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You are listening to Uncommon Women on that podcast. Imagine you're a woman who earns very little, doesn't have a roof over her head, but wants a small loan to buy a plastic sheet to keep her family dry from the rains. No bank will give her such a loan. What does she do? Or imagine you're a woman living in a small village, working 10 hours to earn just 10 to 15 rupees a day. And you want to save that money to run your house.


But you have a husband who is a drunk and comes and takes it all away. How do you keep your hard earned money safe? When I saw these kinds of problems faced by poor village women, she decided to set up India's first rural women's bank. Hello and welcome to Uncommon Women. I am your host, Gayatri Runga Charikar, and I bring you inspiring stories of women breaking barriers to make the world a better place. Just society. But love to hear him.


Over the years, I've met and interviewed some extraordinary figures. Among them is China, whose motto Never provide for solutions to poor people should be memorized by all of humanity. Describing herself as an activist, a farmer and a banker, China has enabled ordinary women to do extraordinary things in this episode. Humza in her Nakumatt Kakizaki in nineteen ninety seven she set up Mondy she Mahila Sakari Bank, the Hindustan Miss. Upsy bank they created for and by rural women to get a co-operative banking licence from the Reserve Bank.


Today, the bank has one hundred and ten thousand account holders, has loaned over 50 million dollars Yanakie Jato crore rupiah and regularly creates new financial products to support the needs of small businesses run by women. Jade now also runs the Mundy's She Foundation, which started the first business schools for rural women and which oversees water conservation projects, cattle camps, a community radio, a chamber of commerce and a sports program that has produced Olympic level athlete Mundy's. She has supported nearly five black women.


Gina has won numerous awards, including the Norrish of the Proscar, India's highest civilian honor for women or ecology's each Imparja be able to have after hearing straighteners story and the stories of the women who have been hit by Monday, she opko a good year. Sakaguchi Corsetti had to make money. If they can do it, why can't they cheat now? Hello and welcome. It's an honor to have you with us. Hi guys.


It's actually an honor for me sitting in my spot and talking to you and yeah, I'll be sharing experiences with you right to actually map we able to is upset.


Palicki you know a gown made at the home. Of course you were born and brought up in Mumbai and then you move to a small village with no running water and no toilet permit is given to me. But this year, because I don't think so many of us who have grown up like that in the big city can move to a small place in a small village and then undergo these kinds of inconveniences.


So Gayatri, actually, I many of these so challenging that you may as well basically go inside and tell them what sort of mechanical your coffee ha like by Congress, droughty or arbitrary situation that she has. But would that even look, I see 60 70 percent male population challenge think just that that top domestic uzelac in Myanmar. Maybe we maybe need to let married up to twenty undergraduate program university university to SWAT. You a nineteen seventy nine. The Education out of humans famous non's Gandhian love universities.


No pneuma million people thought subgenera universities, 50 or more students for coffee organized Garfield India is taking this figure. I'm really liking me. I see young liberal dolmades. I remember how seriously three. I was really attracted to it. And in that fashion they joined the movement and I became a part of the movement and they started moving in rural India. During that time. I was going to be hot then in the Maharashtra, but beyond me land struggle me used to make coffee differently or make that it is important to irrigate postgraduation, make nomics, make that or not.


Political lectures, it means remain to be looked at that we will miss with. But that's about it. In fact, told us on exactly situation tables in the room did my best to me, I did my best. Maybe I'm just very lucky me. Mundy's just totally stick me here. Why don't you? Moratti done with the Lundi. She was saying you guys are nomadic tribes that have gotten jobs that most of the populations are. So she does.


Yeah, but I can do this with under a minute to get there. But it's not just like them on a lot of people, but because of the drought, the migration, the nomadic traditions are very common here. Too many. I have to be married, but we just you know, we had some training to be Ambulante. Or would you have done this? Thought he or my ex Prime Minister Jebril Andolan city. To some people, they like to manage that.


So I also became a part of that. But at the end of May. Well, really, I mean, it was, of course, but you could pull the crowd and in that direction I decided I'm going to marry this man.


Now, I want to ask you, you turned your back on the big city. You move to this small village, you don't even have access to a toilet. And then through that, you were able to galvanize the people around you. And then you started Monday. She tell us about Mondays. She or you can see who who started you on this journey today.


It was very interesting that we got movement to not do what you but don't get the line that the Tea Party in the elected city nonproblem then go and fight with elected city person, I think. Loubani But even the forty five times load shedding light and actually thinking that lightning is bombing block Shanti W.G. Laghi again, I use that same tactics, but one will be illegal. Will flash flooding lightning and then sublinear electricity to do 50. But if you cannot provide you leave this village, you see coffee and then that was the problem was solved.


Electricity be exposed like Millgate. But you say you will get my with no confidence. I get beat. You look together we can you submit a team to the baker in my head. You'll be here. We'll blacksmith got the business. Got the or would step up. Newfane family case are threatening to keep me. I'll just let them me keep me company. Shifman we'll make it by saying I'll sneak a hot hit man. Maybe they but I'm not.


Or to they got to get the bank. We don't think the bank will do that later. You will fire to me. I said let that the best, the best unit. So I said let's go, let's go to the different banks. And back then we had three banks actually here. And I'm Luke Burbank. We do what bank may get to be that manager said that, you know, she's telling saving three to five employees. She is brought in to open an account with the police.


She wants to see three and five rupees dema. She's not an affordable client for us. I felt comfortable not asking. And she's neither asking loan to the bank. She's not asking any subsidy or grant to the government. What she's asking is a safe place to save all the money. That's it. And she has all the right for that. And we don't look at the name of the bank. I just see my local. They put the back.


Shouldn't be on my way. I don't see many Deputy Governor SailPoint mentality Zupanc them and they got me. I don't know any God damn you crazy bastard. What are you thinking? But I said that this was the situation. This is a situation. Nice office. He said that. Why don't you go there? He said there is a department of corporate banking department where there is a window open for women. This is that the Reserve Bank of India.


Yeah. I went to that department and I found out and it was interesting to see that exactly at that time these guys had set up an associate Moratti committee to find out that why women in this country are not being banned. The report had suggested that they should allow some women to come up. And so the Reserve Bank had taken a decision that we need. You are licensing the song Women's Cooperative Bank, and they found out even Ciba was formed.


And I knew 11 or 12 Ebele because she was also from Mumbai. We got together in that organization and she actually was a mentor. She told me that you should go ahead with it. And then I decided that we applied for the banking license. I gathered all the information we put. We did organize the proposal and applied for the banking license when we gave the proposal. Nearly twelve hundred women had bought the shares and everything in the proposal. Well, you have to give the details of promoting members.


What are they doing? Their business education. When it came to education, it was there was no education then and there in place of basic needs to be had. The information on that ground actually so said we cannot issue a license to the bank was promoting. Members are not linked to it. And the license was rejected. I was just I was devastated during with us coming here on the Savvy and coming back in the bus man, I was I was being a minority on my license that we won't be able to get it because the reason they said was that I'm the one promoting the magazine on YouTube.


You know what women said? They said that the license has been rejected. That is not business. Why are you crying? We don't need to read it. Right. So we will learn to read and write from today itself. And we were so excited to add them that they not buy a lot of mail, which can we make. And like that telephone on the wall, obviously to right at the open sea. Oh yeah. That that it could get messy.


Security already got some solution, but I had to make the most of us would want to elope from village to village and organize these classes. And then, you know, that became a sort of very interesting and very enjoyable and maybe empowering exercise for me. On the plus side, my local Cicconetti on quantitative calculator, calculating the global ethic. And I saw that, you know, they people like very confident. So after five months, we decided to was application getting it and then we applied again.


But at that time, I didn't want to leave in seventeen women. They need me to come to some appointment and a little angry at the committee sergeant. My ninety or my line subcommittee. Not me not to get a dog though. I would pick somebody to pull that carpet. And then with the Reserve Bank may I delegation. I only woke up barely audible during the security guard out the door. It's so interesting. He is something that I started speaking in English with security guard and said, no, no, we have an appointment with the officer.


You get go and check. So he was done and then he found out that, yes, we have an appointment. An officer said that let them come in. And so we went inside, we went in escaping and then Mahmudi Miletto, as soon as they got in and they took a seat, then they started saying that, you know, that you rejected the license because we could not treat them right. But we are not responsible for that.


When we were growing in the villages, there were no schools. It's it's not sticky. It's not. Yeah, it's not the fault. And then they said that we cannot read and write, but we can go and I'm going to sit here and be challenged. Officer, failing that, tell us to calculate the interest of any principal amount I make. Boy, we move the figure to get at the mother who's the bad bully. If you fail in calculating that the interest of principal amount going to shoot the license for the bank.


But tell your officers to do it without conflict and see who can filibuster's. You know, you can see, right, that I was maybe how my voice has changed every time, I must have shared the story a thousand thousand times, but every time I share it, I get more than I mean, the humility comes in that these women who have never been to school, they tried so hard to learn and read and to write and found and everything, and they prepared not only because they were so sure and they said that, you know, I put my license to the key company to push me to open up.


I said, darling, you set me up, make me like you got to come up to, must be. And it went on for more than one hour. And then I came back. I thought, we are not getting the license. But one day I get the message from post office and the postman tells me that there is a telegram from Reserve Bank of India for you. I was so surprised. And at that time we also had this trouble call.


Right. So the message from post office that Reserve Bank is bucking the trend for the last three days for you. I said, OK, I picked up the phone and the Reserve Bank said that may not be able to shoot the license. And this is the first bank we have, send the license by post and we have sent all the details. It was just as surprising for me. I would just see that, you know, it's very interesting that how people's confidence can give you confidence but can make things possible, which you would have never thought too many to be.


So that I agree he is the biggest bank to do that by making jumbo license. Millo on many of my local, they were like, you know, wouldn't any of you that have bought Matsakis that will one day look shares that the equity market and share capital member capital to local government that explains everything every day license I get to communicate with to get to the simplicity of the kind of thing. And then they were like, best dolmades. You will be in Main Street when he malinga it has to have two entrance and exit through two doors and you are free to allow two people to buy local.


But then I got somebody on my head and told me that when would you buy a ticket to the final state of Vienna to Hollywood Boulevard during final assembly, still without our permission. And I had no idea why they're saying it like that. When we decided when we were finalizing the police, they said that we check out the Razavi will not tell you. You may be to market me. I'm the only generality late getting only got to be tasty or not.


I want to thank you. Once you see my mingering to watch my little brother to I to do so. It was very different. Obviously that night. Nitya thought is unique, energetic in my killing. You get Benchellali so very fussy. What forcefully get you. We will have computerized bring up see how might have some operations computerise. They motivated me and this was in nineteen ninety seven.


Japan does not make computers do it. These are the prevalent beneath that. I'm looking at the basis of which Gotabaya I've done with this fundamentally and she was any savvy parliamentarian. When was the finance chairman of Planning Commission of India at the the and I was my professor in political department in university. So she said I will come and study today. You will get to keep with me. There were so many people, particularly MPC Member of Parliament, will only be up like that.


You got to get the licence. Well, what's in my local political local political leaders, me, you got me Appro Inauguration Programme Mygind. They were not a loving God gossip tsubaki milah. They like what they called my name but thank you. So why so. But but it happens that we in fact did not to Governor Bradley, didn't you see how many local political leaders without. My income was up Ségolène up in me subsidiary, but the gap is equal confidence, Blake and I had to look at Gap going to see the in my life.


I can get have to tell you what, the bank is a very important institution, number one, two, three digit. Politically, this deal will be license. Get my loving license number two, which is a sort of intimidating I've told you to give me give because it was like, you know, comptroller, finance. I feel that finance plays a very significant role or my life. You think cigarettes would be to you to use something you like you to rest up and do whatever needs to get you to my land boomeranging.


Thirty five years back to Wheeler, PBS kids at my local school have mobilized getting to set up rain, which means a lot to me, and just 50 percent reservation to get the Capitola and the mindset. I was in Contemporize 30 percent reservation that this would be the Third Amendment had come to you mind to call me Gallup. I, by even women, come forward to either misapplying enough to Scotsman's for me on those political leaders or local political leaders.


And I look at these. You hear what's happening. I'm in my neck of the woods. It's OK. Let them arrest me, but not in the army. Be Rajasa political leaders better with a day to day to take our political leaders to dig out. Get at the media has to be made up. My buddy got me coffee buddy that a while back. It was up right then. That woman's husband. We feel insulted. Right, so.


Right. So you got to go get them. And then they were saying like you cannot go for the inaugural parade. I gave up on getting married. I want to be a promoting member. My promoting membership on my bank, pulling me not only bank, holding me to be aggressive advice. It was not easy to get fifteen hundred thousand women best not uniquenesses no Sobhi. What there for twelve hundred women.


Who who were the initial promoters of the bank. Yeah.


And how much did they give on average to to capitalize the bank.


At that the minimum minimum amount which was required to capitalize was six hundred thousand as a share of capital. But our money, my only coffee jump up the slack you will get the one. The deposit we make one sixty seven. Let's go up to everybody. It was like this is my back and I want to be a promoter. Coffee, visibility. The key just does it for us. I'm not good enough or not but I was also very then she understood and she saw at first program to get stage big bought my little polemic EBIT Central Ministry.


I did programming to the minister that they had to do. Do you have any member of Parliament in the assembly? Then you will be happy to help you to take me to my local stage. Many that. So we thought that you feel something, you know, because once men say to then my life, I think you got what you don't get to leave. I took the stage. So I'm the the guy on stage we barely see talking.


Thank you. See what I stage my lousy budget. But the point is politically, the one that you're getting married to me, that is a problem. I guess I'd be winning, but I suddenly get my clients that successful will be the width of me family. We are not on how marriage bashing may be setting my low budget get got to help me. But but to equal Michaela Remodify feels guilty is killing me. Anyway, I'm so proud to share with you that now we have over two hundred thousand women banking with us and as you mentioned, more than 400 groups of lending as happened with this thing.


And you have how many branches now.


So now totally. We have eight branches in the sixth branch in NE and then. So totally eight branches, but that idea of operation is in Marussia in nine districts, not looking for expanding the operation, which there is it likely that the Reserve Bank will give us a position. So then once we get that, then we'll be able to operate it.


And I also believe that your loan recovery rate is in a time when all the banks are in the newspapers for all the wrong reasons and BS and all of that. Your loan recovery rate is 98 percent. Yes, absolutely. And actually, the A normally would have gone to zero this year because our team had worked so hard and we had enough reasons to do it. Also results. But then in the last the whole month of March, because of the lockdown, we couldn't do otherwise.


We would have done zero but give 90 percent.


But they did not about you know, I know that you have done something quite innovative with the bank in terms of doorstep banking, in terms of digital banking. Tell us a little bit about those innovations.


So banking lessons we learned to get lucky, coffee, maybe some big excitement. But the biggest thing is how many street vendors may lie here to guide Mr. Regev at my local bank to hear what you got a lot, 50 bucks on my bank city bank map that gives up to two years of my life savings to want to be here to Cuneen Célia boxes and boxes. Me BOYENS maybe see are fed up with the public about the of bank that presented me with money transfer to Omni Gorleben.


Seven thousand bucks for cutting the supply not only by funding. Yeah it's me but it gives you a school system here on the upper on that transferred to My Lai. You use to do it on Cinemateca Skyview. If one little kid you sneak up with the breakup, many that those like a hockey piggy bank representative of the I. Lewski family, maybe as many people give up Bedser Porgie Lopez San Miguel Marquez subassembly. It was made by the media to who is responsible for that and I felt would be DeBartolo that you have to listen to these ideas.


No need to go on, not let me come up. I'm on the outside looking at her like that. So then I'm the hockey mom. Look what I like about just how much it looks like to be my legacy. Possible bank miracle need to potentially get nasty, but they do do it to do those inside me. Electronic dumping it down beneath the updated smog filters will be done at that time. Our future as digital banking would look Monday to me computerized t to be damaging to the bank DMC Gadsby shoot game right now for my love.


Look at it. Take it up financially. Just be no good and I will. But I do my lollygagging getting cutting multimember. But I'm hoping no Migaki to lock and load already here. Are we be bickering. You don't know who told us then can you take a look at the gap. The only got high. You said that will now be Pilot Delamar biometrics with digital banking solution by liquidity. The lending but there will be some demand can be the Mississippi no Nicholaus at beginning.


Look, I don't think I took that in that I felt that these women are so smart. I'm going to stand up or do I need to let me. But I can legitimately demand I will provide for some. To poor people, they are very smart to day to day, basically, not to be here to control or control how money harmony. So to me, he would be making money so much guilty from the economy. So to make is over a year later, I was up there.


You many times. Do you see a better digital banking abdul-mahdi digital than radio play digital messages for your digital digital banking. The Wall media say that first hit me up net business me. She was cheated because he had no proof I was kebab shop that they mean what they here he will be more digital than subdivides at the substance of the digital despite the emmental my local cutting it as a digital banking that might well be as Ephraim's university law school fashion.


They all had student signatures, disability as a fashion, but the victim was taken by the city then the remarkable, really remarkable.


And of course, Mundy's she. In addition to the bank, she also has a foundation and the work of the foundation is as remarkable as and revolutionary is what the bank has managed to do. And I'd like you to tell us a little bit about that. You know, you've got your mobile business schools, which is a fascinating concept as well as, you know, the water conservation. You talked about the fact that the area that you're in is a drought area.


So what you've done to help with water conservation, of course, the Champions program, which I'd love for you to talk about, as well as as well as the community renewal, which I know has really is a wonderful way for people to keep in touch with each other across a large area.


So Bellizzi setting aside capital, Genentech, a business school review, but you can require you to do that. We can look but our money I it up I doing that by the I said the job. Maybe she's ok but we'll, we'll be able to reach ti or we'll tally up by Dotel by phone. I can deal with the mobile phone gillion non-linear delivery. Lajo they say that you will be able to reach about a year. I can recall the got mom will do by phone every year when it was time to speak up in May, June and October to see.


Meetup, the migrate that you may not tell exactly, but May, June, May, jibberish misvalued to skip. That may be but are unlikely, lucky that we can meet it. But let me ask you first, I need you to get away from me. You make me possibly take me to the police so I don't sneak out. Iljimae out the least amount of love to come and tell you know what to do. I'm looking at their mobile phone to get that on my property papers.


They can to me like I need to do something. I feel like I'll get back to nature. So then be America's foundation taiki. Then we started a business for event and it was very interesting that, you know, revenues took a very different type of standard, legitimate business, but I'm guessing that's going to be to then be designed to estimate the forces of the Met. How do you do you run a fast food Don. How do you do that.


How do you get the licenses you so you can see on amendment issue be what Chamber of Commerce to do. They think my life successful entrepreneur. Who are the odds fortunate you were my nine year subcortical midgley. Can you assure me that I will be men but that you skip you to be able. But I incident to somebody like Gita's Don't Gelati or rule Chinese told me about the license malea on Saturday.


Release me arrest yet because she was using domestic gas, which is which is a subsidy which is not supposed to use for commercial purposes to Schily Saturday Evening Post and police najai peacebuilders million squarest. We had to wait turn out on Monday. Maybe I can still do this to limit and not by now, but I will give them. Plus she will go out of business. But I ended up in custody. You will, but no Suddaby by her means and she said, Look man, I want I will buy up a machine.


Yes, I will expand my business. I will prove that I can do this. I just got by the restaurant. Hotel would be in the dorm. OK, or maybe if you skip the honeysuckle. But that's a long time to me usually. Yes, I see it just happening. I can get it to finance me. Intrapreneurship competitive niching holiday. I don't want to repeat gunmetal. By my reasoning, we went back to the original money like the base of the wall.


Do people read your job? You hit it on snake boy mortgage or bank loan to mention check you out. Don't you do that.


You you do not mention that the rabbi gave that to that. Oh, well, you'll be opening up this little tidbit with your DNA on who they thought to kill and we'll get to that to see God in my so no discovery is the bullet. No, not when we did that thing to about that little boy. OK, can here my mortgage company. You know, John McCain, your former colleagues are asking you I'm mortgaging Watergate for many months, graspable Merriman's almost Makaha.


Even if our mortgage holders and give money, I cannot get water in this area. What would you like to bring to light? But in search of water, if we leave this area, we might want to do banking. And she was her question was, well, would you look at a specially made Bombadil, you should be focused, your balance sheet should be hot. I mean, you should have a three percent growth in your balance sheet, so you shouldn't do this work.


But still, the basic question was 30 feet search of water. If we leave this area or do look together, then we decided that we should work on that dominated committee has been several, but that 80 to my husband said we should start at the game. But I wasn't very sure because we started looking for the water line. So he said, well, civil war and the Civil War Lagardere, he would say that they need this. It is me that Evelynn seven thousand families gave me fourteen thousand.


That was my goal of fourteen thousand animals for water and food and unfortunately didn't bring that to you. So hurry me. And that was really the only be collaboration in hopes they lose me. I grew up on the school, hopes that they need killable, got on board famously movie other school report that. Well my body Sherly I'm you told me to do water is always think I'm going to go water banks with big money. She we make other people to do water banks and now of course funding does not result, but it's still going on because that is a very long term thing.


But what you do may be famous will be the way you make it up or you may not put the program out to do my lawn. If you manage anybody up on the block program, they are going to thank God that may not know that because of the me that I have the money. And then she started doing these famous. So I was up until spring training programs immediately and I was surprised she was given by Macquarie. You she was given this partly out of there by a really famous of them.


But she believes in. But she said it was me that you speak ability. So one chapter was on by and she actually signed the security story, those who chutki to how to get by anybody who doesn't need to be right that that means and I heard that that of my blue blood, like all the time there was not enough food to eat in the house. One man who legally I started singing. Be even in that situation, so much of wiseness is that, as you said, her mother, Jewel champions, but no joke, I don't like program.


Be the center of your hockey. How how do you hockey, something like that. How much did your problem say to your samples of the fifth grade? Mickey Snake Hockey RUGGIE High School Mangina. Her seventh stepto primary school had me to reconnect me. I know that the high school major ran school. Is school legally basket of communication, which I don't think I can get your name decide. Couldn't win a medal may not make good. Would you forget lesson.


Listen to cycle majo become Willagee. Go to the soccer game will you get the softcover and stuff like OK, I'm going to let see the handwriting that they're looking for to begin with a bicycle to do bicycle. Meimi legitimate high school in Japan. My parents will not allow me to go to school. So how many bicycle to them. My name is now my does too. But then we started this program. We have more than ten thousand bicycles to go to school or the school board generously supported via continuously bortolotti here.


Get them. You want to your bicycle stickers you say. I'm very excited to be seated. You just got to add to my team. I miss school and miss out on the small school bicycle ride with me. The school. Actually this program is managed by my son, by the way, his government school, the role of the cookie. But I'm not a grounded. But ultimately she champions just me four hundred meters down. It was really key deadline to test to see the study that was selected for by me like in school, including Wolke abusiveness, which is what we said.


Absolutely. Well, let me see how people feel. Tochigi captain his national team under sixteen amazing video. Kù in the Army selected and in field hockey. She is preparing to go for the Olympics. So we have like movie stars. It's a very different journey. I think the remarkable thing about Mandy, she is the kind of opportunities that you have been able to provide to women who are women and girls who otherwise would not have had any and the sheer talent that is coming out.


You've shared some of these stories through my research. I also know about the girl who only started Class seven, but is a good doctor who has also won national awards for the amazing work she's done with goats and how, you know, she she comes from she's a Dalit, but the entire entire village, including the upper celebrator, this is the way that you afford change and how you make progress in this country. But now, before I let you go, I want to ask you, what is your vision for the future of this?


And do you plan to take this entire. Well, everything you've done here in in these in my Austra, would you like to take a national asset? Was that the mega wedding by legacy from one million women that been, in fact, in my last? It's total that every time you hear them, when they would see clearly their values meet that January two thousand eighty two. Rajeev Nanami, our Future World Economic Forum in Africa, Asia Squiggling thought I was the new representative and that so we are not just to let our listeners know.


The World Economic Forum in Davos is a very prestigious event where global leaders and CEOs and activists and really, you know, it's a very prestigious forum where everyone comes annually in January. And I was asked to co-chair in 2018. So that's the incident she's referencing. Sorry, not carry on. So I just was thinking of too many godkin because we don't, you know, billions, trillions people think that we got the handle. What may well have Boyaca so bad.


My lousy people today can tell you coming back to LA to fucking if I keep your fucking head. I like that. So you know when you do that every year. But let me know what the logic being put in the bank to clear up any capital C capital, remove all fairly bad, solid dividend Malea, we have sacrificed dividends and then put it into reserves of the bank during a bank has to be a very famous vote to a foundation stone that I don't need to sacrifice to Hamady Mudaliar to reduce the.


So then I felt like, you know, that capital is up the definition, it's not looking at the images and the average is the victim with the one thing which I always see you do. My life as motivation is that you they adamantly she matters to me. I predict that they may be looking at my lucky bank loan to put me up now as well as investors. May you don't put any such thing. I'm not going to tell you, but we as best as I can do, I need a risk that the company can draw me a property that the time really risk that.


You mean most of the money given to you, Miss USA, to get the deal that I keep coming three months away. How much are you get the day that he will get the act that she got me, me, you MediaHub. They feel bugs are coming. You're having juice from the Flagel and they are pointing out that you know where you are costing us. Animals are coming your way. Will they eat further? And they're thinking that you are costing us only money, such federal funds here.


And instead of thinking, oh, he he tries to undercut that by as we resetting my life, I get in the shoe in for other financial institution leadership in the financial sector maybe but now like and should be legal to do business or economics abroad. I look at someone and take a job that. So you look back the because as you said, that can easily be really lively. Do this, move aside. Suddenly you spent the majority of your national paycheck.


Thank you. Now that was so, so riveting and so moving. Also all the stories and I wish you and Montecito, she and all the women who have built this from scratch, I wish you all the best.


Thank you. But it was foolish to be too cheap.


Now, gala's enough. Banker, activist and farmer shows us that courage is, in fact, our capital. Tune in next week for another episode of Uncommon Women. With Me, Guide three Runga Jaisha on Red FM India.


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