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Season's greetings, everybody. This is the made Christmas podcast, the turkeys, Don, the ham is gone. Christmas Day is over.


And we're here lying low until New Year's Eve. Hope you're all safe and sound wherever you are. Listen to this podcast, be it at home or abroad. This is the Tommy and Hector show with Larita Bluiett Bio-Energy 10 of us.


Let's talk about Hasheesh. Oh, no.


You're going to say. Yeah, I just I have never been. I used to take drugs, you know, and I used to.


But my the drugs that I took were drugs that said one over there and say, Lord, that one, you know, there weren't drugs that made me retreat into the cave of my own skull.


I've always been curious about hashish. I've never smoked it. Really.


It never I remember coming to the about the age of 17 and Navin and there was a chunk, chunk, chunk and any chunk of chunk chunk and I but it never ever and I know there's a huge culture of it now and there's a huge movement now to get marijuana legalized.


And people who smoke a good bit of it would say, oh, it's fine, you know, it's just like coffee, you know.


But I've never I've never understood the drug, you know, any experience at all from it.


And once or twice you smoke a puff of a pot. But it didn't take you anywhere. Never. It never I never said, geez, I must go back for more.


It was always it made me too insular.


And my eyes, instead of looking out, would turn around and be looking back into my head.


And I didn't like the view.


And so I just one would have saw your one of your things from Africa and you met some kind of big. Fuckin rad rajar fuckin ganja head, remember him was in the parlor?


No, it was an Africa issue in the chat.


Oh no, no. Yeah, yeah. It was a rapper, was he not?


Remember, he it's all about the fucking Rastafari. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Look, I think Irish people have a love hate relationship with Hasheesh. I mean, how many people have been at a party in Ireland and they go into the kitchen and there's plenty of drink and it's two o'clock in the morning, somebody rolling a joint and it nails them.


They they smoke up next minute to an hour later. They're out in the garden puke and it's helicopters. They've had a whitey. I mean, the problem here in this country, I think, is we drink way too much alcohol and then mix in the ganja and the hashish.


Hashish in other countries is just celebrated. I mean, we go to Amsterdam and we drink the pubs. Right. And then we smoke ganja. I mean, you're supposed to smoke ganja and smoke hashish on its own and then drink tea and sit down and have a chat. I mean, Irish people have twenty points a Guinness and then have a spliff and then they'd be nailed into the seat.


Yeah, it's just pot hasheesh. Jesus.


Like like would it be could you have a joint every morning.


And I know, I know many, many people in professional jobs, very, very good jobs who love to smoke in the evening. They love it. Nothing better than sitting down bit on Netflix.


I wanted to do to it chills. Chill the fuck out. Everyone is relaxed.


OK, and then you get the munchies for me sometimes. Ganja ah hashish over the years. As I get older, you probably got it, I fucking pay the mortgage is a fucking mortgage paid, don't you start it, start these mortgages on a direct deposit, remember, you know, you do paranoia, paranoia.


Come in and you have a cash mortgage. I know. But you know what I like? You can be there for the folk at the ABC.


Inside the body is like you want to be in the right frame of mind.


You don't want to be smoking a joint and then going in, trying to be normal, got into a supermarket now.


Could be good fun. I think there's an awful lot of people smoking more and more people smoking now than ever before.


Marijuana and ganja has taken over from hasheesh, 150 percent taken over. So hashish is the block hushes.


The block is the soap bar. It's the squidgy. It's yes, it's the black. It's the.


I remember years ago.


Yeah. Go on. The whatso.


That is so, so so hash combs hash is made is is the condensed juice that's made into the briquettes the log but up this milk.




That's what used to be very popular in Ireland and this was always known as Fites but the feis. But you always get hash ananas when there was no hash anywhere in Ireland.


Kitayama in Morocco the Lebanese kodama would be a very famous place for grown for making hash Lebanese gold Kitayama Nepalese black. But that's few and far between because marijuana has exploded.


So the weed, weed and there are many, many growers of weed in Ireland. Really good quality growers and people who are getting no more than.


But they're all growers on the sly.


Yeah, no more than in fucking their little henhouses and they did their best one ever was.


About four years ago on the nine o'clock news. I myself and we go live now to outside Garthe where some report was done. It's this house. Yes. Reports here of the incident where six people were detained last night and over 650000 cannabis plants were taken from.


And it's just a nondescript bungalow in the middle of nowhere. It's always like that where they go up into the attic and there's like one in seventy five thousand plants and lights and hydroponics.


But the interesting thing is, in the middle of winter, when you're growing all the ganja open there, what happens?


You've no snow on your roof.


Exactly, DSI, but it could be just living and tell me because there's heat that heat.


So it could be icy cold outside and minute, you know, this house has no snow, no black bags in the window aren't a great sign either.


I say go throw you off.


And the thing is as well, the ESB, but they normally splice that off somewhere else.


And could you have a good ride on weed?


Would you be not too laid back or less listen, might get a bit of Neil Young going to be a bit of Jimi Hendrix down, down, down, be drift away, drift away and not interfere with your is a no hard Mickey.


And yeah, in hash, it wouldn't interfere with the one I used to live in Spain, the Basque country.


The Basques are such big smokers'. They absolutely love it. The Spanish love rolling joints, they roll in the hand so they'd have they'd get the tobacco in the left hand and the hash, they'd burn it there and they would that and they'd have the skin on the other side and don't bomb. But you can walk down the street and Spain smoke a joint. Now, tell me this. Have you smoke more ganja in Ireland than ever before? Oh, yeah, but you can't walk down a street anywhere.


And that's not Mayos. A great a great county for ganja under some great cause.


Frank Roar's, a friend of mine, told me that they went out and did the grocery shop and spent on your own.


But that's all we need.


Get them cook. It's some wages or get you back the way.


They were disgusted after spending the week's wages of the other shop. But there's great growth in the mail, but it's all done illegally.


Now, a fella I know started growing the hemp, you know, so you get you can actually get a licence now from the Department of Health to start growing it.


I want you. They make they make little schoolbags and jackets. Oh, you know, for the oil like the he's got.


Yeah. They take out there obviously are growing. The THC is so the male plant is the stock, the cracker. That's basically what happens. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So you don't want the male.


You want the female. You want the female. Yes. But the male plant is OK to grow. Is this. Yeah. But because there's no, there's no bosna that the female is the one but the with the women.


So there's the THC that gets stoned and gets you high and then the other side of it's the CBD extract which is the good for arthritis and eczema and that's exploded and stuff. And, and you have companies in Galway who are now spending 30 and 40 million on research, Shanelle Pharmaceuticals, and luckily I've spent 40 million on their brand new CBD. And now some of the jockeys in England are wearing it on their breeches, advertising it, and they're taking it.


American footballers have started their own football union in America for four guys who smoke ganja, who play to the highest level and who use CBD instead of antibiotics and over the counter steroids for for injuries.


Tell us about when you were in America and you went to the did you go to the weed factory or something?


So I knew that in 37 states in America now it's legalized.


So when you walk along in Colorado or in California or in New Mexico, you can walk along the street and you'll see instead of a red a Red Cross for a pharmacy, you'll see a green cross on a nondescript building.


Could be like just a shopfront. And, you know, it's a dispensary where you can go in and buy ganja, you can buy vaping pens, you can buy raw pre roll joints, you can buy it in bulk, and then you can buy back oils for CBD. You can buy creams for eczema, you can get any ailment you have. And then behind the counter are these pathologists who know everything about every type of ganja. And they can say, what do you want to feel today?


Do you want to joint that to make it go sit upstairs or do you want to go down to the basement? How far do you want to go here? What do you want to do?


You want do you want something to make or what's in the box?


In the basement would be the ones where you just go, oh, what a Netflix for about nine hours and you don't.


And what happens if you go up to the bedroom, you start getting giddy and horny and laughing and do you want giggles. Do you want laughter. Do you want a social one? It's the mixes of ganja.


The Americans are. That's where you're going wrong. Tell me you won't get out of bed. So so all these dispensaries need to be supplied. So just outside, about an hour outside Los Angeles is Desert Hot Springs. Which is the sister town of Palm Springs, which is across the valley, Coachella, when that big festival is there.


This was a town on its knees six years ago. No unemployment, nobody living there, ever moving out. And the lord mayor and the town got together and they said, we need to do something. One of the big the big marijuana growers in California said, could we come down here and take that 25000 foot square has warehouse and can we grow ganja? And they said yes. And in the last five years, the town has been rejuvenated, reborn with employment and everything.


They've got 20 of the biggest factories in the world growing ganja. And I walked into one of them. It is like going into IKEA for ganja state of the art.


You get stoned just by being in there. This is a very strong smell. But the way it's done scientifically, Don, and then all the ganja grown there is now farmed out to the dispensaries. And the guy who invested in it, this multimillionaire, had had about 100 casinos on Indian reservations. Hedge fund investor, smart dudes is worth 10 billion a year.


And Time magazine, the small hop, really from the hedge to the weed home.


Oh, and then it's just Danja in America. All the big blue chip pharmaceutical companies are all want to get involved in ganja because ganja is on a revolution and someday soon it will be legalized. So we take that stigma attached to it and get back to the herbal effects of it.


And if it grows in the ground around it and in five years time, Namor would be flourishing because we'd probably be the epicenter of Wittstock Rúnar.


But like it is more Krak of life. Yeah, but what do we want? What do we want?


Do we want young kids going around drinking bottled water bottles of whiskey in the back of a back of a shed, or do you want to go, hey man, I'm starving after having a spliff and everybody is chilled out?


I mean, are you going to say I want to Fairlight 14 years of age with a fucking nagan of whiskey after Boston, all his teeth, and he's going to have to ride in a Ford Escort.


So what did you ever go to Amsterdam?


I went to Amsterdam, yeah. And I was the thing that smoked does not of me to be afraid of it. Like, it makes me to interior say.


And you start thinking when you know, I don't I do not fear that I won't stop thinking and start running.


I went to a head chopped over the head shops. Yeah. Yeah. Like chocolate shops.


Fucking disgrace. Because you'd buy cocaine with all the crack taken out of it. What was the point of it. Exactly. Excellent fucking question made by a Chinese company with four magnets.


I remember being up there one weekend in Donegal. This could about 15 or 20 years ago and went into this fucking shit head shop.


It was beside a fucking shoe shop and a newsagent. And I went in and I bought I bought a fucking fucking beach behind the counter and all the lights were blue.


I couldn't see shit. And I says and I felt as if I was buying the fucking Irish Times and a packet of hobnobs.


I said, give us two grams of cocaine, support this fucking herbal shop. It was disgusting.


But I fucking I, I didn't have to line up like I did like like soldiers and I fucking hoofed it in three days.


I didn't sleep for fuckin three days. I'm not joking you. We were staying in a castle out in what you want to. No it's not because you want to. Did you buy it then. Because I wasn't. He just was the only thing that was available and I thought to be great. Krakatau some legal loophole into a weekend of fun. So I passed on a Thursday. We got a gig from Thursday to Sunday. I was on the fucking Thursday evening.


All right. Sunday morning I was wandering around the grounds of this medieval fucking castle lock something or other Donegal.


The tour manager said the tour manager said he's seen me running out of the fuckin woods like a fellow that was escaping from prison. And I run up to the van. I haven't left yet. I went out for a walk. I couldn't sleep. I went out for a walk and it just developed into a fucking run. I wasn't fully dressed for some. Tomorrow I'm just fuckin running around Donegal.


Hideous stuff. But I have to say, love is practical. It's not like love is the most practical thing in the world.


And what was weird, I know where I'm going. I don't know how I'm going to get there, but I know I'm going. So many, many years ago, maybe 25, 30 years ago, a friend of my father's was dying. And as I say, down in Kerry, he was dying hard like it was a brutal fuckin exit and in pain. And myself from my father himself and my father had been friends since they were nineteen.


And here he was in his late 50s, dying before his time. And it's been excruciating agony. And my father, even though he wouldn't have known how naturally made it his business. To find cash for his friend in Navan and bring it to the hospital, to him in Dublin to ease the pain, his dying.


Oh, that mean lot love as practical love doesn't give a fuck about the law. No, love doesn't give a fuck about whether something is morally right or morally wrong. Love is practical.


And I just thought that was a great thing because my father wouldn't have been comfortable doing that. Calling up to fuckin Scooby Mungai.


Yeah, I don't blame anybody.


I made that name up. Is there. So we won't go to the litter. Is it a scorpion? There is a monkey. But the scorpion monkey.


No, I don't think so, you know, but like I and I just thought that was a beautiful thing for my father to do for his friend.


Yeah. And there are many, many people in this country using ganja and CBD oil for ailments for their children, for that lady that walk from Cork to Daulaire. And because she couldn't get Zebedee or because the fits her child had these terrible epileptic fits. And since her child has gone on to CBD regularly, she was raided by the police in the early days. The child is back at school. There are many, many benefits to marijuana and it's right use and we need to open our minds to it.


But the head shops were fucking mad.


They were opened fucking washing powder, fucking head shops. I remember in Navan walking out of the Palace nightclub at two o'clock in the morning, bananas, drunk and a chipper right in front of me. And the head shop was only open for fucking business, the queue. And you were in there buying washing powder mixed with fucking strychnine in that fucking seven bags.


And welcome back here. And I fucking head shops and they were all over the country.


They were in every town in Ireland. Thanks be to God riddled with fucking strychnine.


Shit close to be able to tell us the story about when you went up. The Amazon tribe is one of my favourite stories. You ever tell us that story?


I don't know if I can. Why would you not be allowed?


Because I've never told it before. Because I don't want to break the magic.


But it's so long ago now. Yeah, I Soulsby and I also that the the the story to me is the experience of I've seen the thing which is one experience.


I'm not sure if many people are getting to see that again. It's kind of it's in the TV vaults. So it's toother it's a good I'm not sure if you read the story.


It's when the best stories ever they started. Yeah. Yeah, it's fantastic.


So 2002, we're in the Amazon and we were I was so excited about flying to South America, spending three months down there. I was about to get married in Rio de Janeiro later, a couple of weeks later, I told nobody was the only one that knew. And I knew he had to tell her. I told I told him. I knew that in three weeks time I was getting married in Rio de Janeiro.


And so you were filming for the first three were fellowman for three months. And so to my right and I found an Irish priest and shot a golden father, John Cribben, who was later passed away, a great man. He came back. He was in Ireland. He baptized kids. Great man from Limerick.


So we the week the ten days before that, we were in the Amazon in Manaus, which is in the massive central part of northern Brazil. It is the size of Europe, but it's flooded by water. There are so many basins of river. I mean, you can see the Amazonian estuary where it hits the sea from outer space. This is a huge place of water. We get to a place called Monos and we're excited to get on our first Amazonian river and we pack all the bags and and we're going to a really cool place called the Area Towers Hotel, six hours up the river.


That was their images. And oh, listen, this is tropical. It's 45 degrees heat. This is deep in the in the Brazilian jungle. And we're getting on these boats.


You guys, are you covered in sprays? Yeah. Mosquito spray the whole world this year. We're back with the yellow fever vaccination we've just flown in.


And what kind of a boat was it like was the long elongated boat? We had three of them and we set off with all the gear. Hadn't this really fancy hotel, by the way, which was called the Area Towers Hotel, which is a hotel suspended on stilts deep in the Amazonian jungle.


It's real open style, very boutique, very cool.


And it was six hours by boat to get to it. So there's no roads. There's no time.


MacAdam, six hours on the river, six hours up. This is after getting to Manaus. So shall we leave this thriving little America town, 35 degrees heat, tropical midget's parana, the whole of Brazil. And we're heading north. Then Yemen is about two hours into the al as well.


The Gonzalo is a we have to get petrol and we stopped at a 7-Eleven floating supermarket. I'll never forget it. It was a floating supermarket on the river because the river is like miles wide. It is a it's a motorway of traffic. This is there empty. So we stopped. We pulled up. Inside your mind takes down the thing and fills in the picture. I got up on the thing, went into the shop, there was a shop in it.


It was it was like stopping at an apple green on the water.


Isn't that money? Yeah.


A couple of hours later, we have fallen asleep. You're in the rhythm of the water. It's warm. It's like this. Is it uncomfortable traveling? Yes.


Because, you know, you have it's exciting for the first hour. But then what always happens is me rascal's like going around getting images. Evans falling asleep because the Anees he hates the water. I don't mind it, but after a while I get really comfortable.


I can just hear the Yamaha engines at the back and I'm sort of going like this or six hours when you see when you when you told me a story before, I think I get the memory, the cultural memory I have of that is the boys going down the river in fuckin Apocalypse Now.


Yeah. And the fucking yeah. They're going down the river and just a fucking jungle to the left and there's the fucking jungle to the right and there's just a dirty old brown river. Yeah. Yeah.


Look, I'd be shit myself and just see any normal stuff.


Unbelievable. After we woke up at one stage there was a there was a porn movie being shot in the that.


Oh you want to say it was a school of poor places.


Pink. Never never.


But it was a school of pink Amazonian poor boys jump us incredible. Which is which is like a dolphin. It's a poorer place, it's a smaller diamond. But they're pink, they're Amazonian jumpin by the boat hours and hours later it's just. And then.


And then after I finally Yamamoto's out of and as I go by there's more dots and we're going deeper and deeper. And you can see smoke rising in the distance over the mountains and volcanoes. And then we turn off. He takes one of the inlets out of the blue. No signpost. No, not then after six hours, we just turn to the left, go off the main river, and now we're going deep into the Amazon. I can only explain to you it's like going through fields, fields of water, through hedges, ditches and your, you know, maneuvering, and then you're out onto another stretch of water.


And for hours and hours, those brush branches coming down.


And is it like being buried in lettuce? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, get we need that yet, yes, that's right. Deeper and deeper. You went into the deepest part then. What was it like?


Kind of foggy and stuff or small down pick up land.


And that was just a smell mill. Crickets and no, it's just countryside. It's just it's water. And then finally, we we can see in the distance the Area Towers Hotel, this amazing hotel that's built on stilts.


And and as we were as we pulled up to climb up this MARD ladder to get to the reception area, which is completely open plan with monkeys and lizards everywhere, it was like pure jungle work under this this cigar's.


So this is the Garson's on reception, this Goreski with your legs, I think all the little hats and translate that means the three bars of Merlinda here. So I'll try this one.


So a Sikorsky helicopter was taken off and we noticed that because it was so big and so loud. And as we got there, the guy was holding our bags up, told the driver of our boat who was on the Zagorski. Bill Gates and the family who are just leaving after spending a week in the hotel. Good God. So is it a this is a fucking place of complete. But they were so remote, they flew in by Zagorsky. This was so fucking remote.


They went embracer Goreski, which is probably the world's most reliable helicopter, we don't six hours on a boat, they probably did an hour to their private jet minutes. Wow, we're at the Gates. Family had stayed in the hotel the minute the week before I arrived. This hotel has 25 rooms on stilts. Your room is on water. The windows are all open. There are animals.


There was there was a monkey at my window every single morning just looking at me, you know, wanking in the bed with the duvet between his legs. He won't be going through the glass of.


I think that's the same as the sound of an Amazonian monkey like it not to be confused with one with the big Picasso, the little fish.


Face face. Well, let OK, everybody with a monkey on the window.


Oh, why did I haven't even got I haven't even got you here the night that you open your eyes. And I'm not even to the good part of the story. So yeah.


So we're in this amazing place and then we had a day off so the boy said what are we going to do. We're going fishing for piranha.


So we start off and we just threw meat, little scraps of meat into the water, fish for Paran and had a few beers. The next day was our big fellowman day where we're going looking at a caiman, which is the small crocodile that live in the Amazon. And when you turn them upside down, when you catch them and you start them with like almost like lamping rabbits, when you start them at nighttime, they're still like that and you grab them.


But when you bring them into the boat, if you turn them upside down, they'll just lie still. And these are three or four foot long crocodiles and Masen and they bite you if they could like the record.


Yeah, but they're not as aggressive caiman as a normal crocodiles. And this is what we did one night. We went lamp and came in and it was incredible. So you had your torches going along. You can hear the crickets and it's nighttime and the mosquitoes. And that was one of the events. The second even your man said that he had organized that we were gone another hour in to meet a local tribe. And that's where I started getting excited because we were so deep in this vast country and we're so deep in this northern part of Brazil, which is the size of Europe.


And we're in it. And I'm going to meet a tribe. This is 2002. I was down. This is great. And I haven't had it all planned. The guide was a local guide. He joined our boat. So we set off at about three o'clock one afternoon, all the equipment into the boat, everything we needed, and another two hours deeper and deeper.


After about another two hours of going through the water, we finally saw this clearing and a load of hots and a settlement. The smoke was rising, but five o'clock in the evening and I could see a smell of smoke, smell, fire. And then loads of people started running down towards the jetty, little children, tribal children, naked women coming down. It was like something out of the Pocahontas style. They had no clothes.


There were topless and just full tribal gear.


And we got off the boat and I knew there were really intrigued. They kept on coming up, pulling out my hair. They'd never seen red hair before. This was really remote stuff. Couldn't believe it as they ushered the three of us up to meet the tribal chief in this maze and sort of majestic hot with where he lived and outside that they had all this sort of thing prepared for us. First thing they did was they sat me down at a table and they put a massive head of crocodile in front of me.


And they said that they had prepared crocodiles for us as an honor. And this was the best meat they could have, which is right at the back of the crocodile head. They cooked it on the barbecue. I cooked it on the fire. And you managed to taste.


Yeah, I right away. Lovely. O'Connor was white and really a monkfish. She really, really nice. And it was from the back of the crocodile head. The crocodile head was about three foot wide, about four foot long. That's what it cooked them. Those really tasty, almost like the gills of a fish or whatever.


And was there a good lump in it? Like, yeah. He said, just use your old boards. And the chief tried. We all tried it. Next minute they start pouring me their local hooch.


Oh yeah. Pop, this just used that I was drinking. It was really, really like high powered cider, very, very sour.


And it was a lovely little buzz of it. So then we started singing songs. They sang a song.


I sang she the one I'm always the one going to teach and that obviously the one music I unaddicted. And they were loving it.


So next year they bring me over to another area and it's all like it's all like a white man arrived and I was like, they prepared all this stuff. Man has gone. They're so nice. At one stage at about six o'clock, that's when the mosquitoes start coming in and mosquitoes are fucking dangerous in the Amazon. Now, we had all our shots and stuff and we were taking our malaria tablets, but we had extra extra spray because it was big and kept getting bitten and bitten badly and.


But what are the Amazonian nuts take? They just don't know what it was really funny, Roscoe had a camera with his camera and an extra light on, so as he put up with light, there were common to the light. So Roscoe was getting riddled with wood bites from everything.


I mean, there were dragonflies flying and there were massive, massive wasn't just small little dots.


So I took out the spray and I started spraying Roscoe's arms and stuff. And then didn't the women of the tribe come over and grab the spray off me and says, give us a bit in their language? And I started spraying them. So I started spraying their tits and their ass. They all lined up in a row because they were naked.


I said I'd spray everywhere on them because they were naked. They'd never seen the spray before. Maybe they knew that it worked. Obviously, they'd seen it from mother. So did you think that there were pretty the women?


Yes, very, very pretty. Very tribal, very Brazilian, Amazonian, Indian feel to it. Very majestic in their in their jewelry. Jet black hair. Yes. Long and really ornate skirts with loads of jewelry. And even the children were beautiful and their smiles and their white teeth and they were just lovely. It was pure tribal in essence and spraying them all and they were laughing. They were laughing because they knew the mosquitoes were coming down. So anyway, I did all that then the boys to get the blow torches and they were showing me how they used the blowtorch to kill poisoned monkeys and stuff.


And I told authorities or something in the movies, but they had this area where they showed me how quick and they showed me the poison arrows, stick it in the blowtorch, starty meters away, like incredible.


So they'd use them, gone through the forest, up into the up into the arms of the forest, the monkey falls killer monkey killing birds for food. We had the most amazing time with this tribe deep. And I want a picture where I where we were. I mean, we were remote. We were really, really remote. It was an incredible five or six hours that I spent with this remote tribe who spoke no English, who I felt this was untouched.


This was the most amazing things I'd ever done. I kept thinking of the mission music. I kept thinking of those images. Tammi's you said when the boat comes around a clearing and you see the mud huts and the smoke rising and again, ask me who has been here before?


Certainly nobody ever from Navan or certainly has any Irish people ever been here? Has any people from Europe been here? And what was your when you were singing the song you used to shoot?


When I was there, did you feel as if they you were bringing gifts from your culture? Absolutely. As they gave you gifts. And they relate to that a hundred times the same in Africa, once you shake hands and once you share their local food and once you give them something that they can smile at, they'll think back to you. But it's known as well that you like.


Isn't it great that you were able to sing that song? Because if I was there, if you were there, Larita, we'd be my would would.


Well, I would definitely be in trouble.


You'd be all right, you know, because we have to sing songs from the charts, like, yeah, we'd have to sing looking at your bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum.


You know, I'll be like that in the green and red.


I would jump for me when I heard the local singing and they had their local drums and Jimbo's and everything, there was a sound, there's a rhythm to it. So I gave them a little bit. I turned around to the camera. I've done it in the Sahara Desert with the Bedouin tribes as well, where I try and bring a bit of our culture to their culture, because at the end of the day, rhythm is rhythm.


And for them to hear the Irish language in sung in such a remote place because they're speaking their land, it may never I had the Irish language may never have been spoken in that particular part of the world again.


So two languages, two languages coming together. We had there were the most amazing, soft, kind people we had met. We are rascals in his element.


How long did you stay with them for? Five hours. Six hours. Well, you didn't sleep the night with more.


Then about ten o'clock we decided to put the water into the boats and we wave. And it was that image of saying goodbye to them as we pulled away from the clearing. And I'm leaving them. I'm leaving this.


The children were absolutely beautiful. They were so kind. So it was it was one of the most amazing. We were in the Balkan fucking hell boys like that.


That was fucking I believe what an experience to have. Yeah.


So, so far removed and one of the world's most amazing places deep in the Amazonian jungle.


And we were born and we got back to the hotel and we had a couple of beers and we finished, finished our film and three days later in the area and the last day I was checking out doing the bill at this Open-Air reception. And me and Roscoe were putting the bags in the boat. And I looked over and I saw a lad getting out of a boat and just walking up to this towards us at reception, I said to Rasco. Do you recognize that?


I don't know if I could. I saw I said I've seen him before. What was he wearing? I said, Oscar. They see your man there in the chinos and therefore fuckin sort of khaki shirt, like he's in a safari. And he a guy with a mobile phone on the phone and the keys and he's smoking a cigarette to see him, he looked like McGyver. He had all the gear, like the khaki gear on a. And like I said, whatever I said, I think that your from the fucking tribe, I think that's the chief in the fucking tribe, huh?


I says, for fuck's sake, he's fucking just. Will he be fuck's sake, Roscoe ever looked? And I said, fuck off. That's not the chief on the fucking tribe, is it? Jesus Christ. So we'd been done.


There was a stage job, it was a staged job, I mean, it doesn't stop us. It was the chief from the tribe who was about to get his next bunch of tourists to head out for a short time.


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