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Welcome to this is important to production of I Heart Radio, the show where we only talk about what's obviously the most critically important issues on the planet today. And this is important to pick up people's trash and take it to the dump forum and you can just do whatever the hell you want over there.


Hey, guys. Yeah, listen to him, BP, you're backing up now when I'm jogging around the lake, I'm not trying to get a fucking hard on, bro.


Buckle up. We're back. Oh, my gosh, what episode number is this?


Twenty seven or bad episode number three, ladies and gentlemen, is our third one.


Well, let's let's not say that because we can mix it up in and post. We don't know the order. That's true.


I was just answering orders and I appreciate that. Yeah, I hear you, brother.


Guys, we promised not to fight today on our maybe third episode, but it could also be the fifth or 30th.


We're not sure. We're not sure. The order. We don't know yet. We don't even know what the workflow of a podcast is.


I just want to say I would like to take this time early on to give a take back and an apology to Nick our engineer and say, hey, buddy, I'm sorry about last time.


I felt like I was a little curt that we were having troubles with with some of the audio. And I just wanted to get my tape back, an apology on air, put it on wax.


There we go. Let's see how today goes, though. Obviously, at first one, I have a hard time with technology and, you know, it frustrates me. I do get frustrated.


Why don't we just kick it off with that? Adam, what's going on with you and technology the as long as I've known you. Oh, you have had what I referred to as the tech cost, the technology ghost that haunts you. Yeah, I do.


I honestly, truly believe I have a tech ghost that lives within me, that haunts me and makes it so certain technologies have a hard time working around me.


My wi fi goes out constantly no matter where I'm at. Printers don't work emails.


It's amazing that we have this set up here that I'm able to talk into a microphone from my home. Welcome to the future. Sorry, tech ghost.


I mean, this goes back to like your BlackBerry. Touch that. Remember that dude?


I was flossing on him. I remember I got that BlackBerry touch.


I booked a Honda commercial. He said, um.


Yeah. Where I like Mr. Opportunity. I was campaigning.


Mr. Opportunity comes by and I'm like, Hey, Mr. Opportunity, you want some coffee?


Mr. Opportunity was like the helpful Honda guy. Like the cartoon. Yeah. And I go, Hey, Mr. Opportunity, want some coffee?


And he goes, I can't go right through me because he was a cartoon, because he's a cartoon.


And then I go. Yeah, yes, and they cut that part, but I still got paid for that commercial and then guess what? I bought my fucking BlackBerry here, baby.


Uh huh. I also had some sick jokes I would tell at the The Comedy Store open mic about my black friends named Barry.


That's right. Yeah, that was a slam dunk.


You've been haunted by this ghost for quite some time and the ghost of that joke. And it often results in rage from you, which I can totally attest to, because we did live together for quite some time and there was more than one occasion that I drove home from work and I would find an object from the house, be it a dresser or a mirror or perhaps an old mini fridge thrown in the driveway. And I think something horrible has happened.


But I come in and you're just having trouble printing out some script or something.


Yes, I'm hot. Sydes. I'm trying to get that new Nabisco at the.


And so you were so you would toss furniture outside and anger. Yes. Yeah, but yeah. SAUNDERS Well, that's that's the original demand. That was the original home workout where you just take furniture you don't want or need or some that you actually wish you still had.


And you pick it up and you take it out to your driveway and you flip it until it smashes and a bunch of little pieces.


I really can't think of a cooler way to get buff than through destruction.


Yeah. Oh, I followed this dude is I'm going to look him up. He's like is like tactical aggression or something. And he's just this guy who's just built like a fucking house.


And all he does for workouts is he jumps over cars and flips tires and then people will throw him hammers and then he'll just beat the shit out of this tire.


Yes. And I'm like, that is the best way to work out, man.


I'm sick of, like, just doing burping and shit. Yeah, I'm trying to break some shit that's way more fun.


If they just had a gym that was all just breakable shit that you could just go in there and aggressively smash it.


I feel like I'd be able to do it's called a dump run, just like go pick up people's trash and take it to the dump for and you can just do whatever the hell you want over there. Wow.


And you save the planet, but you've got to have a truck for that.


This is I'm talking about like an actual place that you can go, you could destroy things that you also get to throw these items into the truck.


That's destruction No. One into a metal truck.


True. Why don't we all have trucks, trucks, frickin rock. Totally station wagon.


Let's get some flatbeds. I want to be flatbed. Boy, Kyle's got a flatbed. Yeah, he does. I've been on it a few times too.


Oh my gosh. I have a pickup. Yeah I do have a pickup. You don't have a pickup do you. I thought you had the alchemy. That's a pickup truck player. That's a pickup.


That is a car with a flatbed. That is not a pickup truck. You can't call that a truck.


That's a pickup. You don't see a pickup truck, but it's a pickup. And I said he has a flatbed and that's what he's talking about. Yeah.


Okay. All right. Okay. Hey, hey. I'm circling that to to take that back a little later. Yeah. Circle that. I got a flatbed in my wagon. I look forward to that apology. Yeah.


Thank you. I think you guys need some flatbeds. Can we talk about Blake. Just looking absolutely fucking insane for this podcast.


OK, let's get a description with the mask with the one glove. But like a dentist's glove currently touching his nostrils, wraparound glasses, a mask and then a bucket hat with a band that I, I'm pretty positive he's never listen to what you're trying to challenge.


My Grateful Dead love. Come on, brother. Oh, yeah. What's your favorite Grateful Dead song? I don't question him. He knows this shit. Oh, please tell me your favorite rockin truck and baby.


Come on, let's go. Thank you.


What is it, Druken? Pantaloon.


Yeah, well, speaking of trucks, I'm in the truck lifestyle y'all.


All right. So the most famous one. Well, it's up there. You don't know a deep cut at all.


What's the one with the video or. It's just skeleton's playing. I will get by. Yeah, that's all. That's the fucking jam. They've got jams. They've got jams. That song kicks.


But I saw a Grateful Dead with John Mayer. Do you know Grateful Dead, bro? No, I don't know. Yeah. So you just like projected on him? I'm Blake knows Grateful Dead. He was like he knows them.


I don't believe that Blake is a big Grateful Dead Deadhead. I'm a Deadhead brother. I do not believe that he's a Deadhead.


I think that you need to know something because the other day we were just talking and I was working in the backyard and he's like, Hey, man, flipped me Grateful Dead play list just to get in the mood.


Yeah, he was setting himself up for this because he knew we were going to call him out about the hat. He's doing the legwork. I'm the chess master.


What you wear in that hat is like Chloe. My fiancee rocked a Slayer T-shirt for a while until I had to be like, you can't wear the shirt, man. You don't listen to Slayer. You don't know Slayer.


Has she dabbled? I feel like. Chloe would like Slayer. Yeah, I mean, she might like it, but I know she didn't listen to them when she was wearing the shirt. That's you know what?


I don't mind people wearing band shirts of bands they don't listen to because maybe that's their gateway.


Right. If that leads to Chloe, I'm not being a fucking slayer addict, I'm pumped. Mm hmm. Rein in blood. Let's go. Sure. That's like last night I was under seal like this. I was in my pool. I've been in my pool a lot lately, doing some laps. I already love it.


Nice dude. Fucking rich guy alone working on my flip turns. But I just had Slipknot blasting while I was doing sprints.


I had the most relaxing music of all time slip now just sprinting, trying to work on my flip turns bro.


Wait, I'm sorry. Where are the speakers of the speakers underwater or above water in your ears or what. No, they're above water. Like I said, I just have a blasting.


So every time I come up for a breath, I'm like, right the top. All right.


So the only way you can escape that garbage music is to be underwater and hope it helps you with your your workout working on birth control.


Yeah, I thought I thought it was I thought it's not garbage. All right.


I mean, to be fair, I think they literally hit garbage cans as their drums, right?


Yeah, I think that's part of their whole stick, is that they take a bunch of garbage on metro areas. It actually is garbage music because they're trash cans. Yeah, they're beat in trash cans.


Are these the guys with like the they wear masks. They are, yes. They're the band that's from Iowa.


Right. Is that right. Yeah. And corn isn't from corn is from like Bakersfield. No shit corn.


That does get the best mixed end in the game. What's up with his mike stand. He has like an H.R. Geiger's sculpture for his mike stand. It's fucking sick.


Whoa, that stuff seems H.R. Giger for those at home artists from, I don't know, forty, fifty years ago designed what we know today is the alien from aliens an alien? Uh, the movies. Uh, what else did he design?


Uh, a bunch of Kiger guys, dulci species. We also have all seen species.


He designed speci. He designed species. Did my designs.


His art is super fucked up. Go ahead. And Google. I feel like he did some of that in Jodorowsky's Dune that never got made. Correct.


So he was he was, quote, you know, discovered by Jodorowsky. However, we're saying this. Yeah, I think that's how you say it. And then when Doomben did not get made, all the studios jacked that lookbook for all these various artists and stole him for Alien.


That is a fantastic documentary about who you are, the Russki. Yeah, I call him Jodorowsky. I called him Jordan Dask.


Oh, that movie Dude looked Arabic. Yeah. He found a lot of great artists for that film and then.


Well, you know exactly why that movie never ended up getting made. Why? Because they were like, we can't do this, you're crazy. And he goes, well, fair enough.


Well, to be fair, you, like, puts dicks on everything. Uh huh, yeah. Well, yeah. If you've seen Holy Holy Mountain, that's that's our kind of movie right there. We kind of put dicks on everything too. Yeah. Very phallic.


He raised his son to be the star of that film. Really. Yeah.


It's it's amazing. It's amazing.


And they're doing do now right there at the door with Tim and the the Charlamagne doing that. And that's going to be like the only movie that comes out this year. Yeah.


Why are they coming out. Just, just send it to my phone. Just hold them. No, just send it to my phone. Yeah. There's no more movie theaters. Yeah.


I mean that New Mutants X-Men is claiming it's coming out in theaters. It's like August 28, 20, 21.


You go see that in the movie theaters. You come home, you're going to come home on the Mutant. Are you going to get some.


Oh, come home. I know you buy them all worth it. I'll catch the cover.


Leto for a little X-Men New Mutants. I love Marvel movies.


I can't get enough. You can't get enough. Make more. His X-Men Marvel. That's correct. Yes I am. Yeah.


They have everything don't they. They got it all. They have quite the library. And you know what, when they're done with some dude playing one guy, they're like bring on the next dude. Yeah.


Can we talk about I recently saw an interview with Kamale and he worked out so much that it changed his bone structure and his face. Hmm.


OK, we've seen that. It's incredible. Look up Kumail right now.


Yeah. This is his face anymore. I'll tell you that much. I'll be looking. Yeah, I'm a I'm the nipples down as far as.


Oh you guys are nipples boys nipple sound. I'm trying to work out that much where it changes the structure of my face actually change the bone structure.


It didn't just like reveal his bone structure. Yeah.


For sure. It was underneath some some baby fat and then he worked out enough that that the skin just suction to his cheek. Right.


And he quit drinking and all sorts of stuff. That sounds like a fucking nightmare. Quit drinking.


What a joke. Yeah, that would suck. Yeah, I would. Well, the only way to to do to get in that great escape would have to be like, Hey, hi, we're Marvel High.


We're Marvel. You're going to have to lose a bunch of weight and get in great shape and we'll pay you millions of dollars.


That's the only way because any other reason is a bullshit reason just to look good. Yeah, just to be. You know what, though?


Just to be ready. Just to be ready. No, no, no, no, no, I haven't. Someone has to tap me on the shoulder and say your name.


I'm not time for a movie. I'm talking about for what's happened. That's what I thought.


And I'm like, yeah, that's the most legit reason, is you need to be you got to be prepared for what's going to happen.




Are you guys talking to Silver Civil War that's going to be over war? No, that's what people are talking about now. I said civil. I said civil. But we're talking about silver.


Have you noticed? Okay. Hey, hey. We're watching the podcast.


We're watching the podcast and check to see if I said silver or civil, I think are about to be a goddamn civil war.


In this podcast booth right now, I want to say you said Silver War in Workaholics. I think Adam Demand said that once.


Yeah. That's what's great about playing this dumb ass character of Adam Domantas. I got mess up and say a lot of stupid shit that just ended up in the show. We're keeping it. Yeah.


I think if you are in a Marvel movie, part of your contract should be you have to sign up for our military as well.


That's a cool idea. Yeah, sure. That that what. Yeah. Your front line down to talk about it. I'm gonna take the walk with you, you know what I mean. Yeah. Chris Hemsworth is like May I'm not even American. I shouldn't be in your military.


Was that a good hey, you want to be Thor, your front line we're putting in front.


But who would be the best soldier out of all the Marvel actors like in real life?


Mark Ruffalo, thank you.


Because he's he's a sensitive soldier. He's going to ask why before pulling the trigger. Yeah.


What about the dude who shoots the arrows? Well, Jeremy Renner, four days. Renner Yes. Renner is the ultimate soldier.


Renner seems like he might be a little ready for action. He's a whack job, too. Ready? Yeah.


Renner would be like selling arms on the side or some shit. I don't know. He's got those eyes that aren't trustworthy.


I'll say that you think he's the first to funk. I think broken would be good. But does he count because he didn't really have to get jacked?


He's fucking jacked a shit.


What are you talking. What do you mean he got jacked. Are you kidding? Do you not see Deadpool. Oh well right. Huge as cable. He's two characters in Marvel so he has to enlist twice.


Oh Army and navy land. Sea and air. I feel like we're, we're not right. I feel like there's somebody in the Marvel universe who was way, way better for Chris Evans.


Well, it would be like Dave Baptiste. Oh yeah. Batiste bro. Yeah. Get at me. Yeah. Yeah, it's a super soldier. Yeah, yeah. Just like a brick house.


You think Batiste, is he the strongest in the Marvel Universe? He's got to be. He's got to be. What do you mean he's got to be.


I mean, he's like Chris Hemsworth is fucking when Chris Hemsworth was like rotund when that day was like full, he's kind of thinned out. But when he was, like, really jacked, he was huge. And he's like six, five.


How tall is Batiste's? Like seven foot that there's literally no way, that's all.


Yeah, there's no pictures. There's no any comparisons. He's definitely huge. He was a WWE wrestler. Terry Bollea.


Dave Baptista is two hundred and ninety pounds. That's like me.


That's almost Kyle size and he's six foot six six six to nine t that is a goddamn truck.


He's a big boy.


Batiste ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba tease.


I guess Hemsworth is probably like to 45 to 50. Mm. That's my guess. When he's rohtang, when he's fully rotund.


Right. Other than that Haileybury also OG X-Men.


This we know is a lie. The Internet is a lie. It's saying that he is six three.


No netballer. Not the case. Right. That's how tall you are. Right. Yeah.


And I saw him at the MTV Awards or something when we were all in the green room yesterday. It was just like a head taller than everybody scouting.


It was Comic-Con. Remember, we saw him and we didn't know who he was and we were all drunk. We're like, look at this big motherfucker. We realize so wasted screaming at him. And then someone was like, he's going to be Thor. And we're like, that makes. Oh, yeah, he is eight feet tall, you guys.


The story I was at a house party like a year or like nine months before he was announced this store at a house party kickin with some dude I was working with.


And he came in the room and the room changed. And everyone's like that. It it it nobody I'm like, who?


And I'm asking about who the fuck is that? And they're like, Oh, he just moved here from Australia. He's like a soap actor. He's going to try and, you know, do acting. Nice dude, and I'm like, he's a God, and then someone heard that seven to nine months later I was reading the trades and they were like, Marvel has found its Thor. And I was like, of course, this dude a store.


He's a God. Yeah, he is. He's a God. He was a God at that party of 25 people.


And the weird thing is, he's not the coolest brother Liam is. That's right.


Team Liam. Luke, team Luke.


Oh, we got to look over Liam Liam's way. Cool.


Dude, I'm a Liam guy. Sorry, Liam. I'm going with the brother I haven't met yet.


I like working with Liam several times. Right. Fuck yeah. I thought your boys movie and that's weird around. No I am. I am. But for sure. For sure. The one I don't know is the cool. Yeah. Like me or my real friends.


I thought maybe some dirty shit happened on set with you and Liam. Did you have beef. Was it like you can't be on set together.


It was definitely a battle of who's the hottest on set every time we walked on. So every time we walked on set it was like a real.


Oh for sure. Right? Absolutely right.


Give and take, push and pull of who is the sexiest person on.


So do we take a moment just to talk about how when he was on workaholics, he was like, hey, can I, like, do a ridiculous hairstyle and like, funny goatee? And we're like, yeah, for sure. Do whatever you want. We're just glad you're here. And he comes out and he's like, don't I look ridiculous? And he looked so good. It was insane.


Yeah. His hair is all slicked back and he was like, oh don't I look insane.


And we're like, yeah, like insane fucking hot ass Superman. Yeah.


You just look like the cover of People magazine 1987 Hottest Man of the Year.


The road needs to be an interview with a vampire.


Gosh, what is that?


What do you think that's like if you just can't escape being hot as it is? It is a nightmare.


I don't know for some like what I keep getting cast in recently is like I'm the regular ugly looking friend. And then these super hot guys are right next to me with Liam and Efron.


And it's it has to be so fucking hard to beat those guys because people will not stop staring at them.


Men. Oh, women. Everybody is just looks at them nonstop. I know it was driving them crazy.


It has to do. Do you remember we were like we went to something like NASCAR event and Channing Tatum was there and the way that, like women were treating him was flagrant, like they would follow him and like grab his ass and maybe like like pieces of me that is my butt.


It's so cool, though. Gosh, I wish I was him.


It is crazy. I mean, your guys, his ass is probably get grabbed quite a bit. Blake, you've got a really, really nice you know, you got a nice take.


It took us publicly. Now does it get grabbed. My ass gets grabbed when I'm on the road doing stand up and I do those like meet and greets afterwards, which I guess I'm probably never going to do again because covid.


But when I would do those and you're meeting people after the show, probably within a line of I would cap it at one hundred people on my ass, you get grabbed twenty five times. Wow.


But you do have a fucking duke rotund.


Yeah. It's totally me you got to do Gabala. I got some meet back there.


That's be your booty. Just like to the party. Ten minutes after you. It's still coming. What's up dude? You're I mean do you think it's going to be fair?


Did you get cut out of a Domino's commercial ask. Oh yeah. Oh that was an insane. Oh, that was insane. I forgot all about that.


I booked this Domino's commercial way back in the day. I know I said commercial.


I'm going to let it go. We were going. Yeah, I know. I know you were everywhere. But I had to come back and claim it this commercial.


It was like a big deal, you know, dominos, this could airs nationwide commercial, this could, like, pay for my whole year. This is before workaholics, before anything. When I was just doing commercials and booked it.


I so excited about it. And the whole commercial was I get out of a car.


They have this crane shot that follows me. My ass follows my ass all the way up to the door.


I ring the doorbell and then this talking dog answers the door and I do it.


And the first shot and then like, oh, cut, OK. And through with my peripherals, I see, like, the dominos.


People like losing their literals, Griff's peripherals, peripherals.


How the fuck do you see the peripheral peripheral perens for the people at home. Say the whole.


Yeah you could say Paris. I'm acceptable.


My Paris using the Paris I look over I see the dominos, people freaking out and then they're like the director comes over to me. It's like, hey, can we just untuk the back of your shirt. And I'm like, ok, weird ass can suck the back of my shirt to cover my ass. I kind of see what they're doing now. And then they're like, I'll cut the whole shirt, we just take the whole shirt and then now they're mad at me as if it's my it's like I guess it kind of is my fault just because.


Well I mean come on. I know.


I think it's Dennis's fault. Then your dad's got the donkey. That's where the cheeseburgers go.


And and then there, like, OK, we're going to get him in bigger pants. So then they take half of an afternoon to get me in bigger pants. And then they're like, it was supposed to be a two day shoot. The next day they go, hey, don't even bother coming back.


Why don't even bother coming back. And they had the guy. They're going to do two versions, like an English speaking version and a Spanish speaking version. And then they just had the Spanish guy who could also speak English just double.


Did you see his?


But he obviously had a nice taut taught. But did you see it?


That's insane to me. Like, that's just that's a testament to why Hollywood is just the roughest because.


Yeah, that's it's the hardest. Well, if anything, that ass is relatable. My donkers.


I know that's what's that's what's messed up about it is that like I would see a guy with a dog on TV would be like one Domino's baby.


I'm like that feels real that I don't want this chiseled ass Chris Hemsworth ordering pizza. I want Adam Devine with a donc ordering pizza.


No, he's delivering it. He's delivery. Are you were delivering it? Well, I wasn't ordering. I was a pizza delivery guy. I was. That's OK because I was once a delivery guy. And I know how you sneak slices in the car, bro. I mean, it's all good.


You would eat the pizza from the couple toppings. Yeah. Here and there. You really I mean, I'm serious.


I was also a pizza delivery guy and you have broken code. You are going to hell. That is breaking code.


Well, I mean, I didn't. Come on, guys. Everybody takes a little off topic here. They're Cuban. How dare you listen to him.


Beat me back here. Now, come on.


That is breaking code. They trust you with the pizza. Why don't do it anymore. I don't deliver anymore. So this is like God, just get it off your chest or get it off your chest. I got you.


Do you remember how excited we were for Blake to get his first big national commercial Starbucks commercial? And then we're all like around the TV when it first came on and Blake's like, oh, shit, this is my coworker, here's my commercial.


And I'd get my phone out to record it. And then it doesn't show him the entire commercial except for his hands reaching in to grab like a cup of coffee.


I have had really bad commercial look like, oh, then after that I got a McDonald's commercial. I got cut out of that.


I remember that we made a song that was gorgeous, cut out of a McDonald's commercial. You were moving back to Concord.


Oh, yeah. Going back to the Concord to and from that. So like that's the gift. Yeah. Look what you did there. Yeah.


Hey, Kyle, do you have that song somewhere on one of the hard drives sitting around here? Yeah.


Let's tag the episode if we can find it. Here it is.


Sounds good. Heard the news today. My first McDonald's commercial. Got my hopes so high, but it wasn't worth. Dreams got to die. Moving back to Chicago, leaving L.A., the dust. Can't do it any more. You know that I must move back to. I got to move back. I can't stay in Hollywood. I give up, I tell, yeah, that I'm with. I've given up my dream. I'm sick of this way of living.


I want to start a family. I got move back to. I got kicked out of a McDonald's commercial for. I thought it was Broadway. First, I thought it was. Be. And we're back in the bag. I hope you had a good listen, we all did. Oh, it's so good. That was that right. There is a testament to just keep going no matter how much you're hurt by this business. If you have a dream, keep going.


Just keep going, guys, or take a hint. I don't know. You get cut out of two commercials. You know, it might be time to.


The universe is telling you something. Yeah, that's true. Would have been interesting if you were just left. Yeah. If you're just like, you know what? I'm cut out of two commercials. This isn't from out of here, guys. Dude, I actually like McDonald's. I was like my first major film said I was on and I you know, times are so early that I decided that that would be the first day I ever drank coffee.


Yet I remember. That's probably why you're just like sweating. You're all stinky, you're jittery.


That was the thing is like it takes so long to get called to say I had no sweat experience. So, like, I'm just waiting, just drinking coffee for the first time and hours and hours later, they finally call me to sit and that's when the bottom just drops out of my stomach.


So I'm just like, get in place. I'm like, I got to ship.


I got here as soon as I hit set. I'm like, can I use the bathroom? And they're like, no, I'm like, oh, man, this sucks.


I'm moving back to Concord.


Yeah, I can ship freely. And then we did that one take song and it was just gorgeous. You just let it out. It was rough. Yeah. We just heard it. Yeah we did.


We just heard.


That's the worst when you have to shit and you absolutely can't I, I mean, yeah.


You know we're with authorities. This is the worst. I actually have a story. Do you remember that it was called Dirty Nelmes.


I think Ders came in and saw me there once, way back in the day in Costa Mesa with you and your boy John.


And it's like this shitty little dive bar. It's a cool dive bar.


But I was being called on stage and it was the first time they were I was going to headline and headline was at this bar was like thirty minutes to do stand up.


And I'm pretty nervous and I'm I don't know why I had to shit but I call out to human behavior.


Yeah. Yeah. You had digested biology. Yes.


I think I was nerves and got the nervous poops and I sneezed in a perfect long shot out of my ass, a perfect lock pinched completely into my pants.


And I grabbed it. They're literally bringing me up like this guy.


He's lives in Hollywood. He comes down here to do standup. We like him. Give it up and I'm fishing. This turned out of my pants. I take it out with a bar napkin and stick it in a potted plant, which I'm right next to. I go on stage. I do. Thirty minutes. The show went great.


It was like the best show I've had up to this point. And then I go, guys, to be perfectly honest, I didn't think the show is going to go great because right before the show I shit in that potted plant and people were like, what?


And I go, Hey, go look at that potted plant. Tell me there's not a shit wrapped up in a bar napkin and they're like, there's a shit in here. And then I dropped the microphone as if that's my ending joke. Right. And the place exploded. It was like the best ending bit.


People are like, he's shit in the past. Shit.


They've got to bring that back. That story started very loose butthole and then tight end and tight butthole.


Oh, good, good, good, good.


Did you do your joke where you like lift your leg like you're waving like a person with no arms and legs, just fan you're doki hole and it just shoots out.


No, I've luckily never shat on stage. That would be a true nightmare. Mm hmm. You would have to.


You could you could do it though. You could spin it into something. Moon, I believe in you. Thank you.


You would have to keep going once you're up there. You're not you're not going to get off that stage for now.


You have to the show must go on. And what's up with the integration into the show like that takes? That's some serious stuff that I don't know. Yeah. I mean, first of all, hiding this shit before going on, I think is something that birthed out of necessity. Like you can't just leave the shit in your pants before you go up and absolutely you can't. But the the callback to it and letting the whole room know that there's your poop in that potted plant is something of I don't know.


What is that?


Well, it was the confidence that was built through that half hour right. To where I got a rapport with this audience. And it was it was going great. It was a great show.


And they were fully on board with everything I was doing.


So you just were like, I'm unstoppable. Guys, I got to be honest, it was a great night. I shit. And, you know, just the honesty that I was trying to have with this crowd and just admitting, like, hey, I didn't think it was going to go well because I shit in that potted plant right before getting on stage.


And people were like, what? Why throw a weird lie after he's built this? Rapport with us right now and then I was like, yo, go check that potted plant, someone dead, and he's like, there's a shit in here, but like led you like were you just like, oh, I shouldn't have said that. And then you doubled down, like, were you just so excited about how the thing was going? And you're like, I shit the plant before this and you're like, seriously like you know, it happened so quick.


There was no I think I was still riding the high of the show.


It just kind of popped out like the poop at the beginning. Yeah. It just sort of shot.


I'm still wrapped up on a perfect log. Like even when you pull it out of your underwear, it was still intact.


Yeah, I was informed. Well, at that, you know, this was like this was like two thousand four maybe.


All right. That's when the logs were, like, really happening.


So it's just like this is Chipotle. This is this is pinto black bean bag.


This is when I was shitting perfect log's. Not the spray that I have now, not the mid 30s year old Blaster's.


Yeah. Well, you know, you get old things start to happen when you get old.


No, no, no, no, I, I think I also wore looser fitting jeans at that.


So there was there was room to pull it out in its entirety so to speak. Now I feel like there might be some some streaks coming up.


My, my, my, my back and Butches streak right now, like my two year old, it just goes out the back.


Oh, it's a blowout blowout. Yeah. Oh, wow. That's incredible, dude.


Yeah. That is a fucking story of conquest. I love it.


What's fun about this podcast is we're going to tell each other stories that we might not have told each other or might have told each other so long ago that we forgot.


It's just fun to revisit. That's when I love revisiting. I love Revisited with these guys.


You love watersports, you guys. Hey, leave me alone. This dude is drunk. I love revisiting these stories with you guys. I said it and I said it perfectly and I said it clearly.


The first time is riveting. That's a spoonerism spoonerisms. Or did I say risibly you were about to say riveting, which is the classic spoonerism and it's classic, funniest thing. Classic Spoonerism. What's a spoonerism. Spoonerism is like when you say I'm going to go cut the lawn, you instead you say I'm going to go let the corn, you just switch the, the, the starting consonants or the starting sounds.


That doesn't seem real. Or what I don't like visiting would be exhibiting, you know, like visiting, exhibiting.


I don't think I did that. I think I spoke clearly and precisely because I am able to.


Well you asked a question so I answered it. I mean, it's all good. It's OK. I can see you like, you know, how we all acted in school and why we got to where we are.


What was it called again? Spoonerisms Spoonerism. I know that's what is in question. I was talking about that on this day. Lessel deejay session he was doing the other day because Biz Markie did a spoonerism on a day Lautrec tight and he was what is that called. And I was like Spoonerism. And he was like, I think it's called like I'm not talking to him like live, but I'm just like, Oh, it's Spoonerism. And then he finally figured it out.


Guys at home. I'm glad to share that with you. I like that. Yeah. Hellyeah sounds British, but I like.


Oh yeah. Spoonerisms Rock the very funny fucking nuts nuking Foote's. There's a bumper sticker you go to Spooner's Dunkin Donuts Tuckerman's it's.


Yeah. That, that, that would you say took my sets.


You said what I said. Yeah, it kinda suck my fits those tuck my kids, tuck, tuck my socks.


He's trying to suck my suck my dick.


Is that not Spoonerism? Yes, it is my sense, yes. OK. Yeah I guess that's right. Tuck my says.


Adam, are you writing it down is the fucking bed.


I mean I wasn't, I wasn't thinking about I, I just pulled it out.


I mean, that's just what came to mind bro.


Well I mean, I guess it's never a thing that I've ever said in my life is suck my tits.


So important really. It rolled off your your tongue. So that's another song that Blake and I made, like probably the same night we did the other one. I'm kind of a nasty dude.


I like when a girl sucks on my tits because you were like, if I can't make it in a commercial, maybe I'm not cut out for being a commercial type guy. Maybe I'll go the other way. Maybe I'll just go straight into porno.


So. Yeah, yeah. And like, I went off the fucking back and we're going to play that track for you right now.


I'm kind of a nasty dude. I like when a girl sucks on my tits, I'm kind of a nasty dude. I like when a girl sucks on my tits. I'm kind of a nasty do I like a girls on my tits? I'm kind of a nasty dude. I like women suck. So my tits, I'm kind of a nasty dude and I like it when a girl sucks so much at some kind of a nasty dude. I like it when a girl sucks on my tits.


My tits might look. I'm kind of a nasty dude. I like subtle. I'm kind of a nasty dude. I like women don't sucks on my tits. Oh oh titties. Oh titties. Oh says his tits. I'm kind of a nasty dude. I'm like I want to kill my tits. I'm kind of a nasty dude but like I want to girls so much I'm kind of like dude I like you want to go suck so much. I'm kind of nasty dude.


I want a girl. I just want to talk about fight terms. Oh, today's the deal.


I'm kind of a nasty dude. I like it when a girl sucks on my tits and we're back.


And what time did you like it? Did you enjoy it? Should there be a sequel?


Oh my gosh. Hey, you know what I asked today, guys, I was on Twitter and I said, what is a movie soundtrack that's better than the movie? That it was the soundtrack.


I've got one. I got one, too. I've got one. And this is hard for me to say. OK, you're luck.


Oh, don't know what that great movie.


Please explain. I don't know that soundtrack period. So it's Danny Elfman. That score. That's the score. Oh shit.


My bad ultimate soundtrack, like Judgment Night had a better soundtrack than the movie.


Oh, that's there's tons bones. Snoop Dogg. Come on the movie. Bones. Bones. Yeah. OK. Where he's like the vampire dog.


Oh God is see bones man that movie kicks. Yeah I bones.


Actually the movie might be better because that movie rocks.


Yeah. I went straight to score. I was like, what's that one Swiss army man I was that music is fantastic.


But the movie is just I can't talk about motion picture soundtrack. I mean the latest version of Great a good like that's good.


Those are neck and neck to me. I'm going to say pitch perfect two.


Oh, OK. All right.


That soundtrack is a banger baby. It's weird that we're talking about this because me and Chloe went and got breakfast before this at this little breakfast, but down the street from our house.


And they had to have put it on because they saw me in there. They played the song where one rebel is like rowing across the lake and she's singing to me.


And then I sing back to her the pitch perfect song like As We're in there. And then there the waitresses are like, oh, my God, oh, my God. She's singing.


Is there a pitch perfect song? What is the pitch perfect song?


Yeah, sing it to us. I mean, fuck if I know it's like heaven and hell. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Wait, is this a song that, like previously existed or this is the pitch perfect song.


No, no, no, no. It's from the soundtrack, OK. And you know well that a musical.


So any of the are a lot of it is part of the soundtrack. I don't know. Yeah. Life Aquatic Dope soundtrack. That's good. Yeah.


I guess it's not as good as a soundtrack though. Soundtracks a little bit more memorable than the movie.


That movie Sigge. That's a movie that I think is that movie needed. It was kind of weirdly ahead of its time. Yeah.


I need to watch that shit. Yeah. I think I need to as well. I remember it took me a while to get through it because I couldn't just wasn't grasping onto the characters or the plot really. It was cool though. It was cool. Yeah.


Just the fact they have claymation I'm I'm in Willem Dafoe in Life Aquatic game changer. Got it.


Yeah. So what were some of the better examples.


I haven't looked at anybody's answers but I was just like Judgment Night was one. I'm thinking of other big soundtracks like Bulworth had a decent soundtrack.


Yeah, that's a great answer. Odegaard. I would argue that Brown Sugar had a better soundtrack than the movie. I like the movie. I love the soundtrack.


But this one is controversial. It's a double. There were two discs because the soundtrack was so good. Is the soundtrack to Dazed and Confused better than the movie?


Oh wow. That's interesting. That's a great question. Well, it's it's kind of impossible to separate because especially on that movie, because that movie, the soundtrack pushes the movie along so well and also gets you in the mood for those hot 70s.


James, so is the accompaniment of the visual better or not? That's what I'm saying.


That's the whole I think the soundtrack is better than the movie. Things like that movie is so like it is so relatable. Why what's going on in the flick and what was happening, especially if you watched it when you were like in high school. It's like, yeah, got that movie to do is so hard in high school.


It's too real. Yeah.


Just to, just to smoke weed with your friends and be like, oh man, if only this were the 70s. Yeah right.


We're in the wrong time dude. I remember because of the soundtrack I thought it was older than it was.


I was like whoa when was this made by God. It's just from the thirties. Right. Right. Thirties. It is funny to be like no matter what age you're growing up, you think that time sucks, right? Right.


You know, like no matter what age like we grew up in the mid late 90s is when we were coming of age as as kids to men.


That's a sick man. At the time I was like, this is the worst era in human history, the nineties.


But then now I look back at it and I'm like, God damn phone. I could get myself a snap bracelet and a huffy bicycle. Everything would be OK again.


Yeah, I just wanted crank biscuits and do freakin laps in the pool. Oh.


Uh, Wolfmen.


See, I would have been on board with a little Lepp. Yeah. Yeah. Slipknot's is I don't, I don't know. That being said, Slipknot, I think good workout music.


You're getting a lot of aggression.


I just don't have a lot of Slipknot knowledge. I was like, let me flip on the best of Slipknot. Let me see. What this is about, the best of what? Well, like, you know, the top tracks on Spotify or whatever, are you what are you wearing, a swim cap? No, no swim cap. I'm not even talking my hair back, bro. I'm just putting the goggles on and going for it, hoofing it like these.


It just looks like a little wet rat tail on your back.


Yeah, it's weird having hair this long because I often think there's something in the middle of my back like what is on me.


Oh, it's my hair. Oh my good.


I've never had it this long before. Will you shave your head or what. Shave my head. I was looking at what was I looking. I was watching the YouTube video and somebody had buzzed like the side of their head but left the hair long. And I'm like, well, that's the next step.


I'm going to go Skrillex circa 2010.


Yeah, but you know how back in the day they used to do it where you could put it in a top knot and then it was buzzed all the way around and then it just kind of laid down.


That's the shit. The Baucom. Yeah. It's like a very long ball but a ponytail, but a ponytail up top.


So it high when you let it down, it hides the fact that it's shaved.


I've always wanted to do that. Yes. Yes. That I think would be the next step.


That's that is Skrillex, right. That is Skrillex. But Skrillex only does one side. Oh that's Justin Blake.


Is Skrillex still a D.J. and is you still a popular deejay?


Please explain. Yeah, I think so. Yeah. Skrillex is still out there doing this thing.


Does he have a residency somewhere? Isn't that the end game if you can get that Vegas money for. Yeah, sure. I don't see him on any billboards. Really.


No. Like what happened, he was like the hottest shit I feel for him. But that's that's just J life, right. Yeah. Where it's like you're you're the hottest thing in the world. And then and then all of a sudden some guy comes around with a cooler helmet, hot dog head.


Yeah. Like a hot dog man is is playing the Palladium. So sorry this this person has a regular human voice. Wienerschnitzel got the vibe. We no longer can support him.


I was saying that eventually I believe that Jane at that caliber and that level will evolve into you also are doing magic and illusion.


It's just magician deejay's.


You're making people's money disappear. That's going to be my new my next Disney plus movie. Makes sense.


Magician D.J. Magic D.J.. Yeah, Magic D.J. Camp. That makes so much sense. The drop of a DJ is just like the reveal of a magician.


Yeah. Duns playout. Come on. Yeah, that's awesome. Yeah. Are you going to do that. Blake, please.


Please do those hot dog hair. Yeah. Hot dog head. Right.


It's raining me. Oh my God. Welcome to the barbecue pit. Wow.


Wow. I must be so fun to be a deejay. Actually it also is a prison for sure.


Not if you're the marshmallow head guy though. Right. Because like you can just be anybody. You just collect your check.


Yeah. Or like dead mouse where you're just like I just go to the fucking Whole Foods on Tuesday and I'm chillin.


I presented with Marshmallow. Nice guy. Yeah. He, I was like getting changed into like what I was supposed to wear and then he like took his marshmallow head off and he was like, he was like oh shit. Sorry I didn't see you there. Don't tell anybody. It's just hard to breathe sometimes.


Don't look, don't look, don't look. It's me, Jaleel White. I'm like, fuck that must suck. It's like all hot in there. And he's like, yeah, sorry. I just had to take it off every once in a while. Don't tell anyone.


And I'm like, oh it's OK. Don't tell anyone what. That you're not an actual marshmallow I think.


Right. I think we could all be on board.


You know how back in the day like Gallagher, like there was that whole like he had somebody steal his identity and all that. His brother, his brother, he sold the act to his brother. His twin brother. Yeah. Is there anybody checking the fact that marshmallow is actually marshmallow when he shows up to a gig? Or could he, like, say, I'm working in New York and I also got a gig in California and I also got a gig over in Spain.


And I'm just like creating this franchise, this deejay franchise. I feel like at some point you can Blue Man group it and just just send them everywhere.


Yeah, but I mean, the Internet is is a small place. They'll be able to figure that out pretty quickly where they're like, you can't be in Atlantic City and Reno.


It's like Kaufman and Tony Clifton kind of. But you could flip the the dates and just have three guys and have to only go to a third of the places you're supposed to go. Totally.


I mean, that would be the best until you have to talk to one of your marshmallows and be like, hey, man, you're you're putting on the weight, right? Like, Hey, marshmallow is one hundred and seventy five pounds, you know, he's not two hundred pounds. So you got to hit the treadmill marshmallow.


I feel like these are the kind of conspiracies I'd like to be spending my time on. Like. Yeah. Is there multiple marshmallows.


You got to get off the conspiracy's you're currently on and get on this. Where, where is marshmallow conspiracy.


All right. I was just making a joke. I don't need to be put on a freaking crucifix right now. I'm going.


Oh, I'm not. Hey, you're the one who got so excited about. I just said this would be a good idea.


You pointed the finger at me and I, you know.


Well, sometimes when someone reacts like this, it's because some sort of truth is. Now, what's going on? Oh, yes. Oh, it's also comedy, come on now. Ha ha ha. The world's a stage, right, Kyle?


Kyle, you got to say here. So can we please change the subject? Yeah.


Can we change the subject? Well, I want to say that so much on this podcast.


That's a great call. I forgot about that. That's awesome. That's going to be than the other name of the podcast instead of this is important, which it is, which everything we talk about is all important. It's going to be OK. We change the subject.


Can we change the subject? Can we please change the subject?


It's a real conversation killer or a podcast.


Yeah, because it's like, OK, that's kind of going on a good run there. Yeah.


One of you guys ever feel like you're a little salty about how we sort of just kind of had these dreams as, as kids and then fulfilled our dreams and all of our dreams basically came true to a point past.


And then you see like a 16 year old kid making thirty five dollars million a year making, like, reaction videos on YouTube. And you're like, what? I didn't even know that was possible, playing video games or whatever.


It's out of my control. Do you want to be doing reaction videos for 35 million?


I would like to be doing both, honestly, but I don't think people would give a shit about my reactions.


You can do reaction videos today. You can go and like, you know, now that's the thing.


Is YouTube really? No, there's no, like, famous stars that go to YouTube that are then famous YouTube. It's all like home grown you tubers are then the YouTube stars. Interesting.


I feel I don't feel salty. I feel sad that they're missing out on a craft, you know.


Yeah, I know, but what are you talking about?


They don't give a fuck, you know, they're not listed on a craft. They're about to buy an aircraft carrier. They're fucking killing it. They don't care.


They really don't care. It's the whole goal is money and all that.


They don't want to be like, yeah, maybe. Sure, maybe the goal is money, but maybe they have their craft. It's just not their job. Maybe after they get off from fucking going. Did you hear that song? They go when they fucking play video games because they love that they go fishing. I'll go fishing. Yeah, they just go fishing. They buy big ass boat. If I had to guess, all these kids are just going fishing.


Right. OK, now I understand completely. All right. Good for them. Go chill out.


DayJob catfish for sure. Good for them. I know I would not feel good about myself if I'm like in my forties and I've done the reaction videos for twenty years or whatever, and then people will stop caring about your YouTube videos at a certain age once you're not there. These kids age because you do age out of YouTube, right?


Everyone ages out of everything. Always like people used to be in love with. Look in Motley Crue, not so much anymore. Like every dog has his day. That is true.


But I feel like as an actor or a director or writer, there's much more longevity where like John Goodman, for instance, he's been in the public eye for fucking forty years.


Totally. But that's John good. But I mean, like I like Eastwood, too, like Clint Eastwood still making movies and he's going to be able to make movies until he's he's gone. You know, I wish he would go.


That's that's cool.


I wish that my brother was I would just say, like, if you're looking for longevity, like be a teacher and fellow teacher teachers.


We had this conversation when we were like early YouTube where it's like, do we ride the holidays? Do we get the clicks by riding the holidays? Do we ride the bus? Do we ride the news? And it was always like kind of like, no, we don't want to do that. We want to of course we want the clicks and we want like, you know, to get noticed. But we also need to express ourselves. And that's what I think we had in common.


Now, here's what I would ask our comedy. Here's what I would argue is that you marry the both. You do the best thing about what's current, right? You're.


Oh, man, I don't. YouTube is a different animal, though, like the type of content. The other day I was like diving in on some YouTube videos and I was just going berserk. It was like this super fake ass couple.


I think it was like the Scott family.


I think that's the account dragon go on it, Ragon. And they're like everybody else, like, fuck you, Scott.


Family. Oh, God. I wanted to jump through the damn laptop because it was like I pranked my husband. I pretended to pass out and hurt myself a prank.


But it's obviously both of them are very aware now. It's all scripted, terrible acting. I oh, man.


It's just I don't play those ones where it's like the guy, like, degrading his wife who's like half dressed around the house. He's like, I'm going to go pants my wife. That's what it's just like Bobby.


So weird. Like I really don't know. Takes out his tongue at the camera, like tune in next week and you're like, what is this relationship? I don't know, that's where I'm like something is amiss in society that's just like shared narcissism yet not to get like without unchecked narcissism, too, because they can do it all themselves. Like when you come up through Hollywood, you have this whole group of people that are constantly saying you're not good enough, you're not good enough, you're not good enough.


Checking and balancing the narcissist.


Hollywood's a good at like beating your ego down to a point that it's palpable for society. Right.


Because everybody in order to become a big comic or a big actor, you have to have some sort of ego or else you wouldn't go like, oh, I'm important enough that they should point the camera at me or I'm important enough that I should have the microphone and stand on the stage and people should listen to what I have to say. Right. So you need that ego in order to do it. But then Hollywood coming up through Hollywood is like just a fucking bully that is that beat you down to a point that you have to you get some sort of you realize that, you know, you need to beat your ego back a little bit.




You kind of get grounded a little bit. And then, you know, these people that have the keys to the YouTube and keys to the millions of viewers and whatnot, they don't have that check and balance at all. They're just like I'm the most popular person in my town or wherever, and nobody can really speak to me because I got millions of views.


And here's the other thing I know. I'm just I'm just like, say, I sounded like an old man for sure.


But to that point, the amount I follow, like I'm a huge basketball fan, I follow, like, all these, like, rookies and like second year NBA players that are all like 21 years old.


The amount of grown men that are dancing and filming themselves, doing dances, wearing their fashionable clothes, where they're like nice outfits, but then like doing like little dances by themselves.


Are we talking ticktock? Yeah, sure. It's they're not all ticked off. I mean, they're just they're dancing everywhere. They're not all Tic-Tac dances, but yes, essentially.


And they're like, I understand like being a 14 year old kid and like, hey, girls like that. And they're into that. So I'm going to be into that. But then growing up and that's just the societal shift that like now adult men are like, yeah. Which I guess more power to them. I'm just saying that would have never have flown.


Think about this, though. Think about what you're talking about Hollywood and like how you get beat down or whatever. That's because those were like the gatekeepers, right? Those were like the tastemakers. But these people are saying, like, we're even makers now. Yeah. I mean, let society be the tastemaker they can make.


They can choose what the taste is and maybe the taste of sorry to us. But like the gatekeepers of Hollywood before, also might have not been like the right people for that job. Now, I, I follow anything Harvey Weinstein does.


Oh yes. He's my gatekeeper. And you're constantly saying that and that's cool. And I won't shut up about it.


I see that, Ders. I totally get that. It is cool in a way that like it's like media is becoming more like just before and by the people like that is awesome. It is.


But a lot of people fucking suck. Dave.


Well, they're not one of the main channels to become good. That's why I'm like they're missing out on this craft.


There's been shitty movies, though, back in the day, too. And like those were movies. This is at least people being shitty on the Internet on their own time.


True. True, very true. It's like what's what's the harm in it? Absolutely.


What's the harm? It's it's rotting our children's minds.


That's the whole that's where it becomes a question of parenting. And how much unchecked YouTube time do you let your kid have?


I mean, I've been watching a lot of MTV Classic recently and like the throwback videos from when I was like eight or nine and I cannot believe the shit I was watching.


Oh, man. Really is crazy. Like, made you really horny, like like.


Yeah, I was watching a rump shaker and a very young well I mean but rump shaker is fucking tame compared to whap wet ass pussy total.


Is there a video for WEAP. Oh yeah.


I thought it couldn't get more vulgar like music after like my neck, my back lick my pussy and my crack. But then rap is just what about last year they got.


So you're such a fucking ho. I love it like that. That's pretty. But that's just not really gnarly.


I've got a wet ass pussy that's more gnarly and vulgar than you're such a fucking ho. I love it.


It's just what happens to the human body.


Yeah that's true. It's a reaction. Yeah. I guess I was Meadowvale.


One of them is actually worse.


If dudes have been rapping for however long about how their stroke is and but so like I like go ahead and rap about it like it doesn't.


I don't care if girls want to rap about how good they fuck tight.


Yeah I'm down with that. Sure. But it is making me horny. Oh yeah sure. But I don't want to walk around with a boner in my regular everyday life. Yeah.


When I'm jogging around the lake I'm not trying to. Get a fucking hard on what that's like back in the day, my mom would not let me listen to MTV or watch MTV because of that content. So then I had a battle with fucking censorship my entire life and was like, you know what I mean? So what do you do? What do you do? I don't know.


I think you just let them. I mean, my parents didn't really know I could watch anything.


I could watch any R rated movie and listen to anything. The only real thing that they would stop me was like porno. Like I couldn't like if there was any nudity.


Hey, I got a stop. They are everywhere. But at the roadblock here on hardcore porn, I don't turn it off.


No, but like I like if we're watching a movie and there is like a sex scene and there's nudity, they'd be like, cover your eyes. When I was a kid, they say it. But then meanwhile in Robocop, you know, they could just blast people's heads off. Right. And it could be the most violent thing of all time. And my parents are like, my dad's like, all right. Pretty awesome.


Shot his dick off.


See, that's where the argument for wet ass pussy comes in, because it's like we should be having a conversation about how pussies get wet and that's what goes down. We should not be saying, like, isn't it cool that you can blow people away?


So wait, you would rather I mean, sure, I guess.


But you'd rather have a conversation with your parents about how pussies get wet, wet ass pussies then than watching Terminator with your father?


I'm just saying the cultural shift, that's what's fucked up. I mean, if you approach it the right way, that conversation isn't a hard one to have.


Right? No wet ass pussies. Yes. Yeah. It's with your child that crazy. It's like that's how like caught up a puritanical we are about like. Yeah, we can just be like talking about it. But as far as like someone getting their head blown off and murdered, we're like that shit's tight. Exactly. That's what I'm saying. I know.


Like it's wet because it's cleaning itself. Right. It's if you're joining us, you're joining us now. This is important.


I didn't realize this was a medical podcast that you would know the answer to that if you had this conversation, if you were growing up right now with your forward thinking parents.


I just assume it's about the vaginas. Self-cleaning Cleanseas flushing is flush.


Mommy, the machine itself. Oh, boy. Mommy, I guess you're right. I'd rather just talk about murder, murder, murder, murder.


OK, yeah. See, you'd rather just watch a head to get it exploded.


Daddy, why did he kill that man? Daddy thought ma'am. Food for thought. That is food for thought. Right.


What a fruit for thought was fruit for THC. Am I right Blake. I would like to extend an apology and actually a take back for kind of shitting on your Grateful Dead had a little earlier. I didn't realize you're such a Deadhead now. Thank you. I didn't know you're walking that path. I thought you were just sport and the had as a fashion choice instead of a musical journey that you're going on.


And I would like to apologize and I do appreciate that.


I accept it. You know, I have been walking down the path. It's been my Korona deep dive. I've been a been a Deadhead lately. So thank you. You're welcome. Thank you for acknowledging that.


Any other tape, bags, compliments or apologies? I think we kind of got on your head for saying commercial at one point.


And, you know, we were really on Adam today about some of his vocal slip ups.


And it happens. You know, it happens.


It happens. Maybe that should be the podcast name.


It happens. It happens. You know, a pile right on that and say, Adam, I'd like to actually compliment you for something you did ten years ago. And that was that story that you said where you you called out in front of a room of people that you had pooped in the plant. Yeah. And I don't know another person that would have done that. And I think that that's what makes you special. And I'm proud to be your boy.


Thank you, Kyle. Wow. OK, that one was that one is real. I like that one.


Adam, starting that movement of hashtag. Get ahead of it. Call it out. That's what I'm saying. Hey, I'm leaving by that. You got to get ahead of it. Someone was going to find that poop. I was standing right by that potted plant. They could have brought that on me. I got ahead of it.


I'd like to get ahead of something here and apologize to the listeners at home, in your cars, wherever you might be for referencing the Bulworth soundtrack.


It was just it was a big deal when I was in high school.


Ghetto superstar. That is what you are with my mom.


I don't think I've ever seen the movie. And I just want to get ahead of anybody who says the movie's soundtrack. I barely listen to either. And I've never seen the movie. Yeah, that's good on you, dude.


Yeah, I was going to say something that was smart, very smart. Big of you for admitting that. Yeah. I've seen that movie after you dissed it. Very big, and I just want to thank all the listeners for for tuning in to this important is important. I thought we were all doing at the same time. All right.


There we go. Goodbye. See you next week.