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Today with Claire Byrne on Radio One, boisterous scenes on Calacanis Main Street on Saturday night have been labelled as disgraceful and irresponsible after footage posted on social media showed crowds congregating and not observing social distancing, to put it mildly.


Well, the former football player and teacher is on the line now to more social. You're very welcome. I know you're on a break here on breaktime from school, isn't that right?


Yeah, there we're on break here, quarter 11 to 11, so glad to be talking. How are you? All right, listen, we won't keep you. I know there's a delay on the line as well. Your reaction to what we saw over the weekend. I swear, I just look at first of all, I'd say I'm not an expert, I'm no expert at all when it comes to this in terms of medical advice or anything. All I can do is give my own experience of what's happening.


And we're all going through a very, very tough time. I'm a teacher. I'm a parent. I'm involved in coaching the year. And look what happened last night. It just makes me kind of angry more than anything else. You know, people compare it and say there's not a huge difference in Deji going back, playing in groups, gathering our schools, going back and groups gathering because we're in a school here where 400 kids come in. But it's not like we'd like at all at all because the effort and time that goes in to see if you get children back into schools.


OK, the time and effort it goes back would call it officers and checking with young people coming back into gear. It's very, very different. Like there is there is tests be made on children every day as they come along into school. They're being checked at home. They're are being sanitized as they're coming to school. It's done safely. And then when you hear of young people wanting to blow off steam and people saying to me that we're only blowing off steam, we all want to blow off steam, there's no issue there.


Even the elderly of the country need to blow off steam. And they're all in a certain way. But we're all talking alone here. We listen to the news in the evening and we actually, you know, we're told what to say if we listen to it, we listen to all the experts tell us what to do and what's safe. And I suppose, like, I know a clarinet or clarinet. Well, I know business owners there. I know bar owners there.


And all the lads are suffering. And I think things can be done safely. And I see things being done safely at my own relations. Have a bar and they do things safely and it can be monitored and done properly. And I just thought the last night what happened on the streets was it just I'm not sure. I'm not sure of the ins and outs. And I wouldn't pretend to know the ins and outs of how it actually happened or I would.


It followed on. But it is totally a fingers up to everybody else who are actually toeing the line and trying to get this out of the country. The last thing you want as a parent or as a teacher myself is to have a situation where you have kildea who are now you can't even open up coffee shops. And this is happening elsewhere around the country. And Kilani are doing a huge effort, I know from. OK, you know, the line is great, and I know TMOS is under pressure, so we let Tomasso go there.


I think we have a good sense of what Thomas thinks about what happened over the weekend. Let's go to Dr. Catherine Mother Way, intensive care physician at University Hospital. Lemrick, Dr. Mulloway, thank you for joining us. I don't know if you heard what Marzak was saying there, but he says it's two fingers up to everybody who is doing what they're asked to do. Do you share that view?


I don't. I do. Not at all. I can understand people's anger, but I think we have to understand the people of this country have been really badly affected by this. And what we need to do and what appeared appeared to have happened. That video did not look in any way, shape or form in compliance with current health guidance is to perhaps continue to try and educate everybody. And that includes our young people. Many of our young people have vulnerable relatives and have actually been obeying all of the restrictions, but they've been very badly affected.


A lot of them have lost jobs because their jobs in the tourist industry, they actually are social beings. And what we need to work out is how we can communicate with people like who were on the streets allegedly in L.A. over the weekend, R&D and other parties around the country that have appeared on social media and try to work out with them and with young leaders how they can meet up safely, how they can be socially connected, be physically distanced and do the best squaring of the core of it in all aspects of their lives, because we're all social human beings.


And we put up here looking at that the perhaps alcohol may have been involved. And alcohol is a wonderful thing. And all of our lives, if taken in excess, will bring our limitations down, will actually let us get our guard down. And generally for the older generation, it's very clear to them what they actually will experience should they get covered for the younger person. I don't think it's as clear to them unless they have an honorable relatives and they can get quite sick with it and obviously can be involved in transmission of the virus.


And the transmission will have the more likely we can all have fun within the guidelines and within the safety bits that are involved that will recognize this microphone. I don't know if you saw it as a video to younger people because it's really hard on them, I think, because, you know, it's when you go out and about, it's when you want to meet people. That's one of the issues. Yeah.


And Michael, Hedera this morning on Morning Ireland, the TD saying that if the pubs were open, the drink would be served in a responsible way by people who have to go before the courts to get their licence. I mean, do you put any store in that argument? All I can remember when the issue is very difficult and I would agree that the vast majority of publicans in this country will, in fact behave responsibly and people do tend to drink alcohol before they think about younger people and people drink at all.


And in my youth know, as I used to go to house parties afterwards, so I can say that I'm a saint. So I think that the pubs are open. They will in fact, I think in the main, you know, be very responsible. But I think NetJets worry, I think, is that alcohol in itself, if consumed in excess, does cause a problem. And I think to be fair to Republicans and to be fair to they have been really badly affected.


And I can understand how scenes like they saw would make them think that perhaps they could do it better and maybe they can. And they need to have a discussion and are having discussions. I no doubt with government about that. But I think alcohol in general is a problem for us all. If we if we don't get to excess tomatoey.


She is back with a doctor, by the way. And I just want to come back to him because I'm conscious that he has to head back and continue his teaching in just a moment. And Thomas, Katherine all the way makes the point that it's been a really tough time for young people for the last six months. And maybe we shouldn't be surprised that they're letting off steam in this way.


Oh, yeah, well, I understand that. And it's not that I'm anti social myself in terms of children and kids and young people have to actually have a source inside. And it is very important. My worry is that you don't know what to do with schools. Something is back in with kids. There were so happy coming back into school. They were so happy getting involved and to get an order of business getting back on board again, my worry is, we're told were advised and angel medical experts were advised that those kind of social gatherings where drinkers is involved and all bets are off in terms of medical advice being undertaken, they wouldn't advise us not to do that.


So if it wasn't going to follow on and we don't want a situation, I don't want a situation where you're trying to teach from home. Our kids are at home and that's social aspect is gone all of our lives. There's elderly people. There's more here than just one certain age group that into the last year. There's a lot of other people that need to be examined as well, and they're trying to find their own way of doing that. Okay.


All right. Tomi's I just want to come back very quickly to Dr. Mulloway, because we need to mention or we should mention that you are not busy enough. You're cycling from Limerick to Cork at the end of this week for the ICU, for you charity.


We are indeed. Well, we're cycling from Limerick to empty, recycled some clerk from Watford and also from Galway and Belfast, all obviously socially distanced and small parts towards the Phoenix Park initially and then perhaps onwards to the College of Anestis on the Mater Hospital in need of a number of charities. And because, again, people affected by the pandemic, we'd like to try and help. They would be breakthrough cancer for cancer patients aware because the mental health of many people has been badly affected by this alone because of the older population, because this pandemic has affected everybody.


And lastly, I see steps for patients who need help in recovering and they can donate ICU for you people who wish to do so.


And thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us. And my thanks also to Tomasso Shah, who's very busy teaching today. More after this quick break.


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