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The stories of Mahabharata retold by should the balmy.


Welcome, dear friends, to another episode of The Stories of Mahabharata, the. In the last episode, we heard about the seventh and eighth day's battle, we heard how Arjun's son, Trayvon, was killed by Allan Bush, the demon, and how being killed seven of Duryodhana brothers.


Duryodhana was having dinner with Shaquana, Encarna, but the mood in the tent was quite somber.


The oil lamps standing on the floor cast long shadows of the tree. Cordova Warriors silently ate their food, sharply noticed the U-turn was hardly eating anything. He looked at the children and asked, My dear, do you then it seems you have lost your appetite.


I understand you are not happy at the way this war is heading, but don't take it out on your food.


You'll only deny yourself of the nourishment you need to eat.


And looked at Ciccone and said. Uncle, I don't understand why our great warriors like Bhishma Drawn Kripa Solia and the police were not able to destroy the ponderous.


This old men are causing us more harm than good. Every day we are losing dozens of soldiers being killed, my brothers right in front of drone, and he did nothing but watch them die. Britain was almost in tears. Connor felt bad for his dear friend. He has been sitting idle on the sidelines and helplessly watching the devastation caused by the ponderous. Still, he tried to console the than. Don't lose hope, my dear friend, he said the moment Bhishma retires, I will enter the battle and finish of the bond was in no time.


You know very well my likes are cousins and will try his best not to hurt them. Besides, I don't think he has what it takes to kill this valiant warriors. I suggest you go to Bhishma and politely ask him to give up his arms and return to Hastinapur. I'll take it up from there and end all your pain and misery Kano's words to your and feel much better. It was a mistake to make Bhishma the chief of his army. Now is the time to correct that mistake, it thought.


He finished his dinner, mounted his horse and head towards Biche, must be Chmagh just finished his meal and was about to sit down to plan for the next day's battle when Tureaud and entered the tent studio, then bowed down to touch Peachfuzz feet.


He was surprised to see drilldown sudden expression of reverence.


He asked three of them to sit down.


He and obeyed, and then with folded arms, he said, Grandfather, I came here to apologize and ask forgiveness for all the harsh words I said.


I should have realized long ago that age is a cruel enemy and it could affect even a great warrior like Bhishma and rob him of the age he once enjoyed.


I forgot that the valor and prowess with which the young Bhishma fought is garou, but sure, I'm going to remain the same. Michelle was quite amused to listen to the then. He asked. What are you trying to say? I don't have what it takes to fight this war. The other looked at Bhishma and with Foldit bombs, he said. You are great and yes, you can still destroy our enemy and kill the of in a single day.


If you really want. But what I understand age can rob a person of his will to fight and win. You had promised that you would kill our enemies and make us victorious, but that day is yet to come. In the meantime, we are losing thousands of warriors every day, while my gallant friend Kamna suicidal on the sidelines.


If Karno joins the battle, I'm sure the tides will swing in our favor. Three of them paused to take a deep breath and before Bhishma could respond, he said, Grandfather. If for whatever reason, you think it won't be possible for you to kill the Pandavas, then I would like to request you to step down and allow Carnot to fight. Trust me, I won't hold you to your promise. I will make all arrangements for you to return to the National Palace, where you can give company to my father, Daytrotter and mother Kandari.


Broadlawns words, although delivered in the sweetest tone that the union could muster, entered Biche years like molten lead, never before had you felt so insulted.


Had this not been his grandson, then he would have killed him at that very instant. Instead. Maschmeyer closed his eyes, clenched his fist. And bit his lips to control his anger. Then he slowly raised his head and said. I'm not going to repeat what I have seen a thousand times for you will never understand, you will never understand that nobody in this world, even the gods, can defeat the bond of us, especially when Vasudeva Christianize on their side.


As a chatrier, I will never quit the battle, hence stepping down is out of the question. Either I will emerge victorious. Or I will die in the battlefield. This has been my principle, and it still is. Let me tell you this, tomorrow, nobody will escape my wrath and I will fight a battle that people will remember for eons to come. No, no, please leave my tent and let me get some rest. The next morning, as the sun rose on the eastern horizon of the ship, the battlefield on the ninth day of the war, Bhishma commanded his army to create the starboard almendral formation criteria.


Crete, Overmeyer, Chadron, her throne, Strava, Dorion and Poveda guarded the pivotal points on the ponderous side, Bridge to Domna created an impenetrable formation. A giant came up to the student and said, Keep. She can be in the lead facing Bhishma. I will protect him. And you knew she was born a woman and Bhishma would avoid fighting him if she could be tried to engage in a battle, would were distracted, and that might force him to cause less damage.


Soon a mighty battle erupted.


The violent clash between the two armies caused the earth to tremble, sparks flew off the metal armaments like meteor showers or Jones teenage son of him, a new road that he had drawn by four powerful yellow horses and mowed down the code of Army with his incessant volley of arrows to the north and called his demon warrior all Bush and said, What are you doing here? Go and stop a demon. You use your magic and ambush approached Abhimanyu and cast his magic spell.


Soon the battlefield was cloaked in dark smoke and blinded the Warriors. They couldn't see a thing and fail to figure out who's a friend and who's a fool of the who was prepared for an ambush of sorcery. He pulled out his basket of weapon and launched it high in the sky as the weapon exploded with a bright flash.


The cloud smoke dissipated in an instant with a clear view of him, and knew then struck one after another. His choicest weapons that ambush an ambush couldn't take it anymore. He jumped off his chariot and ran for his life. On the other part of the battlefield, he struck the fund of us with a ferocity that they have never experienced before. As if to keep his promise to do Riordan, Bhishma unleashed his most powerful weapons, killing thousands with each strike.


Nobody could stand in front of him, not even the most skilled of warriors. As the day progressed, corpses of men, horses and elephants piled up. Many of the bondable warriors began begun to flee the battlefield. When Krishna heard the news, it turned his chariot to the direction where Bhishma was wreaking havoc. He called June and said, Remember what you had promised Sanjayan the kingdom of Iraq? If not, let me remind you, you said when the Great War happens, you will show no mercy to Bhishma drone capacity or to any of the Cordova's and kill them all.


If you are a true Chatrier, rise to the occasion and do whatever is needed to keep your promise.


I don't know what is better. To kill this valiant men whom I adore and revere, only to win the kingdom that I can't enjoy or to quit this bloody war and spend the rest of my life in penance in a forest my daughter June in and almost inaudible voice that he raised his voice and said, I'll do what you say, Krishna, take me to Bhishma and I will destroy him. Krishna drove the chariot towards Bhishma and soon the two great warriors faced each other.


But on this ninth day of the war, Bhishma was simply unstoppable. Not even Indro, the Lord of the Gods, could have stopped Bhishma, the schmoozy rose colored Autogen from all sides and who couldn't keep up countering them. A dark cloud of arrows covered Arjun's Shariat and Undun could hardly be seen. Krishna tried his best to maneuver his chariot to escape Bhishma onslaught, but nothing seemed to work. The warriors around stopped fighting and watched in amazement how this old man, in a flowing white beard and white garments completely subdued the mighty warrior Undun.


Emboldened by the promise, the Code of Army launched their attack on the Ponderosa with renewed vigor. Thousands of soldiers lost their lives, and it seemed if Bhishma continued this devastating form, nothing could stop the cadavers from winning this war. But the son God was kind to the Pandavas. And soon, dusk fell on the battlefield. Those still alive sighed in relief as they retreated to their respective camps. In the bond of ACAM unleashed, he summoned his brothers and trusted lieutenants to an emergency meeting.


She was on slot during the day, has shattered him completely. He looked at Cushiony and said. Last, if it was a grave mistake to fight against grandfather. Be sure you saw how we decimated our army today. Ulgen was no match against him. If he continues like this, we have absolutely no chance of winning this war. I've been thinking about giving up and retiring to the forest. At least there we can live in peace and dignity.


Krishnapillai unleashed his hand and said. My dear King, you're still don't lose hope. I'm with you. If a student cannot muster up the will to kill his favorite grandfather, then give me the orders. I will take up arms to fight and kill Bhishma in front of all the court of us. And the enemy of the bond of Earth is my enemy, too. And I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make you victorious. Arjun is my dearest friend, my brother in law, and also my student.


For him I can cut off and sacrifice my flesh if needed. Yes, Sir John had promised to kill Bhishma. But if it is too costly a burden for him, then relieve him of his promise and allow me to do the job. The moment Bhishma decided to join the evil Cordova's, his days were numbered. It's only a matter of time before Reshma falls, if you order me, I won't hesitate for a moment and join the battle tomorrow morning.


Ergin stood behind with his head, hung in shame. You these two knelt before Krishna and said, pardon me, was there with you on our side, we can defeat the gods, let alone Bhishma. But I don't want you to break your promise for our sake, that would be worse than losing the war. You please stay with us, as you have always been. These two sat next to Krishna and said. Bhishma once told me. Although he's fighting on behalf of the then.


If we ever need his advice on how to be victorious, he would be glad to offer his help. So I've decided we'd go to Bhishma and ask him to tell us how we can kill him when we were young kids, grandfather never refused to give us whatever we asked for. I'm sure even today he won't turn us back and give us the right advice to ensure our victory. Yeasted paused for a moment. And looked at his brothers, who stood shocked in front of him.


They couldn't believe their years. Tell them how to kill him, isn't it too much to ask? Krishna stood up and said. You have taken the right decision, you listed. Maschmeyer loves you brothers more than anything else, he won't refuse to give you anything you want. Even if it is his life. I suggest you don't waste any more time and go to his tent right now. You just looked at his brothers and said. You heard what Christina said.


Let's go to our grandfather and ask for one last gift. It took off his arms belt, his armor, his helmet. And walked out of the tent. His brothers did the same and followed him. In the darkness of the night, the five brothers walked barefoot towards the court of a camp while the guards and soldiers watched and wondered what their princess are up to this time. The stories of Mahabharata is written, directed and told by should if the bombing postproduction by Omkar Barmak, Deb Chitose and AVC find us online at Facebook dot com slash Mahabharata podcast.


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