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Well, hello, everybody, and welcome to another episode of Today Tonight with Prime Time.


Charles Mitchell, welcome to the podcast. Now we have some candles blown.


Well, it smells like potpourri shopping here. I brought it home last week to test them.


Yeah, it is. I'm having a great time with candles. Let's just blow out the candles to remind us of the presence of God.


He's reading the Bible.


I can't I can't continue the podcasts, reading the Bible.


I can't continue the podcast here because as I leave, I start to look at the Levi I've never seen.


Oh, until well, spotter's actually leave. I leave this time of year on about denim shorts, denim.


Sure. You're such a geek. That's because the Levi logo on the in the brushed, it's brushed Indian found during his cleanup's.


It's brushed cotton. It's alpaca cotton. I like because it's big. I sit on this big Hindi vibe.


They wear that in the film, you know, but it's baggy and loose and big and you know, there's no love.


The markets in Mumbai, the dresses. Yes. Big linen shirts. Why don't you wear more linen linen? A lot of military shirts are See-Through. Theresa All right. Because there's no time for this, whether there's summertime.


Nicole Magnets see through diplomacy, through grandfather cotton shorts.


Now, people have started taking advantage of our intimacy.


They started sending us things and so is arriving now. It says the podcast, The Henhouse Golway, and it's got there their get in here.


So we've got a few things right now.


I want to say thank you to this man here, John McCarthy.


I don't I not even know, not even this, but I we really appreciate the stuff that's been sent so far. Yes. Will you stop it?


No, I think anybody start you know, the nice thing is not coming down. Yeah. Yeah, going down.


So John McCarthy from I think he's from a country of the Midlands anyway. He has sent us all a scarf.


Very nice. And indoor tweed scarf. Right.


So this is this. Oh yes. Yes. Brand quirky. Yeah, I guess so.


They were in touch with me. That's nice. Me. Oh look at this.


And a little North Jude. Jude. Yeah, it's from Jude. But how do you know Judaism under a woman I think Judes. Well no I think Jude is also from the right. Yeah. From the writing.


Jude Sorry. So these are in so this is very nice. Thank you. Doesn't like his.


I love my support because it doesn't look like a pinstripe suit from the 70s.


Well I get your views on Oh tell me to up the Saturday night now I will be watching.


All this will be on next Monday night. It's it's a pinstripes new pinstripe suit.


It's a scarf. It's a snood, tummy minds like yours, the snood, the pinstripe snood, the silver and black, it's not only dirt poor, we have also see. Oh, that's lovely. Hector, Hector, there's a back of me, though, that is that is because the meaning of the old kippot, you know, I started watching the Navajo Romanis in 91.


Look at the size of those used car. Lovely Ester's silver and black in the name of the brand is quirky and ugly.


And it's from June. Thank you very, very much for your styling, Hector, upgrading your style with the small Irish business.


So and the next week you very much. Hang on. We're not done with that. No. Been offering this.


I'll give this Hector and you can take it home.


I think it's got a lot of wherever I will live in.


I think this is from you could on about the seeds, Hector. These are handmade.


You know, I think it's wildflowers. I think I hope this could be another anthrax. So I got sent a voucher as vouchers and it's a voucher for three speedboats.


What do you mean?


It's a voucher to use three speedboats anywhere we can use. Yeah, so we're getting sent. Good stuff. Good stuff. I thought you were joking.


I thought you meant you know what? I was looking for a voucher to buy a speedboat superspeedway. Look at this. What did you get there?


I spent a lot of seeds in that group when I was never there.


So a perennials, seeds and fruit held firm. Oh, they'll be wild flowers for you. Is that near your bum?


No. Oh, me. Yeah. Well, that was a perennial. A perennial is something that grows on the floor.


What was that, your perennial perennial. Yeah. Perennial seed mix that this is called baby wasps. Boko Haram has got wasp.


Behold, these are the B metal and B metal and it's from Bantry County Cork. But now we sound like an artificial stability force. We can't say happy birthday to Jill was 84. And that comes in from Roths, John and Maura. He's not one. He's the decided. You can send the stuff.


We just won't be thanking you any more because we can say, hey, I know we're not we're not now look. But I just want to say.


Well, Don Ruth, Fruit Farm in Bantul, West Caldwell, has worked well, but it's too early for this to fruit. Oh, but did you have a bath?


No, it's fruit. Yeah. Did you have a bath? Why do you say fruit?


Because it's fucking 10:00 in the morning and it says here it works together to your director and the sneers. What a way to start with after you've already won them over the fruit held firm for the bees.


I will scatter those seeds all over my patch.


OK, excellent. Now just get started very quickly. Just the naming of the show. Oh, yes, yes.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. OK, how could you have stuff? I have six. I have six.


OK, are they good. Yes. OK, go tell my regulars and I will continue my regulars.


So its name is you called up before. No. Vasco Takana.


Uh, no. Turlock Varosha. Gladbach.


No. Two countries. OK, one you go like another West Pottuvil La Coruna. That's good. That's good.


And my final one is Biolab. Our Couston. Oh yes. I got a laugh. I got, we got, we got a lot. He likes it. OK, our cookstown is a big brilliant Breitman Kovalainen.


We had it but it's good. OK, I like that Tommy does a brightening and Brighton and cool.


Oh yeah. Yeah we got that one. Galatasaray. No because I had gold which and you didn't like it.


So that's too complicated Copan Navan. Not bad Olympian, OK? No, I think we'll go with Deportivo La Deportivo West, Baltimore, La Corona.


Yes, OK, well, I like them all. OK, let's just clear off the table here. We won't be able to see each other all the. Hey, there is one for your garden. No, no, no. Oh, yeah. OK, maybe I'll show you how to spread the seed. Oh, great. No, I wouldn't.


OK, so we have a very special treat this week in that a wonderful man with him and Nick Constantine, who is a professional songwriter, I suppose he writes songs for. Groups and parties, parties, people, and so he's kind of a songwriter for hire, he's done songs for ISIS, Mr. Tyson Fury, one from McGregor.


That's where I saw him first. You done an unbelievable song from McGregor where McGregor was going to Vegas in all his pomp about five years ago. I think McGregor flew him over VIP and he performed it there and then make Constantine Constantinos.


So Terracom, tell us how it landed that morning and where do you. You heard it first.


So I got an Instagram private message and they don't usually like.


So tell me you have like the future.


That's the WhatsApp, if you would if you were ever on social media, like, you don't have to necessarily get dirty messages just normally. But if somebody wanted to send a dirty message to you, what way would they do it?


A dirty message. I said, oh, people don't tend to send it on WhatsApp. Sometimes you get these ones where it's like girls want to play, you know, follow this link.


Do girls use WhatsApp in the same way men use WhatsApp for sending videos? What kind of videos? Like football match scores and stuff like that?


I mean, yeah.


I mean, do you get videos the same way men get videos on WhatsApp? I don't think women's phones are specifically different.


The men's group try to their their later say, about 17000 WhatsApp and then it's going well on a Thursday night and a few beers going down next year.


Did you see that descended on that video? Do you get videos?


Yeah, we do, but not as dirty as men's ones. But we do. I mean, if somebody wants to send you direct. No, not you specifically. For instance, I get a lot of these. No, lately. If you want, we'd love to team up with you and play some games, you know, and all this kind of stuff. And there's all these women with boobs like us. A look at that. I delete them.


I don't want them on my phone in case, I guess, infiltrators or something. Oh, I don't know why I'm afraid to be time you want to be infiltrators.


All of us would just like. Yeah, but by people say I'm talking about like oh like instead of a Valentine's Day card with a fellow be standing in manip in a ditch near Ballina and going Laria any any time you Waha I'm here for you.


Yeah. Well hopefully I won't get any. There was and I'm not encouraging those co-investors but if you to send them to tell me by all means do so.


I got a nice night. Hi Tommy. Yeah, it's Sabrina here in Kilkenny. Hi.


Can I. I'm done with the sausage pipe and a beer.


Hi Tommy. It's Fidelma here. Fidelma. Yeah. Hi Tommy. I just want to say I love your stuff about the Hinduism I'm begins with as well. My name's Cherie Su. DM me.


If you want to chat further, that'd be great.


Yeah, I run, I run the Waterford East meditation and Hindu.


Remember years ago it used to be when you'd write a text you drive WB at the end of it. Now you roadm. What does it mean.


Used to be right back. All right anyway.


So make Konstantine my sister's name, right? Yes, yes.


Message Me sent me a message on Instagram and he said, Listen, are you really enjoying the show? And, you know, it's great fun and, you know, getting an awful laugh out of it's all because of that. I decided I'd sit down, listen back to the shows again, and I would put together a little fun song for you.


So what we're going to do for you now is it's the song is we think it's fun. We hope you knock a bit of crack out of it as well.


We were going to release the song on iTunes or whatever the on the computer or the Internet, whatever it's called, and all the money a every single penny, 99 cents.


The good news and this is all after happened in the last four or five days since we've heard the song. Tell them, Laurita, what we're planning. Yeah.


So the boys very generously decided that we should start generously because generously is when you have something and you give it to somebody, we don't have to have anything.


So we're going to raise lots of money, hopefully for the Mayor. Roscommon Hospital.


Yes, all the money raised from the purchasing of the single on iTunes and whatever platform you buy your songs, Nainggolan and 99 Cent is going to the Mail Roscommon Hospice.


Excellent. And it's all going to that because Constantine and did his, you know, gave us this. Oh yes, he did that for free.


Mick Constantine Constantine Dockum if you want to check out his personalized songs, but Brian Masterson must use the song to make it make it perfect.


It was recorded by Greg Malaka and Greg has worked with Guns and Roses, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Peter Gabriel.


He was at Eagle Studios. Yeah, Ray McDonald did the artwork, I believe, but I do you know what this is like?


I used to compare a fashion shows for the local market and firm and you'd be like, next up, it's Sharon wearing a dress from Kamila's Fashions and she's wearing his.


To see who else we have to say thanks to everybody, Jillian and Yvonne and everybody that made this come together in a very quick time, you pinged me straight away.


You the technical term, you ping if you picked me up and said, check this out, I haven't been pinged in a long time.


I there's a new new thing that I haven't been pinged in a long time.


But when I heard the song and when we have heard this song, it is absolutely fucking superb and we were blown away by it.


So think of it like turn up your headphones, turn off your headphones and please enjoy. Talking bout you using robots when they get frisky and tell me is tremendous glass of whiskey, Hector telling stories like no one can see looks to me. And then this man Laryssa out shift and lots on the piss to a twirl before you step into her office. Well, it's some soul, but she already knew the Tall Man Hector podcast with Larry Sublevels started in September in the handset and plant and hair follicles on top of your head, being a fool for picking up your own dog's choice and not being able to pronounce Penguin.


Right. And okeydoke, these are hunky dory, said Dancing with the Wild Women and Tory, a man walking from Darwin to Castle Ray and Hector's mom saying, I'm in here, by the way, a Nigerian prince on a boat and the outrageous width of the main street and most the middle school at all. The last bunch on a spoonful of radio, most using robots when they get frisky and is tremendous glass of whiskey hektor telling stories like no one can see it looks to me.


And then this man, Labasa shift shifting lots on the piss tuatara before you step into her office. Well, it's some soul, but you already knew that some insects are podcast with Larry sublingual, bringing the bumblebees back to your hedgerow and cutting the power, trying to use the Congo and see it overlay the poker machines and little on produce and the finest poaching. And this was the spot that you were looking for hot SureWest meat. If you're looking for a man with a touch of ayahuasca trips and the forecast to come and find yourself at the bottom, hermit shaman giving their legs out in the extreme and helping out young lads under under 12 team, all the daydreamers we think are priced well.


Maybe we're wrong and maybe they're taking shrooms from a quilt to mess with your head or cancer. A few benanti going to bed. How many times a week now would you be writing up Mayo while Joe Biden lets you know. But when they get frisky and Tommys tremendous glass of whiskey hektor telling stories like no one can see a lot more to it than this man Larita out shifting lots on the piss. Do a twirl before you step into our office.


Well, it seems so, but sure, you already knew the Tommy Anactor podcast with Larry sublingual. Well, as I was listening in Cameroon, in Yemen on the run, Ecuador or Panama. I know in Kazakhstan. Well, don't forget to check your prostate, even your man list them in Kuwait and Amazon seem too good to be true. An actor has a role to play which you taken sleeping pills that look very dodgy. You're a nice selling morphine suppository, a full O'Donnells Poca crisps out on your own.


I'm trying to find PJ Calombaris Home. Going camping on Connemara coastline is suggesting it's all out tomorrow. Rabani going head to join. I get a sing-song going but if I can look like Hulk Hogan I big shout out to knock moringa and the one and only a.. Well you know but when they get frisky and Tomi's tremendous glass of whiskey Hektor telling stories like no one comes clean looked to learn in Inishmaan Labasa shift shifting lots on the piss to tuatara before you step into our office.


Well, it's some soul, but sure you already knew it. But tell me about customer service.


Sublingual I want to open and evoke is our minds here because Temmy sporting events is what we live for in this country and the feeling of collectiveness and the adventure and the adrenaline of a sporting event more so now, probably because for Kalista for dreaming about it.


So I want us to see if we can go down that road fucking the great things and the great emotions that have really and the adventures. Because whether it's your first time going into Croke Park, I like the journey for us. Let's start right at the beginning for me. Who was the journey?


When when you when my father when we knew we were going to Croke Park as children on a Sunday and we would all get into the car in Avin and Mede were playing and in Croke Park, weather was against Kildare or whatever was against the DOBs and the journey of Head No through Donchak and in the back of the car and you'd see flags hanging out, windows get into mollycoddled with stop at a little pub right on the corner and cany and every time we pull in it was just passed on boin.


Is that the pop in three places. It's you and me together.


No it's not. I think Lenny was Clayne before Mollenard among African. You're from the they don't even know them, they moved with the bypass. Yes, I know this is going to be difficult for you, but I want you to come on this journey with us because we're on the track to Croke Park is we are on track. So. Yeah, but it's spirituality.


And I agree that says my my father would have done what my father would have, the two sneaky pints of Guinness three o'clock in the day.


We had to be gone at seven.


Yeah. You believe there's nothing like more than Porter on the way to Croke Park.


And we'd have a lovely time, nor the pub sandwiches, toasted ham and cheese, all my water to come down if you say God and we'd have a packet of crisps and red lemonade, my mother be there as well and we'd all push on then for the big drive into Dublin. Once I got to the Phoenix Park as a child, I was in complete amazement. If we come in that way by the Ashtown ten bucks, then we come down through Phibes at the big church and then we'd hit the fuckin pub on the corner.


What's it? It's legendary. The legendary big tree or the big freezer?


The Big Three.


And then my father would always pull into a left hand side street down past the SFX and you could see Copac in the distance and always be a lad with a dodgy leg on Pollari.


They're all er a pocket and he'd always draw money. I couldn't believe that, that he would mind until we come back in. Incredible. And then we go into Croke Park. But that's what I want to get the feeling of walking into that collectiveness in Croke Park or in any sporting thing and the feeling of family and parish and what sport.


I think like the first time I was in Croke Park was 1996, when he bustards it for us and we left like unlucky. We wouldn't stop at a pub because we'd have to bring our sandwiches with us. I don't know what it was. It was we wouldn't be wasting time on the journey, although we used to stop sometimes in that place on the way down. It was the meal, the man. It was fear. Was it in refought or.


Yes. So he was for me or he's for mail and we'd stop in there on the way home.


Now you get your dinner, but on the way up you have your sandwiches.


But in every car that this is, every car leaving from Melbourne, members would have had a priest in the boot. For good, look, we find our holy water, at least just climbing there at the booth there, and we'll bring you live in the fetal position, praying for a male victory all the way up. That's the truth of it.


Yeah. And with let out in Dublin for a walk down to the Phoenix Park, he was yeah.


He told the people to meet who would be in the Carolita. So normally, I mean, my dad would go or we'd like if we wanted to know, we'd normally go on the train. You'd be hard.


We'd go to other matches in the car, but in the train. And our neighbor, he's dead now, Paddy McHale, he used to come with us and we'd all head off by paper and Galway, no, we won't be going to Galway.


Where would the train go? We get the train from Ballina. Stop in Manola, get off the train, get onto the train to go from Westport, one that was leaving from Westport. Jump on there and it'd be hell for let there follow me or people. It wouldn't be a seat to be had.


Mel, Mel, Mel. The whole way we'd have a couple of cold bottles on the train.


No we'd have the flask empty and the rosary and people are divided about whether they ought to be able to go there.


But I don't know where would you go for it?


The whole way to Dublin, get out in. What's the feeling like?


Get what you call a thousand people died of a train, 10000 B.C.. We knew we were safe then because normally you go to Dublin and you'd be feeling a to be stabbed or exactly carried off to blow up with all the male ones you knew you wanted to go. Oh, yeah.


And then it was horrible. Oh, oh. And then you'd have to I can't remember. We must have walked then from.


Oh yeah. Yeah. Like real male people that walk to go. Oh yeah. Oh you couldn't trust the taxi drivers said flechette. Yeah exactly. But to Dreer or you know get a be got on the bus. You could get off anywhere she wouldn't. Where'd the water go.


Where your car parked around the subway here. Nor a double decker bus.


Never in Arbor and it was the double decker bus.


So after Croke Park and so forget going in to the would have been the old hall grandstand at the time to watch Movielink.


That's what a town town near the canal, not the canal. And yeah down at the canal and and that's where I was sitting for that bloody day was not the big fight was. When did you say what did you think of Copac when you walked up the stairs.


That was, that was an idea because you sent out your women's team that we drew. So it never happened to me. A women's team.


We were up. Yeah, I what I always say to the six week is to be beaten.


He's involved in 2013 and I'm involved with older.


And I was obviously a bouncing ball.


Don't let the ball bounce block down the door. Don't let the ball bounce. And it actually bounced over in the shoulder. But you would have won and learn it. But you let the ball bounce.


We let the ball bounce over the were my memory of matches is more local than that. I used to love to feel in favour of walking down from Park Tufton of a Sunday afternoon about four o'clock and down that road downtown streets and Ambrosial down Bruce Hill first of all.


And then down to and there could be because there's so many people coming out of parked out in cars, couldn't drive there, walk in and meet me after playing.


It could be a club match as well either, you know, but more often that big league match me against looking down or I was just fantastic.


You no streams of people walking together.


And I often think that, you know, when people in it's it's kind of different if see in England now for people from Liverpool and Manchester.


So for that for them walking home from Old Trafford, ah Anfield or White Hart Lane or whatever those places are, must be great for them if they live in that area.


I mean, this is like whenever I was bringing the boys over town, feels like we'd walk out there and saw 50000 people and we're walking out.




And then we've a fucking bus to catch to get a fucking taxi, to get a fuckin train to get a plane. And we might not be home for fucking days.


Yeah, we're packed, but you're just fucking Sontarans.


You'd be sore throat I the days on a Sunday afternoon.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. For a fucking loved it was pubs within spitting distance of the chipper and yards.


Well Tommy talk to me.


Oh I know we might have talked about before, but I want to get that feeling of walking into the stadium and feel like an Old Trafford type.


Paint that picture. Why do we love what is it, one fifty or sixty or seventy thousand people get together?


It's the collective, you know, it's just a collective momentum.


And I was crying. When Ghaleb ATIP in the was it the 16 or 17 and it was just it was just the noise and everything, but more so it was just great songs of the Gayet.




But there is this kind of, you know, steps that are steps and there's always a great moment in the heartland or in the football when, say, one team is winning by a point and the opposition kicked the ball up. An attack and a fuckin defining moment of the match where a fucking Helmrich defender comes up with the ball are a fucking.


Yeah. And he breaks through a few Tarcoola.


Oh, yeah. There's always what ended up in the middle.


But what happened then is so Gallaway had won it and then they played in 17 on the tannoy and Copac the fuckin floater. I know.


Do you know what I mean. And it's just that that kind of stuff.


But I get just as much of a kick like the bana under 16 girls won the county championship last year and it's just as much of a buzz after watching them, you know, or and the disappointment and the under 13 girls were beaten by Monday or Choom or something like that.


And even fucking but it's it's a very organic sadness and a very organic happiness.


I fucking love.


The Lord thing is a super special. Yeah.


Yeah. When you're sitting in a smaller stand and you just know people like, you know, all your neighbours are there, like I'll never get knocked down for. Yeah. Like they went to the fa fa fa fa fa fa fa cup lawyers will be all quite far.


Yeah. Probably me or an abuse of the referees when you wear the saffron. Yeah.


Our jerseys are suffering for us from when we were the saffron, when we were the blue, the men who conquered conflict all we knew what to do.


The last leg of our journey to the final in Groberg to bring all Ireland glory to knock more.


Somebody breaks the glass in the clubhouse later. I was there, never did. I was really beautiful. I was lucky enough to go to Cheltenham.


I was working on the Jerry Ryan Show where I did 10 years solid in Cheltenham. He used to phone you. I was paid all expenses in flight Gentner and spending money and fucking hotel. And we me and Paddy Power, young Paddy Power. At the time we used to start drinking the minute the Jerry Wrangel was over at fucking 12 o'clock every day.


Right. And we wouldn't stop drinking to four o'clock the next fuckin morning and all I want that's the sporting thing.


Cheltenham somebody should send us the only way should go to Cheltenham. So I was I was over there with access all area passes.


I'd have to do a phone call every morning to Gerry Ryan.


I was given ten grand for the week or no, no, no charity, but I was given two and three grand a day, four grand, five grand a day for a charity. But I bring Jerry Jerry and say, and we're going live to Cheltenham. He put on my lovely horse and then we got life. I'd say, Nina Kabulis after winning a big race. Jerry Here she has. Nina, how's it going on up Davy. Rosseau coming in right now.


So I have a syndicate alliance, that one from Wexford, and they would all be dishevelled because they won the Fokin race and the smell and drink from the champagne.


And Jerry, it's the Swan and Throat Syndicate here from fucking from fucking way round them up before they got the fuck out of it.


And Jerry would love that. Yes.


And he said to me, and Paddy, what are you gonna do now? We're gonna work on drink. And Jerry will talk to I want to hear all the stories Jerry would Eggertsson. But to me, the only way to describe them is when you're standing. And that's and that in that in that arena and you're out the front and the horses are going down to the start and you look around and there's a sea of faces, 50000 that way.


I don't know the thirty or forty thousand that way. At ten o'clock in the morning, a chaplain, there could be 30000 people on course drinking.


And there's a Guinness Village, which is a mixture of the Peaky Blinders, and it's like a fucking Peaky Blinders AGM every and there's fucking rebel rosenwald's horns, fucking bands playing covers.


And it doesn't nobody gives a fuck.


It's fucking debauchery and your meat and fucking those helicopters coming in and there's fucking not fallen out.


But you get your Boy Scouts look makes me a premiership football.


Football players are walking by. You're drinking. There's Lee Westwood with a bottle of champagne. It's fucking mental.


And then is it the anticipation builds. But when you're there and the roar goes up, the runners are not the starter. But I swear to God, the first of all, the supreme novices are at the start. These are the best horses in Ireland against the best horses in England.


And we've got the fever and the white flag is raised and they're up on this roar, goes up along the stands, lads are drawn fucking race and Paul's in the air. I've never felt anything. It's like it's like ten all Ireland finals rolled into each. Wow.


Wow. And that feeling like a cushion for the toilet is just fucking queues everywhere. But it's just it's just it's just there's some sporting things.


I'm very lucky that I've seen that and this fake tan and there's shoes, everything. There's everything but that to me, sporting events. I mean, the game is one on the horse race and comes together in Chatham, for fuck's sake. It's just one of the most amazing things that the human body can can endure.


All can take. It's the only place I've ever seen where I was in the hotel at three o'clock in the morning and I was there with my stomach as I'm trying to sleep at a Norman Gerry Rain at night. And I'm like, Oh, let's go down to the reception.


And I go and she goes, how I look at er.


You don't have any for an upset Tommy, you know, down at reception at three o'clock in the morning in a hotel in Cheltenham is fucking peaky blinders mixed with Las Vegas. It's in those fucking boys poker games.


It's just nobody sleeps, nobody sleeps. Barista open all night long as the only fucking hotel I've ever been in, in all my travels where I went, you don't have it for an upset stomach.


One second pop comes out of the room with the package is a case full stop. And you just all the time, I guess. Yeah. What would you like to see? It every ran the Alka Seltzer fucking saltpeter.


And if you want just for the Irish boys work and tell. Great.


But those it's I can't describe enough off. The Bulls at Cheltenham is the same bulls that an all Ireland final. It's, it's multiplied by the bulls at the county final or walking into Anfield.


Would you need and would you need to know about horses to get a thrill out of it?


No, because an awful lot of people dare just go for this sociology of it. Yeah, I mean I mean, it's just I was there one year in Cheltenham. The fucking weather was really bad.


So this fucking tented villages at nine o'clock in the morning, the roof blew off the tented village. So the whole thing was. So we have nine in the morning, major party power up there with all the boys and girls on the town, are we of regret that racing has been canceled? Racing has been canceled. So you've got 50000 Irish lunatics gone.


What the fuck are we going to do now? And they opened up the bar.


There's one bar called the center, which can it's like a basketball arena and it can hold about 12000 people at once.


Well, I'm not joking. We were in there by one o'clock. She was fucking bananas.


Mental bananas. Nobody gives a flyer.


We have a drink. You're like a 19 gin and tonics and, you know, fellows gone over now with Tesco bags full of cash.


Wouldn't you have you'd have farmers who'd have died in the Galway races. You'd have to drive up from Gaut and Pnina and it would be they'd have 15 grand started to spend that day. Yes. You probably multiply that.


Multiply it. I met a farmer. I don't know if I've ever told you this. I met a farmer one day. I was thinking, what? Mick Galway, Mick fucking Galway, the rugby lads. Yeah. Just take one slug out of a plane to be gone. Another one hectare.


This is like and I've met this farmer and standing in one of the bars and I said to him and he goes and we talk into each other's here because that's the way you talk.


When you're given tips, you go into the left and you're like that and you grab the back of his elbow there and you pull him in close and you go, well, have you got something for me? Like owning a motorbike on Four Corners? And I'm only back in one hour for the week.


And then I went about four hours later. All What do you make it? He says, I've ten grand in my pocket, er cash and I'm back. And then I said he said I'm back in Denman. Denman bolted up and even money bolted up one bit. Ten grand money. You don't.


But I've seen young lads going over with all the, the young peaky blinders, effervescent energy on them and this is their first ever Cheltenham and they come to grand each and they put it on the wrong horse or they blow it on the first day and they've gone out with their tail between their legs and their broken men.


And when you walk out of Cheltenham as a broken man up the car park and you've lost your balls, yes. It's a hard place to be.


It's what tell you one thing. When you won fuckin money in Cheltenham and you come out of the car park there and you know, the party's gone on down the town, it's the greatest. It's the Mecca. You talk about the Hindus love and the and the Mecca and their fuckin mosque chat and understand that Islam is not get bogged down.


But that is the that is their shrine, the temple. It's just it's one of the most amazing things. I can only recommend it to people that you'd never you never see anywhere like it.


I think I think I think it is your mattress making noises it never used to. Or is it sagging causing you to.


Then it's time to get a new one, get the best sleep at the best value.


With an extra mattress, prices start at just four hundred and ninety nine dollars and you get three hundred and ninety nine dollars in accessories thrown in a three hundred and sixty five night home trial and a forever warranty. Go to Nektar sleep dotcom.


Gone off being like touching other people. Well, she didn't need covid, I mean, I just wish you would that be your worst nightmare, going somewhere where it's just full of people and just mixing in with them?


Yeah, I wouldn't be mad about it now, even though I love Croke Park and so like that what I'd like to do, you think of what sporting events would you like to go to see before too long for all your work?


I said no because it's the night of my life. What's important that you'd like to see?


I would love to get the last week. There's two weeks and the 17 days altogether. I know already what I'm talking about. The 17 day festival. I would love to get ringside tickets for the last seven days of the World Snooker Championships in the crucible of Jack Sheffield.


I would fucking love to watch just sitting there in silence, nobody touching me and be touching me or talking to me just with the earphones in far.


I wouldn't. Your phone just looking at them. Jonathan plans to go back to the academy on.


I just lay down and laid out of the would even make it or take off my clothes. I just played out of the bed and this is my decision on top of the duvet and I be stared at the ceiling. I'd have a little rest between sessions and I was roughly watch the evening sessions at what is Peter fucking nobody thought.


I'd love that.


I love the logic. Oh. Oh, that'll be just for the whole week. You'd want to go there for. Oh yeah.


Me all the world snooker final in the Crucible.


Can you imagine. I love that, I like watching it on the telly but I wouldn't be still there for so long. I thought that theatre that all of that, that would be fantastic.


I can't think of any other big events that I'd like to go to really. I like watching. I love watching women's tennis.




Oh, I mean I only ask Naomi even though she's American, but I mean, she's. This. O o o o o o o juice. Yes, I know that's what about that one? Yes. Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait.


Long. And then they go for the low back at us. Oh, oh, give up the crowd.


I like women's tennis. Yeah, just for the sound effects and Wimbledon. I like the shape of them as well. The shape of women in women's tennis has changed now a little bit.


So they used to be there was a thing of where these skinny little fucking Fifi Trixi balls would be winners like Kournikova and beautiful woman and so forth.


But now they've gotten their chunky, their Harry Williams and she's a powerful unit is fucking she should play fullback for two more ladies team.


Oh, fuck me.


She's coming right up on step three steps. She has to she'd clear some balls.


She was OK. And I say they'll always say Ironbound. Yeah. The bigger your backside, the more powerful you kick.


You know, if you see trying to think of I can't think offhand, but a big galoot is often the sign of a powerful boost.


Yes. You know, so but what's happening now?


So the women used to be 50 to 60 pounds and all just kind of waifs.


Tracy Austin oh oh oh oh. Oh yeah.


But now you get these fucking chunky Russian women on their work and they're built like rugby league. They just locker room.


You know, my mum and I, I just love so.


Oh yeah. Like them to know is there the women.


They seem to be they've huge, big, muscly, chunky. What's your point.


So they wouldn't be big breasts no matter what kind of effect is kind of small breasts. It's powerfully defined body. Yeah. And it's just fucking legs big chunky and the powerful noise.


Nice about that in the rock and pop in the room. What a tremendous class. It was good but not my girlfriend.


Dream of walking into a dressing room full of them up big and blindfolded and drunk. I'm just gonna hate my fucking home, you know. Oh well.


And there'd be a silence, this eerie fucking silence as the door opens and Serena comes in and all the women were back and I'd be there with the blindfold on. What's happening? What's happening. I just get this tremendous fucking dig into the side of the page. Oh. Oh, my God. I should leg up again with the fucking angry. Fuck me again alone.


Row, row, row, row.


And just be back tremendously.


Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.


I was just thinking yesterday I was driving along the car and like I was listening to a song that was kind of over my head but high brow. Maybe this is why I don't have that emotional attachment emotionally charged because it was over your head. It was just a bit like, you know, and presenter builds it up like it's this, you know, oh, my God. Like, the song is just, you know, touching all bases and it's all this.


And then the song is played. No record of it. Hatori A.M., one of those ones there, you know.


So anyway, I was just thinking, you know, when you're not even certain you're doing your English and you're doing these kind portree right. And you're learning about Elizabeth Bishop or Emily Bishop, whatever their names are.


John Bishop Yeah, that's different. And then you have to like, imagine, you know, you have to like, what's the word? You have to break down the meaning of the word. Yes.


It's utter nonsense, isn't it. In what way?


It's just like you're sitting there and you are reading about this poor port you have absolutely no connection to.


And she was born and but she could but she can be writing about an event in her life that might echo off yours. You know, some of it's a bit much.


And I think that, you know, there's some poetry that you read and it's interesting and you have a connection to it.


But then it's like it's like fine wine. It's like all this stuff people have just this creates this not.


Oh, yes. Like this one is just amazing. And it's full of earthy tones and o'chee and, you know, raspberry hints and you're like, I'm not going to sit here, take this shit anymore.


And then there is this shit.


There's this poem I know deep inside North Korea, fucking Mayeux, that univer soul and you put into.


Like, I would talk about the song on the radio. What did you mean, what was wrong? I thought it was just an example of this. He was trying to paint a picture here, but like some of my confession in the hour of my deepest need was in the pool of tears beneath my feet, flood every newborn and said there's a dying voice within me, reaching out somewhere, toiling in the danger and in the morals of despair, don't have the inclination to look back on any mistakes like Kaini.


Now, behold this chain of events that I must break in the fury of the moment.


I can see the Masters hand like a relief that trembles just like every grain of sand.


That's Bob Dylan is this is not just like that's more of another one that's going on. He sang a song I heard one day for 27 minutes. That's. What the hell. I'll never forget.


We were doing this talent competition at Belmont, are you not?


And I was one of the judges, me and Audrey, and this lovely man called Ian.


The three of us were judging the talent, but there's no fucking talent competition at Belmont.


At one point of view, the celebrity judge, the three of us, you're a celebrity.


You want to get to the beginning at the end of the alphabet without stopping.


Yeah, it's ready with this fella came and your man in the middle there was one man and anchored by the two beauties on the right and the left and vice versa. And you take this one out. So he stood up and he introduced a song and asked a couple questions. Where are you from, blah?


He started singing the song and he wrote the song himself and he's singing it and let's go on for it.


But it's it afterwards we had to give her comments and I know in a nice for and he goes, well, no, he's right.


And what kind of a relationship you had with your father that you thought I was an aid person and people are listening to it. Well, I thought I was going to pass out laughing.


So a bit like Bob, they're like there's no song lets you go on that sings. You are the their there is. I like my own Juliet. I like. Yeah, I like that. Romeo Crennel made everybody know with a love song that he made you find the streetlight out of the chaise lounge, something like that.


You were me babe.


How about a man named Juliette says good to me, it's Romeo. You give me a heart attack. She shouted to her mother, Hey, man, my boyfriend's back.


Don't come around here singing about people like that anyway. What are you going to do about it? Juliette, I love you. He said, I love you like the stars above, but I love you. There's a place where you know the movie, so you don't realize it, just the timing was wrong. Usually according to account.


That's a good song because you are and your McAnuff, did you ever go for Queen of the Land?


No, I did your mark on. I never was involved.


You are a country lady. You do the walk. You do the walk of life. Sorry about that.


My mother really like dire straits, right?


And when we were having her funeral, we had to sit at the undertaker said, can you pick out some songs for the we were going to the crematorium.


And I said, Oh yeah, like lady of Knock, you know?


My sister said, What about the Walk of Life? That's her favorite song. So anyway, I saw you.


It's the next thing. They're taking her mom in the coffin and we're sitting there and, you know, it's all deep, like the next.


See, the next thing here comes here comes Johnny saying, you know, there's going to be Babalawo. But they want to say, oh, Johnny, I got a woman down in the tunnel trying to make it pay me back on the train. He got them. Oh, shit. Oh, yeah.


The back and play dedication, devotion and not enough time to the day after the song about the trouble and the strife one day you know what I'd like to do to walk out outside have to come out and everybody is looking at what was my other sister didn't know that that song was going to be played.


And we're sitting there and they're carrying the coffin of my older sister. I want you to turn it on. And you say that's they're like taking care of people didn't know how to react. Like, what are you supposed to be going to laugh? Laughing. Are you crying?


She's like, oh, you know, your mother was like, well, there was probably my mother like a badge of the war, you know? Yeah. Yeah.


Well, everybody, I hope you've enjoyed this week's podcast with Tommy. And I'm going to talk to you next week. This podcast is part of the cast creator network.


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