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Welcome back to Unfiltered Faith podcast with your host, Stoss is not with us today, but I have a very special guest. This is my good friend and mentor, Sarah Ellison, who is the person that actually baptized me in the ocean.


And I'm just so grateful that the Lord brought her into my life.


So in today's episode, we're going to be discussing how to have a healthy mind. Now we want to make sure that you guys are getting the best help.


So we are not licensed physicians or doctors, but we can give you some great resources.


They'll be linked in the description of this episode. These are our testimonies on how we overcame self harm habits and sharing our experiences and what the Bible says about mental health.


I'm very excited to have Sarah on.


Sarah is one of the most spirit filled godly women I've encountered in my lifetime, and I'm just so grateful for her. She's going to bring so much truth and revelation to you guys today and just break so many walls down. And I just pray that your ears open and your hearts are open to receive what we talk about. So Sarah actually has a jewelry company that she started. It's called Wired for Freedom. Make sure to go to her Instagram. You can pause this episode, go right now and follow her.


She makes the most beautiful jewelry. I wear a necklace that says, Jesus, I also have and this is Joy, but she has bracelets, rings. And it's basically, if you want to talk about it, they're kind of prophetic declarations and it's about wearing your weapon. So if you want to talk about how that kind of started and give them your quick, like, little. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So I grew up in a Christian home, but I struggled with self-harm for 13 years.


Here's the thing is you can grow up in a Christian home, but not truly know who God is. And that's my story. I grew up believing that he was a punisher. My parents were really strict. And I love my parents. I've forgiven my parents, but the enemy used there was an open door when I was in third grade. I went over to a friend's house and she got mad at me and told me that she hated me and that I should go kill myself.


So that opened a door for the enemy to come in and wreak havoc in my life and for that spirit of death in that assignment of death and suicide and self hatred and rejection and fear and anxiety and all those things and depression, all of those spirits. And we'll talk about that later. I'm to come in and wreak havoc in my life. So I struggled, struggled with that for 13 years. And then I remember I kind of had, like, stop doing it.


And I just want to say something. I had never met one person until I was twenty one that struggled with it. So you never met anyone that told you that? They struggled with it, but it was going on. You just weren't aware that anyone else was doing that. Yeah.


Yeah. And that's what the enemy does, is he tries to keep you in the dark thinking that you're the only one that struggles with that. He wants to isolate you and shame you. And if anyone knew, what would they think and keep you quiet. And I remember I was twenty one and I became a youth leader, and this girl asked me, how did I get so close to God? And I had I just said to her, well, I used to beat myself.


I never heard of self-harm before and she got really quiet. And she said that she struggles with the same thing. Wow. And it was in that moment that I realized, wow, like I have a story to tell. I have something that can help people. So after that, the Lord started to bring young girls in my life that struggled with the same thing. Now, here's something that I learned. Wait really quick.


That happened to me, too. I realized that the women that would come into my life and the friends I was making, they also went through eating disorders like and had body image dysmorphia and all those things. And I could speak into them.


And that just clicked right now. I didn't really think about that.


Here's the thing about that is the Lord showed me, although, like the behavior stopped, the wrong beliefs were still there. And while I stopped hurting myself, I still hated myself. Yeah, the action stopped, but the mind set in the the thoughts were still. Exactly.


And that's the thing is like your your behaviors are rooted in your beliefs. And if you don't deal with the belief and you just deal with the behavior, that's like mowing the grass and not pulling out the weeds. You have to go to the root. Yeah. And the root is, what do you believe about God and what do you believe about yourself that affects every area of your life? And so for me, I thought he was a punisher.


I thought that he had favorites, that, yes, he may love me because he's God and he loves everyone. But I didn't believe that he loved me personally. And so these new girls come in and are helping this one girl. And at church camp again, things seem to happen to me at camps. Tell you how the jury came about because I was out of camp, too. So I remember this one girl. I looked at her and I'm like, what's wrong?


And she is like, nothing. And I'm like, I don't believe you like what's wrong. And she's like, nothing. About ten minutes later, the youth pastor calls me over and takes us back to his cabin and says, Show her. And she couldn't even look at me. And she turned her head the other way and showed me her wrists and they were covered in blood. Oh, my gosh, and I lost it. I hit the floor and I wept and I wept and I wept and I couldn't talk to anyone for two days.


And I said, God, I do not understand why she doesn't know that she's loved and she's valued and she's beautiful. And I heard the Lord say, Sarah, look in the mirror. Why don't you we can we can say all these great things to people, but we have to believe it for ourselves, you know what I mean? There's power when we are walking in that truth of God's word that then we know the truth and we are set free and we're set free to others free.


And so, again, while I while I stopped hurting myself, I still hated myself. And that's when I went on this journey with the Lord. OK, who are you and who do you say I am? So so how the jury happened is I ended up going to another camp and I was a counselor for abused and neglected foster kids. And the Lord just led me to this wire. The lady was teaching kids how to just express themselves and they got hold of this wire.


And and I ended up having a vision to write out the word loved because the words are really powerful. And and that's the opposite word of what these kids feel. So I wrote out this word loved and there's like so much that I could share. I'm trying to condense it. But when I got back home, I started making jewelry. I didn't think anything of it. And then I was reminded of a prophecy that was spoken over me in high school, that one day I'd be an entrepreneur and own my own business.


And I was like, oh, my gosh, seven years later, here is this thing. People are wanting to buy it from me. But I still believe the lie that it wasn't good enough. I would hear the enemy. Not every thought is your own thought. Let me say that. Yes, I see a lot of the people in the back. Not every thought is your own thought. The Lord speaks to you and the accuser speaks to you.


And more often than not, I think we're listening to the enemy. And we have to just be like, no, I don't believe that.


I don't come into agreement with that. I come into agreement with what God says. Yeah. And that's the thing is you can't know what God says if you don't spend time and his word, you know what I mean? And I heard Dr. Caroline leave. I highly recommend her book, Switch on Your Brain. But she said when you believe the lie, you empower the liar. See, Satan has no power over you other than what you give him access to when you agree with him.


He has access to wreak havoc in your life. And so you want to come out of agreement with those things that he's said. But so it became this thing where now I'm using my hands to create instead of destroy. But I just want to say one thing. Yeah, yeah. I want to say one thing that the Lord showed me recently. I it's called Wired for Freedom, where your weapon and I always say, like, I don't just create jewelry, I create weapons of mass destruction.


And because the name word for freedom, it comes from you were created to be free to walk in freedom to walk and who got called you to be. But what happens is lies get entangled in with the truth through experiences, through things that people say from believing lies. And then you have to use God's word, spending time with them, intimacy, spending time with them to untangle those lies that you've been believing so you can walk in the freedom that Jesus paid, the price where he gave his blood for you.


Todd White always says the price of something or the value of something is based on the price that was paid for it and the blood of Jesus paid for your life. So you are of the highest value. You are of the highest value. And let me say this, too, like word people like, oh, I don't feel worthy. Let me just destroy that right now. You are worthy because here's the thing is, is God wanted so much to be reconciled back to you because the enemy came deceived Adam and Eve and there was a there was a division between God and man and God.


So wanted you back for himself that he sent Jesus to give his life for you. So you are worthy gods. Are you so worthy he so wanted to be reconciled back to you that that's why he gave Jesus his life. Did you deserve it? No. But are you worth it? Absolutely. Absolutely. If you guys want to go to Sarah's website to buy a necklace, it'll be linked in the description of this episode and you can use it code faith.


Ten for ten percent off a purchase. Thirty five dollars or more. Again, that is code faith ten.


You have to renew your mind. It says that when the devil is cast it out. Mm. And it comes back to look if that house was swept clean. And nothing there, if nothing is there, then it will come back even stronger, and that's why you have to fill the house, which is your mind. When you get set free from these mindsets and these tormenting spirits, you have to renew your mind with God's word. That is the key, knowing his word.


That is how I overcame self harm. I didn't go to counseling. I'm not against counseling. I didn't take medicine. I'm not against medicine. But it was through. OK, Jesus, I need to know that you are real. Yeah.


And you had an encounter, which is what I had. And that's how I overcame bulimia because I went to counseling, I saw an eating disorder therapist. Nothing was working, nothing was working. And then I came to the point where I was so desperate to get better, I just literally had to call and be like, Jesus, I want to be well. And that's when the Lord stepped in and was like, OK, why are you doing this?


Like what? What is it? Do you like? The Lord showed me that I didn't see myself as a temple. My body is a temple. And so I was abusing my body and not putting like I wasn't taking care of it. And so when the Lord showed me that, like, I I couldn't even go back to those old behaviors because my mindset was change. And so I don't ever go back there because it's I renewed my mind in the word and started really feeding myself the word of God.


Yeah. Yeah. We're always told to don't conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. When you change your mind, you change your life, your behaviors change. Everything changes. I always say, God, I think that when this person wears this necklace, this bracelet, these earrings, this ring, this year, I also have apparel that literally it would do something that they would be set free.


Like I anoint my stuff with oil and I say, God, I thank you for this personal healing, freedom and deliverance over them. In Jesus name, I was reading Isaiah sixty one and it got to a part where it says that I am clothed in salvation, I am robed in righteousness. I am like a bride groom in his wedding to a bride with her jewels in the Lord says look at that word jewels. So I look at the word jewels in the original Hebrew and it's this word that's like I think it's pronounced Kelly.


And it was also the word weapon that's insane.


And I was like, oh my gosh. I actually literally I have a joy necklace that when I when Sarah baptized me. Oh, yeah. By the way, guys, Sarah was the one that rebaptized me in the ocean, which was such a cool experience. But she prophesied over me and she was like, offensive joy. And I started laughing because, like, I already knew that that was something that I was doing, like my joy was offending people.


And then she made me a necklace and everything. Nothing was the same after that. But OK, that's the thing. Yeah, I wanted to actually not be like the Lord said, it looks dainty, but it's dangerous because it's it's I almost see like when a secret agent, they're like, oh, this is actually not an earring, but this is a weapon and that's how you see it. Oh, this cute necklace. Oh. But it's not here.


Yeah I see. Here's the thing is first it's for you first that Jesus necklace is for you and then it's for other people. Yeah.


When I'm out and about people compliment me on it and it's a way to evangelize administered. I think I've told you a little bit about my past with self harm, which was bulimia, which is self-harm. And then I also dealt with the spirit of death. When I was younger, I had girls say to me in high school, a girl said, like, I want her to die.


Like, I hope she kills herself. And so I've had multiple, like, people speak out over me. And I also I've just had suicidal thoughts all throughout high school. I looked up ways to commit suicide. And I never understood, like, why I struggled with this. I didn't really talk about it with anyone. I told my mom, but she was always just kind of like, oh, just like, I don't know, like get yourself out of it, like get yourself out of this funk.


But it was such a stronghold. And I truly, truly believe that these this depression that a lot of our generation faces is because of a strong it's a stronghold.


Like it's a it's it's something that people can't break out of. But the Lord wants to set you free from it. Yeah. Like he wants you to be out of that dark place.


Yeah. That's a thing. You can't break out of it like in your own strength. And you can't you can't fight a spiritual battle without spiritual weapons. Yep. It says in Second Corinthians, ten through through five that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, meaning they're not of this world, but they are mighty in Christ. For the pulling down of strongholds now strongholds. Our mindset, a stronghold is a fortress. It's like it's like a protection, but a demonic stronghold.


It's like it's a fortress in your mind. It's a mindset. You have a lie. And that stronghold. Is protecting that live from being destroyed? Interestingly, I just got an interesting visual of that, like there's the lie in your mind and then there's almost like this thing that's just like I like there's like trenches and all these things that are protecting it so that you keep believing that. Exactly. Exactly. And, you know, that's why it's so important to meditate on God's word, like when we are thinking about God and we are meditating on his word, like you feel peace, right?


You feel something supernatural. And then when I worship, I feel joy. So he gives you the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.


And that's really what I saw within this last year, was I was still in this kind of sorrow and sorrowful thing, which it's OK to experience sadness. We all experience. There's a time for weeping and there's a time for mourning and joy. But I realized that I God didn't want me in that sad place forever. He was like, no, it's like I want you to be joyful. I want you to be happy. And so he replaced that.


When I started to worship and spend time with him, I felt the most joy I've ever had in my life. And it was almost like this supernatural joy. I was like, even though, like, the world seems to be crashing down around me and nothing is going right, I'm still joyful.


Like, how is that possible? Yeah, here's the thing.


Let's talk about grief for a second. Like, grief is normal and it's healthy, but there's a time where it stops. If it doesn't stop, it opens up the door for that spirit of heaviness to come in. Really quick, let's talk about praise, because if you look at this story with David, I mean, there's like, well, we'll probably have to do a part two on this. Yes. So honestly, just in the revelation that God gave me for sound, but when David played and King saw he was tormented by demons, when the other musicians played, the demons didn't flee.


But when David he was anointed by God, played for him, the Demons fleet. So worship is a weapon. And yet for Libyans for six to eight. So my favorite scriptures, it says, do not worry about anything. OK, then what do you do? Pray about everything.


Literally, if you have one in your head, just throw it up to God and say, no, I don't, I'm not going to worry. I'm just going to pray and then just start talking to God and pray. Praying sorry. Could be literally just like making sounds like it's just a conversation. If you're in your car and you feel stressed out, just start talking to God like people may like look at you weird, but who cares. And you're like, I don't know what to say.


Just like God, you're good God, you're good God you love me. I'm a child of God. Yeah.


And so you can't say that stuff if you don't get in his word and spend time. And it doesn't have to be complicated. I feel that I am really called to to tell people that, listen, you your Bible and the Holy Spirit. Yes. You need community. Yes. Go to church. But your pastor is not your Holy Spirit, like he says, to come like a child, come like a child. So instead you pray and Thanksgiving.


It says, don't worry about anything except pray about everything, tell God what you need. Thank him for all he's done. And when you do this, you will experience his peace. That surpasses your human understanding was I've learned to lay down my need to understand you. I can't understand where a lot of us, I think, get trapped up like I just know from being around people where they have to. And I think I experienced it, too last year where I was like, God, what's going on in the world?


Like, I want to know, like I need to understand the future.


But that's we need faith because our faith is what moves God. Like if we don't have faith, we can't please him. If we're just like, oh, I need to know what happens. We're not trusting the Lord. Yeah. And just and just lay down your understanding and say, I don't understand the God. I know that you are only good. I know that you are for me. You are not against me. I think you that you are the prince of peace.


But I want to I want to share revelation that God gave me and it blew my everliving mind. And we often hear this scripture. God is not giving you a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. And the Lord, how he speaks to me is he'll just point out as scripture and I say, look at that word in the original. And I have this app called the Strongs Concordance app. You can get it.


It's amazing. And it will show you the original Greek or Hebrew of that word. Like in the Greek language, there's multiple words for the word love. There's filial friendship, love. Oh, yeah. So I'm looking at this scripture, right. And I see the word spirit. It's this Greek word, pneuma. I'm maybe seeing it wrong, but it's this word pneuma and it means Briese breath, wind. And I'm like, oh my gosh.


And this is what he showed me. You know, when someone walks by you, you can feel a breeze. Yeah.


It's the same thing, so people often say, like, I just had this wave of depression come over me, like you don't know where it came from or this wave of anxiety came over me. So what I want to tell you is when that happens, that spirit is present in your presence. And that spirit wants to put on you what it carries, that spirit carries that spirit carries a hatred, that spirit carries loneliness and isolation and depression and fear and anxiety.


Although they are tormenting spirits, you don't want to call them demonic spirits. They are tormenting spirits. There they were met you. Yeah. They torment you. I used to I remember I would had these what I would call mind headaches. I didn't know how to describe it when I was little, but I have these mine headaches where I just heard all these voices screaming at me and I'd be like, I don't know what to do. Like I just have to sit here and let them yell at me till they stop.


Like, those are tormenting spirits. I'm here to tell you that anxiety is a tormenting spirit. Depression is a tormenting spirit. And Jesus paid the price to set you free from all of that. And the Lord said, Sarah, some people want to just deal with it, but I came to deliver them from it.


Can I get in a man that everything is like our culture and even in the church, like it's creeping in, like you just accept it. This is how it is. But no, Jesus gave his life. He defeated death and darkness. He defeated the enemy. And here is the thing is that you have the power to choose who you're going to listen to. You have the power to choose who you're going to listen to. You don't have to always struggle with this, you know, and I'm not against medicine, but don't become dependent on that field.


Use his word as a medicine. It says in Proverbs four, I think it's twenty or twenty two. It says that your word is like medicine to my bones.


It's so true. I took anti-depressants for four months. And honestly, I think it made me worse.


Like I stopped taking them because I felt like I was like, I don't think I need to be on. I don't know what if it's doing anything. And I didn't want to be on them long term because my dad or my family had a friend, an older man who was on antidepressants, on antidepressants for years, and he hung himself in his mom's garage. And it scared me. I was like, I don't want to be on these pills, like if it's going to have a negative side effect.


So I just trusted God. I was like, OK, Lord, I trust you that I'm going to get better and I don't need these pills and that you will deliver me from this. And he did, like I, the spirit of suicide and death left because I replaced it with with Jesus. Like I was like, no, I got the joy. The Lord is my strength now. Yeah.


And I really feel that I need to see this, you know, people that are bipolar and or you feel like you're an empath and you just feel all these things. I want to see something. There's a spiritual gift called discernment, and you can discern spirits. And so a lot of people who get diagnosed as bipolar, they actually have a strong gift of discernment. And they are discerning someone. They're discerning the spirit of depression. They're discerning the spirit of anxiety.


They're discerning what's in the atmosphere. But they don't know that they're discerning it. They think that, oh, I'm depressed. One day I'm this. One day I'm that one day. But no, you are actually.


You're just picking up on what other people are experiencing, actually. Exactly. And I've been taught I was talking to my friend about that whole empath thing, and I was like, you know what? That's actually discernment. And instead of just taking on all those feelings, when you feel depressed, it's like, OK, God, who is this for? I had a time where I was like having all these jealousy things and I'm like, what is going on?


Like, I'm not jealous person. And I was like, God, I serve him right now. And she's Jesus mean and and the and it was it was towards this one girl. And I was like, wait a second, what's happening? And he was like, you are discerning what's coming against her while thinking it's all me.


When the Lord wanted me to just intercede for her, I mean against her. So that's really important because, you know, the world the world doesn't know how to explain spiritual things and they just look at it, the natural and they just want to deal with it in the natural. And you can't deal again. You cannot deal with spiritual things.


Our battle is not flesh and blood, but of yeah, yeah, yeah.


Feagin six and eight are battles not against flesh and blood, but principalities and powers. And you, when you came into this world, you came into this what you did not come into this world in the nineteen twenties. You came in this world and when you came into this world it was when heaven invaded earth. It was a thy kingdom come, thy will be done moment, because it says that from the foundation of the world, God chose you in Christ to be here.


So He has a plan for your life and the enemy has an assignment of death on your life. And the only way you can be set free from all this stuff that that you. Be dealing with is is it says that submit to God, resist the enemy, and he will flee from you and sometimes we can get into works like, oh, I got to I got to resist the enemy. But actually, it's in your submission to God that you are resisting the enemy and therefore he has to flee from you.


Yeah. So and I remember my pastor said something. He said some things need to be counseled and some things need to be cast out. And just this past weekend, I was with this girl and she just got so radically set free, the Lord took her back to the moment where she was violated and it was in a basement and one encounter with God. She saw him pull her out of the darkness and bring her into the light. And she's like, What's crazy is my counselor, who's a Christian, said it's going to take a really long time to get through this.


And she was like, in one moment, God set me free. Oh, my gosh.


Like, that's what I know. It could happen in a moment. Like it is it does not have to be this long, long journey, you know, like we life is a process. And here's the thing is, like you're actually like the closer you get to Jesus, I had this vision yesterday. It's like you have a piece of jewelry. That jewelry is valuable no matter what, but it can look dirty and grimy and look like it doesn't have any value.


But as you spend time with the Lord and in his presence, he begins to purify and refine it and clean it and bring it back to its original design design and what it look like. And that's what your life is as you're as you're growing close to God. He's he's forming you into who he actually created you to be from the very beginning. It's good. Here's where you know that that kind of stuff is is spiritual. There's a man he he's when Jesus was in the gathering's, he was in a cemetery and he was crazy.


He was insane. He was living in a cemetery. He would hurt himself, all these things. And when Jesus walked up. And set him free. He went from insane to society. And what's interesting is that the people in the village, like they just so they had so accepted his insanity that when they when he became sane, they were freaked out. And that's so weird, right?


Well, yeah. They were like, well, who is this guy? Because Jesus made them brand new. Yeah. And I I'm pretty sure that they like the city. They don't want Jesus. They're like they were so scared.


That kind of reminds you of Mary Magdalene because she was possessed by demon witch. Not a lot of people talk about, but like she was straight up possessed and then Jesus called her by name just by one look, one touch. She was off. Did you have to have this? I love you. I literally I like something hit me. I was like I felt like it was me that happened to me. I love it. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


If you guys haven't seen the chosen on YouTube, it is such a good series.


Definitely go check it out. That's so powerful. And so that's the thing is like culture is like oh yeah. Like just accepted. This is, this is your life now. This is how it's going to be. Here's how to deal with it. Here's how to cope. And they glorify it and it's like cool. You don't identify with our zodiac signs. Are any engrams the any room is it's like a personality tool, but it's not something where you put your identity in and be like, OK, well, I'm a, you know, three on the anagram.


So I'm this and I'm just like this for the rest of my life. No, that's not that's not necessarily true.


Yeah. Like, I'm I'm introverted and so but if the Lord wants to give you a spirit of boldness and tell you to go out and do that happened to me because I was like, oh, no, I'm just like introverted.


And I was shy for so long. And then God was like, no, you're not. Actually, you're you're very courageous and bold. And I was like, OK, yeah. Yeah. So the word is so good. And if you're listening to this, it was predestined from the foundation of the world this moment in time for you to listen to this. And I just want you to know that what you're going through so many people are going through like you're not alone, but I'm here to tell you that you can be delivered from it.


That thing can go. Those tormenting spirits. You don't have to live your life in torment forever. This is the very thing that Jesus came to pay their price for so that you can walk in freedom.


He came to set the captives free to restore sight to the blind. And it's so interesting because, like, physically. Yes, like, you know, I believe that.


But like spiritually, it's like the veil in the scales should need to be the same thing with the ears. It's about opening the eyes to see the see things in the spiritual and to hear to hear what God is saying. And so, like, once that happens, it's like it changes the game. Yeah. And you were created to hear the voice of your father says, my people know me and hear my voice and a strangers they will not follow.


So you have a choice to follow the shepherd or the stranger. Wow, and to listen, that another thing I am so passionate about is guarding your all the gates like your I get your ear gate because if you're constantly feeding yourself like the news and all the stuff that is negative, you're just going to be mired in that darkness and it's following a stranger's voice. And honestly, my belief is that the media like is a false prophet. That's how I see it.


Like I see the media is just like spewing out information and trying to get you to believe certain things. And a lot of it is probably not true. And so we just have to be careful, like what we're watching and what we're listening to. And I noticed a big change in myself when I stopped watching the news. And obviously it's important to just know what's going on in the world, but not let it consume you.


Yeah. And let me say another thing when it comes to sound, because the Lord showed me the power of sound and an sound.


We did an episode on this about how Scott and I were like led by these sexual songs, and there was a spirit of lust attached to it. And it led me to do some crazy stuff, guys. Yeah.


No, when when God spoke. Things came into existence, and when God speaks, there is life, light and truth, and when it's the enemy, it is death, darkness and lies, and it really doesn't matter what you're listening to. When I was talking to someone about this, like when they work out the I'm like, well, what do you what do you listen to when you're working out? And I was like, I listen to Christian music and she's like, no.


And I'm like, OK, so you're using your time for working out to process, but you're you're not processing it with the Holy Spirit, you know what I mean?


It's so crazy you say that, because when I when I work out without, like, Christian music and it's like rap or there's just like some kind of underlying the tone and theme is not of God. I feel a difference. I get agitated. I get I start like picking apart my body. It immediately shifts my whole like being and I'm like I am the Lord was like, you need to be careful what you're listening to because it's putting you in this state and I don't want you there.


Yeah. Yeah. Sound is so spiritual. It's so spiritual.


And and how the enemy gets those messages out is through very strong music scene was the the one in heaven with the doing all the music like he's got a huge stronghold on earth with the music industry.


And that's why I, I want Christian music to take over the radio. I turn on the radio and immediately I'm like, oh, I got to do this.


Yeah, yeah. So, so watch what I pay attention to what you're listening to. I mean, think about music. It's, it's interesting because it's like you can just like start singing a song and it's almost like it takes over and you just start singing it and you don't even realize repetitive. Yeah. And not matters. That matters. That affects your spirit. And so fill your spirit with things that light. Yeah. That, that carry the presence of God because it says where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom and liberty.


So so yeah, I'm, I'm passionate about all these things. I just really want to see people set free. I want people to know that God is good. And, you know, they say everything happens for a reason. And here is what I say about that. Everything happens for like there is a reason everything happens, but not everything that happens was meant to be. It was not God's plan for your family to get a divorce. It was not God's plan for you to have an abortion.


It was not God's plan for you to get raped, whatever. That's the devil stealing, killing and destroying. Exactly. But God takes what the enemy men for evil and he turns it for good. Yes. Yes. And he is the one who came to your life and life and more abundantly. Yeah. And the opposite of that is like lack and and not feeling like there's a light at the end of the tunnel and the enemy wants you to get to the place where you have no you feel that you have no reason to live.


You have no hope, no joy, no light, that he can take you out. But that's why we come on here and talk about these things, because we know we know you're here for a reason, guys, and you're not you're here like there's a plan over your life. And like I can tell you that I've had moments where I felt like there wasn't a plan. And I was like I felt hopeless. And I knew that that was the devil trying to get me to take my own life.


Yeah. And here's another thing about feelings. Feelings are not always facts. Just because I don't feel beautiful doesn't mean that that changes God's word that I'm a beautiful masterpiece. That's why it's so important to fill your, like, eat on God's word, like be in his presence.


It says that man cannot live on bread alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God, I would just encourage you to just you know, if you're going to start somewhere, start with some.


I'm thirty nine. It talks about how he watch you being in your mother's womb and you are fearfully and wonderfully made and his workmanship is marvelous and he wants you to know it in Ephesians three fourteen to twenty talks about that. You wouldn't know the height, the depth, the width and the length of God's love though it's so great you will never fully understand it, but that your roots will go deep down into the soil of his marvelous love and and those whose scriptures are so powerful.


And what I did is I just started to look up scriptures on God. What do you say about about fear? What do you say about anxiety?


Yeah, I look at look up like what is the Bible say about this? And then those scriptures that come up, you can just meditate on them. Yeah. Just recite them or memorize them. It's really helpful honestly. Yeah.


And here, like I used to really have a spirit of fear and then, you know, got delivered from that. And then when it would come back I think, oh my gosh, I thought it was delivered from this. And the Lord was like, you don't have a spirit of fear. You just need to renew your mind. You need to like when that spirit tries to come at you, like we said, the spirit of. Year when that spirit enters the room.


It wants to put that on you, but you have a choice. It said that God did not give it to you. So if he didn't give it to you, then someone else is trying to give it to you. And you don't have to take it. You can reject it. You can say, no, I'm not going to. If you look at the story of Jesus in the wilderness, the enemy came and he tempted him and he said all these things and Jesus did not receive what he said.


He said, no, I'm not going to take that. I'm not going to listen to that. I'm not going to come into agreement with that. And there's things in your life that you've come into agreement with the enemy and it's given him power to to wreak havoc in your life. And that's where we have to repent for coming into agreement. Like I was going to say earlier is like when you are spending time with God and you are listening to worship music and you're reading his word, you feel his peace.


And in the very same way, when you listen to the lies of the enemy, you feel worry and anxiety. I remember hearing someone say worry is meditating on Satan's agenda for your life. Yeah, that's true. You're meditating when you are worrying and you're anxious. You are actually meditating on the enemy's agenda and and words over your life. And that's where you use the spiritual weapons that God's given you prayer, worship and the word of God.


And we can talk about this and there is jewelry, bless. But the thing is, I want that word like if you feel unworthy when you wear that worthy necklace, that it would be a point of contact for you to remind. You actually said that to me, that that when she struggles, she touches her face necklace. And it reminds me to choose faith over here and that that's what I want it to be like, you know, to remind you of who God is and who he says it's not enough just to believe that there is a God.


It says in James that even the demons believe in him and tremble at his knee. It's about the intimate relationship. Yes. For him to know you and you to know him. Yeah.


And to know his heart for you. So and that's the key to identity. Everything is about identity, what you believe about God and who he is. And and first, you believe there is a God, then you believe him. It doesn't say Abraham believed in him. It said Abraham believed him and declared him. Right. Just a lot of people believe in him. A lot of Christians believe in him but don't believe him.


Exactly. They and they don't believe what he says about them. And there's a really big difference between believing in him and believing him. And so once you actually believe him, you believe he is who he says he is, then you're able to believe you are who he says you are. I might not feel beautiful, but God, you say I am. And you and it says that he is not a man, that he should lie. And so whether I feel beautiful or not, you say I'm beautiful, so I have to believe you.


I'm not going to believe myself. I'm going to believe what you say. So I really hope that in this you hear that you don't have to stay the way that you are and it's not up to you to figure out how to change yourself. It's as you spend time with Jesus, his love changes you. It says that perfect love casts out fear. And this is another one of those things that the Lord had me look up, that word cast out.


And it's this word that means that he's perfect. Love violently casts out all fear. The closer you draw to him and I become God, I need to change this. I need to change that. And he's like, no, you need a revelation of my love. You just need to come closer to my love because it's my love that will change you and transform you and set you free. It's that's so true. It's so true. Yeah. I experienced that this year I, I still had fear.


I really was in like kind of a dark place and I don't think I was fully trusting that God ultimately had the best in store for me. And I was kind of just like, no, the world is just it's just getting darker and darker. But God was like, OK, so you're in fear so you don't fully my perfect love is not in you yet. And I was like, oh, and it was so convecting. When I read that scripture, I was like, whoa.


And then it wasn't like it took like probably a month. And I started to see the change in me where the fear I had was like gone. Like I couldn't even find it. I was like, whoa, Meredith, where the fear go. And it's funny because I got this tattoo a few summers ago, says no fear and it's so pathetic like God is. He speaks to us in the cool ways. But he was like, yeah, I got a perfect you in my love.


And it he's doing it. Yeah, I think he did it. And that's the thing is, is you can't earn it. You deserve it. You just simply have to receive it. Yeah. And if you're like I have a hard time reading the Bible, hey, there's this thing called the Bible app and you can actually hit play and listen to it and allow God to speak his word of. Are you by listening to it and just filling your spirit with his word because he will transform you, it's supernatural, he will transform you by his word.


So good. We love you, Jesus.


OK, so this absorbs almost an hour long. I'll probably cut some stuff out, but that was so good. If there's any questions that you have for us, you can DM us on the unfiltered Instagram or just D.M. Sarah. Well, I think we're going to do a part two or we'll do another episode with Sarah and talk about spiritual gifts or just other any other topics you guys want to hear more about? Let us know.


So, Father, in the name of Jesus, God, we thank you for your love. I think you learned that right now. That the person who is listening to this God, that they would feel tangibly feel your presence, faith is not a feeling, it's a knowing. But God, I thank you that we have the opportunity to feel your presence because you are so real. I thank you, Lord, that your love would just overwhelm them from their head to their feet right now.


Jesus, I thank you that the words that we spoke, the word of your truth, will pierce their heart right now in the name of Jesus. By the authority vested in Meridith and I, because of the blood of Jesus and as daughters of the King, I come against the spirit of death, spirit of suicide, spirit of depression and anxiety, every foul and unclean spirit right now that is tormenting this person I commanded to go in Jesus name.


I bind it. I rebuke it in the name of Jesus. And I thank you, Father, for your spirit of peace and love and joy. Lord, I think you got that right now. Those strongholds are broken. Those strongholds are broken. I thank you, God, just for freedom in their mind that they would have a sound mind healing in their bodies. God, I thank you for even Scar's being healed. You make all things new.


Thank you, Lord, for who you are. We worship you. We magnify your name. God, I think you that you would visit them in their dreams, that they would hear you speak to them, that they would choose not to listen to the voice of the stranger, but they would choose to listen to the voice of the shepherd. God, I thank you, Lord, that it's not by my not by power, but by your spirit that you say, Lord, that we will be free.


So I thank you, Jesus, for your blood. I speak the blood of Jesus over every person right now in Jesus name. Amen.


Jesus, Jesus, you make the darkness tremble. Jesus, Jesus, you silence, fear. Jesus, Jesus, you make the darkness tremble. Jesus, Jesus. You silence, fear.