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So now that that's called freedom of speech, and that's what this hearing title is, protecting speech, so all I can say is, look, we should all join hands and denouncing and whatever words you want to use about violent extremism of all stripes.


And I think we can all agree on that. So as to constantly accuse Democrats of not caring about that is really I can only say that you aren't listening. So I hope this is the end of this hearing, Mr. Chairman, and that we don't have to listen to any more of your rhetorical speeches. Thank you very much. I'm leaving.


Well, I appreciate the, as always, kind and uplifting words of Senator Hirono. And I would also note that throughout her remarks, she still did not say a negative word about Antifa, nor has any Democrat here. They instead engaged in a political game where they depend. You're welcome to say something negative about Antifa right now. I think that I've covered the White House. OK? She declined to speak, so that is the position of the Democratic Party.


I would note also that of the seven Democratic senators who spoke, not a one of them apologized for or denounced multiple Democrats calling law enforcement officers, Nazis, storm troopers and Gestapo.


To be fair, I don't had not heard the word Nazi, but storm trooper was Nancy Pelosi and Gestapo was another Democratic leader.


Welcome back to Verdict with Ted Cruz, I'm Michael Knowles, I'm sitting here, of course, with the senator. Senator, you you have not yet chased me out of this room, but I notice you seem to have chased your Democratic colleague out of the Senate yesterday. Well, Michael, I don't like what you're saying, so I'm going to need to get up and run away and leave now. You're very frightening and you're causing me to hyperventilate.


Yes, I will, because I'm posing these very difficult questions to you, such as are you willing to condemn antifa? So. So it was really crazy.


So I chaired a hearing on on antifa violence. And I, as you know, chaired the Constitution subcommittee, a Senate Judiciary Committee. And so the the hearing was focused on the right in the First Amendment peaceably to assemble. And by the way, if you remember back, do you remember Chris Cuomo on CNN? I say saying, where is it written that that that protesting and gathering has to be peaceable? And it's kind of like, well, OK, there's this thing called the First Amendment.


It's in the Constitution, the right of the people peaceably to assemble right there first. And part of the Bill of Rights, Tetch, that we get understand CNN, they don't have copies of the Constitution. So so you can understand and you wouldn't expect Cuomo to be familiar with. I don't know that it's even allowed in the building. Frankly, I think that's probably right. Well. The hearing was on free speech and the right peaceably to assemble and how radical anarchists and Marxist are taking over these protests and engaging in rioting and violence.


And so we had testimony and in the entire course of it. So we had testimony originally from the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security. Ken Cuccinelli, the acting deputy secretary, testified, did a fabulous job. But seven different Democratic senators participated in the hearing, not a single one of them. Was willing to say even a single word critical about an antifa, they wouldn't and it's you know, I got to say, look, I'll give the Dems credit.


They have a message discipline, like when a talking point goes out, I don't know who it is.


Is that what it is, though? I mean, they basically they get the talking points, they stick to it. They repeat the same words over and over again. So, for example, all of them called the DHS law enforcement officers secret police. That was clearly the talking point is so. So Mazie Hirono is the ranking Democrat on the committee. She plays this this video, I think, from The New York Times, where it refers to them as unidentified officers and literally the video playing.


They have a giant bright yellow, all caps, letters, the words police like. That's not on their mind if they are identified, the question about that, but it's but it doesn't stop them. So their talking points and so their talking points on on Tifa, on the terrorists is they just scream right wing violence, white supremacist white supremacists. And the difference, by the way.


Look, I'm a white supremacist, Nazi, KKK, those guys are racist idiots, lock them all up if they commit violence, lock them up and throw them in jail.


This is the point. This was what was so shocking to me when I was watching this clip of you talking to Senator Hirono when some fringe lunatic guy who maybe he associates with the right when he comes out and says something bigoted, all the right disavows, condemns, takes two seconds. Nobody worries about it. But none of your Democratic colleagues on zero, not one could condemn Antifa or the Marxists or the other end. I mean, it seems so simple to me, why couldn't they do it?


So not only that, but but but also we've seen their rhetoric. So Nancy Pelosi called federal police officers, storm troopers. Jim Clyburn, one of the ranking leading Democrats in the House, called them Gestapo like. Calling cops Nazis, yeah. And not a single Democrat, I mean, repeatedly that was called up, not one of the Democratic senators would walk away from it. And so at the end of the hearing, Mazy got up and stormed out.


And she's like, what? No, no, I've condemned violence. I'm like, well, no, not from Antifa, not from the left. You insist the only violence that occurs is on the right. Facts be damned. You know what Ken Cuccinelli told us at the hearing? What? He said there have been in the last six months, 277 officer injuries in Portland. Wow. Seventy seven. So Ken Cuccinelli, deputy secretary of Department of Homeland Security, and he testified and he testified.


In fact, he had so they're throwing rocks at the officers. They're throwing frozen water bottles. In fact, Ken had a frozen water bottle with a mist to illustrate how they hit an officer in the head with a sledgehammer. They're bringing knives, they're bringing guns. They're throwing gasoline and lighting gasoline on fire. They're firing mortars with with commercial fireworks. They have those lasers. Well, and you and I so we did we did an interview with the secretary of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf.


And we did it at DHS, which was pretty cool. But while we're doing the interview, you and I are sitting there. Into the room walks Ken Cuccinelli, you know, like in the moment, I couldn't quite tell, obviously the lighting was a little dark, so I said, who is this guy who's kind of walking in? If I'd known if I'd known it was him, I would have said, you should come right on the show.


And if I seen him, he came in behind me. So I didn't see him. If I had seen him, I said, you come on over pushchair because he was coming to testify that afternoon and he had a prop he had. So the commercial laser that they're using. Yeah, I have to admit, when I read about the sort of lasers to the eyes, that that struck me as a little bogus because we've always had little laser pointers, right.


You chase your cat around with it. Yeah. Like I mean, isn't that isn't that all of Twitter is is cat videos like it. Like, I think that's the entirety of the Internet. Yeah, but. What was interesting is these commercial ones, so so Koch had one of those, he said, here, hold your head out. So I did. And he points it and in like one second it takes about a second and then you go, oh, crap.


And, you know, I mean, it burn. Well, you know, I don't I don't think that you were necessarily foolish when he says, put your hand that you did. But then I saw it burned you. And then you tell me, hey, Michael, put your hand out. And I like a fool. I put my hand out and I get burned by cooking. Look, this is basic human instinct. You know, you have, like, spoiled milk and you go, oh, it's terrible.


It's like. Right, but it's serious. I mean, you can you can light a piece of paper on fire with those lasers. And this is this is the kind of thing that's being shined in the cop's eyes.


And Cuccinelli testified over 30 officers have had eye damage where they shine it in their eyes and it's a risk of permanent blindness.


And in fact, what they're doing is they have these shields and they get up right close at them to shine the laser right in their eye and try to blind. Yeah. And, you know, one thing you did very well at the hearing and for some reason I noticed these clips aren't going around. I don't know why the press isn't covering it. You went through with great specificity who these people are, the organized anarchists, the organized Marxists who were behind these riots all over the country.


You know, I think the Democrats, they've outright denied that antifa even exists. Jerry Nadler the other day pretend it's not real. You went through those specifically. These are real Marxists. These are real anarchists. Well, and you take two different groups that are worth worth focusing on, one antifa. And you've got we heard a lot of testimony on TIFA is profoundly violent. They engage in terrorism. They encourage terrorism. They train people to engage in this violence.


They're also profoundly anti free speech. They and they use violence as a way to silence speech they disagree with. Yeah, and these are concerted. You know, Andy. No, the journalist, he testified at the hearing about being violently beaten up, by the way, they call him a white supremacist, as he described. He's he's the son of a Vietnamese immigrant. He Vietnamese and gay is not here like he is the most Vietnamese white supremacist I've ever met.


There's no question.


But you know what they call Ben Shapiro a Nazi. So let facts get in the way. Right. Of their attacking rhetoric. Yeah, but, you know, so you had the anarchists of Antifa and you had Marxists as well, as you explained yesterday. Well, and I talked at some length about Black Lives Matter. Now it's important to understand the difference. The phrase Black Lives Matter. Oh, yeah. Of course, is indisputably true this period, the end.


And let me actually take a digression for a minute. I think most Republicans are morons when it comes to talking about Black Lives Matter, because when you have someone say, does black lives matter, you get all these Republicans know all lives matter.


Yeah. Why can't you just say yes? Right. Like, if you ask me. Yes, it's Black Lives Matter.


Mazie Hirono is answer right. Will you condemn anti. If I condemn extremism say right. But what about specifically anti if it's a very simple question like absolutely.


Black lives are precious and they matter immensely. And the reason is every life is, is, is created by God. What you don't you see Republicans like terrified to say that. Yeah, yeah. Because we're in such a weird politicized world, but. Well, and also because there's this organization which is very different. Well, and that's so the statement Black Lives Matter is a truism. Overwhelming majority of Americans agree with it. It should be everyone.


I mean, yeah, basically everyone I think agree on that. But there's something very separate from the organization that is called Black Lives Matter. And this there's an article I entered into the record of the hearing for The Washington Examiner that gives some of the history of the organization. So it was founded by three radicals who describe themselves in their own words as trained Marxist. So they are this is not me calling them Marxist. They tell you they're Marxist.


They tell you they've studied Marx and Lenin and Mao.


They they I mean, there's a video of Patrice Claus, who was one of the co-founders. She says, Alicia and I are Alicia Garza, another co-founder are trained Marxists. And the third co-founder, Paul Tamati, is seen smiling in photographs with the communist dictator of Venezuela. They're they're not hiding this sort of thing. So not only that, one of one of the founders of the organization, Black Lives Matter, describes as as her mentor, Angela Davis.


Angela Davis, I don't have to call her communist. She tells you she was a communist. She was not once but twice the vice presidential nominee of the Communist Party of the United States. So she's an avowed communist Marxist. And by the way, you know. Is rabidly anti-Semitic, rabidly anti-Israel. Someone else who Susan Rosenberg now, who is Susan Rosenberg? Susan Rosenberg is the vice chair of the board of directors of Thousand Currents. Now, what is a thousand currence thousand current is what is funding the organization Black Lives Matter.


Now, who is Susan Rosenberg? Also, she is was part of the revolutionary military group known as the May 19th Communist Organization affiliated with the Weather Underground. She was convicted of weapons and explosives charges and sentenced to 58 years in prison. So she's a convicted terrorist, by the way. She was pardoned by Bill Clinton on the last day of his presidency. It was one of those midnight she and a million other people were barking to the end of the administration.


So she was at Rosenberg in the 1960s and 70s, was on the FBI's most wanted list. She was caught in 1984, unloading hundreds of pounds of dynamite and weapons, including a submachine gun. So we're not talking like a sort of mild little rebel.


We're not just a frozen water bottle. It is not so. Garza, one of the Black Lives Matter founder, Founders', talks about how convicted cop killer Assata Shakur is one of her main inspirations.


Now, Shakur. Is right now today on the FBI's most wanted list. There's a million dollar reward for Shaker's information leading to her capture. She's believed to be hiding in Cuba. And she was a member of the Black Liberation Army, another terrorist organization. She's wanted for escaping from prison and she was in prison serving a life sentence for murdering a police officer and police officer. An individual named Werner Foster was shot execution style, point blank. This wasn't an accidental this was.


And by the way, it's not like these folks are just kind of OK. We're all like you vaguely know each other. So Cooler's one of the three founders wrote a memoir entitled When They Call You a Terrorist, a Black Lives Matter memoir. So it's like what we're all about or the Forward is written by Angela Davis.


And the epigraph is written by Shakr, the cop killer. Wow, so so they're they don't tell you this in the mainstream media. In fact, I had never heard that. And I've actually done some research into the BLM organization. So Angela Davis, don't talk about the anti-Semitism of Angela Davis for a minute. She was asked. So she was big apologist for the Soviet Union. Yeah, yeah. Look, Communists, that's what they did. So she was traveling to Moscow and she was asked if she would speak up for the Jewish prisoners of conscience in the gulags in the Soviet Union.


And her answer was, and this is a quote that they are all Zionist fascists and opponents of socialism, and so therefore she would be urged she would urge that they be kept in prison. Not only would she not speak up with them, she'd be like, lock them up. By the way, Angela Davis just recently endorsed Joe Biden for president. That's right. And because she said he would be easy to manipulate it. Black Lives Matter itself refers to Israel as an apartheid state committing genocide.


That's that's their terms. But what is Black Lives Matter? Stand for if you go look at their website. Yeah. Their number one priority is abolishing the police nationwide, yeah, which is, by the way, according to Gallup polling, opposed by 81 percent of black Americans, it was either Gallup or it was a YouGov poll, but it just came out. And if Black Lives Matter succeeded in their stated objective of abolishing police, the result would be many, many more black lives are lost, of course, because you would have many more murders, many more rapes, many more assaults, which sadly we're seeing in big cities right now as police are being held back.


But but without law enforcement, those living in the most high crime neighborhoods get their victims. And many of the far too many of the victims of crime are African-American and black lives Matter is essentially abandoning him to that. Not only that Black Lives Matter, the organization calls for abolishing the nuclear family.


Like moms and dads, don't you say that again, it's very explicit and this go read their own website. Don't don't take my word for it. That's what they're advocating for. Now, let me tell you and by the way, they also call for a white boycott. They say boycott white corporations that nobody should buy anything from white corporations now. One of the things I talked about the hearing yesterday, we're seeing all these companies, particularly tech companies that are wanting to virtuosic them, who are giving millions and millions of dollars.


Right. To this organization, Black Lives Matter. Those among those tech companies that are doing it are Microsoft, Amazon. I went and listed a whole bunch, but but pause for a second and think, look, Microsoft. Largest shareholders, a guy named Bill Gates. Yeah, last time I checked, Bill Gates, a white guy. Yeah. So Microsoft is literally donating money to an organization calling for people to boycott Microsoft like like saying do not purchase any products from anything.


Bill Gates, Amazon. Amazon's giving them money. Yeah. Jeff Bezos is a white guy. Amazon is funding a group saying. Right. Don't buy anything from Amazon. And it's. OK, you want to support social justice, great, wonderful, go support school choice, go give scholarships for inner city kids to go to excellent schools there, all sorts of things you can do. But the problem is because people are terrified. Of contradicting the indisputably true statement that Black Lives Matter, yeah, that they'll support this awful organization and and they are funding explicit Marxists who want to.


Destroy capitalism, destroy free enterprise, destroy the family, speaking of our friends who are stuck at home, a number of them are writing in questions for the mailbag from columns Donkey. This is a Twitter account. I don't think it's this. I don't think it's a Christian name. What can I do personally to stop this madness? I'm not famous. I'm not important. I'm not even a good debater. But I know what I believe. Give me specifics.


Speak or speak to your friends. Speak to your family. And you know what? You are famous ballroom's donkey. Donkey, because you've got with social media. Every one of us is publisher. Now, I know he's also on a big podcast right now, like every one of us can speak out. And I actually tell, like, I don't know how how old blob's talking is, but I talk to a lot of, you know, high school kids, college kids.


And when it comes to defending freedom, why does freedom matter? I say, look, you can do it much better. I'm forty nine years old. How many 15 year olds are going to listen to me? Yeah, I'd much rather have a 15 year old say, why does it matter to be free? Use your voice to explain. Why freedom matters, why free speech matters. Look, the left are intolerant, totalitarian and oppressive, so speaking out, using humor, telling stories and on that point, knowing what you say, I mean, Belgium's donc says he knows what he believes and I believe him.


But I think some people, you know, they want to go out there and argue their point of view. The other the other side of this is study the facts. I mean, read up. No know what your point of view is so that you can articulate why why you support your country, why you like your freedoms, why you like your rights and help educate others. And look, left and right tend to communicate differently to many people on the right.


Communicate like accountants. Yes, yes, yes. Just great numbers and a green eyeshade. Yeah. In the left they go for the heart. Yeah. I mean, their argument is he wants to eat your children. I mean that's what they say, right. We got to do both. It's why stories are.


You know, when you and I did the pod with Jon Voight, yeah, and you're we're talking to him about like storytelling is a natural skill. And actually and actually this may have been afterwards where we were enjoying a cigar together. Oh, yeah. And I think I think this was after the pod. And we were we were talking with John and I said, look, storytelling is a natural human expression of all of us and and it's how we all communicate.


And John just said, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, lad.


I think, you know, lad know, you do a better diploid impression than I did.


But but his hit, to be sure, there are better storytellers. Yeah. And we're storytellers. Right. But it is how our hearts are stitched together. Yes. Yeah. So tell stories.


We need more than just eggheads. I mean, we want you know, we want the accounting to work out. But you have to grab people with a narrative. Chase wants to know. Speaking of, sometimes we're lemmings, sometimes we fight back. He has a question about owning the lips. You know, a politics of opposition banding together, he says, is owning the Libs a strong enough policy platform to win the House, Senate and keep the White House, of course, doing so.


Of course not. Look at this election. We win. Trump gets re-elected, Republicans win. If this is a battle of ideas because the left is going insane, yeah, their ideas are terrible. If this is a battle between socialism and free enterprise, we win. If this is a battle between abolishing the police and protecting people's safety, we win. Yeah, like their positions are so extreme. But I suppose this raises the question, because when I hear owning the Libs, there is something to this right.


A politics of opposition where because their ideas are so extreme, because they're, you know, they're like pulling down statues and burning down the country. I wonder if if we chase is asking is is it enough to just point to their crazy? So so my point on this, though, is that we have to fight on the field of ideas. I think the Democrats. Want to make this election entirely a personality election, and they wanted a referendum on do you like Donald Trump, yes or no?


There's a reason Joe Biden is hiding in his basement. Right. And it's actually I don't think that it's seen that he's senile and has dementia. I think they've made the decision. They think they're winning on a personality popularity contest on Donald Trump. And so they just figure out why, you know, if you're winning, don't mess with it. Yeah, right. And so and so from their perspective, they would characterize it as sort of owning Trump.


Let's let's just make it. Yeah. All about him. Look, you and I both have fun on Twitter, and yet, you know, I only occasionally did nothing wrong with that.


But I try to do it.


I know you try to actually on substance and. Yes, so so if it's a question of do you have the guts to actually take them on. Yes. That matters. Yeah. Do you have a sense of humor and be fun about it. You know, do you see the Portland rioters are now complaining they want like, like the government to fund equipment so they could riot. And I saw that night tweeted it out and I said, you know, absolutely, I agree.


I'm more than happy to give it to you. Every one of you that engages in violence, I'll give you a taxpayer paid orange jumpsuit, three hots and a cot. That's exactly right. I mean, it's you know, but. It needs to be on substance. There's also that point to that when I'm saying that I'm making a point that these are violent criminals that should be incarcerated, you can eat, right? You can have. A little bit of fun with it, yeah, and you probably should, but it's got to be grounded in something real if it's going to be effective, you know, just saying you suck, it is not a great message.


And it frankly is how leftist I mean, that that's basically what what they say to Trump is they just hate him. I mean, they're just orange orangeman, bad orange. I mean, that's just they just scream your primal rage. Look how many Republicans are actually engaged in a real battle of ideas right now. Yeah, and what I'm urging the White House, if they let it be a personality contest.


Yeah. That's what the left ones that the left wants, and I think that's much more dangerous than focusing on ideas that that work.


Yeah, well, we will have to leave it there. We'll see you on the next episode. We'll see you on the next episode. I'm Michael Noles. This is a verdict with Ted Cruz.