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The stories of Mahabharata retold by should the bombing.


Welcome, dear friends, to another episode of The Stories of Mahabharata. The last episode told us the details about the fourth, fifth and sixth day of the war.


The men are just ferocious onslaught is causing severe damage to the core of army and and has begun to lose its confidence on Bhishma Enthrone. Basement of his tent and sat down. He felt a bit tired. It wasn't the battle fighting never made him tired. But fighting against his heart. Is what trained him off his energy. The sheer thought of waking up the next morning and taking up arms against his beloved Pandavas is what he tested the most. He sighed and called his attendants to help him off his armor.


As the attendance took off his armor and cleaned his bloodstained body, then entered.


The Rio Grande was visibly distressed, blood gushed out of his own eyes, but he didn't seem to care. He looked at me and said, you saw you saw what happened today. The pond was tore apart, your crane formation and pounded us mercilessly. Beam almost carried me today. Every day I am losing hope. I don't know how can we win this war? Bassma stood up and said, Darío, then you are wounded. Sit down and let my men treat your wound.


The medics cleaned blood and Zorn's and treated him with Vrchlický orany.


The soothing bombs come to you in Spain and helped him relax. Man looked at him and said, My dear, do then, you know, I don't mince my words, I want to make you a winner and want to see you happy with all my heart. Bond was a strong and powerful and with Vasudev on their side, they're invincible even to the guards.


Still, I will keep my promise and fight for you until my death. Either I will defeat the Pandavas or tear defeat me.


Now go to your tent and get some rest. The next morning, Beechboro and his army in the Mundulla formation. With the blowing of the conch shell battle erupted on the seventh day of the wall right from the Gold Beach, a Arjun with full force, Ergen fought back with equal vigor. His gondek spewed endless streams of arrows with occasional volley of fury, missiles. Bhishma struggling to counter a jeunes onslaught, Breard and drove his chariot from his generals and said, Go lend your support to Bhishma.


The old man is fighting without caring for his life. Help him and he lead us to victory. The generals turned the chariot's and rushed to help push both Braun and Virata engaged in a fierce battle on another part of the battlefield.


Virat was trying his best to find drone. Drone, however, was too powerful for Iraq to handle. His arrows killed vedova charioteer and hostas.


Viraj Son Chancha drove his chariot to out to rescue him. Norson a couple of Iraqis chariot drone shot a fierce weapon at him. The weapon pierced Zangas chest and killed him instantly without didn't wait any longer to face the might of drone. He turned and fled the battlefield with his son's dead body lying on the floor alone. Bush, the dreadful demon rushes, was killing ponderous soldiers in homes supplicate actual ambush on his chariot. Bush tried to counter Sadiqi, but Santic his weapons were too much for him to handle.


He decided to quit and flee the battlefield as quick as possible. These two domna, the valiant son of Drupa normed, broaden his target. His chariot circled around Gourrier than in his exact pattern and confused to lure them one by one Bustillo Nickelodeons horses. And then this charioteer Darío then stood helpless on his stranded chariot and tried to deflect his arrows with the shield. Shaherkani, Duryodhana uncle, saw his nephew in distress. His stormed into Quadrio then as soon as it came near Duryodhana, scrambling to Sarcone, his chariot and the next moment, Ciccone drove away his chariot, leaving a frustrated dish to Domna.


Behind it, Arbon, son of original Gloopy, was fighting Binda and an orb. The Princess of Abernathy. Iran killed the forces of unknowingness, discharged under the jump off and got into his brother's chariot. It around then killed Bindschadler Chariot. The scared horses jumped and raced away in uncontrol frenzy on a different part of the battlefield. Solia was enjoying his fight with his beloved nephews, Nakul and Saadet. Nicole yelled at him, Uncle Salyer, you better surrender now or else.


Or I don't respect you for being Orango. Nakulan saw them together, shot a volley of ADLs. Upsala Solia laughed at them and said, Oh well then my Adilson show. And if he was either with few rapid shots. Salyer broken knuckles like Borst tore apart his bow, killed his horses and his charioteer. SRF, however, was not amused. EPIK diffuse arrow from his quiver and shot at Solia. The arrow pierced Saliers armor and Solia fell unconscious on his chariot floor.


Saulius charioteer turned away and fled the scene as fast as possible.


Chittagong and Arcadia were busy in a hand-to-hand combat with machetes, with their chariots destroyed. They had no other option but to fight on foot swinging their weapons. They pounced on each other with a huge role. The impact knocked them out both and they'll lay unconscious on the ground. Caracalla, the young son of Schubel picture taken on his chariot, well shaken a bit by Giuliani's to relive a June 2nd, he tried to distract Bhishma Bhishma without paying much attention, casually short annatto at Secunda and broke his bow into pieces.


Secunda stood helpless as he was about to leave the battlefield. U.A. came to his side and said, Second, Dunedoo promised your father that he would kill Bhishma. Then why are you standing idle? Go attack him and fulfill your promise.


Bhishma has only cuttable. You have many bullets left in your chariot. Pick up gun and shoot that Bhishma. Second, he was embarrassed, he turned back and attacked Bhishma again, this time Bhishma looked at the candy and at that instant he remembered whose economy really was a woman in a man's body.


Maschmeyer would never fight a woman, it turned away and chose to ignore the as the sun settled behind the western horizon. The day's battle came to an end. Soldiers went back to their camps and tended to their wounds, the musicians and dancers entertained them with them to music and dance tonight. Nobody spoke of the war and everybody went to bed happy and in peace. On the eighth day, Bhishma began to pound the bond of army with renewed vigor.


He seemed determined to prove to them that he is a man of war and would perform his duty as the commander in chief of the Court of Army.


On the positive side, Beam's ruthless destruction of the Cordova's continued unabated. He killed eight brothers of the Rio Grande and danced on the battlefield like a madman. Toyota was devastated, he went to be sponsored by him, is killing all my brothers. Why are we not able to stop him, Grandfather? There must be some way to destroy him. Tell me. Tell me, what should I do? Bhishma was busy killing the ponderous soldiers listening to the radio.


Hans Blix is stopped for a moment. Why do you make me repeat the same words? Do you then? I warned you several times, so the drawn, Vidaurre Gundry and many others that this war will result in total annihilation of the Conover's beam will kill any sign of literature. Crosses is, but nothing can stop him. So I advise you to stay calm and keep fighting until the doors of heaven open for you.


During his exile, when Ulgen was traveling across the country, he met Gloopy, the princess of the Serpents and father to son.


And and where am I? I am Luppi, daughter of Kotov here, I brought you here. Please accept me and please my desire. Will you be named the son in Ivan? Iran grew up amongst the serpents and never met his father, Arjun. When Origin was training in the heavens with Indras weapons, Iran met him and introduced himself. Arjun was impressed to see his handsome son arrive and offer to accompany Arjun and help in any way possible.


Said for now. Go back and take care of your mother and your subjects when the war breaks out with the Cordova's. Join me with your serpent army. You know, want kept his promise and along with his huge army, he launched a vicious attack on the Cordova's Gujjar gallaccio recheck Cheraman Ariake and Suq, the six brothers of Shaherkani, joined hands together to fight Iran. Iran was killed in illusory warfare and could confuses enemies with his power of hypnosis. Szechenyi soldiers stood no chance against him and his army and were soon decimated by them.


One by one, Iran applied his magic and shaken his brothers and killed all six of them, angry Tureaud and called the demon Rakshasa and said, this sorcerer in Ivan is causing severe damage. You know, magic. Go fight it out and kill him if you can. ALOM Bush took a huge army with him and attacked Iran. Soon, a strange warfare ensued between them. Iran used as sorcery and took the form of a huge serpent ambush. His serpent armies surrounded him to protect McCullom.


Bush had some of his own tricks. It took the form of a giant eagle and devoured the serpent along with a spell cast a dense fog around Iran.


He felt groggy and couldn't think clear as he stumbled around in the dense fog. Allen was struck with a huge sword and decapitated in Ivan as it Ivan's dead body fell to the ground.


The fog cleared and then had found the army saw their valiant prince lying lifeless in a pool of blood. The message of Iran's fall reverberated across the battlefield when Cut-out Kuch The Rapture Son Abeam and Hudema heard the news, he was furious he will destroy the Cardinals today, no matter what.


His thunderous voice shook the car of a soldiers to their bones and lodged himself like a huge giant and from the heart of US soldiers with his feet, with each swing of his mates, hundreds of soldiers lost their lives to the news.


He had to do something to stop uppercuts from destroying his army. He asked his charioteer to drive him to Connecticut.


At his command, the king of Bunker followed him with ten thousand elephants cuts from his high vantage point, showered with arrows and forced charioteer to retreat with a single blow off his main gear.


The huge elephant of the king upon the throne tried to stop him. Cut-out got shattered. Drones, bold and drawn, had no option but to take shelter.


Bulik Antitrypsin suffered severe injuries from his weapons and had to flee the battlefield, such as javelin pierced but both chest and killed him instantly. Seeing his father's plight, a sore thumb on the soldiers rushed in to fight crewcuts. A Tammar was a skilled and powerful warrior, and his weapons began to trouble. Kadota then took recourse to his special powers of illusion and hypnosis.


He cast a spell on the Conover's and the guard of a song, their King Tureaud, and along with his generals like Solier, thrown a SWAT team and others lying in the battlefield in pools of blood, screaming in pain and agony. They saw thousands of Cordova's soldiers lying dead, hundreds of thousands of body parts of men, horses, elephants scattered all around them. The horrific sight of panic in the hearts of the soldiers. With the loss of three men and many other mighty generals, the carvers have suffered the worst defeat.


They thought, no, no, the bond of army who destroyed them all. They began to flee in hordes.


He turned his chariot towards the fleeing soldiers and yelled, Stop, stop, don't desert the battlefield. What do you see is nothing but an illusion created by the shrewd demon. Catch your kingdom. Geodon is alive and well. Sois draw Nosratollah Mazzaglia disillusionment.


Lust for long. Come back, come back and fight for your king.


But his words failed to inspire the soldiers.


They ran away as fast as they could do.


Geodon came to be Cheman, said Grandfather. It seems today's the last day of the battle. Kataoka just defeated me. Defeated drone has swapped, our soldiers are deserting us. We are doomed. It's going to be mother June, we have lost this battle to this Iraq she's got to touch. He said, don't be disheartened, nothing is lost yet, I suggest you don't engage with catch you are taking and you should fight with the king. So pick your dish or one of his brothers to fight.


Let me handle catch.


Bhishma called and said, Kingborough, that you are the only person who can destroy this mighty noxious, got all the guts to take your soldiers and attack you with all your might and kill him or else we have no other option but to surrender and hand over the throne of Hastinapur to United.


Look at the amount that a huge elephant looms and that cuts, he picked up a massive weapon and hurled it and cut, cut, cut, cut, cut your laugh and grab the weapon in midair and then holding it like a stick with his two arms.


He struck it on his tie and snapped it into two pieces.


Blatter was not deterred, though he picked up his bow and began to shower arrows on such arrows could hardly nick characteristic skin as it continued on his rampage.


In the meantime, he Abhimanyu Dheeraj, the Five Sons of Draupadi, joined and helped in more down the Cordova's, it seemed they were on the verge of a huge victory and didn't want to waste any time. Enraged to the death of his son, Iran has launched a stupendous attack on Peachment criteria are no more felt, any reverence or pity for the cult of our seniors. He was determined to destroy them and avenge his son's death.


Peachment Kripa also showed no compassion towards that June and countered his attacks with equal ferocity.


Be against your brothers and kill seven of them. The others gave up and fled the battle with total dominance over the enemy. The panderers were within a close shot of achieving a great victory only on the seventh day of the battle.


However, the SunGard had something else in mind and decided to go down behind the western horizon. As the last rays of sunlight faded away, the cone shells rang out to announce the end of the day as Michael. The cadaver side in relief, while the pond was felt disappointed not to be able to finish off the war once and for all, hoping to get back into the battle the next morning, the two sides retired to their camps to get some rest.


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