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Due to the graphic nature of this case, listener discretion is advised this episode includes dramatizations and discussions of murder and assault that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under 13.


Where's the boy? I don't believe that's any of your business. The queen asked me to escort her son to London safely. I gave her my word and I will see it through as Lord Protector. It is my divine right to do as I see fit, especially when it comes to the snot nosed king to be. So maybe I didn't make myself clear.


Bring me the boy over my dead body.


That can be arranged. Anthony Woodville, you are hereby under arrest for treason. Guards take him away.


You you're a monster. No, I am an opportunist. With you out of the picture. Those bastard brats are the only thing standing between me and the throne of England.


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This is our first episode on the 14 Eighty-three disappearance of the legendary princes in the tower, Edward the Fifth, and his younger brother, Richard Duke of York. This week, we'll learn about the prince's family and the events that led to their tragic imprisonment and possible murder.


Next week, we'll explore how the man likely responsible for the prince's disappearance wound up taking their place as king of England. We have all that and more coming up. Stay with us. The British Isles may be the home of some of the world's greatest detectives, but there's one mystery England has yet to solve the princes in the tower. In the summer of 14, 83, two young princes lives were cut dramatically short when their uncle Richard of Gloucester placed them in the Tower of London, supposedly for their protection, and they were never seen alive again.


What became of the boy's remains a mystery. Their fate has been dramatized, speculated about and dissected for hundreds of years, most notably by William Shakespeare in his play, Richard the Third. But one thing is absolutely certain. The princes were the victims of one of the most vicious, interfamily conflicts the world has ever seen. The tragic tale of the young princes in the tower begins decades before their births. In the year 14 53, the last monarch of the House of Lancaster, Henry the sixth, sat atop the throne.


His family had held the British seat of power for over 50 years.


However, by mid 14 53, the Lancasters began to grow nervous. Henry, the sixth health and mental stability were declining rapidly, and his marriage to the ambitious, strong willed Margaret of Anjou had yet to produce an heir.


This meant that the throne was coming up for grabs, which delighted Henry, the sixth cousins in the house of York, as both houses were direct descendants of the late King Edward. The third, they both held equal claim to the monarchy. They were eagerly awaiting their chance to stake their claim and they would get their chance in due time.


Henry the sixth suffered from what some contemporary scholars think may have been catatonic. Schizophrenia, which would explain his frequent mental breakdowns after a particularly damaging episode, left Henry the sixth highly confused and an invalid. The Yorke's saw their opportunity. But just when it seemed the throne was within their grasp, Margaret of Anjou gave birth to a baby boy. Huh, huh? Please, Doctor, tell me, is it. It is, he's a beautiful, healthy baby boy.


Oh, thank God. Did you hear that? We have a son.


Let me see him.


What shall we call him, Edward, I think Edward, yes, a good, strong name fit for a King Edward of Westminster's birth came as a bitter disappointment to the House of York, and no one was angrier than the Duke of York, the leader of the House.


He felt victory had been snatched right out of his hands.


Yeah, we were so close. The throne was right there. I should have slit Margaret's throat when I had the chance. I bet she wishes she were dead. Being married to the fat of Henry.


My son, our Edward is the one who should be king to find blood also flows through his veins. He has as much claim to the throne as Henry's child, if not more.


Oh, Lancasters have monopolized the throne long enough. I cannot. I will not accept another. It's time we take what's rightfully ours. Will you take up your swords and join me in the fight for freedom, for honor, for the glory of your.


And so rather than accept this defeat gracefully, the Duke of York kicked off the War of the Roses, a 30 year tug of war that would claim countless lives, including his grandsons, Edward the Fifth, and Richard of York, our princes in the tower.


At the start of the war, the Duke of York started grooming his eldest son, 12 year old Edward, the fourth to become King Edward. The fourth received combat training, studied politics and was immersed in the Christian faith, as was expected of young royals at the time.


According to his contemporaries, Edward the Fourth grew up to be a friendly and charismatic teenage prince. He was also quite the playboy.


But surprisingly, Edward, the fourth's womanizing, did not bring the family unwelcome attention. Instead, during Edward, the fourth adolescence, his mother was accused of having an affair with Serb, Laybourne and Archer. Many of her 12 children, including Edward the fourth, were tall, blond and handsome. Just like Laborie, they look nothing like their squat, dark haired father.


The rumors were eventually dismissed as political hearsay. But maybe Edward, the fourth youngest brother, Richard of Gloucester, thought there was some truth to those claims, especially since he did look like their father.


Unfortunately, Richard of Gloucester was also born with severe scoliosis, which left him with a hunchback.


It's likely that Richard resented his handsome, charmed older brother, but he kept whatever jealousy felt secret as Edward the fourth rose to power and the war raged on.


In 14, 59, the Duke of York suffered a brutal loss in battle. He fled to Ireland but soon returned to England with a brand new army. And his son, Edward the fourth helped his father lead his armies to a string of victories. And finally, in 14 16, the Duke of York captured the sickly Henry the Sixth and crowned himself King Henry back.


Not so fast. Another step and I will bury this knife in his back. I'm sorry. I love.


I should have been stronger. I think I'll take a seat on the throne, make myself comfortable, even the crown fits like a glove. Edward, how do I look? Like a king. Father Yawk, you traitor, a snake.


Let him go. No, no.


There's no need for foul language. You want your husband back? I want the throne. Surely we can come to an agreement. Not if it means you will be king.


How about this?


You get your precious king back what's left of him anyway, and he gets to live out the rest of his miserable life on the throne. But when he dies, your house will recognize and support my sons as the rightful heirs.


Do we have a deal? Deal on October 25th, 14 60. The agreement was made official, Henry the sixth would remain king, but his son, Edward of Westminster was removed as the rightful heir. Finally, after a long and bloody road, the crown was within the Yorke's reach.


However, once Henry the Sixth was safe, Margaret Evangel had second thoughts. She wanted her son to be king, so she took command of her husband's forces and reignited the war against the Yorkist. This time she got the upper hand. By December of 14 16, Margaret of Andrews Army had pushed the Yorkist rebellion back into the north, outnumbered, overwhelmed and completely cut off from resources.


The Duke of York gambled everything. In one final desperate play for the throne, he rallied the last of his remaining forces. And on December 30th, fourteen sixty clashed with Margarets troops in the bloody battle of Wakefield. But it didn't work, Margaret's army decimated the Yorkist and killed the Duke himself on the battlefield.


Suddenly, with his father dead, 18 year old Edward the fourth became the new Yorkist leader overnight. Coming up, we'll follow Edward the fourth as he tries to avenge his father's death and restore honor to the House of York.


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Follow medical murders free on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Now back to the story. The Duke of York, Stith, hit the York family hard, but rather than wallow in grief, 18 year old Edward the Fourth rallied his troops in early 14 61 and marched back into battle, propelled by hatred and a thirst for revenge, determined to see his father's dying wish come to pass.


Edward, the fourth army, met the Lancaster Army in Totin on March 20, 1914 61. This battle would determine the right to rule over England.


Winner take all the battle of Talton took place in the middle of a snowstorm. An estimated 50000 soldiers fought for hours in the sleet and biting cold. It was one of the largest and bloodiest battles ever fought on British soil.


The Lancasters heavily outnumbered the forecasts. Much of Edward, the fourth military force, had been caught in the storm and delayed.


All hope seemed to be lost for the House of York.


Come on, man, we can still turn this around. Ferrybridge is dead ahead. Let's bottlenecked those yellow bellied Lancastrian at the crossing.


Forgive me, Lord, I. I want to, but I can't feel my feet or my hands don't give up.


We're so close. The Duke of Norfolk will be bringing reinforcements any minute.


But there are so many Lancastrian. Even with Norfolk's troops, he'll be just riding to our death men. Each time we ride into battle, there's a chance we may die. This is war, but we are yorkist. Our hearts shine brighter than the sun in splendor. Those Lancasters may take our lives, but they will never take our pride. Now, are you with me?


I have to. Is that the Duke of Norfolk, which saved? Oh, Edward. Looks like we've arrived just in the nick of time. You always did like to make dramatic entrances.


The arrival of the Duke of Norfolk's troops reinvigorated the weary, frostbitten York guests. Inspired by Edward the fourth's impassioned battle cry. They moved ahead with their plan to trap the Lancastrian army at Ferrybridge.


Their strong winds helped Edward the fourth's archers. Sleet turned into a torrent of arrows as the Yorkist picked off the Lancasters one by one.


Thousands of Lancastrian soldiers died in the ensuing fight. Those who weren't killed at the bridge were trampled to death by their own men. Some even drowned in the river. It supposedly ran red with blood for several days after, without an army. The house of Lancaster was done. They had lost once and for all.


Following their defeat. Margaret Evangel and Henry the Sixth fled to safety in Scotland with their son. And on June 28th, fourteen sixty one nineteen year old Edward the fourth finally realized his father's dream to become king.


In the beginning of King Edward, the fourth rule, he relied heavily on his cousin, Richard Neville, to help construct the new regime.


Richard Neville was one of the few people Edward the fourth could trust. Many nobles and members of court remained loyal to Margaret Evangel and continued to actively campaign on Henry the six behalf.


The atmosphere in London simmered with tension in 14 64 in order to further secure Edward the fourth's rule. Richard Neville traveled to France to negotiate an alliance with King Louis the eleventh. His plan was to offer Edward the fourth hand in marriage.


However, while Richard Neville was abroad, King Edward, the fourth head, was turned by a charming whip, smart young lady. Her name was Elizabeth Woodville.


Although Elizabeth was incredibly beautiful, she was considered too common to marry a king. Many of Edward, the fourth's contemporaries in court, actively tried to discourage his interest. Elizabeth Woodville was also a widow. Her first husband was a Lancastrian soldier who was somewhat ironically killed by Edward, the fourth's forces in battle. Her husband's death left Elizabeth as the sole provider for their two sons, Thomas and Richard Dougray, eager to find a stable environment for her boys. Elizabeth pushed Edward the fourth for a quick marriage, and she got it on May 1st, 14.


Sixty 64. The pair were secretly married at Elizabeth's family home.


The divisive wedding made quite a stir at court, but no one was more upset than Richard Neville, who found out about the union after he returned from France.


Cousin. Welcome home. I trust your visit to the continent went well. What did you do, Edward?


I leave you alone for one minute and you run off with a Lancaster and a harlot.


Oh, hold your tongue, cousin. You may be family, but I will not allow you to slander my wife. Apologise at once. I'm sorry. No, I will not allow this farce to continue.


You will marry King Louis, the eleventh sister in law like we agreed to.


And your traitor Edward. What's he talking about? I made a vow before God to love Elizabeth until death do us part. She is my wife, whether you like it or not. So you can tell King Louis he can negotiate a new treaty or find a new ally.


Edward, the fourth's and Richard Nevilles relationship never recovered. After that fight, Neville realized the king was a loose cannon who could not and would not be controlled. Over the next few years, tensions continued to escalate between Edward the Fourth and Richard Neville.


Neville hope to repair his relationship with King Louis the Eleventh and apologise for the first failed treaty. So he pushed for a diplomatic alliance with France, despite Edward the fourth overt interest in France's enemy, Burgundy.


While Richard Neville was abroad in France, Edward the fourth negotiated a treaty with Burgundy. He officially allied with them in fourteen sixty seven, and the pact was strengthened by the marriage of his sister Margaret to Duke Charles The Bold Burgundy.


The following year, Richard Neville was apparently not informed of this arrangement, and he had carried on with his negotiations with France. Unaware when the details of the alliance finally became public, Richard Neville was twice embarrassed in front of King Louis.


This move made it abundantly clear to Richard Neville that the king would always choose his own interests above all else. So Neville withdrew from high society and quietly aligned with the Lancasters. Together with Margaret of Anjou, Richard Neville hatched a plan to eliminate the Woodville and deposed King Edward the fourth. Neville also turned his attention toward Edward, the fourth's younger brothers, especially 20 year old George of Clarence, capitalizing on the boy's position in line for the throne. Richard Neville began to orchestrate strategic marriages for his daughters.


One daughter, Isabelle, married George of Clarence. However, Neville wanted his family to be guaranteed power and position, so he secretly arranged for his other daughter and to marry Henry, the sixth heir, Edward of Westminster. This way he figured he had a good position for the throne, no matter which house won.


With both daughters successfully married off, Richard Neville had little use for King Edward, the fourth youngest brother, 17 year old Richard of Gloucester, the hunchback prince.


Finally, after years of scheming and shadowy Cabal's, Richard Neville was ready to move against Edward the fourth by a fortuitous turn of fate. The old rumor about Edward the fourth being a bastard son would help bring the king down by the summer of 14 69, the seeds of doubt had been sown in court.


Whispers of King Edward. The fourth illegitimacy had spread throughout England, and people began to wonder if he really had a claim to the throne. Nearly eight years after their last military conflict, the Lancasters reemerged with Neville's help to challenge Edward, the fourth for the Crown. In July 14 69, the warring house once again met on the battlefield. It would not go well for the House of York.


The Royal Army suffered a devastating loss after the battle. Elizabeth Woodville is father and younger brother King Edward. The fourth last allies in court were taken prisoner and beheaded.


Sensing the end of the line, Edward the Fourth and Elizabeth Woodville scrambled to conceive another child and quickly became clear that control of England would be decided in a race against time. Time that unfortunately wasn't on the king's side.


My Lord, the Lancasters have reached the gates. How much time do we have? Not much. We'll hold them off as long as we can. Edward, what do we do?


Gather the children and take them to Westminster Abbey.


You'll be safe there. Come with us. Don't worry about me. It's not good for the baby. And we'll need a strong, healthy boy if we're going to get through this.


I don't want to leave you.


I know. I promise I'll be there soon. Give the children a kiss for me.


I will. But he wouldn't keep that promise.


Just two months before Elizabeth's due date in September 14, seventy Richard Neville marched into London and arrested Edward the fourth, officially deposing him as the king of England.


Coming up, we'll learn about Edward, the fourth's fight to regain the throne and the disappearance and likely murder of his two young sons. Now back to the story. After his army's devastating loss in the battle of Edgecast Moore in 14, 69, 28 year old Edward the fourth was taken prisoner at Midland Castle, home of his youngest brother, Richard of Gloucester, The Hunchback Prince. Although the brothers had been estranged most of their lives.


Edward, the forced imprisonment gave them the perfect chance to reconnect much to Edward, the fourth delight, he and his brother bonded over their shared hatred of Richard Neville.


Richard of Gloucester grew up in the Neville estate, and as such, she had grown quite close to their children. He was particularly fond of Anne, the younger of Richard Neville's two daughters, and was quite beautiful and had been kind to Richard of Gloucester. Despite his physical deformity.


Sensing potential in the union, Richard Neville originally supported the pair's plan to marry when they came of age. However, their plans were dashed when Neville secretly traded and to Margaret of Anjou in exchange for her support in overthrowing Edward.


The fourth Richard of Gloucester was forced to watch the love of his life marry another man and not just any man, Edward of Westminster, heir apparent to the Lancastrian throne.


Richard, what time is it? What's going on?


Come on, Edward. We don't have much time. The guards will be back any minute.


So the alarm. The prisoners escaped. Go.


I'll buy you some time in October of fourteen seventy. Edward the fourth escape to the Netherlands, while Henry the sixth sat on the throne.


Only a few weeks later, on November 2nd for 1870, Elizabeth Woodville gave birth to a son. Finally, Edward the fourth had an heir.


She named him Edward the Fifth, but Edward the fifth birth wasn't joyous for everyone in the House of York. The news disappointed Richard of Gloucester, who hoped that he would become the next in line for the throne after his brother back in London, the house of Lancaster, struggled to re-establish themselves and read.


The sixth was King again, but his mental health was extremely fragile. Even day to day stress began to overwhelm him. He suffered another mental breakdown, which left him practically catatonic.


Meanwhile, Richard Neville faced a massive challenge trying to mend a growing rift in court. Many nobles had lost family members in the bloodshed of the War of the Roses, and that grief and bitterness hadn't been forgotten.


Now that Edward the Fourth had been overthrown, the Lancasters and former Yorkist no longer had a common goal to unite them. The tide of hate swept back into court, sparking even more fights and unrest. There was only one thing that everyone could agree on, Henry the sixth had to go just in time to ride the wave of animosity. Edward the fourth returned to England after collecting supporters in Burgundy. Edward the fourth challenged Henry, the sixth for the throne.


One more time, war erupted once again. On April 14th, 1871, Edward, the Fourth Army, met the Lancastrian forces helmed by Richard Neville near the English town of Barnet, under the cover of Night Yorkist, Shamie crept up and surrounded Nevilles men.


At dawn, Edward, the fourth's troops attacked, camouflaged by the thick morning fog.


Edward the fourth, wanted to capture Richard Neville alive in hopes that he could make a good bargaining chip later. But the fog created chaos on the battlefield. When the fighting ended, Richard Neville was dead in another battle a few weeks later, Henry, the sixth teenage son and only heir Edward, was also killed when Henry the sixth heard about the loss of his son.


His heart broke once and for all. He was imprisoned in the Tower of London and on May 21st, 14 71, he was murdered in order to repay Richard of Gloucester for his loyalty.


A newly re king Edward the fourth used his influence to retrieve his brother's lost love. And Neville, whose husband had recently died in the spring of 14 72 with Edward the fourth blessing, Richard of Gloucester and Neville finally wed at the palace.


For a while, the family drama seemed to smooth out. On August 17th, 1873, Elizabeth Woodville gave birth to Edward, the fourth second son named Richard of York. Meanwhile, Prince Edward, the fifth at two years old, was sent to Ludlow Castle to be raised as a proper English heir. His maternal uncle, noted scholar Anthony Woodville, was tasked with his upbringing.


King Edward, the fourth, felt strongly about how his son and heir would be raised and left Anthony Woodville very specific instructions as how the young prince should grow up. Edward the Fifth was only allowed to read stories of virtuous learning, tales about honour, chivalry and respect. He was also deeply immersed in the Christian faith, so much so that no one in Anthony Woodvale, home, servant or otherwise, could so much as swear the king's efforts proved fruitful, as Edward the Fifth was described by Italian noble Dominic Mancini as scholarly beyond his years with such dignity in his whole person and in his face such charm.


By all accounts, he was a lovely, intelligent, empathetic prince who would have made a beloved, passionate monarch. It's a shame England never got to experience life under his rule.


The next few years passed quietly, which was rare for the House of York, but the period of peace soon came to an end. On the surface, it seemed like Edward the fourth and his brother had a good relationship, they'd reconciled and survived two wars together. But in 14 82, something began to change within Richard of Gloucester.


Excellent shot, 10 points. I do believe that puts you ahead, Stafford. You might be good with a sword, but I'm the king of Bow and Arrow. Well, today's the day I knock you off your throne. Hey, Richard, see you over there by Elizabeth. Looks like Anthony Woodville has got a kid. That's my nephew, Prince Edward. Really? You don't look anything alike, but I guess you and your brother look pretty different to you.


Hit the target. Do you want to go again? What are you getting at, Stafford? Nothing. Nothing. I was just saying. What, that my brother's a bastard. Grow up your words, not mine. You've got to admit your nephew is the spitting image of laybourne same golden curls and everything. After that day, whenever Richard of Gloucester saw his nephew, memories of his childhood stirred to the surface memories of a time when his mother was accused of having an illicit affair with an archer named Blay.


Born when he first noticed how different he and his brother looked, those old bitter feelings boiled to the surface whenever he saw Prince Edward the fifth golden locks. And slowly they bloomed into a dangerous, toxic notion that he, Richard of Gloucester, was the only rightful heir to the throne. On Easter Sunday, 14 83, King Edward the fourth suddenly fell ill, several royal physicians tended to the bedridden, feverish monarch, and yet none could identify the source of his mysterious illness.


Unfortunately, the most advanced medical practices at the time, like blood letting and induced vomiting, did little to help. As he lay in bed, Edward the Fourth made alterations to his will, naming his brother Richard of Gloucester as Lord Protector. This meant that Richard would become Prince Edward, the fifth legal guardian upon Edward, the fourth death.


After a week and a half on April 9th, Edward the Fourth succumbed to his illness and died at age 40. Suddenly, his 12 year old son and we're the fifth was king. Some blamed his death on poison, a go to explanation for deaths with no obvious cause at the time. It is possible that the Queen Elizabeth Woodville believe this was the case.


Elizabeth quickly contacted her brother, Anthony Woodville, who had been watching the boy. She warned him that Richard of Gloucester might attempt to take the throne and insisted Edward, the wife, be kept away from him at all costs. Just a week after King Edward the fourth passing, Anthony Woodville and Edward the Fifth began their long journey to London as a precaution. Anthony enlisted a security force of a reported 2000 armed men and asked Edward the Fifth's Half-Brother Richard Gray to accompany them.


During their journey, Richard of Gloucester reached out to Anthony Woodvale to request a meeting. Anthony agreed to dinner in a neutral location in Northamptonshire under the condition that his nephew could also attend.


It's unclear what exactly happened that night, but at some point during the dinner, a fight erupted over the custody of the new king. Richard of Gloucester arrested Anthony Woodville and Richard Gray for treason and got rid of their armed guards.


Richard of Gloucester then took possession of Prince Edward the fifth. He likely told the young boy that Woodville and Grey had been arrested for plotting to take control of the crown.


And we can't be sure how Edward the Fifth reacted to the news of his family's arrest. But we do know he traveled the remaining distance to London with Richard of Gloucester. It's likely 12 year old Edward the Fifth took him at his word and trusted his uncle. After all, he was family.


Richard of Gloucester's actions in Northampton, however, confirmed Elizabeth Woodville villes worst fears. She knew he was making a play for the crown, desperate for Edward the Fifth to assume the throne as quickly as possible. Elizabeth pushed to expedite the coronation. The ceremony was scheduled for June 25th, 14 83. When Richard of Gloucester returned to London in early May 14, 83, Elizabeth Woodville was surprised to hear that Edward the Fifth was alive and unharmed. But she still knew that Richard of Gloucester was up to something.


That month, the young prince was suddenly moved into the Tower of London. This wasn't considered unusual at the time, since most kings customarily awaited their coronation in the Royal Apartments of the Tower.


But this time, the boy would never be seen again. With Edward the Fifth under his control, only one obstacle stood in the way of Richard of Gloucester's ambitions, the nine year old Prince Richard of York. But Elizabeth Woodville wouldn't let the boy out of her sight in order to convince Elizabeth he had pure intentions and wasn't trying to make a power grab. Richard of Gloucester hatched a scheme for the next month. He played the part of the dutiful Lord Protector and took an active role in planning Edward the Fifth's coronation.


The man must have been convincing because against all of her better judgment, Elizabeth would handed her youngest son over to Richard of Gloucester on June 16th. Fourteen eighty three, he said that the boy would be returned after Edward the fifth coronation. But that very same day, Richard of Gloucester threw the youngest boy into the Tower of London with Edward the Fifth, and Elizabeth would never see the two princes again.


Next episode, we'll learn about Richard of Gloucester forced his way into power and dive into theories about who killed the princes or if they were truly ever murdered at all.


Thanks again for tuning into unsolved murders. We'll be back next Tuesday with part two on the princes in the Tower.


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