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Hey, everybody, welcome back to the Move podcast brought to you by Ora Ring as it is each and every episode. I got the crew today. We're talking about the world championships, all of it, not just today's exceptional performance by Julian Phillipe over there in Madrid. We got Johan Bruyneel over there in Austin. We are totally socially distanced, by the way Austin got GB Hagger. George appears to be in Colombia, but he's not. He's in Greenville, South Carolina.


And that right, George? That's correct. You really do look like you're in some swanky place in Colombia.


You still haven't gone to Colombia promising a trip out there. So I hope we get to celebrate sometime in the near future. I would love that.


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We're questioning your commitment head on over to hyperspace dotcom. So let's get into it.


So this is a look. We know this is a weird year, sporting events or somehow back on which, you know, for people that like to sit around and watch sports, it's a good thing. The worlds are actually scheduled to be in Igla, Switzerland. They were moved due to cold down to Imola, which is the F1 track in Italy. We were we were treated to an exceptional performance by Julian Al Phillipe today. There's been a bunch of other big headlines that we'll get into.


But, man, this outfly what a bike racer. I tell you that this guy is he's always up and he's always just like put a number on him. There's 20. But is that 20 bucks just that the F bomb is twenty four, the swear jar twenty to a charity of our choice. I'm going to go broke saying bad words. But this kid, you put a number on his back and he's like, let's go race. It's it's awesome.


He correct me if I'm wrong.


He did the Tour de France. Right. And did it. How do we end the last show of the Tour de France last week where I said from the Tour de France. Well, when the world. And you absolutely disagreed with me. Well, I didn't look at the final group. What was it? Six, seven guys.


Everybody was in there that did the tour, except one guy will say, well, as you know and everybody knows and everybody on the show here knows, I'm never right and everybody else is right. It's always right. I just, you know, based on my experience, I always and I was just trying to live it through going, you know, week after the tour, like my body's it's not going to get up for one hundred and sixty mile race, two hundred and fifty eight kilometer race.


But I think it really speaks to the fitness and of the peloton. This is just a different sport. Now, these guys and gals, they're just weather. I don't know what the training, all the data they're getting. Clearly, I was you know, I was wrong. And, you know, I'm sorry to to the to the folks that sympathize with me, which are few and far between. But I think it's just a different sport.


John, you probably have a better perspective on this, but none of those people look like they were tired from the Tour de France. Yeah.


I mean, I think love Felipe, obviously. I think he finished the tour the last three, four days, probably thinking about the Tour de France, about the world championships already. You know, if you see a guy like Rockledge, he was he was up there, but he was struggling. And then you have you know, today was a mix. You know, there was the guys who came good out of the Tour de France and then the guys who are preparing for the Jiro Fuglesang is obviously in great shape.


So that that promises. But, you know, if you compare to the past, typically San Sebastian was always the race, which is one week after the Tour de France. And, you know, lately except last year, where even a poor one. But lately it's always been a rider who comes out of the Tour de France. One of them, by the way, was Felipe two years ago. He did a great three years ago. He did a great Tour de France and he won San Sebastian.


So I guess you could compare it a little bit with, you know, finishing the tour in Del Rey, San Sebastian.


The difference Johan would be for Sebastian is, as we all know, it's a very difficult race, but it's all in those last couple of climbs where the world is is a race of attrition there. We have, of course, that hard. Typically, what's going to happen is going to go really slow at the start. All the favorites are just saving up. My guess is none of those top Tour de France guys felt that great coming into the world, but they have that extra gear.


After you do a grand tour, you might not be feeling great, but when the shit starts getting fat after two hundred twenty kilometers, you have that extra gear and you know the guys that don't have that base in there and you saw it today. I mean, these guys completely just throw it away from everybody. And like I said, they probably weren't feeling great. But once everybody else was completely down after to talk to a twenty to thirty, that's when they're able to make a difference.


Yeah, yeah. But I think we should also mean, you know, I didn't I didn't finish with a good result, but what a rider is today, placa I mean forty two kilometers to go. He just lights it up. I think you know the deal was that he would, he was definitely sacrificing himself for Prima's. Rockledge was finally there with the best.


But man I mean what a spectacular rider and you know, having those kind of that initiative and at some point, you know, he was going and they were the he blew up the Belgian team.


You know, the Belgians were pretty much in control and he just blew them up. You know, it's it's just for the listener at home, I think it's worth pointing out to me there's always, you know, these guys and gals race all year long for a trade team. So they race for a commercial sponsor and that's who pays their bills. And that's where their their loyalty lies. It's their job. And so the world is just an and the Olympics, for that matter, are different.


You race for the national team. So you'll still where you'll have some signage or logo edge of your trade team sponsor, you're wearing the national team jerseys. So it's a different dynamic because, I mean, in theory, you should be racing. If you if you're on the French team, you're racing for France.


And so but there's always it's fun to think about the political, you know, issue might come up if, you know, where does your loyalty lie?


I mean, it's one day you're wearing a different jersey, but at the end of the day, you know, somebody turn it on your lights for you. We didn't we did not see it today. We've seen in the past. But if you if you don't if you didn't watch the race, you could just catch it. It'll look different. Right. You'll see you'll you'll see different jerseys and different looks.


Yeah. It's difficult to recognize the riders also, you know, I mean, because and on top of that, these national selections, sometimes they change the way they I mean, France is normally always the same. Belgium, Italy now the typical Spain. But sometimes you have these riders that we used to see in their trade them and they ride for a small country. And like, for example, today, Carrabba's got a pass, was up there.


And I mean, I could recognize him because of his style, but not I mean, the jersey was completely different then. I mean, personally, I think I'm a little bit I mean, the World Championships is obviously a special race. And today we had a rider who was definitely going to be a very wealthy world champion. I mean, this is a jersey he's wearing all year. And you can say, OK, he is definitely one of the best, if not the best rider of the world.


But that's not that's not huge. I mean, you can have a race or basically somebody wins and is the world champion and he's just the best that specific day. So I would I would want to see the world championships being raised by trade teams.


I think it would make much more sense that there's been that there's always been talk of that and then maybe save the Olympics for the national teams.


But I would love for you guys to explain some some of that process, like how are these teams selected? Who's in charge? Do they have a director? I don't think they're were using radios because I kept wanting the time check. But explain some of those differences and how you end up on a world champion team. Who wants to go in there? You know this better than I mean, it's just a question of how how are you writing throughout the year?


Obviously, in the case of the Americans, is only a handful of guys that can actually race the Tour de France. So that's a much easier selection. Somebody like the Italians or the Spanish or the French we saw today. It's based on their performance of the Tour de France mostly, and some guys perhaps that weren't at the tour that were really sort of keying off of the world championships. They're in touch with the director of the national team director, which in this case for France was Tom Smokler, who last night raced with Bonson.


Now he's in constant contact with these guys, even though they're all spread out all on different teams. And there's a plan in place of, say, eight guys, race to world championships that have a shortlist of 15 that they'll kind of minimize that a week or two before the race.


Yeah. For example, like TBP know, for example, he during the Tour de France, he said he wasn't feeling well. So he you know, he said, I'm giving up my place for somebody else. But, you know, I think obviously it's the national federations who make the selection and, you know, seeing the world championships by trade teams, we can wish it were never going to see it because it's it's never going to happen. This is the this event is the UCI main source of income.


So, you know, normally, I think they this is also why they fought so hard to have it, to have it, you know, even even at the last minute they found the solution. And this this is seven to 10 million revenue for the UCI, seven million euros and TV rights and stuff.


But I think the difficulty for for a director of a national team is how you how do you form a team of the form team spirit? Because now Philip is the world champion. He's going to wear that jersey racing the rest of the season and next year with the world championships jersey for his team and the others have nothing. So there is a lot of things going on behind the scenes. First of all, in the case of a rider like I feel like a strong leader who has a big contract, obviously before the race, he promises a bonus for all the other guys.


So they're going to earn money thanks to Philip and then a federation, depending on if it's one of those bigger federations, they also promise a bonus because that's the only thing that can basically form a team because their rivals the rest of the year we'll here.


Yeah, I'll hopefully braces for Quickstep. A Belgian team had to go look into the start list. He probably didn't have any riders on the French national team that were that are on Quickstep.


So you was Nolan? Yeah, there was another there was no teammates of him on the French team. Right. So seven guys. That to your point, Johan. And by the way, to just for clarification or for just a little bit of detail here, so a country like France, Italy, et cetera, they had they they're allowed eight riders in the race. Right. And it's all based on the world ranking. For example, us here in the US, we had four riders equal to that cycling powerhouse of New Zealand.


And so based on the world ranking, that's that determines how many Mexico had one rider. Belarus had one rider. You know, Ecuador had one rider. So it's all based on that. So that's that dictates. I mean, imagine if you had if we had a great if we had a favorite or somebody that could potentially win, he'd be there with three teammates.


So that that right there changes the whole dynamic of any bike race as opposed to a team that's got twice as many men as you and women. And so it's it's you know, you immediately start on the back foot. Yeah, and how do they determine, again, like just how do you determine who's going to be your leader for your country if it's a toss up?


Well, in France, I mean, that's an easy one right now. For example, was clearly riding for a while, but we'll get into his race. He looked amazing. This guy just continues to impress. But I don't think I mean, we'd have to go down the list. But I think it seems to me that every country representative today had a clear cut favorite on their team. Yeah, maybe just maybe just Italy.


Italy probably was a bit of a doubt. That was nobody really standing out. And, you know, you could also see Italy, you know, I mean, they they didn't really have a plan. There was just there. And, you know, Nibali was OK and then probably Ulysse was OK. And what's the guy? Caruso was OK. But, you know, they're not people. I mean, maybe Nibbler. Yes. But the other two, they're not used to basically where the responsibility of a team so for me mean for the rest.


I think it's pretty clear Belgium was you know, there was no doubt that Vanak had the best chances in France. It was the same Spain it was lambi and all that. And so is the usual suspects, you know?


Well, when you have a country like Belgium, you have the Olympic champion out there driving the pace that tells you they feel pretty good about, well, venerates chances. And he was you know, he was close, but he just I mean, Owlet Phillipe was just exceptional when he went away on the final climb. You know what he said? He said he looked back seeing those guys.


Not only that, but these guys are all pros. These guys know how they're feeling. And I'm sure some of the tactics even changed on the road were, you know, even though Greg said he was going to work about, I'm sure in his mind he thought, well, I'm good. I'm still going to try. But you saw early on with a decade ago, he was at the front doing the work. And, you know, like Lance mentioned, it was pretty, pretty clear cut.


Who are the favorites for today's race?


And you know what we love first of all, I love circuit races. You get to see the course. It's especially when it's hard like this. This is a very difficult core. Sixteen thousand feet of vertical climbing. One hundred and sixty miles.


You know, we don't nobody needs to go to bed tonight worrying that the best man didn't win. I mean, it was it was when it's that hard, there's no funny breakaway, no lucky chances. I mean, the best man one, which is shit. That's the we got another twenty bucks. Gotta shoot.


I was going to bring up that, I was going bring up the circuit thing. I'm glad you brought it up. I wondered if writers like that because you get a look at the course again and again and again.


So when you do get to that last lap or two people that they have a plan and they know the course that I think I always liked it.


Yeah, it's a massive world championships. That's what you're you expect for a race like that. And it's not a matter of whether they like it or not. It's a matter of they have legs. They're not at the end and not today. There's only a handful of guys that can go there on the final lap.


And JB, there's a whole strategy there. When you have a circuit like that, especially one that's this difficult, because if you have to go, look how many laps they did exactly. Nine laps, nine laps.


You guys will remember this. I remember one of the greats that we raised with Ralph Sorenson, who was always was was trying to win the world when you see it over and over.


So Ralph would start literally in the first three guys. So for the first five laps, right. Let's say on these difficult climbs, he start right at the front and you'd see him just slip and slip and he would literally finish the climb. Knowing that the race is still a long ways to go. It doesn't matter if you're in the back. He'd start started the front and just drift back and just I mean, you're probably forty what's left or whatever, and just fall through the peloton, end up at the tail end and then the rest of the circuit, he'd move up, he'd do it again and then boom, all of a sudden when, you know, when it mattered, he was at the front instead of the front.


That's so you can play your conservation. Let's just call it strategies like that on a circuit, whereas, you know, if it's out on the open road yet, you could get screwed doing that.


You also on tour of Flanders doing the same technique. But it's also very risky. I mean, you go on the circuit like the one today and it was very windy, very twisty. This crashes. Everything has to go perfect for that strategy to work because you add on risk and you add on danger.


I want to know from you guys how was it when Felipe went, you have a chase group. You're talking twelve seconds at a certain point that Fuglesang Venard, he or she, Kwiatkowski and Roguelike cannot chase down Offaly what was the conversation in that group or lack thereof.


Well, if well Venard isn't there then they they can chase him down for sure. They look at each other and, you know, we're all a bunch of skinny dudes. You know, someone is going to win. Good luck, everybody. When you got well done, aren't there? You're crazy. Nobody's there taking half bulls they look at. Come and go, dude, you're going to smoke us in the spring. This is up to you.


It's your responsibility. You have to carry the weight of the race. I mean, that's and that's what they should do. I mean, and, you know, obviously, you know, for him, he's not going to just sit on the front and pull six guys to the line and use all the energy and then get beat by some scrawny climber. So that's that that dynamic happens all the time. And just a quick shout out, Mark Hirshey, as you just said, JB, boy, this kid, he looks this kid's this is a bike racer to.


Now that that Chase group behind that was legit, those guys were motoring in, but in the back of their head, they're thinking we can't put everything into this chase because we're going to get beat by a webinar or so. But, wow, it actually took the bull by the horns. And he did some major efforts that are coming in the last 10 kilometers over the top to the point where he would just go all in for three, four or five hundred meters.


And I mean, the guys had so much power and you saw how easy he won the sprint. He was he would have been the winner had been closer. Or do you kind of sit here and say, should they have saved GVA a little bit? Greg, when I write the Olympic champion, could he have made that group and then, you know, because then you roll it out where he has got an engine like that and changes the dynamic.


Yeah, but I think I think that, you know, seeing the composition to see who was there. I don't think, Greg, when I would have made it, you know, it's it was just the real climbers, you know, Emerson. You do realize that his biggest fan is on the show with us. I know. I just had to be very sensitive about the way you talk about him. Yeah, George has a personal affinity cause I man crush on GBA and so just be careful, right?


Yeah. And I know I like I like Greg. Like Greg. He's a great writer. He's a great but you know, if he's listening and I know he's listening to our show, he's he knows there was no way he could be there. These guys were just, you know, top top top climbers.


And Greg actually came to Greenville before the world and Richmond and stayed at my house here for a week. And he just it was amazing watching him interact with my kids. In fact, I think three days I think Wednesday he was leaving for the world that afternoon and I got home and there's nobody there. And I go in the backyard. He's playing soccer with my son. And so you got the world in three days. Stop, go inside. I don't want to see you playing soccer with my son.


And you guys probably did some long walks together.


Lots of hidden cameras just ended up just like you. No, I don't think he got sick. And he was the last guy. He was the last guy on the wheel of Sargon. But, you know, doing that those like those ten minutes of extra soccer playing that got on his legs and he couldn't follow him.


And I thought, let's talk about some of those.


You spent some time on some of the other categories. Another thing to note, so they did not include the twenty three category, which was a real certainly a bummer for those kids and a bummer for me personally with Matthew Reka Telo, who was completely focused on the worlds and, you know, have they been in Switzerland as they moved him to to Italy, they took those categories out just to minimize the risk and exposure. But Matthew was shit. This could cost another 20.


Kelly, I can't help myself.


It's just I cannot help mind, you know, some people, they're just sick. And I didn't think about it. It just it just came out like that. But Matthew was here in Aspen training for the worlds and absolutely crushing fool. So bummer for for him and for all of his his fellow competitors. But, you know, we've got the time trials we've got in both men's and women's. Obviously, the big story in the women's time trial was the crash of Chloe diagramed.


If you have a queasy stomach, do not go poke around on the Internet and look for photos of this crash. We saw the video right away and then we saw the carnage almost right after. This is one of the grossest things you can see in a bike race, these guardrails that that exist all over the world, you know, the backside of them or certain sides of them, they're like knives.


And so if you do have a tough stomach and you want to go down that rabbit hole, you'll see what happens when you hit when you slide across a guardrail. But it was an awful crash. She was obviously the big favorite. The update is that she's expected to make a full recovery. She had surgery to repair the tendon. She's in good spirits and certainly are. You know, we're sending her our best wishes. I actually tried to get her to come on today.


She's like L.A. I'm not in good shape. I haven't I haven't showered since the crash. And so maybe maybe another time. And I was like, oh, no problem. I understand.


But she she would have won the time trial, by the way. You know, she was yes. She was definitely the best bet, the best split diamond. You know, you would have for sure to be world champion again. No, no.


And that's and she wasn't able to raise the whole year in the world champs. So that kind of that's a major bummer. And but we're all very happy that it sounds like she made a full recovery and we'll see her back at the top level again soon.


Yeah, but, you know, I mean, the women still, you know, even with Bitcoin, they get out still, you know, an amazing, amazing victory for Arnav under Breggin, who's very established name in women's cycling, forty seven point five kilometers average, by the way, in the time trial.


Wow. Yeah. So Chloe would probably have gone forty eight point five or something like that. So it was a fast course, but it mehndi speeds are amazing.


But yeah, I'm on the block and got I mean what, what were the last few weeks for her.


You know, she, she won the, the world championships, time travel I mean thanks to the crash of Gold Digger. I mean and she knows that she ten days before that she won the Giro, the tour of Italy for women, thanks to the crash of Olympic Dam. Fullerton, who was solidly leading, she broke her wrist.


And that's actually, I think, an amazing story to talk about for this for the world championships.


So she she dropped out on the second the last day of the Giro and broke her wrist surgery. And nine days later, she was at the start of the. World championships on the road and did an amazing lead out for the attack of the Dragon, who is double world championship, won the time, trial and error and the road race. And on top of that, some flirting with a broken wrist finished second.


I mean, you know, I don't know where's the Boomsday?


Because JBI is the boom stick and answer because that that deserves a damn broomstick right there. Yeah, we'll give her the broomstick. As she said, she said the major incredibly hard place on that last climb out of the saddle the whole way with a recently operated on, it's pretty incredible what she did.


Guys, I've heard some I've heard some stories. So she's this year she was racing on Mitchelton Scott right it. And she joins the men's team in the spring for training camps.


And it was I mean, here in Spain, she did a training camp with with the man and she was like fourth or fifth on the top of every time there was fourth or fifth. I mean, she's amazingly strong.


Damn, yeah, and then we also had the men's time trial championships that went down yesterday. Yeah, yeah.


I mean, all the meetings are going to be a couple days ago. Yeah. Was it was Friday.


Yeah. Yeah, yeah.


I mean all the big favorites were there, you know, Ron Dennis was there. Grant Thomas was there component's.


Who else. I mean Worldfund on. You know, you can do everything once the not finished second. So two time second second in the time trial world championships and second in the road.


But they are beaten by a new name, Filippo Guana, young rider. I think he's twenty four years old. He's riding on team nails.


But you know, he's not a he's a four time world champion on the track. And plus he has the world record for kilometer pursuit in four minutes. Two seconds. Imagine, imagine it's thirty five miles an hour. Oh I mean it's a lot faster because it's standing start it's standing start so mean. So it was not a surprise because you have to you don't have to be so detailed and right all the time.


I mean this is I mean I'm dating facts and I know and it's it makes it that much more impressive.


And by the way, he did not do the Tour de France. So I actually now thinking back on it, I thought you were talking about the time trial.


Oh, I know the time travel on different different animal.


It's all about specific training. And, you know, this actually probably harms somebody like, well, then wasn't able to actually ride his time felt like at all or do any kind of effort. So the fact that he still was right there, relatively close together is just incredibly impressive. Yeah. Yeah. But gonna do it, you know, in training, which was together with the Tour de France. Right. He won that last time travel and it's always the same course, always the same conditions.


He won the last time throughout by a lot on, on component's I think was was the world record holder for the hour. But more importantly, he broke an old record of Subi Cancellara, who had the course record by like fifteen seconds and it was only ten kilometre time trial. So that basically said already that he was, you know, it was going to be very, very difficult to beat him.


Mm hmm.


I got to forgive me for jumping around guys, but one of the other things in my notes was Alpha Leap was was asking for time checks constantly. He he had no idea how far ahead. And it was old school from the motos. Why is that? And World Championships that they can't communicate with radios.


Because they and I had I had forgotten that, and you never know if the team car's too far behind or if the radio took these radios don't always work, but I had forgotten that they're not allowed in the world championships until we were doing our pre show notes.


But, Johan, you got some some scoops on that.


Yeah, I mean, I think it's you know, I don't remember when exactly they they started with these the banning of the radios in the world championships. I mean, this is the you know, this is the UCI event. So they can do whatever they want, you know, and they this this became all part of you know, it's more a political debate. You know, the radios, the teams want to have radios because it's their property.


It's the way they communicate. They also know they have images and sound which the teams want to sell to to to make the broadcasting more interesting.


And some of the UCI went against it. So in these kind of races, there is no radio communication today.


I don't think today was not really necessary that, you know, it was basically the strongest guys are in the front. But yeah. And I think there's I mean, I've heard rumors today that the UCI president is actually trying to install a complete ban on race radios, which I think is know makes no sense. You know, why would you go against technology, technology advantage?


You know that nowadays the cyclists, all these young riders, that's how they've grown up, you know, I mean, they've grown up with this is basically how they learn to race a bike. So, yeah, there's there's talks about not allowing them anymore, which I don't know. I don't know what the alternative is going to be because it's not just for race strategy. It's it's a lot about safety also, you know, in all other races when they don't know the course today, for example, you can say, OK, safety is not an issue because, you know, you've done the race nine times, the course nine times.


So there's no surprises.


But when you go from point A to B, it's impossible to know the whole course, you know, so so, yeah, there's there's a debate going on about not allowing radios anymore in the future.


Well, and I we've we've touched on this before. And I disagree as you do your horn. I don't know where you sit on this, George.


I'd like to know in a sec, but I would raise it a level like not no, don't ban it. I would actually embrace it and do it as content. You know, if you know, as I you know, I love watching NASCAR and watching Jimmy race.


But, you know, if you you can go on to the app or the site and listen in on the radio, communication between the the driver, the spotters and your in every corner the crew chief. It's fascinating. I can watch these guys drive around in circles. A lot of times it's not very interesting, as is long boring stages of bike races. Open it up, like let that be, you know what I refer to as content. I think that'd be fascinating.


Exactly. I agree. I mean, there's a bunch of different arguments where for me, I always personally I personally saw it as a safety issue. Like you said, I'm from point A to point B, you never know what's coming up. And you're always on the danger zones to make sure that we are the problem. We make sure there's a dangerous corner coming out with a cliff on the other side of the road. I mean, that was always super important to me.


The other side to that argument is when everybody knows that's coming, that's going to make everybody buy more position. But that was never an issue for me personally. So I just prefer to know when the dangerous spots are gone in a race like today with with it being a circuit, there's still a lot of old school communication going on. One or two riders from each designated team would be designated to go back and talk to the director to get information, to get changes in strategy.


These guys are the best of the best. They're able to communicate really well amongst each other throughout the race and and really make a lot of the on the road decisions with some of the older guys like Valverde. And then they're basically a team directors as well. So they can make calls on the bike with their teammates right next to them.


Yeah, I have a good solution, actually. I just thought about it. I have a really good solution to to let radios be a part of cycling. OK, but it's all about ownership. Who owns who owns the images and who owns the sound. So let's just give the ownership of the sound to the UCI.


And I can guarantee you that radio has allowed.


Well, yeah, I that might that might be the easiest way to to stop the debate. But the athlete listen, I always fall on the side of the athletes here. If you don't if you don't own your content and the the work you're doing and then, you know, the athlete owns that which. Yeah. But and anyhow, look. We all agree, right?


Yeah, no, no, it's it's the eternal debate about ownership, you know, I mean, that's why that's, for example, why teams don't have more initiative to put cameras on their bikes in the Tour de France because the Tour de France says we own the space, so we own everything that's going on. Another event, UCI wants this. So, you know, I don't understand why they cannot sit together because and just, you know, make the make the whole thing bigger.


I mean, it would be so much more of an asset to the broadcast and more attractive for the for the viewers.


I think we've all seen those clips when when you have a breakaway, when like we saw today, and then they cut to in-car camera with it, with the director and the driver, the team support. And they're going nuts. They're going crazy. We're losing that whole element of that exactly. Right now.


So, look, it's the same debate around power meters. And my answer to that is this is the same answer. Make it public. Might make that stuff put that stuff out right.


And be fascinating for fans to I mean, the riders would have to you know, they'd have to adjust and know that their competitors, the directors are back in the car either listening to them or seeing their real time power data.


But that's true. That's content. It's twenty, twenty.


All that shit out of it. Got it. Another twenty. What am I down 60 and 80. 80. Oh damn.


I want show that, that all that. That's just interesting stuff.


The thing, the thing is Lance, you know it is out there so there's, there's a there's a group of steets I think it's eleven teams are called, they're called Zilong and they are producing all this content. So they have to they have power meters, they have images and they have sound and they're putting it out. But guess what? They're getting sued by the UCI. Right. So, you know, look, again, as we said in the tour, this we talk for days about how to resolve these issues.


So maybe we should actually have a dedicated show where we just lay out and we should put some thought into this, where you lay out sort of a master plan for for modern cycling, modern modern cycling, because they call this modern cycling. But let's let's put that to rest for now and then. Yes, but I got to say, I want to share this with you all. I got a funny this is some funny shit got on it.


And I think I'm at 120 now, but but somebody will be counting, so I get we get a good friend of ours, Deborah Guillam, is she sent me a text yesterday and she says, Hey, Lance, I'm in Cabo for a long weekend celebrating a friend's fiftieth. It's a group from Louisiana. And one of the guys is a huge fan of the podcast. You make his Tour de France experience so much better. It's fun to meet people that dig the move.


He's a bit drunk, but he keeps saying, let's make party and always talking about douches. That's funny.


It's so funny. And so I sent him a little video and I at the end of the video, I said, I see in the douche.


I'm dying to know what the story is behind your your poster over your shoulder there. Lance.


Yeah, you know, I'm not trying to drum up any controversy because this could cut both ways. But my good friend and my favorite artist to ever live is at the great editor. Rachet is gotten to be a dear friend of mine. So he all of a sudden and he told me he was sending this he made these posters and signed them for Lance Anana Love. And he's just he's he's an icon. And so, you know, that's his that's his riff on this election.


You know, I'm not as George likes to keep us, we're totally apolitical. But but the bottom part in the blue, you know, no matter what side you're on, get out there and vote. Too much there's too much on the line right now in America, shit's crazy right at its I goes another one, but that one wonder that one I'll pay, I'll pay for that one because this shit is crazy right now.


And so I don't you know, whatever side you're on, get out there.


I want to read the email he sent us about the. This was great. It's been four days since the tour ended and things have gotten bad, like real bad. It started off as a mild case of anticlimax on Monday morning. But by nightfall, I was in cold sweat, involuntary tapping the refresh button on my player, mumbling something about Mr. Momentum over and over again. Then came the shakes, not the protein shakes from the feed, the shakes, shakes from the fear.


By Wednesday, I was a jabarin wreck. I wandered from douche to do so. Wasn't that where I was supposed to see you? And the Thursday. Now all I can do is lay curled up in my yellow pajamas like a dehydrated rag doll, wondering when will they be back and how will I make it. So then miss your thank you burn.


Well, you know what? We're back. We're back. And slight update. We're not not just are we here right now. Next weekend is as best only as one of the great bike race. You talk about a hard bike race and typically the best person wins on the men's and women's side. But that's so that's now, of course, that would normally be in in April. That's now going to be next weekend. And I almost thought you said you said Shaikh's.


I thought you might have said Chics because we were talking about the chics during the tour party because they won the tour with Bogota on Team U.A.E. But so George and I are actually heading out Thursday to that part of the world. So it's going to be interesting is about eight p.m. or seven p.m. when the race finishes. So George and I will be together. We're going to do our damn best to make sure we can zoom in. If not, we're going to leave it up to to the two GB's.


But, you know, George and I were big, big time guys, you know, with the chics want to hang. You know, they want to hang and we're doing some other cool stuff, we're doing a really cool and all this will unfold over the next week, but we're doing an incredible charity event. I won't I won't give away too many details because I don't know if it's ready to be public. But George and I are doing a charity ride over there that that's just for me is going to be next level special and the.


More details to come, I'll leave it at that. I'm glad you brought it up. I should probably tell my wife I'm going to. At least next week, you know, that's that's probably a good idea, seeing as you can't you get in trouble because you're going out and then you get nervous because she's listening to the live show. Yeah, you probably ought to let her know that you're going to be gone for like eight or nine days.


I'll do this, but you know what, and I got your jersey. OK, I know you wouldn't go without a jizzy. Which is Mr. Simple, right? You guys know me? Yeah. OK, I'll get you a Qatar Airlines seat, 32 F right in the middle.


What else? Kuwait, by the way. Land on the edge. I mean, probably the second time, because there's there's also this flesh wollen on Wednesday. By the way, it's kind of weird to think about that. Right. But anyway, we're going to see Julia Filip for the first time in the World Championships Jersey. So that's going to be interesting. And, you know, those races are his favorite classic. So we may see a world champion when one of these races.


Well, yeah, you would think there'd be some sort of a decompression after this. But keep in mind, both these races, of course, are in the French speaking part of Belgium, but they're in Belgium and he rides for a Belgian team. So how cool would that be to win one of those monuments or both of those monuments in the Rainbow jersey for the Belgium and the it's maybe not the same pressure as Tour Flanders for Quickstep, but, you know, it's about race.


I don't know, man, in the sense that this side of me says, let's make party, not the mad party, just because he's not.


No, he's no, he'll make party tonight. OK, by the way, he wins the world championships with like what did what did you tell me during the tour?


George was like a hundred and fifty thousand dollar watch on.


I mean, who does that? I think fifty two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. OK, let me just say if Julian's listen, I sure as hell hope somebody gave him that watch.


I mean, anybody spends 200 grand and watching you get their head checked and not to mention, guys, it'll be the second day of the Giro where they're suffering is just so bizarre, so bizarre.


So bizarre. All right. Well, you know, hopefully hopefully pretty boy and I can can can jump on with you guys next weekend. And what we can actually do is also cover flesh at that time. So for for the man having cold sweats and in his yellow pajamas, we're not going anywhere. We'll be around.


We'll see you in the deuces from Dubai.


You're not supposed to say we were going to just keep it broad. Oh, that's hot.


Unbelievable. You mean that now is probably a good time to go tell your wife that you're going to get edited out.


That's all right. Hey, congrats. Gyllenhaal, Phillipe and all the other. I would try to pronounce her name, but I just can't script all these names on. Why don't you fill me in here? Because. Yeah, so I'm up on the Dragon is the world champion. I'm not funded enough under Bragan from but I can hold for dolma double world champion in the women's race.


And Philipot Ghana is the world champion. Dondre Awesome. Awesome.


Well, thanks for tuning in, everybody. We'll see you. Well, hopefully see you next weekend for the coverage of the Ardennes Classics. OK, see in the douches.


Thanks guys out.