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Welcome back to Unfiltered Food podcast with Meredith and Stromness, and today, you guys, we're just going to have a casual little catching up that just like what's what's going on in our life.


Get a little personal talk about boy updates, like what God's been teaching us in this season of our lives. I say because we've had guests come on for like the past couple episodes, we just wanted to get personal and just catch up a little bit, you know?


Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this day and for another opportunity to speak to your people. Lord, we pray that we can walk in the spirit and not in our flesh.


I pray that in your eyes, to see and ears, to hear you speak, Lord may may not be vessels for you. May we be able to hear your word and hear what you want to say. Lord, in your name we pray. Amen. Amen. I missed us so much. You guys like we're recording from our separate places. We're not together with the studio. Still close. Hopefully opens up soon. That way we'll have like really good audio and we can have more guests.


And we're just we're so excited really ladies. Yeah, but oh man.


What has so much has literally been going on in the world with all the political tension, all the evil, wicked things that have been going on in our world for decades. We're not going to get too political on this podcast episode. But what I want to say is that. There is no political solution to a clearly spiritual problem, we are in a spiritual battle, we are fighting against the enemy, which is Satan. So are we going to put our trust and our faith in a political leader, or are we going to wake up and realize that the only answer and solution is Jesus Christ?


God loves all of us and he wants all of us saved. He left the ninety nine for the one lost sheep. As believers, our job is to win souls to the kingdom of God, to just share God's love with other people and set an example and just be the body of Christ, be lights in the world. And, you know, we're going to face some persecution. We're going to face some backlash, but we have to stand firm and we have to stand strong in our beliefs right now and we can't back down.


I feel like God is calling his children back to him and he wants us to wake up, return to him and really return to the secret place with him and spend time in his presence, like really getting into a position of prayer and seeking his face and not only praying for our friends or family, but even our enemies. We are also called to pray for our leaders. There's going to be some politicians where we just don't agree with how they go about things and just, you know, their character.


And we have to put our feelings about someone aside, because ultimately God is going to be using people regardless if we like them or not. Like it does not matter because God's will be done, his kingdom come on Earth as it is in heaven. And that should be our prayer. Our prayers should be for God's will to be done, not our own will not our own feelings, not how we feel, but what God wants done on the Earth is what we should be praying for.


We are supposed to be unified and stand together. So even if there is like arguments among the body, that is what the enemy wants. Like he does not want us together. And to agree on one certain thing, Ephesians four twenty nine is let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as good for building one another up that it may give grace to those who hear. So basically saying we need to continue to edify and encourage one another in a loving way.


I've been facing. I don't know about you, but I've been facing some serious attacks, some. So ritual warfare.


What have you been going through? Like what? Now you don't have to go to specifics, but oh, I can get specific.


So the other night I like I've been feeling pretty good, like pretty, very joyful having a lot of the fruits of the spirit. And the other night I posted an Instagram story and it wasn't even anything like controversial. It was just like so simple. It was literally about God and his timeline and how we're all here for a reason in history. And I had a panic attack. I've I never get panic attacks. And all of a sudden, like this spirit of anxiousness and just worry came over me.


And this was at like 1:00 in the morning. And I like I literally was like like I've never experienced this. It was insane. And I'm like, okay, this is not from God and I need it. I just immediately started, like, reciting scripture, because when we're under attack, the word of God is our weapon against flesh and blood. Yeah, I was so I needed confirmation that I wasn't going crazy. So I messaged one of my guy friends on Instagram and I was like, Mac, like, is this am I going crazy or is this is this sound stupid?


Like I feel like all the thoughts that were coming in my head were like, you sound stupid, you're crazy. People are going to mock you. And I just started like believing that. And he's like Meredith. And he started praying over me, like through Instagram message. He was like he was praying for me. And I I actually went in my car and I went on a drive to the beach. It was like there was no one about it was so freeing.


And I was just worshipping and like trying to get just I needed to be able to go to sleep. Honestly, I was so tired, but eventually I did get tired and go to sleep. But that was something I experienced the other night. But yeah, I mean, just if you guys are experiencing any warfare and attacks like Satan isn't going to attack what's not a threat. So if you're like pushing the gospel and pushing the kingdom, it's just we have to be like aware of, like what he's doing.


And Satan can't read our thoughts. He can't. But he studies what what do I use the things that I did.


And then I found out, like, he literally can't read your thoughts. He will plant in thoughts of fear of suicide, depression or things that are not from God, obviously. And that's why the word of God is so important. Then we have that scripture to back like those bad thoughts in your head. And I used to think like, oh, like the devil could read my thoughts and like, he knows, like, everything too. But it's like, no, he will plant those, but you got to make those that out and.


Put in the God's word, good. Oh, good. So with me, I feel like I've definitely been just kind of uncertain with what's going to happen next this year. I mean, so much has happened in my life and like. I've realized that I've not open the doors, but just been living in a lot of fear and anxiety, just of uncertainty, not only but of course I always remind myself of Jeremiads 11 and that's like a God knows our future and we shouldn't have to worry.


And like, we have to take it day by day. I think you shouldn't let the devil get into your mind so much that you are constantly living in anxiety and fear physically and mentally. And I've been feeling that way for some time now and I've just been praying about it and doing the best I can to just move forward and be more in the present moment. I sometimes feel like if we're worrying too much about what's going to happen in the future for thinking too much about the past, we never think about in the present moment.


And I just feel like right now, if you're feeling that anxiety or you're just you know, I think with everything that's happened this year, it's just been a tough time, you know, for a lot of people. So, yeah, I feel like just live in the present moment each day. That's what I've been learning. And just take it day by day and your true friends will always be there for you and your true friends will always uplift you.


So that reminds me just what you're saying is also there's nothing to fear if our armor of God is on correctly so inefficient state. It talks about the armor of God. But this is some of the most powerful stuff in the Bible. So it says verse to finally be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power, put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil schemes for our struggle is not against flesh and blood.


So that means it's not against each other. Like our fight is not against each other, but against rulers, against authorities and powers of the world, the world. And then it's OK.


So then it says put on the full armor of God so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground. And after you've done everything to stand stand firm with the belt buckled around your waist, the breastplate of righteousness in place with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace, take up the shield of faith so that you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one and take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God.


So that is like our most powerful way to combat spiritual warfare. And there's really nothing to fear. So just be encouraged, guys. The more you're in the word, the more you are meditating on the word, the more like ready you're going to be. And God will help prepare you for that. He will equip you for what he's called you to do in this season of your life. I love how we're like this is not going to be a very deep episode.


And then we're like, there's the attack.


But what's going on just in your personal life? Nothing too crazy. I've been focusing on my my health, all my family, nothing too crazy. I mean, I, I feel like recently I just been like feeling here since you live in L.A., I was like, I don't have that much great community here, but I don't know. Recently I just been realizing, like. Sometimes I'm just like, oh, I knew it because we didn't let him come to me, baby.


We're going on just this live and just focusing on my health and my family right now, what about you? What's been going on? Well, someone proposed to me in my ERTMS.


Did I do this?


D.M. I got no, this guy messaged me. He said, are you taking future husband applications because you raise your hand emoji? And I just put the laughing emoji. And he said, Hamaha, my future husband skills are pretty impressive. I would be perfect for the job. I said, I believe it. He said job something that I didn't reply. And he goes, I've been listening to this. Really. I was going to reply, by the way, I'm not like Trayning or him.


I've been listening to this really good podcast, Unfiltered Faith. The girl on there is a beautiful, wise woman of God. You should go catch you.


Wait, wait, wait. What was that? OK, that's so cute though.


I haven't got any gems like that. I mean, I've gone down about like, oh, you're cute and stuff. And I'm like, I don't really read my gems like that. I probably should, but they're all requests. But Rakhat, regarding boys, has there been anybody recently in your life or what's been going on there?


You smiling? Oh, this is good. OK, so what I've been feeling is God is really restoring people's friendships and relationships right now. For me, I just feel like God is bringing people into my life, friendships that I keep saying I feel like God is bringing people into my life that he sent like he's he sent you. I know he sent you to feel like he's sending more people because he knows that I need community, as we all do.


It's so important to have fellowship within the church. And because we can't do this alone, like, that's what I realize is, like, you can't I if you isolate yourself, that is like basically letting the devil just like come and attack you because we need to be and held accountable and and helping each other.


So God is like definitely bringing restoring friendships and relationships right now. And just I feel like he's he's doing something. He's moving mountains. He is up to something amazing.


Speaking of friends, like I was at church. And the pastor was was getting to the Book of Romans, but before that, I like you know, you don't have a statue, but it shows up like snapshot memories.


And I was like, oh, like I was just watching them of even like this not this time last year, but like the beginning of this year or like and almost like. A couple months before 20/20 started and even going into this year before covid it like my stop time, memories came up and it was just like of me partying and like. I feel like I almost not live two different lives, but I've just been I've grown so much ever since then and it's, what, October?


But the same time I was like me partying or like just me listening to my music. And just like the way I was dressed, I was like in this lace body suit and like out and. As I was in church and it just came to my mind because he was looking into the Book of Romans and I started reading the passage of the Romans 13 13 that said don't participate in the darkness of wild parties and drunkenness or in sexual promiscuity and immoral living or rickrolling and jealousy.


And immediately, as I was reading that passage in church, like in my brain, it struck me like that Snapchat memory. And I was like a little convicted. I was like, dang, like even I've slipped up this year and I feel like I've grown so much. But I feel like after reading that and after knowing and being convicted, I was like, I'm growing and changing and I messed up this year. Or I, I feel like I've, I'm changing obviously.


But it's just been like I felt convicted and I have no desire for that anymore. I mean, I'm not saying I do it. I'm not saying I do it now because I like I said, I did it earlier. But I'm just like looking back, I was kind of like disgusted, almost like I was just like I can't believe I was even a couple months ago. But now I'm just like I know that those narcissist, not necessarily old friendships, but the old patterns of life that I was living is not for like I can't be pleasing others just to be partying and then being in church at the same time, you know, like I feel like I've always been struggling with that with, like, pleasing people or having those friendships just because they were living of the world.


And then he in church, you got into the book of James to like, hit again in the same genre. And it was like James ForFour don't realize that friendship with the world makes you an enemy of God. If you want to be a friend of the world, you make yourself an enemy of God. And I just like I was like, wow, I just got struck. Almost like you cannot be pleasing others just to be friends with everybody and going out, but also trying to please God because God is not happy that you're out and partying and like.


Living an immoral life and still giving in your flesh and sexual morality, you can't you can't be doing that.


Jesus still loved the sinner, but he hated the sin. And so he would say, you are forgiven, but go and sin no more. He told people to stop sinning.


To me, it's like first it's awareness and. I kind of was aware that, like, OK, I was like in there and that, but after reading that scripture, it was like I'm more like serious. Like I don't have any desire to do that anymore. Not only that, but is just like I can't be pleasing others or to fit in just because old friendships were at the same time.


So proud of you like well and wow.


Literally no good those.


So I, I don't know, I just want to let you guys know that it's hard, you know, you, you don't have to like cut old friends off or be not friends with them just because you're like oh they're unchristian are doing this like you still have to love on others and still be there for others and still be obviously a good person. But just know the distinction between I am changing and I'm different, like make that, make that point like hey, if they invite you out to the bars or to go drink or you know, if they even start talking about hooking up and stuff and like.


Don't get up for what you know, you are hitting your heart if the interdicted you don't guys don't be afraid to like people or people will probably make fun of you. I know I've been made fun of. I've been called like a prude and I've been called like Lane because I didn't want to go get drunk. But we can't be afraid of what people those people are not your real friends if they're going to make fun of you for what you believe.


Yeah, my mind. And you will have to people, please. And you you don't. I like I said, that you don't have to cut people off like that, but just know that you're changing and they will know the distinction of like you have Jesus in you now and you're growing in your faith and you can definitely just show that now be like, OK, I, I want people to know that I'm not going to go out anymore.


I'm not going to be doing part of any part of this world. But don't I just say you don't have to be like super like cut people off. Like, I hate what you're doing. It's like we don't hate people. We we hate the sin. It's not that. Exactly. And even Jesus like Jesus was he brought a revolution. He was inviting all the sinners to come have dinner parties with him. He wasn't like, oh, I can't talk to you because you're a tax collector and like got what you said will come to my table and come sit with me.


And he showed them love. And that's what we're supposed to do. We're supposed to follow what's your it on? He got lost.


He got persecuted. And yeah, it's I mean, I used to feel like I don't know, after being in church this weekend, I just felt like this fire. I was like, look, we got to be strong. We got to be showing up for our faith. We can't be weak Christians.


Yeah, we love it. I was so happy you got church like your church went and did that.


Yeah, I started to go to a new service is called Destiny. The Pastor. There's amazing. But remember, your church can't save you. Jesus can only can.


So I think the message we're supposed to have a healthy fear of the Lord. And for so long I, I remember growing up and hearing about, oh, you know, this person is is a God fearing person. And I remember hearing and thinking, wait, that doesn't sound like a good thing. But when you see so basically, if you don't have the fear of God, then. You're not going to be convicted of your sins, so basically says the the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.


I forget how that first goes, but it's like the fear of God is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom. So if you are just living your life and you don't have any healthy fear of the Lord, why would you ever be convicted of a sin and be like, oh, my gosh, I'm I messed up like like you ran around your day and you're like, I just murdered someone and there's no consequence.


Like, yes, there is consequence to send. The consequence of sin is death. Yeah. Like that's where a healthy fear of the Lord is.


It's not like you're walking around like, oh my gosh, the Lord is going to smite me, but you strike me down in the all I can remember.


Well past midnight was so like Robert was angry, you know, flight.


So that's why Jesus came to the cross and took our sins and we're forgiven. And we made a whole new but still God. God is an angry God. It says in the Bible he does get angry, but he does have a lot of love for us. Grace is sufficient, but.


We can't take advantage of that advantage to be like, oh, Jesus loves me, so I'm going to keep sending we got to keep learning from that and have that fear of the Lord that like we we you have that fear, the Lord so strong that the desire to sin is not shouldn't be there, but it should be like you're your spirit led like I wish I wish I learned that like sooner in my microtia honestly. Like I, I didn't understand it for so long.


Like the fact that I'm now twenty four and I'm, I've been a Christian my whole life but then I like just now figured out blows my mind. So hopefully if you're listening you can. We just helped you out of there.


Yeah but we don't. Don't be too afraid. Don't be like. Yeah no because fear is not from God.


Yeah. Man, I just want a smile, so we said, OK, we do OK.


I don't know why I just called you dude. I hate when I call people do that.


I don't like calling dudes dude, because Frank is wrong with me. Which energy guys? I've literally had six shots of espresso today, so if I was crazy, I would be. So I got in my car this morning to go get Starbucks and a song that was playing on the radio, I feel like. So God literally speaks to me through music. That sounds crazy, but he always I don't know, I just always he speaks to me through numbers a lot and through music.


And today when I got in the car, I so before I got in the car, I realized I was like picking apart how I looked in the mirror. I was like just judging myself so hard. Like we're our own worst critics were our own worst enemy. Like I was just like being super hard on myself. And I got in the car in this song that was playing was underneath it all by no doubt.


And it goes, you really love me underneath it all. And it looks a lot like you do you like you don't care what I look like. You don't care about my appearance. Like you're looking at my heart. You're looking at who I am as a person, like underneath all underneath all the clothes and the makeup.


Like he loves us regardless of what we look like. And I just even in that song is like so random. It's not a worship song or anything. It's by no doubt. And I was like, God, I see. You are so cute.


I love her.


So it's so wonderful. Like God can speak through their music, through other people. Like I was at church this weekend and I had a guy come up to me. I was like, do you feel like you're going in circles in life right now?


And you just started Profaci in my life. And I was like, it's so incredible how God can speak through people, through music, through like numbers, through signs. And it's just like the little things you're like God is really like he sees me. He hears me. Even if you feel like man God, like you don't see me or Cumia like any unanswered prayers, like he sees you.


And like I said, even if you don't feel like we're never stop, you never work again.


He never leaves or slumbers. Isn't that crazy? Like even while we're sleeping, God could be working in our lives. He could be working on your heart. He could be working on healing any wounds. There's a song called Gold by Leland, and it's the same people that sing Wigmaker.


But it goes you're turning all the wounds to gold, basically saying like he's he's working on us and he's turning all the scars and the pain and the hurt and he's making something new. He's making something beautiful. And I just love that the lyrics to that song, like he's he's taking it and he's turning us to gold. So, like, even like when you don't feel like something's happening or you feel like you're maybe you're too broken for this relationship or this job or whatever you're going through in your life, like God will turn that pain into a good thing better than you ever imagined.


Yeah. Yeah.


Well, thank you guys so much to this episode. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Thanks for catching up with us a little bit. And we'll catch you in our next.