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Yet I'm bringing that back. Hello and welcome to the Taskmaster podcast. My name is Ed Gamble. I am nearing ever closer to no longer being the task master champion because it's episode nine of Taskmaster Series ten. That's right. Episode nine. I'm sure you've watched all the episodes up until this point. Episodes one through nine. I'm not going to talk down to you and tell you that if you haven't, you shouldn't be listening to this because there'll be spoilers.


Of course you've watched it. You are not stupid. There's no way that you'd listen ahead unless you've seen the episode, because you know that there's going to be spoilers because we will be discussing the down low, the dirty, the dogs dumps.


I'm not good at podcast intros. I really need to write down what I say in advance. Apologies. We're going to talk about everything is essentially what I'm saying. So go away. Watch the episode. I'm sure you will watch Taskmaster. It's 9:00 pm Channel four Thursdays.


Or, you know, if if you're a family friendly kind of person, why not watch it on E four at six p.m.? That's when all the horrible, rude things are taken out as a lot of rude things.


Very sexy episode this week, actually. Real, real full on stuff. So definitely watch it on E for six p.m. if you're not into that sort of rude business. It wasn't a sexy episode at all. A lot of fun, though.


This week we will be chatting through the episode with the wonderful Katie Wick's from Series nine of Taskmaster, the same series that I was on. She's absolutely brilliant, Katie. Absolutely hilarious.


Looking forward to chatting to her about this episode. Sure. But also about her time on Taskmaster and also answering some of your emails. If you want to email in with a question for me and my special guest next week, why not do it? Taskmaster podcast at Gmail dot com and we will read the questions to them. But for now, why not go and get some gifts from Taskmaster Store Dotcom or gone to the task master YouTube channel YouTube dot com forward slash taskmaster for all of your taskmaster content, let's crack on that.


Is the admin done? Let's have a chat to Katie works on the Task Master podcast.


Welcome, Katie, to the Taskmaster podcast, thank you very much for coming on. Hi, my absolute pleasure and honor.


Thank you very much for coming on the podcast. Obviously, we were on the same series, so it's it's lovely to catch up and it's lovely to have a chat about this this current series. Tell me, did you enjoy your time on Taskmasters Series nine?


Oh, go straight in with the big the big question. It's the big question at the top.


I mean, yes, obviously I loved it. It's like it was my dream for so many years, decades.


And I've never done the show which has which is kind of got so much kind of jealousy from other comedians when I said I was doing it and someone I know, like, walked out the room because they were so cruel to someone we both know, which I didn't take to me, you know, it wasn't like they were saying why you.


But I think they were just like, why not me? So, yeah, I feel like it's a huge honor. I wish I was really nervous for that very reason because I feel like all our peers watch it and there's nowhere to hide. It feels so kind of exposing that I felt more nervous on day one than I would do just walking into any set. You know, if someone gives you some lines to say, but no, I mean, I loved it.


I had a turbulent one, as you know. Yes, things happen to me. And that wasn't ideal. But, you know, I that's. Yeah, apart from that, it was it was a dream. I wish I could have done it again on less spankers, I guess, because I was ill, I should say.


I'm sure I'm sure will come to that throughout the discussion. I'm pretty sure we've got some say that for three, save it for x ray.


The jealousy thing is very interesting from from other comedians because. Yeah, you do. You do feel that. And I know that other comedians are jealous of the people who do the show because I was one of those comedians until I got to do it. And I don't know whether that makes me feel good or bad. I think it's part of the reason I enjoy doing the show that I knew loads of other comedians were seething.


Yeah, yeah. I agree. That always spurs me on. It's a good energy that yeah.


I just honestly felt like a real privilege for that reason because just all the people I've loved have done it. And I just felt this real pressure to come up with, to be to come up with something original each time. And but now what I mean, I loved I, I think I love just doing the tasks more than the studio, maybe because, you know, I've done panel shows in the past and I've enjoyed them. But what's really nice is actually having a thing to do and focus on.


So you're not just sort of trying to kind of interject in the conversation. There were times when I wish Alex had sort of left me alone and there'd be no cameras there because I just was so into just doing the the doing of it. Yeah. That there are times where I just was I stop, you know, talking to me. I'm trying to do this thing and but I think that's the only way to approach it, isn't it, to be to get involved and to not sort of think of it as the cameras are on.


And you have to I can you can you think of any particular tasks where you were so into the process of it that you wanted Alex to leave you alone? Because I know that you were you're always quite keen on the more art based ones.


Yeah. So things like the making of Mount Rushmore, I got really into that and could quite happily have gone another sort of two hours. And just there were times where I'd be the others. I'm thinking, just shut up. He'd be asking me these questions like do what do you do you want me to get you this ping pong? And I'm just thinking, but yeah, I, I the whole thing was it was really amazing. I feel really lucky that we were in the group that we were, I really do.


It was a really, it was a really good group. And our team of course made you and Rose were the team for team tasks. I think it was honestly one of my favorite days. We've already had Rosmus fail on the podcast, but the buckaroo recreating Buckaroo. Yeah, well, I was the donkey and you two improvised as opposed two cowboys.


I laughed in ages. It is like a weird dream. Yeah.


You tell me that that it has happened in my life.


Yeah, I'm not. And all going fishing. God, here comes the one, right? A horse on a donkey. Oh, Mr. Violin's. You guys were really, really when the first time you you both appeared over the horizon, over the horizon of the caravan, and I remember thinking was like, oh, these guys have this, like, puppyish kind of gusto and they're attacking this with the right energy. And it was good because it made me more like I it made me more I felt like until then I'd been a bit introverted and I kept sort of giving myself these talks of, like, you gotta this is an amazing opportunity.


You got to go back out there and just do something really wild.


But I sort of approached it and I thought maybe I should be doing it more like that because you were calmer and you were processing things and you were thinking about things before you did them. Whereas I just, like you say, just rush into them like a madman.


I think that makes better telly.


Maybe, but I also I think, like you say, about trying to come up with the most original interesting thing to do in every task. Sometimes I think I missed the mark there because I just did the first thing that popped into my head. I just went into it like a crazy person.


So I think I did that, too, because you have no choice. That's the other things. And it is that you have no time to go with your second choice. You have to sort of go with the first and it's usually the best. It's usually the best one.


Can you think of any any particular highlights task wise or something that you made during Taskmaster that you think, yes, that's the best thing I did.


I think my red tape or I'm incredibly proud. Yes, it's on the shelf. I'm looking at it. I that felt pretty inspired. That felt like it could be in some surrealist gallery in Berlin or something.


I think that was episode was that episode one as well. It was the price task in episode. Yeah.


Was it was it was early on. I set a precedent. Right. It was, it was amazing. Is most stressful thing. And you, you have a teapot with as it got is it got to spouts.


It's no it's it's the handle and the spout are on the same side.


That's it. Yeah. Yeah. I thought that was amazing. I thought oh no, I'm in trouble here.


Someone's come out all guns blazing and it was downhill after that. I know that during quite often during the price tasks, you and Rose would have a go at Graig for only liking things if they were a dick based fallick things.


Yeah. And I yeah. And then I really embraced it by bringing in that big wooden penis. So put it away. I know I put it away because my accountant came around.


So there were the wooden penis which was that. What was the story behind that.


Was it your your friend's dad had made it with a friend.


Dad imported them so that if they went back out of the house they got imported into the house was good.


You've surely got it. And some of them at the house, you can't just import a load of wood and decks and then just keep and hold them.


I think I probably didn't say in the show. In fairness, I think they are like a fertility symbol from a I can't remember. So, you know, we shouldn't be, too. Yeah.


You know, and I'm sure they work perfectly well within that culture. But once you bring them into another one, they sort of take on a different meaning.


Once you're like in a garage in Swansea, you're looking like face to face with a face to face with a penis face.


It's the story.


Can you remember, Eddie? I mean, I would say low moments of the series. Of course, you are ill for two episodes.


But when you were there, task wise, can you think of any sort of any low moments where you thought I was so disappointed I didn't enjoy the steamroller at all because I've never driven a car. I've never driven anything, and I'm definitely in the minority. So when someone says to me, I'll get on this thing, it's not a car, but you're definitely driving it.


I'm like, but I don't even I was just really sort of panicked that I was going to kill someone because I have no you've never sort of had to stare at anything. Yeah, it was fine. It was just switched on.


But I felt really, like, tense. I felt worried for everyone else. It was like my ego. It was like I felt ashamed of how panicked I was. And I felt like the voices of viewers in my head being like, what the fuck is wrong with it's just a steamroller. I felt like I was just like as long as I don't make a complete tit of myself, everything else is just sort of fine. I think I just thought as long as I'm sort of in the middle, I'm not I'm not going to be the best.


I'm not going to be the worst. Just as long as I'm not going to stand out as this kind of complete idiot, then I'll be OK.


I sort of I sort of approach it in a different way. And if if I felt like something was going fine or wasn't. Well, I would think, well, let's be let's be spectacularly the worst. Yeah, yeah.


How did you how much did you want to win?


Oh, yeah, I wanted to win. And I think that was pretty clear. I think I feel like me and Rose were clearly trying to win, which I mean, apologies. It must be.


I wanted to win. Yeah, but you I think you kept it quieter that you wanted to win. Yeah. Or, you know, you were less sort of desperate. I think Man Rosewood's is quite well actually.


It wasn't until like there was a point where I was quite far ahead. There was a point where it looked like I could win. Yes. And as soon as I realized that I thought fucking hell like being able to let me win this universe. Does life change if you win? Like, does it make a difference? Isn't it the taking part?


I'd say my life is exactly the same. And I don't I don't think my life has changed apart from occasionally people will. Remind you that no one ever remembers who wins anyway, that's what they like to do. Someone said this is really mean. I'm going to say it because I think you can handle it. We say something to me. I think it's quite cringe to win. Yeah.


Yeah. No, I. I do. I do, really.


But if you look at if you look at the the it's no it's not the Hall of Fame of the winners, it's I mean may totally desperate to win lose one, but I think it gets away with it because she won completely within her that she won and Kerry obviously within her vibe as well.


But just absolute desperation and chaos. And I suppose Liza Tarbuck was pretty chill about it. So now I'd say it's every so often it is cringe to wait. And I'm one of those. Thank you.


So hot takes on this series, Katie. Yeah, yeah. How are you feeling about this line up?


I was I, I think it's an amazing group. I was really, really excited, particularly excited about Johnny Vegas here. Know, I've always loved he's such a genius.


I was really relieved for Richard in a way, because he's been talking about it, wanting to do it for years and years and years is really basically when I listen to some of his episodes of his podcast, I feel like he really, really wants to do it for so long.


So I'm really pleased for him. And yeah, it was a really exciting group. Yeah. I couldn't wait to see it and it's, it's delivered. I thought, I thought at nine was amazing.


It's a really, it's a really good episode. It is I think possibly the most stressful episode of Taskmaster ever in terms of the lineup of tasks. I think I would have lost it on every single one. So we'll come to those anyway. Let's let's start off with the with the prize task, which is the best, the best bedding.


It's classic team category, I'd say. I thought Johnny Vegas is bedding story was delightful. And so the thing I loved it so much and I bought it as well.


Gregg was really Gregg decided that Johnny was just making that up on the spot or he'd come up with it that morning.


I thought, yeah, I didn't like that at all. I think it has a grain of truth. Yeah, definitely. I think at some point he's definitely put lamb's wool out for a bird. Yeah, sure is.


The life is such a precious, lovely man. That's what I get from it. Yeah. And I want to wrap him in LUMS.


Well it's interesting isn't it, like I think older comedians, they really go one of two ways.


They either like the sort of Bob Mortimer, Johnny Vegas get very kind of like sort of soft and more vulnerable or they get really bitter, like, yeah, they get really like bitter and feel like younger comedians represent their own sort of self destruction death. So it's good to see he's gone that way.


He's kind of softened this a lot and he's lovely in the studio where he really laughs at other people's stuff. Yeah, very important as well.


I think the reason I really imagine him and Daisy have this amazing friendship now of I just really project that onto them when I'm watching them. I really think they must get on.


Well, they do you think they seem to have a lovely a lovely chemistry, right? Yeah. Yeah. They sort of fit together quite nicely. And I love I love the Lambs. Well, I was a big fan of the Lambs. Well, I think it was love discord.


I think that if mean it's like it's really hard to be Daisy's one of just like clean fresh bedding is the best. And we all know that that's really hard to be.


It's not a showy price, though, is that I think if you're coming up against like so Richard and Greg and Alex battling, which is just typical, I think felt so out there to win.


I felt it was funny, I think it was a tiny bit, I'm going to say obvious because I feel like when when the task is, you know, a specific object, I feel like there's always the option of I'll go and get expert on the object. Yeah, I feel like that's always an option that I always would try and not do. OK, yeah.


Catherine, what we got through it was silk sheets. Oh yeah.


In our house we have we have a catchphrase for every time Catherine does anything, we just go, Oh Mummy, because because she's just like a lovely mummy.


And when she said a silk sheets that the classic old mummy moment, it was quite low 50s Hollywood.


Yeah, it made me laugh because I have silk sheets. I like that it was seen as his luxury unattainable item. I have, I have silk. She's I forget to use them because of the pain. They don't really stay on but they do. They slip out and you slip about in the bag because of them. But I do have a silk pillowcase because it's meant to help with the old like, you know, you wake up with less, like, wrinkles.


Yeah, it doesn't work. I mean, I look young as fuck, but it doesn't look part of me when I do that.


I put my way. Oh yeah. Because she's out of the cupboard.


That's the most Bujji luxury thing.


You reminded me that I've got to get my cigarettes out of my reactions, that I had the same thing with Greg and Alex, but it reminded me to get that out of the cupboard.


So when I saw that, it took me a while to work out that it was kind of like, here's a template, two men, and then you provide the face. It really did look like, why is this photo of you? I can't imagine Alex Horne even putting one arm behind his head like that. Like, I've never seen him do that.


I've never seen him pose in any way whatsoever. He's just stood there all the time.


I've never seen him move his upper body independently. He is a nice standee person. A man is a little wooden man.


Oh, my God. He's like a figurine. Yeah.


So Marwan went with the the weird travel pillow. The ostrich.


Yeah. You hadn't hands in it. Do we believe that he actually travels with that because Johnny was underscored because Greg didn't believe the lamb's wool thing. But I don't believe that anyone has ever used that pillow while he's been travelling.


Did it? Well, two things. My first thought was, oh, trust me, she's got one of those. Right? That was my first thought.


So then it didn't seem mad that he would have won, maybe like they were a gig together. And she was like, have you seen this? And I think she probably bought it.


It's a funny prop, but I have tried it on and it is incredibly comfortable. I mean, it's a little bit anxiety inducing and that you you know, if you're in public and you've got that on anything could be like, you know, anything could be happening. Yeah.


Because if you have that on a train or something or on a plane, I wouldn't I wouldn't like to be cut off from the general know.


It's like I think if you're on your own, the plane could have crashed and you'd still be there kind of in the jet going, guys, guys.


So they are very comfortable. I mean, I can't it's hard to imagine them actually wearing that on sort of. Yeah. On the sort of London buses.


So, yeah, I, I believe he owns it though.


Or, you know, he would like funniest pillow and that came up because I believe that the funniest thing that's. Come on. Yeah. I did that so many times. Funniest, long, thin, thin thing is a pebble.


Task one, make the biggest beer matt house on this table whilst making your biggest beer house ring the doorbell after exactly one minute, then after exactly 58 seconds, 56 seconds and so on until zero seconds, biggest beer house wins.


If you make more than two mistakes with Tiberg, you're disqualified your time. And when you press the doorbell for the final time, stressful. So I would have lost my mind doing this.


Oh yeah. Loved it. Loved it. Um, I, I think getting the doorbell was so inspired.


Oh yeah. Let's straightaway kick off with that one. Absolutely. Absolutely. Nailed it. I didn't see it coming.


I didn't think about it. Know why the episode wasn't called Blood on the doorbell. I don't know, because I was kind of obsessed with that show I loved so much about. I love the fact that, of course, Johnny Vegas is good at this. Like, it just feels like the kind of thing he would have done in the 90s in pubs that made so much sense to me. It was it was so tragic when it fell apart. And then Katherine made a comment really.


Quite. And her breath about in the studio where she said, you even use cement.


And she meant like, yes, saliva together, which is such a sweet thing to say.


Yeah, getting the dorber is incredible. And I was really kind of torturing myself at that. But would I have thought of that honestly? Can I honestly say I would have thought to get this, although.


Yeah, probably not, because you look at the house and you don't think, oh that doorbell comes off.


No, I'd never think to take a doorbell off the wall. I tell you, I did say no. And this is this is the way I think. I think I've nailed it. I've thought laterally.


I thought I'd take the Hult, take the whole table out, go the whole table outside the house.


Inside out. Yeah, but the house outside next door.


But it is kind of smart, but it's basically a version of what Morgan did. But it's a much more clunky and annoying version because I would have had to have pushed a table outside, but I thought of taking the thing to the thing just the wrong way round.


So my mind immediately went to construction of the fastest, best house. Yes, I got a beer mats and I got really into that and think the tower method was good. I wouldn't say it was a house. It was more like maybe a skyscraper, a building. But yeah, it was beautiful.


The lighthouse or as Catherine thought it was a windmill. Yeah, it's funny.


What I loved about the rotating light was this sort of fuck you of look how much extra time I had, you know. Yeah. Because of the doorbell to make, you know, to do this, like, flourish on the top.


It must I mean, Greg said everyone else in the studio just like gasped when. Yeah. Got the doorbell. And it's so frustrating to not to not see things like that. So Richard cut himself out.


He managed to injure himself during the task.


I think it somehow managed to do a paper quite thick cardboard matte.


Yeah, no, that was yeah. That was beautiful. And he also I felt slightly like, oh God, I feel like I'm being remains in this whole episode. I felt like that's normal for the podcast.


By the way, we always lay it on Richard. Yeah, well he he and he listens to it as well, so.


Oh no, don't tell me that guy would have done the same thing. I felt like he showed Alex in this like like when you're in the playground you show a teacher. And I thought maybe that was like there was an element of like he was expecting it just like.


Right. This something's gone wrong. Richard's got himself. Let's we have to stop the task. It felt like there was there was going to be some sort of like repercussion of him. I what I loved was the rendering of this. That was a really nice thought. It was a lovely architecture, sort of drawings. That was a really nice day. It felt like it was real real sort of piss take.


Yeah, it had it had a sort of off vibe to it. That's out of the actual case. Went right. Yeah, yeah.


Yeah. I mean, Daisy, Daisy showing again that she is very competitive and if she's decided that something is good and you say it's not good, she gets genuinely angry like she thought that house was good.


Yeah. She puts a lot of good faces. Yeah. She like readable of the when Greg says well what's the hole in the middle for. And she says, well it's living space.


It's great, genuinely angry about that, but no one quite rightly gets the five points there. I think thinking outside the box, bring in the door and then managing to pull off, pull off the having the lighthouse.


What I loved was how relaxed he was. The door bar was just there. He just sort of occasionally press it. It was like the Queen's Gambit pressing the thing, pressing the clock.


John is so desperate. But I think. Greg's got to stick to his guns. I think he Greg gets in the neck if he doesn't mark properly and Johnny didn't, Johnny was disqualified there, so he probably didn't deserve a bonus point just for trying hard.


I think he did deserve bonus points. Do OK. I do. I do. Because I think it was really impressive what he did, what he did.


It was like three stories, but then it fell apart and he didn't he didn't do the timings.


But I think it fell apart because of the wafting of the door every time he went out, which, you know, isn't isn't his fault the wafty?


I'd say the wafting is his fault because he's what he's doing. The walk, isn't it? If you have to go out the door, you should have taken the waft, the wafted into account.


But if you've got a few seconds to get to the door doorbell I don't think you're thinking, oh I but also I better knock off the door because I'm up to three stories, my house of cards and I, I wish, I wish for him that the task had just been built the house and none of the doorbell stuff.


Yeah. Because you would have just like to say to him half the time and just build a beautiful house.


I would have liked to have seen him have some peanuts a pint and then just get on with building the house. You just want to go to the pub. Yeah.


Yeah, but a pub in the 90s when you could smoke etc.. Yeah.


Fortunately it was no points for Johnny. Not no points for Casarett. Daisy got four points amazingly for something that was just a pile of beer mats with a tiny living space in the middle.


Yeah that's pretty. Yeah that was pretty good going. Yeah it was. Yeah.


For what it was. And Richard got three points and he was a very brave boy.


I've lost money. Abajo just standing there looking Ben. I once referred to Bicycle Boonchu, a much better, smashingly strong so task to again stressful complete the most tasks.


There is one task behind each door and matches the order. You open the doors, they get more and more complicated. The task that they you may only move when the doors are moving. You must stay behind the line during the task. He must tell Alex what door to open within one minute of the previous door closing. How do you feel about this one case?


You would have enjoyed doing this? Well, I my my first thought was I would I would have been so shocked at this. I would have been so shet is sort of like when, you know, it's sort of reminds me of when, like the gimmicky end of sports day, it was like being bad bean bags in a bucket kind of vibe.


Would you have been bad? Because you I mean, immediately you're showing disdain for the task. Would you have been like, oh, no, I'm not doing this. This is a pain in the ass? Or is it one of those ones where you need that puppyish enthusiasm that you described that Monroes had?


I mean, I would have tried for sure. I guess it's like it's just I think when it's a speed thing, I just kind of I always think it's like my thinking is so self-defeating because I just think I'm not going to be the fastest was the point. It's just like I know my limitations. But I mean, I would have had a good go. I would have hope that I would have done it in the same order as Daisy did it.


That was pretty good. I mean, I was thinking stupid things like, well, what sort of shoes does Catherine have on? I can't remember. But, you know, like they're probably like lace up boots to the knee or something. But I'm thinking I got really into, you know, the stupid details you think about.


I was like, oh, my shoes would have been very quick to take off, OK? I would have been OK with that. And but that's the thing.


Yeah, you could have been you know, people were screwed over by shoes that they picked months before.


So Johnny was wearing, you know, lace up quite so pawnbroker's.


I mean, to the point that I think he he didn't take your shoes off. He put his shoes in the bucket by putting both his feet in the bucket. Yeah. That that was inspired.


It was really funny. How bad was it kicking as I would be. But it's quite hard to get like a little flimsy little plastic thing like that. That was funny. But also what was funny was one point, Johnny, like kick the ball the other way, just like out of frustration when he couldn't get in. Yeah. The thing he just kind of the garage door close and he just sort of kicked it anyway, just somewhere else.


Just out of sheer anger. Yeah. Made me laugh.


I would have been so I would have been so stressed at this I think. But this is one where you need to throw yourself into it, which was even more surprising that Daisy managed to do it quite methodically because that's not normally her vibe.


Yeah, she thought about taking the bucket with her to each door. Taking the bucket was really smart.


Yeah, I had total admiration for that. And again, I think in the moment, in the sort of panic and the fact the only time I feel like I that I haven't done a task, well, it's usually when I've been distracted by my sort of thinking, I like overthinking. And so in some ways you've got to be so Zen and so blank and also think at the same time.


Yeah, it's really hard. It's really hard. And a lot of people panicked on this task.


I mean, it's hard not to panic on something like that. It was really it was a really clever it was really well done. It was like really well thought through. And Alex started closing the doors.


It really funny. Like you run a garage. Oh, God.


So these take away from this task is, I think Johnny Vegas with a mouthful of banana sounds more like Johnny Vegas than when he doesn't have a mouthful of banana.


Oh yeah. That was like that was a revelation. However, when sounds of the banana in them, I was obsessed with that. That was a highlight. Thank you for reminding me of that. I love that. I love that Daisy eating that banana was incredible.


Yeah. Just straight down. And those said what Greg said, it's a shoe about like you put a chocolate orange in any situation.


Everyone's like, oh, I never thought I'd see a chocolate orange smash against the corrugated iron door. But it was quite beautiful, wasn't it. The way it just came up perfectly. Came out of the pocket and segmented. Yeah.


Against the door. It was wonderful. Yeah, I loved it. But also just the speed at which people managed to actually get like the flesh out of the orange was quite incredible, tearing an orange in half.


Basically Daisy got the full five points, which is well deserved. I think she approached it in the right way for points for Richard, three points for Johnny, two points from a one and one point for Casarett.


Yeah, he's got some definite technique there and nice to have it confirmed that she eats like a psychotic tiger. So let's move on to task three.


Guess how many balls are in the basket. Seemingly quite easy task, and it was the first task they did, which they mentioned, but obviously something deceptive was going on. There were different sized balls within the basket. There was some ball bearings. I think this is tricky, very stressful. I don't see how it's possible to find out the smaller balls and get them all back in the basket. I think it's an impossible task.


Yeah, another really stressful one. I don't know what I would have done. I really don't.


Especially day one. I think I think that's what it showed, that it was day one. And quite a few of them were a little bit timid. They were just counting. And and then coming up with a coming up with a gas, a tricky one to do, first off, because I'd come out of that thinking. I've not done that very well. I've not done that in a funny way.


I wasn't sure what the the rules were. So you could go because I palmy thought, well, I would have maybe got like. Like gone and got loads of black bags and like, oh, tried to, course, count them and put them in so that I could, like, immediately, like, empty them back in really, really quickly. Yeah, that that doesn't help with the stupid ball bearings.


But also if you put them in black bags and you just put the black bags, but like back into the into the thing, because what was stressing me out was if you take them all out, there's all those small balls that are in the box. If you then try and put the small balls back in to the cage, they're all going to fall out the bottom. That was really stressing me out, imagining that happening, right?


Yeah. So that was my smartest thought. Was something to do with black bags. Very smart. It was four minutes. I did not Palmy thought I would have just sat there and counted them really intensely like a moron.


And then like, you know, three minutes, 58 would have just like guesstimated the rest bag. I think I just would have done that. I think that's a good start.


That's a good point.


You know, but that's a good way of doing it is better than doing what a few people did, which is trying to count them while they were still in the box, because obviously then you don't see the different sizes.


Yeah, it was what was really sweet. So imagine the maths that they were like, yeah, but like, I really wish I could have seen people's workings of like, OK, well there's this many by this many times, you know, like yeah. Yeah.


I wouldn't have tried that. I think I would have taken some out but I think I would have got very frustrated. It was lovely to see Daisy start her taskmasters journey.


So we know that's her first half and she puts him in a baking tray that was so painful to watch because it's just not holding that many.


It was so small, like pointless, like skimming the top, but it was quite methodical.


And I could see she was trying to stay calm. It was our first task. She was like, okay, here we go. We started to do task master. And then she dropped one of them and she went, Oh, fuck it. I was like, OK, straight, straight away.


She's let it slip immediately.


A day one, day one that there that would have been that would have been a tough one to face. Yeah.


And um, I thought need to task that was for this episode that he's. Yeah. He's got close and probably deserved a bonus point because he gets the eleven hundred he was 92 balls off.


That was astonishing. I wouldn't have guessed that many if I just decided to guess and leave the room I would have been clueless. Yeah.


That was, that was it is it is funny how invested you are that you do genuinely.


Feel really affected when you've done really badly, like it does really affect you feel like the next sort of hour and it's not until you've done one that you think you've done well, that you feel better about yourself. It really is.


Your self-esteem is really dependent on and you never really know how you've done until the studio. Were there any that you thought you'd absolutely nailed? And then when we got into the studio, you against everyone else saw the way Greg reacted to it. You're like, oh, that's not as good as I thought it was.


The the water feature, one with the ceramic big. Yeah. I remember thinking, well, you know, someone would kind of have that in their back garden. It's like a standalone, genuine water feature. And then when I saw the the the Alex Mermaid monstrosity that you created, I was like, oh, that's so much more fun, you know, like, why didn't I just do something more? Kind of, like, outrageous.


But you were going for something that you could recreate as a commercially available way.


And then I think with things like actually Mount Rushmore, I remember thinking really arrogantly, like, you won't get better than this. And then I think Rose did an incredible one carved out like Mr. Potato Heads, which was I thought was like incredible. I think I should I can't remember if it won or not. But anyway, and and the other one, I thought I'd done really well at I well, there was one that wasn't shown that really disappoints them, which was something like use one piece of fruit to make it look like another piece of fruit.


Yeah. You had to disguise a piece of fruit, right, as another fruit here.


And I spray painted a couple of oranges to make them look like grapes and then found this other big thing in the house and put it next to it. So it got so like a first sense of scale and then put on the tablecloth.


And then I just went on and on. I think it was a cheese board next to it at one point. But I've got so into I've still got photos of it on my phone, so I've got the memories.


So let's move on to the studio to ask, did you enjoy doing doing the studio tasks?


Yeah, I love them. Yeah, I really love them. I've got really fond memories of the same, whether there was a horse or a host of laminator.


Yes, I loved that one. I loved the one we had to draw on each other's backs. Do you remember that?


Yes, I mean that all because I was on a team with David Baddiel. You guys were pretty good at that during yourself.


And the thing I think a lot of I liked them because they were there were a lot of them were drawing. So I always liked them. Yeah, all of them.


I've mentioned this already. I mean, your your art tasks were pretty incredible. And we did have a lot of drawing ones in the studio. So we had the dark ones. They were incredible and drawing on the faces and the longest snake we had to we had to draw the snake thing.


I think I won the snake, though, because I didn't have any stripes or didn't have a tongue or something like that.


And also, you're drawing a famous couple on the knees or elbows. I remember you stand out.


Yeah, well, I wrote the Frida Kahlo was very successful and the D.A. was a bit shonky. But but I do I do remember about that episode was they showed a picture of it and I remember saying, have we got another picture? Because I think that picture is doing doing it just as how good it was. But then they showed it from another angle. And I was like, yeah, that's a better angle. And so I don't know if you were allowed to say, see that sometimes how much you did want to win.


But it's quite a sort of in a way that you try to disguise it just being late. Yeah, sure.


I'm sure. Guys, we got another shot of this.


I remember being so worried that you were really slagging me off quietly cheering sometimes because I just you you say something in the studio but couldn't quite make out what it was. And I thought, she's speaking directly into the microphone. So it's picked up.


And I thought, she's just yeah.


I think it's so stupid looking back, because I don't do many of panel shows and stuff like that because I haven't really done standup for years and years. I feel like I'm so out of practice of sort of coming up with funny things to say in the moment that I feel like I sort of thought who I think Lollia talked and she said the same thing I said. I would just say I said, well, I'll say the thing that's in my head, but I'll just say it like really quietly.


Therefore, if no one laughs it, no one's heard it. And if someone. But then they sort of said to me, oh, we turn up in the edit, we turn up the things you say because we found these little. But really we said that she would just like say to the person next, like it was on TV, like, oh, I'll just try this out on Rose and then I'll say it to the audience.


You you had my favorite my favorite quip in the studio, which was like Alex was making Alex nod if he was being bullied, saying, not if you're being bullied. And then he nodded. And then you have like, why are you telling me?


Oh, God, I love that. I think about that all the time.


So this was really funny, like being bullied.


All this task was draw. It's another drawing. I draw the monster. The taskmaster is going to describe most accurate drawing wins. You have two minutes from from when the taskmaster starts talking again. Quite stressful, but I think you would be very good at this case.


I loved it. I was so jealous. I actually drew along.


Did you? Yeah, I can show you. Yes, please.


Oh, I love it. Oh, it's brilliant. I mean, you definitely need to take a photo of that. Well, we'll tweet out when we release the episode. That's awesome.


I mean, I did or I got quite a lot of the cool representing. Cold to me is the hardest part of this. Yes.


How you go? I did like wavy lines, like there was sort of, you know, the northeast wind was blowing.


It's difficult with wavy lines, though, isn't it, because of that stink as well?


Yeah, they stink. Stink. Yes. I picked this thing. Yeah.


For me whenever I put wavy lines represent this thing.


Also I my mother's got breasts because at one point he sort of said it's female, apropos of nothing and it's a very, very binary. But I gave him breasts.


The thing is about this, it was how many characteristics you got on, not necessarily how well you did the drawing. So Rich had one because he got 14 characteristics on which you draw.


Yeah. One because of good admen basically. Yeah. Artistry it was. Yeah.


It's a pedantic when Daisy was quite methodical and wrote a list first, which is not something I would have thought to have done. Yeah.


I couldn't work out whether that was a good idea or not. I feel as though that would have taken more like writing takes more time than drawing. If I had that would have taken more time I think, and then the writing would have been slightly illegible. But what are you what are you going to say about muons?


Oh yeah, the big maple leaf. So it's really funny that he said he tried to draw something that was less Canadian looking. It was just so unexpected, like a big leaf. It was really great. I really loved it.


It's a great taskmasters fast because at no point in any other TV show has anyone done a drawing like that. It's only in that moment that things like that have come out. Yeah, yeah.


But that's what I love about the show, is that I feel as though it's like like where else would you kind of get away with these very surrealist things that, you know, would somehow be alienating. But it's like they creep in what starts off as something that seems so logical. Yeah, it just kind of doing this thing and then you end up drawing a kind of leaf monster with six eyes, like, I love that Kevin Parkin's one extra.


I was like, I didn't waste time during his seventh. I oh, mummy.


She has two eyes and two more eyes on one leg and a huge task.


Looks like a tree with a fuck off, not telling you what is called a competition. And I'm losing.


But she got three points at least because it's not been a good show for her. Daisy also got three points, four points for Johnny and Morgan and five points for Richard. He got in fourteen characteristics. Well done, Richard, which won him the episode narrowly over Daisy, the twenty one points and twenty points respectively. Eighteen points from one six points for Catherine, unfortunately, nine points for Johnny. So Richard wins this episode, which puts him out in front in the series with 145 points, but only two points ahead of Daisy.


It seems like a race between those two now with only one episode to go, do you have any predictions for for a winner?


It's hard, isn't it, to choose between those two? I think oh, I think it might be Richard.


You think Richard? He wants it. Bet. I think Daisy. Daisy wants it as well. So I think this is the right to to be out in front.


Obviously, one million or Jonny could still do it. There's one hundred and thirty four points and one hundred and thirty points for Johnny Morgan's on once before.


But it feels like Daisy and Richard have got the bit between their teeth now. And now it's time to hear from our BFF bonus fact finder, Alex Horne. Hello, everyone. It's Alex Horne here. Your beef bonus fact finder, but today I am your beef. Your bonus fact finder. Yes, two facts today strapon.


OK, the first fact is about the pain of bulls task where they had to work out or guess how many bulls were in the bin. And your fact is that this was the first task undertaken by the contestants in their time in the Taskmaster House. And the reason that's interesting is that that is very unusual. We normally set them a warm up task, which we don't show on the TV for the first time. However, with this series, we showed it on the TV because we liked it.


In fact, it represents a change of policy for Team to US Monster, because I found it interesting to see how the contestants cope with their very first task. That's interesting, isn't it? The second fact for you today is about the studio task where they had to draw the Taskmasters monster and the fact, or at least half fact is this. That task was invented not by the task master, not by the task master, the assistant not. By a grown up.


It was invented by a child, not any old child, because you can't get an old child, not any child. It was the child of a future Taskmaster contestant. Oh, that's a fact. Do with it what you will.


Goodbye. See you next week. For the final. Now, we've had lots of emails and we're going to rattle through these because, OK, some some really good ones, actually, some really good questions. OK, here we go. We've sort of I mean, we've sort of covered this, but we'll we'll see if you've got another angle on it. This is from Chloë in Berlin. Another one of our international listeners. Dear Katie, how did it feel to be in the studio with two of the most competitive Taskmaster contestants Rosen aired?




I mean, I can handle it. You know that. It's fine. I didn't really I didn't care because I knew that I was going to you know, I knew that I was going to give you a run for your money. I wasn't just going to keel over and let you all win. Totally. So, yeah, I didn't care.


I think if anything, it made me feel more competitive.


Yeah, that's good. So rather than putting you off, you use that to your advantage. You harnessed some of the energy.


Yeah, I could. I could yeah. I could sense it, but I thought, well you know, I thought if they're so if they want it so badly then that's fine. They could, they clearly need it.


I've hired I have a question for Katie and have my fingers firmly crossed. It may get answered during the next episode. Well let's see friends. Let's see.


Katie, when you were ill during season nine, you were represented by Katherine Ryan and Carrie Goldman during two of the episodes who obviously did a brilliant job at it.


If you had been able to choose any former Taskmaster contestant apart from those two to substitute for you, who would you choose and why? It's a great question.


It's a great question. I think largely because I love her. Yes. And either no, because I love him or maybe Bob, because I think he would have had an interesting interpretation of what was doing. And maybe Tim. Probably, yeah.


Yeah, I you never know with Tim. If he's in a cheeky mood, though, he might deliberately run into the ground, right?


Oh yeah, sure. But would I think it's probably Tim and Lolly for me. Yeah. I think you're on similar pages to them. Right. So they would have understood what you'd done and knew and knew how to interpret it. Not that Carrie and Katherine didn't. I think like Fran says, they did a wonderful job.


They did. Absolutely. I was very grateful.


Well, we'll finish on on this question. Hello, Katie. INED This question is for Katie. Which of the characters you have played do you think would do best on Taskmaster?


Oh, that's a really good question, isn't it? Oh, she's got oh, she's got his own answer. He says he thinks Carroll from statelets flat. Yeah, I well, I was literally just thinking that I think.


Yeah, I think yeah. Carroll would be. Yeah I think she would do really well.


I don't know how smart she is.


So I think she would have been sort of furious when she wouldn't have understood something, but she would have been so officious and pedantic and aggressive I think be really good. But I also think she's got no imagination, so. I think I would be pretty good. I did like this program in there somewhere. I mean, stuff doing it is obviously incredible.


Well, the full so the full character cast of doing it would be a great series. That is the dream of my life. Wow.


We. Thank you so much, Casey, you've been absolutely brilliant, I always get I always get the guests on the Taskmaster podcast to rate their experience on the podcast one to five points.


It started off as a four and it ended a five.


Oh, that's good. That's what we want. I was worried it was going to go down, but we hit five out of five. That's really going to bump up the average. Thank you so much, Katie.


I just I love talking about it. You know, I'm so geeky. I could just talk about the show all day is so much fun.


People love listening to it as well. And that's whenever you think, oh, I'm going to say something really boring about taskmasters.


This is what people enjoy. I love the minutia.


No such thing as a boring thought or words when it comes to Taskmaster.


Exactly like I say goodbye to bye bye bye bye.


Well, there we have it. That is episode nine of the Taskmaster podcast and episode nine of Taskmasters, Series Ten.


All done and wrapped up. We are so near the end there is only one more episode. It's all down to the wire. Feels like it's between Daisy and Richard, but Morgan or Johnny, with one stunning episode could pull it back. Morgan has done this in the past. He's had brilliant episodes. Could it be another one, Kathryn?


It feels like she's there for moral support. I'm sorry, Catherine. I think you've been a brilliant contestant, but I don't think you could win it now. I think it would be a miracle if you did. But miracles have happened in the past. Fingers crossed. So we will find out next week who has won. And my guess next week will be the winner of Taskmasters Series Ten. So get your questions in Taskmaster podcast at Gmail dot com.


Obviously, we are not saying who that is because we do not know yet. So get your questions in. They better be general. Maybe send in an email with a question for each potential winner and then I will read the actual winner, the question for them. And we will attempt to tackle the other specific questions as well. But the winner will be on next week's episode email Taskmaster podcast at Gmail dot com with your questions. Don't forget to go on to Taskmasters Store Dotcom specifically for the brilliant Taskmaster charity download.


You can host your own tasks. M. Night. This festive season, you get your own little Alix Horn, assistant on a charity download video. Little Alex Horn. He's on loan from Greg Davis. Thank you, Greg. All the money raised will go to homeless charities across the UK via homeless link. You can give a ten pound donation. You can give even more than that if you're feeling generous this Christmas. So go on to Taskmasters store dot dotcom for more details on that.


But apart from that, I think that's all the admin done. Again, we're going to see you next week for the final.


The final. It's so exciting. It's been a brilliant series. I can't wait to find out who wins, but I think we all agree they are all winners. That's not true. There's only going to be one and they're going to be right here chatting to me. OK, see you next week by Glaxo.


Why? Will there be eggs? I like toast with and this is the song that. Good luck to you today.