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All right, everybody, welcome back to the podcast brought to you by ordering ring each and every time we talk about it every week. I mean, it's an incredible piece of software far. It is early in the morning here. Hardware measures everything from sleep activity, recovery readiness, core temp, heart rate variability. It's as good as it gets. Head on over to Oura ring. Oh, you are a ring dotcom. Hey, today's show, like we have the last few, we're catching up with the boys from Team Lattitude, middle of the Atlantic, which is just the most fucked up thing.


I thought I was starting to tell them, you just just keep throwing this shit over here on land is not good. You know, total lockdown where most of these guys are from. In England, Corona virus continues to rage here in the US. And we have these fucking whack jobs who just went over and stormed the capital like sitting in and you can't make this up. It's like we live in Venezuela, but you guys just keep throwing out there.


I'm telling you, it's safer and more peaceful out there. Although just before we started the show, I got an update from looking at Yul's Instagram that just about blew my damn mind.


What in the hell happened with this large fish? Hey, thanks for having us back on and happy New Year to everyone listening and speaking. Yes. For those who have not seen Rampage, this call was originally scheduled for yesterday afternoon and around 230 GMT. I was about 30 minutes into my shift. Todd was about an hour and a half into his shift. And we're on two hour shifts cycle here. So Jimmy and Jarno were both resting at the time and we all of a sudden felt like we were rammed by a car in the whole stern part of our boat.


And our boat literally veered off course, kind of lunged about three feet in the wrong direction. And we weren't sure what had happened. We thought maybe we hit a shipping container. We thought maybe a great white shark had attacked the boat. Then, Todd, I'll turn it over to Todd talking elaborate a little bit more on on what he did. And we saw this large object underneath the boat that was moving a little hard to make out what exactly it was.


Todd had yelled into the cabin at Jimmy, who was asleep, and Jimmy saw that there was a spear that had that had punctured the hole of the stern cabin and the stern cabin started to fill with water. And so what we realized was that a marlin had literally rammed into the side of our boat, punctured our boat, water started showing up inside of it. And we had about 10 inches of the of the blue of the marlin spear on the inside of the boat.


And Todd, maybe I'll let you take it from there to elaborate library on kind of where things went from there. Yes, I said I was I was out rolling with dicks and suddenly we got smashed or something. At the time, I thought it was a shark or something. And so I shouted to Jimmy, Jimmy was sleeping in the stone cabin and I shouted, Jimmy, you OK? He shouted the same to us. I think he had obviously been woken up by the massive smash.


I think he thought it was a huge wave. We were OK. And I said to Jimmy, is there a hole in the boat? Is there a hole in the in the in the hole? He said, no, no, no, no, no, everything's OK. And then one second later it goes back.


Oh, look, I know it was a massive spike sticking through the hull through the mattress, which it missed his leg by one inch. If it had been one inch the other way, I think we'd be having a very different different call right now. So, you know, what happened immediately after that is we go into L.A. campaigns, the race organizers, to notify them. We then called Angus where the roots are to talk through how best to repair it.


And I said that was water coming into the cabin. And so we had a hand pumpkinhead. Jimmy was in the in the cabin completely naked, because that's typically how we how we sleep. We say he's in a cabin pumping out water and trying to stop the stream of water coming in. All the while, John was was preparing an epoxy kit to try and stem the flow of water. And ultimately, what we had to do is Jimmy took a hacksaw to the effectively the nose of the mall, and that was still going through the hull of the boat into the cabin and cut it down as much as possible and then use the epoxy and a hammer to to try and hammer the nose back out of the boat and seal the hole with a policy resident.


And ultimately, we spent nearly six hours trying to repair this hole both inside and out. So later on in the day, John, I got in the water and some same epoxy to to try and seal it from the outside. We actually still have about two inches of the marlin knows this by sticking out of the bottom of the boat. So, yeah, is a business that has been a pretty full twenty four hours. It seems to be holding for now.


So fingers crossed, we're we're good to go. And so for those at home, I mean, to hear the story is one thing, but to see the images just go to their Instagram. There's this just a picture says a thousand words. I mean go to LAT thirty five Atlantic Challenge twenty twenty that we're going to work on that Instagram name next time. But to see the bill of this.


Marland through the bottom of the boat, through the mattress, inches from somebody leg while they're dead asleep. I cannot imagine this is there, but I got to tell you, this is the kind of stuff I was hoping for.


OK, you know, I wanted I wanted, you know, this sort of going along and seeing some flying fish and seeing, you know, an occasional cargo ship. No, no. This is exactly what we wanted. OK, so this is good job, guys. You brought us some action. Perfect timing. And you fix the problem. We're still in second now. LFG, let's fucking go. Come on. We got to chase down this other boat.


Right. This is amazing though. By the way, did you, did you tell me if I missed it. What happened to the marlin. Like where is this guy.


So I think the Marlins probably struggling a little bit right now to be honest. But when we took a picture of the bill of the of the marlin and Senator Angus and Senator Obama campaigns, their guess is that the marlin was somewhere in the range of 10 to 12 feet long and would have obviously weighed the pounds. I mean, this is a legitimate car crash that basically took place last night. And we had gotten into a really good rhythm on the doors.


We were all feeling good. And I mean, it just goes to show you how quickly things can change out here, because within a matter of seconds, getting rammed by a multi hundred pound marlin and wondering if it's over or not. But again, thankfully, the team popped into action quickly. We have the support of Atlanta campaigns. There's actually a support that had come to visit us the day before just to check in for a routine checkup. And we're only a few miles away from us.


So they actually came back around just to make sure that we were OK. Now we're we're all back on the oars. The whole is patched up and we've been making up ground again. So I guess just to give a quick recap of where we stand in the race, and I think it's actually a pretty exciting update. So when we spoke about nine days ago, we were sitting in third place in the race class division and fourth overall. So as I mentioned in the last podcast, there are two different divisions.


There's an open class in the race class. So we're sitting third overall now and second in the race class division, which is an update from last week, which is which is really exciting and is definitely morale high. We overtook HPF, who when we spoke last time, had a lead of a little over twenty miles on us. We now have a little bit of we have a mid kind of twenty nautical mile lead over them right now. Those that are sitting in first place is on shoulders of giants.


They're right around 50 or so miles ahead of us. Again, for those who are new to the podcast and just hearing this story for the first time, they had taken a more southerly route about two weeks ago, which is a riskier play because it's actually a longer route. But you can typically typically you can sometimes get more favorable trade winds. So they actually capitalize on the trade winds that they had seen and were able to slingshot around us in HPF.


So right now, in the standings, as you see, if you if you check the tracker, it's on Schroder's followed by us and then HPF Atlantic. As you can tell, this race is not over until you step foot on the dock in Antigua. So we are Jimmy and John or hammering on the boards right now. And we're we're we got eyes on our shoulders and another ten or so days of this race left until we until we reach land and we're putting in well over twelve hours a day per person and just going to keep hammering and trying to make up ground on our shoulders and and put more miles into HPF.


So you're but the goal is to try and win. I mean even though I mean fifty miles sounds like a mile. But the reality is you got, you know, good. Thirteen more days Kallman. So that's still the goal is to catch is to make up the distance. And, and I guess the second part of my question is because of the strategic choice they made in the beginning to go a different direction, is that something that then catches up with them in the end?


So the goal is absolutely still to put ourselves in the best position to try and win. Fifty miles, given we have around eight hundred and fifty miles to go, means we need to average about nought point to knots faster than them between now and the finish to to catch them up. Which which is it possible? We know we're doing everything we can to do that and it makes sense that they're each fitting in twelve hours a day and sometimes up to fourteen hours a day on yours.


So yeah, the gold is definitely still strong when they did have some advantage with the weather around two weeks ago, which catapulted them forward approximately 30 miles. So, you know, you could taking it to the extreme, you could say that around 30 of the 50 of that miles ahead of us reduces the weather. And we're all in the same weather system now. We're all pretty. In a straight line, so it really has come down to a rowing race, but it makes sense that anything can happen and a lot can change in 24 hours.


We're just going to keep pushing ahead as fast as we can. And let's not forget the the mechanical issues you guys had in the beginning. Right. But from the choice of direction, you know, the the broken or all the complications you guys had early on. So I guess a couple those two together. And there's your 50 miles. Exactly.


So we had the power blackout in the first four days of the race where we lost all power on board for about half a day. And we're hand steering following our compass. And then we had an unexpected storm that happened on shoulders. I don't believe it had run into June. So that had eaten into I think we had kind of initially built up. And then if in true 20, 20 fashion on we got a heads up and coming into New Year's Eve, we were going to hit another pretty big storm.


We were actually prepared for this one. And when it went, it kind of hit us around 5:00 a.m. on New Year's Eve. Todd and I were on the deck in our Mustoe gear, which is very technical, foul weather clothing. And we were hit with wind gusts of probably north of 40 or so knots. Pretty decent, pretty pretty big waves, I would say kind of 10 to 12 feet and just rain like I mean, if you turn on a high pressure faucet and had it raining down on you, I mean, that's that's how intense the rain was.


And then from there, we ran into headwinds and had to deploy our pair anchor, which is a large parachute that fills with water that essentially prevents you from moving backwards. And we had to sit on our anchor for two times for about three hours each because the headwinds were so intense that we can make no forward progress. And again, I think we got the brunt of those conditions relative to other teams. So not making any excuses by any means more just just pointing to the unpredictability of Mother Nature out there.


And and now I would say in terms of the conditions, it is bright blue sky. We have a nice following wind of maybe 10 or so knots and expect the forecast for me in approximately the same, although the swell should grow over the next couple of days. But but nothing to do. Treacherous, but we should have these conditions following up until we get to answer. So at this point, it's really just a rowing race and just putting time in on the horizon and hoping we can chip away at that lead.


But to your point, we haven't exactly had a lock in our favor in this race so far. But but we're we're doing our best and charging ahead.


This just speaking of not things not going in your favor. I've gone just as you all were talking. I went down this rabbit hole on the website right to Talisker was Atlantic Challenge dot com website. And I'm looking down at all the boats and I see you guys and you guys are there in second projected finish date is January 20th, which to most people seems crazy, right?


You're out there for a month, but if you go all the way down, there is a lady rowing all alone. By the way, she's going backwards in the last 24 hours. She actually has negative seven nautical miles her projected finish date. Are you folks sitting down OK? I don't know. You don't know what date it is. I think I know where in January, her projected finish is May the 13th.


Who does this, guys?


Yeah, that should make you happy. I mean, you're going to be done, what, four or five months before this woman. This is amazing.


Who does this?


Yeah. Look, I think when when we're when we're feeling like I'm pretty tough on board and then we're going through this and storms and headwinds, we always think about this as I mean, they that is a different ball game completely. I mean, in a different stratosphere. As you said, you Rudell, you mad I think is currently a name is Jasmine and she's she's twenty one years old and she's aiming to be the youngest female across an ocean so low.


So it really is quite an undertaking. He she actually had an adverse reaction to to some seasickness medication in the first two days. And believe it or not, she went blind. She went blind for forty eight hours. No. And so before it was kind of circling her and making sure that she was OK. So she has been through hell. So, you know, I think we've got a lot of respect for anyone doing it. So the predicted finish time on on the YV track is a little bit inaccurate.


So, I mean, I hope they she gets in before before that prediction. You know, similarly, I think you that all predicted finish line is around the 20th of January. We're at the moment estimating the eighteen, you know, subject to the weather remaining the same and not having any more animal models in the tank, going back to the old. It is pretty, pretty insane, yeah. God dang, that's so can I. Let me just go back to the Marlan attack.


Has this happened before? Is this I mean, this seems like this seems like extraterrestrial is can't it's only it's only happened once before.


But I think and I don't know, again, islanding campaigns to reconfirm this, but our understanding is that what had happened last time, the Bill Obamaland broken off into the bill. But I don't think the people on that boat had even known what had happened. Whereas for us, I mean, it was the boat, literally Wirch multiple feet. It's kind of to the to the left multiple times. So, I mean, it really felt like we were hit by a car when it happened.


So I think that the severity was was much more dramatic for us. And what we've been told from from from ah from angles is that there might have been more specifically just attack a twenty eight foot long ocean rowing boat. So the thinking is that there might have been a fish that was sitting maybe underneath or vote and Marlin was going forward. But we heard that Marlin can travel at speeds up to 60 miles an hour. So I mean and if they weigh a few hundred pounds or whatever the weight is, I mean, it literally is a mini collision.


It was it was it was wild. I mean, we. Yeah. As for me, I think I mean, growing up in New York City, to say that you've been attacked by Marlin about nine hundred miles off the coast of Antigua, one hundred miles into an ocean rowing race, I never thought I'd be saying that.


Well, and again, look for those listening. Just go to the Instagram page.


Because because, you know, if if this comes through the bottom of that boat and forget missing the leg by a couple, I mean, if this if this comes through the middle of somebody's back or side or it's I don't know.


That's it's deadly. It's potentially deadly when you see this. This is a it is a steak. Just it's unbelievable.


The images we got really lucky. I mean, for starters, it's administratively by an inch is and it just comes down to an incredible amount of luck. And then thankfully, Jimmy in Toronto immediately hopped in action and spent a couple hours repairing the hole and informed. And as Todd mentioned, Johnno got in the water and was able to put epoxy into the the the hole that the marlin had made on the outside of the boat. And I mean, within five hours, we were back on the horse rowing and had only, I think, really lost about probably four or so miles on HPF who were trailing us and only a couple miles on on the shoulders of giants.


So, yeah, this could have been a lot worse. It had been earlier. And I think we all just collectively feel incredibly lucky to be safe and sound and I think a little rattled with time. But now now back on our way and averaging about three point seven knots for this four hour increment that's going on right now. I love it. Love it.


All right. Now, now, just to wrap up, we'll get to the boring stuff, everything, you know, hydration, nutrition wise, you know, health wise, everything's on on track. Nobody's suffering from any ill effects or anything extreme.


We yeah, we've been dealing pretty well with hydration actually the last week or so long. It's been immensely hot when we've had the flat calm days, I think it is. Dixon said on New Year's Eve. We had this big storm and after that, for about six, six days or so, it was flat calm, zero winds and the temperatures in the high and the high 80s maybe. And so we were trying to manage that with trying to stay hydrated, soaking in water, wearing off.


I had a problem with the Atlantic Ocean rowing. It's just it's a world of complete extremes. So it's either really, really hot winds and you have no issues charging your batteries. You can make lots of water or it's completely overcast and your solar panels charge the batteries at all. And then you're in a world of trouble because you're worried that you're not going to be able to to make enough water with the water to make it because your batteries on charge.


So we're constantly monitoring the batteries and the solar panels. We haven't had any any more seasickness. I think maybe we mentioned on the on the last update that I was receiving a bit nauseous and had a short episode of kind of heat stroke. But since then, we've all been pretty good and no real injuries. We have we haven't wanted to be on board. So I was I was rowing in the seat and Jimmy was coming off his shift. And Jimmy asked, you know, if if he wouldn't mind doing a.


Well, inspection of his of his ass, and so I was I was throwing away and I turned over and looked over my left shoulder and I see Jimi completely naked on all fours with Giono.


He's got a pair of surgical gloves on, inspecting, expecting a couple of sores on his on his butt.


So, you know, thankfully, I did a great job and the pain was relieved. Hopefully that's the last surgery of its of its kind, the way having to do that. And so, yeah, we're managing that is a tremendous relief for us. That is that, you know, that I was concerned and. Yes. And this you know, of course, the kickoff show talking about the whole neck. But wow.


So it just gets it just gets better and better.


I think you guys are crazy. You guys are crazy. All right. Well, listen, when can we talk again? Because I got to say, I have been I look probably two or three times a day at the track or just to kind of see where it's going. I've got the different settings between wind and currents and temperature, and it's become partly obsessed with this. So I want to do I'll let you decide when I have Pops Sudarsono when you guys want to catch up again.


But this is this has been quite the exciting update. And I want to I want to keep tracking it and hope you guys keep that mind. That sounds great. I think mid to end of next week. So we can we can have another seven days or so of hopefully. I know. I know. It makes for some juicy stories when Marlen's attack, but hopefully not not anything worse than that in the coming week. But, yeah, you can catch up mid to late next week.


I think that will be the final update before before the race ends, hopefully around the 18th. And then we'll we can do a post race recap from Antigua, where we'll hopefully have cold beers in hand and be eating real food for the first time in thirty seven. Thirty eight days.


Yeah, well your your crew will let us know when good this is. This is exciting. I know the people are digging it and kind of gaining an appreciation for, for what the undertaking is and just keep, keep at it and stay safe no more. Keep those fucking Marlen's away. That's, you know, just no more, no more Marlins.


Oh, all right, guys. Best of luck. Stay safe often. Yeah.