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Hi, it's Kate from Parks Network. I'm here to tell you about a sizzling news show I can't get enough of when it comes to finding love. People say it's what's on the inside that matters, but do they really mean that? Well, the hit series Blind Dating is putting that theory to the test. Every Wednesday, host Tara Michelle introduces one hopeful single to two strangers in a voice only call through a series of games and questions they'll get to know each other without the distraction of appearances.


Is personality enough for these strangers to fall head over heels? Or once the cameras are turned on, will they head for the hills? Find out right now in the latest episode of Blind Dating if you love it. Be sure to follow blind dating, free on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. You can binge past episodes of this Spotify original from podcast before catching all new ones every Wednesday. Enjoy.


Hi, my name is Evan, I am a Southern Midwestern boy who grew up in both Wisconsin and North Carolina, I moved to Los Angeles about seven years ago to pursue dance. When it comes to my dating history, I have dated plenty of men.


I would not say that I am at all unfamiliar with the dating world, but I also really haven't had a boyfriend since I was twenty one and I'm twenty seven now.


Just I haven't really met anyone to commit with. I've always met like a nice guy, but then something always happened, usually just broke up with someone and I was the rebound and I was like, oh well that's lucky.


So trying to hopefully meet someone that will stick around. They say love can find you anywhere, parties, offices, grocery stores, the hell scape that is Tinder, but no one has ever found love on a podcast in a virtual hangout until now. I'm your host, Michel, and welcome to Blind Dating, a Spotify original from podcast.


Today, we're helping 27 year old Evan find his perfect match welcome to Blind Dating, Evan. Thank you. OK, so here's how the show works. You're about to meet two strangers and you'll have to get to know them as quickly as possible. But there's a twist. You'll only be able to hear them throughout the show and you won't be able to see who your potential love interests are until after you've made your choice. So with all that being said, are you ready to meet your matches?


I'm ready to be matches. OK, let's meet match number one, Cody. He's a quick witted twenty nine year old costume designer and former stripper. So this man can truly do it all. Welcome to the show, Cody High. Thank you so much for having me. Thank you for coming. Let's hear a little bit more about yourself. Yeah, well, I'm originally from Des Moines, Iowa, just moved to Los Angeles after being in San Francisco for a little bit back in March.


I have a passion for exploring new places and being an active member in my community. So that's why I really wanted to come to Los Angeles, because there's tons of places to go hiking, go to the ocean, all that kind of thing. Really looking for somebody who's able to keep up with me. Quick Quick-witted optimist who enjoys a good laugh so somebody who can go back and forth with me. At times in the past, I've had a lot of friendships result out of dating.


I haven't had too many, you know, relationships because I'm really looking for that deeper connection with somebody really just looking for somebody to enjoy life lessons.


And now, Evan, let's meet match number two, Alija. He is a twenty five year old Beyoncé obsessed dancer who recently got his heart broken. Welcome to the show, Elijah High. Thank you for having me. Thank you for being here. Let's hear a little bit about your back story.


Well, I'm originally from Santa Maria, California, but I now live in Los Angeles as a professional dancer. I love to hike. And as far as my dating history, I'm usually the one getting my heart broken because I go for the wrong guys and I usually decide this and don't find out until later on. But as you stated, I've recently had my heart shattered about like two months ago. Everything was perfect. I thought we were going to get married in the future, to be honest.


And I woke up one morning and was disgusted. So now I'm just hoping to find someone who wants to get to know me and all my flaws so I can do the same for them.


OK, Evan, are there any first impressions that you've made based off of what we just heard?


Yeah, just a few. Alija, I honestly feel like we might know each other since we're both dancers in Los Angeles. Maybe we haven't met each other, but we probably have nearly bumped into each other at an audition or two. I love that. Cody, you're from Des Moines, Iowa, because I grew up in Wisconsin. And so I have a huge thing for Midwest boys. Midwestern people are always the sweetest. Well, perfect.


Let's keep this thing moving then. Now that we've exchanged pleasantries and made our first impressions, things are about to get personal. Cody and Elijah, I'll ask you a series of questions. You'll give your answers first and then, Evan, you're up. So you'll answer last so we can see how well you all match up. So let's just jump right in. What's your biggest turn on Cody? I will let you answer this one first.


Oh, gosh. So my love language is touch, which is weird because I'm also the kind of person that likes to get to know somebody who is well first. But definitely, you know, that physical attraction and being able to communicate without saying anything is very important to me.


Elijah, what about you?


Biggest turn on it would probably have to be dominance just because I'm a dominant person. So I need that to over dominate me.


And Evan, last but not least, what's your biggest turn on? My biggest turn on is a feminine, confident gay male I love. There is something that is so sexy about seeing a man who at one point you'd be like, I can't tell if that's a woman or a man or whatever he is doing, he is working it. That's my biggest turn on. We love it.


OK, moving on. What's your go to dish? You cook to impress a date. Elijah, I will let you start this one off.


My go to this to cook will probably be fried chicken and macaroni and cheese. That's my favorite. So anybody else that loves that I love yum.


Well I love that. So I therefore I love you. Yeah. So let's make some fried chicken and some Mac.


Let's do it. I'm ready. Cody, what about you. What's your go to dish. Oh homemade Lavonia. One thousand percent unfortunately vegetarian now so it does have to be eggplant lasagna but one hundred percent.


That actually sounds phenomenal. I bet it's delicious. Oh so good.


Evan, last but not least, I would have to see that my goat you would have to be a decadent cheeseboard with wine. There is something that is just so sensual about setting up a nice plate for someone that you have coming over. Fill it with strawberries, figs, olives, slices of salami and prosciutto galore. Absolutely. Yes. A cheese board with wine is my cup of tea every single day or my cup of wine, I guess you could say.


Here's a fun question, Cody. I'm going to ask you this one first. What would your stripper name be? It's Tyson. Tyson. Just straight up. Tyson. Yeah, yeah. My sister back in Dallas, and that was my name I love.


How did you come up with the name? It was one of my best friend's name. And so he was trying to help me figure. I was like just using my name. So I just ran with it. It's honestly a great name, I love it. Elijah, what about you? What would your stripper name be?


Mine would have to be probably sensual because I know how to perform, so I know I can win somebody over just for me. I really love that answer.


And Evan, what would you say to her name? Be flawed.


I guess if anything, just call me baby because it's all I want to be is someone's baby doll I love.


That's the one name thing. So Madonna I love.


Come on, Madonna. Last question. What's the biggest deal breaker for you in a relationship? A later. I'll let you answer this one first.


My biggest deal breaker would have to be a lack of interest in me. If you're not all about me, I don't want it. Absolutely.


We are not standing for anyone that is not interested in us in twenty twenty or twenty twenty one or any year going forward. Here you, Cody, what is your biggest deal breaker. I'd have to say poor communication. A lot happens throughout life and if you can't talk about it and figure things out, it's a deal breaker for me. Another huge one that is like a major, major red flag. And Evan, what's your biggest deal breaker? Oh, wow.


There's so many just getting I would say my biggest deal breaker is just someone who doesn't know how to live. Like, if I'm going to date someone, let's let's be spontaneous. Let's have a good time. Not everything has to be so organized and plan or stick in the mud. If I just leap up one morning, be like we're going to Canada right now. I heard about the plane tickets. We're going we're just going to go. I don't know what we're going to find out there, but I mean, life is an adventure.


So come on. An adventure with me.


Well, I can tell you what you'll find out here. Me, I am currently in Canada and I will see you here tomorrow.


The more we talk. I think that I should just be dating you.


It sounds like, you know, I'm in. I'll hit you up with my Instagram after this. Did you learn anything about either of the matches that surprised you? Yeah, I did.


And it's kind of nice because both Cody and Elijah are very different. And it's funny because they're actually on the two different spectrums of types of guys that I like. Elijah pegs me as someone that I would probably see at like a nightclub and whatnot, probably sitting at the patio with his group of friends looking fabulous. I would have the balls to walk up and ask him for his name or number. Cody, I feel like I would probably meet maybe like walking downtown, going to like the last bookstore or something.


But there's some very, very interesting I really love the visual that you've painted of both of these guys. I'm so excited to see how this continues to go. All right, Evan. Things are getting serious, so now it's time to turn up the heat for your one on one with each dator, you're going to be playing two truths and a lie. And each match will present two truths and one lie about their past dating history. You have one guest to pick the lie, so choose wisely.


Evan, we're going to start with Elijah. So that means, Cody, we're going to actually put you into the waiting room and we'll bring you back when it's your turn. Great. Can't wait. OK, Elijah, let's hear your truth and a lie.


A When I was living with my parents, I once had sex outside of their house with the boy I was dating. B, I once went skydiving on a first date and cried immediately after. We did not go on the second date and see I accidentally say nude video to an ex when it was intended for the person I was dating.


Yikes. Well, I personally hope that is not true, but that's not up to me to figure out. So Evan, what do you think. Scandalous.


They all sound very true and I feel like I've experienced all well except for the sky. The sky when I think, well, I'm going to say that one is true because it's out there. But I mean, people have some interest in the story. So I think that one is true. I'm going to say that the first story about you having sex outside of your parents house is the lie. Elijah, which one is it?


The lie was B I once went skydiving on a first day and cried immediately after. We did not go on the second day.


I was so hoping that one was true. No, I don't cry.


I'm not a crybaby. Tough guy. I like it.


So you had sex outside of your parents house? Yes, in a car.


Good to know. Did you at least have tinted windows? No, I did not. But it was late at night.


Wow, you are wild.


Hopefully your parents didn't look out their window. No, but I was nervous the entire time. Trust me.


OK, Elijah, we're going to put you back into the waiting room and we'll bring you back in a little bit, OK? Sounds good. OK, now it's time for Coatis one on one codi if you want to give us your two truths and a lie, of course.


Happy to option A. I have been a part of a polyamorous relationship in the past. Option B, I have been married once in the past for two years, or option C, the first date of my longest relationship. They took me to a buffet.


Oh my God. OK, those are good ones. Evan, what do you think? Let's say we have the buffet, we have polyamorous and then we have the second one again. You said you were married for a time, correct? Yes, I believe the first one. The polyamorous is the lot. You don't peg me as someone who is into polyamorous relationships.


How do you which one is it? You got it right. I've done that before. Well, that's good. At least not in the. You're monogamous, at least I hope. Yes, of course.


Yes. I was about to ask, how do we feel about polyamorous relationships? You know, it's something I've talked to people who are polyamorous in the past, and it's just it's not my cup of tea. I'm all about trust and stuff. And I feel like there's too many factors in that.


One hundred plus me personally. I'm too jealous for that. Yeah, I blame what's it.


OK, Cody, we're going to put you back into the waiting room and I will bring you back in a little bit. I just need to talk to Evan for a second.


No probs. Thanks. Bye. Evan, what did you think about everyone's answers?


I love them. They were really fun and creative. I'm definitely proud of myself for at least getting one right.


You know, I really like Cody. He sounds like really, really sweet. Elijah also sounds very, very sweet, but he fooled me. So, you know, maybe he could keep secrets from me. That could be a bad thing. Wouldn't be a good thing, that's for sure. No, not at all. Do you have any idea what you're going to do?


I don't actually. I'm just it's hard to pick both of the guys. Some really, really great.


They really do. Well, as we like to say, romance is in the air. Love is on the line. And it all boils down to our bachelors big decision. All right, even now that we have both of our matches back, the time has come, you have to really, really great guys here. So I know this is going to be a tough decision for you. Who's it going to be, Cody or Alija? I don't know.


Both of them sounds so sweet. My choices are Midwestern. Stripping that sweetheart or sexy a sultry club dancer is what I'm getting to.


Very good visuals for both of these guys.


I would like to go with. Cody, sorry, Elijah. No hard feelings, OK, Elijah, so sorry to hear that, but we would love to have you turn your cameras on so we can all say hello. Oh, hi, Elijah.


It's nice to finally meet you. You're hella handsome, by the way. Thank you. Nice to meet you, too. I love your hair, too. It's so cute. Thank you. I appreciate that.


Well, thank you so much, Elijah, for being here. It was so great getting to know you. And best of luck. Thank you. Thank you. You guys have a good day.


You too, Phylicia. OK, we're actually going to have Cody go into the waiting room before our big reveal here.


OK, bye. So, Evan, tell me about Elijah. What did he look like?


Very, very handsome, fit looking young man. Absolutely gorgeous. A little masculine for me personally, but still all around. Beautiful man.


Is there any celebrity doppelganger you would compare him to? Oh, my God.


You know what? He kind of looks like a young gay version of Snoop Dogg.


I so see that. Right. Exactly. Yes, yes, yes. Yes, exactly. So funny. Wow.


Well, how do you feel about your current match?


Are you ready to meet him? I am. I'm really excited to see what he looks like. Not that that matters. Personality is always more important. But, you know, it's you got to have the icing on the cake, of course.


Well, let's bring Cody back in the room.


All right. Welcome back, Cody. Thank you so much. And now the moment we've all been waiting for, it's time for you both to turn your cameras on so you can see each other for the first time on one, three, two, one. Hey, what's up? Twins with the curly hair?


I see you've both got the outside feed going on here. I love it. Here's the thing. Much better, though. Thank you. Nice to meet you. Nice to see you as well. Oh, my gosh.


I'm dying over your matching hair. This is the cutest thing I've ever seen, you know. And Cody, is your hair red? It has a little bit of red in it.


It's like three colors. I kind of pictured that when I was thinking, but I pictured like more like I want to say, like Bieber, flippy hair and whatnot, but I pictured red. So that's kind of funny. Oh, don't worry. I actually perm this. This is a natural.


So obviously you're not supposed to tell me that. Usually it's super long.


OK, Cody, we're actually going to put you back in the waiting room really quickly so I can chat with Evan for a second. It sounds great. That was the cutest thing ever with your matching haircuts. Like so, so cute.


I know what a surprise he would have pegged that we both have the same kind of burst fade going on in the side of our heads with the curls all put up on top. So he did tell me he permed his I'm like, hey, your curl card is taken away for everyone listening at home.


Tell me what he looks like. I would say very handsome features, more masculine looking than I expected. I definitely pictured him being a lot less scary, but he looks like he's more muscles, fuller forms. So that's good. I like that.


We like a strong man. Nothing wrong with some muscles. No, not at all. His skin is like the color of the inside of an apple. His hair has a slight reddish brown and he's got a big smile.


OK, we're going to have Cody come back and we're actually going to send you to the waiting room so I can chat with him for a second. All right.


Hey, Cody, tell us what Evan looks like.


Oh, my gosh. He is very attractive. First of all, he's a dancer. So, of course, he's definitely athletic. He, of course, has the same similar hairstyle, but it's like this little brown, curly patch on this great fade. So it looks great.


But you guys look so cute together with your matching hair, just like the cutest. I'm just glad I didn't wear pink today. We would have would have been like fate. Honestly, Drew, let's bring Evan back in now then. Perfect. Sounds great. So now that we've got you both back in the room, there's one final decision that has to be made. But this time the power lies in Cody's hands. Cody, you can choose to go on an amazing, socially distant state with Evan and live happily ever after.


Or you can choose to be on a future episode of Blind Dating, where we set you up with two new matches. It's obviously a tough call, but the choice is yours. What's it going to be?


Wow, that is a tough call, Tara. Gosh, actually, it's not. There's so many boxes checked. I'm going with Evan. Evan was scared there for a second.


You just dropped. You have you know, I was like, oh, wow.


OK, well, I'm so excited for the two of you. Thank you guys both so much for coming on the show. I will definitely be needing a follow up to hear how the state goes.


Yes, for sure. Absolutely. Thanks for listening to blind dating. Don't forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram at Parkhurst and on Twitter at podcast network for more episodes of Blind Dating, follow us on Spotify and check out other Pahlka shows all available on Spotify or anywhere you listen to podcasts. I'm Terry Michelet. Tune in next week for a new romance or a total rejection. Blind Dating is executive produced by Max Cutler and is a Spotify original from podcast.


It was created by Jon Cohen Sound Design by Kristen Acevedo with the Associate. Sound Design by Jamie Ryan, associate produced by Ashley Hannah and Alex Trick for Daughter Blind Dating Stars. Me, Terry Michelle. Thanks so much for listening. We hope you enjoyed this episode of Blind Dating, remember new episodes, Air Weekly every Wednesday followed Blind Dating, Free on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.