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Oh, welcome, everybody, to another transcendant episode of the Tumbi and Hector podcast with Luisa Blueish.


Now, you, the general public, are choosing the names for the show these days, and we've had two in one that I like, the one that Hector likes.


So I don't know the one that Hector likes. It might even be the one that I like as well, but he could be my favorite one.


Is West Ham United? That's very, very good. That's good. I want to say that there's an awful lot more than to come in and tell me they're seeping in on Twitter. Yes, there's a lot coming in. I think it's robocalling that sent out.


OK, this one comes in from Roy Megraw and he said, After Realto Madrid, surely the next show has to be F.C. Board Nimona.


You no, I think West Mambu, Barcelona FC Board, Nimona, yeah, but it's not actually a play. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I saw that, you know, Hector is quite clever, but there's no cracking. OK, don't my suggestion anyway, I just go to be here.


Right. Sorry Roy. No crack in that tweet. Roy, get a try harder.


I'm just blocking Roy Brown. Well, don't try as hard as the key. Oh, she flew out here and.


Yes, we put those. Yes. So what is the name of this show?


West, ma'am. You know. That's good. That's good. Thank you, everyone, for giving us the show. So are we doing. We're doing presents. No, this is the Christmas show. Latricia's our present.


So tell me. Had to come when I go to bed. She's really going straight into presents because it's the start of the year. I know. Too excited. Yeah, I know. That night I was so excited I. You can't do what you doing. Why are you doing the presents straight.


We have to close our eyes. When do you open your presence on Christmas. Well I have to wait for until everyone's ready and it's in our house.


We open them after the dinner but four or five. Oh I wouldn't be able to bring presents. We say a little Good Friday.


That's why he's so excited about us getting out. Okay, so I brought your presents to the area. So this is my present for Larissa. Where's your sister?


Here. Have you brought them? Yes. OK, let's just do the rooms first. We told them. Oh, you have this one. Tony Cullum, control freak. No, we ruled open the presents.


No, we like that at home. OK, the tallest goes into the front room first, followed by the smallest, followed by the two people in the middle later.


That's why I'm dressing. You mean you can talk? I have to say, I'm a bit disappointed.


I was the only person to make an effort and wear my Christmas jumper. Now, I'd be wearing the Christmas jump on the park on the first thing you could wear.


We had a thirty year old budget. Yes. I hope nobody exceeded that target.


I might have enjoyed the far side of us. Well, that's all I wanted to say. But only inches is a thirty year old boy just. Oh, here it is.


Our first Christmas in the hen shed and house is not the hen shed is the hen house.


It's a shame a loss of control issues going on here today. Why given the fucking present. So this is this is my present from Teresa.


So this is don't what it is not Santa Claus to tell you what it is.


And then, you know, there's a very strong male connection to this and it's wrapped in red and green, not very strong male connection.


OK, so we are now with the rise up, visually opening presents on a say, OK, it's green paper. Let's see.


Oh, oh my. You know, but it's it's a it's a it's a penguin.


You hucker excellent. I'm so it feels really nice. Oh. Sorry for what it is.


Is it Foxwell woollen mills. Oh yes. In County Mayo. And what they do is they, they take extra bits of the garments, extra bits of the material that they don't use for the garments and the animals. So it's it's a it's a of Oxford male woollen mill penguin.


Oh that's very lovely. It is fabulous. Oh well that's a good one now. And I'll give you hectors president.


Oh my God, this is exciting. He's got it's pure pocket. He's moving over to the far side of it, so.


Oh my God. I just think it's. Yeah, it's great what's happening here, Louise.


It's taken a bed cover off the bed and he's now wrapped up for Hector's present.


Now, I was I was thinking, what what could I get the man who tries to organize everything.


Right. Well, you need to put it up on the table. No, I don't. So it won't be obvious from the thing. I'll have to explain it to you when I give it to you.


Yes. OK, so you want them. OK, put it up on the table here. There's a bedspread on it. He's taking the bedspread off the table.


OK, it's a it's a massive.


He's given me a brand just looking. What is that. It's a look at the hours of it sticking out. What is it. Is it a wash? It's almost like you can take it.


It's a wash. Take it. What this is, is it's a fucking it's a it's a white gallon drum.


Oh, this way. Right. It looks like a white gallon drum.


It is a white gallon drum that's inside my nitrous oxide.


Why would a man want a white gallon drum? It's a measurement on the side. Yeah.


Once it goes like a ruler on the side, it's the suppository was the year's supply of morphine suppositories.


That's where you got a very good price on them. If you got them openness, will you? What the fuck is on the side of us? What do you opener's. I'm not suitable for commercial use. Now, what are you doing in your presence?


Four o'clock the day. I just tell you what it is. Hey, Joe, those ads from Africa where you can adopt a Chinese.


It's a kid. I got a build your own. This is this time of year. I have to open this. I don't know how you open your. Can you look like a jigsaw? No, I tell you what it is. But I like it. I tell you I can't open it.


OK, sit down. I'll tell you what it is.


It's got a hole inside it here.


There must be a thing here we are looking into the hole. You can sit down and I'll tell you what it is.


So what it is, I have to break the seal. Yes, OK, here we go. And we break always. It's the first phase of how long we have to bring attention to the OK, is this.


Oh my God. There you go.


Quite easily, but it's twenty four point twenty five liters. Oh well. You my master.


She thinks it's an artificial insemination case with a syringe because actually it is at home, Brooke.


It's a home brew kit. It's a beer home brew.


So what I know when you talk about the Vikings and it's brilliant that you're mad for Mead. So I tried to get Mead and they'd run out of meat, but that was the next best thing.


So so you get to make physically make stuff with it. And I have all the bottles and everything up in the house, 50 50 bottles.


You get to make 45 pints of your own beer and we drink it on the show. I will drink it here. We let it.


How long will it take to ferment a month, a month out the back of the hen house?


We shouldn't let you go first. No, you've said this to.


But his next fantastic drummer, Kevin Tommy. Brilliant. I can't talk for a second with a gemba. OK, who's is next?


Here we go.


So it's a wrap. But now we went to the next one. Mine was Raptiva or he's forgotten something. That's it, you know, for four. OK, ok. OK. Happy Christmas, everybody.


Everybody gets what they want for Christmas. What are you getting? The podcast goes out on Thursday. Yeah. So what are you hoping to get from your partner?


I don't really know. I'm, I'm getting probably close and not close, but like maybe shoes and stuff like that.


So you told your bloke these are the shoes. I want to get to come back and I want to make.


Oh. And will he get it. Will he get you a surprise?


I told you he won't surprise. Which is putting them under a bit of pressure. OK. And what about you Hector.


Will you have you. I've got two books. You're not allowed to say what they are yet because. No, no, no, no.


I'm talking about the present from your lady. Oh, yeah. I know exactly what I'm getting. You've actually said this is what I want to get that book and that book. And it's a in some blades and some socks. It's the same every year and a couple of books. Well, what about you tell me.


Hang on a minute. She goes into the book in the same shop and then gets you fucking toiletries like a razor deodorant, sweeping deodorant, which you don't get to them once a month anyway.


No, I buy them all year round for myself. And then at Christmas, it's a bonus. I get about 60 blades a jumbo pack. Oh, man.


I love plays. I love plays. I love that nineteen blades make up. I won't buy blades now till the summer.


So tell me you understand. That's great. I if you to get for your birthday to push.


What are you getting. So many socks.


I get socks. Yeah. And I, I've got socks and a jumper. There you go.


That's it. Simple. Yes. No here we go. So it's OK for Tommy. Tommy this is for you USA.


Thank you very much. Can I go. Yes. Go and go fast. This is for you. I decided I just want to get something that I want. I go easy Tommy Bricusse I wanted to give you something is very valuable and has styrofoam in the box as well.


So it must be breakable.


Oh and the item no more.


I wanted to give you something that could be I wanted to bring you back today down to the bottom of the garden and I want you to love this man.


This man. Oh it's just fantastic.


It's like a treebeard type of, you know, the texture of the forest spirit of the aquanauts. And this is what this is for the Hensher that is gorgeous.


Always that this is what we need to put them on the wall here to protect my begin at the bottom of the shed.


Despues Wow. That is classy. It's nice. Taskmasters, thank you very much.


Beside the penguin, will you please put them on the wall here at the hen house. Yes, I can. He's lovely, isn't he. He's beautiful. Thank you for you.


We name him are just we have to get a name from but he just really is the bottom of the garden despues beautiful. The Lord of the heavens for me.


OK, that's me. I look I just hope it's not I'm not there. I just got you something nice for you.


Oh that's a really nice present. Thank you so much.


I just got you something nice for those, those days and not more down at the pictures. Can't put it on to heart.


It's a nice day. That's a beautiful, really lovely made by Hatake inside you feel inside. That's for all those days. Those days if not more fun to watch. No more play. And then I just got you this as a memento.


As I said before, I really enjoyed the last few months Tuesdays. Ah.


Oh that's fantastic. You can wear the jacket up to the year. Here's, here's something. Here's something. To remind you guys of the six month journey we've gone on this podcast, oh, lovely Hexter. That's so nice.


On the day the day I was sitting there in the pubs close. That's brilliant.


And it would bring back memories of our day when drinking and The Cranberries the day after, not more on the county title.


OK, so now it's my turn.


Welcome to 46 games. This is my first time and I got a medley of presents and wrapped them all together. OK, so that's Tomizawa. Thank you very much, sir. This is great.


Great. With somebody like in a nursing home, a little bit like a nursing home. Jackie, Jackie, doc, this is honest to God. Like there's no right, Tom. He's got his own ass with somebody.


Lock was like, hey, hey, hey, log with knock more J.A.G. champions. 20-20 That's right. And the handlers on the inside me. Yes. The double knock that we got, all of them like God. I will drink the next one. I will. So tell me.


Got a Ladybird book of the Chege. It's very particular to read. At least you got it.


Oh, I got Hector this book because you know how he is prone to philosophers and likes to quote them.


I thought that this guy you could read about this is the second book I have from Rutger Bregman.


I hope you haven't got this one. No, I don't know if this is Utopia for real, as his first book was called The Window Upstairs.


And I don't mind if this is Utopia for real thinking into upstairs.


Well, again, they're both Swiss origin, Dietrich, Bartok and German. Right.


You'll have loads of people's, quote, call for real. So next time, tell me, what did you guess next time got. I'm so happy you got me. You got me. They about how much they could tell. It's a small little bottle of holy water from Knokke. Yes. Thank you very much. Yes. That's something special for your car.


My mother would always put a bit of a hole in the car to bring with you when you're traveling. No, you don't report into the front beside the front door so you can leave as a not at all told me. I need to tell you about this. Right.


You often can look at this. This is from a local shop and volunteer study where I get my coffee every day. Yes. And he ground this down for your coffee, for your stove. It says Deathwish.


It's the strongest coffee in the world. It's made from the skulls of bhajans that have been killed on the fucking Castlebar bypass. Yes, that's exactly Bajour school ground into a fine.


And it would blow your mind I couldn't get my mind is already blown.


See, how are they so deathwish now and Hektor you should have another gave me holy water and that will go into my shit if something that's really special in their hektor.


And now the ceremonial opening of the final presence here is something very I know you that you know, I train Jesus, I will wear this, I train and it's the knock more being a yes than the county champions.


And I had to keep the newcomer Jacob in money Islan. Well, I was getting these presents.


Lapine hat will be worn around. Claire, go away and thank you very much later. Happy Christmas everybody.


Everybody today is a very important day because I got up early to watch the Solstice live at Newgrange.


Did you see it this morning. That was yesterday was yesterday. But today was the one with the sun. The sun didn't work really good yesterday, so we got up early to watch.


It was the some shenanigans that that was the Newgrange is actually built in 1951 now or something. Instead of 5000 years ago, there was this there was something where the Meade County Council on the slide, it did over a very slow Easter weekend.


So you got to watch it. We watch all the time, but twenty past seven. And then it came about twenty seven minutes past eight. The sun split the chamber, which is just quite incredible to think. And it's the start of a new dawn and a new day and for the Celtic gods to reawaken. And something very unique just happened a couple of minutes ago here at the hen house when a shard of light shot through. I don't know if you've noticed this, but a shot through across a cross, through the curtains, across the tummy and Hector Moggs, across our mikes and across the neck.


More time to understand. Yes. Oh, yes.


He got a shot of light just cut across there.


So again, today is the celebration of the New Year, lads, the celebration of new life. Yes.


And well, I'm thinking is that instead your people often do a review of the year gone past.


I think that let's do let's pretend it's twelve months on from now and let's do a review after 2021.


It's a pretty big year if you had. The vasectomy, yeah, it was it was one of the it was time to get well, it was one of those things I'd made from Bologna. We got it done in Chuma.


And he told me he went down to Aladin Tube and he didn't just pop into a pan and choom like you can pop into Aladin.


He has a really small but you can do it over, you can have a sandwich and you can have a little. The only thing is the smell of a solid ring iron and the smell of burnt skin.


Tell me talk me through it from the start. And vasectomies are happening now. No, but how does that what do you have to do on a plastic?


He just Norns the ball area. He makes a small incision and he just sold the tube. So you don't do what you do to a ball.


You don't get there. No, you wouldn't.


No, no, no. What he does is he put the tube, you see do when a woman is 12 or 13 years of age, she has all her eggs inside her, like every egg that a woman will ever put you on them. I suppose she does.


You've got ownership. That's the right word.


You own these eggs, every egg. And it's kind of it is going to hit.


You think that women are walking around with fucking eggs inside them anyway. And when you've got little sperm, then so what happens is that a woman is 12 or 13 and she has all her eggs inside her.


Every egg she'll ever fertilize are not fertilized, is inside her body. And it's the same with men and sperm. So we have to when a man gets a vasectomy, he has to get pints and pints.


And that's what the contractors get gallons gallons of sperm like people take to get it, get it drained and will get them.


You could a man could see them flying out here.


It's just a huge like you'd feel like a lot of women think that men just have sperm in the bars that don't all the down their legs into your stomach and plunk a big hole under your arms.


And it's like a goldfish thing. There's a big old tank here, billions of them, billions like frog spawn.


And yet at the moment when if you stop a man in the wrong place, in the stomach, sometimes, sometimes when you want him to the left or right, it's like the water movement. Yes.


So I have a few friends that got it done. And I said to myself, look, I'm going to get it done. It's not a specialized dojo.


Years ago, what used to take four or five days for it to get to be in hospital for six hours, I fell into mediocrity. Oh, so you got five or six days for a vasectomy years ago.


Now you can just be the whole Satmar and Flanary from above.


The person would say it's me in the Flannery's suction pipes. Yeah, Flannery's vasectomies. So you guessed it.


You can get it done now. Different ways yet and you can go.


What is it like the best Virginia county decarbonize like a milk Impala and then everybody just gets it.


You get in. That's the sound of it. Next, it's basically get your milk as well.


Welcome chamber football. I do just get every bit as sperm as. Yes, four or five days.


You could be at your side effect. Is all your balls swell up for about two days after like eleven balls.


Balls. Right. And then they just put a smile on a.. Hospice's assault weapons. Medlen smell of burnt skin and stuff when he goes in Rufus's. Yeah.


That's the vasectomy. Tommy tell us about him. Tell us about the door. And sometimes just like in his family room.


So what else happened in 2021 when we adopted that kid from from jail? Remember that? Yeah. Brilliant. How do you know that was good?


The ads for Gerta and throw away with the Corvette.


Now, you can't be adopting kids from across the street, from across my line, from over the oceans.


So we have to just adopt.


So there was Daniel, there was a big Gorta Drive to adopt kids from Belmont and behold the whole. How did you find them culturally?


Well, and beholders Trias.


It's always looking at it. I know. It's good. It's good.


They're learning to of course, you know all it was big thing in the playground.


They started school well when all the kids got around and point number from male and. But it was good. We've got to feel better about it. Yeah. What do you call them? Pacho. John Morra Francis.


It's important. Could not more in the first year in the championship.


I don't think so lads. I think we're going for the double header for the dole anyway.


Please God 2021 will be we'll have great memories this time next year.


Lacuna So obviously getting into the Christmas spirit and I had I overindulged on alcohol on Friday and. And obviously, I haven't done that for quite some time.


Where and how, I was just getting a bit, you know, excited for the grand final and so at points very steadily had dinner, naumov drinks, had a glass of wine. So we went out for dinner.


Like what would be having dinner in unsteady way?


No, I meant as in I was going to you know, I didn't start the designed like so I had dinner, had a glass of white wine, then ordered a bottle of red wine.


Drank that at your own.


No, no. We are in a town. There was. Yeah I was.


And then there was two then someone came to join us and they were, it was champagne, white wine by the excuse that a chardonnay or a solved monk.


It was I don't know what the fuck was white and who cares. It was nice drinking in a bar. Then my cousin came to meet me.


She ordered a bottle of champagne and I had to drive to get those chiki and had so had some of that and then had a gin and tonic was the crown and then ordered a bottle of Coors Light and they didn't have any bottles.


And I had a pint and I had two points and then and that. When you started drinking I then start that woman you'd be drunk.


You have a glass of wine, glass of wine.


It wasn't I, I felt Coors Light at the end of the night. I often use that as vodka. Mouthwash. Yeah, but I'm not a fella. Larita Gawande.


How we had what time did you get home and how was it wasn't a late night. That's all I had to drink. I vomited for a third of the day on Saturday. Really?


Were you bad for customers? I was. It definitely.


You know, when you started poisoning, you had no you know, when you started vomiting the bile up, you know, it's like red wine, white wine, champagne, gin and tonic and cause like, isn't it what's the thing?


What's that phrase. Wine for beer. That's that Ducey's for Inez's or is it right before the beer gets you on your ear?


Well, I had well I had the other way around that was zoster.


I know how you was sick of the leg.


That was Lazzara. Oh, well, Sunday evening I got a text. I was lying on the couch watching the BBC sports personality. The WHO one is a human Formula One driver wanted to get a flu, as Tyson said.


Did you see I for me, don't vote. He sent them a solicitor's letter and told them to remove him from the Personality of the Year award.


What's up? Just pinged it at about half at the fire on the Christmas tree. I'm not just lying in wait a steak dinner Sunday. And I said, this is lovely. I love the sports personality here. Holly Doyle, the jockey, was nominated. I thought you'd win it if I was on Christmas tree. And I thought that that sounds like hell to me. Was watching Fox Sports personality. What is wrong with Jeff?


To be honest, lying on the couch should be something that's weird for him. He prefers to sit in his own dark room with a tremendous glass of wine, go to bed at half.


I mean, it's a sports personality of the social is only social outlet. It's good to talk to us like like fucking boring fucking things. It's weird.


They're having to sit in company with other people to watch the sports personality as a culmination of the great sport that we've seen for a year. Twelve months.


US no one told me so. Anyway, what do you think? You're great with your fucking friends.


So the thing to watch is that abortion, a Turkish psychodrama course.


It's nice. It's fucking brilliant and they sound angry even if there had been friendly to each other in the ethos.


It's in Turkish subtitles ethos.


Is it a series yet series? It's a fucking series. Series.


What is on his own, on his little tablet in the room and it's drinking was on a cigar. I don't even like people walking by the door. You know, it's only when you go into the sit room where the rest of the family are, they're only getting ready to watch nationwide at half six.


Meanwhile, man here is in the darkness in the industry.


Isn't that enough? Yes, Dad. Where's Dad? Dad, come out tonight. He's just so happy that it's dark.


Now you're all set. Where's Dad and your dad? Who?


The text went over for a pint. And then I start again. OK, so I just wanted to know it just might pop up the road for a pint and I hope I die in front of me. But in due time and a feel, we sat in an. Whose fuckin phone is? That's my young lads, they're looking for watches for Christmas. Was the Texas you know, if you're a brain surgeon, would you bring your phone? And I said, OK, so you remove some of that magilla better.


What's your demonstration tonight in the middle of something right here by Merita?


I'd like to discuss it might have bothered me six or seven.


Lovely Heineken's when I got back that night, a gas, hydrochloric acid or whatever.


When I got back that night and I started reading the Sunday Times above in the bed, but after I couldn't even see the paper the Journal put on the lights.


Or should we take the words out loud? I was reading the betroth.


I went downstairs before I went up to the bed. I went downstairs. I said, fuck it, I'm starving. So I went I did lovely toasted ham, cheese and branston bacon sandwich when I laddered half the jar, rebalanced and pick it up, went up to bed, did not have any crisps with it. No, I couldn't find any hunky dory.


And did you have a pair of happy hands and you and the wife and the wife. Get out. Get away from me. I was there like the Sunday Times sports part of it. Oh, yes.


I heard that David was right in the that of drugs. So where is it? I love your brother used to teach me, you know, A, that the independents want to know. All right.


So then I went to bed and it was a bit of an of water bottle down the bottom of the baby told.


So the next morning, did you are you after piss in the water? I am not. Why would I do that?


Well, it wasn't a hot water bottle, as long as I know so little that I forgot that Monday morning come after Sunday.


We were planned. We were planning to go into town.


Oh, just don't do this to Jesus Christ. I was coming out this week. I was in a T-shirt. It was two degrees outside. I fought against Wetton in the car, got in with a mask. I get into town and the missus goes, right, we have a list of stuff to get the hell out of there and just buy whatever we need really quickly. Don't ask me questions. She said, what about this? What about your hair?


Just don't ask me. Just buy everything we need and let's get out of there.


And then finally, I got home yesterday and I was lying on the couch scratching my head and watching this and look up to bed last night at nine o'clock.


Can't do it anymore. Do you know what someone gave me for The Hangover on Saturday? I couldn't get tablets like a Panadol or whatever. So he posts sparkling water in a glass and a Lord salt. Like a low salt. Yeah. Oh, it was really, really salty, but it got rid of the headache. No.


Yeah, because I would get serious headaches. I couldn't drink much. Tommy, after tremendous glasses of whiskey, five, six, seven of them. Any hangover.


No, I'm permanently hungover. I'm, I wouldn't know what it's like not to be hungover. Like years are all folk and talking about drink and thinking you're great because maybe fucking one night every fucking six months you have a fucking lot.


I'm in the everyone is going through a bottle of whisky. You I would drink nine pints and now he wouldn't because we saw him at them. Yeah. Yeah I know. Now by the way I went home to do some real drinking.


It does Tommy's leave and lightweight with you. Will you have some tremendous glasses over over the Christmas period.


I mean really you'd be drawn up before he starts the dinner at all on Christmas Day?


We have a bottle of Christmas Day before the meal, and I find he had it.


And Tommy, can I ask you about your love? Is it just Jemison or is it Bushmills that would extend to Tullamore Du or anything?


No, I like what I like now is whisky, where there's something going on. What do you mean like that? It's not just you're not just drunk.


Would you like some ginger ale and want some action in the bottle where you see stuff, what he envisions, like you can get all you need, like punching then to stuff that, that like stronger than whiskey. All the drunkenness is taking care of itself is the stage.


Now I want what I want is hallucination. You should mix brandy and whiskey and see what happens.


What do you think? A bit of powers I drink I powers is the most beautiful whiskey in the world.


Bold character, bottled. But I, I know what I like. Whiskey that has a bit more going on in it so that it so you taste it and it goes into your mouth is one test. And then before you swallow it, there's another test and an atheist wallet, there's an after test. So there's three different things going on. So it might it's a complicated concoction of flavors.


And so do you mean like with a slice of lime and maybe some ginger ale, like different flavors or just Christ, as I put in for fucking Holy Communion in hot chocolate? What the fuck are you talking about? You know that you can get this strange.


Like the older the whiskey, the more is going nuts you put in your mouth and you're not entirely sure what you're tasting is more than it's more than whiskey.


Your taste. Yeah, it is. Before tasting. And I guess I guess some of the I had some Scottish whiskey at the weekend and there was just what the fuck was going on with the.


But there's a lot going on. It was like drinking nettles and fuckin blueberries and wash it down with a bit of yogurt followed by a burp. It was just the most powerful concoction.


Fantastic tummy will lie in Christmas Day and the bottle of wine will be opened, but it won't touch it.


Would you? I'd be. Would you classify or would you drink wine to serve whiskey? Now, is there another word for it? No, I don't know. I don't know enough about us.


We have a glass of red wine with the meal. Will you just have whisky with dark side with the muesli?


First thing in the morning with the dinner he would drink whisky with his. Then I wouldn't have any other table.


I'd have enough of a drink before the dinner started. I didn't take a break and the kids know not to fuck and cross me on their presence there.


Fuck no.


Don't ask me any questions on Christmas Day because you weren't allowed to have any batteries. I think you can fuck off if had business.


If you beat the Falcons 27 by the time they get going, no batteries, not just drink, just pure drink, only boxer shorts in the garden and have a broad roaring at the dog.


Yeah, yes. I have energized, frightened Santa Claus.


You would as long as you say, just give us yours, just give us your hangover cure again. I'm interested enough. So salt about a tablespoon of salt and sparkling water and back in one.


Yeah but not all or. No I can't drink too much like Kelly but like I drank probably about a half a glass of it.


And the moral of this story is white wine, good champagne, good red wine, good bit of course light.


I don't drink or drink continuously I think. Is the message the same kind outcall.


Oh, I want to talk about this an awful lot like this I used to erect.


The hand is open with the excitement gwon. OK, I want to talk about forgiveness. Right and but hide behind those words.


Hide my eye contact off the popsicle.


Don't don't give I don't know about you is you know I want to, I want to talk about forgiveness and by forgiving people and other people in your lives who you have forgiven and people that you haven't forgiven. And I don't want to know what they did to you, do you? But just other people in your life.


I guess there's two conse God forgive me, just God like you could never forgive.


No, I think one of the reasons why I can't forgive them is because they haven't said sorry. I think I know one of the cons know when I think of a idea, OK, but I so if someone says, hey, I did you a disservice there, I screwed up, I'm sorry, then then the forgiveness flows naturally. Yeah. But if they don't and if they're just, then it's hard to forgive them because you could say in your imagination, I forgive that person and then in your imagination, their sense of deja forgiveness is wrong.


Right. I mean, that's a hard words.


And I have daughters with age that I have a lot more of a forgiving attitude towards people in my life. I kind of, you know, I see the goodness in the vast majority of people and then there's self forgiveness, you know, forgiven, you know, and sometimes you need other people to do this like myself. And when I got married, that Victor went to confession.


Right the the morning of the of the wedding, I went into the cubicle, you know, and so I confessed on me since I confessed on me, since the priest. And he forgave me, but I didn't feel it.


I mean, I didn't feel as if I actually had been forgiven, I felt exactly the same. There was no lifting of any burden, right.


And it was until two weeks ago. And this is a square one now. I've talked to Damien Dempsey. And Damien to me is like when he's on stage, he's like a high priest. He just commands this, especially in Vicar Street, like he just commands this is like a mass. It's like it's higher than mass. It's almost a transcendental experience of song.


And, you know, and I was talking to him and we somehow I don't know how, but the the conversation got around to forgiveness, you know?


And I said I'd still be carrying a burden of stuff that I've done, you know, and I mentioned this one thing in particular. And Damon says, how long are you carrying around you? I told him it was a good has been over 15 years, I've been carrying this thing and he says he says, I forgive you. He says, as in my role as a druid, he says, I forgive you and I can lift it. And you feel like you're forgiven.


I feel I've the burden is gone.


Isn't that just that was just somebody saying to you the actual words being said by another brother.


Yeah, but it was when the priest said it for him, it didn't land at all. But when that's because you couldn't see him properly and he wasn't in darkness.


But when Damien says to me, I just came in and he just went, yeah. And I didn't I didn't take it too. It didn't feel like a moment at the time.


He just says, in my role, is it true that we forgive you? Are you carrying that too long? Or if we give, you only made the sign of the cross in front of me.


And I just noticed 36 hours later, 72 and 48 hours later, I just said, Nilsa, armed forces gone. The feeling is gone. Hmm, no, no, don't tell me beautiful, wonderful thing, the actual deed or whatever that you couldn't forgive this person for doing or whatever happened was crawling away.


It was not an honor. You know, this is what I did. And I or something you did as my dad. Something nobody did. Nobody did it on, you know, so something you did.


Something that I did. And Damien forgave me for it.


He has a very strong, powerful of the other two things are people that I find it very hard to forgive. And it's not like you.


I get stalked up and I can think about them. And I just and I think it's because I don't see any chink in them. I don't see any. Kind of breakthrough with them? Yeah, and I just I just surely it's an interesting one, isn't it? What do you think of forgiveness?


Yeah, I try. I try to not. Let people get that into my head like I try not, you know, somebody is mean or horrible or just something nasty that's on them. You know what I mean? I try to not let it into me. So I don't really go around thinking or I hate you or hate you or don't like you. I just try. And there's good wisdom in that area.


I think so, because it it's you that gets annoyed by it. And as you said there, those two people, they don't even realize that they either don't realize that they've done wrong or they don't care or they would be amazed that I.


Yeah. That you hold. So if you can try and just I always think it's the problem.


They've got the issue. They've got the it's it's something lacking inside of them.


Yet they're they're bad bastards, but that's their own problem.


And they have to live with that every day, whether they admit to you or not. But do they know they're bad bastards?


I'd say I'd say that. And I'd say you're not only every day. No.


What they are driving or something that comes into your head gonna if I ever if I ever encountered them and would they act towards you like they never did anything wrong?


Like, would they know that you're annoyed by them? No, I wouldn't say so.


You seem to be shocked at the level. There's there's there's different levels here. There's levels of things committed and done against people. You're dealing with levels. It could be financial. It could be money. It could be. It could be. It could be something like it could be underhand. It could be something like steal the theft. It could be there's all different.


Why don't you say it straight into some contigo money and you hate to break legs.


Let's break his leg. Yeah, let's get out. Like if somebody somebody I don't know if somebody did you your money with someone stole money off the in the eye is twitching.


No, no, no. I feel I've mellowed an awful lot regarding everything.


I just want calm and fucking harmony around me. I'm not going to get angry anymore. Now, even though some bastard.


What how do you react to that person like that? I how do you react to the person like, you know, I don't I don't let them into my circle.


Right. Or him or her then. Is he your man. Use those.


I don't, I don't know Rita. If you meet them in the corner shop or if you meet them in the supermarket every day and you have you fucking know that person, it just done you wrong.


Yeah. I find it very hard to not look and say I want to break your legs. I got a petrol bomb.


The car. I'll tell me you like you. Do you see these people. Do you see them. Do you see them.


Do I'm not you know. Tell me which I. You're trying to play me. No, no.


Your prize in the open like a five gallon drum. Tell me what you see. I'm not giving away any details.


We ask you a few questions that day and in the end I did in the same county.


No, hang on. That doesn't matter what I did. When you when you meet them, do you feel as the person your personality changes towards them?


I met one of them recently. Yeah. And I fuckin I windows frosted in the bill also.


You don't actually talk to the person I bottom. Right fucking wow. Tommy just fucking eyeballed him and then I said, will I say something here. Now the opportunity didn't arise for me to say something, but that person knew by the way I was looking at them they'd fuck.


And you've kind of those guys are from there, the way people you eyeball me. When you said did you see that? I see that broken tear in an eyeball. What's the dead? It's like he's straight through you. Look, Tommy, were you in the same room as that person? Though it was on Zoome, how close was that person to you that you find as if that you you were like it wasn't the right time or the right place to say something?


How close were you to say to coming up with something that just got bomb a bolt?


Not too close because my hatred of them is too strong? No, it's just it's it's I hate their essence.


And tell me it's not in your I'm uncomfortable.


Comfortable answering questions. I do not know a lot about forgiveness, but hatred has to have forgiveness. Yes. So is there any chance that you will ever forgive?


I think if if one of these two people, if they expressed some sort of reciprocal contrition or something, then I do know that they have that.


They know that you know that they that they have an idea. Yeah. Dana, Dana.


Not you see, tell me. I believe there's not many there's no bad bones in your body. I know that. I know there's no bad bones in your body. So I know you're not. But I know you're not a bad man.


I know you've seen a neurotic. Don't know.


But there's a softness and he's got a soft target and a big heart. And he's a very kind, warm nathman.


Yeah. What you in the elevator? Yeah, you're good, you know what you mean? Yeah. After paying, we were the most amazing confidence in life. Yeah. And, you know, I didn't have anything else to add to it. Like I said, you're really into my eyes and you're really early. Choose the nominee or choose to decide this is Mecca novenas.


But I just went, yeah, that's true.


Like he articulated that so and so your feeling on forgiveness is as you get older, you are you mellow and you will be a bridge that you will cross.


It may not be soon, but that bridge will be crossed. The water will have run underneath the junction and you will forgive Father.


And if I let it go, there's not a lot I can I just say the day Tommy got married, I never forget that morning and he up to Heidel in the shower we had showered and we had after showering together and all, we had showers and aftershave amongst the old and was flying around the place.


And I said right out to the car, Tommy Tommy said into the front of the car and on the way to the church we stopped for confession.


But on the way to confession, I played a song for Tommy that morning and it was ah, and I heard Tanya Whaley singing Beautiful Onya.


Anyway, on that note of forgiveness folk holiness, we'd like to wish you all a happy Christmas and a very happy New Year.


And it's been our pleasure talking to you over the past six months. And we hope you've enjoyed it and had a laugh. I know you've had a laugh, so we're delighted to be ploughing on and being part of your lives and we strive to be together again.


Let oh look on the floor.


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