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Welcome to this is important. A production of I Heart Radio, the show where we only talk about what's the most important bottom line critical thing happening on this planet today.


And this is important if you're ever on a date with a girl.


Just don't yell out the window at anything. Is Green Day's Time of Your Life. Best song, Temecula.


When you look at it on a map or whatever it looks like, tarantula, how much fucking quilted you have already? Buckle up. Hey, guys, great news. We're going to keep doing the podcast. I love it. All right. That's first and foremost, the only thing that's a little bit strange, but is we're knocking it back to one a week. OK, we've been giving them two a week for quite some time now, but we all are getting busy is the holidays.


And we're just going to give you one a week now. So, I mean, deal with it, you know what I mean?


Like, oh, God, the arugula kids are going to be pissed at you did.


I just don't know how else to phrase it. It's like I want to do two a week. I hope someday we're going to be able to do more. But right now, schedules are getting tight. So we got to go back to one a week. And I think they understand that.


I yeah, I if I know our fans and I don't, they won't. Right. But that's what we're doing.


So but we're asking you to stick by like and subscribe, and that's the most important part.


Just like keep Lycan, keep subscribing and we'll keep bringing you our salty salty sauce.


Let's do a mental check in, what's up? Well, hey, I want to mentally check in with you right now because you got some a little angst going on. I could tell you're fired up. Oh, OK. Hit record.


You were calling me a fly and you're like, oh, sorry, something buzzing around coming at me with some challenges.


And so, yeah, I said, like, you know, buzz off, man. I don't need that. What's supposed to be a check in, guys? Not an argument.


This is we're checking in. Right. So how are you mentally like I'm not going to put any projections onto you.


He just as I just asked you that I'm good, but you don't sound good if I'm honest, you know, you're projecting on to me.


Do you want to pass for now? We'll circle back. Oh, I'm happy to let you guys know how I'm doing, but I'm not that happy for you to project what you're thinking. I am before I have the opportunity to respond.


And OK, whatever the essay I am, if I want to say, yeah, do the whole song, radio won't even play my jam.


OK, Adam, you were right. I do have a little bit of angst going on. I have the anxiety happening because I wanted to cry about it.


It's time to cry already, I guess.


But I am like shooting an independent movie in a week and it's during covid. And so we're all bubbling up and we're trying to like figure that whole thing out. And it's definitely challenging. So that's the undercurrent. OK, yeah. And that's why I wanted to check in right away.


By the way, Kyle, you're just supposed to say I'm fine. Little weird, but I'm good.


And we move on to the next person is getting to really great radio, bro. I'm here to make fantastic radio.


I'm frustrated with Kyle right now. Can I just say that this is why I'm frustrated with Kyle. OK, what if I said radio?


OK, what's wrong with the radio? Dude, I work not on the radio, homie.


Welcome to the new millennium, my man. We're Pod Boys. I'm Pod Adam.


We have a roll call pod. Adam of course I'm podcast. Kyle. Yeah, I'm Pod Blake.


Durrs very nice podcasters, right? That's the best word on Caster's. Was very sure of that.


So, Blake, let's have a mental check in over there. How are you doing, bud?


I'm good, man. Surprisingly, I went on a Kyle style hike not that early at a normal time of the day, started around 10:00. It was lovely. Clear. My mind felt good.


Feeling beautiful. Wow. How long was that hike? It was about three hours roundtrip.


Those quads, his butt cheeks, those hamis, they were burning. They were feeling it. You had some sweat trickling down, some crevasses. Paint the picture.


I love that part. I got I got sweatier than I then I thought I would. I will say that the butt crack was sweaty. I got word now. Hello. Hello.


What we say in the other podcast where we said, oh boy, that made my pecker grow or whatever.


Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Pesquera. I made my partner hard. I was thinking about that. My dad definitely is the guy who said bazooms was when we were making workaholics.


He's like she's got some great buzz zom buzz and that's a name for a woman's breast.


Yeah. You know, that's what he thought. It's almost more sexist to say Basem Buzz. I feel I feel like it's and I know he didn't mean it that way, but.


Oh, no, he's very innocent. Gentleman, hindsight 20/20. You say bazooms that's almost more grotesques than saying breasts.


Yeah. Yes. Atem one hundred point one hundred percent. What do you breast is a term the doctor uses. Yes. No one is like, oh look at that woman's breasts. Oh no, no, no, no. Doctors say Wembley's. No, it's like man man. Check your left Wimbley for a lump. Yeah, well, I know one thing.


If this is the Thanksgiving episode, I'm getting the turkey. But Zumba is on my plate, baby.


Oh, darn. Turkey bazooms. Blake, where do you hike? I can't really remember. Somewhere in Northern California, it was golden and beautiful. Oh, you're up north. Yes. Yes, I'm in my mother's guest room right now. Terrific country out there.


Yeah, it's really nice.


And what does that artwork over your shoulder, what is it looks like some sort of a dock on maybe a lake of sorts. I love my artwork. My mom. Yeah. So many goddamn signs in her house.


She's letting you know she's near a lake. It's like life. Eat, drink. Lake Itzstein. My mother is nowhere near Lake, but she represents it on the way.


I feel like if you're a mom, you got to represent either a lake life or mentioned that you like wine in a sign.


Hmm. Can we move the frames a little to the left? You're right. It's really hugging that window. Yeah.


Yeah. There we go. Hey, guys, I'm not a cinematographer, OK? It's a joke on cinematographer.


That is. You're a spicy talker for. That's for sure.


Welcome to this is important where you get those jokes. Hey, Ders, let's have a mental. Yeah, Ders, honestly, dude, what's up with you. How are you.


Honors is let's set the stage. Anders is drinking out of a I want to say a goblet of sorts.


It's a cocktail glass. Yeah, it's a martini glass. Kind of a martini though. But I guess you're right. A cocktail. It's a cocktail glass. You're right. You're right.


He's in it currently in a nice New York City hotel.


covid Ground Zero next to Wuhan. Yeah. And he is shooting a big time show for the Netflix. Sorry about it. Yeah.


Look out, world top secret.


It's a remake of the movie Top Secret Guy. That would be Sergio Val Kilmer. Yeah, I play a Val Kilmer.


So you're out there, you're working. How's that going by Bud? It is.


It's fucking great. But you have to wear a mask and goggles on set until they're like and we're going to call action and then they pull off your face. You act a little bit and then they just put it right back on you.


So it kind of sucks. Yeah. Yeah.


And I was working with a baby all week. It's not a remake of Three Men and a little lady, her baby or look who's talking about I got the call.


I'd be in that if if it was happening.


So I had to really quarantine and just fuckin be at this hotel, which is a great hotel, but like, you know, it's wearing off.


How long do you have to quarantine for something like that? I mean, I've been here two weeks.


Tyria, you have Tiree in the hotel for two weeks.


Yeah. And then then you have your first day of work or.


No, no, no, no, no, no. I'm getting tested constantly every day. So there's some like, I don't know, loophole where it's like if you're here working and you can if you're here, your family, OK, but it is something like that, I believe it is that some kind of Olive Garden slogan.


But you can't go out on those New York mean streets and just helford around and go check the sites and.


No, you know, no, I wanted to go see the Statue of Liberty. I couldn't do it.


You have to when you're there, you have to take the fake. Very Lady Liberty, Lady Liberty. No, sir, I don't like it. I've been eating fast and pizza every night because the the restaurant here at the hotel is Italian and great. And the first two nights are like delicious. And now I'm just a walking stick. That's my boy.


So that's how we like you, though.


We like you with a little little more money like that when those Durrs titties are popping. Yes, ma'am. Your body settles. Well. Thank you. I do feel that honors wait like my weight goes to my I get chicken fat. I get a fat head. Right. And then secondly, like, I just my duncker just bottoms out.


Yeah. I get a trump card, thank God.


But Jersey, it goes straight to his titties too.


Yeah. How do you channel it there.


If the first stop is the tip stop or bazooms your father would say stop the 10, stop zoom.


But I like your wordplay. I thought the pit stop was really great. That's fantastic.


The pit stop. Yeah. The first stop is the pit stop for Jersey. Yeah, yeah.


It's the tits and then it's the love handles. It's just that, you know, legs, they find the face can go a little. The neck.


Yeah. The old spare tire and you get the old spare tire. I do feel like it is a four week clean up job or if I'm like, you know what if I eat well for four weeks, it looks OK and then that just never happens before.


Yeah. We are clean up. Yeah. Four week clean up job. Yeah. Yeah I could do it right now. We're following along with that. What I mean. Well I haven't started it, I haven't done it.


But we know it's a four week clean up before we hit it harder than anybody else because it's all about the hardest worker in the building.


I would, I didn't, I never said I'm going to start it. I just said, oh, OK, that's what it is. So if I if I decide to do it, that's what it is. I'm not a Muslim.


This is what I like to say. I do. And then I don't actually do this. But I like to say that I stay six weeks either direction from death or from absolute death or a human being.


OK, right. Like six weeks I can be like, you know, like a romantic comedy. That's seems to be what I've been doing lately. So like, yeah, it's six weeks.


I could lose the chin fat, I can tighten up my duncker will shrink a little bit and squeeze in some regular sized pants and I could be in a romantic comedy or hey, I'm a funny fat friend and I'll just let it Drew get grumpy.


Six weeks eating the pies, eating the cheesecakes, having the the drinks. Yeah. That's the life, isn't it.


Yeah. You steal the scenes, you're like the rude guy. Did he just say that.


Yeah, I like that. Yeah. No, no he didn't. Well he's kind of fat so it's ok.


I like. Yeah. Where's your turnaround point. Like where are you. Like ok this is my edge of six weeks toward death. Like what, what, what do you see in yourself. It's like I got to flip it around.


It's when I see with good lighting looking at myself in the mirror and seeing that second chin while not sticking my neck back. Right. I just hanging anymore and it's just like the good light and it's hit me just right. And I just see it starting to flop down and you can't see what I'm doing. But I'm pulling it down now and it's like you can see it on me specific, but you can just grow, grow a beard and hide it.


That's what I do. I always know if I got a big neck beard, I'm probably pretty overweight, like where I want to go because I'm around asking what's going on underneath the chin, get a little beard going and added to make it an eight week swing.


Right now I got this and it's like I just don't want to trim up the neck because I know I'm at my top weight. This week's episode brought to you by male insecurities. Thanksgiving for a solid.


Don't just look in the mirror any morning. Yeah.


When the light hits you right. And you just can't stare at yourself anymore. The thing that you guys have that I don't is any amount of height. So like. Right.


Taller guys can stack weight better me if we ate the exact same way and like with our mouths, with no intravenous intravenous, with our mouth holes and gained weight the same amount, I would then look fatter quicker.


Right. Your 411. I am for football.


We go, oh my God, I'm sorry. No, he's five seven.


I've also given you an out clause and you have never really tried it to its full extent.


Can we see you with a full grown beard, please?


I bet you'd be a hot.


Yeah, I bet you got you have a decent beard, right? It's the mustache. That's tough, right. I thought you said fully erect. We're seeing that. You see that.


OK, what's cool. What's cool about this podcast. Me know what's cool about this podcast is you can buy right now. Because when did you see Adam's fully around, oh, hang on, I'm looping back to fully right. OK. OK. OK, but I'm fucking with you. I don't have a memory of atoms. Fully erect penis. I was fucking with you. I'll be fully candid right now. I don't think Kyle has ever seen me fully erect.


But what I'm saying about this podcast is what's great about it is we're recording it around Thanksgiving time, right before Thanksgiving, allegedly, allegedly where the Americans have Thanksgiving.


And my mom and dad are currently in the other room hearing me scream. Kyle sees me fully erect into a microphone. Yeah. And they're right in the other room going, OK, well, he says to be quiet.


Yeah, no, I knew something was up about them like so yeah, they were roommates for too long.


But what's the deal. Are you ever going to throw on a big fat beard for for any reason. Please. I want to see.


I can't. Yeah. I think the beard would actually come in. OK, it's the mustache. And to me if you have just a beard without the mustache, it's kind of a bad look.


Yeah. Have we seen that before? Abraham Lincoln. And I mean, it's an Amish look which hey, I don't know, they make great furniture. I just don't think that their style is necessarily my style. Somebody cool has got to start.


It was it was the last time I think I saw you with a beard or the only time I've seen you with a real beard was when you grew like a summer beard. Do you remember this summer, a summer?


Oh, it's just not a hot enough hot, hot, hot, hot and sweaty nexxus.


I don't remember why or why it was a summer beard, but I think we were also fighting for, like, the best tan dude.


That was when we were like 23 or 22 years old. And at that age, you're just trying to see if you can grow my first Briard.


It's like a Kyle. It already like had the mustache. Blake had like a really long nipple hair. So, you know, he could he could unforgettable. And so then that's why I gave it a go. But admittedly, I don't think I look that good with the beard. I call, come on.


I shave almost every day because when I let it go a few days, like I, I feel like I'm not myself. I feel like I'm in a funk. I feel funk.


Oh, baby, I can't imagine that you feel like you're not getting it done, like you're not operating at your highest level. I mean. Yeah I guess so.


I just yeah. I just don't feel like I'm fully fully me.


Right. You're not like like it's part of getting up in the morning. Like setting course. Yeah.


I bet I would be. I honestly think I'd probably be pretty good in the military besides the fighting part.


All the killing even then. Actually even then I bet I'd be OK with that. I think I'd better be actually a pretty decent killer. I can get there. I could get there. Yeah.


But mostly I think I'd be like, OK, bourgeoise first one's the hardest. Yeah. But just like feeling like you accomplished something and when you shave for the day that's like a hey I accomplished that thing, hey I did that.


I do get that right. You can shout that at your fiance. You can be like I shaved but I shaved though.


But I shave when I say I shave though I did something today, the closest I've ever came to that was like fucking shaving my neck once a week and trimming everything with scissors. That's the closest I've come to daily shaving culture.


Yeah, I'm just letting you know, I can't even imagine putting a razor on your skin like every day.


I mean, I'm with you, Kyle. One hundred, like, wounded. I just can't.


I can't. You have to do it. I know, Ders, you do it when you're working because you have to maintain a certain look.


A boyish young look. Yeah. Yeah, but and just for continuity. But like when you're not on set and doing that, you grow it out. Yeah.


You go haywire. Well, I was just admittedly I was just on set. I was on set yesterday, so I was working yesterday. Thank you.


Nice. Get on my goggles and mask, no goggles, actually, no goggles. Did you do a shield?


No, she you know, she just got covid collected, covid real quick collected. They were like, here, let's spread this covered in your face real quick.


No, it wasn't as intense as what you were doing, but it was fully at NBC Universal, like on stage and everyone gets tested.


And then I had to wear a mask everywhere, obviously, until you're actually shooting and then you take it off and hide your mask and then write a thing real quick and then put it back on.


But it was it was weird. And it was also just hard to like hear people like people are like, yes. Giving you directions, like, OK, so your new job don't come around, make sure you hit this mark and you're like, yeah, man, what?


I'm really not looking forward to that part.


You got to take your mask off and tell take your mask off and let me breathe on you. That seems like the hardest part is like just like translating what you want people to do and what they need to do. I got to go when I go to Canada, I have to quarantine for 14 days in one room. Is that where you're shooting this bad bitch? No, that's for when I do chateaux. We're shooting this in a bubble down in Temecula, which is like 20 people total.


That's right. We still the unions are still saying, like, you have to get tested, like every three days and. Right.


Where do you guys think, Temecula, when you look at it on a map or whatever it looks like? Tarantula, I do.


Every time I say I swear to God, I just think that I'm almost like a tyrannical tarantula. I never thought I was sick. I was fucking city.


Remember when I saw Guaranty Bank in the Bay Area and I looked at it and I don't know, I might not have ever seen the word guarantee this was your home and in our friendship.




And I was like, dude, what the fuck kind of name is that with Kyle and Blake? And I was up there for Thanksgiving and I was like, dude, for the first time. No, I went like four years in a row, but I don't know what year. But I was like, you were a staple.


I was like, warrantee.


What the fuck is warrantees?


Yeah. And they're like, ha ha ha ha. And I'm like, kind of wouldn't let it go on. I'm like, what a bizarre name for a bank. A guarantee. What does that a fucking weird fruit I.


It was funny the first time it's been there. Like where do you really not know what that word is.


You had to kind of roll it back like now I'm a mess with, you know, how funny I can be. Right.


It is one of those moments where like, damn, Adam's hella funny and he's great at wordplay. Like he's like always entertaining and stuff like.


But then he kept bringing up later and later into the night we.


Oh, you're dumb ass, right, your dumb ass. OK. Oh, you can't read. This is also like what Adam came to L.A. tells a story about.


I mean, I'll let him tell, but I think he's going to throw up on himself when he's driving through West Hollywood and he thinks he sees Amish people driving and he's like, you're cheating. And, oh, they're Orthodox Jewish people. I swear.


I swear to God, dude, it's so stupid. It's so I can be so dumb. But I humble pie.


I saw some Hasidic Jewish people and they if you don't know what Hasidic Jewish people look like, they kind look like.


If you don't know Amish people, if you don't know what Amish people look like.


But I do know what Amish people look like because I grew up in the Midwest. So you have experience with actual Amish people. I know what Amish people look like.


That's why I've seen Kingpin. I've seen people well, I remember in my elementary school in Iowa, there was a the alleyway behind our school. You would hear clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap in. The Amish people would be taking their, like, little wagons with horses behind their, like, right to go, I don't know, by coal or so.


I have no idea what they were doing. That's all they do is buy coal. Yeah. I have no idea what to call.


I don't know that. But some sustainable something. They had to buy something and not chainsaws, that's for damn sure.


Long saws, they were probably trading. They're trading.


So anyway, so I saw them and then I moved to L.A. and was like, see these Hasidic Jewish people and see them driving BMW. I remember the neighborhood.


I was in Highland Park and I leaned out my window and I'm like, Chaytor, you're supposed to be at a horse and buggy.


And I was like with some girl and she was like, know, hey, what are you doing?


If you're ever on a date with a girl, just don't yell out the window at anything. Yeah, that just seems like a red flag.


Yeah, that's like an interesting move on a date. So, see, I'm a guy who can be in charge and also seemed racist.


It seemed racist.


It still is at Amish people. And saying you're cheating is not like your job. It's not. Not. That's very judgmental at the very least, you know what I mean? It's incredibly frightening. Thought he was being funny. I thought I caught them. I thought I was like, ha, look at you. I caught you. So you, like, ribbed your girl. You're like, hey, hey, hey, watch this. Well, you know how they can go on vacation like Amish people get a year.


That was like a true life. MTV or a documentary or rumspringa. Yeah, that's it. What's it called. Rumspringa. Rumspringa. Yeah, that's great.


Yeah. But it's called Like Hell week or something.


So they get a Rumspringa and they can leave Amish world and go get a Rumspringa and go to L.A.. Right. They get to go to L.A. rumors going. Go right. Yeah. Yeah.


That, that's what I thought they're doing.


I thought they're tasting the local flavors in L.A. Tiresias. All right. I'm in the BMW getting the diarrhea and having Pink's hot dogs getting diarrhea.


And that's what I thought I was thought I was like, oh, I see you, dude. You know, I didn't think I didn't mean anything by it.


But by the way, I don't know what it's called. I think it's called that. I think it is Rumspringa. It seems. Right.


I thought it was just called hell week, but maybe that's football. Yeah, I had a week's football that's like gearing up to do in, like, two days. Yeah.


You're there the whole day. Play in the future. Just take a moment before you say stuff.


Hell week, bro. No, sir, I don't like it. All right. All right.


Ashley, baby, we got the podcast. Blowen Oh, I think Assen sent me some seltzer, but. Oh, York City. So somebody reached out.


Hell yeah, baby. Well, I don't know if it's either Blake or myself. We own such a small part of the company. It's hard for us to even get six.


But there's going to be a can in my mailbox. Yeah, yeah. You're lucky if you got a hat, but yeah.


Yeah, if if you're in Southern California, go grab yourself some Ashlynn heard Zeltzer. All right.


Yeah. The official pod source of this is important and Cutaş adds, Yeah, right.


Oh my Ashtanga had.


Hey, everyone, it's Michelle Williams, and I love being able to share my story with you on my podcast, checking in with Michelle Williams were my guests and I get real as we share the ups and downs of our mental health journeys.


And I'd love for you to join me.


I'm still on my own journey, but I want to be transparent with you because as I was posting all the highlights of my life on social media, I was breaking down in too many people fall victim to the picture perfect image of the high life.


So I created a space to discuss the good and the bad.


We can laugh, man. We going to learn. And most of all, I hope to inspire you to go on this journey with me to better mental health. This is going to be your church, your turn up and everything in between. So join me on my podcast, checking in with Michelle Williams. A safe space for every kind of person.


Listen to checking in with Michelle Williams every Tuesday, a part of the black update on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast, or wherever you get your podcasts.


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I do have an opportunity for you fellows to make some money if you're all right.


I got a little no hook and I got a little bet to put on the table if you're if you're willing to invest.


Is this a better chance or like are we going to get hit by an asteroid or is this something you're going to try and accomplish or what's the.


You said bet and then you said invest. Well, first I have to ask you, what is a gentleman's? But that's no, it's where there's no money.


OK, this is not a gentlemen's. All right.


OK, do you know what this is?


I do know a guy, so I don't know if you know or not, but the Grammy nominations have been announced, OK? I didn't know. Didn't know, couldn't care less. Heard about it. That's OK. That's all right. And that's music.


That is music. That is music. But what I wanted none of us are really involved with music besides our friends from another realm, the Wizards. Purple magic, right? Yeah, that's true. That is true.


They are heavily involved and they do need to come back at some point. People want it. Well, I heard they're tired.


What I want to do is put down a bet for the best song of the year, OK?


And basically, according to the Grammys, awarded this allegedly Blake. First of all, Blake, you're the only one that has the true pulse on the new songs.


I feel I OK, but I'm going to lean the bet your way.


Basically what I'm saying is, do you have the list is Green Day's Time of Your Life up for Best Song? That's an old song.


All I'm saying is right now, because in my mind, I don't know. You guys have definitely heard Do a Lipase song. Don't start now, right? Do not know.


I have no idea. What can I play? It's basically one of the three greatest songs of all time. What can I play a snippet of it and. Sure, go ahead.


Say do a leap. I jump in the air like Blake. Hang on, because I don't think we could just play a dual leap.


We can play up to fifteen seconds and then I have to cut it. But you will know what it is I'm going to play right now. You're going to know what it is.


My man did his legal shit OK? Yeah. All right. So do you guys know this one, right, you guys know this one, right? Yes, one. OK, this is developer.


Yes. This is a start now, possibly the greatest songs of all time in my life.


All right. We know your opinion on that. Allegedly. It's a party starter. If that comes on, you're having a good time.


I don't think you're going to remember that song in five years. I don't even remember it right now. While you're wrong, it's going to play at my funeral. OK, but did you see how my body moved when Blake played that? I did not I wasn't prepared for it. He played it and something ignited in me.


It sounds like so many other songs right now. It doesn't stand out to me.


No, this is I'm not saying it's bad. It just doesn't. Here's the deal.


I'm putting my balls on the line here.


OK, that's OK. It was nominated for best song in the year. I'm sorry. I'll give each of you a hundred dollars if it doesn't win. Best song. Wait. OK, ok, great. I'll take that again.


Do you know what this is like. I thought we were going to all choose for one, but this is just you saying I've been. You ok. No, no, no, no.


Kyle, why are you talking him out of this? He's going to give us a hundred dollars if it doesn't win. Yes.


What do we have to do if it does nothing? You have to give me one hundred. Do you see what I'm talking about? No. Yes. You have to give me one hundred dollars. If this.


What are the other nominations exactly? This is what I'm talking about. Blake makes these fucking bullshit half assed bets that are not even thought through.


Look, and there is no black parade by Beyonce. No, no, no, no, no, no. Hang on, Blake. We're doing a podcast. We're not sitting on the back porch drinking beers. Play ten seconds of the other songs for everyone else at home who's jamming on the pod.


OK, OK. Yeah, if we're going to do this, I want to make a choice. I want to make an informed decision. I just don't want to bet your opinion against nothing.


Well, the thing is, is I haven't interest now.


I guess now the thing is, is I haven't even heard any of the other competition. I've only heard that song and I'm so calm.


And that just shows you how divided this country is. Guys, red and blue. OK, are you ready for the first fifteen seconds of Black Parade by Beyonce? OK, yeah. OK, ok.


Here it comes right through a lot of bass. Yep. Already more interesting. I agree. It does sound like every Beyonce song. I fucking love Beyonce. Oh I'm fucking with them.


OK, well that's all you get because that's ten seconds. That's good. I like that. I thought we got fifteen what we do but I don't want Beyonce coming for me. Are you kidding me. The hive coming for her. Yeah.


Like I want my beehive. The arugula OIDs I don't think could handle the beehive. OK, so this is the only song I'm actually kind of afraid of.


Like the Duleep. A song for me is like a thing that comes out of the gym that you're like, fuck this song again. All right. I guess I'll keep getting ripped. I agree. Oh my gosh.


At any time it comes on, it spurs me into a mood of euphoria. I just can't even get enough of it.


What I just heard was better. Yes. Oh, my gosh. Well, put your money up.


I put my well, I got to hear the other one. Yeah, I got to. That's my frontrunner. Right. You already think Beyoncé song is going to be doing Lipase. So you already got a hundred bucks.


If you're that there's other horses in the race, I want to know what else is there. I might change my fucking opinion.


All you have to do is beat my song. That's all you have to do is beat my song. What if I think something's going to beat Beyonce. That doesn't matter. That's not here nor there.


I know Blake sang. We still want to hear the other some other people say on Howard Stern. Mm hmm. I heard Harry Styles and I don't know shit about Harry Styles.


I always assumed he was just like a pretty boy boy band guy. And then he was on Howard Stern.


And Howard Stern is like sarcastic. But also, can I say Howard Stern sometimes has bad taste when he has the worst taste constantly.


And so I was like, I didn't know how to take it.


And then Howard played a Harry style song and it fucking rapped, you know, I would miss that watermelon shit.


I just listened to that whole album on The Rolling Stone, five hundred greatest albums of all time.


And I was like, good. I liked it a lot. I couldn't tell you the name of the song. It was it was just a song. He played How to Go, Hey, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


I'm saying like how to go. Yeah, he's like a watermelon.


Dude, I'm so bad with music. I don't know any song ever. I just I wish you were like, I don't know any stuff. Things that musicians. I don't know anything ever.


Do you guys want me to keep going down the list of how many are there.


There's like eight. Oh yes, eight. OK, we got an hour to kill. Well that's a lot. OK, here's the next one.


This is the one I'm actually afraid of. If I'm being honest, who is is the one I'm actually afraid of.


It's Roddy Ritt. Mm hmm. I'm guessing you've heard this one, it's a goody. Oh, it's the bartender cinematic. Yeah, it's a very good song. Does right. Like I said, this is the one I'm afraid of. Come on, man. This is the shit whom I love about it. What about the man?


Can I just say speaking as are you drunk at a young mckensie. I might be drunk. How much fucking Zequinha did you have already? No, no, just.


Just three. Three. Ashland's OK. Oh yeah. Cenziper that shit slap. Yeah, he's fucking drunk.


Yes. And imagine being the dude who made it and you're like, hang on, let me put this on the song, ok?


Oh yeah. And it's a hit.


Can I can I give you guys an argument? How often do the Grammys reward the song that slaps.


That's not the whole thing. That's not what we're talking about. That song also goes OK. And that goes right. But what I'm saying, are you speaking as a young genzlinger, as a young gen, or that song not only slaps but also goes and slaps. It rips. It goes.


It rips. That's ours now. Yeah. Rips. OK, here, here's the next one.


I've never heard this song. I probably have though if it's nominated for best song ever.


Vintage T brand funk, yeah, no, no, no, I already have.


Absolutely not whose's that I'm not into the vocals.


Listen who it is and then you'll probably change your tune. It's Taylor Swift. It's yeah. It's Tatta. You can't just roll that one over like it's not a contender.


She's not going to win everything. Yeah, exactly. She's doing some really good stuff from a business standpoint, rerecording all of her songs to get out of the label's shadow and all that. That's great. But she's not making hits.


You guys better tread lightly with who you guys are talking shit about. They're going to come for you.


I'm just saying that she's doing great stuff. I'm still on the Beyoncé song. Hey, I'm almost 100 percent positive. There's not a huge overlap between diehard tastes with fans and pot important fans. Dude, you never know. They infiltrate.


Yeah, they catch wind. I'm not willing to say that there's not.


And also, I saw Taylor Swift at the I Heart Radio Festival like three years ago or something when I saw her and I never seen her before and didn't know a single song was like, I think she's going to, you know, whatever. It's Taylor Swift.


And then she rocked. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. She was she was truly incredible. And I'm like, God, I was like, oh, she's a superstar.


And she's like five eleven. Yeah, I thought she was an L.A. spark. I remember seeing her at some MTV Awards in person and being like, oh, got it. Cool. Got it.


I was also we have to I'll post a photo that I have I presented and I get there and they're like, hey, it's their heart radio awards.


This is like five years ago and we have drunk.


You have to look cool. Well, I've had three Ashland's. Yeah, I'm feeling good guys. I know. I know.


You just said I'm at the Art Heart Radio Awards. Oh yeah. Yeah, you're having trouble, but I like it.


Hey, I'm coming for you. It's OK. I'm not having trouble.


It's holiday season succeeding right now. This is the holiday season. It ain't easy. That's cool.


And I'm at the I Hurt Radio Festival and they were like, yo yo, we need this flat iron your hair. You have to look cool for this. And I was like, oh yeah, flat iron. I'm like, I guess I don't know. And this woman convinced me to flat iron my hair and she flat ironed it like before I presented. And then so I look insane.


I look different than I've ever looked right in my entire life. I might as well like throw on eyeliner and sing like the Black Parade.


You might as well do MKR. That's a great phrase for that was a great face. And I was like way out of pocket. And then they were like, who do you want to introduce? And it was like between Jason Derulo, OK? And like Lorde, like me, some Lord. And I was like, Lord. And then they were like, OK, you're introducing Lord. But I never saw anyone say that. I just saw it read and heard you never heard.


Never heard.


Lord, we covered this and it said Lord. And I said, Lord, would you for real. Yeah.


Oh man. On stage you said that. No, Chloe caught me right beforehand and I'm like, I'm introducing Lori and she's like, It's Lord. Oh, but you almost did it.


So this is back to the guarantee thing. Yeah, they're telling us we have covered we have covered this.


He's drunk, but he's gone. This is back to the guarantee.


You're just like our dumbest friend. You know what?


I think I'm yeah, I'm I'm switching stories because Lordi that was actually like a Viacom marketing thing. And I didn't say that. And it was it was a different band. It's a totally different band. And I'm going to find out. I was drunk.


He just left his headphones. He left the room.


Actually, I think he's going to throw up next song for sure. You want me to play next song. So? So you don't think Adam needs to hear it?


No, it's over.


OK, OK, so this is the song always gets stuck in my fucking dome. OK, so you're aware of this. This is a post. Malone Yeah. Circles. OK, the song's good. It's a good song. That's it. Yeah that's it. That's fifteen seconds. Yeah.


You know, very early on in our fame I feel like post Malone reached out to me on Twitter and I was kind of like, yeah, I don't, I don't know, I just but I wish I could take our fame or his fame and his fame, his fame.


He reached out like what everybody used to hit me up and say, like, you look exactly like post Malone. You look like postman. So I avoided his career for the longest fucking time.


I was you're like, oh, I guess I'm hot as fuck, dude.


That's saying I just don't like being compared to anybody else. But then, like two years ago, two or three years ago, I fucking throw on some posti and I was like, this dude is fucking good man. I have a serious question.


Yeah. Is your worst fear to be.


Unoriginal. Oh, that's a great question. I do enjoy being original. Yeah, it's kind of a reoccurring.


Yeah, weird. For weird sake. That was that's not the question. I don't think that's my worst fear.


But I do think you've hit a very powerful vein in my body when people were like, oh, you look like a fucking fat post, Malone, or you look like an ugly person alone. I was like, you know, first of all. Wait, wait, wait, wait. You're way hotter.


No, no, no, no. But you said they they were saying that you look like him. And now you said they were saying you look like a fat or ugly.


Yes. Hold up. Let me protect my guy right here. Thank you. You might be fatter, but you're way more handsome than Malone.


Oh, no, I think he's I know post Malone looks like he's he's you know, when you put pantyhose on your face to go rob a bank. Sure. That my fucker's got some Playtex over his face. This whole face looks like it's the that is actually so true.


Yeah. That's a good I think he's got that weird. He's got that weird hat, like I said, with a burner and like a ciggie in his hand. And I'm like, that fucking reminds me of me, dude. I really do want to meet this guy one day. Well, what's cool is like when Kyle looks at you with that one good eye, you really melt, you know. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. If they were to be a game yeah, yeah.


Two it'd be lights out. OK, so I just can I finish the end of my story because I went and got another drug. Was this, what was the story.


The story was I at the I heart radio. I said oh lordy lordy I'm over forty.


It was a steal the band Eli. Yeah. And I said, right, yeah. I'm about to introduce. It was like minutes before I'm and it was in a basketball stadium. There's 20000 people there. It's also live to millions. And I was like, yeah, I'm about to introduce but still have we come.


Chloe was like no, we covered the lordy lordy.


Do you get that wrong? How do you think it's best delay. Yeah.


Isn't that where I was? I was about to sound just as dumb being like isn't that right in France. It's a French word. It's a German in high school. I got your back. OK, all right. I just took German. I didn't know. I didn't know. All right. And also also is your name Blake?


If I said still, I'd be confident in the fact that I got that wrong in front of all those people. And that is how it is.


And they had to come out to L.A. and my bad I cannot criticize because we did those like video game awards that one time we kept calling Bethesda like every other word except for but it was like but we didn't know how to pronounce Bethesda.


Bethesda. You remember when we introduced whatever the game was and I said it's like something like Steven Spielberg and Albert Hitchcock.


Yes, I have that on video, but I meant to do that.


Like, that was my whole M.O. was to fuck him up.


But like, you were like Albert Hitchcock. I slammed them. Steve King, Steve King and Albert Hitchcock.


We still be covered mistily as well.


And well, yeah, I know it. I know we're repeating stories now.


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So Circles is close to beyond, say, for me, for you, for me right now, I'm not sure what more than you better put 100 on the line.


I'll put 100 on the line once I know what the fuck my choices.


You've already said that you beat my song twice.


This is going to evolve into who what who wins because we're going to have difference.


Blake is taking his song verse the field. So if you've already picked one, that's better. You pick the field. It doesn't matter what we have to do with fucking one up on the guy if you guys want to.


I didn't really want to hear all these dumb ass songs, but whatever do a sleepover.


But I want to hear the songs because I'm 40 years old almost, and I don't know shit.


Admittedly, I think Duleep is the new hot shit. I think this is her year. Thank you. So I already like this better. Who is this? Billy Eilish. This is me. I was fucking sick too. We only got two more seconds.


I know that track really took us on a slow, slow ride. That's some beautiful Kei's.


We only played 13 seconds. So I get I'm going to do two seconds right in the middle of the song. They called me away.


OK, ok, feeling it. I'm not even a fan and I'm on board. I sounded classic. I was right there. He actually does have some hot tracks. I am making music.


I'm a black dude, dude. Adam, stop. I'm getting tired.


I'm done with. I wish too didn't her. It's her and her brother. Right. Her brother makes over beats and I think they were like home schooled.


Yes. Yeah. The future. They're the future. It's Yeah. The most insulated development. Or just like me, my brother, we were home schooled. We made these fucking songs are totally different. Hey, in hip hop. Yeah.


What else did they do to make a song that crazy. What else did you do.


What's up. What are you doing here. What are you insinuating then. They they point.


What do you say. Next song. What are you imagining. You said allegedly I know this shit is so this is H.E.R.


This is like monozygotic. It feels throwback. Hold up. I was about to rap. Oh forget it. OK.


Oh Ders is about to rap now. Freestyle freestylers. I guess not. I guess we can't be silent.


We have to clear some beats of Derse is going to wait.


Did you fill that drink up on the jersey. How come it's the same level this entire time. Are you going to drink that drink.


What's going on. Goongerah. My boys drug down ordered two for the pod. Yeah, we're having fun, man, I love in this drunk assholes.


Yeah, me and Adam are drunk and drunk, asshole. Holiday season, baby. OK, relax, bitch. It's cool. It's cool J man. Just be cool.


I was doing a callback. It's just that was a comedic callback. I got like you're judging us and it's a little wack admittedly.


All right. Well come on me man. I'm not coming at you. That's what I'm saying. I'm like I'm just over here having fun, not coming at you. Don't come back here and some shit just come at me, you know what I mean? I'm not. I'm saying you called us drunk assholes a second ago. I'm saying we're not being assholes to call back.


No, I'm going to take the high road that you're under is Michelle Obama and take the high road. No, I'm taking the high road. All right. Can can I play the last song? Yeah.


We had you and I. We're both taking the high road. We're on the highway. You're not. How am I not taking the high road? I'm taking the high road, brother.


Smoke weed everyday. It's funny but high road.


You guys got a favorite Nate Dogg song. Nobody, nobody does it better.


Although you know what, what was the Eminem song where he wraps on it? Eminem and Nate Dog is.


That's a song about who do you guys want to hear the last Grammy Grammy nominated song or hear the Grammy. You want the Grammy. I want the Grammy. OK, this is by J.P. Sachs in July.


Oh, I don't know. OK, and that's that one.


Do this is dope librarianship. Yo, that was like librarianship. So those are them.


All right. I'm sorry. You can go a little longer. I just was being funny.


I was just trying to. Oh, this is what Mr. Rogers folks do, ok. Oh shoot this on something like Frank Ocean wannabee.


Yeah. Who is that. That's J.P. Sachs. Yeah. And Julia Michaels, which is now I fuck with that.


You know what? That's a sound. That's a sound. That sounds like that dude whose name is like Frankie Orange County or whatever.


Johnny Ossy Rexall Orange. Yeah. It's like the same kind of like. Right. Am I crazy or am I just thirty nine.


That kind of sounded a little frank ocean to me to be but they, I mean they're all cribbing from him. Sure.


Sure. He is the father. I heard some channel orange in there. Yeah. OK. OK, you heard some what. Some Channel Orange. Sure. Sure. Isn't that Frank Ocean's album. One of his albums. I like that. Oh yeah. Yeah you said it. Absolutely. It's a great album. It's a great album.


What were you looking at me like. I didn't make any sense so I'm just nervous. Look, I'm off flush. I'm like nervous.


Don't you cry about you don't have to be nervous around us, Kyle. We're your friends. You know, I don't know what kind of stuff I'm going to get from y'all. You're lucky if you get so here's the deal.


I will say that I have wavered quite a bit after hearing the competition because I had not heard those songs before.


And there are a lot of really good songs, but I'm still willing to pay you a hundred dollars.


Can you play Duleep again or have we already done it? I am going to go ahead and admit that I haven't heard the Duleep a song. I know nothing about this artist.


So when you just heard it, that was the first time. First time didn't ignite your soul the way it just did for me. Yeah. It didn't make you want to just because I was ready to dance, jump out of your skin and have the best time of your life.


OK, it looks like we can play it again.


Yes, you could play again, but we may need to cut out the second playback. So, OK, that's hey, we're going to play right now and we might get cut that out and you'll just hear our reactions play, OK? You want me to play it from the beginning or do you want to play it from the middle? Sort of.


Hey man, it's your song. Whatever you want. It's your favorite. Yeah, OK. It's your pick, your dumb song.


What. This is the part I hate. This is the fucking Django. This sounds like every other song. When he goes in the other hook then it's ok. It's not it's. Yeah. Wow.


OK, you know that song go.


No, no, no, no, no. I don't think that goes. What's the blonde girl from like ten years ago who's like tick tock, don't stop.


But yeah exactly. It's two pounds and by the way and by the way, that is the fucking jam wasn't it.


Case the cashier was a cashier. Cashier. Yeah. Cashier song goes I won't argue.


They're saying it slaps now. Mm hmm. Does it slap or does it go. It goes. It goes. It slaps. It bangs.


It does it. All that cash a song cookes. OK.


Oh no. I've heard people say that it cooks.


Yeah. I've heard cut with a Z with a Z. No I haven't heard with a Z. I said cooks.


Oh good. I like that. That's good. That's good. That's, that's. Yeah that actually works. That's shit is fine dining.


So are you guys willing to go in. On this bet against me, I have heard that song before, and that's what tells me it's not going to win because it took me two times to remember that I've heard it. Song is not that great. OK, ok, ok.


I mean, it's fine. I think it gets the party started.


She might want to do a leap off a bridge after she loses only because I do think she's going to win. But I'm not confident enough to put up one hundred. What's her story. Win me over with her story. Blake, what's her story?


The Grammys. Don't take that. I don't.


All they do is cast off screen. They give awards off screen, and of course they do.


I don't I, I don't know her story. Ignorant to the grim.


If I'm being honest, I know nothing about this artist. I just know the song, I think is dope. I know a little bit about her. She's like her videos are.


So what's what's her deal? She looks French. I don't know her background. I just know she's a good artist. I don't know her deal though.


She's she's got it all. OK, great. All right. Cool. Good looking sings great. What do you mean.


She's got it all videos. Where are videos playing anymore.


The Internet can find them on quippy man. Come on Vevo dawg.


I think Blake just has a little bit of a job for this girl and he's fallen in love.


LEBAS Very pretty. OK, so she's from London. She's from Westminster. I look at that and May she's Albanian.


OK, so to push this along, I'm definitely fucking going to say that I'll take your hundred dollar bet against Duleep. OK, but I'm not sure exactly who's going to win.


My choices are you don't have to know the Beyoncé song. Ten seconds. I was like, I don't know because I actually like circles.


No, no, no. But Beyonce is one. Too often she's been winning, so I think they're going to give it to do a liepa. Hey, Blake, I'm with you. I got one hundred dollars on it, but OK. So OK. Well, wait, what does this do. I'm sorry. That was at the Betty.


Wait. Yeah. Are you saying you're joining my team.


Joining you're joining your. But that's not the deal. Oh hey. Then I'm out. Do you want to go against me.


So no I'm not going against you because I think OK. Hey that that ignited something within me. That song. Yeah. But the other songs didn't ignite when you played that song.


Huh. Huh. Oh boy. Something happened out there. I was ready to dance. I was shakin. You saw my body move.


Put your car keys on the table.


That's my boy. That that I think my favorite song is Circles. I want to hear the Beyonce song, but I kind of think that that fucking J.P. Sack song might fucking take it. Well, I don't know anything about it, but like, that shit buzzed my ears, man.


Yeah, that's not winning. That's not one. I don't know.


So you got buzzed. Hang on a second. Do you guys like, buzz the ears more than you like? That's fine dining.


I like you know, JP Sachs was fine dining. That's for real. That was it was fine dining. I like to say that's frozen pizza because it's so fattening. Frozen pizza, dude, because it's so what is so cool.


Oh well, you want to warm up the frozen pizza. You don't just eat it cold. Right.


But it's probably you buy it frozen. No, I say that's frozen pizza. Sure I get it. I know, but you don't eat it for you don't eat.


Do you mean frozen. But is it ice though. No, no, no. It's why don't you be like that's that's just ice cream.


Hey guys, you have no power, all right? Do you just leave me alone. You've got no power guys.


It's coming at me with some hoglan. Yeah. You could say, like that's it's a Slurpee. Better than frozen pizza. Frozen pizza is not good unless it's hot.


It's a Slurpee those first some day.


There's so many things from Labrinth that I need to have on that with like.


Well, love. Oh. Oh yeah.


OK, let's say next episode I'll have a full Labrinth on board.


OK, you said that word so often. Like I feel like you really need to just have have themed boards.


That's what I think that will be, that will make it very fun is they have a little theme board. I have the kicking that. Are you getting a great response from the boards, sir. I'm seeing in the comments a lot of people are positive about the board, so I'm feeling good about it.


This drug. Now, we've got to start getting some hate for the board. Sure, sure. Sure.


And guess what? I disagree, OK? We're bored all the way. I'm team bored. They said, oh, sir, I don't like it. Yeah. Bored teenagers.


Yeah, we got my bored teenagers. We got piles of Ruga Lloyd's, the Offenders League of Assholes and Adam the Adam the Guaran War Army.


He's I love it, man. We're starting a league of extraordinary assholes is kind of tight. Yeah, there's that for me. Yeah, that's for you.


Hey guys, join up and gals. Yeah. Anybody, anyone is invited.


Ders and Kyle are going to owe me one hundred dollars. Adam's out of the bet when Grammy Day shows up. I feel bad that Adam can't come in on the bet with you and just I know because I feel like I could be like, you know what, Adam? Go ahead. Throw a hundred bucks with Blake and I'll put 200 dollars down and say that that shit is going to fucking not win. That's not it. Yeah. That race.


That's good radio. Oh, my God.


I'm you guys. I'm so sorry you have to listen to this. Yeah.


The show's show's over, man. I'm trying to wrap it up. Goddamn.


I'm just saying. Well, what if I bet a hundred to Kyle and you bet 100 to Blake or something? You know, what's up? What can I be part of this better.


I'm trying to do I'm trying to bring you in. I feel like we're a squad and Blake saying that I'm in the backwaters in the back. Blake's in the bet. But Adam got to sit it out. And I'm like, I don't want to sit at home.


I'd like to be part of it. You want to take the field or you want to take.


Yeah, that's what I'm trying to. I got your back, homeboy. Thank you. So now we have to figure it out. It's to guarantee that I'd love to be part of it eventually, but wins the Grammy.


You owe Adam a hundred dollars and you owe me one hundred dollars. If she doesn't win, we owe you guys one hundred dollars. So you.


So the stakes were just raised for me. Ananda's for all of you keeping track on this one because he's paying out one hundred and we're paying out two hundred.


We have the chance. It's now become a two hundred dollar bet for me. And yo what about Adam. Was Adam. I know you because you're paying out, you're getting a hundred from either way. How is this going to fucking work week house. Hey, hang on, let's split the bet down.


Wasn't the bet Adam's joining Blake, right? Duleep wins. We pay them two hundred dollars. When Dua LIPA loses they pay us over a hundred dollars but they should have to pay each of us two hundred dollars.


No no Kyle aren't you drunk now. I'm the only one not drunk on this fucking pot.


Are you drunk or you're acting like a fool.


I don't think that works. I don't think that raises the stakes for, for me right now. You know what I mean? Gambling addict.


We don't need to raise the stakes. The stakes are the stakes. Can't you just be happy with the stakes?


The Omaha Omaha steak, which is my Thanksgiving dinner, is my freezer right now.


So, OK, just. All right. So are there any callbacks, take backs or.


Apologies, guys, I'm down for whatever whatever, man. My wallet's open for you. Gentlemen, I want to apologize to everyone listening for this podcast. It was off the rails from the jump. But guess what? That's kind of the fucking deal.


Oh, a little mission statement from the well said. Yes, that was the deal.


It's not always going to be polished. Yeah. Rehearsed.


You've always been the wordsmith of our crew. Of our crew. What what else? Polished and herse.


OK, it was pretty much this podcast was pretty much frozen pizza.


There we go. Cool as fuck. Yeah. That being said, cause fuck no. Mm hmm. Yeah. Delicious.


When he did, I would love to give a compliment to all the Grammy nominees. A special shout out to power trip. All right, Riley, Thundercat, Flying Lotus with the best guys.


Yeah. Congratulations, Grammy.


Yeah, baby. Twenty one tune in. Big stuff.


Big stuff for them. Yeah. What are you going to do on Grammy night. Boys are probably just do you watch or do you just kind of watch Twitter and see what happens.


I definitely tweet along. Let's all tweet along for these Grammys.


But do you actually watch. Do you actually watch? If we're still quarantining, I will be glued to that television.


It's a guarantee you're going to be quarantining. OK, then I'll be there. It's a guarantee you're cheating. It's take backs and compliments and all that shit. We'll take backs and apologies.


And we we let you put compliments on there.


I have zero take backs, compliments and apologies. Zero apologies. Your compliments was the other one.


I'm not going to tell you. How about take backs, apologies or compliments. Sober brain gets a memory and compliments your.


Hey Kyle, take back. You should apologize to me for coming after me right from the jump. You really went at me at the beginning. I don't think I deserved it.


What do you mean I'm pissed? I'm pissed. Now run the tape back. You were coming at me. You were putting words. I was not coming at you.


I think. Hey, we'll roll the tape back. I think a lot of people are going to be like, wow, this is really embarrassing for Kyle.


He was like a real dick out there. Yeah.


Adam was kind of wearing his heart on the sleeve. He was telling some stories about how he was dumb and. Well, yeah. Is that endearing? Is that do people like that. Yeah, they do, because I'm not ready to admit that I sometimes put my foot in my mouth and you were coming at me a little bit.


I think you guys were coming at each other. You guys coming at each other. You were talking. Here's what it is. I'll take back something from last episode. Oh, last. The episode that we recorded. Yeah, the last episode that we recorded because you were like giving a compliment to the drug lords for standing by me and I kind of took that as like, hey, this motherfucker stepping in and taking, like, my regards from me, you know, taking your fans.


Yeah. And I felt that way.


But now but when I thought about it over the last four days, I definitely would have been like, dude, dude, let it go, bro. You got to let it go. You got to get another hobby.


No, I know. I hold these things. I hold these and I gotta and I apologize for that.


I take that's what was bugging you when we started off the podcast.


I take it back and I also apologize. And I'm going to compliment you for making my fans, our fans, because without all of our fans, this podcast will not survive.


Yes. It wouldn't work. Yeah, OK. And thank you, Kyle. And I want to thank you all for being the bigger man. I would like and taking the higher right way bigger much, much, much, much, much, much bigger.


Wider could squash you. Yeah. I'm a denser man, you know, it's crazy. It's this is you guys are gearing up and it's on the eve of Thanksgiving. That cannot be a coincidence.


It's this time of the year. Yep. Because you guys have fought like two or three Thanksgivings. You guys have fought. Yeah.


Our Thanksgiving is one, Kyle and I really for whatever the moon hangs low for us and we got to yell at it, baby.


It's when the night is night for too long we go at each other. Yeah. Yeah. That's what I'm pitching in a push next to his childhood friend. Also, I've been friends with him for years at this point, so and his roommate for years. And then all of a sudden he like shoves me. It's like you're pissing too close to my friend. That's the time of year a deal. But the best part was he was puking. And I was like, you're pissing too close to my friends trying to puke.


Oh, sure.


But I was the one who started pissing first and he came up next to me. He started to puke. I'm a defender, you know, I defend him. But when that happens, I did this stuff to Durrs. It's like you just do it. I choose these sides and I get angry at one of them, you know what I mean? Okay.


I guess you're right. It's tough to it's tough to find compromise sometimes. You know, I know especially I get in my drunk brain and now, you know, I don't drink anymore.


So and on that note, I think we're done here. This is for you.


You're done with that take back or apology or whatever that was. Hey, but also there is a like that field still open.


Yeah. Honestly, they didn't do anything to do anything. I did. I complimented all the Grammy winner.


She had to go through it. You guys have been rambling like some fucking I was the first one to say, I apologize to the girl.


You apologize to the Grammy winners if you are already in place.


Blake, you do that all the time.


By the way, let's just talk about now, because, Blake, you always, like, throw shit out to the world you don't throw shit to in the circle. You know what I mean?


I don't want to talk to you guys anymore. I want to go to Vegas with my mom. I'm at my mom's please in the podcast.


Let me go off the rails. Yo, this shit right here is fine dining. Hey, guys, this this is important.


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