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Welcome to this is important production of I Heart Radio, the show where we only talk about what's obviously most crucially important today on this is important.


Was it up to us to put it in his mouth? It kind of was. You know, when you're here, kill your family. Oh, that's right.


You always wear sweatpants now. Let's go. And we're back. Oh, right.


Oh, my God. That was a hard go right at the beginning. A lot of a lot of tech stuff. We're dealing with technical issues over here.


Tough, tough, tough, tough, tough, tough tech.


So I guess we should just come clean, right? We should tell everyone what's happening. Well, they're going to want to know. They can they can tell we're coming into this with a head of steam. Oh, yeah.


We've been we've been waiting on the tech 20, 20 tech talk. Here we go. Let's talk it. So guys and gals listening out there. What Daptone upgrade to Big Sur.


Thank you for saying. Guys and gals, everyone's included over here and also people that don't even they're not even genderless. Also, those people welcome Helyar audience.


Yeah, I mean, you're good. I'm great. Yeah, I feel like it goes without saying, but OK. No, a lot of people are.


Think about these people. They think about us and they're like, hey, these guys, they're talking to one gender or another gender. Guess what we're talking about all genders and all humans and also people that aren't humans. So them too. Fair enough. Yep. Very inclusive podcast.


We're sending this podcast into space so everyone out there don't upgrade to Big Sur if you got a podcast, because it ain't going to work with your focused right equipment, which is top notch equipment that we use every week, week in, week out.


But it ain't work today. That's just the price you pay for being ahead of the curve, for being one of the first to be at the tech. You have to be willing to experiment because a lot of times shit ain't gonna catch up. We got a nice window when things all worked and it keeps moving and evolve.


And she went on, I was just talking to our producer and they're like, Oh, did you get Big Sur? You in Big Sur? I thought you were traveling and you were at the beautiful mountain town of Big Sur.


And I was like, oh, maybe his connections bad because he's in Big Sur. But no, it is a computer thing.


A technical computer thing. Technically it is a computer.


Yeah. It's like the operating system update is called Big Sur because they used to be like El Cap used some other dude. I they're California crazy. Oh my God.


I camped in Big Sur this year, Father's Day weekend and God damn, it's a beautiful place. Have you ever been there.


It's goodbye super dope. Goodbye.


We heard. Hey Blake. They work better when people listen.


What did you do. Did you do one. Did you do a slam me again real quick.


God damn it was gorgeous. Goodbye. Oh right. OK, great.


Thank you for the redo. So yeah. You guys ever been to Big Sur.


I just remember driving through it and, and feeling like the world was on a tilt because it's like, it's just like a big mountain that just goes into the ocean, right. Yes.


It's like cliff side. It's it's a little right. Oh that's right.


I, I drove to wine country and I just, I was like, you know what, let's take the chill the chill ride up the one and then left too late and immediately it was dark and I'm just on the side of a cliff and you know that drive always feels like we're going to take the scenic route and you get on it.


It's like, nah, this is and you're just like, what the fuck am I doing? This is taking like eight hours too long.


Yeah, they made Highway five for a reason that you get super drained to drive and they'll drive to because you have to be alert the entire time you'll drive off a cliff. But guess what?


What you're not you know, you're not alert, you're smoking. We can weed, you're smoking weed. You might stop off and have a lunch beer too, and you might drive off a cliff and kill you and your fiancee.


Is that what you want? I don't know. Maybe. Are you, like, excusing murder here in a bluff or one that you already know? What's up, bro? What's going on? Yeah.


Is this another screenplay? I need Catalina to scenic one. Oh, one Big Sur.


Do I need to call Chloe in here. She's here. I swear to God. All right. We haven't seen her for months, so.


Yeah, yeah. She's a deep fake bro. She went birdwatching again. You faked your fiance say that would be awesome. Come on in here. Come over here. Is this like old school out of mood that would explain why she's so purty?


All you guys ever watch those? Dateline's where they like. It's like a datelined missing persons and they keep trying to be, like, mysterious about somebody who just walked. They said they were going for a walk and they never came back. What happened?


And like, they killed themselves. It's so obvious. But they just try and, like, drag it out. It's like. But he said goodbye to everyone as if he would be bad.


Thing was, it was so cold and he didn't have a jacket. So we don't know.


Right. And you're like, did he jumped off a. Live somewhere, it's damp earlier in the day, he was listening to the saddest music he had, Don. He just left his dogs, right? Yes, he was clinically depressed. Yeah. He was going to kill himself.


Mm hmm. That's sad.


Yes, I think it is sad. Hey, it's great. TV or radio deadline. Is there sad all the way to the fucking bank?


I wish they would. I wish they would have Lifeline's some uplifting stuff where people live their best lives. Can we get that? What about good news?


I think it's called a lifetime. The whole channel.


OK, they said, oh, you got a deadline and lifetime your lifetime. And that is one of my favorite channels. They have a great holiday movie.


Can we talk about that fucking commercial, the Mario Lopez KFC telenovela on Lifetime? Yeah, pretty great. That's awesome.


Have you guys seen it? No. People are like are like shitting on being like, oh, this is the worst thing, of course.


Twenty twenty on twenty two of course would have put in twenty twenty.


God fucking just dopiest thing happened in twenty twenty. That's the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life.


What is it. What is it. What is it. Somebody give me the real fucking thing. It's not real. It's not real. I think it is real and I think it's like a real one.


Like it's a fake on production. It's not a movie. I think it's like eleven minutes long or something. So it's a short, short film, but it's it's basically a telenovela involving Mario Lopez playing the Spanish version of Colonel Sanders.


Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot. We like it. Rippin and the. There we go. Oh, right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, Mario Lopez is rippin and turn as Colonel Sanders.


The thing that I think why people were like upset it is because it's very confusing as to what's going on.


It's like like it's a it feels like a sketch, like a funny or die sketch that is put on by lifetime, which is normally not playing in the comedic world. Right. Am I out of touch with that?


I think they kind of do sometimes, because wasn't it lifetime that did the the Will Ferrell movie, a few which will go with Will Ferrell did like a he did Kristen Wiig, him and Kristen Wiig did like a Lifetime full porn movie. That wasn't a comedy movie that they just played it as seriously as they could.


But that's the bit. That was the bit.


Exactly. But they made the movie when I did The Intern, I was joking the. Oh, you were really? Yeah. Yeah, that was the best. Oh, yeah.


I don't know if Nancy Meyers would be pumped on that. Right.


And I quote she was it is Nancy Meyers.


We're going to I am going to pull that quote and send that to Nancy. So they're down with satire and that's what they're doing. Like they had like Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig satirized them. So they're like, we can laugh at ourselves. And now this is the next step of what's going on. Yes. Now I fucking love it.


They're gone from comedy genius to comedy genius and just. And by the way, is it like an origin story for Colonel Sanders?


I think it's a love story for Colonel Sanders. Well, they can it can be one of the same.


True that I don't think it's an origin story. But you know what? I have admittedly, I haven't watched it yet. I just do like I I watched, like, the teaser trailer for it. Yeah. And I liked that. I'll say it.


He looks great. I want more cross branding like that. You will get more.


Yeah. Like TV shows about just Pace Bacani also. Yeah.


Please. Right, please. Yeah. We're like it always ends with the New York City.


Like we are in a fuckin whirlwind of of collabs. You will get everything your heart desires. Mr. Peanut. Sex in the City collabo. That will happen. I want to tune in.


Blake, you think this is going to start that like it's just going to become par for the course now? Oh, absolutely. Look, we're talking about it.


Everybody was talking about that's how you get Twitter to gel like it's just it's great.


It's a great marketing ploy, but it's not real. It's the new campaign. This is the new commercial campaign. Yes.


Yeah. Adam is saying collabo. We're just talking about products, the show. Right. Like you're saying, somebody said Sex and the City and Mr. Peanut, but it wouldn't be sex and say, you know, it would just be Mr. Peanut. The show.


Exactly. But exactly the style. Right. It would be Valvoline, the sitcom.


But you want to hear Mr. Peanut about him fucking people, right?


Yes, of course, mister. Get that? No. Well, you would. He has the monocle. He's none. Yeah, astronomical.


He has the cane. You know, women are going to be after that nut. OK, yeah.


The origin story of Mr. Peanut, please, Mr. Peanut. And what kind of press talks he has to sit in the chair for like four hours.


Martin Lawrence, it's either Martin Lawrence or I'll do it. Or Hatam. Yeah, either one.


If you had to sit in the chair for like six hours every morning. And get done up like Mr. Peanut, you'd still be all about it, I would be more about it. Oh, man, what would you bring to the character of Mr. Peanut Butter?


A fun voice, that's for damn certain. What's it sound like? I'd say.


I don't know.


I know. I like this. I'm casting out of my like this. Thank you.


Wait a second. I'm clear in the air. Here I was. Baby, not. Yeah. Wait, what? I'm baby not. What do you mean I'm already in there.


That's right. I forgot Ders was the voice of the classic commercial baby nut. Everyone's talking about commercial.


Everyone knows from the Super Bowl that almost got canceled because of the Kobe Bryant circumstances back in the day.


But when we were in when we were in Peru filming.


Yeah, every night, Adam would go to drink beers and write more stuff for the episodes. And I would just go crawl under a comforter in my hotel room and record different lines for maybe not to say we were shooting bad ideas, the travel show that I did for Quimby.


All right. All right, Equidae. We were in Peru shooting all kinds of insane shit. I think at that point we were doing the episode where we were on the side of a cliff and an ice cream truck. And after we were done, it was a fun shooting day because by the time the sun sets, you had you were done because you might just drive off the side of a fucking cliff. So then we would go hang out by the river, drink some beers, talk with the crew, you know, chum it up and hunters would have to go back to his room and just do baby, not voices.


And I'd come back to my room and just hear him like doing voices.


Is that what you sounded like?


I haven't seen the commercials, but you sound like. Yeah, can we hear it?


Oh, dude. So there were like four days in a row. We're out. They just rung me out and I had to do like 40 different versions of stuff where it was like do languages that don't exist. And then they come back to me and they'd be like they kind of sounded too much like real languages and we don't want to offend anybody. Can you do everything?


Hurdy gurdy, the Swedish chef.


Yeah, it was very frustrating when, like you're doing voiceover because I also do a bunch of voiceover stuff and when they don't know what they want.


Yeah. And they're just like they're just making you try a ton of stuff the whole time. Yeah. And you're like, I don't know what you want. So how am I supposed to give you what you want.


Yeah, that's pretty wack a doodle. I told our manager I go, hey, let them know the next time they call there needs to be more money put in my bank and then I will continue.


Yeah. That baby this saying a motherfucking craft is a business.


I'm making a fucking language over here. Yeah.


You know, when's what Adam's saying when they don't know what they're talking about, like odds are it's going to turn out sorry. So like it's not going to be, it's not going to be great.


And you're like well I might as well get paid more for this is a truth. There are lines in this business and you have to draw them because you will get squeezed by the motherfuckers in the suit. Yeah, I love it.


You don't want to get squeezed and you just know that, like, it's not going to be a game changer for you if they're like, fucking floundering, you got to go, oh, this is going to be bad. I should get paid.


Because also at that point, you're technically writing the commercial when they're just asking for different reads and asking you to you're technically writing.


So it's like when they're asking you to improv the entire thing. Right. It is a commercial.


The other day in my backyard, I saw that they just brought a ton of snow and put it on, put it in my backyard.


And I was like a Coors Light snow man. Oh, I saw that, too. I got to be in a Coors Light commercial. My bad characters. The fuck it. That's so pretty cool. Yeah.


I'm like, I wish everything that I did, they just brought it to my backyard and I just stumbled out from the warmth into the cold.


That's what we're learning this year during covid is like how much people how how what you can get away with. Like I'm directing commercials in Korea.


Sitting on my couch in Los Angeles, I directed four NFL Apple commercials at the same time in four different cities from my couch. Nice.


It's going to start to be a big power play. I think like I do think this will stay around where like if you're a big actor or writer or whatever and you don't really want to go across town to meet some executives, they'll be like, let's zoom. Or if you're a big time executive and you're talking with some like nobody actor, a writer, you'll just be like, why don't we zoom? But then there's going to be that weird middle where it's like we should meet in person because we're both kind of big, but kind of not some of it.


I, I miss some of I do admittedly I do. Most of the time I'm like, this can just be done over zoom. We don't need to travel to go see each other.


But sometimes I'm like I just want to get out of my fucking house and go.


To fucking, you know, midday burger, right? So that's what I'm saying. Yeah, that's what I'm saying, is that you will be like, hey, I gladly come to Santa Monica and see you and they'll go, I think we could do this over Zoom and you will know where you stand and what then I got to change out of my sweatpants.


I don't think so.


Oh, that's right. You always wear sweatpants now.


I'm fully banking on this, staying around. I mean, I'm I'm leaving office. And you're investing in covid. Yeah, you're out. I'm out. I'm no more. There's no the only reason I was staying here was to drive around and go to studios and talk about projects because I don't shoot anything here not to, like, see your friends every once in a while for sure.


Copy that. Hey, we can zoom.


Well, no, I mean, I'm still going to come down and hang. We get it loud and clear.


I'm still coming down and hang in. All right. I'm crashing on your guys couches. Let that be known.


Yes, you should. But when it comes to the business, like we even shot a frame here since like twenty sixteen when we wrapped workaholics like I've been in Canada. And then it was like, OK, I can get out of here.


You guys fucking raised me for the one I dropped.


Fuck y'all go ahead. We didn't raise you. We just didn't hear it. We wanted to hear it a whatever.


Goodbye. Oh oh well to see you when it's when it's nice. I'm sick of being criticized. All right. I need all my borders to report to the fucking insta comments and stand up for your boy. All right. Go ahead, Kyle.


Dude, the border patrol. Oh my God. That's my fan base. OK, and we're fuckin hard core, OK?


I know where my border is. That dude, I'm a border whenever you point that, bro.


Yeah, I'd say I'm a border. I'm a drug lord. I'm a three points dancer. I would say I'm a border line border.


OK, I'm in I come and go because sometimes I just feel like you're asleep at the wheel and someone's going to get hurt. Oh God.


OK, are they can we just hash this out real quick? Because I got to know, are they bored teenagers because that's your brand or are they the Border Patrol?


Oh, I like that. I like Border Patrol. Oh, well, it makes them the patrol. I don't know. They're like it just because we're patrolling the border. And what's the best one to drop?


Give me a hell. Yeah. Hell yeah, brother. Yeah. OK, I get it now.


The Border Patrol in the board, the border. But they're not teenagers either. And I think that gets confusing because it's his company that's the bored teenagers. So I'm like, maybe there's something else I don't know. Am I overthinking? Like, fans are all teenagers. There's no adults.


Respect this guy. You have no power of turn twenty.


And they go, oh, man, they jump ship. They would go, well, whatever.


Yeah. Fuck L.A., bro, I'm out of here. All right. There we go.


Just say it like. So you lived in L.A. for how many years? Eighteen years I've been down here. And do you like it more than you dislike it?


Oh I, oh, I think for the past, like ten years I've been like, well my business is here. OK, you know what I mean. I don't necessarily love Los Angeles, but I love my business and I love creating and doing all that. So like I mean, if you asked me if I like seeing my folks like once every hour, like three times a year now, I mean, I'd rather it with them. You know, I'd rather go to my mom's house for dinner.


Sorry, I'm not I'm talking about the like the city of Los Angeles. Do you like it?


Well, no. I mean, I'm out in Calabasas. I like I like Malibu. I don't like L.A., really. You know what I mean? I love Studio City was cool for a little bit like stay out. Goodbye.


Hey, yeah. We don't we don't want you. So bye. Oh, yeah. See you later. AU revoir.


Well, what are the things that pull some of us to remain in Los Angeles?


I mean, it is hard to kind of know and remember what we love during Corona.


It certainly took away a lot of the stuff I liked, like live shows and fucking basketball and.


Oh, yeah, but dude, talking to my folks who live in Chicagoland, they freeze their fucking asses off and sit inside during, like, coronaviruses times and they're miserable, whereas I'm, I'm like fucking hiking and shit like sounds awesome. I'm like it kind of in.


Yeah. Admittedly like I loved it here down in Orange County for the coronavirus times. I'm like I'm always outside. It's awesome.


Well, to be fair, there's no corona down there. That is true. There is a weird bubble. No one's wearing a mask. There's a weird bubble down here in Orange County. Yeah.


That's because it's hot. Can survive in the burn. Yeah. Trampas right. It can't. Cervical cancer. Right. That's right. Hell yeah. Wow.


Oh dude.


Every time homie. But I know you mean L.A. got some rough aspects about it but I can dig it at the end of the day, as we've discussed with that man, I'm coming from the Midwest.


It's I mean. Yes. Are you. Kidding me, California weather fucking rocks, and especially Southern California. It's the best like Southern California. You can't beat that. Yeah, it rocks.


And there's a lot of great people out here. I mean, I know Kyle doesn't have any friends, but it's like it's there are really friendly people out here for sure.


He went hiking a few months ago where his friends were. His friends. Yeah. No, if I if I moved if I had to make the choice to go back to the Midwest and and bank on that, I don't think I would do it. But really, like me going five hours north, back up to the bay where I was, where I grew up is not really it doesn't feel that different.


Well, and also, I mean, admittedly, just in your situation where you got a little baby and your wife is from the Bay Area as well, her family's up there and your family's out there, it just it makes a lot of sense.


Yeah, it totally clicked. And like, yeah, the whole zoom element with the industry just tipped it and it was like, OK, it's undeniable.


And also it's nice immediately. I'm sure it's going to be nice for you to just go, hey, mom and Dad, you want to watch the kid for a night while I go do a thing? Hello.


Also, let's keep it real.


It's going to be great for me to be like, OK, babe, I'm going to go down to L.A. by myself for a little bit here and then dad's night out. Yeah, I'm down the five baby now.


I'm going to be the guy that comes down fucking hot, like, let's fuckin go. Oh yeah.


You're going to come in, Uncle Kyle, except for you, like, don't drink or shit like that. So be like let's go eat some fucking salad, stay up late.


I want to play video games and drink Mountain Dew. You don't play video, you don't play video games though. You don't play you don't even play video games.


I'm going to start, I'm playing video games. I'm playing the bass. When we come help you with your backyard, what do you need? Any kind of honey dos? I'm on it. Do you want help in your guardian? Let's build a fence and I build you an orchard. Can I help you rebuild your deck?


Hey, guys, I. I covered a watermelon and Vaseline. It's kind of fun and slippery to toss around.


Like, can you catch it. Yeah. I don't know man. I don't know if I can catch a three to one hundred percent.


No man. Do you just want to go to a bar or something. No I don't, I don't, I don't drink.


I don't drink. No sir. I don't like it. I think feel like we can have we could have just as much fun in the park.


Have you been in a bar once the last time you been in a bar though. Not not even drinking.


But I'm saying like to be I used to go in, in a bar a lot when I had when I was playing with the band because we played bars all the time. Right.


And did you have one of those things under your pants wrapped around your thigh with like the spikes and you would pull that? What is this kind of thing.


Oh, oh, oh. You just do not drink. You don't even want this. And you pull on it and it digs into your side. Kind of stop you from wait, that's that's a thing I think like all Catholic people wear it.


Oh I'm Catholic though. I'm no. Yeah but you you let into your carnal desires. Oh baby.


Yeah that is true. I do let into my colonel desires. That is so true. Yeah. You're not very devout. Carnal desire.


That's the Mario Lopez project. Hello. Salute Colonel desires. No, it's an old like old throwback Catholic thing for like priests when they would be thinking about fucking kids and I don't think about and tighten the chains.


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PornHub, did you guys hear the news, whatever? OK, deleted like something like 30 million videos from PornHub.


Oh, that's good. That's a good thing.


Yeah, they like, purged themselves of anything that might be even remotely. I guess there's a New York Times article about how they're like there's like PornHub community now.


And so, like, anyone can just, like, put up their video and be like, this is me jerking off on a camera and then my fiance eating it or whatever. And they're like, there's no way to prove that these people are of age or there's not any weird, like, incest thing going on.


This is this is a really great thing for society. Yes.


How is that possible? How did they not have that to begin with? They just had to click something. It was like, you're 18, right?


I'm sure. I'm sure. It's just that simple word, just like, yeah, I say that I'm 18, so I'm 18.


Yeah. It's the tech thing, dude. It's like when you're forward on the tech, you're going to fucking it's not going to be all perfect. It's like just like YouTube. They were putting that Momoh thing in the children's section and people were putting these fucked up things in the children's section.


Yes. That was funny though. That's called the Momoh thing was devilish.


Kids would be watching videos. They're like, hi, it's a kid's show, da da da.


And then all of a sudden this character called Mama would be like, tell your parents tonight, tell your parents tonight. And then it would flashback to and they'd be like, what? And then again, like, shit in your sister's life shit. And your sister's lunch.


There'd be like tonight when everyone's asleep, go outside and stand in the road like watch.




When I was making the mammo videos, it was a bit I could see out of the four of us, you would be the one to just make some weird Momoh videos that Derse is Momoh. Yeah, my nephew saw, my nephew saw Momoh. My brother would do it and my nephew saw Momoh and was like, yeah, I know who that is.


And it's like, what happened?


You're doing the face really good right now, Kyle. Oh yeah, I know who that is. You did it.


Perfect. Well, I need to Google Momoh. Is it like this?


Yeah, it's it looks like that's Derse is perfect spot on. He looks like the screaming. Oh fuck. This is scary as fuck. You saw Momoh. Are you just looking at it.


Yeah. This shit looks like some Gen Junji Ito shit dude.


Yes. Oh. Oh that's terrifying.


See if you're a kid and you see that you're your world has changed and you're one hundred percent, that that thing is everywhere. I mean that just scared my soul. Just blak just showing me now if I was eight now.


Oh my God dude if I was eight, nine years old for sure I'd listen to it. I'm still going to send and I'd send it to me for sure.


I'd have to shit in my sister's lunchpail. Yeah.


So yeah that's the when kids were just watching YouTube that character would come in enough to subliminally fuck with them and then go away. And that was because they weren't policing all the uploads on YouTube. They can't.


There's too many. Why isn't this a major motion picture? This is the scariest monster I've seen in years because I won't sell the rights.


Those are my blog. This is really hard assurance in the works. I mean, without a doubt. Yeah. Blumhouse has like, they're going to invest, you know, sixty three thousand dollars into the movie and make two hundred million.


I don't know. I think this lives on Lifetime. I think you hear the true story of Lomo.


You have their origin, the love story. Yeah.


It's the true story of Momoh brought to you by Olive Garden. Endless breadsticks and see your family. Oh, my God. Kill your friend. Here's your family.


But in the meantime, enjoy endless breadsticks and salad when you're here, kill your family. Yeah.


So like PornHub is is obviously not going to be as like forthright in cleaning up their act. Then YouTube. It's the porno industry. Like they're not like whatever.


I'm sorry, nobody. Let's get this straight. What nobody at PornHub is interested in underage pornography.


I'm sure someone there is, but they're not. Why would they want that?


And so, yeah, Daniel the one do Daniel Daniel in the basement. They don't want it. That's bad for business. You know, I'm saying like.


Yeah, right. And so they finally deleted all of these things. But Adam said, how many videos is on there?


Oh, it was like they just I got rid of everything. They just said, oh, fuck it. And they went from like I mean, we got to find the real stats here because I'm just shooting from the hip, but I'm already on it.


Isaac was telling me earlier today, our manager, Isaac Superfriends, and that guy in a pawn out.


Yeah, bro. He's so important. He's so into foreign help to come in and loves it.


But he was saying that they went from like thirty million videos. Now they only have like three million videos or something.


Oh man, that's not enough. Well, dude, for real. You're right Ders. But by the way, I was like scared when Khloe told me because she told me the other night about this too. She was like, yeah, they that. Get rid of all the videos on porno, I'm like, oh, yeah, that's crazy, immediately I'm like, I have to go to the bathroom. Like, I just I just started looking.


Guess what, guys? There's enough. Yeah, there's there's enough videos you're not going to notice.


It's like back in the day when you used to when you used to put a VHS in to watch pornos like you would have that that warning that was like everybody is consensual in this.


Then we entered this whole time where it was like none of that shit.


It was just whatever you see goes we upload it from the phone. It goes on there.


That's it was that called Gonzo. And now we're getting back to you got to prove and sign the waivers concept. You need a script. You got to have the proof of concept. Right.


But but there was even bullshit back then because what's your name? Traci Lords was like I think she was two and a half when she was doing. Yes, she was Tuno.


If you're like, oh my God, no. But she was like sixteen or fifteen and then they had to, like, burn all those tapes. So it's been a while. But this is a mass scale.


This is thirteen point five million videos down to a little under three million videos. Do a lot of videos go on?


But that's not that. Hang on. That's not that's not because they were all child porn. They're basically saying we can't corroborate, I don't know, confirm whatever. So they were like, throw out.


Yeah, right. So all those people who got their videos deleted, it's actually kind of sad because some of those are just small business owners, you know what I mean? And the worst part is some of them are probably right.


They're probably great pornos. But I mean, the small business of it all, they're no longer getting paid for this small business of it all.


That's where the tragedy is.


Right? Right. And now your your video vixens your your big box Viksund video.


Right now we're back to vivid owning the industry, right? Yeah. Corno big porno strikes again. Big porno is back.


Big porno is back, baby. OK, well, you know, I mean, it's fine.


They're just going to go over to only fans, but they're still going to send it on now. Well, yeah, there's always going to be a place hang out. And let's be clear, not that we're rooting for this.


No, but I'm just saying, Adam, it sounds like you're instructing everyone like it's OK. They're going to be the only fans you can have that way. I'm saying yes, probably I'm letting them know.


I wonder if PornHub actually has like a place where you can download. I'm a go ahead and pivot because I'm saving you, Adam.


But no, no, no, no, no, no. I'll double and triple down. What are you doubling, tripling down on? What are you doing? If you if you have like let's say you're into the community aspect of the pornos. Yes. And you liked this couple.


They're probably going to go to only fence. Just go out there and look for.


Okey dokey. But it sounds like you're saying, hey, if you're still looking for underage porno head, the only thing. Right.


You got to be really direct here. We've established that it really wasn't about the underage porno, was about you couldn't establish that they were of age.


Right. But I think the subject got muddy.


Go over to only fans. I think that they're they do a better job of confirming because you have to set up a whole account into more of a thing. It's more of a process, it seems.


Yeah, but all these people who got their videos taken down, they just have to prove that everyone was consensual and of age and then they can put them right back up.


Yeah, but the vetting process wasn't that wasn't that great over at PornHub?


I'm sure it was nothing. I'm sure they were just like, yeah, I'm still going to send it. Like you said, it was just that dude, Daniel, like, OK, all right.


They probably have a button you can click now when you're a community member, that's just like here's the boilerplate, like legal paperwork that you need in order to post. Hey, they're clicking my button.


I mean, imagine how warped your brain is if you're the guy that has to look at every video and make sure that every one is of age, like your brain is melted, like you close your eyes and you just see buttholes winking. Blake's just shaking his head. Blake's like, no, he's good.


I mean, isn't it like a bunch of like college age kids that are like it's their side job kind of thing. It's like, yeah, man is pretty sick. You just bring snacks and you just click porn or not.


And I think it'd be fun for like three hours. And by that fourth hour you're like, oh man. Well Adam, you're a human. Yeah. Ryukyu, some people are like just killing time. They're like, dude, it's fucking sick. Then we just go skateboard after seven hours deciding what the porno is not.


I'm hungry. Yeah. How do you regulate like the kid who would when you were like dissecting the frog in class and they'd be the sandwich while you're doing it.


Remember that guy you want to name names. Who was it? Who was it? Remember that guy? I was caught. It's Fabro.


Oh, of course I did that shit. I like porno as much as the next guy.


I just don't want to watch so much of it that then you're like, I can you just shit on my chest. This is the only way I can ejaculate now.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I don't know how it gets there if you go too far down. The rabbit hole, if you watch a lot of porno, though, the only way you're going to be able to ejaculate is by your own hand. Hello? What? Because you're fucking jerking off the whole time. So, like, you know what?


It's funny you should say that I always find sex with my wife way better.


Yeah, me too. Me too. Huh. It's my my hand is a it's a distant second. Yeah. I took a leap right there. I know what you're saying. I just am wondering. I don't know. I took a leap.


We're all just wondering and that's what this pod is about is wondering aloud and stumbling through touchy subjects. This is important. Guys, you're right. This is important. You know, this is important.


We just don't want to get that weird. No.


You know, do you guys want to hear some shit? This is this is kind of pertaining to the technical difficulties that we have to getting this. OK, please, I love to talk to you right now.


I couldn't use my laptop, guys and gals at home and humans, humans and aliens.


So I had to plug into my iPad, which is now at four percent battery. And I don't know how deep we are in about halfway.


We're about thirty five minutes to eat. Yeah, I guess I'll be bowing out.


Oh so you have to. Right, so because you can't charge because there's only one port they still only have one port.


Yeah. Steve Jobs come back from the fucking grave already pal.


We need to give us another poor dude that's so wack a doodle man. What's up with that shit.


Goodbye. Yeah. I mean so anyway I'll let you guys know or I'll just disappear I guess that's all. You'll just disappear. Ride to the end.


I'm just giving you a heads up to everyone at home who you can turn it off when I'm done. You know, there's going to be some people that just jerk their car into a tree, wonders, leaves. They're going to be so fucking pissed. Yeah, I'm sorry.


All right, Peter, those people, we can also just always take breaks and recalibrate its. Can we. It's not live, guys. It's not live. What? It's not a live show.


I'm sorry. You want to take a break. You're trying to take what? So we're going to sit and wait for Ders to charge his iPad.


We're not doing it. We're not doing that play.


But what are they going to do then? They're going to cut it and then put a commercial in and then make it seem like it was the last time or something. That's actually a great idea. Brilliant.


I don't want our fans there. Loyd's the three points dancers, the Borders, Border Patrol, the Border Patrol.


I don't I don't want them. I don't want to betray their trust like that. OK, Blake. Yeah, OK.


Yeah, so does so wait, let me get this straight though. We would just be able to take a break and he charged it and then they would cut the audio and put a commercial in there.


Is this break in your brain? I used to I guess I don't understand our podcast work.


I mean, look at and the producers are now on here. They're like, yes, that's what you can do. Guess what? We're not doing it. That's not loose and fun and magic like what we do every week.


Well, then why don't we just go live unedited?


I like I thought that's what we were doing. We thought we were coming to you live here.


Don't want to take a break and charge a little is what our producer. No, we don't want to do that.


No, this is good radio. We're deluce, we're magical. And when I'm gone, you guys can, uh, you know, probably just you can talk about me.


Are you probably going to Chicago? You're probably gonna shit all over me when I'm gone.


We're talking about me. Fuck you, asshole. Yes. Thank you, Arnold.


You can talk about whatever. Just keep it going. Oh, thank you for blessing us with talking about whatever. Thank you. Jesus, can we talk? Oh, thanks so much for allowing us to talk about whatever while you're gone. Jesus Christ. You're welcome. I'm sorry.


I'm just upset that you're leaving early. Like, that's freaking me the fuck out because we're in three percent now.


Make it count. Make this last three percent count and count three percent screwtop like swimming. Real quick before I go out, get out of here.


Whatever you want. Oneida's, it's your fucking show. You're on borrowed time right now. So please, just whatever honors would like to talk about. OK, yeah.


What I will say. You guys like cake. Of course. Goodbye.


Yeah. Talk about the band. Come on, let's talk about cake. The band. Oh I love cake. The band is cake.


The band underrated. No I don't know about underrated.


I think they're rated right where they're going to be. I think they're rated just fine. I will say that one my I really like cake and I like cake as a kid.


The band yummy and also cake was pretty. I'm more of a pie guy.


Yeah. Really. Yeah. I didn't know that about you. Yeah. I'm more of a pie guy but we'll talk about that when Ders goes. What. My dad told me that he loves cake, the band. That's when I knew that my dad had awesome musical taste like before that I'm like I'm like yeah he likes all old guy rock.


He's like he's like fucking Bob Seger rocks. And I'm like, yeah, right.


Right, sure he does. Yeah. OK, he's like Aerosmith Raps. I mean, yeah they're fine I guess. I don't know. And then he's like I like cake. I feel like I took them for granted.


Yeah. I think that's probably seems about right with your character. I disagree. Took for granted man. Bukkake always was going the distance. But if they come on now, I'm like, this fucking band is good and they were doing weird shit and I don't think they got their full due. I don't I don't know.


I don't think their sound transferred. I'm not a huge fan of Brown. I don't know.


But they really do do look at your face as you do it. You're smiling, see.


But you're Wegelin and your smile makes me turn into fuckin Momoh. Dude, I'm not trying to get down like that.


They had great bass and great horns. Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. They were like borderline. They were like ska rock, like because they had a killer horn section.


He's going the distance, he's going for speed. They weren't ska, they had a horn section.


They were much they I believe that they were in the same vein is like a primus. They feel like they could have been on the same bill as Primus and everyone would have been happy way, way more accessible.


But Primus didn't fuck with horns. That's why I'm like they're like ska for sure.


They were heavy on bass lines, as I think what Adam is is picking up on here. Yeah, they have a groove.


Nothing, I would say Primus seemed a little angrier, a little less accessible, a more mellow, more, a little more metal, little more speedy. These dudes were just more alt rock and just experimental in a fun way. That's like, hey, look, there's a fucking phone dialing in the middle of this song.


Do you appreciate me or is it going to take twenty year love theaters?


Loves cake. I love that there is love. Yeah. I love that this was your three percent with their. Yeah I like he had this in his back pocket ready to go. He's like I'm going to wait until it gets down to about three percent and then fire off this cake.


Reference cake is. Yeah I think they're rightly rated people from the nineties.


My favorite era just like favorite er won't shut up about the 90s, have a soft spot for them.


But other than that I think you leave them there.


All right. Where were they from. Worms. Cake from guys. Two percent.


I don't know, I really don't know the California band or they sound like they might have been from like Cleveland or something if I had to guess I feel like our manager would know where it came from.


The cake is actually from Irvine. I went to high school with them and they used to work at the Arco. Actually, if you heard their first album, they were fuckin actually TONC Sacramento.


Dude, they're NorCal, they're naukri. So there's Bamu. You changing your tune there.


No, not at all. Town and back.


Blake, why do you think you just don't, you just don't. You can't. They don't go, they don't go as hard as you would expect them to go. No I don't go. Oh I'm sorry Blake.


They're not, I don't know. What are the kids saying. They're not Lety. I don't know why it is.


I like a girl with a short skirt and a long.


Jacket. Oh, yeah, I hate that, so no, I I'm like, I'm into it. I did I wasn't into it at the time.


I was all hip hop and then kill me, please. All right, baby.


Yes. Give it up for sale. Sandler represent you went from hip hop to cake.


And that was your intro to alternative rock music.


Know what I'm saying is I was mostly listening to hip hop and didn't kind of skipped most of alternative rock. I think I was listening to like Soundgarden. Oh, yeah.


They mostly sound like I love that. But then, like recently in the last five years, whenever cake comes on, I'm like, oh yeah, from fucking MTV when I would be watching videos and you kind of pick up everything that's going on and I'm like, I'm not turning the station.


Well, my musical taste, as we all know, has not evolved since eighth grade diarrhea.


And so I'm still all I listen to cake once a week by choice, or is it just on the playlist or something?


Like I play like I listen to a lot of Spotify and then I'll just do like alternative rock playlists. And then there's like 200 songs and it'll it'll blast off some cake.


Yeah. And Primus. And that's probably why I was like, yeah, they're like kind of the same, I mean they're super high rated and they come on all the time.


Lithium this Matt dude if you don't start rapping all lithium gear, I don't know lithium on Sirius XM.


Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. What is lithium. Lithium. I believe it's named after Nirvana song. Yeah it's Nirvana but it's it's the 90s alternative rock station on Sirius XM.


Oh, I thought you said rocking lithium gear like they have merch that I should swag.


Yeah I assume. Yeah. OK. Or just like a belly buster tat this is lithium.


Oh that would be so fresh. Oh that's kind of hot Adam. Commit bro.


I feel like I'm pretty committed. I don't know how I mean other than like rocking merch, I feel like. Well he just said you could get a.


Well this Green Day know you bought the house next to them on purpose. I saw them down so I could be friends. I have a nautical star tattoo. Yeah, that's very cool. That's true.


And if that's not more 90s pop punk era, I don't know what is you know, you are rapping.


Yeah, I'm rapping on Blake's favorite decade more than anyone, I think.


Immortalise that. It's true. You're going the distance. I'm going to be there all alone. All alone.


Time of need and that time. And that is a cover. Right?


I know their cover was I will survive. Oh, yeah, survive. But I think going the distance might be a cover as well. Is that.


No way. There's no way somebody else did a song that's called Going the Distance and it was so specific I could be making that we just like it.


Oh yeah. No one's ever said going that there's a idiom, but that's like a story of a race car.


It's like so like out there in strange if that's a cover I will be blown away.


It's a very weird song. I don't think the Shangrila Cause were singing that in the fifties.


Spiders spider's damn on that. Goodbye. There we go. There we go.


Thank God fucking dead weight. Jesus Christ. Yeah. For real.


You can you believe it. We're like we give you three percent to go and he goes was cake overrated. He's not even talking about the baked good.


No he's talking about the bear. I'd rather talk about Adam's love for apple pie.


Well admittedly I thought that was a fun little tangent. We went on, you know, I think we've been talking over each other a lot in this podcast. I don't know if this is our best one. I'll say it. I don't think this is our best cast.


Oh, well, wait, wait. Hold on a second. What's up, dude? What's on your mind? Yeah, what was was it Ders? What's going on? Give us notes. Give us notes. Like the director of the podcast. OK, here we go.


I think we came in. It was fine and dandy, but we were speaking over each other a lot. I was really quiet.


We're not giving each other a lot of wiggle room to go out on on a limb and and then kind of go in on each other, which I feel I know the three point stanzas enjoy that.


I would like that to the Aruba. Lloyd's like that as well. How are the borders? How are the borders like in that?


Blake, you just shut your big yardbird.


That's what they're thinking that they so they don't want to listen to the podcast. No, they just want me to do random board drops the whole. Oh I'm sure they like the boards.


Yeah. OK, lot.


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I can't stop that yet. I mean, though, oh, who is that? It was like Godsmack, wasn't it?


Disturbed, disturbed, disturbed. And Godsmack was a I'm doing the best all year to go the way.


Yeah, every song they sing was about going away.


Every single chorus would be something like, leave me alone, go away, go away.


I'm doing the best I can.


That's a pretty good lyric right there. I have been doing the best that I can now. Go away. Yeah, OK. Just stop poking me about this. I'm doing what I can.


It's just like every 14 year old boy talking to his mom, just like I'm doing the best I can go away.


It was like the anthems you would sing right when you got off work that you couldn't, like, say to your boss.


So just like I'm doing the best I ever do. What did you say to me?


But what did you say to me? Employee.


I didn't say anything. Nothing. I didn't say anything. All right. I'm just singing a song, dude.


What a weird time in music to there.


It was just so fucking angsty, like, you know what I mean.


There was just so much just like. Oh yeah, so much. Yeah.


I think there were lots of like look and like join the Army commercials on like Comedy Central and we were always just being told to go out and fucking drink Mountain Dew and go through.


Yeah well no I think it was drink at that point in time. I was in Blake's favorite decade in the 90s. It was dramaturge and go unleash the beast. There we go. And Inco was huge.


What the heck happened to Surge?


It's got yeah. They just like folded up shop.


Who owned it. I don't know if it was a Coca-Cola company or whatnot. I don't know.


The inner workings surge was for the listeners that are too young and don't know Serj. It was essentially to go against Mountain Dew. Right. And it was like and before energy drinks were a thing, it was like it's got more caffeine than Mountain Dew. Geroge, Unleash the Beast.


And it had that commercial where the kid, like, slammed a surge, came down and then he goes surfing and then all the kids like her sprinting for the surge.


And then there was like it was like the first viral videos of kids, like attacking each other for Serj cans.


And in my middle school, I remember they put insurge vending machines.


All bad idea. Horrible idea. There was fistfights over surge. Kids got like their ass kicked over fucking twenty ounce bottles of surges.


Teenagers are having heart palpitations.


It's just bad fully pout out. Admittedly, dude, I've been going hard lately on my caffeine intake and I'm also like, eat what?


You already go hard every day, boy. You're going harder. Oh, I'm going harder.


I'm trying to, like, slow it down a little bit because I'm having a hard time going to sleep. Like, I'm it's like it's like 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. and I'm still the half brother.


Yeah. Why are you going deeper into the car? What's going on in your.


Oh, well, I'm trying. If you guys have been following me on the gram, I am a fitness influencer. Always. I love your shit. Yeah. Thank you. And I'm influencing I'm influencing big time right now and I'm just like trying to get out there and really fucking bring it.


And also I noticed that I, I've been sorry.


I don't mean to laugh at you. It's OK.


And I've been adding to my collection of fat on my neck in my body.




So I think that was post Thanksgiving where I went a little I went ham on the ham, OK? And I've added to my collection of fats, so I'm trying to take that off.


But while from taking that off, I have to really double and triple down on my caffeine in order to get the energy to go out there and truly bring it in the streets with my cycling and with my cross fifteen.


OK, so right now you're influencing people to what to get fit.


Yeah. For Yeah. Overall fitness lifestyle.


But see, the thing is Blake, it can't just be all fitness because I follow a lot of fat people on the instagram's the Jeremy Scott fitness is the Ryan phishers.


Those guys get them out, get them out there beefcakes. And these guys live and breathe fitness. That's not me. Good. That's not the people that I'm influencing. I want people that are like, yeah, I like working out.


I like curbing the chin fat. But I also like beers and bratwursts and cheeseburgers and caffeine.




I thought the other day you fucking. Nailed it like I was like, oh, this is the influencer, this is the fitness influencer that I'm following is the guy who's out there in the streets.


Yeah, pedaling cycling because he went a little hard on the burgers and the beers. Yeah, I had a big weekend.


I thought that angle this is just a little thought for me. I thought that angle was very good, very universal. And I feel like it's something you should run with bro, because you're not going to.


I don't run. I have bad knees.


Well you should go with but but you know, you're not going to be those influencers that just have like a ton of fucking no body fat. You know, they're just like muscle. You're not your comedy guy first and foremost. Play to your strength, Playboy.


Maybe, or maybe they're just haven't really had sex with other super hot people. Not sure exactly. And I'll never get there. I just don't think that my body I'm not willing to not eat a cheeseburger or not have some French fries or not eat the pizzas.


You got to live.


You know, I think that's exactly the type of guy that I want to follow. But I do work out every goddamn day like a fucking lunatic out there. Yeah. In my banger rain garage where I'm out there throwing medicine balls around, whipping the battle ropes up and down, doing the pull ups, swinging the kettle bells and said, I want to applaud anybody in this quarantine who has gotten fit, stayed fit.


Just good for you guys staying dedicated to the craft.


Yeah, it is. It is. It's I wouldn't say disappointing, but it's like when you see someone that is lost a ton of weight and you're like whole and everyone's like, oh my God.


Yeah. How did you do it? He's so great.


But then I'm at a point that like I my body won't lose a ton of weight.


It's basically I can lose like ten pounds. Maybe it would be the max that I can lose.


And it is frustrating when you get down to those last ten pounds, you're like, wow, I wish I could just take out the stupid fucking ten pounds, but it won't come. And it is it is frustrating. And people send me that, that workaholics gif of me when I'm like gripping my fat and I'm going stupid fat.


I hate myself, I hate myself in my body as I'm like smiling through and I'm like, oh, that's a there's a reason we we wrote that show, you know.


Do you want to unpack that, like where your body dysmorphia spawns from or or. Yeah. Let's go deep.


Like, you know I yeah. I don't, I don't think I'm that morphed. I think I'm the right amount of dysmorphia.


I think. Yeah. I don't think, I think I'm the right amount of chubby you know.


I think you're perfect. Thank you Blake. Well I don't even think you're I don't even think you're chubby. Yeah. I think you're you're not fat at all actually. I guess.


Yeah. I think you're right in the wheelhouse of a very physically fit human. Yeah.


God damn it, guys. And this is why we cut Ders loose. Get the negativity out of here. Yeah. Let's get down to real shit, man.


And the three of us will ground and pound some compliments out on each other.


And this is why we lived together and he did not live with us. This is what it was like at night.


That's right. Power that the positivity triangle. Right. We're all about building.


Yeah. Yeah, building. And you know what? The house was weaker when we added that fourth corner, so I agree. Yeah, I agree.


Triangle is the strongest structural shape. Structural shape. Yes, yes. Yes.


As it goes back to the ancient Egyptians, I believe it does pyramids.


It is. They knew what they were doing.


Chris Kyle, today, you look like Dave Grohl. And I think Dave girls are really handsome looking guy. And just specifically today, a lot of days I'm like, Kyle doesn't look like Dave Grohl, but today, Dave motherfucking Grohl. All right, that's cool, man. Yeah.


You're aging like you lived a very hard rock style life.


That's how your your aging. And I think it's beautiful. That girl I love Dave Grohl and I just super talented, super talented, a nice guy.


He just always feels like when he's doing like a sonic highways and stuff, that he's just so happy to be in the craft that he's in. And he's been given a gift with every moment he gets to play music, experience music. And I just think that that is I know you're not complimenting my attitude, you're complimenting my looks, but I'm kind of taking it as a complimentary towards my attitude.


You can take it however you want and then in a certain way, but you can definitely take it however you would like.


And I hope to always have that attitude towards my craft of filmmaking.


Um, yeah, absolutely. You know, absolutely.


Stepashin I'm not cutting my hair because. Furqan, why would I why would you.


And let's see how long that hair is exactly. It's kind of blending into your shirt. It is getting long. It looks really. That is that is getting long, isn't it.


Yeah. Doctors would probably say he hates it and it's ugly and it looks a little like unkempt, but I think it's really looks really nice.


Yeah, I personally think it looks great. Durrs would definitely mention that it looks like a rat's nest and it looks disgusting and it looks stringy and you're definitely bald. And this is what Durst would say, right?


No, I appreciate you talking for him, but I know you're the triangle of positivity. You know that.


I think it's great. But Ders would definitely say that to you that that it looks like you're balding and it's coming down and it's stringy and you can see your scalp through the strands.


Right. This is this is why it's great that there isn't on the podcast now, because that would throw me into a fucking, like, fire sale mode and I would try and keep them down and yeah, you know, just be mad. And then I would actually carry that that with me for the next couple of days. And I would feel ashamed.


And yeah, I'm just glad that he's not here to say that.


Honestly, thank God Durst isn't here to say that, because that would have been really and then and then we're kind of put on our heels and we're going like, whoa, should we stand up for our friend Kyle?


I know. Yeah, but we know we got to have the podcast and can't just be us, like, defending you the whole time. But Ders would probably be talking about your big forehead. I don't know.


He probably would be this would be going in right now about your forehead and how you land. I mean, on the thing, dude, I know I've heard it all before from that motherfucker.


I know how your hair used to come down inches, inches in Chinatown, you know, south on your forehead. It keeps just creeping back. It's what Ders would say.


I think this is this is like I know I've heard it all before from that fucking asshole. He's a real prick. Yeah. And like, you know, I'm just happy that, you know, you guys are my old roommates and my best my current best friends. Yeah, I'm sure they're not. You wouldn't say that to me.


You would not ever want to say that.


Not not from your own mouth or your own mind. No, absolutely.


No, but I don't like it when he does that in front of us. And I don't speak up because, you know, it's just that's the way our group works. And we got to kind of keep the water. Still don't want to make waves, but. That's right.


Yeah. And that's in any great friendship group. You know, there's there's ebbs and flows. There's Yanes, there's Yangs.


And I know Durrs would say that that you look like you like he would have taken the Dave Grohl thing and kind of spun that out to like. Yeah, grungy. Like you gross. You look dirty. You look like you've lived a really hard life and you went through periods of real periods of alcoholism and drug addiction.


Right. And that's what Ders would have said, probably.


And I hear all this and I hate that. But like, honestly. So, like, you know, having heard all of this and heard you, I think you could stand up for me every once in a while, you know, as a friend like you could.


But especially you, Blake. I've known you for so long.


I know. I know. I know. I know.


Like, we go back to third grade.


I mean, it's like a solid eight years now. That's a long time. That is a human adult person.


But I have not it's not since third grade. Yeah, that is true. Third grade is longer technically. Right. Well, it's obvious and I feel like Ders would chime in and say, yeah, like do basic math, Adam. Like, you know, like that's obvious.


Kyle have a much stronger bond. Ders would kind of go in on, like, whether I know basic math or if I'm an idiot or if I'm the dumbest friend. And then he'd kind of spin that off on to you being the dumbest friend, Blake, and how fucking stupid you you are.


And then, yeah, he would go in on both of your stupidity and your ignorance and how you're lucky that you're comedians because otherwise you'd just be the dumbest people in the world.


Just just failures as far as humans versus classically going after that kind of stuff, going after your intellect because he thinks that you are not well read. Yes, you are not you do not know.


And he would be probably would be right as far as reading books, because the last book I read, actually I was going to shit on myself and my I've been reading really OK, that I've been reading books.


I read like six books over quarantine.


Oh wow. You know, I was I was saying like not quarantine during colonial times, which now it's been like ten months. So that's actually not that many books.


That's lot. But at the beginning of it I was like, oh, I'm going to read a book a week. And then and then I read so goddamn.


So I'm like, I'm going to read a book every month and a half.


I will say you used to fucking crank out books, dude. When we lived together you would crank out every biography. Yeah, I like biographies. Every fucking comedian died and you were dude you did some fuckin research bro. Yeah man.


You got to, you got to see what they did. So you so you know what to do and what not to do. You know my home. You learned, you got to you got to be up to date. What to. Do cocaine and heroin, what not to do. Oh, baby, also cocaine and heroin, so it's a double edged sword. Yeah, yeah. You can die from it. You can.


You have to do it until your hair gets stringy and you start to fucking wither away. You lose a good 10 years of your life, but then bounce back and have a nice little fucking story, you know.


Yeah. So to whimper out on that note, any compliments take backs or giveaways.


What are what's the third one? Compliments. Take back our apologies. Apologies. Yeah. I like giveaways though. Yes. If you want to give away something. Yeah. That's a giveaway.


Yeah. I have a couple of jolly ranchers here that I'd like to give away to the guy who I guess is my favorite color. OK, very good.


Green. You got it.


It's coming your way. I expect that in the mail.


I would like to give an apology to Oneida's for putting a lot of words in his mouth, although those were words that he for sure would say, without a doubt.


One hundred percent. He would say all that stuff. But was it he's a prick. Was it up to us to put it in his mouth?


It kind of was. But, you know, I'm still I'm I'm still in the waters. As Blake so eloquently said earlier, you and I'm going to still the waters and apologize to him. Yes.


And I want to compliment both of you for just enduring the abuse that Durrs has wrought on this group for years now.


Crise, thank you. And also, does he even have a huge fan base like the three of us have? We have the arugula. We have the three point answers. Blake has the borders.


Yeah, Ders has the League of Extraordinary Athletes, but oh, the League of Extraordinary Assholes.


And you know what? Actually, I would like to take that back, what I just said, because I think there's a lot of extraordinary assholes out there.


There are. There are. You know what I mean?


It's great when you find a group of dudes like a dude crew like we have, there's always somebody that is just kind of an asshole. Yeah. And I think they're they're all in this camp.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. And, you know, the beauty has caused us, you know, it's like the pressure on and we've come out. Dimond's is what. It's a pressure cooker baby.


That's right. That is correct. And I'm not the dumbest friend.


Derse Yeah.


And once again, Blake so eloquently said I'd like to compliment Blake on his use of the board and his use of words and just his hair and like, you know, like just being homies with me since we were in third grade, way longer than anybody else on the pod, I feel connected to in a way that should last lifetimes. Do you want to fuck Blake? No, no. Well, I already did. I fuck him or did I marry him?


I know I fucked you. I married. Yeah, I want to marry him, bro.


Oh, wow. This is from the game that we played. Fuck, marry, kill. Not you didn't actually fucking marry, of course. No.


You guys go back on the pod. It's a classic episode.


Oh no. There he is. There's Doris's back. He's in the car and we're just wrapping up.


Guys, I just want to apologize for my battery time.


Hey, it's OK. There it is. All right. Because this is the apology segment. So, yeah, we you entered back in at the very end of the pod. We're doing apologies. We're doing take backs. We're doing the other one. Compliments.


Can I take back the whole case? You can't. That is forever. Now, the cake then. Great. We were off to the races with that thing. Dude, I like three percent left and you just hit us over the head with a fuckin grand slam knockout punch. Thank you for that. That was Cake, the alternative band. Thank you for that. Thank you.


Andas well apologies I've given but I just want to give compliments for seamlessly. Let him get back into the podcast on my phone while I drive. Awesome.


All right. Great. Yeah. Hey and we're glad that this podcast is, is something that, that you're able to do from your car and all the rest of us have sort of have all this equipment set up and we're all fully charged up, ready to go. And we're just happy that you're able to do it on the go.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm not a fucking editor. Time is money. And I got to I got to be places. So I bobbye we've been on the streets. On a serious note, does it sound that much worse?


Yeah, it sounds horrible. Yeah.


I think it doesn't sound that bad. I think it sounds OK.


Oh I think it adds an edge to it.


Should we all be driving when we do this? We should definitely have the driving episode.


I feel. I think if we get it sponsored by a car, we each get in like a sayan. We take a road trip and talk and we it'll be perfect.


Elon, where you at baby? Come on Tesla. Yes.


Andas I would like to compliment you for all the words that we knew that you would say to Kyle when you left, you left and we me and Blake spoke for you, which I know that you are one hundred.


OK, with. Yeah, we spoke we spoke for you and you and Karl, do you have a lot of beef and you do have a lot to work out, but I'd like to compliment you for giving us that ability to speak on your behalf.


Yeah, thank you.


Honestly, I don't even want to know. I just want to listen to it when it comes out in a few weeks or whatever. Yeah, OK. Well, you were just pretty standard issue prick. Yeah. You were kind of right down the middle.


Yeah. Hey, Kyle. Yeah. People like me keep people like you alive, OK? You would have jumped off the bridge a long time ago. Might it give you a tough love ballock.


Get in here, ok. Oh, boy. All right. Hey, Kyle definitely would have killed himself. All right.


And we'll see you next week on the and.


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