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On the Internet, people can hide their true identity and become anyone they want to be. But what happens when those lies go too far? When MTV's hit series Catfish first came onto the scene, it set the stage for what would become a global phenomenon. And now MTV and Wonder have teamed up to present Catfish, the podcast. Each week, award winning filmmaker Neil Schulman and his guest host will reveal the wildest and most dramatic stories with never before heard moments.


They help people track down their online love interest to uncover whether that person is real or a catfish. In the latest episode, 18 year old Quentin reaches out to Neeve and the team on behalf of his mother. He thinks she's being catfish by her online love. Josie, he doesn't want to see her heartbroken, but she insists Josie Israel. But when they follow the clues, the final reveal shocks them all. You'll learn that when someone seems too good to be true, they just might be.


You are about to hear a preview of Catfish, the podcast. While you're listening, subscribe on Apple podcasts, Spotify or listen ad free by joining Wonder E-Plus in the laundry app. A listener note, this episode contains adult content and language. I heard my mom on the phone talking about someone that's going to be trying to intercept this situation is all trouble. She doesn't need I don't want to see her get hurt. I can talk to him about anything.


And he doesn't charge me as seemed like he genuinely cared. So the entire relationship between you and has just been over messenger, you don't even have a phone number for him. That's why I feel like it could be a catfish, because he can't give you any catfish. So she thought it was the who's that holy have from MTV and wonder if I'm naive.


Shulman and this is Catfish, the podcast where we uncover the truths and lies about love in the digital world and help people find out if someone really is who they say they are. Now, our most shocking episodes are adapted for your ears.


For the very first time on this episode, Mandy and Josie, should we opened Pandora's laptop here we get Quinten names and even Max. How's it going? No one ever asks us that. My name is Quentin.


I'm 18 years old. I stay with my mom, Pontiac, Michigan. I overheard my mom talking about some guy she's dating online.


So he's writing you.


All right, his name is Say he lives in Detroit and they've been online dating for two years, shaking my head as your favorite expression smidge, we live like one hour away from Detroit and the two have never met.


I guess she thinks she's in love with him. You're probably thinking, what's the big deal?


She's a grown up. I like he's even anticipating her thoughts. Yeah. I don't love the idea of my mom going out alone in Detroit, meeting some random stranger from the Internet.


Nor should you and I need your help to talk some sense into her and show her that this guy is probably a catfish. Thanks, guys. Clinton Wow. I like this guy.


What's going. Quittin wrote us an email about his mom, Mandi's sketchy Internet relationship with a guy named Jose. It's been going on for two years and Mandy thinks she's in love with him and is actually planning to drive from Pontiac, Michigan, to Detroit to meet Hosie in person. Well, that was the last straw for quittin because now he's really just worried about her personal safety. We're calling him now to see how we can help. Yo, yo, Quentin, are you guys doing.


What's up?


OK, so we see Quentin on the screen. He's got a husky build, big mop of curly brown hair smile for days. But when the conversation turns to his mom, his smile drops.


I'm doing pretty good. I just want to help my mom get this all situated. What's your mom's name? Mandy.


OK, OK, so tell us the story of a man on the phone talking about someone that's going to be trying to be nosy. So I asked her about it. She told me she's been online dating for about two years. And the craziest part, she told me that she was using a fake profile to talk to him as well.


OK, so wait a sec. Hold on. Hold on.


Your mom's been talking this guy for two years using, but she made a fake profile using my aunt's picture, which is not OK.


Well, so are you trying to get us to help your mom come clean or are you concerned that your mom is getting catfish? Oh, this situation is all trouble. She doesn't need. I don't want to see her get hurt. What a good son.


Does your mom know that you've reached out to us? Yes. OK, tell your mom we're going to help her out. We're going to come to Michigan. We're going to help you figure this all out. Thank you so much. All right, buddy. Later, it's like alcoholism. This is a new guy. People are turning in their loved ones. Yeah, we should make a catfish like institution, right, where people can check their lying family members and friends and.


Right. Anyway, let's go off to Michigan.