it possible that with you drawn and Kripa on our side, our soldiers are panicking and deserting the battlefield? This could have never happened if you had demonstrated your true self, if you were left to ponder so much, you should have told me earlier that you don't want to fight for us.


And if I knew your true intention, I would have never considered you as my general. Ghana and I would have devised a different strategy. Do you then winced in pain as one of the medics put some strong bomb on his own? As the pain subsided, he continued. No, tell me, grandfather, are you with us or against us, and if you're still with us, then go fight and wipe off the Pontoise from the face of the Earth.


I don't expect anything less from you. The drawdowns in self-centered beach years like molten lava. He was furious with rage. With bloodshot eyes, he looked at to you then and said, King Dooryard and. I told you several times the Pandavas are undefeatable, even the guards can't beat them. You expect too much from an old man like me. Still, I will go back to the battlefield and alone and I will defend the Cordova's from the wrath of the Pandavas.


You will see how much devastation I can cause even at this age saying so rest out of the tent and mounted this child. That afternoon, Bhishma unleashed his fury on the command of army like never before. He was unstoppable. Biche mind. His warriors killed thousands of soldiers last June, and other band of brothers tried their best to defend their army. But Bhishma couldn't be tamed by any means. The bond was felt like their domus arrives in the form of Bhishma, and they began to flee the battlefield.


I was amazed to see baseman's fantastic warfare. All his life, he has seen his grandfather as a loving old man. He never experienced business prowess as a devastating warrior in grokked. Arjun watched Bhishma tear apart the army with deadly precision. Crescendoing towards union, said, My dear friend, wake up from your stupor. The time has come for you to show your true gallantry, shake off your weakness, and hit Bhishma hard with your deadliest weapons.


Krishna's harsh words brought you back to reality. Yes, Kashef, take me to Bhishma. I will fight him. Krishna vrd chariot and took him to face Peachment. When Bhishma saw June approaching, he raised his arms and said Come Marjon, it will be my pleasure to fight you. Come strike me and show me what you got soon. A fierce battle ensued between Peachment Arjun. However, Urgence seemed to be far less effective against Bushmen's attack. Peachfuzz relentless arrows kept Arjun busy defending himself, and he could hardly find an opportunity for a counterattack.


Krishna used his superior skills as a charioteer and drove his chariot in curves and circles around Bhishma, making him change his direction of attack. Still, Arjun couldn't make any dent in his armor mission. I felt I just too enamored with Beekmans gallantry and was not exerting himself enough. He knew this weakness of Arjun is going to cost you this till his kingdom. Bhishma is dropping the pond of army and they are in total disarray. If this continues any longer, the Ponderosa would lose the war for sure.


I cannot let this happen. But Krishna, I will kill Bhishma myself and make sure the Cordova's don't win this battle. In the meantime, Sadiqi arrived and was shocked to find Ulgen struggling to defend himself against the Warriors who had him completely surrounded with people leading that act. Scared to find origin in such dire straits, the Fontova soldiers broke formation and began to flee the battlefield. Sadiqi called out to the soldiers, don't flee, my friends. It isn't appropriate of a shopkeeper to run away from battle.


Fight with honor and serve your duty as a warrior. Christner called Sadiqi and said you don't have to persuade them. Let them go wherever they want. Today I alone will kill Bhishma and the rest of the Kosovar soldiers. None will escape my wrath. Glowing with anger, Krishna raised his arm and in an instant, the deadly seduction Shakra appeared on his index finger. Krishna jumped off the chariot, and with the terrible seduction chakra spinning on his finger and spitting fire in all directions, he ran towards the.


The site struck fear in all, and they all cried in fear of total annihilation, only Bhishma wasn't scared. He put down his bow on the chariot floor and with folded bones, he bowed to Krishna and said, Oh, Krishna. I bow to you. I feel honored that you consider me worthy of killing with your own hands. You are the Lord of all beings and nothing can be better than to die in your hands. Please come use your Sudarshan chakra and relieve me from this life.


He knelt down on the chariot floor and waited for the chakra to sever his head. Watching this dreadful sight of June came back to his senses, what a terrible thing he was about to witness, Kushner had promised not to fight in this war, and now, because of his incompetence, Kushner had to pick up arms against Bhishma. A terrible shame engulfed him, who jumped off the chariot, ran after Krishna and grabbed his hands from behind. Krishna dragged him through the dirt where Arjun dug his feet down to stop him.


Kushnir, stop. Please stop and calm your anger, said he dropped down and grabbed Krishna's feet with both hands. Forgive me, my friend. I was about to make you break your promise. Trust me, from this moment onwards I will shake off all my weakness and fight with all my might. I will show mercy to nobody and I promise to kill anyone who comes to fight me. Krishna turned away from Arjun and said, Arjun, I tried several times to persuade you to do your duties.


It seems your attachment to your enemy is still strong enough to cause them any serious damage. With this attitude, you can't defeat us, but I can't let that happen. I want to see you still on the throne of ostinato. If you can't help with that, I will make that happen myself. A June held Krishna's feet in a tight grip and said, Lord, please trust me. My mind is clear of all doubts. I will fight and keep my promise.


You'll guide me and I will destroy the code of us. Well, then I will give you another chance, said Christian. I hope you don't disappoint me again. Now let's go back to the chariot and you show us how dangerous you can be with your Cundiff.


Krishna and Arjun mounted their chariot, and Krishna Blue has begun to show the sound reverberated through the battlefield and struck fear in the hearts of the soldiers.


Arjun put on the deadly Hendra weapon on his gunby boat and shot at the Code of Army. The mighty weapon struck in the middle of the battlefield and instantly vaporized thousands of Córdova warriors. The chariots, elephants and horses, urgence Chariot plowed through the crowd of army and experienced how devastating not just Rapkay when he exerts himself into the battle, the fury with which are the enemy but seemed to completely destroy the US before the day. And fortunately for them, soon the sun set behind the western horizon, marking the end of the 13th battle.


The cadaver's went back to their camp and when they sat down to account for the damage, they figured Olgin alone killed 10000 charioteers, 700 elephants and the entire armies of the protea. SoBe could drug and mahlab provinces. Bhishma Drawn, Kripa and all the other Calver generals failed to check his fury. Concerned about their fate on the day ahead, they went to bed and tried to get some rest before the fourth day's war begins at sunrise.


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