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That's the CBD line. That's all right. And with that, let's get this motherfucking party started. Always in the back, he is Jack. What's happening, you bad motherfuckers, Monday morning slingin Dick Feeling Good is the last day of fucking November, this month is told to make for you. Can you fucking still on lockdown? You're on hitless status. What are you going to do? It's fucking Monday. It's a whole new week and you've got a fucking pool.


You got to push fucking forward. Had a great Thanksgiving. It's crazy. This is my first Thanksgiving. Back in Jersey since eighty four, yeah, eighty fucking four, I haven't had a Thanksgiving here, so that's what thirty six fucking years and it was tremendous. I had a great time. Listen. And in California it was great. The weather was great. All that Thanksgiving Day would probably be ninety degrees up and down, but there was nobody that didn't feel it.


Never. You never felt the holidays in California. It was a holiday and you gave your significant other a kiss and you had people over. But it was really tough to feel the holiday if you don't see the fucking seasons change. Like I never even thought about, you know, like we don't give a fuck about leaves a leaves fucking three weeks. We had a great weeks. I couldn't believe one fucking day. And then I told my wife I could borrow the fucking blow and we'll blow it all.


Exactly fucking all that shit with leaves little time like this. As a kid you blow up into the street and you make a little fucking positive, but bring some to that tremendous little. The car comes down boom. It's the bricks we would set. Yeah, we put up every forty fucking feet so you know. Yeah. And sometimes we let you off. The first one would be free, like you'd be expecting to hit a wall and then was just leaves and you go woof.


And you step on it and then we bombard you with the sector wall with the leaves come off, we get dealing with some of this. But once you see all that stuff, the leaves change and you just see the process of it. It just felt like it had a great day. I started out I went to see my one brother whose wife died and went down the Thames River. It was fucking seventy degrees and my life like it was fucking seventy degrees.


At lunchtime when I got down, I brought like this fucking hooded sweatshirt. I take it off. I was sitting outside. I saw this all the way. They raised me for a few years. I got the saw my brother Mike, the brothers, the sister. You know, we sat around for about an hour, but I wasn't eating and we were just going to meet. There is a little mob say hello to each other. Eleven thirty.


We sat there for about eleven thirty to about one fifteen. Just say war stories. My brother was great. God bless him. And I got in the car, I went to Jackson with my other brothers and that's where my wife and daughter were. And we just it was just a fucking great time man. No buddy. Talking about Instagram, nobody talked about fucking audition's. Nobody talked about what you said on Twitter. Nobody nobody mentioned a fucking movie.


Nothing. It was just regular just talk. And that was it. My daughter got bombarded playing with dogs, one of the dogs, not the rover. Every wish when she got a fucking toy and then headed home. I was just telling, like the last three nights would be that the way 10:00 at night, it's been like a fucking different life for us here. That was Thursday on the way home. The Florentines like, whoa, we wait seven thirty when there was still fucking party going on over there.


So it was still nice that that man was still cool. We just played outside. The kids played some ball a little bit. We just the parents talked some shit outside. Some of his brothers was there. And I came home and my wife looked at each other like that was fucking great. That was fucking great. You know, Friday I had to take my daughter to a kickboxing camp from ten to three. She was in kickboxing, which freed me and my wife up with the little lunch because it was our anniversary Wednesday.


We couldn't go anywhere. So we will fight for lunch. People, you know, we drove around, we got hang out. So that was nice. Three o'clock, my fucking daughter, my my wife tells me that, well, she's like, oh, by the way, help you on your own for dinner tonight because we're going out some grill around the corner and find this old Christine for Thanksgiving. The kids. So be that fucking eight o'clock at night.


I was like, Jesus Christ, these guys are doing more than we did then, do more now than we've ever done in our fucking lives.


And Saturday, Sunday, we'll fucking, you know, off the fucking charts to savage how to kick boxing and kick boxing. You have to put a fucking park from the fucking park. We went somewhere else. From there, we met some friends and went to fucking eat. And then from there we went over there. Jenny Florentines brother to watch Jimmy Florentines live show last night. I'm happy that you guys download it. I tweet up the line for you.


We went over there Saturday night to watch that fucking ten o'clock. And then Sunday we went to fucking great adventure to the fucking outdoors with the animals and shit like that. It's a scary situation. It just never stops. But this is how a family lives. You know, usually I'd be getting home on a fucking Sunday. I missed all the Thanksgiving last year. This weekend I was in fucking Miami. And this week coming up with my that was a year ago this Friday when all of you motherfucking bad New Yorkers, New Jersey's and you Brooklyn cocksuckers converted on Powerball.


We sold out two fucking shows. What a difference a year makes. What a difference a year makes. Last week, we'll all get ready for Friday night at town hall, Saturday night at the fucking will. But we were getting fucking ready. Now I'm getting ready for this week. I'm getting ready for maybe the release of some new fucking Christmas movie associated with the movies, the closed. But listen, guys, we've got our fucking house. We've got each other, you know, a lot of people getting covid, so please be careful and take care of yourself.


You know, I listen, everything is avoid your situation anymore because you don't know where the fuck you're going to get it. But if you leave the house, put your fucking mask on. I don't give a fuck. I was listening to houses blown. You know, by the way, thank you for all the support analogy's billion. I blew myself away with the songs. I picked up just A.J., lose that bag because I was fucking brain dead.


I just didn't know how to act. This is my first time ever at the boneyard and I didn't know how to fuck the act. I didn't know if I could go wild, didn't know if I get somebody assholes. I didn't know what I could talk about. So I tried to keep it as loud as I could and that gave me the best songs I could. I couldn't believe they kept Rotten Apple, my fucking Alice in. You know, I pushed I pushed it back.


I listen, I lost the ozone ball. You got a lot, you know, I this dodgy boneyard lithium. I mean, I'm a fucking Sirius XM guy that got Studio 54 octane. I listen to fucking everything. And I wanted to play songs I had never really heard on that before. You know, I've heard so stripped from me before. I haven't heard that magnetism on there before. I haven't heard a lot of the shit that I played on that before.


So listen, a little fucking tap on my back for once, because I think I did. OK, look at the fucking one of these flies off my shoulder here. I still got why I follow these flies the other day, a box in the box. He just flew out of the fucking box. But I love you fucking guys for supporting me. Tonight is the last play at 6:00 p.m. Eastern. So if you want to give me one more little piece of support boneyard at 6:00 p.m. Eastern, you know what I had told me?


Like they told me to play that one in the morning, Saturday, Sunday morning. I get to go out and take a ride. And they my voice is like, what the fuck am I doing out here Sunday morning? So I don't know all the fucking time. Enjoy to be here. Thank you for listening to the whole thing through. Don't just hit three fucking songs and throw my algorithm's all up at once. You put it on that.


Yes. Go through and hear it all the way to the end. Don't fucking embarrass me. But even I was listening to the Ozzy ball in that interview this week with Billy Sharon, I think that's his name. He interviews Ozzy Osborne. They do some pretty fucking great stuff. And they were talking about California and the fires. You know, who the fuck knows? I forget what I was gonna tell you that. But I just want to thank you for supporting me on the high seas boneyard.


It was funny. There was an event that happened this weekend that really made me think about just my life and what made me care how I did. I don't know if I told you motherfuckers I got a thousand stories like Bottommost, two thousand, I can't tell this one, I could tell you no way. A lot of people see me now get a little older than me. Always got me. Wow. You know, it's it's great to see you.


You know, it's great to see you become a man. He goes, all I remember is you with that fucking Jew fro bouncing that fucking ball. And so people to bounce in that fucking ball. Bounce that fucking ball. I love basketball, you know, but I want to get a story out there and a lot of people don't know, and I don't want to make people blame marijuana for everything. I lost my car keys and this whole jerk off will saying, stop smoking pot is ruining your brain.


Shut the fuck up. It's always marijuana. Don't blame marijuana around me. It's not the reason why. A lot of people get confused about me. They think that after my mother died, when I went off the deep end. And I got to tell you something, guys, I disagree with that I was going off the deep end now before my mother died. And that was just a series of events that. I didn't know how to handle them as a young man, but I have to tell me right now.


The Boy Scouts raped me. Nothing like that. I was very fortunate. I was just talking about life as a way of fuckin. You know. I've just shown up on you at. My struggle in my life was the first church. What's happening now was. About me telling my stories. If you look at it in a fuckin micro way. It was me telling me what my story is as a young man trying to grow up and do something about it, that's what the church was about.


OK, with Uncle Joey's joint without a guest, it's basically about the actions I did. Why didn't. You know, let's go and check on these things, because I'm just once I came back to Jersey, I changed. You know, we all change every seven years, we've talked about how we you. We've changed during this pumpkin and. We've changed our views on a couple of things, we've got to see things that we hadn't seen in a long time.


We got to visit things I don't mind. We didn't get to visit a few times. You know, I was talking to Josh Wolf there. Then we're talking about comedy material. And he asked me what I was going to do with my material for March. Was I still doing it? And I told them I was still doing it, but it's not who the fuck I am anymore. He was about a particular bit I was doing, and I'm like I been running a bit lately and Uncle Venis, but it's not who I am anymore, I got to start from scratch again like we thought we were in March.


Would just not the same person. No, I don't give a fuck what you think. Somewhere along the line, we got jaded, I think, all jaded. Oh, hey, that's when something happens, when they lose a little trust towards things. For some people was trust with their employers. For some people, it was a transport system for everybody lost something during this time of year. And we feel a little jaded, like somewhere along the line.


Somebody. Could have done a little better, but, you know, you can't sit there all you point your fingers at fucking people. Sometimes we have to accept what we do and what happens around this and how we respond and how we react. So when I was a kid, I got thrown out of a Catholic school. My mother sat me down. She told me we had two situations on the table. We could do it her way. We could do it my way if we did it.


My way first it was fine, but the first time I slept, I was done, I was have to do it back to her way and that was military tactics that was, you know, getting searched and thousands of other fucking rules that were put in place. I decided to play my own. The first thing I did to me once I had a captive school, what why does everybody, you know, everybody gets their first fucking ass kicking and that's called from a thing called love.


We all get beat up by love. Each one of you people watch list whether you're male or female and kind of the love in some young age and you get the shit knocked down. It doesn't work out well for you at one point or another. You know, I know 90 percent of the people watching this fucking podcast have somewhere along the line, you know, a year off, because that's how far the first heartbreak we've ever had. You know, maybe we cheated on maybe we lied to.


You know, we all watch these fucking romantic comedies and think we're going to show up just like that, splash chicks on the show by the ocean and be a mermaid. And I'm going to fall in love with him for the rest of my life. Little does she tell you that she's got a brother who's a junkie. I fuck. And she used to be a hooker, but her pussy for a while, you know, the other thousand stories.


But that's that's not the point here. The point is here that when I was like in the sixth grade, I fell in love with this fucking girl and. You know, towards the end of the sixth grade. When I first went to McKinley in my first year, I felt very insecure. You know, the only thing that had me a little secure was some Cuban kids in the class, you know, so I felt a little bit more secure.


McKinley Homeland Security fucking levels were completely off. I was a martial artist at the time at that age. And the old thing to the sixth grade, I just my insecurity level for an all time low. And then that summer I started hanging out with these guys and, you know, riding the trains and whatever. And I still have an identity. But from things like they gave me an identity. I had to be the craziest girl a of the crew to obtain any type of identity.


So they started calling me Crazy Kopko, whatever the fuck they were calling me, you know, and I ended up in love with this little young girl. You know, when you're a kid, you fall in love with girls and. At the time, I wasn't as popular as the other kids or whatever. So the girl pulled me aside. As she told me that she couldn't take me during the school year, that she would have to wait till the summer.


That's how stupid I was. That's that's that's just that's what a girl tells you when you I'm to sixth grade. The same girl is the girl at the strip club that tells you to meet her, and that is that the sheriff's over and you go to Daddy's with your three asshole buddies and wait for her. She never shows up. Well, that's the same thing that happened to me at the end of the fuckin seventh grade. She told me that she didn't want to fucking be my girlfriend.


She wasn't ready for a yet. And first of all, just falling in love with the girl, my schoolwork went from A's all the way down to date. I mean, I couldn't focus on anything else but this girl. I couldn't wait to be around her. You know, we don't know we don't know anything about love. So we we we act out what we see in movies. I always showed up with flowers to a house. I had to take a grandma to the movie theaters when I was a fucking kid.


Fuck that bitch. Today I'm going to have take it nobody's grandma to the movie. They sat there with the grandmother in between. How to the whole fucking thing, Bill guys. And then she tells me she doesn't want to be my fucking girlfriend. Then that's some fucking school I did so bad with my grades the whole fucking year, I had to go to some school, but she drove me crazy when he's the only thing. Guys, I got no reason to lie to you guys.


There was no sex involved. If she were to give me a taste of her pussy, but I would have probably blown out of that fucking house. This was just suck it to dry humping. That's how we give a fucking kid. I was. This was just love. I was just in love with it. And the fuck, you know, sixth grade going into seventh grade game. I thought we were going to go to the eighth grade together, but I went back.


You know how bad you feel when you're insecure. You're fucking Spanish. You got like eight strikes again and now you get left back. It was the fucking most humiliating thing in my life. You know what the most humiliating thing about it? It wasn't getting left back. It wasn't her breaking my heart. It was that I was smart. There was no reason to get that back. I was a smart fucking kid, just off the cuff, so how can I get left fucking back?


It was fucking infuriating for me. It was infuriating for me. Thank God they put me in a guy's classroom that his name was John Barrone. You looking, I had to get me out of that left black hole and that broken heart, the only three things I had were music Corradi. A film called Basketball. I fuckin went to Corradi. I listened to some of the music that you guys are getting on the music review right now, the album of the week.


I played basketball like it was coming. I got that girl out of my fucking head one way or another, and I committed my life to fucking basketball. That was a drill you could do to get better. I did it if there was a book you could buy. I fucking did it. I got a list of all the S.E.C. colleges, all my favorite coaches at the time, the coach in North Carolina being smed and the guy from fucking Duke and the guy from Georgia Tech.


And I wrote them on and read the letters and told them to send me that fucking workout's of what their kids were doing in college. And I stuck to that word that I had heard a rumor that Jerry West, before they even started Shaq, 300 fucking free throws and they. Just to get the day started, and that's what I started doing with the spring summer of fucking for if it snowed up, me and my Kirilov buddies would go there with a fuckin ice pick and a shovel and we'd shovel the courts, put fucking out of their own pockets, buy ice, that fuckin shit.


And they put on the fucking ice and we melt the ice and we play basketball with a fucking basketball that the oxygen was frozen and the ball wouldn't even bounce. That's how much I loved fucking basketball. I did everything I could. And then guess what happened in the seventh grade? I had more fucking heartache. We will have all of the seven. We were a fucking doormat of the fucking league. Me, a kid named Chucky McBreen, that head coach at Ramapo State College.


I just spoke to him Thursday days. One of my brothers in life were brothers to the end. His brother Bruce. You know, we played I mean, they taught me everything. Charlie Brown, Scooby, you know, he had gone to booze basketball camp. So he talked me into going to Willis Reed basketball camp, I went to Bulls basketball camp, my mayor, Rob Ford, so we still phone to 40 and 50 years later, I did everything I could.


I went to that eighth grade and our fucking goal was to be at least five and thought it was seven games. So we could be seven games. So we can be fucking four and three. I would be fucking ecstatic. At least we played above 500 ball, but that we could find a fucking coach and a coach wouldn't fucking coaches. So I turned to Mr. Ball. Now, the reason why Mr. Braun is still significant in this story is because Baron and I didn't like each other when I was in Mr.


King was class to the point where the first day of seventh grade they put me in his classroom. Because they they said, you know, if you definitely go to the eighth grade, you sit upstairs with an eighth grade classroom, but if you're going to go into a school in the summer school, you definitely are going to the eighth grade. So you have to sit in the other seventh grade class or you're going to be in next year. Dog for those four hours, he tormented me.


He goes, how is it going to feel sitting next to me every fucking day? I'm going to fucking torture. You blew it over a girl. I was livid. So when I got up to leave, I saw his car keys on the desk with his house keys and a bunch of other keys. I took the fucking car keys and I put him away in the fucking garbage out the dumpster and shit. Two hours later, I'm on my bike, I'm on my block.


Hang out with my friends and I see his Nissan and Toyota car coming up. And he's like, where the fuck are the rest of my keys, you fucking scumbag? You're going to fail. We went at it.


We have an argument on the street, but he is a fucking turns. I go on to the seventh grade, I failed out of summer school. I failed the summer school. So, guys, listen, I was I had people on my fucking phone, I was born to lose and here the whole time this is going on, my mother doesn't know anything about this. I'm keeping this is hush hush as you fucking can at the. That's OK.


Nobody knows nothing about nothing. So now I go to summer school. I hope they're happy because my Balzano crew in his crew has got power up at the school. You know, maybe I could do something for me, help for walking around and playing hooky from summer school to hook up with the girl that broke my heart. How much of an asshole am I? And after four days, they came to me and said, listen, you had more than three absences.


We got to throw you out of summer school, and I might be able I got plans for the to. I'm like, we don't know what kind of plans you got. You can go to summer school. We can't move you forward. I went online, I went to other people and I knew at the township and they were like, you didn't go to summer school. We can't fucking help you. So I still remember walking into Biraj class that day in the seventh grade.


And I'm like, I'm walking into a kid's class. A guys class that fucking hates me for stealing his keys. I might get left back again just out of principle. I might spend my whole life on the set with great. I wanted to have back. And the reason why me and Mr. Brown are still being friends is. He never said nothing about it. Somewhere in his mind, we started from zero. And I didn't know I was fucking just dumb kid, I didn't know where to go in my mind, so I just went along with the fucking flow.


I didn't say much. I did what I had to do. He made a remark at me from time to time. But it was never the way our relationship was before. And then for the grace of God, sort them. I found out that fucking. Yeah, I found out that he in. Listen to Basketball Hall of Fame. So I want to be a great basketball player, but my nemesis. The guy hate the guy that I throw away, the key is the guy that tormented me.


Is in the Basketball Hall of Fame. I found this out in conversation, so I said, fuck this. So I don't want to embarrass him at the school. I didn't want to really pull him over at the school because I didn't really want anybody to know I like this motherfucker. I was still playing it off. I got there like this motherfucker. So I got on a fucking bus. And I shot up the 90th street where he lived at the time.


And have walking down the hill and I took the fucking phone and his address in this phone number from the Yellow Pages. There was no Internet, you have only Yellow Pages. And I hope that person paid the service because back then, either you paid not to be in the book or you paid to be in the book. I don't know. Don't quote me. It doesn't matter. You like Joey. What's a yellow page anyway? That doesn't matter.


He's an old man in the. I actually went to his house like a man. Right, that 12 years old, I knocked on his door, he answered it like. You're the last person that should be on my fucking doorstep. And I was like, Mr. Brown, I want you to teach me about basketball because you have basketball right in front of his house. And he fought and looked at me like. Kid, you got some comparable.


I think somebody upstairs and put on my sneakers is the younger brother, but I'm not Bergen State Championship team, so he came downstairs and right away we just got out of the fundamentals. We went over a bunch of shit. You know, I talked a little bit about college ball, I mean, I talked a little bit about high school ball, you know, I wanted to see what I was getting myself into, but it was just like stand up comedy, you know, like what I look back at my basketball career and how I fucking dug myself.


And it's like, stand up. I got a job at Clunies, a club called Woodsen in Colorado. And I watch and I watch fucking comedy from February that I finally got some balls between my legs and went up on stage on July 19th. So I knocked on this guy's door. He fucking up new basketball and brother, and then I went home and I committed myself to basketball. I did everything I had to do. I lifted fucking weights.


I used to sit on the wall like you put your back against the wall and just sit there distracting my legs. I would run at night at the Kennedy School with a girl named Kathy Moran was still dear friends. We would get together at night and just do cross country fucking running. And I would play basketball eight fucking hours a day in the summers. My days started at eight. I would take my bike and ride up to the fucking projects and take 300 jump shots just like fucking Jerry West.


I mean, I was all fucked and going into the eighth grade, as a matter of fact, the summer of legal and bad grade was seventy seven. I found out about different camp that was going on in Jersey City or stupid superstar basketball camp, and it was run by Bob Hurley, Billy and Danny's fucking father, the guy that fucking brought the early brothers into the fucking world because he called St. Anthony's in Jersey City. So I went down to his camp and that was the week that fucking Elvis Presley died, August of 77.


Who the fuck do you think you're dealing with? And I went down to this camp and in my category, I have outstanding rebound. Listen, guys, that meant more to me. That had taken me out of the fucking shadows of the grave I was in between the Catholic school thing, the fucked and the girl who broke my heart getting left back the fucking Sunday school said, Listen, guys, I tell you about all the good things I ever tell you about the bad things because I didn't want to listen.


If you want a violin, I'll be a violin. I'll sit here hour after hour every week and just play a little bit of all the bad shit that happened. But I just talk to you about the good stuff that happened because we need to know about the bad shit. But it's time that I came out with the bad shit that that. It was bad. It was bad, I think in the end, this is a way before my mom died.


I don't want you guys to see, you know, I did a podcast at that whole thing with them. I'm not OK with who? I do a big time podcast. And what would happen with the videotape, when I saw the opportunity to suck my dick and I met the same chicks my big 20 times, the same retarded chick. It wasn't 20 different, retorted who would suck my dick? You got to be fucking retarded at that time in 97.


But after I said that, I would like believe know we're talking about talking via a podcast and they didn't put it out. No. So I did this fucking podcast with a guy that's a popular guy and, you know, he was trying to blame my life.


My mom's death. Listen, if you want me to sit here and play a violin for you and pay you the reason, I do hope the reason why I stole, the reason why I became a criminal and the reason why I put somebody in a trunk of a car was because of the death of my mother. If you want to buy that, I'll tell you that if that's what you want to buy, that's you. That's the story you've been buying from every fucking hooker.


Well, he has a heart, breaks for every hooker, has a heart breaking story. If you want to buy that story that went downhill after my mother that you buy, you buy that story. But that's a complete bullshit. I never sold it that way. That's a complete bullshit story. I might decline was descending before my mother died, and it was because of the story I'm about to tell you. So everything I did in my life was to be a better basketball player.


On the weekends, I smoked a little bit of pot. I was a fucking top athlete. I went to karate every fucking day. So on top of my basketball, on top of and I delivered newspapers and I fucking went to my mother's ball to help. I would cheer every day. So my days were filled. I would go to basketball, practice the local papers, walk up the hill to my mom's ballpark and then do a 730 karate fucking class.


I've always been a fucking animal. Nothing's ever been handed to me. You've got to work. You got to get out in the fucking loop. So I want the fucking superstar basketball camp, I want on the rebound or the fucking week, and you guys can check this all out this time early, you contact a guy named Jim Haig that I was on his podcast. He's a sportswriter for Jersey Shore from Nordberg in Jersey City. Guy great guy with the St.


Peter's Prep. I think I know all those guys that I want the five star basketball camp. That's how we got camp. That's one of the best camps in the country. I went there with Fairleigh Dickinson University coach Greg Orender. We go back deep motherfuckers. This was a different Joey Kopko because this is way before Stan up. This was way before fucking people got put in the trunk of a car. This is way before his mom died. He became a junkie.


This was just a regular Joe a couple of days trying to fucking make it across. Yeah, I was embedded in the car, my boss Animal House, so the word got out. So that helped me a little bit to get across. But I was earning my stripes on my fucking own. Nobody was giving me dick once. I fucking won the outstanding rebound, that early conjoin, I went to the eighth grade. We will fucking spot on to win it.


It was me, this kid checking McBreen, this kid, Dave Ruiz. I forget who the center was. And we had a kid that just transferred in from New York. His name. He was Dominican. His name was Louis Ananda's. Like I told you about how many times no disrespect since he was the only person with an afro within a ten mile radius. They just gave him the name Louis. Then that was it. And no disrespect, nothing racist.


I don't want to fuck in Black Lives Matter. March on my house. We're talking about nineteen seventy eight. It was a different time in this country. Do you understand me. So relax. Get your fucking put away. Your petition's so fucking right away. Go sign up. Joey said the N-word. I didn't mean it like that. I'm just saying what his nickname was at the time. Louis Hernandez had legs. That was. That was it.


I forgot to take the front row with me, Louis and Dave. That was the two forwards and the center and the two guys with Chamblain, who today is the coach and head coach at Ramapo State College. And this kid by the name of Anthony Balzano. How's that for you? It was just fucking five, we're going to start and I plan was to take that fucking leg and put fucked in September, David Roue shows up and tells us that his father got a job downtown and he's got to transfer to the fucking Kennedy School.


So that ruined our fucking plans. We have no idea. I still love Mr. Barrone column better than Donald right to his face, the classroom. The two months that he had to sit there before he moved, he would just purposely call him Betty. Betty, Betty and Betty tried to say what Betty Benedict. Donald Betty said, Dave was a great kid. God bless my boy. He still lives in the area I haven't spoken to many years.


So Dave Ruiz goes to Catholic school and now it's me. And as I can't remember who we use as a center, and we had fucking Chuckie and Anthony fucking Berzano. And we had a great season. We had a great time. And he ended up going for three. Four and fucking three was a winning record, and here's what happened. First, we have a coach and then he quit Pittaway, I quit because he couldn't pass the background check.


I think they did a background check back then. I think he just raped too many kids in the world having around. I don't I don't fucking know what he did. He was a good guy. He was a great guy. I shouldn't even have thrown that rape joke when he was a great guy. Something happened. He just couldn't get it together. And then we had this guy, Joe, the gentleman who was a racist motherfucker, and we got we got him fired.


There's more to the story we'll touch on the way. There is Shinjo, the German, and then he got fired. And then Mr. Barrone wasn't a coach of the time. He was just a seventh grade teacher. We do this thing where we went outside from high school and he was walking out of high school. He just happened to bump into us while we were out there doing our thing. And we went over some plays, you know? I mean.


There was no basketball rim around, but he just told his players we should do it was plays based on numbers of one to five series, whatever the fuck it was. And we ended up going four and three at the same time to play the same Michael's and see CWO for you. That's why it was shot up to whatever when he died Tommy Heinsohn a couple of weeks ago, he had gone to see the reason I played the same Michael, see who I was because of Tommy Hines and he led the county in scoring but ba ba ba ba ba had options.


I could play for you the say or I could have played for Our Lady of Fadiman, not Bergen, but I would say Mychal's because for a lot of people who know St. Michael's was the same or better fucking whatever the devil, whoever converted the devil out of fucking hell and in other words, he's fucking on goal.


So I had the ball to St Michael's ended up playing. We have a green fucking you know, we had to be like leprechauns or some shit. I don't know what the fuck we want, but it was a great experience. I made great gear and I was being Cura that was being cultured. I was going to be a fucking a great add on to any of the schools I went to. Whether it was going to be North Bergen or whether it was will be St.


Anthony's, you're looking at a guy that was being spoken to to go to St. Anthony's in Jersey City, one of the top high school basketball, 14 schools in the country. You guys could call Dan Hurley, do whatever you want. Everybody knew this was made from North Bergen. They were looking at me, Whitey and Chuckie fucking McBreen. They were looking at us straight. We would get invited to different a few games. I played on the St.


Anthony's, a European and a guy named Randy Johnson. A bunch of us. I mean, everything was looking like I was going to say Mike St. Anthony's, but I knew if I went to St. Anthony's, I wasn't going to lie. I was going to sit the bench. I was going to probably be a pretty good seven to six man, maybe an eighth guy, but I wasn't going to start that down from all over the fucking state.


I decided just to go not very long since that place is great for my resume. But my hasn't produced any pictures of any of my cousins being over six feet. So before my mother produces one of those pictures of one of my cousins that I was six feet, but she kept telling my dad was six foot four, so that six foot four before he died, you got a chance at this basketball. But I want to see pictures of all the cousins that were over six feet.


And she of. So I end up going to Canada, had a good night. I am now in depression five and a half. I was lanky but I could do something a lot of people couldn't do. I could fucking rebound. I read that on 30th Street basketball court was not a 10 foot court, he was nine feet, 10 inches. It was missing two inches to be a complete 10 foot court. And that was just missing slam dunking.


And that's how high up a jumper I was. I had worked on my legs so much. I got a bicycle. I would put the basketball in between the front tire and that little space, and I would power up my nose 20 times. I would walk around with parking spots around my ankles. Then one of the worst things you could wear, those weights you wear with your ankles, I would run with those things. They separate the front of the fucking knee from the knee.


That's what they told this, that who gives a fuck? I was like some problem, whatever the fuck. Some fucking trained. I'm not a trainer. I'm just telling you what they told me. But I actually did all those things. I worked really fucking hard. Now, that eighth grade basketball was fucking done. My science was on freshman year. I was going to not Bergen, and I was fucking startled and I was going to start my four years and I was going to go to a great college, I had inspiration's up the ass.


I had a kid named Michael Korman in Jersey City who started not went, not played, not fucking wore. T shirt started for North Carolina. The Tar Heels started his freshman year. I had a fucking beat that all of fuck starts at North Carolina their freshman year, Michael Jordan, that's who started. But another guy, Michael Cornerman. Michael, somebody got hurt in the middle of the season or started playing as a freshman and they fucking made him play at a fucking stadium and then the NCAA finals against you and Alvey, he fucking scored 30 points or something like that against fuckin I forgot the guy.


He was a great basketball player. He could shoot 40 foot. I swear to God, this guy could make 30 footers was shot. But ten years ago, he tried to shoot himself with a twenty two. He played this hard. He missed. What good are you said you believe this shit. His name was Glenn Gonzaga. He played for the Knicks. He was six foot five white guy. Tough enough that I give him and his whole family props.


They will. Out of Boulder, Colorado. That's how small. That's how small. My fucking circle runs my Jimmy. Right. And he was out of fucking Colorado. I fucking, you know, respect him, whatever. But anyway, my whole career started, so my career already had an outlook and had a goal. I didn't know anything about goals that I'm not going to stay. I was writing goals back when I was right. No fucking goals.


My goal was to go to high school. Starting my freshman year. Play varsity my sophomore year, not start, hopefully start, this is very embarrassing to tell you guys this, but this is my plan to start my junior year. Stop my city, Bill County, and hopefully end up going to a Division one school that was my that would have kept my mom walking my path, that would have kept everybody off my dad. The problem was I would have started my mom, my senior year, my junior year, and I was going to graduate and something must have happened.


I would have had to come up with a lie because my mother had never known that had got left back. I didn't have the balls to. It would have broken on the inside. My mother knew I was smart and that I knew I was smarter than that. But because I didn't know the fucking system, I got fucking knocked back. So everything I had in me was headed. That was the plan. Freshman year start sophomore year start boy I play varsity, not start knock on wood.


If I was that good, I'd love to start my sophomore year. The thing you got is nothing but up. And then junior and senior year all county on state and I could have be by myself checking your brain. Why do you have all gone to Division One schools? That was the fucking plan, OK. Towards the end of my fuckin eighth grade year. Our dear friend and shooting God Happy Balzano died, that deflated me a little bit.


I still continue to play. I wore my fuckin wristbands with his numbers in whatever number he was in on this one that was dirty to that cocksucker, Big Charlie service number before I could do it and. I rocking my whole eighth grade son. That's all I did. No girlfriends. A little bit of relief. I play basketball every fucking day, and if I went up to university, to my mom's ball, I did whatever the fuck I had to do about that.


But I also want to go and play basketball in the city. That was the basketball court. That's what good basketball plays fucking went at that time. I was also going to Hoboken, the Fourth Street Park, taking my ass down there where there was some open and shit. Two guys, one guy was going to Boston. I did everything I could to prepare for freshman year, not to have any problems. I didn't want any fucking browns. I was starting my freshman year with no fucking assholes.


Freshman comes from freshman year, comes along schools, but. I go up there, they push me to play football. You got to do something, you got to do something to go into the. Basketball is your best bet, is to play football. Because of the defensive coaches is the head basketball coach, and if you going that way, you get the fuck and talk to him that way. And now by the time basketball season comes, it'll know you and you'll be a basketball player.


That was an option for. That was an option for him, but you know what, I wasn't a football player, I was a basketball player. I trained hard and worked hard to be a fucking basketball player. And that's all I wanted to fucking do. So instead of playing football, you're ready for this one. Grab your seats, Cocksuckers. Sit down. I ran cross country track.


They gave me sneakers, some red fucking sweat suits. And it made me go to Hudson County Park at first and tried to make me a hybrid, but because I could jump really well, but my speed wasn't any good. I was always quick, not fast. Big difference. Being quick and being fast is two different fucking things. Some people could do a four point three fucking forty. I can't take nearly two years to do a four, but can I get that location a certain amount of time.


You bet your ass so I get the freshman year. They want me to play fucking basketball. I want to suck my dick football. I tell them to suck my dick. I'm going to be a basketball player. I lifted weights. I did everything I could. I come November 15th, I thought to try it out for basketball. Everything I made the team, my name was on the list. I'm looking at the fucking they a couple week, I mean, the coach's name was Dan Reardon and he was a good basketball coach.


He opened up the focusing on defense for the first two weeks of practice, you did not touch a ball. You express. You did fuck great and you did more French, you did guerrilla drills, that's where you fucking walk around in the bureau practicing your defense. And we worked on cutting off fucking baselines, cutting off passing lines, cutting off running lines, cutting off all routes. That's what we focused on to me. I can handle what I can do, whatever the fuck you wanted me to do.


I was agile. I was quick. You know, I could shoot, I could rebound. I fucking heart, you know, I thought I had a heart. Well, you know what? After the first three or four weeks. We started putting the four campaigns together. And I was to start. What do you say? I was on the third team of reserves. I was the star that wasn't on the second plane. I was on the third game reserve.


It was. Yeah, I've been hurt over the left back. Yes, I've been brokenhearted by the girl. Yes, you know, I had other things that were not working out for me as a young teenager, but not to fucking start when I could wipe my ass with everybody else on that fucking court. I mean, that was worlds amongst those other guys in that fucking court, except for Chuck E. Whitey, only we all knew together everybody else I could run with and fucking jump higher than I had more balls with.


This guy wouldn't say it. I thought he wanted me to hurt him. I'm not learning anything. I'll stick it out two or three more weeks by the time the Christmas tournament starts, I'll be starting. It was a question that told me that even playing the fucking game. I mean, it was a game I would just dress up and not get put in. You have no idea how hard I had. The fog in Florida I was going through and the fucking embarrassment was fucking painful, Jack.


People come up to me. What the fuck is going on? Why isn't this guy starting here? And every time somebody would ask me that, it would fucking bear me into a. A fucking deep affection. I ended up, you know, this basketball season. Started at. In November of 78 and we were done by probably January seventy nine. And that was Don. I was fucking heartbroken. I didn't know what to say. I didn't know how to face my friends.


I didn't know how to face the coaches. I didn't know how to face myself, you know. It affected me so much. That I want to add up to basketball, I quit karate. I quit karate. February 19th, 1979. On my fucking birthday. And I put Corradi because I wanted to do drugs. See, with the people site that what we got once, maybe twice a week, we did a couple fucking joints busted out the same, but then with Corradi they were more nerd's.


We were going to try to do shit like that on the weekends. We never really fuckin got high. The pain from that basketball, from that coach Danny really and from what I had just experienced was just too much. It was really a stag party, and shortly after that, this was February. Sunday night, I had the number on my birthday for five thousand bucks and within two weeks I got into the drug business. I was selling a lot of weed, a little less than a little acid.


By the summertime time I was doing Piazzi Crystal seventy-nine and. You know, mother ended up dying that November of 79, and I never really. Got back into basketball after that, and it's always been a heartbreak of mine and this weekend. You know, I have to that my friend Bobby, this house and mother, you know, his mother in law was like, oh, I'm going to be you is this is a kid with an afro and a fucking basketball and was like, wow.


And then to top it off. Sunday, yesterday, I got a text, got a text message, an e-mail from a friend of mine in Florida that said he had lost my number and he had just gotten an e-mail from a friend of mine on what page? Something. And that he wanted to reconnect with me to give him a call. I was really excited. I had wondered about this guy I've lost. Point is the information we have spoken about seven years.


And when I called him back, he goes, the reason I was calling, he was he goes, I went to a pool, Franky. And I bumped into a kid and we started talking. And the kid sounded like you. He knows he was from. You didn't see something like that. He told me what the kids, you know, his name was Rudy or whatever. And he goes, we didn't talk about he goes to the kids, said they were talking and he said that he knew me for the last couple of years and basketball, but the kid really said, no, I know him since he's a fucking kid.


And he goes to a lot of people don't know about Joey Diaz, a lot of people don't know was that he was a really, really, really good ballplayer, really. He could have gone to college. He could have done great, but. The powers that be the coach is far from that, yeah. The coaches just did that coach was between you and I. I always knew that, coach. I always knew he didn't like and I pulled him over a couple of times and tried to talk to him and he would always make some snide remarks.


And after my mother died, I wanted to fuck and I wanted to fucking kill him. You know, I was like, fuck going to go back and knock the fuck to do whatever the fuck it is. I'm going to do that. And I remember when I came back here in 91. I drove by the bar where he used to hang out and I thought it was time to go in there and fuck them up a little bit for what he had done, but.


He didn't do anything. It was me who did it to myself by that fucking. I was a good player, but I wasn't the best player. I wasn't a good defensive player. I will always let you pass me and try to steal the ball from here on the side. Yeah. Yadda, yadda, yadda, yadda, yadda. Fucking bullshit was. It eat away at me for years, then my mother's death happened then. That basketball should eat away at me.


And there was only one for redemption. And that redemption came on July 16, 1991. That was a bad guy on stage. That was the only chance I had to redeem myself. So all those years, I thought the pain of me getting I was about my mother and it was about my father and it was about the situation. And I was blaming the world for all my problems. And I was fucking not taking responsibility for my actions. And in my world, it was always somebody else's fault.


And that situation was Reagan's fault. And because of that, he's going to die and I'm going to hit him with a stick or I'm going to get people to of him. All these reasons why. No. They all came to me when I walked off that stage July 16, 1991. But I thought it was going to do this, I was going to commit to it the same way I was going to commit to the way I did basketball, but this time I wasn't going to let nobody control my fate that were going to be no motherfucking coaches, which I was going to be the fucking coach.


I was going to be the commander, the Captain Kirk of the Enterprise. And this is why this happened, is comedy. I've had enough time to think about this. And this kid this weekend was the final piece in that puzzle. You know, I've had a lot of time to reflect on shit here. You know, I know what Thomas is going through right now. I'm having a hard time that financially they're having a hard time what their life used to be and what their life.


Watch me while I kiss that fucking comedy store goodbye. In August, I knew it was probably the last time I would see the building. My say they're not saying anything like that. What I'm saying is, I guess that whole part of my life. Goodbye. I take it back to the lesson I learned when I was 13 or 14 about politics, something. You don't quit something. Because somebody puts a lid on you. You quickly, it's your turn to call it what it should be when you're you get the job that you've done.


That's when you fucking quit. I quit. I quit basketball because the pieces didn't go my fucking Joey's way. So he's going to fag out as usual and fucking quit. Thank God I didn't have the same. Pushiness when I got in the fucking car, I don't know. Let me tell you guys the story today. I feel that people, you know, and weird places the holidays are here. It's going to make you think about your future.


And it's going to make you think about what things you want to do. You look at the job you have now and you've seen how secure it is to have a future doing this. Am I going to be replaced? Is covered going to keep campaigning? This is all things you've got to think about. And this is what I thought about. This whole thing was what helped me, what made me the like I was today. Or what I'm doing today would would still keeping me relevant, was it the funniness and all the shit?


It was the lesson I learned about quitting as a 15 year old. You never quit nothing. Especially when you have that much passion for something. You never quit nothing. You never let something get in the way between you and your fucking dream. What your mission is. Fuck that shit. I just want to let you know, because I know about people having the hard times now and sometimes listen. I can probably afford a psychiatrist, but I'm not going to go see a psychiatrist right now, these next few months.


It's not going to be about. This that's going to be about your mental health. It's going to be by him. Trust me, another down in California, not a lockdown across the country. No people those people are still trying to get unemployment while blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You still got to push forward every day. And most importantly, you can't quit. You can't quit at a level it's not your show that makes you quit.


Not your name for me.


I told you I quit basketball because I had a lung infection and I couldn't run anymore. I didn't quit because no fucking lung infection. I quit because I was a fucking pussy and I left some follow me down. Don't ever, ever, ever, ever in this life let something hold you to fuck down. You understand me? You push forward. I'm happy so much today. But I got to tell you that story because it was on my chest for a long time and I finally put that one piece together, the element that was missing, which was me quitting basketball that stayed with me for the rest of my fucking life.


That's why comedy, as hard as I thought and did by me because of me quitting basketball, never quit, Dick. Look at it, analyze it, realize it. See for me. I'm five foot 11 by chance to make the NBA. But that wasn't the side. That was me decide my decision was to keep pushing until they tell me no and even then. Even then even then, I was just watching a football game, maybe Thanksgiving somewhere where they were talking about a guy who got drafted, he got hurt.


He was loaded shelves in the supermarket and somebody gave him a fucking shot. Yeah, somebody will give you a shot, but you got to earn that shot. It's not like somebody is going to walk into a bar and go, you the most handsome guy on the scene in the picture. My next Hollywood fucking drama. I wish it happened that way, but it fucking doesn't fit the lesson today, Monday, November 30th is don't quit. Don't fucking quit not to keep going.


And if you do quit, it's going to live with you forever. That that quitting at the age of 14, that irked at me for 14 fucking years to like down on stage and you get eaten away is something I knew about. Things were eating away at me, my mother's dad, you know, me being a dumb fuck the drugs. But it all started by me quitting basketball. That's what really started. It wasn't my mother's dad. It was I could tell you a bunch of fucking lies.


It was not that it was me quitting, that it was against my beliefs. It's against who the fuck I am either way, here for the rest of your fucking life, if there's something you want to go back to or something, you know, you get wise. I don't want you to be in a band or more. You get you know, people tell you you are whatever you want to go fuck themselves. I want you to play.


I want you to do what you put on this planet to fucking do. You know, if you want to train monkeys, but there's no money that your wife makes you keep your job down the circuit, you want to go train fucking monkeys because that's what you promised to do. And with that, I leave you. Don't forget tonight, 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time, three o'clock in California, 2:00 in the fuckin Colorado. Ozzies Boneyard, Sirius XM Channel.


Thirty eight. Number two, I want to thank you guys all for supporting me on Patriot. You guys are phenomenal. We got another video coming up this week, the album of the week. And we also got a little Reefer Product Review coming out and saying a couple little podcasts, I think over that. We have a good time over that patient, but not just stay with me and Uncle Joey. I'm starting to get my fuckin. Voice back I'm starting to get my mind back, everything is working all at once, the alpha brain, the CBD line, everything is working all at once.


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