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The stories of Mahabharata retold by should the bombing.


Welcome, dear friends, to another episode of The Stories of Mahabharata. In the last episode, we heard the details about the second and third day of the battle of Kuruc Shatara, we also heard how Arjun's lack of motivation forced Kristiina to break his promise and take up arms. It was the fourth day of the war after a disastrous third this battle, the Kosovars were determined to strike back with full fury Bushmasters charioteer to take him to a region he knew only he could Geko Jones onslaught and prevent further losses to the riverside.


On the other end of the battlefield, a swap Amar Chitra, Zen, Buddhist, Sarovar Solia and the son attacked the young Abhimanyu.


The Galland son of Arjun Abhimanyu was only a teenager. The five goal of a grade could hardly manage to control Hazarat Fisht Dumisani, one new being attacked by the five cadaver's revered, especially after the boy Salwah son tried to stop him.


Drishti Domna picked up his mace and her. All a sudden the huge mass hit his head and shattered his skull, killing son instantly. Salwa was furious, he turned and attacked the. He called Rearden and said, Come, come with me. Help me avenge my son's death.


Then, along with his brothers, the and vicuña joined Salwah to fight to Domna during the new even impeachment managers to stop a gene from destroying his Army beamline alone could cause significant damage, especially when the rest of the top brass are engaged in fighting Abhimanyu and wish to Domna. He ordered one of his generals to dispatch 10000 elephant mounted warriors to stop him.


When he saw the wave of huge elephants coming towards him, he stood on his chariot and yelled, Duryodhana, you coward, you think you can scare me with your elephants? Watch. Watch how I destroy them. Beam jumped off his chariot.


Sir, this man is above his head and embarked upon a killing spree that nobody could ever imagine. He jumped high in the air and struck his remains on the elephants hand, and the huge beast fell dead along with the warrior on horseback.


Sometimes he would strike an elephant's leg, and when the animal tumbled, he would crush the skull with the second blow of his mace.


Soon, thousands of elephants, along with their warriors, lay dead in the battlefield with him in the center, thumping his chest and dancing in glee. Those who managed to survive Beam's wrath turned around and fled the battlefield as fast as they could to.


You don't have to do something to stop his army from deserting the battlefield, he calls the Nabatieh jealous under Suzane Relvar, who Brad and fourteen of his brothers, and said, Go, go stab him at any cost. Make sure he doesn't live to see the sunset.


Today they die in valiant warriors turn their chariots and race towards him.


Soon he was surrounded by audience lieutenants. He looked around, licked his lips and heard a spirit.


Tanabata The spear hits his shoulder and decapitated him without giving any chance to react.


And then, in quick succession, Jealous and Suzane, the one who Pimlott all lay dead in the battlefield. The then 14 brothers turn their chariots and ran to save themselves from imminent death, do you then panicked?


He ran to me and said, Grandfather, he is killing us all. If we don't stop him, he alone will win this war for the bond of us.


He was busy fighting Irish to Dounia, he glanced at the other one and said, ask Magadha to deal with him only and warrior like Predator can stop him now.


With beachcomber's, orders are mounted on a huge elephant and attacked, beam beam roared and not out the back of the truck with his mace that stood on top of the elephant, pulled out his most powerful weapon and hold it had been the weapon struck Beam's chest and knocked him out.


He rolled down on his chariot and lay unconscious, but commanded the elephant to trample down him and finish him off for good.


Gotta catch the demon son a beam. And he was fighting nearby when he saw his father lay unconscious and about to be stabbed to death by that elephant. The shapeshifter demon instantly transformed himself into a huge giant.


He then mounted on the elephant twice the size of the elephant and attacked his companion demon warriors mounted on giant telephones and joined cuts to defend.


Been watching the huge demon elephants of Guch blowing the trumpets and hurling down the battlefield to attack another elephant panicked and ran for his life.


With Bugarach on his back, Bhishma Thrown Drilldown and other Kotva warriors joined forces to help and stop Connecticuts rampage. Houdyshell called his generals and said, Go help Guch stop Duryodhana, drawn from reaching them.


Concat showed no signs of slowing down. He kept on chasing biodata and killed whoever came his way. His huge, grotesque appearance and your piercing cries struck terror in the hearts of the Cordova's soldiers. They began to flee in hordes. Peachment You Bhishma knew it would be impossible to stop Garrett-Cox today. He would do anything to avenge his father's defeat in the hands of Baghdad.


The Bhishma watched the sun hanging over the western horizon and thought it would be better to call off the day's battle to prevent further damage. He called O'Riordan and said, I don't intend to fight today. Our men are tired and the sun will set any moment now.


Let's announce the end of the day's battle and return to our Kamps. He blew the conch shell, announcing the cease fire for the day. The code of a soldier's sighed and relief. That evening when Bhishma was about to retire. Riordan stepped into his tent. Man looked up and said, what is your then what brings you here at this time of the night? Riordan sat down at his feet and said. Grandfather, I hate to repeat myself, but it seems the war is slipping out of our hands.


I could never imagine with great warriors like you, there are not Chania, Salyer, Chania, a SWAT parmar that what is slower and many others on our side. We had to suffer such enormous losses in the hands of the Pandavas. I simply don't understand how this is possible. What is it that we are doing wrong? Regime aside and said, you really don't know. Well, that's not surprising either. I told you several times, but you chose to ignore me.


Listen to me now, the bond of are blessed by the presence of Lord Krishna on their side, even when he is not fighting, Krishna's mere presence makes the bond was invincible. So I advise. Give up your idea of conquering them. It's still not too late to make peace with the panderers and there is no dishonor in surrendering to Lord Krishna. That's the only way to save yourselves, your brothers and thousands of your soldiers. Else prepared to face total annihilation, now, please leave my tent.


I need some rest before tomorrow's battle.


On the fifth day, this Marine unit is Army in the Macara, the water demon formation and the bond was created, the eagle formation. Just as the corn shells ran out to mark the start of the battle, the two armies pounced upon each other. Emboldened by the previous day's gains, the pond attacked their enemy with renewed vigor. The Code of Army had no other option but to retreat. Drilldown ran the drone and said, Sir, sir, please do something.


I know if you want, you can defeat the gods. Now, please, please rise to the occasion and help us. The warden's words, however, did not please strong with a scornful look. He said, You are a fool and that's why you failed to see the reality. Nobody can defeat the Pandavas, not even me. Now get out of my way and let me do my job. Bhishma, on the other end, was engaged in a violent battle with the regime, unlike the previous days of June, showed no signs of weakness and reverence towards Bhishma.


These two didn't seem to give him any slack. After being scolded by his teacher, Dinosauria faced him in battle there. Masr struck with loud bangs and ran shivers down the spine of the soldiers U.D. to battle with Salwah well drawn Fort Sadeqi arrows, Spears, Mace's and other deadly weapons who passed in all directions and heads fell off the shoulders of the slain soldiers like Halestorm. Sirtex ten surrounded reserva and rained arrows at him, so up without his lands and in one big sleep, killed all the ten brothers.


When he heard the news, his stormed to the battlefield and attacked Reserva. You killed my sons. Now. Now I will kill you. Defend yourself if you can, he added. Sadeqi, as he heard Ismay's a reasonable doubt. But the mace shattered his shattered mast in no time. Both the police surveillance Sadiqi lost their chariots and horses with machetes and shields in their arms. They faced each other on the ground, and when they struck each other, Splinter's part of their weapons, their loud cries, unrolls, ran through the battlefield and everybody stopped their fight to watch the two giants clash against each other, suddenly been running and bullets attack on his chariot.


On the other end, Darío then picked up breaststroker. Neither party wanted to lose their prized warriors on the end of the fifth day. Soon, the sun went down behind the western horizon and Bhishma blew his conch shell to call it today. On the sixth day, the bond achieved reached a domna, directed his army to create the Macara formation, while Bhishma arranged his army in the crane formation, Peachment drawn engaged in a tremendous battle against Pimental due to the relentless stream of arrows from both sides killed.


Thousands of soldiers from both sides ran to save themselves from impending death in the Palace of Sustainable.


Listening to Sanjay's narration of the battle, the blind king to try to save.


How is this possible? My soldiers are strong and powerful. We carefully picked the best soldiers who are well-trained, using all kinds of weapons, and we paid them good money for their service.


I made sure not to hire anybody without thoroughly testing the skills we engaged, experienced and skilled warriors to lead them. Still, I find them lose miserably to the commandos.


Why is this happening?


Maybe the gods themselves have joined the Ponderosas and have been killing our soldiers mercilessly. My son is a fool.


We don't give him the right advised. But Darío then chose to ignore. Now we all have to suffer the consequences.


This is our destiny. Sanjay, I looked at the depressed king and said. OKing, it was your fault that you let the evil game of dice happen, your destiny was sealed at that moment. The ostracized. And waved his hand and Sanjay continued his narration. In the battlefield, he called his charioteer and said, stop, wait here, you want to destroy the coat of arms with my mace, him jumped off the chariot with his huge mace and stormed into the crowd of information with a huge roll, his mace truck, whoever came in front of him, elephants, horses, soldiers with each blow been killed.


Dozens of enemy soldiers decordova charioteers tried to stop him and beam with arrows from all directions. But he couldn't be stopped. He went on with his rampage like a madman. When Richardo Nasab heems empty janiot, he was worried that Charioteer pointed him to the direction where he went to Domna, drove his chariot and saw him roaring like a lion and crushing the car of a soldier's skulls with his mace. His body was riddled with arrows, with blood gushing out of his wounds.


VITTA them, they yelled at him come to my chariot runs needs to be treated. He didn't listen, he continued with his killing spree. VITTA do not jump out of his chariot and held him by his hand and dragged him to his chariot. Quickly he pulled out the arrows from Beam's body and asked his charity to take him to a clearing.


Broden saw this from a distance and knew this was the opportunity he was waiting for. Beam is weak and tired and being treated by drishti domna, this is the right moment to strike and kill his arch rival.


He drove his chariot towards the domna and called his brothers to back him up. To them, I don't have any time to fight you. Then he picked up his promotion of the hypnosis weapon and heard that then the weapon exploded and in the next instant, Duryodhana and his brothers lay unconscious on the floor.


Said to them that took him to a clearing and washed his hands and gave him water to drink Ondrej to donors advice been restored a little and soon he was ready to get back to fight.


When Bhishma heard of Darío, then he rushed to his help, he knew it was the effect of this doonas hypnosis weapon he exploded is just through the consciousness weapon and it woke up the road and and his brother's.


You still called upon Abhimanyu and Rustica to to take their armies and help them and to Domna, they arranged their arming and leadership formation and pierced into the Code of Army and effused.


Battle broke out as the south towards the western horizon beam. Yelda Tureaud.


And this is the moment I've been waiting for all my life. If you don't stop fighting, I will kill you today and avenge the humiliation of my mother Compte and my darling property. Come forward and let me free you of your sins forever. Beams, arrows shattered Riordan's bull and killed his horses. The relentless arrows struck him so hard and fell down unconscious. Once again, crematoria who was fighting nearby swung by his chariot and picked up Tureaud and to save him.


That afternoon, Abhimanyu and other Pandavas sons killed vicuña Dominque Jayate, Sein and Dulkaninna, the four brothers of Darío. Then the battle continued after dark, as both Bhishma and Mr Domna were too busy fighting and failed to notice the sun going down the horizon. When it was too dark to fight, Pasma came to his senses and blew his conch shell announced in the news.


The soldier sighed and relief and dragged their tired bodies to their camps. The stories of Mahabharata is written, directed and told by should if the bombing sound designed by Omkar Barmak and music by AVC find us online at Facebook dot com Mahabharata podcast. Join the group for updates and news.


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