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As a matter of fact, my relatives and in Mayeux just dedicated my Larita, one of my cousins, headed up to the hospice effort for cancer, not just cancer, but hospice and in Ireland. And they just dedicated a new significant facility to my son, Beau Biden, who who died of of cancer. And so everything between Ireland and the United States runs deep to Sharecare, our joys, our sorrows, our passion, our drive and our unrelenting optimism and hope.


Hello, everybody.


And you're always very welcome to the Tell Me Hector and Rita podcast.


I have a question for you. All right. Yes.


If someone you love has a habit of not flushing the jacks after them, what should you do when you go in there?


Depending on the status of the toilet title is one of the crimes against cardinal sins of the house.


But what if your visiting people and the person you love goes into the bathroom? Should you swing it just days after a bit of an argument and he would like it to be when he's talking about this?


I have an awful habit. Tell me of you and your toilet. I like your toilet and I haven't don't. Is there anyone that's done it in your house in the last couple of weeks?


Well, I've noticed one thing is that men from Donegal don't flush the jacks after having a piss. Have you noticed that men from Donegal, specifically men?


I have been on the road with men from Donegal for the past 25 years, and they have it's like they were reared in a county where piss isn't considered a flushable thing.


Yeah, I've noticed that. But maybe they're trying to be, you know, conserve the water and, you know, like, well, maybe it of all the order that needed to be like.


Mm. Little or no harm. No, no, no, no.


I mean another thing it was I had it was a big moment for me at the weekend though. I'd like to share with you for a dramatic moment. I think it's a sad moment. It's a sad moment in my life. But it fucking happened and I want to share it with you, too.


Would you mind if I shared with you to be here here that I've been staying in hotels for the past 30 years, hotels all over the fuckin world, and I've been going mad them price Culcairn fights, broken teeth, whisky, sleeping on the floor, sleeping upside down, just mayhem for me. Hotels was always the rock and roll out. You go into a hotel and fucking let the debauchery bigger and bigger.


And you're a man and a hotel and you're you're involved and you're in the entertainment business. And what happens in a hotel room fucking stays in a hotel room.


Because you're a legend and you fuck and you drink whiskey first thing in the morning, old fights, you you bring up a rent biennium, big fucker in the room, but you put a leather hood on his head and you lock the jacks in the world for a day and a half.


Hotel rooms are always there. Always offer you the prospect of mayhem. Right. Well, an awful thing happened to me over the weekend. Now was something that I done myself. I've known to blame myself, but it's it just shows me where I'm at as a man. And I tell you what was.


Yes. For the first time in my life ever.


Yeah. I brought a pair of pajamas to the hotel. Oh, my God.


And you were actually there yourself and I was packing up on head up to the hotel on south of the border and I was packing.


And I think, well, what I was going to be two nights in the hotel.


I think I should be at this great opportunity to go to bed early.


I can't be walking around comfortable in the night because it was quite cold last week.


So so I packed a pair of pajamas here.


The worst news slip once again. Once again. No, no, no, not so. Stay in the hotel for two nights. Somebody knocks on your door. Nope, nope. Stay in the hotel for two nights and after night one, it's going to be pajamas.


And I fold them and I put them under the pillow.


Oh, there's no there's no rice. I'm an old man. I'm an old man. I'm telling you that for a week. Pair of pajamas to Dublin.


I was watching something reminded me of, you know, those reeling back the years, but it wasn't that sheer necessarily. I fucking love that. Yeah, I wish it was. I would love to be alive in the 70s again.


Would you fuckin love it?


Sideburns and slow cars and flared trousers.


Women addicted to fuken slimline tonics.


I complan four boys, six lads get out to the back of a Volkswagen, about fourteen point state men in Farra slacks and Faraji hats.


You get a hat when you were eight. You wouldn't take it off till you admit the devil.


Do you know what I mean? Fuckin love all.


Was there less rules or he was just more Irish. A hundred people in the dressing room of a match night and on top of each other smokes more people.


People coming on the late Late Show with four and eight fags and a glass of whisky. Yellow fingers on old man fucking love that. Read it.


But I had a quasi pushy pubes and everything. The level walking around with big, bushy pubes like what the fuck were they were every big fucking do gooders kind of wondered what the fuck big hairy legs are man and old black socks.


I can dubarry shoes, moss holes, you know. But I was so it reminded me of a time before my time.


But I wanted to ask you about us, about when condoms were banned in in Ireland, when they when you couldn't buy them on the norm unless we have a description or.


Yeah. Putsy, when the whole condom thing was before we were riden.


So that whole condom thing was in the 80s, early Christian. We were never back. It was never. But in 1988, yeah, the condom machine was confiscated from Trinity College by the cops.


By the guards. I was introduced.


Were you there when it happened there in the bathroom? We would need a contract back then because all in all, a woman who was fucking close the door of the bedroom and you you are spent.


I mean, if you got up into the bedroom, oh, Jesus Christ.


The size of her fucking nightdress, I am about to making a mess of myself. And it's good night for me. We didn't need condoms back then.


No, no. Was just it was just a lovely freeness to it. There was a float.


Well it would have been a great business. Wouldn't have been for someone selling contraband condoms.


I remember those machines that come into the toilets of the pubs in Ireland and there were mint and banana flavour and strawberry flavored and known as shite and by the urinal.


Know what? I was just interested.


We used to call them Robert Johnny's. That was never used that word. Condoms. It's just a technical term. They were in Navin, they were rubber Johnnys and Temi.


As a as a young woman, what was your relationship to condoms like.


Like would, would you, would you like them. Were they a necessary thing. Were there pain in the backside. Were they.


Well I wouldn't know Tommy because I mean isn't she great for compris and she's made for prizing all the secrets those of us. But was the fulcrum the cameras are turned. Well, I couldn't possibly.


So we want to tell me why were you carrying this until you get married?


I come on, Larry, to please this is a podcast of the highest intimacy. We are a family. I am just. I'm ok. OK, no worries there.


Was it not the men's responsibility to have them?


Well, have you ever been in a situation where you might think that, look, if it feels this conversation is making you feel uncomfortable?


So I have a very I have a very easy way of just loosening the flow. Let's talk about Audrey.


So the third person was Audrey against the condom.


Again, again, again, again, again. This is like don't you get no defensive? I asked you a simple question about the situation, and we know you changed it into women's things. It was the man's responsibility, was it?


But we have to go into a pharmacy and buy about seven packets of fisherman's friends, four packets of food and three inch lipstick and then say, excuse me, I'll take them.


And that would you feather light or something.


And we get the packet and we run home and we'd be delighted.


Durex, Maxie, Max, Max. I see. Max Ultra maximum power straight.


What did you do? Action special bilayer Durex High Duty Insulation Dopamine's Penetration Subspecialists Patagonia presents Durex ultra slim ultra tight lights.


Yeah, back in the day was ultra ultra safe but somebody back from Phuket, Thailand, I've got a hundred and fifty packets of banana Johnnys boys are a big boys. Meet you in the middle of the fucking Régis after school. Banana. Yeah. So it was your responsibility as young males to have them in your wallets, you'd never be so presumptuous so that a woman would want to sleep with you to be Karen.


But what would you do then if you did? It was safe, if you didn't have one and you were when it came to it, but there was never a problem.


These things happen. They are to happen and they don't happen. The reason it's not over. This was just a moment of beauty. If you can't.


If not, it's not like if you couldn't have sex, there was no crack to be had to him saying, I get you, I get you there.


Was you improvised. Yeah.


Like put around the foreplay. Went on for about four days back then before you actually you were awful and experienced six or seven hours just full of the joys of it was like go to bed will be like laying down with the lamb.


We were just all frisky and good natured and no, nobody intended jumping around like getting fucking pinned by a dirty old ram.


But the smell of ownership of holy is like Friskies will be from heaven.


And the fellow said to be one to be splashed all over the place. I wouldn't know where it was because I.


It was good. Yeah.


It's just nice champagne. And you thought that was normal walking the dishes. You'd be working the ditty for days.


Did you work. And you put it in a couple of hours on the lockjaw from the did you.


And you know what to read and if you come out, if you already got the de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de back then was the ultimate.


So how is it changed now? So much.


I married you. Oh oh oh oh oh. God bless the baby.


It isn't like we're married. I was the did he work your favorite parts of at the starting point.


Was that, was that to go to.


I know you said that with a kiss in a biscuit and biscuits and then it's a heavy burden then. But we're way down to the Pacific coast down under the neck and neck.


We know not our weekend. No fights. You'd be coming out. She'd be taking no bites.


Tommy, not a funny story. A friend of mine, Hickies, friend of mine, ended up in hospital with third degree burns on Mickey. What?


Yeah, why? He said he was dying and he's going to shoot me. She said she says, I don't like that at least. What do you look? She's a know.


Toothpaste tube of toothpaste, Mickey. It's all part of the country. So they called him Coalgate Cock for the hospital. No, no, no, no, no, no. You write them out. You know, apparently when you write them on the street, I'll do it. If I came, we were just happy. We were just there, happy to be lying.


Like, if you ever find yourself like most of our corton was done outdoors up again, wall up against wall down lanes are in a field or in a harbor.


So it was never it's never going to be escalate into never have a lava lamp beside the bed with a lot of fucking.


So if you ever found yourself in a situation where you are even to be in bed with somebody and if if she never took off her underpants, just talking about what she did, you know, if she was there on the ground in the bathroom, you just press man.


I could be just hopping around the room with the for the people that happened here and there. And she turned a blind man.


You'd just be destroyed, I think, like, relentless.


And you could go again and again and again and again and again. And again and again. I just.


And you couldn't believe you look like you should be there, like, oh, man, I think you for making the happiness of us. I was just out of just energy.


But how would you like retell the story to have another friend, like, you know, how men like you talk about stuff like that.


Would you say not? Maybe never. I don't know.


I don't think that ever happens. You never say I was in a bed last night with a woman. No, no, I promise you that it was so good natured. Yeah. And it was I my memory of it is of taking the kindness and the generosity of young women so seriously and so genuinely that you would never be.


Oh, yeah. No, I know.


Because what stage is and if you got the bra off, I was like, oh my God, it was staged. And then you tried to loosen the belt.


You try best to get the arm down now.


You couldn't know that or that. Then you'd be into sinister and more sinister.


Then it gets in your you're going to be under pressure then all of a all creatures, great and small. You're like James Harris.


What the key was, if the bottom of the floor if your fly was undone, then it was like, oh, it was all my memory of it is really, really good natured.


So I think it's a wonderful thing. You know, women have to be in control, don't they, as well as men. Women have to be in control.


So why haven't condoms in the bag or in the same as in the wallet on the pocket? No. Larita. Yes.


Can you comment on this? I'm just thinking about you like you always do.


You know, you'd almost prefer to take the chance of getting somebody pregnant than going through the embarrassment of buying this.


I bought a whole box or book critics tell me this now, Lamarque.


Oh, look, I'm back on my life. How many of your birthdays are birthday parties? Do you remember? It's not mad. What did I write down there so. Wow, I like this look at this sector has all the numbers written down that he wants to talk about as well as the fucking Quinceo.


Look, look, look, 25 to 30 at 42, 58. So I remember my 13th birthday, which was at the Gaeltacht.


And in the year I remember that. Remember, I remember my 18th birthday.


I was fuckin leaving cert. I was. Yeah. And my granny, the only one in my family, my granny drove over from Athlone where a fork and a slice of cake for me. I waited in the car park at the school until I was finished the exam and I finished and I walked in and I sat in the car beside her and she said, Happy birthday and a slice of cake in the care.


Oh, that was nice. I remember my 21st birthday drinking on my own in Navan because I was living in Galway and I said to myself, I'll go home for May 21st.


And I was half thinking, only way I'm going to get a couple of quid off the old pair. Yeah, I went home.


I headed into town. I made no arrangements and I was sitting in a fucking pub on my own.


And now these stories are killing me. That's the truth. Barcelona on your own, wandering around the streets and now you're having your 21st, the 21st, the Netherlands.


Did you have a party? And I was on my own drinking. But the think I got, the more people I was telling the truth as far as I know and believe me, because I was drinking on my own. Who is this fucking unpopular?


Olson that he has no powers and he's fucking drinking by himself.


Might the next thing I remember is I remember my fortieth birthday and my wife went to great trouble of inviting all of my friends and my family. But we were there.


Yeah, I wasn't drinking. I was only sober contin the fucking room. He was going to have to hide his jacket, making sure everyone was happy.


So I didn't I didn't really get to fucking let go of crack and spill myself all over the floor and basically stop and be minded.


The following morning, your beautiful wife bringing in you know, you've got a bit our hand last night, but here we start the day with a glass of champagne to put you right in your head.


My fiftieth birthday, I spent on a fucking silent Buddhist retreat. Oh, she's right. And nobody whose birthday I was taking the break couldn't even tell her. I had taken a vow of silence for the ten days. And halfway through the ten days, I turned fifty and the you know, Jagi did, you know?


But I felt I wanted me sign language. You down on a piece of paper.


No, I fell at that. I work with you befriended a I felt I felt that I work with is also on the silent retreat.


And he knew it was my birthday and he couldn't even see me. I couldn't speak.


So halfway through one of the meditations, it was an open a meditation where you just stare at the floor halfway through. Would it be meditations?


I fucking glanced over at him and he glanced over at me and he fucking winked at that with him. I was like, that was the fiftieth fucking birthday. So I've had a disaster. So tell me about years. Tell me about your birthday. You remember. Did you remember anything?


I remember my eighteenth birthday. I was camping on the shores of Lake Theravada because I was working for the Navy in the Irish language in the winter. And it was after the last summer course. And I used to run this thing called Compa Finish, which was the Fenian camp where I get a few hardcore Irish lads about fifteen, sixteen. We'd get a load of tents and we go in these military maneuvers in the woods down near Lake D'Rivera, and we'd camp on the lake and we you could teach them mother of all combats on us.


And we we would speak Irish and we do military maneuvers.


And it would make you forget that again that time we call it the of finished the Fenian camp and it was suddenly get an extra course for the hard core Irish speakers that were really Irish speakers.


Yeah. The boys that were really into it, like raising the flag and stuff. Yes, but you get my drift.


I can't really elaborate a little bit more is over time I spilled the beans, what diplomatic immunity we would be.


This will be the lads that would be really into Cloche Intervene and the Gwalia and all for the cause.


And so the flag to tricolour the United the the United Ireland. Yes.


The enemy has to be defeated. There's the fucking eighteen year old and 15 year olds in a ward in fucking Theravada raising the flag.


It was just such a shock of budget over the next. Nothing to write back these clowns. Yeah, we all have a pair of binoculars. Got a look at all. All right. Since the job, she's our daughter, but we crawled through the woods down the hill. We'd wait that we'd wait in the woods with fake guns.


We made a wash would mean, well, what do you what do you go on you have here. Right. A roiling cock in your. So who's got the map right? How much of your point to a conference call could prove to be right? Got it. All right.


It sounds like that laser photos of me in the Compa finish you want to see in the court of us and would you have like to the black market like my whole face.


And this this was a mixture between the FDA, S.A.S., who dares wins and and the Irish Army.


And it was so it was my 18th birthday on and locked out of our it was such a special place in the Crooked World, Cricklewood, that I love that little village outside Mullingar. But Crocket Wood was the nearest point near a shop.


We were self-sufficient for five days and five nights at the lake.


I was especially asking a question top of my head, this is what you're doing, right?


But was there an adult? He was. The government was an adult in the organization, said Hector.


Will you take them, by the way, for military training? I'm the adult.


No, no. But whose idea was it to take the train? This was a long standing thing for this radical groups.


It was Califate Kelly, fat Kelly, fat, Kelly, fat. This was more belly fat.


Nanami, this was for more like you understand, these these guys were going to two or three months of summer courses. They were working as country and prefect's they were already assimilated into the cause.


I want to know is I understand that you are taking the from the parents of home in head office is kind of sanctioning this office like sometimes. And after taking the new recruits out to the would be fucking he had them for five days, they'd be fit to fucking kill when they come in.


I know it was one of those for you next week. It was it looks like something from the fucking black and I have a great picture of them are all in combat.


And you obviously take it really serious. Yeah, we're all dressed in combat from head to toe. Woody Allen's what it says is who dares wins it?


It's boy, he's going to come on until maneuvers and crawling through the mud and who. Wait, wait. Have you ever waited at a lump of moss in a war zone?


Your and I it's quiet.


And you ask me, were you waiting for on maneuvers? The reason they were waiting was waiting for themselves to get tired. You were tactical maneuvers. You have to fucking wait, wait until the time is right.


But Hector, who is the enemy? The enemy is everywhere. Was there a fox? What. The enemy is everywhere. Wherever. He's everywhere. You just don't know.


I will create a maneuver every day.


Was there like the trees? Where don't you go on an expedition? What would you look like on an expedition? We were recruits. What were you like?


What are you like trained in the under fifty that titles. Right, let's get out. Like go around the beach with the side of the lake, for example, was not going which is, which is the mountain where you can see seven counties. And so we would say right today if you could get there and take it over, that would be a huge thing.


We do not have a map of the lake and it's about seven miles long. So I would say we would go to point eight now, which is and we'd have our compasses and we get to point B. And then we climb the top of the mountain.


And the whole thing is a move that have been seen. Yeah, but we'd sit on top of the mountain that would lie on the top of the mountain like meadow long grass, and we'd be all the way through the meadow on our hands and knees.


Did he ever actually see anyone else, did anyone else see or did you see anyone that knew we were there was on the cover.


We were here, but my mother came with a present for me. I be here, by the way. She brought more shopping for you. Look, your mom and you, you're the cutest here. But we she had a yellow citron visa. Hector's mother asked. All right. Yes, my mother. My mother, the Yellow Citzen Visa. Right. And she drove down through the fields.


Government was never forget it because I didn't want to sit a visa coming into the camp.


So I just ran up the field to me, Trina, my mother, and she brought me down a fucking Leevi jacket for my 18th birthday.


And she said, I got this for you in the can on and off. And she knew I wanted I was a big into the denim Leevi jackets and she gave me the jacket.


Can I ask you, did she think you weren't going to come back?


She knew I was big into the language and all of this since the 1970s that was my age.


I never forget the image of a Citron visa coming down the field towards the military camp and we couldn't let her into the camp.


My Isentress I Vlad's on sentry duty through the night and through the day stuff you had to tell had you walkie talkies resolutely.


Walkie talkies, binoculars. Go ahead.


And that's what you choose. Go ahead.


I'm going to make sure we are on top of the task force passed on to over a hundred yards down the road over torture cages.


So that was my year. Do you ever go back on those trips? I think we will.


And did the training does the training ever come in years to come and useful in any other part of your life? No.


For four, you can understand that we were I was in the summer college together for June, July and August to the college where that finish the last one that we all sat on the 20th of August. But we wouldn't be sad because on the Sunday when the course had over, I'd have my little band of No.11 Disciple's, my 11 apostles, and we'd all head to the lake, then four more for manoeuvers.


How many did you have them up?


And you know, we have all tactical displays, compasses, everything. This was high tech.


We didn't have live Bibles and paper and they cauchon out at nighttime on a big fire. And we had we had our tent assembled with an Irish flag flying high. Every day we take it up and take it down.


Our teeth are brought to our shelter. Would you sing the national anthem? Yes. And then we take it down a folded properly legislation. What did you do for your 21st?


Can you. I don't know. I can't remember what the fuck happened with 24. My 38 I had in Spain with about 20 minutes. We went to Torrevieja. We rented a house in a complex and 20 of us went out to Torrevieja. And I don't remember much of that. I remember being in a swimming pool and a baby's pool at eight o'clock in the morning and we all took the little plastic seats down into the baby's pool and we were still up and we had cigars and bottles of rum.


And it was it was early morning. We done a good night shift. We were partying. We went to a club called Patcher.


And then at one stage at four o'clock in the morning, this club, the roof opened.


But there was a whole terraced area and it was banging technol.


And we were having to go. We went down to the monks bar, you know, the you know, the monk among the monks. Oh, yes.


Oh, yeah. The monk bonobos are in Torrevieja called the priest's chair of the Druids chair or something like that. And we had heard of the monks and the pope. So we went in there for an afternoon and then we went to a nightclub and it was Pasha. And the next morning I remember it a great night that night, both sitting in the baby's pool with about 20 of your mates and all the women, all the men, all the boys were just sitting there smoking cigars and beautiful.


And can you remember your your favorite was in the electric pick? My party. My party.


I was lucky not to know what the thing was.


That was, you know, that was roofs off there. I was lucky enough that the boys, a friend of mine who were involved in Electric Picnic gave me permission. And John Randall's God bless them when I rang them and I said I wanted to do this because a lot of mates were working behind the scenes at the electric picnic.


I said, is there any way we can give me a little tent or something? Just some little corner and up in a big tent.


It was a fucking massive tent in the near the electric arena when everyone else pissed off. I closed the area.


We had our own massive tent. You can fit a couple of thousand in there.


We just had there was a lot of er there was a safari full of different eclectic types of people. A lot of the crew come in there.


Tommy was in the middle of us and dancin with no drugs and drink with me because your fortieth was coming up and you weren't drinking, you weren't you weren't drinking.


And how long did you last.


And that's a good while because I'm I once I get to be dancin and hard stuff, I can imagine you're in the garden and I don't have a lot of moves, but the ones that I do have, I'm very comfortable with.


Oh, so that was me for I did nothing for me.


Fiftieth I did not and nothing says the man who was on a train. I do with me fiftieth.


I think you have a dinner at the house. I don't know. But anyway, it's not a good one. How can we. We don't mind to do something for your fiftieth. It just. I think I might have. No, I just sort of did. What did we do was go away with the missus. I can't fucking remember.


But isn't it funny the way the 21st really happened, sixtieth birthdays, or is that inappropriate?


Well, ask her. Ask us closest to the last time. But I, I, I ever feel like Michael Mantle for me, sister.


Well you'll have to do I know you do all the frustrations from 13, 18, 21, 40 and 50.


And I'm just going to go fucking wild apeshit. I'm going, I'm going to do well. I am going to hire out if the health board would let me deal with psychiatric hospital ballinasloe.


Oh, that's appropriate.


There's going to be a different drug in every room, different music at barbecues and ferlazzo from India and any crime improvising guitar, you could go the belly dancing and fucking and Buddhism, as Avella said, pointing to his own skull.


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I, my wife is very musical and obviously would declare blood in the inaudible instruments or she plays the flute which is very good.


Tin whistle blower. Oh very good. Very, very good tennis player.


And she's very, she would, she wouldn't say that but I know she is. The flute is out to the side. Yes. The flute.


And so she's able to to do the funny thing with the little lady Barellan.


So before we go on for a few questions, would you ever play for her own comfort in the house, know the flute is in under the bed? In its box, yes, it was under the bed, loses under the bed, it only comes out of was the flute, the flute is under the bed, where should the flute is?


And it's packed away on it only comes out at Stevens is OK for the friends around and around and around and around the run.


So whichever to get it in was the where's the support of the tin whistle down the cutlery and the company that she's reported whistles in the country because you see yeah, there was a time when the boys were in Baltimore, more national school that they were all doing their, you know, de de de de de de de de la.


And it was thriving, dismantling the dawning of the day to go to the Christmas Nativity play.


And now we have we have a senior people that people can mentor while you're not my youngest boy said would be always there acting as if he's playing and he plays.


Not an useless rijn, took up the banjo, was decent on the banjo, and I had these invasions of the boys. The banjo, we banjo three. You live up the road.


We came down and played for the Communion Orian's Communion with a bit of an old tent out the back.


And we had a Perrone on draught and I through uncles and aunts and uncles and aunts coming in.


And I, I we buy Joe three plane and we can't get Perrone. And after a while at the toll glasses, after a while I could see ever getting a little bit.


But that's not the best because I know it was really super strong.


So by the end of night anyway, Reena's on the banjo, he's learned that so dip that would be trying to teach the boys the tin whistle she's really gotten was the best and worst player in the country. The lady from Spain called Mary Bergen. Oh yeah. Who's an absolute she's the Jimi Hendrix of the train whistle so that she would always put it behind our head and play.


You guys are here to play psychedelic and there must be some way to the to the field.


But I mean, does your wife play for her own comfort and amusement ever?


Oh, no.


Stephens's day we go to a local pub over the road and it'd be about 60 people in there about four o'clock in the evening, and she would just hootch into the session.


And just for those of you who don't know Hector's wife, the families, the Kifner for Caylee.


So they'd be that's just to pretend this was a sound.


In their high school, and I wasn't just a the soft stump on the floor of the town is fucking hot and sand and all that side.


So music is big in their heads, but it hasn't. Rena's has given up the banjo. Shane has no interest in it. And it reminded me of when I and this is the thing when I try to learn a musical instrument. My mother had the wiseness to go downtown one day and buy me a guitar. I was about nine years of age and I used to have to go to classes to learn the guitar so I would put the guitar in the bag and walk from my house every Saturday morning about a mile towards the first bridge.


And then I'd get down, climb down the side of the bridge and walk along the train tracks for another two miles and go to this house to cover the album now and get on the train just like that.


While you were talking, I'd go along the train tracks then at and go down towards the Kel's road and I'd get off the train tracks and then I'd go down to this house and there was a little sort of an old anarchist flat roof beside it. And I'd knock on the door and it was the home of the Bogie Boys and Smit's. Very musical family. And the sister is one day at a time. One day it sweet Jesus, that's what they were born.


And again, that's that's a conclusion because what the sister was born in the song who sang I'm only loads of people.


No, I'm just a woman. Louise Morrissey. No, Lord help me.


He'd say Mrs. Smith and help me. You've forgotten her name. I'm trying to remember as I sing this.




Margot. I'm just a woman. Margot related to Daniel.


Yes. No, no, it wasn't Margot. It was. It was Gloria. Gloria. And it was no ordinary last 14 weeks.


Oh, and so this. Yeah. And the bogy Gloria Smith. Is that Marie Osmond. I know that Bogie Boys were very famous. Rock and roll band in Ireland in the 80s. Tony Smetana. All the boys were in the Bogie Boys and that's the house when the biggest is down from the Boogie Boys would teach me the guitar and I'd knock on the door and was Saturday morning at 10:00 and I would bring in my fifty or my pound. Oh yeah.


And drop it in. The thing that the box and I sit on a plastic chair and I'd go, OK, here we go.


Don't and then don't make me. I was Old MacDonald for about six months.


It was cash. Back, back, back, back, back, back. And I put the bag with the gas tanks right there. OK, see you next week.


Rock and roll legend back on the train tracks. Yeah, OK.


And you're doing the right thing here.


And the way I'd walk up the train tracks, I'd walk off the train tracks, I'd get stung by nettles on the way back up and then I climb up to the top of the bridge at the bridge and then walk another mile and a half past all the tinkers. And then I get home to the bungalow. And then I go in and my mother say, there's a split, a sandwich spread. There were two slices of ham and some sandwich spread left over or the salad cream.


Have your lunch. And then she said, Did you learn much today? And I go, I did take it out there.


Let me think that I don't know.


I'm not on the sidelines. So after three years, it is right.


Every Saturday morning. No, let's just go out in the rain that we're walking and down the road and the blades of grass, the tracks enter the fog could take the pound in the walk in your pocket.


Was there God fuck this fucking shit. For one day in the sitting room, I said, fuck the guitar. And I thought, oh, oh, you said disciplinarians fucking four years ago. I was like, well, I was like, no, no more fucking old MacDonald for me to go there anyway that I like to turn off the cable end of the house will go.


And that was my that was the only time I tried to learn and it was it was that journey.


So. So do you guys have a plan? I played the tin whistle all the time, but I just want to play at the same thing all the time.


It's not your party piece, but I can I can play the dawning of the day and I can play Sean from Garryowen. You know, it was my sister got married initially and there was a band. They played the role for anyone. And I said to them on the next night, you know, and we were having a big barbecue and they're playing outside. And I said, I can play that and whistle. I brought it with me.


And they were like, oh, brilliant, come on. So it's the next thing. They were like, do you want me to would we support you? Blair? I said, I'm happy enough to go alone. But I said, You can join in if you want. Next thing I started by de de de de de de de de de de de de. They were like everyone was sitting around going, is this supposed to be a grown adult and good.


Your sister and she and the band or they're going look at it actually like the day the Mediterranean. And then they're saying there's in your article too fast and too slow for us to join in.


Remarkable gift to be able to go too slow and too fast. Didn't know that.


I love that if I stop Mediterranean Hotel and then I said I have another one.


And they were like, no, no, it's OK, it's all right. And I was like, no, I just bought this idea. Geet, the Zorn's are. And then I got to vote. I got to vote and then I was like, I think I'll leave it at that. Now, like, I just can't remember the end. So and I still had the tin whistle and I still bring it out every now and then.


Have you ever done it? No.


Do you think that your competitive people.


Who you are. Yeah. And how would that so, you know, it doesn't overrule my life. Yeah. I don't like oh my God, I have to win everything. But I do like to win things.


So where would you get an opportunity to express your competitiveness. Am I play Scrabble sometimes? I'm not racist. I do like to maybe just a little bit of you play with your fellow.


You're not on TV. Yeah. No, he he's good at words. Yeah. So that's a problem said because I can't spell that many words and he even knows Latin words. So, you know, it's a bit of a problem, so don't win that much.


But I think my competitiveness came from playing football and, you know, doing that, you know, running and stuff when you have a kid. But where does it come out now?


Like like arguments? Oh, you have to win arguments. I like winning arguments here. And then if I contentless and just.


Yeah. And then if I think I've lost the I'll say it, but I sure. That's what I said. I'll change my argument. You know, I just that's what I was trying to tell you.


I'm like, you know, do I have no doubt that you are quite competitive with arguments? Yes. You do like to have the last word and you always do. That's what I said. Ten minutes long. Exactly. That's your signature move.


I said as an arguer. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I said to my father all the time, when you're fairly fucking relentless as well, you, you don't let your go. You're just fuckin. Yeah. That is an old thing. Yeah.


Well it's my I don't know what's my thing but say now with you work as a fundraiser for the mayor's common hospital. How does being competitive that. Or I just come out, not ought to be on that, but you'd still like to succeed and get money for the charity, so you'd be kinda doing everything you are now.


So the mayor Roscommon Hospice is a charitable organization that survives entirely on funding.


Who are your enemies with the slogan to be a Dabi, if you to say it was a fundraiser on us vs. the local eating bugs. So who would be your enemies? Oh, it's charity.


Those you don't have on who are your enemies. It would be definitely not another hospice.


That wouldn't be your your enemy because you'd be trying to that would be the movement.


You'd be working with the fundraisers in there every day. I know that bitch. And Slagle is on the phone again. Yeah. Yeah, I know.


You wouldn't be with the the. Yeah. I mean I wouldn't be like that now.


I'd be like what charity do you think get enough fuckin money in the juice to give the rest of you a bit of a break. The ones are the thing I hate the most. Yes. About for any time I get it off your chest.


But any type of fundraising is ones that don't go to a charity post. You mean like, say, for instance, this woman in England, she was a I think she was I don't like politician RAICES.


I think she was a politician and her cat needed to get cataract operation done, right? Yes. She set up a go fund me page. Go fuck yourself.


Yeah. And she was really, really, really wealthy. And the cash, she put loads of pictures, the cat up and look at its eyes and oh my God, the cat.


And people started pouring money into the school fund webpage. And that's what I don't like because there's no accountability for that page.


She could raise 20000 and the cat's operation cost too much and she could just keep the rest of the money.


Would you have no problem, say, with an ad for an old donkey who has only three legs and the one one guy gets a replacement leg?


Yeah, you've no problem with charities that work with donkeys. Oh, no, I've no problem the charities that are raising the money.


Yeah, but I don't like say, for instance, if I needed a new haircut and I couldn't afford to get it done and I could set up a fund me page and I could get 20000 euro for a hair cos I don't like that.


OK, so I have a hostility towards I don't come across much, much of it. Like it's becoming more and more and more popular.


Yeah, no I mean getting away, the majority of people are going to be honest and they're not going to set up a page just for the crack like.


Yeah but it's a big thing like you you could see Hectors, their little group that they used to go out doing their training for.


You know, that that group that you had your confidence if you decided to have that group now go for me, you could set up a go for me for hundreds of thousand people taking donations. Exactly. And there's no there's no regulation to that.


I don't like that you wouldn't be competitive in fundraising like. Oh, I try I wouldn't say, for instance, APPAR, like other charity that's running alongside, as I wouldn't try and track them down and let all the money taken from us. I wouldn't do that. No, but he said that sentence so fluently.


The idea is obviously crossed your mind.


Are you competitive? How am I. You are competitive. I know, Tommy. There's no point in your life.


You're such a lawyer. I go to your house to play pool the best of. Yeah, but that's totally the to ten. I know. I know.


I know. I need to get a walks changes when he's ahead of me and he just gets a bit more. No, no.


And he loves it when he beats me. Don't you already beat me at the pool. Let's just say do you love it when you beat me. I love you. I love you.


I love seeing Tommy so far. I love seeing Tommy Botnick you back in the ring. And then I see in the back of the car we drank about six Ponseti and I was right. I'll talk to you. Yeah, I'll talk to you.


And he puts that I've been bet ten for ten for you and your heads that that's a bad beat in the first couple of frames or trappy.


But then when I open up that am when I start to get the short guy and I start doing them long parts that easy just to make. Never even met.


I'm up tight against the cushion there like this and he knows it's coming for me.


I've been watching you putting balls, we've been watching you and balls for all these years.


We're fanatics. So tell me about.


So that's I will be compatible you because you're a good player now, but you have to raise my game, me other places where you're competitive.


We have tables in our house and we're fanatics, fanatics, you know, you competitive. When I was playing squash table tennis in the table tennis, table tennis in school, I beat Alan Riley.


I was in for class. He was in sixth class. And I became the table tennis champion of school Murray way back in the day. And my picture is in still in the hallway. And there's a picture of me and I'm still in the school.


Still in the school.


But I was for class and I was beaten a lot from sixth in table tennis. So I was competitive back then. That's it.


Like a League of Origin team beaten for comparing back in the Bundesliga.


Yes, I'm I competitive as a coach with my team that I'm coaching.


Yes, Lord. There will be blood. Blood of Quadir like on the sideline raud. No, I remember when you and I were coaching, they remember I told you the story about.


Liverpool legends and legends can be found, and myself and Hector got to play 15 minutes each with the with the two teams, but we were kind of half told beforehand that we'll be the coaches of the team and stupidity that was for shouting instructions to European Cup winners and Cup medalists by now that they hold it, hold it back four and push.


All right. I remember when John Nigel Davenport, African quality footballer, I remember him, your double, double, double gold.


So you have a natural. Yeah. Coming. So what are you, like on the sideline of the G8?


What I'm learning, what I'm learning as a coach got into a minor season, which is to start I will not be as boisterous or aggressive on the side. And there's no point now showing that these young men, because the football, they know they're better players than I'll ever be.


So it's now time for me to step back, to get my point across before the end of the pitch and for them to do the work. And I've told my coaches and my manager, the lads, there's no minimum Washington. There's no more shouting now it's up to them. So what I'm trying to do is take that step back and be very calm. Jim Galván, ask, are you Sean Boyle and ask, are you coming back competitive with your work?


Like, would you look at other travel presenters and go, that fuckin I would be a little bit I would be a little bit and I wouldn't be competitive if I hear if I hear anymore, I'm not that competitive. Not that he totally is competitive.


If I hear any fucking more of film stars going around the world on fucking motorbikes gone around the bend around the world, and it's called the long way around it just me and my best friend with another bike and were in Mongolia. And this is amazing. And this is the best and hardest thing we've ever done. My accessor, my fucking Boilesen, my feet, I've blisters, I'm dehydrated with diarrhea, not bollocks. Just turn the camera and assure the 55 crew win and fuckin Winnebago's big pile of shit.


Yeah. Yeah. See what you're drunk over and tell me after we're peeling back the layers.


No, Minnawi, that's not competitive.


That's because that's because you have done the real hard core and just 3V on the road. You know these boys are funded by the BBC.


You're funded by six Strawn's by the MacLaughlin divide in the one.


No I or maybe a survival guide that says is right. I'm here, I'm on the west coast of Ireland and this is an amazing and he's a very famous survival guide. And I like Ramirez bushcraft. That's the only guide I like Ramirez. But this famous guy with black hair that used to be in the military that has a posh accent from England that gets sponsored for everything he does if he raises the spoon he sponsored. But he said he came to Ireland and he says on the west coast of Ireland is one of the most rugged places I've ever been.


This reminds me of Antarctica in Patagonia. I don't know where I am. I'm disorientated, I'm cold, I'm hypothermic, I'm hungry. I haven't eaten in six days. I'm going to eat is a sweet moss. I'm going to try and go about seven miles this way. The wind is coming in. I better get some shelter. I better bring some shelter. It's getting cold. My hands are numb. I've nothing here except a penknife. Oh, look, there's a carcass of a sheep.


Oh well, he's just walking.


Stumbled across a carcass of a sheep. Yeah. I've only got one knife here. It's going to be pretty difficult. This reminds me when I cut the umbilical cord of my child, I fucking saw what he saw. This sheep saw this sheep wide open all night. As night is falling, I'm hypothermic. If I don't get warmth, I'll die. I think I'm going to wrap myself into the intestines of the sheep and sleep here tonight. I'm going to envelop the sheep and goats around me and sleep inside the sheep and hopefully wake up close in the morning.


I'll be alive. Bollocks. They stayed in a hotel in fucking Clifton that night. It's bollocks. Oh, Jesus, tell me I ask you the question is, I don't think he's competitive at all.


I don't think he's compassionate towards people like I would say from that conversation.


He's. I don't like the type of shows that try and fool an audience. Yes. Yes. Thank you all for download in the podcast. Wherever you are around the world or whatever parish are in round Ireland were delighted with the reaction. Click and subscribe to Spotify and Google and Edgecast and all the places where you get your podcasts. And that's it for today. Mind yourselves of long.


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