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Talk about tackling technique, that's a drop in the ocean, what needs to be done? A whole perception of Rapides change if the game is to survive. And I would be saying now as a doctor, let's do that now. We actually put things into perspective. It's absolutely bonkers and, you know, in the heat of the game when the red mess this time. Someone's OK, and if someone is defending the guy, you cut out his case, you say when you get knocked down, what do you do?


What do you do about it? Right. Big advocate. I'm I'm afraid to say that I want to I want to go out of my store and that's my ambition, dog isn't exactly a poke. Try to throw cheap shots into buy big nasty. Physically imposing, and that's why I always love playing with Sean O'Brien. I want them standing by to see what the fuck is going on here. Not for the first five minutes, every few minutes of the game.


Fucking manic aggression you want to do. You put the fear of God into. That presents. The over and under. Just coming soon.