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Today with Claire Byrne on Radio One, the Manchester United captain and England player Harry McGuire has spoken to BBC Sports editor Dan Rohan about his arrest in Greece and the suspended sentence he received now on Wednesday just gone. He lodged an appeal against the verdict. And I'm joined now by Enda Brady of Sky News. But before we speak to ENDA, let's hear a short clip of the interview. Harry Maguire was asked by Dan Rowan, who he owed an apology to.


I don't feel like I owe an apology to anybody. Um, an apology, something when you've done something wrong. Um, do I regret I regret being in this situation. Um, I don't wish it on anybody. Um, obviously, the situation has made it difficult for one of the biggest clubs in the world. So I regret putting the fans and the club through this, but. I did nothing wrong. I found myself in a situation where it could have happened to anybody and anywhere.


That's Harry McGuire there. And Brady, what did you make of the interview?


Really interesting stuff, Claire. I think my first question would be if we were wanting to look at this in a critical fashion, why did none of this get mentioned in court the other day? I mean, the solicitor representing him is one of the top barristers in the whole of Greece. And there was no mention of any of this in in the defense case. So it's really interesting. He's claiming that he didn't know there were police officers, the minibus.


It turns out he was pulled over after about five minutes, having having left the scene of the initial altercation with all of the McGuire friends and family on board. Harry Maguire is claiming that the bus drove for between five and 10 minutes and was then pulled over by a group of what he claims were eight plainclothes men who he couldn't distinguish. They didn't identify themselves as police officers, he claims. And he said the door of the bus was ripped open.


He and a friend were removed from the minibus and made to kneel down. And he said he claims that the police were beating his legs, saying, no more football for you, your career is over. He said he's had his hands in the air. There was an attempt to put a handcuff on him. He feared they were being kidnapped. And he said at that point, he got up and ran. And that is one of the charges that he believes that's where the arrest came from.


So so what he's saying is there was an altercation in this bar where they were, and then they left in the minibus. And that's when they were they were arrested on their way as they after they left. Yes.


Oh, it was the flare up in the bar with over his sister being targeted by a group of Albanian men. He message the mini bus driver to come and get them. The mini bus driver was 20 minutes late. And then the main confab with the police seems to have happened five minutes down the road when they were pulled over. But he's claiming that the police didn't identify themselves, that there were plainclothes and he feared to kidnap.


OK, let's have a listen to another quick clip, because when Dan Rohan put it to him that there would be people who don't believe him, this is what he said.


It doesn't bother me, to be honest. Obviously, I know what happened that night. My my friends and my family know what happened that night and. And that's the main thing, I think the people who are close to the ones who chose and. My conscience is clear, I know exactly what happened that night. Has he done enough? And I mean, what's been the response to the interview?


Well, it's dominating all the headlines here. Everyone's talking about it. I think the question would be, again, I would ask the question why none of this was mentioned in court the other day. But the court case did appear to go ahead at breakneck speed. He's claiming that his lawyer only received documents the night before, that they were all in Greek and had to be translated from Maguire Maguire's back in England and the lawyer is in Greece. So it's difficult.


I mean, he's having his say. We have the new Premier League season due to start on September the 12th. You might have a week off because of the very late way their campaign finished with the Europa League prior to him going on that holiday. So I think this will hang over him for quite some time to come. Obviously, he has had his appeal accepted. That conviction has been quashed because the appeal has been accepted under Greek law. Now we await the new retrial, which could be early 2021.


So I think he had to give this interview. We had to get his version of events out there. But I go back to my original point. You know why if he claims he feared he was being kidnapped and that was why he fled the police, he ran down the end of the road and rang his agents, that's what he's saying, and left messages on a WhatsApp group and was then detained by the police. I mean, why wasn't all this mentioned in court?


And you mentioned the appeal process could take months. Will he be able to play?


Yes. Yes. Or no question of. Yeah, he's Kluber standing behind him. Manchester United are backing him to the hilt. He's been removed from the England squad, obviously, for the forthcoming two fixtures. So it'd be interesting to see if England put them back in the squad now because the conviction has been quashed, awaiting the pending the retrial. He can keep playing. But I mean, there is reputational damage here. The negative headlines hanging over a captain of Manchester United.


And he does point out as well that he claims at no point in the police station did he say, do you know who I am or did he offer money to the police officers?


He said that he believes he claimed that is a fabrication and a good to talk to you, as always, and break from Sky News. More to come on the way after this quick break.


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