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Welcome to this is important. A production of I Heart Radio, the show where we only talk about what's obviously the most important shit in the whole freakin universe. Today, we talk about touring Gildo factories or just like Harryman Fetishise. We're looking at the autopsy. He died way before that. I remember the Pegasus so well. All on this.


I'm going to barf. Here we go. Start your engines, line me meaning mingling, mingling, mingling, mingling, mingling. Wow. And we're being. Let's go.


So Chloe's been gone for a few days. She's visiting her family and I'm left of my own devices. Nice.


We know what that means. We know what that means.


Your iPad and your iPhone, all the devices. But I. I almost died the other night. What happened?


What happened that night? Oh, God. Let's unpack this. I don't know. When I turned it on, it must have been like the day that she left the stove. Oh, boy. And I had it on for, like, logit almost three days, like, I have to the burner or like the oven, the gas. Like it was all the way to summer, so you couldn't even see the flame. So it was just on and I have it's cold.


So I have all the windows shut and my hair is hot here.


So I'm just kind of run in my fireplace. So I'm running the fireplace, have the gas going Borck and then I turn the fireplace off because I'm smelling like rotten eggs. Good job.


I'm like, who farted?


And because of diarrhea? And it was like several days of me going, like, something stinks. I'm like taking showers, going like why should didn't like who am I like.


Just putrid smelling that I for. Did I see. Yeah.


Am I sleeping in my own seat. Yeah. And I'm like looking through like I check underneath the cushions on the couch and everything ticking like did I because also I'm, I've been a kind of a mess this weekend.


I also pubes this weekend and my eye explode.


Yeah. You look insane. I look it happens when the chickweed. Why did you puke. I drank too much. I do that. So no I had some people over.


There's a boat parade down. So like I had some people over, we all sat outside, we drank, everybody left. And then my one buddy Jeff was like, look around and drink with you for us. No is tater salad. He's a big fan of the podcast.




So here is what Updater Salad shout out potato salad was was kicking it and he was like, yeah, I'll drink with you for a few hours. You will. And so then I just ended up pounding like a Ashland's just like I am.


And we know the three gets you drunk. Yeah. Streetlife my ass up.


So can you shotgun fucking Ashland's just get shotgun. Anything if you put your finger on anything. Yeah.


Fuck yeah that's true. Yeah. That's the only way Cal is going to come back to drinking shit.


Yeah. Right. Anyways you were saying. Oh yeah.


And I was like I was too. It wasn't that I puked, it was, I was full to go to sleep. You know that feeling when you're like when you're drunk and you're just like I'm going to explode, I have too much liquid within me.


And so I, I made myself kind of diarrhea. And then the next day I wake up and my eye is insane, looking like it popped a blood vessel just because I was. So I think that's what it was.


Yeah, I do. Because it was the next day that it was like this. I've been playing that it's my fitness, but I know it's I just didn't want to tell the Internet that it was, you know, just I'm just peukan to sell the Internet. You're gagging so hard.


I popped a blood vessel. The tongue is like all the way out.


So then the next day I wake up in my whole house reeks of of like rotten eggs and puke somewhere for, like a full day and a half. I'm going like, I must have puked. I'm like some you've got somewhere that I don't know where it got on my clothes.


I bought it somewhere some check in every inch of my house until I realized, like, I go to like microwaves something and I like it. I'm close to the stove and it's like hot and touch. And I'm like, why is it so hot?


And then I realized I've had the gas on for like two and a half days. I should have died, do leak it out and I'm smoking weed inside the clothes. Got in the house, my boy.


I'm like, I'm having a good time. I'm the in the fireplace. I'm right at the fireplace.


I'm like personifying the gas for every time you're like lighting a joint and like it gets near you. And if you put it out real quick because you got to go and it's like, oh, we could have just exploded. You know what I forget?


I think what saves me is I always smoke even when Chloe's gone.


What say she was Chloe, what is your angel brother? You can't be even when Chloe's gone.


I don't love the smell of stale weed smoke in my house. So I always have a door open and at least near the door. When Chloe's here, I'm outside. But when Chloe's not here, I'm at least door open and I'm standing by the door.


You fire on. You definitely have the fire inside the fire, which is fire dude, which is straight up fire.


I don't know how a house could have exploded. I know it was some final destination, shit like that. There's like twenty different ways.


I would think you were going to die at home, but I didn't know you were going to be like the homie who just falls asleep with a cigarette in his hand in lights right on.


That is right. Well, it wouldn't have been cigarette. Can you imagine the autopsy give it 20 years. You wonder if you fell asleep, vomited, choked on your vomit and died and then your house exploded.


Maybe like he obviously died from the explosion.


And then some way, actually, he was super drunk off of three, actually.


So we're looking at the autopsy. He died way before that.


It wasn't the fault, too. I also was mixin, was it? There's always there's always a point in the night when when it turns where it's like you no longer taste alcohol and you're right.


Right. Because your tongue just gets over. Yeah. You lost your sense of taste for the scope of your or taste everything. And I'm running a fever. What's happening? You've got to wait to see at the airport and know.


And I was mixing vodka in the alcohol and that that's what that about. And I had about six of those right before going to sleep well. Yeah.


So it wasn't that you were forced that you just put a bunch of vodka in your body and needed to puke it out.


That is correct. But also the amount of legroom full of poison. I was fully extended. I was a boy because I don't know.


You guys haven't seen my midsection right now, but it's tight.


I feel like we so deep that I feel like you're posting know I'm never showing the torso. I'm always covered because it's probably not that tight. There's a lot of shots. I'll be honest. It's tight for me. It's time for me. Normally it's like pretty flabby, but it's pretty tight for me.


I think you took six shots of vodka very quickly and then put poison in your body and your body's like, no, no.


But I made myself puke and I didn't. You're smart. You know that. I know that. I got I got to get it out. Yeah. If I'm going to go to bed.


Well, you're a control freak and you weren't going to let your body take control of you. You said, I got this. I'm going to beat you to it. I'm yeah. I'm showing him. Who's boss still going it. I'm an out of control control freak.


He's going to send it off. Let's get out of control control freak. I like that.


Yeah, man, previously we would talked about, like, how many lives you think you have left. Mm hmm. That's that's two.


Yeah. You spent to skip to there but.


Oh I skipped to just just from puking. From being drunk. That's a life that you're taking away. People die that way. I know. But I mean within. OK then the fire. The fire. The fire thing is absolutely one.


Yeah I'm not by the way, I'm not arguing that the times I prove to myself that I couldn't have died.


I didn't puke in my sleep. There's no puking in my sleep. I was fully awake when I view. Well, yeah, that's because you if you would have passed out, you want to make puke in your sleep, that's was good on you. So you actually avoided any death experience by puking.


This one though for the house exploding. Yeah. Mm hmm.


Yeah. It was my angel Chloe whispering to me. Did you guys know this, that gas doesn't smell. They add methane to it. So you do smell it. Wow. I didn't know that. I did not know that.


That's very smart that night that I actually figured it out.


I was I was on a lot of animals. So it was the next night where I'm like, you know what, I'm going to not drink tonight. You know, last night kind of went, but I am going to eat a lot of vegetables.


So now I'm like freaking out just like smelling my house, smelling things and looking up like natural gases and farts.


Terry that's what Google farts right before you die. Yeah.


Farts now. So, no, I actually learned that I did know because I was like I thought I was burnt toast.


Dad. Also, I'm putting my carbon monoxide detector.


I'm like putting it like you're holding it around like a cell phone, trying to get bars like a ghost bus. I was walking it around.


The house is like trying to make like that's that's so tight.


Just by the way, taking it off the wall. I turned it off. Yeah. Like, I know how to do this. No, it wouldn't.


It wouldn't know it was a joke. I just. I was teasing. You were ha. I know the battery operated one just in case. Doomsday hits. I want to be able to detect shit.


Yeah. Detective zombies and shit. Yeah. If there's like an earthquake or whatever I need to know, I want to put that shit on my fucking body but my eye, my eye does look absolutely insane.


Can you check that out. Yeah. You're killing it. Happy New Year.


You're bringing in the New Year with a cow, bro.


That's definitely a pocket. Best look at that is Dennis Quaid and your eye. Are you sure it's not an interspace situation?


Oh, great movie of dying. I hope so. You're not sure I put in there? I'm not positive. I don't know.


Is this a back door podcast? A movie that's happening right now? Are we setting the table?


Oh, this is my sideways pitch where it's like, oh, yeah, it's my it must have been from when I got really drunk last night slash Dennis Quaid, my acted.


Why don't we do our version of interspace we would kill it.


That movie would be funny as fuck.


Yeah that'd be dumb. Yeah. Cool assets. I call Dennis Quaid. Let's do it. Yeah let's do it. I'm in. Universal or whoever, WB, yeah, interesting, Arien, anybody?


Oh, Ryan.


All right, what was your guy's favorite movie title card from back in the day like Touchstone Arien Tristar Pictures? Tri-Star was sick, dude. What's that one? The Pegasus that came out right before. What was it like? Labyrinth. See Rambo first blood. Part two, the only one that comes to mind who was the one at the beginning? Ninja Turtles. That like a new hyon. Oh, that's my shit.


I want the new line shirt, please.


New line was hard that I saw on the drive in and was like, what is that? Did they make this? Like, that's fucking cool. And I thought they made only turtles.


I think they just say dark crystal. I think that was was that not Lucasfilm's or like Henson pictures or whatever?


Yeah, I'm just trying to I remember the Pegasus so well started, but I don't remember what flicks you guys.


You're forgetting the master of it all. The Lion dude, MGM. Yeah.


I don't have any like specif like the Wizard of Oz.


Ernest there's something weird with the roar of the lion too.


I guess not actually. It's like a bear or something. It's not actually a lion. No, it's a real lion. It's interesting about it, but I don't know if it's a lion.


That's what's interesting as fuck about it, dude. It's cool as hell. That is interesting.


It's probably not like dub dub. It's probably like a lion from later. Yeah, I would say no.


There's like a famous lion that they recorded doing OK because I've seen that picture on Twitter or whatever, and I've actually met the grandchildren of that lion outside Las Vegas a few months ago.


They got a real sad situation of a zoo there where there's a bunch of lions in cages and they they claim that it's descendants from the MGM lion because they would drag them out to that casino.


Wait, so you get inspired by Lion King or Lion Tiger King that you took your family to a Tiger King like place outside of Vegas?


No, I did.


Barefoot. I just ran out there. There you go, Bender. We it was a whole fucking thing that nobody at home cares about. But we we're trying to go to Mammoth to get a house. And then there was a huge fire and so we couldn't stay there. So then we were like, well, why don't we drive to Utah, why don't we cry about it?


And and we really want like let's not go to Utah. But then it was so late that we were like, we can't drive all the way back to L.A. So we crash in Vegas for one night at the encore. It was crazy seeing people gambling with masks and shit. And then the next day on the way out of town, we head up this little insane petting zoo that had like forty lions and one giraffe.


And it was super sad, added that they were like Houtman or the guy that hates zoos.


If I remember from our podcast correctly, aren't you the one that was like, we've got to get rid of all these users?


Yeah, I think I was fresh off of watching these lions go, oh, they're milking me for sperm and making more. Yeah, I'll see. I think that's tight.


This is Imperium or what. No, no. This is like this is all right. Near the Amazon, like warehouse outside the city, bro.


What about Prem though. Yeah I oh we stopped and Prem at the mall to charge Tussler.


Oh for sure. And my homie Roger Gassmann, I go in there, my homie Roger Yasmine's is like our manager guy. Right. Roger Cats.


Right. I love first and last name, but again I'm giving them shout out gas used to do they did all the like be on the streets, all that stuff anyway, so entrenched in the street art game. And I go in this mall to be like there's a Nike outlet. I might have some some come ups.


Let's go. There's these huge murals and I'm like, these are kind of legit. And I'm like, oh, I went to high school with the person who painted just like that. That's fucking weird. And then I got around the corner and saw his name on it. And I'm like, what is happening? These are all people that are on Rodgers, like his hit list or whatever. And then I texted him, I'm like, why? At a mall in the middle of prim Las Vegas, is there like an off the chain art installation thing?


And he was like some Australian dudes who, like on the mall, hit him up and said, we want to turn this into something called Perriman Frames.


Up next, if people don't know for sure, oh, no doubt Austin is over.


Frem is Poppen Previn's, this weird ass little town right before Las Vegas that has a roller coaster. And it's just kind of trying to be Las Vegas.


But nobody it's only has like one, two casinos or something. Is there a terrible place there? Is there. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah.


If you're driving from L.A. to Vegas, there's a little town just like, what, an hour outside of Vegas or maybe less. Yeah, right over. Is it right over the border into into Nevada.


Right in Nevada, right over the border and little town called Trem. That is just like three or four. Casinos, eh? It's pretty shitty, but it's also just like for the guys that just cannot wait to get to Vegas, they have to gamble right now and they're just like, you know what, fuck it, we're stopping here for a few hours to get the fix.


And if it's your first time, you think it's Vegas. At first you do. I thought it was the first time I saw it.


You're like, oh, here it's oh, it's amazing. If you like old Vegas, you're going to love him.


All right. Premiership makes prime.


We should do a whole ad campaign for them. State Board of Tourism preme shout us a holler. We got you.


Didn't we always want to make a workaholics episode where the dudes went to prom and thought they were in Vegas? We did absolutely a man.


I love my ass and parum. Dude, I would have been good.


Everyone goes to like France or somewhere on there like cool. Where'd you guys go for Modern Family, Adam? Australia. I didn't go but they went right.


There was one of those episodes. Yeah. They went to Australia, I believe. Unreal. We what we just wanted to go to.


But Comedy Central was like, I don't know, just a fantastic name to Preme. Sounds great.


That's where the Workaholics movie will take place in Perth. That's great for sure. Yeah, no doubt. We all just become prostitutes and parum.


Yes, for sure. No doubt. Is that where the Bunny Ranch is.


Is it there, is it in Broome or is it actually outside because it's out.


It's like out on some freeway, right. Yeah. Yeah. I don't think it's in like an actual city. So in case they escape he can track them down.


I don't know exactly where it is, but off highway forty two, I don't have a map of the state tattooed on my back with a star where it is so tight.


What's that tattoo. This is Nevada. What's the star. That's the Bunny Ranch.


Did that guy. The Bunny Ranch guy.


He did. He did. Do we want to tell our story.


What story. Yeah. What's the story. Yeah.


We went to go do it wasn't Howard Stern but we were doing Sirius XM at the Howard Stern like studios and all that and we were eating lunch afterwards beforehand downstairs at that like fancy corporate restaurant and how walks in. That's with a bevy.


We all turned because our manager goes, he means like a few women, a few women, a bevy of women, regiment of beverage.


Oh, he probably had both had to clarify. Thank you. Out of wedlock.


This dude walks in like he owns the place he did. And we all turn and he gives us like a nod and a finger gun, like it's me. Yeah, it is actually me.


And of course we were the most impressive. Like we are the people who want to see that elbowing each other.


I I'm going to post this video when this launches. I have a video that I recorded from a Bunny Ranch episode where they're like having fun and games with Sode is cathouse for people that don't know that are listening.


Cathouse on HBO. Legendary, right.


Let's explain it a little bit. It was like like wait a second. Reality show at the Bunny Ranch.


It's a reality show about a whorehouse in Nevada called the Cat House called the bunny, called the Bunny Ranch. It's the Bunny Ranch. But the cat house is the name of the show. The name of the show is Cat House and took place at the Bunny Ranch. And for what? I think it must have came out like when we were like eighteen years old or so, we were like very impressionable young men going like, oh my God, on the heels of real real sex, which was kind of like getting less and less sexy.


And this was just more of a reality show. You get jail. Yeah, well, real sex.


When it first came out when we were kids, I remember real sex is like, oh my God. Like we're seeing some naked women and we were in like middle school.


So we are. We are. But then at the end, it's like it was just like touring dildo factories or just like hairy men, fetish furries.


It was more like sex education. Yeah, fetishization. I don't want to I'm still new to the whole sex world. I just want to see breasts. I don't necessarily need to see, like, grown men that enjoy wearing pig noises. Real sex raised me.


You would boo your TV. You go, oh well you always you could flip down on the channel guide and be like real search fucking. Yes. OK, what's that. It never was like something that could really let you go.


But I have a video that I recorded off of watching my TV where like they were having fun at the ranch. So it's not fully sad for this TV show, right? Oh yeah, it was awesome.


And they're like running down the hall when you hear, like, the thing and who's the fastest. And this one girl huffs it. She's moving at cat house when they ring the bell, just disposable income present and they get on the phone like, who can get to the fastest?


She puts it down the hallway.


Mark Speed stumbles in her stilettos and just drives each into a wall headfirst.


And then gets up like, you got to post that on the Instagram, because that clip is money, all is bruited.


I wonder how many times an ambulance has to go out to that fucking place all the time. Right. Like that was where Lamar Odom, like, OD'd and was OD'ing on, like, allegedly. Allegedly. Yeah. Tons of dick pills and cocaine or whatever, for sure.


That's where you go for your last ride. Like old dudes go there to die fucking right there.


They're hoping for a heart attack climax. Just take the card like I'm coming. Yeah, I'm coming. I'm going.


That's also where Andy Kaufman went back in the day. He used to go there and blow all of his taxi money because I love Andy Kaufman. I just think he's the most interesting person.


Yeah, he was he would go there and blow all of his taxi money just on hookers and he would get the entire cat house. He would just, like, go in and be like, I pay for everyone and then not fuck them.


Just wrestle them and insult them. I think he would have sex with them before show.


But again, this is again, I was just taking liberties with jokes. I was making something on the ripping and the literally.


But tear me down. Do you know if he was like in his Tony Clifton vibe when he would go to the house or would he do that?


As Andy Kaufman I believe it was both. I think he would do both. Like he would visit him as both characters. Yeah. All right.


I'll see you in a couple months. Just come back in ten minutes later, like. Oh, yeah, me pushiness. Take your bag. I don't know what you mean. I just talk to you.


Why are you talking to me like that? This is how I talk to you all. I'm Tony Clifton because I'm Tony Clifton.


That's why the ripping on the Taron I just fucked you broke your prosthetic is falling off.


There's no way you can fuck me. We just want to give it a shot.


There's pillows underneath your t shirt, mustaches falling off.


I mean, really be don't you have the same weird dick is Dick is not right. At least throw up dick on the exact same day.


You still got that schematic bro.


My top down man for people at home we don't know that is that is a old fashioned pirate's sword.


A curved blade blade.


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Do you guys remember when we were when workaholics had just premiered and it wasn't actually out yet, we just premiered it at the Trump rally, you know, at the.


That was it. That was it. That was the first time on TV. It was before we were in Miami. It was for like the South Beach Comedy Festival. And we showed it to like a room of four hundred college kids. And it was awesome. And they loved it.


Well, it did really well. And we were like, holy shit. I think people are actually going to like the show. And we partied like we had just won the NBA finals. We went out that night. We're like, yeah, and it was like 3:00 a.m. or 4:00 a.m. and we're in South Beach somewhere. And it's our first time there and we're just like partying our fucking faces off. And I remember we were at some, like, karaoke place, but in the hotel bar and I can't remember exactly where we were.


But some girl comes up to me and she's like a baby and she's just like, chop me up.


And I'm like, I must just be throwing out, like, mad, confident aura because the show just premiered and did so great. And I'm like on the right be like throwing it out right now.


And she's like, do you want to come back to my room? It's I have a hotel room right next door. Yeah.


I'm like, yeah, I do. But then I was thinking I was like, oh, I'm so fucked up right now. Like, I'm like I like, you're really drunk. Yeah. I'm not going to be able to have sex with this girl. And so I'm like, I got to go splash some water on my face to gear up for the situation. So I'm like, hang on a second, babe. Accepters.


I thought I was go into the the bathroom. I got to go puke all this poison myself.


Oh, no morality baby. Exactly. So I splash some water on my face. I was like, all right, you can do this. And I go back out and then I see her chopping up some other just like dumpy dude just just chopping him up. And he's like, yeah. And he like touches her lower back and like walks away with her. And then I see she has a scorpion tattoo on her thigh and I'm like, oh I think, I think she was a prostitute and I just am too drunk and naive to notice though I remember the part two of that.


What's important is that there was this one, just the star of the show that night. That's right. He was probably five foot four hundred pounds and he was probably like eighteen in a day or twenty young dude.


And he was just full on sexuality, dancing in the middle of this entire karaoke bar over this.


And he looked at everybody directly in the eyes and my name is different. He also got arrested for being a prostitute.


We're like, who is this guy? He's killin it.


Did you really. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


How did we stay on stage and, like, play fucking bongos and shit that night and like like hella late like we were jam.


I did Tina Turner's We don't need another hero. I want to say Isaac did like some some 80s punk. Isaac's our manager.


Yeah. Yeah. I just remember, like, commandeering the drums. I'm glad that we have Durrs here to remember all the details later. It got fuzzy for me.


I can't remember now it gets a little me, Larry, for Miami is the best. It's so underrated.


Miami Syco And then we went back to the hotel and we're like all going in our rooms but we're like right next to each other and there's balcony's outside and it's overlooking the ocean, but it's like a horseshoe shaped hotel and we were on the, the middle part of the horseshoe and all of a sudden Durst goes Oh we shit, he's going to climb out of the balcony.


And he's like he's like, I think you guys want to come out here. And we all come out on our individual balconies and look out.


And there's just some guy with all the lights on in his hotel room just having a full blown threesome, just just going for it.


As the sun was coming up. And he was like he was like the sun was coming up.


And we were like, hey, guys, I guess this is our lives now. He wasn't watching people. So we're kind of part of orgies now.


Yeah, this was terrible. Fucked from a football field away. Hey, guys, this is this is our lives now. It was crazy. Yeah. That was like it was like four thirty to five in the morning. We watched that happen as the sun went up. Yeah.


And just memories.


That was cool because that was like the first time we all had our own hotel rooms. Before that we were like sharing. Yeah.


We were like a traveling circus just jam packed.


Yeah. I would sleep in the closet. Yeah. I don't know who got the beds. And now probably Ders and Adam got the beds. Probably we.


Oh what do we want to tell that story.


What's that story we're telling. It's story time story is just like Comic-Con or this is before it is before everything. When we were doing a National Lampoon.


Oh I know where you're going with store and we were all in a hotel room together. And came back from the club. Oh, I will record this somewhere, I was not there. I have the and Kyle has a record. I just if you're imagining I'm at our house. Yes.


Kyle's back in L.A. Drone is missing us recording albums that you've heard. Yeah.


He's recording lonely albums about aliens. That's exactly what was going on. Yeah. We're on tour in is this Chicago?


This happened. Right. And we get some deep dish pizza because I was like, we got to get it.


We go out for wait. Where we performing though.


What? Keagan we were I know where the zanies we're performing at the zanies and Vernon Hills and Hills got out Vernon Hills and we swapped out a city name in our sketch for Waukegan and played pretty good if I remember it.


Got a laugh every time.


So we get back to the hotel from the bars slammer and there's pizza and Blake and Adam are fighting about like whose arms are bigger or something.


Yes, it was.


I have the biggest arms and Levings.


I started starting to it real and then probably the realest argument we've ever had.


And I'm just like, well, the thing is, is it's not an argument. It's measurable.


It's not like, you know, but told us about something else because you claimed a bed and he was like, that's my belt. And then you threw his stuff onto another bed. He threw pizza in my ass yet. Not yet. Not yet.


I thought he puked in the limo and lied about it, that I didn't I didn't lie about it. Oh, no, you did puke, though. I did puke because you ate hell.


There was a Chinese food continental dinner at the hotel. It was. Let's start at the beginning.


There is no Jillian was there. We got to ask her. And so they started.


So we went out. And this was the night before the show we got in. Our director, Jay Leggat, our IP Man, passed away. He got us a limo and he's like, I'm going to take you guys out on the town, show you Chicago.


We're like, oh, hell, yeah.


So we get in the limo right before the limo at the hotel we were staying.


It had all you can eat free Bud Light. Yes.


All you can drink Bud Light and all you can eat eggrolls. Yeah.


So I'm like, you know, I'm the poor. We were we were crushing it. I'm like I was like, we're broke.


And I was like twenty, twenty one years old. I didn't go on the trip because they were going to pay me seventy five dollars for like six days worth of work.


And I'm like, dude, it was a whole scam. I don't want to get into that again.


Well it was worth it because it's a great story, but insane. I had no money and so I was like, what?


I'm going to eat all the eggrolls I can handle now.


We were all crushing them. Yeah. Build a base so I don't have to eat dinner later. This is smart so I don't to pay for dinner. Right. Yeah. You saving money. And so I ate like fifteen egg rolls or something and was just chugging the Bud Light and that didn't go well in the guts we get in the limo.


I want to say, I want to say that they also like to look at us and they're like, OK, hey, it's six p.m. the Bud Light and egg rolls are over and then they just like closed doors.


I'm like a cabinet to a keg. And we were like, OK, we'll stop.


And then for another hour, we just open the cabinet up drinking and getting hammered. And then, yes, we were hammered.


But when we got into that limo going out for the night. Yeah.


And then the limo topped out with fucking egg rolls and Bud Light coming full of egg rolls.


That's it. How many people in the limo there's like nine. Oh, yeah.


It's like we're more packed into and I remember I packed in the limo and it's like the beginning of the night and oh and I'm like, oh I'm so sorry. And we're like, oh jeez. And the guy's all pissed at me, but we had him for the night and I'm like, I don't know what to do. And he's like, fuck.


And we get to the place that I once got assaulted me, that I puked in the limo. And I'm like, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.


But then we I rallied and we continued and we go out for the full nine. Yes. This is another one of your lives about vomited from alcohol poisoning, rallied, kept drinking. Isn't that what happened?


Yes. That's another one of your lives.


Oh, lie, lie, lie lives. I thought you said lie another one of your lies that.


No, no, no, no, no lies here. This all truth. Zero lies. Yeah. Like know how I remember it was Honest Abe over here man.


Come on. I love the. And so then we go out and then we had a great night. I remember this is like fun photos of that night and we all look really sloppy.


There's really funny photos of Blake looking like just a spicy fifty five year old divorcee who had one too many margaritas.


I definitely had my pants off in the limo on the way home. That's so. Yeah.


So when did the turmoil begin and so on the way home you take your pants off was. Give up something that was in arms and then it got into who's got the biggest arms and this is what I think it was, I think Adam like collapsed onto what it was Blake's bed. And so then he was like, get off. And he goes, here, throw your son. He threw his stuff onto the other bed, which is just not that's not kosher.


You don't do that. But everyone's drunk. And then Blake was just like, no, put it back. And you're like, no, I'm already sleeping here.


And then who threw pizza into whose? But somebody took a piece of pizza and then just, like, threw it into somebody. But what actually happened with Blake fell onto my bed and Blake moved.


I think he moved my shit onto the other bed. And he's like, I get to spend. I'm like, I already called that bed now. And then he had his pants hanging off. Right. I see. He does. And I go, well, if you're going to if you're going to lay on what I claimed is my bed, I'm going to throw this left over deep dish pizza in your asshole.


His ass was hanging out here, his entire house just up in the air.


I'm like, come on, man, your whole fucking ass.


And you used to get, like, pull your pants, like, dangerously down when you were drunk. You stood there down right.


Now, stand up. Stand up. We're finally going to see the.


But they'll be pulling it up. You're pulling it out. Nope. See all the way down. Say yeah. Look at that. He's a whole asshole is hanging out of his pants. Yeah.


I'm from the bay dude. We thag bro. Oh yeah.


No one. No one anywhere else. SAG's. Yeah. I guess there's only a Bay Area.


Get out of here. No one to me anyway. So I threw a deep shit directly into Blake's asshole. And here's the tape.


Yeah. Yeah. My whole life. Yeah I've seen those things everywhere and I think thing anyway, I know you're angry, you are feeling guilty. I'm not gonna do car I don't love and I don't I didn't take a drink after that. I don't drink. You more alarming? I'm not ready to always go home and my kids, because I would use a lot of these anger issues, you father, among other things, I don't bother me.


I don't know that you're not going to happen to talk about. It would look at other countries. And I have to looking at this guy for quite a while, but. Not a fucking dude. Yes. Shit, you really care about how you really count on it. I'll start telling you if I'm wrong, but, you know, I'm I wear pants all the time. OK. OK, and you got it, you motherfucker. Don't jump in the camera with your housing announcement coming up in the last.


You don't look like you're an asshole and you want to fuck it up too much. Look at you. You got the funeral of a fucking whammies with the biggest ice storm. You know, you fucking idiot, OK? You really don't have it now, OK? No one else is demoralizing the new workforce. No more watching. No more much. You can't you can't fucking show your bunch. No one is really. That was really what she really wanted to call each other out on a real business.


Good luck on the one we work on. That was OK. I didn't think I was doing something bad by looking at you because we just sitting in a fucking laugh really hard. Do I want to again, like I want to be as much fun as required to hold them accountable, especially when I find this is on new economy, not just like me. I mean, I am am that the whole town will talk to me for more funding levels, will encourage more people and the whole town will try new things.


You're overreacting. I really don't know what your. Back in the middle. I know a more aggressive fucking covering on me. I know. And then I've got to get out of you're mad know that I was getting ready and that because you won't leave. And you said you went wrong and you are angry. Right. Yes, and we're back and we're back, so that what had happened was they were arguing, I'm laying on the cot because I think I just called the cot and I call Kyle to be like, yo, these dudes are going at it.


He didn't pick up it went to voicemail. So I just kind of held my BlackBerry for the voicemail to record it all.


Kyle got it. And then he set it to like sad piano music.


So kudos to Kyle for setting the tone that was so unreal. It was the best thing to wake up to because it's like there's no more, but there's no more. But said, all right, so we won't talk about it.


No, that's all right. Yeah, it's too much to ask coming, but there is a lot stacking up, man.


That's when we're all broke. Come on, dude. Yeah, there is a lot coming out.


Yeah, well, yeah. National Lampoon was really, really taking advantage of us, man. Bro, it's crazy. I like tried to strike and everyone was like no. And I'm like OK, I was wild dude. They really got a lot for nothing out of us.


I'm going to get in this roseate. I do remember, like all of us got together, all the actors and writers of the sketch tour that it was going to be got together for the National Lampoon lemmings.


So lemmings was a big thing in the seventies, allegedly.


I'm trying to be like kind of not super specific because I don't know. Yeah, well, you can find it. There's sick ass photos of us and Trimmings 2.0 fucking Ruggero.


Oh, we're going to post that. And so I remember we all got together to like, pow wow with all of us. It was us and then eight other people maybe. And I'm like, I think maybe if we get paid eight hundred dollars a week, that'll be pretty good. And everyone's like, Are you kidding me? That's peanuts. We should be getting two thousand dollars a week.


And I was like, yeah, that'd be great. I'd be sick.


And then I think really dialed it back to fourteen hundred dollars was the least we would take. And then everyone's like cool we all a pizza and we went to the office the next week to rehearse. It goes OK, so everyone's going to get six hundred and fifty dollars a week and I go we're not going to do that. And everyone knows that sounds awesome. Let's do this. Everybody folded, everybody folded.


And I will say I became the biggest dick, which I know you guys think I am. But I was like, I know we're not going to do this.


And somebody pulled me aside and he goes, Look, man. From the beginning of cavemen painting on caves, artists have been getting screwed over like this, and I was just like, OK, we can stop that, right?


Well, by the way, so that wasn't any of us that that pulled you off. This is another another home.


Funny to I was on my own separate contract because I just made all the videos, so I just negotiated for myself.


It was equally as shitty and folded equally as much. I was on it and then I said, no, I won't do it.


Hoping that everyone would be like, Yeah, well, Ders is holding out.


We all look up to Durrs. No, we gave a fuck. I got me got a phone call from people being like, will you just do it? Like everyone wants to do this if you're not there. And I'm like, I go, OK, if this is what we're doing, we're doing it. And do we have the story that God.


Yeah. Why did we do that? Yeah, well, admittedly it did suck and we weren't paid anything, but I wasn't making much more than that, just working my shitty job anyway.


So I was like, I'd rather be doing comedy, but some people were making more and would have had to quit their jobs. Those people were stupid. They were like, I guess I'm doing exactly for sure. What was the rehearsals like for you guys?


What were you going where? It was three dollars. I remember a whole summer where it seemed like we worked every fucking day. Oh, yeah, we did. Was it like that?


Yeah. Yeah, it was. It was fun.


No, those pizza Fridays were like the first three weeks and then those stopped that go girl that go girl energy drink that was like all you could drink and some kind of eye drops like we had the weirdest parts would say you guys got go girl energy drink and these are the gum you can handle.


And it was energy gum. Oh yeah. Yeah. All the energy gum you can handle go girl energy drinks. And if you guys need any buzzing, talk to Debbie out of county and then she'll squirt you up.


It ruined my relationship with Jay, which I always felt salty about because he was he the thought that he thought I wasn't feeling like a team player or something. Yeah. And I'm like I'm the most team player. I'm much loved.


But that was like the last breath that National Lampoon like Banner took.


Oh, I was like, where are you going with this dude? No, no, no national to get dark because Jay's not alive anymore. I know. I know. But I thought you're going to like a hit on Terrasse. Yeah.


National Lampoon's Last Breath. That was the last breath of National Lampoon. And because they will be back.


Do you think so? I think they're like a cockroach.


Natty laugh They're going to rebrand as lam and like get like some like National Lampoon is revamping Nattie lam.


Yeah. That played off of the original lemmings though. I mean the original lemmings had so much success and I think that was the only carrot that kept us all in the game was like, well look at what they did back then.


Like look it was like Christmas to everyone because it's how long ago. It was like a sketch troupe in the late 60s, early 70s that had late seventies. Late 70s. Yeah. John Belushi, Christopher Guest, Chevy Chase, actually not late seventies. Seventy three seventy trend. Pardon me.


OK, like Bill Murray and shit when Bill Murray, Gilda Radner it was like the was it pre SNL do you know. Yeah.


It launched John Belushi, Christopher Guest.


Chevy Chase heavy hitters. Yeah. Yeah. We were Lemmings 2.0.


Yes. Right. So equally heavy hitters.


Well back. I mean come on. Yeah. Mom, come on. Yeah. Look, looking back.


Jillian, Jillian, let's go to dinner.


We ate our money's worth it eggroll. So it's all good.


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I feel like when we got paid that one time after the summer, it was not a lot like you and I took the trip to Grand Canyon for energy drinks. Right.


Dude, can we talk about your energy drink collection? Would love to.


Oh, these guys had a collection that you wouldn't believe is the best every energy drink ever made, like mean hundreds of different cans and different brands of energy drinks at the height of energy drinks and all of them better than monster energy.


I feel I feel weak. Well, that was the case. Had cocaine, energy drink. Yeah, we had cocaine with before it got banned. We had Steven Seagal energy, Hulk Hogan Energy.


Jimmy Mouth of the South. Yeah. HiFi, everybody had it.


Do you remember my pitch because I told you guys to like document it and I was like, you should do line them all up and then just kind of like close to the camera past it and then like somewhere in the middle, just have someone's nuts hanging between two cars and then just keep going for like four more minutes. That would have been dope. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. I want to say there's like an online museum of energy drinks.


It would be cool to check out. I'm sure that would spark some nostalgia for me. The energy boom was insane. That was when every innot every ingredient had a fucking cross by it because we had no idea what it meant. It was like we were just putting shit into this to this.


We're like, this will get them excited. Yeah, the cross is the symbol they put near that because it's like we don't know what it is. So you just have to have faith. Is that what I mean?


That might be amazing. Yeah. The pull on the Christianity roots.


What sucks is I feel if the energy boom was happening right now, I think that we would have our own energy drink or at least be talking to someone.


Yeah. Yeah. Called Boyages. Yeah. Called the pod source podcast called the Pod for down the pod source.


And then you guys just threw it away. I came over one day and saw trash bags. You guys were like we moved on.


Well it was like we spent a lot of time working on that and setting it up. And we put remember we put like little gum and stuck it to the wall and shit.


And every night it would be like ting ting ting ting because it was like the crown molding of your a part of your house.


It moved with us. We had to move the collection and then and then I think workaholic started. Yeah.


We had to take it down for workaholics because we couldn't clear all the energy drinks. So I think the art department put it in bags in the back and then basically it was like well, well then we were like, oh, we recycle this shit.


I don't recall that mattering for the for the pre pilot, for the one we show for when I think it's up in the pre pilot.


I have a feeling there's parts of it that you guys just chucked. Oh, so we moved to the workaholics house with the energy drinks.


I couldn't remember. I thought we threw them away on the on that move. No, we had a drink.


We built shelves at Packard and it was fucking so nice, right. Yeah, it was awesome. It was earthquake. It was. Yeah it was stunning artwork. Yeah baby.


And then we brought it over to Hamlin House and we brought the shelves, but we never put the shelves up. We just like tried a new method. It was like using like double stick tape and just sticking the cans directly to the wall.


It was terrifying because you would be like home alone or whatever, and then all of a sudden, like a can would pop off and lingling and it sounded like for sure someone's in the house. All right.


Yeah. Every night you'd wake up to like 20 of them on the ground. Yeah. Like, oh, well, this sucks.


Would you guys to rinse them out or would you just slam it and can add up? So then like the whole house kind of had this aroma.


Yeah. I feel like we, I don't remember any rinsing. I don't remember those tiles like you think I rinsed.


I remember looking at the tops and they would it would have like that brown syrup on it and you'd be like, oh damn I.


And then you guys are like and somehow we start getting rats and it would just pop out of nowhere. Those rats were getting that little last drop in the lip, the top of the can that's there, that little ass.


Oh, we used to call that friend. Oh yeah, that's right. They got those friends. The rats at that house were fucking huge.


Yeah, they were on energy, dude. That's what happened. We did the fucking we made mutagen we made to Genex.


You guys had killed a bunch of Splinter's.


Oh we caught that one rat that we got like that one giant rat trap. And then it was like from head to tail. It was like two feet and some change.


It was like fucking huge. That's a possum.


I was a marsupial.


You had a possum living under your bed. That was a chupacabra.


That was the chupacabra, bro. That's where that came from.


That is right. Yeah, from workaholics. Definitely. Can I say a buddy of mine, he was like, dude, I just watched the acid trip episode. Workaholics, it's so funny and I'm like, oh, I haven't watched Season three in so long because normally if I'm going to go back and watch Workaholics episodes, I'll just watch an episode from Season one just because that's when we started Workaholics and it's the most nostalgic for me. And so I went back and I watched the Astrobee episode and then it went into like Chupacabras and True Romance and those are so fucking good episodes.


Did the funniest show on TV for a while. It was the only show on TV for sure without we go there and I got Dragon Snout's.


Yeah. Yeah. Hey, is it too late? Whenever this is going to air to talk about your favorite Christmas gift you ever got.


Is this a new year right now, bro? Happy New Year. OK, let's talk about favorite New Year's.


You almost died on favorite.


I never I don't I don't get any good gifts.


I shut down. I say we we frickin skip it. We shut it down. Shut the fuck down.


Gives us kids. I never really liked it the fuck off.


I think I remember my favorite Christmas gift was a fucking popcorn dude like an ice cube popcorn. And what is a popcorn.


Like a fucking popcorn.


Like one of the ones with the cork and you just go, Oh yes, I got one of those. I fucking loved that thing.


When I go there, you little house on the Prairie. What, did you ever own a BB gun?


Did you just like kick the can? What the fuck are you talking about, man? You have a court man.


He would beat a hula hoop with a stick down the street. Yeah. All right. I didn't realize that Kyle was a child in nineteen fifty two. Never forget the year I got jacks.


Yeah. I don't know. I just fucking popped into my head like popcorn, you know. I loved it.


So cool. Did you get the little doll where you pushed the bottom of the platform and it collapses.


You understand those mechanical toys man. They're fucking cool. I wasn't allowed to have those.


Mine was probably BB guns. I had a quite the arsenal of BB guns like Red Rider when we talk. And I had Red Rider, I had a pellet gun I had that was like I had. And then I had sniper rifles on all of them. And then I had a couple pistols, a couple handguns scopes.


What do you mean sniper rifles on scopes. Sorry, Scopes.


Did you ever get a paintball gun? Did any of you do. I did. I had a but oh fuck. Yeah, I had a pit bull gun for a while.


It it was just hard to get enough people to go paintball like I had the gear and I'm not just going to go by myself paintball. And so I was like, I need to get a little squat.


So fun we got to do that. We did a thing every year. I can't remember if it was freshman and juniors were sophomores and seniors or freshmen. Sophomores were juniors, seniors. But it was kind of like homies of homies who kind of knew somebody on like a sports team that was older. We would get together with like eight on eight or ten on ten and it would fuckin go down. Man, that's that's a squad for paintball.


Yeah. Yeah. Paintball is so fun. I don't even know if I'd survive now. It's so scary.


It is so scary.


Like you are running on high. I feel like for my twenty ninth birthday we all went. Yeah we go. That's the last time I went. Yeah we did.


Oh I think that was the last time I, I played.


Dirceu had the best saying you remember this dude. He had a fanny pack with a motherfucking Italian sandwich in it. It was half eaten.


Yeah. You'd smell him before he shot. Yeah. He said if you smell the Italian sandwich you're already dead in a subway. Spicy Italian like because I hadn't eaten all day, we were like getting ready to jam out. And I was like, how am I going to eat a twelve and a sandwich and then run around.


So I eat half of it and stuff the other in my fanny pack. So it's all. So couldn't you just like put it in your car or something?


Because I was like where we were like lighting candles to say Happy Birthday or some shit so stuffed in a fanny pack.


And he was like, what are you going to carry that? Like you're saying? I go, That's right, bitch, right. Before you die, you're going to smell the spicy Italian.


If you smell spicy Italian, you're already dead. It was so clean, so good.


No, forget it, man. That shit was a fun people. I was.


It hurts so bad, but like you are legit running for your life. Yes man.


I had a PayPal hit me in the back, knocked the fucking wind out of me like I went down.


Yeah, down. We never dated like in high school. We never dated in like proper paint balling places.


We would go out to the middle of the country and just target and do like in the cornfields. Right. With like there was a cornfield that surrounded and abandoned a farmhouse. So then and then there was like, say, five. And shit and people would get fucking very hurt, some kid fell through the barn, right, because he's trying to get some pimp ass position up there.


How he was like trying to snipe from the loft of the barn and it's all just rotten.


Would just fuck it up, like running around. And we're like, where's Cody?


And all of a sudden you're like, crack this fucking ball. It's like 15 feet just.


And I think you broke a rib. It was pretty fucking bad. I mean, you know how that goes up. You do become commando, you do become Rambo like, yeah, you're running and sliding and like doing barrel rolls and shooting because you think that's going to help you.


Well, you're for sure like doing flips over stuff because you're like with this world, this is the only way I'll stay alive. If not, I'm dead. I'm a dead man. I want to know what my my old man paintball swag is because I don't have those moves anymore.


Oh, you're turning an ankle and turning into a fucking sniper barrel in a great position. You know, I don't know, though.


Maybe you get out there and then like you just click right back in.


It's like maybe that one form I would love to go. I mean, like, the most fun that I ever had was not on a course. It was at my cabin. My God, I'm saying, like, out without any rules. I think I went for, like my 13th birthday and I brought like four or five other people. And I was with you, brother. Yeah. You were there.


But no one was super sick about it. It was fucking snowing.


Yes, it was the best. And it hurt so bad. Oh, wow. Die hard to style. It was so fucking cool.


It was crazy. And the paint balls were like frozen. So that's when you get out of fucking town that's like dangerous.


That's like a real manhood shit like you want to play. You come out in the snow. It's like, yeah, my dad was there at my place. I heard the guns didn't work very well in this note.


They started Frieza. We had to get our CO2. We had to bring our own CO2 up. We bought like fucking ten thousand paintballs and just went crazy up there.


And I said, do remember when you you would have one friend that would just go ham and buy so many paintballs and you're like, oh yeah, rich and not good at this. I'm going to fucking come for you.


Just the garbage bag of like you just spent eighty dollars on PayPal. I spent thirty three for the deal that they have. You like you like went behind the counter and got like an entire box.


Thirty three paid thirty three bucks. They were expensive. It was expensive to get that shit. Yeah. PayPal is a is a rich man's game. That's what I think. Now, now let's do it. We'll just fucking load ourselves up.


I feel like that's a fucking movie right there. Yeah. We can get fucking paintball. There's like there's like paintball grenades we can buy.


Let's spend some money and people are using like flash bombs too, right. Yes. Yes. You could, you could have grenades and flash bombs and you could hook it in and then fucking store your stuff going off at your birthday.


We were like, is somebody I think that was airsoft.


Like airsoft has gotten even crazier. Sure.


Yeah. You can play and like abandoned buildings and shit. Oh, that's right. I like that.


You just accidentally shoot some homeless guy who was like just arriving back to his house.


Well well, I did not mean that actually. Can you can you stay there and let me know.


Go who if you see someone, tell me how much you got. Here's part of an Italian sandwich. You got a pizza.


Pizza do. Let's go. Let's hit the battlefield. That would be all right.


Let's do it RPG. Let's save that for another pot since we're wrapping it up. Did somebody mention some about just that word that I was thinking?


I was thinking it just popped in his mind. Well, I was thinking of that episode where we did like paintball or airsoft in the. Oh, yeah.


And then I was just last night, I was watching workaholics and Jetset was alive, was alive and and all over it just.


Yeah. Oh, scene stealer.


I mean, I'm a dealer. Pure gold without a doubt. And. All right.


What a gift. What a gift. So if you haven't seen the show, go fuck and watch the show.


But why are you listening to this podcast? If you haven't heard from Taylor Swift, they were like, what do these guys say?


Oh, wait, all the fans were like, wait a second.


I kind of like the one with the hair. I'm an arugula.


Had to tell you a I'm a jets that fucking day. Wonder, baby, that guy's the man.


Jetset was somebody we hired as a background actor who just kind of walks past in the office of Workaholics.


There's there's tons of these attacks. Yeah. He's an extra and none of them are like noticeable except for Jetset.


Well, we we actually piled our office full of people that are weirdly like the background. People are supposed to be just faded in the back. All of our background people are people that you're like, wait, who's that guy? Showstoppers, right? Yeah, yeah. We really make sure that you're also looking in the background of every episode going, I want to follow this story.


Yeah, I feel like just that we had no idea who he was or what was going on. We just gave him a line where his name is Try this Jetset.


His name is Jetset. Yeah. We just said he's the guy. Give him a line and talk about his characters real quick. Let's see how that works.


If you see his look, his hair slicked back, matted down like we didn't dress this dude. That's not a costume. That's no jetset being jetset.


She was a born entertainer who grew up loving Michael Jackson and kind of idolizing him. And you could find him performing at Hollywood and Highland.


And where else? Like Venice Beach, passing out bootleg T-shirts. Yeah, he I love his improv, his improv runs quirky.


Like I came in and I like identies. I thought it was Mantas is cactus and I throw the cactus into the trash and fuck your cactus and jetset flies up and he's like get the fuck, get the fuck out of my house.


Hey, what are you doing.


Yeah. And it wasn't a house is just a cubicle. Yeah, just a cubicle. And I get out my house and then he goes, thank you, goodbye. Or something like that.


He just had a way of fucking seeing the world that we were lucky enough to to record.


And you know who loved them? Children. Daniel Stern. Daniel Stern was like this guy, solid gold. Like you never know what he's going to say.


Well, I think that I do think that was Gensets biggest scene was with that, because that was the biggest that was his biggest scene to like. Yeah. And each his hair was written into the episode as a plot point. You guys came back in an effort. So we had Jetson's hair.


Oh, boy.


I got to watch the fucking show man there. He definitely had his sides. I will say he had his script right below frame for that scene with Duvall said, I wish I could do that.


Sometimes all the jokes per minute on workaholics where we're fucking through the rich, breakneck we.


That's why this is funny. We ran out of jokes. Well, yeah, we gave it our all brother when we were in the edit.


I remember we would be like, it's OK if you miss some of the jokes, do.


Let's watch it together. Footage. We got so many jokes on the cutting. Let's recut.


Let's do the Zack Snyder work all the R rating. This dude, you know, I'm going to get really fucking bored one day and crack that shit open.


You got you got the archives. We get them. I can get them. Still going to get them.


I'm still gonna get them. I'm still going to go. Oh well that's nice. That's good to hear that you that they hold up for you.


Yeah. Yeah. You know, I didn't know if it was going to you and it really, really did.


And especially like I hadn't seen those specific episodes in so goddamn long that at that now I'm like maybe I just watch season three B and for it just to, just to catch up because those, those like middle seasons, I'm like I can't remember.


I feel like those seasons are kind of like when you're really, really tired I can sleep over and you're making the craziest jokes but you don't remember them. But at the moment it's so fucking funny.


But you're trying to stay up to see the sunrise. Yeah.


And you're just because we were delirious, probably from like three until the end, like maybe maybe. What was the last one we did seven. Seven. Yeah, maybe seven. We were conscious but from three to six, I don't know, fully conscious of what was going on.


And I remember every I was awake every moment living with me. Right now. Nightmare is a nightmare. I just want to go back. It was very fun. I miss it. Those are the best days of my life and I love it.


The rippin and the terrain. Damn, I wish I remember to watch the episode. It'll jog some memories. There's a few where I'm just playing. I remember and I love those times.


A few scenes that I don't remember at all. And then every once in a while you'll see a scene and you will like transport back and be like, Oh, I remember where I hid my sides in that scene. I remember that there was I hit my coffee cup behind that plant. I remember having to wait out in that specific hallway. I remember like certain conversations you had with the other actors, like right before, like everything will come rushing back.


Dude, when you guys came to my house and I got the VO up and running and it was in my driveway, Durrs was like, check the door. There's the last sides in there. And it's like, oh, for sure. Yeah, there it is. Well, I seen that right there. That's where he put him every time.


I do like watching for when my mouth is still full from snacking between shakes. And I did come through a door just kind of chewing and like licking my teeth and going, yeah, we got to get back for it.


That's it.


That's like when we shot that. Seeing where we're like staking out the house, eating Panda Express and we refuse to spit it out, so we just ended up throwing up, we just ate like a bucket of worms, chicken.


I think I designed it and carried myself. And let's call that a divined it.


From now on, bulimia is defined it.


She's dealing with divinity right now, fully defined, kind of go to the hospital where we got the Gravitron.


I was like role on this. I'm going to barf. And I think your brother Adam Nukak directed that episode, right? Yeah, you did. Yeah.


And he was like, OK, let's do it. And then after a while, people were like, I don't know if you need to see that.


Yeah. And I'm like, it's funny, we're going to want this.


That'll make it on the Zack Snyder cut any take backs, apologies or you know, the other one compliment is put down.


What was the other one? Epic slam Barack Obama's efforts.


I thought we were pretty nice to each other. This this. I'm still going to send, you know.


Yeah. Why then? I apologize for that. Yeah. I'm sorry to the fans for not going in on each other a little bit. Happy New Year. Yeah, it's a new year. It's a new us.


They're looking for that hot, hot, hot, hot heat. I'll compliment us because it doesn't happen that often.


I'll compliment all four of us for just having a real nice time walking down memory lane.


And what's and what's the word half man, you fucking dumb ass. Anyway, what did I say? It doesn't happen that often. Does it often happen that often? There is.


I'd like to come back on that fucking epic slam. Don't. Thank you. Thank you.


Fuck all you guys.


I'm so smart when people don't say a word correctly or get on. Yeah, I got to get them. Yeah you do.


You do flex on and usually it's me. Usually I'm mumble mouth in my way through something and and I get epic slams. Oh I'm glad it was called clean today.


I was curling my toes on the table just this time.


You fuck you asshole. You did really stroll down memory lane today. We did. Yeah we did.


New Year. Let's look back. But from now on, let's look forward. Guy and Blake. Well said.


Hey, will you write that down and put that on a shirt for you? If you could get a piece of wood and paints that and my mom would like that in your house, if you could paint that in cursive on a piece of wood, my mom would like to put that up for more time.


What was it? Before we forget it, if you could, what was it again?


If someone at home, please rewind and then send us through based on whatever the fuck Blake just said that I know.


Let's look back and also remember, look forward to something like that is better. It's way better. New Year.


It's already fucking twenty, twenty one. You all were in it.


Dell or eBay.


Well, I do want to compliment Blake and Adam on being such good friends that the fight of their life happened back in Chicagoland.


And and here we are. We're so here.


This is the guy who those those like you don't fight with your friends in the same way that you used to in your twenties when you guys were just roommates and you're with each other all the time.


I try you're you're done fighting with your friends. Not enough time in that same capacity. Yeah. We're not together enough to where you don't fight like fucking brothers anymore.


Now you just go. And I miss that. I'm supposed to be somewhere I got to go.


Yeah. You feel the tension bubbling and you go and you go.


I got a thing I, I do have somewhere to be.


And you believe that other person because they might and you want them to leave right back in the day. You're like, I know you don't I know you don't have anything to do.


No. You dumb bitch. Where are you going. Go to the coins. Are you with the coins? Two days ago I heard you do not have that change.


I can count that shit for you. Do you have to pay me enough? I oh count that. James, sit your ass down.


I'd like to compliment Blake and his use of Coinstar back in the day. He used to always sit there, sold directly into the Sky County.


This change on the floor waiting for a deep dish pizza right up the bumhole. Well, you know what?


I'm going to my compliment goes to all of us.


Our friendship is battle tested. Still love you.


I love you. I love you guys. I used to be here. Oh, hey, I love you guys. Like I love you.


Love you deserve also love you. What do you have to say I things could be worse. No one so sad that I love you.


I'd love to hear from you. I heard it from Blake. Heard it from Kyle. I just said it.


Jersey's Chuck is internets childcare's with it breaking up and they love is in the air the clearest I've ever heard.


Yo, what's up. Yeah. Coming through crystal clear of the status with the dog, oh, man, give you a compliment on how sweet you're being right now.


It's been a tough year, but a real rough year. You know, maybe it's time to just come out with it. You know, you're just started, brother. Happy New Year. Oh, yeah.


We're in twenty twenty one olive juice. Hey, you guys. No apologies. Oh, that's cool.


You know, that's really important if you just said that you loved your buddies just one time.


I feel like I do the important. I love my buddies guys. This is great.


Hey, everybody, quit looking back. Just started looking forward and put it on a Sunday. And also, it's good to look back and walk down memory lane. But also, let's look forward.


Let's also look for oh oh oh.


We got merch now rate and subscribe. And that was another episode of This is important.


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It's so good. It's got our faces on it.


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By a sweatshirt. We love you. Treat yourself.


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