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Democrat Base COLLAPSING As More Quit The Party Over BLM Leftist Riots, Small Towns Join Republicans
8 views 19 days ago

Democrats have become so obsessed with the Twitter universe they forgot real people exist and are tired of the chaos.Democrats embrace of Far Leftist BLM rioters has backfired over and over and now we see more and more often small town Sheriffs, Mayors, and Council members are defecting and joining the Republican party.#WalkAway is real and many of us are tired of the insanity from the far leftists that the Democrats permit.Trump has taken a hard stance and is making moves to shut down the spread of their ideology while Democrats just negotiate and allow it to spread.Support the show (http://timcast.com/donate)

Trump Bans Leftist Ideology From Government In BIGGEST Victory For Conservatives In The Culture War
7 views 20 days ago

Trump has ordered Critical Race Theory and "White Privilege" training banned from federal agencies.These ideas are major underpinnings of the far leftist ideology on race and are a major component of the antifa BLM riots sweeping this country.Democrats have for too long negotiated with, entertained, or outright adopted this fringe and dangerous belief system. Joe Biden has been accused of being a direct line from the Democratic establishment to the far leftists with many Democrats agreeing with the fringe ideology.Support the show (http://timcast.com/donate)

Democrats PANICKING Over Riots Get Saved By Media, Latest Smear Of Trump So INSANE It Can't Be Real
7 views 21 days ago

Smear piece claims that Trump called WW1 vets losers and suckers and questioned why the US fought with the Allies.Claims that are so absurd they can't possibly be real and sure enough other journalists immediately called out the smears as provably false. FOIA Documents prove the story was false, Trump was not able to visit the WW1 cemetery due to bad weather.But of course within hours of the lies coming out smear campaigns were launched as if the tabloid trash from leftist media was true.Joe Biden of course latched on because politics is a dirty game.This all seems like an obvious attempt to shift the narrative away from the urban chaos which was hurting Democrats and helping TrumpSupport the show (http://timcast.com/donate)

Democrats Issue Veiled Threat, Vote For Joe Biden Or Cities Burn, Say They Will NOT Concede To Trump
8 views 22 days ago

The story of the Democrat and Never Trumper war games has finally been published and they say plainly that the only way we get a peaceful transfer of power is if Joe Biden wins in a landslide.The narrative and claims of civil unrest seem to escape logic however. Why would Antifa and the far leftists stop rioting simply because Joe Biden won?In fact Democrats admit that Joe Biden will refuse to concede and Democrats would prefer civil war over Trump winning a second term.Support the show (http://timcast.com/donate)

Democrats Make Panicked Desperate Moves As Polls Favor Trump, SCREAM Law And Order In $45M Ad Run
9 views 23 days ago

Democrats are feeling the pain from supporting the far leftists and now they can't win this battle.The law and order calls are Trump's turf and Biden is desperately making a play to win back ground. In a massive $45M ad run for just one week Biden will blame Trump while screaming Law and order.But Trump has been consistent on law and order and the Democrats have been supportive of BLM.During the DNC Democrats used protest imagery, for them to start walking this back shows they are in full panic mode.Support the show (http://timcast.com/donate)