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Well, back to views today, we're here with Charlie and Dixie and Jason Bash.


What a great pairing before three names that are synonymous. The three of us, three biggest names in entertainment.


Before you guys came in here, we were going to do this whole bit because you guys walked in with a security guard. So we're going to do this whole bit where we're going to test to see how good your security was. Jason was going to pull out these nunchakus and then Joe was going to pull out a gun and he was going to shoot. He was going to shoot Jason with a paintball gun three times. But your team, like, vetoed it.


And we didn't want to tell Joe. So he still pulled out the gun that we thought would be a good idea just to just to completely get rid of that as a whole.


But like a minute before we started, I ran over to Joe and I was like, did you get the text on my phone?


But still shooting, you know, don't shoot a lot of text from now. Like, it's a hard no, do not pull out gun. So, OK, yeah, but you do walk in with one security guard, which is normal. That makes sense. But my question is, how do you who does he protect?


There's two of you. Does it go by followers. Does it go by it. Is it engagement or is it who has the better post that day.


Yeah, whoever post the most for that. We get security.


So who's going security right now? I think Charlie. Hell, yeah. So, Dixie, if something if someone comes running at you, you're fucked. Okay, cool. Right on. Well, guys, if you're watching this Dixie Chicks, she's the easy target.


If you want to get her, you're the bad ass out of the two anyway, right? Sort of 100 percent compared to me.


Anyone's about us. All right. I feel like I've only cried on live once. So like five Dixie.


We met. We met a while ago. Why are you making that face, bro? These two walked in here so fucking nervous. Yeah, they still kind of are. But like you guys walked in here, didn't make a single sound like not a sound. Why.


OK, so you know, like we grew up right Dixie. The mike got closer. Yeah.


So she's like so you know we got a girl so we group FaceTime last night and then after our face Charlie and I FaceTime and we were both freaking out like we both met you before, but we were freaking out. Wait, what? I don't even know where I grew up.


Like watching you. Like I watched you every day before school. I've seen all of your blogs.


That's the sweetest thing. I just I don't know. It was so funny because we have to like book celebs for the show and like, it's so hard booking people both that face.


But you guys, we're talking now. Okay, I was going to say that, too, because that's something I have like a serious problem with. You guys are actual celebs. And I know. I know. I know you don't want to say it, but that's what you guys. I'll get into that later. Anyway, we got a book clubs for the show and like, we'll be on the phone with their manager and their publicist. I know it's so funny because I texted you guys.


I was like, you guys are on tomorrow and you and Charlie, you just group face time.


And Charlie's like fixing your hair because he's like, are you free tomorrow?


And she's like, well, I'm just half assed mom, but I think I'm good. It's such a casual approach.


But you came over with Addison Dixie and you guys were Addison told me this. I didn't know this, but when you guys went to the bathroom. But you guys were playing it super cool in front of us. But then Addison said when you guys went to the bathroom, you guys had, like, a freak out that you guys were there.


I didn't know, like, how to act. I was absolutely losing my mind. Are you fucking serious?


I was like I was freaking out when we were when we were all hanging out, we went to like s ranch or whatever it was. Yes. Oh, wow. Yeah, that was crazy. Addison was just like we never told you this because we were embarrassed. We went into the bathroom.


It was like a little panic attack. Joe and I did that when we came over your house, you guys. Oh, she went to the bathroom and held hands. What are you guys doing for school right now?


I graduated high school. Charlie, do you want the actual answer?


The answer that my parents want everyone else to hear, the one everyone to hear right now, I'm working a lot, so it's obviously hard to fit everything in right now.


Give me now give me the bullshit like I'm failing every everything. But what is it my fault? I didn't know. I thought it was like a flexible school where I didn't have to, like, try I'm doing an extreme school curriculum, so it's like six classes a day. And I, I just normal.


I'm also working if she's working more than anybody else. So we're figuring out the new school thing, but I, I was trying really, really hard and things just kind of got a little bit ahead of me, as it did with most kids who are doing on that score right now.


So I was talking to my brother. He does online school. He's I don't know what he's 11 years old. I don't know. I said I don't know. And I was like I was so curious. I like how he makes friends. And they just moved to brand new, like they just moved to California. Like, all my siblings are starting a new school, but it's all on. Zoome So I was like, how the hell do you make any friends?


And he was like, Well, I just met this guy named Ricci and I've hung out with him twice. And I was like, How did you meet him? And he's like, Well, don't tell our mom. But Ricci just emailed a bunch of people and I just ended up responding to him and was like, I'm gonna hang out because I just needed a friend. And I was like a senior class. And I know he goes to different school, but I told our mom that I met him in Zoome class because I didn't want her to get mad at me.


That's crazy.


Like, that's how she's 35. So strange as he was telling me the story. I'm like writing in my notes for the podcast. Ahmad tells Mom he met him in class and he's over my shoulder and he goes, Why are you writing this?


I was like, oh, busted. But I think that's so crazy that Zoome school makes no sense to me.


I have to do Zoome. What's to do it. I don't know. I don't do it on Joumana how the teacher. But like I have to do requirements for people like no one's watching my kids, they don't assume p what do you mean.


You have to do push ups in front of you. Like they ask you, they go did you do the push ups.


And then my kids go yeah we did it but they don't. But my, my brother I shouldn't say this is really in trouble, but like, you know, you can cheat on tests. Right. But like the way they do it is if is if you're cheating on your own computer, they can they can notice that on Zoome like they can see that you're visiting another website or something, that you're cheating. So he'll have his iPad in his lap and he's put a clear you can you say things.


Yeah. Yeah, he's eleven. What's going to get in trouble for him. And he put cheating and he gets expelled from his new school because of you.


OK, maybe I just bleep out what I did, but he he puts a clear tape over his camera.


Yeah. So it looks like his camera's blurry so his teachers have no idea what's going on. And like, that's so cool because the teacher can't be let go by better camera because that just be like so insensitive of the teacher, like assuming that he has enough money to buy a new camera. So he just like pretends this camera's busted in order so the teacher doesn't know what he's doing.


Toby's crafty, crazy. He's so creative, man. Wow. He's meeting friends on email.


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What is the craziest money you've ever made? I'm not saying amount, but I'm just saying like. Like I'll give you my example. I was I got a call once and this kid was having a 16th birthday party and this guy is like, hey, this family wants you out there.


They have ten thousand dollars in cash. Can you just show up? And I was like, fuck, yeah. Like I was in Glendale. I had to drive up like twenty five minutes to go to this kid's birthday for two hours.


Jay, you remember. Yeah, I remember.


Jay was with me and Jay came for free because he's nice and we were there and and we were there for like an hour and a half and I was like I was just going to go, I'm going to go now.


Thank you for having me. And they were so sweet. And then the dad walks up to him and he's like, Can you just stay for thirty more minutes? I got 4000 more dollars. I'll just give it to you real quick. And he slid it into my hand and I was like, fucking great. And I stayed there for another for another forty minutes and another hour. And then he kept coming back up until I made like twenty four thousand dollars.


That was the craziest, like craziest paycheck I've ever I've ever gotten for something so stupid.


So there's this.


Well the funny thing is, is this about there are so many deals they have with each other. American Eagle. Yeah.


So there was this guy that said, hey, we'll pay you X amount of money to do a call with my kids. And I was like, I can't do that. I'm sorry. Like, I'm if I'm not meeting your kids in person, like, it just feels wrong of me to, like, take your money and they just don't feel comfortable doing that.


We actually ended up running into them and the dad was feeling very excited to just hand us stacks of cash.


And half of it was like none of it was Canadian cash. And I like I it felt so weird because we went up to their hotel room. This guy was like, follow me. Just come up to your hotel, our hotel room. I have cash.


So anyway, and of course it was it was it was my mom and my my friend's mom.


So it wasn't like and this is a guy this is a guy that reached out to you before. So it wasn't like some complete stranger. Yeah. Yeah, right.


And we went up and met his kids and he gave us cash.


Cash a lot.


Yeah. Well you stuck to your principles. OK, wait, I mean I feel better because I did want to meet them in person.


Yeah. I like I followed her and she's super cute.


She's what I've realized with like doing this is those people like will be offended if you don't take their money.


When I met them, it wasn't nearly as much as they like had offered me, but I was like, I don't care if I met your kids. Like I would make a video with them. Like, I have no problem with that. That's what I do. That's why I'm here. Like, I don't know, it just feels so weird.


But when I watch, like, especially when you guys, like, first started blowing up the most and before the pandemic, when you guys were like out and about everywhere, like the most exhausting thing was when people would come up to you. They wouldn't just ask for a picture, they'd asked for a full blown fucking ticktock. And I was like, dude, I'm so happy that I didn't come on a platform where, like, I have to do like thirty Tic-Tac dances a day and you're such a fucking good sports about it.


I've seen you do the Renegade on maybe 3000 different accounts, like it's including my Aravinda.


Like it's. Yeah. How do you do, how do you do that. You just you're just like I got to do it.


I mean that's kind of where I, I am. I've been able to get where I am. So it's like. Right. What are you going to do. Say no.


It's like they made you two in a factory are too sweet. The crazies paparazzi video I've ever seen of you guys. I'm sorry I'm bringing this up, but it's it's I just think it's so funny because the guy was crazy. He goes, oh my God, you're beautiful. Yeah, that was fucking insane.


So but for the rest of the night, it was like, oh, so me that shouldn't have gotten to you because that guy was insane. He goes, he goes, he goes. What does he say?


He says, My mom. He says, Oh, you're so beautiful now. Gives a fuck who you are. And I was like, no. But he goes, Oh my God, you're so beautiful. And I'm actually saying, thank you. Like, he cuts her off at you and you go, No one gives a fuck.


And it's like, what the hell?


It's like, crazy about it. Probably like five times that. Yeah, you're upset. So I was like, I can't believe you said that.


I've seen you on, like, Hollywood fix and stuff and you're always just firing away. You're always saying whatever, which is great.


That's why you guys are such an interesting duo. It's like you guys are literally fire and I like you guys like Charlie's just this sweet one of dicks. He's the one that comes from the baby. I don't fuck you, but that's my job as an older sister to kind of be like the punching bag a little bit.


So I rather take it than her. I mean, I was going through my saved take talks from the beginning of tech talk, and there was so many comments of take talks made about me that were like, hey, tech talks and Dix's just like, hey, shut up. You can say that, like, that's my sister. Like, that's so messed up. There was like 30 of them. And I'm glad she doesn't do that anymore.


Right. Are there moments where you have to calm Dixy down, like where she gets fired up and she's like, I'm about to go somebody out?


There's been a lot of times where I've had to be like, it's fine, we're good, I'm OK. But she's a big sister. That's her job. If I if I didn't have that, I think I would be a very different person. Wow, that's really sweet.


Dixie actually got you a gift. I know that you're on the aggressive side and I know that not it's not that bad. I bought you your own sorry.


And I thought it'd be perfect because, you know, you have a lot of shit. You got to protect your sister. You got to protect your family.


You're terrified. It's not really real.


But and then, Charlie, I also got you this because I don't want you to feel left out.


I got you some slime with you. I don't know what I was doing before I got here. I was playing with Orbis. This is my favorite. I love stuff like this.


We called your people to see, like, what you guys liked and and Christian was like a sword. A sword was my touch. But Christian was like, yeah, Charlie just love slime. I'm like, are you fucking kidding me? And he's like, yeah. I mean, she's she's sixteen. I guess you're right.


What do you guys think when, like, you guys dinner in the Hollywood fixes there? Or like I one time I saw a video of you, Charlie, it was like you were just eating for like thirty five minutes.


I didn't watch the whole thing, bro. It was just you eating it just Charlie downing like a chicken sandwich.


Yeah. And it gets like pretty good news actually. Yeah. Oh better than I did have it done. Yeah. That's like twice your video. There was a time over the summer because we know Fletcher a little bit. He's a nice guy like oh I remember this. There was a time over the summer where he was doing a lot of videos of the high passing you guys, and we were all like, we should just stop making videos.


Now, we were all like Jason and Joe and Joe were like, yo, you want to go stand that salary? Or people are reading, I like it's crazy. How you going to do that now? Like, that's like that's like if I first moved to L.A., like, I'm thinking about it like logically and I wanted to get like my YouTube career started, I'd be a kid right outside of satraps and just waiting for Charlier Dixy to walk by and I'd crack a joke and be it and use them as my thumbnail.


It's so crazy how like that's like the new thing now. It's like, when's the last time you guys were grounded?


I've only been grounded once.


I don't really do anything to get grounded or I mean, I get that my kids, they don't they've never been grounded. Right. That's the most ridiculous thing. I've never heard of that. Yeah. What did you do to get grounded?


I snuck out of the house. Oh, that's not even that bad. It was like I didn't even do anything wrong. But I think my parents just like, let's be parents for once.


Right at this point. At this point. Now, you guys are doing so well. Are you guys able to ground your parents? Definitely not.


I mean, I still get in trouble every day we get in trouble. It's just like now what are they going to do? Like, they can't take our home like that.


So that's how I work in my business. And that was really the only thing that they did.


Charlie, give me your phone. Yeah, well, then how are we going to pay rent this month?


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Oh, your boyfriend, Noah. Well, you're already laughing that he's obsessed with you. Yeah. Is that true? Yeah. Okay. Yeah, yeah.


I have some of his DMS that he's deamon November 11. Hey, I'm in L.A. if you ever want to hang out. December 24th. Yo, January 4th. Hey, January 9th. Did you just feel that earthquake crazy. Hope you're safe. January 17th still in L.A. if you're free, why are these. Twenty third.


Hey man saw someone in a Tesla and it made me think of you low January 30th. You've seen the new on division episode. Yeah.


Okay these are and this one wasn't dated correctly. Madeley Oh damn it. Yeah. I totally believe they're pretty good.


So I was thinking I was like, why didn't he unsent. Why did he keep all the same?


Let me read another one. January 1st I carved mine in Dixie's name in a tree. But you guys have the same initials, so don't tell her. But it's meant for you. He actually did really send this one just now.


It's I heard Dick's he's coming on the show today. I'll be outside in the car if you want to come get me.


I really thought that was real. I was like, oh, poor thing. No way you would ever do that. I've only seen one dime from him. And and I was going to respond, but like, I just didn't know what to say. I got nervous.


Oh, well, he's like obsessed with both of you guys. Really. Like when you notice him. Yeah. Like when I guess you guys did something in the kitchen and you said his name, he like freaked out. Oh yeah. Yeah. I remember you said his name in the kitchen. Yeah.


He walked in and I was like yo know back like whoa. He was like, oh my God. He's a cardiologist.


Nationis I am damned how fucking cool is that. But younger people think you're cool on his size.


They're all nice kids. What happened. So a few years before I started to talk, you guys were doing the Views Tour and I went to New York and was the one that you went to in New York. And I got the shirt and I wore that and some like my first widescreen, which was in the little room.


Um, really, Charlie, you went to a few shows. Yeah. And I had a shirt with your two faces. Wow.


Get the fuck out of here. Shit. I swear. Jar, you really you came to the actual show. Oh, I didn't know it was like that at all, Charlie.


I thought you were just. How bad was it? Be honest. No, I thought it was funny. Okay. My friend took me. It was super, super cool.


So you're just doing us a favor? No, I mean, I wouldn't have gone if I didn't care why, but I thought that I thought that was funny.


Dixy, did you watch any of any of our stuff? I watched the blogs, not podcast. So did you listen to the podcast now?


It's like, do you guys. Wow. And now you're here. Yeah, that's great. Charlie, is that Facebook? You're reading me shit. So that's really great. Can I borrow one hundred thirty five thousand dollars.


You owe us for that. So you dance with your idol, which is really cool.


Jennifer Lopez, I do want to bring this up, but I actually did do a campaign with Jennifer Lopez. So I, I've also worked with a little jealous.


No, I'm not jealous. I'm just I'm just letting you know that I was I also did something. I went, you know, I actually went to the Super Bowl with her.


You know, she did she danced with her like last year. That sounds like work to me. I was there enjoying the Super Bowl.


So if I mean, next time next time we do our, like, weekly brunch, we can. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


We have like meetings. You have a weekly meeting with.


Oh, listen to see. She wrote about me for my time on your next article.


What did she say. She. Charlie's is a really so nice, and she's actually. Well, that's great. One over Jennifer Lopez. Charlie. Wrote a lot.


She wrote a lot. I was actually when I saw that, I was like, there's no way that this is real. But I was really cool.


Do you understand that? Like, do you guys get that that you guys are like household names now? Like, isn't that weird?


I don't think about it because it scares me. Yeah. Sometimes I get that, like people are talking about me and I'm not there and they're talking about me behind my back. And that's really weird. And I don't want that to happen. Or they're like people have pictures me in their phone and that creeps me out sometimes. Oh, really? Yeah.


But it's only when I really think about it, I'm like, whoa, this is so weird. Someone dressing up as you for Halloween that that was the craziest.


Yeah. When we noticed that to the people. How many people dressed up as you probably I mean it's not that hard.


I look like every other girl here is bring a Dunkin Donuts cup.


Yeah. But that's still they're still trying to go out with you. That's pretty insane. Write it down for my costume. Dunkin Donuts, covid Renegade.


You guys ever got in this? When someone comes up to you, does anybody ever go you're my biggest fan.


Does anybody ever say that's happened before and that all the time, like someone will always be like, you're my biggest fan and they'll just get nervous.


And I think it's a funny thing and I never correct anybody because I just feel bad and I'm just like, yeah, I am your biggest thing that's happened to you.


That's happened to me. OK, good to have your heart in the cryer's my kids cry.


Yeah, I think kids cry whenever people start crying in front of me.


I just kind of go like yeah, tell them to stop. Like I'm really like I do take talk. Sorry, not baby deal.


Please don't cry baby said you guys are like the new version of like the Nickelodeon and Disney. So you guys don't give yourselves enough credit. And I hate that. And I like really truly like I bring you guys up in meetings all the time, like when I'm like breaking down like how social media works. Like I always talk about how like you have like your big productions up here, your movies, and then you have YouTube, which is like even more stripped down and you have Instagram stories which is even more stripped down.


Like I think people want to see more and more raw and authentic moments. And then you have ticktock and then you have what you guys do, which is so stripped down and so authentic. That's literally you guys in your bedroom, like no script, nothing. You guys are just having a good time, what everybody does. And that's why people love it, because it's just so fucking real and so easy to relate to it. You guys do not give yourselves enough credit for doing what you do and.


Yeah, yeah.


And you're so good. Like when I see in your Hollywood Fix videos, you like to let it fly, you're like, yeah, I don't know, I just got mad so I just stopped posting.


It's like you, it's a good post coming out and watching a movie and just say that's like the best part of you.


Like I really appreciate that about you. Yes. I could be that unfiltered be like, oh no, I wasn't feeling good.


The day I choose to dress paparazzi doesn't apply to that if this is true. But when they do, I'll be ready to the Dixie Chicks. Go fuck yourself. Hollywood fix. What would you want to do in like ten or fifteen years? Where would you want to be?


Dixie probably wants to run a small branch of the military with my sword.


So thought. I know it's the stupidest question. It's so hard.


You know, I think that this is actually a great question because if you would ask me this, what are we in your answer? Thank you, Judge David.


I mean, honestly, if you ask me this, two years ago, I would have said, well, I want to be a backup dancer for Jaylo.


So obviously, in that time, yeah, you got to do the opportunities have changed.


Like, I genuinely have no idea what my life could be like in of stupid question, actually, because when I was your age, I didn't know anything. Yeah.


So I mean, I could whether it's still being a backup dancer for whoever or owning my own businesses and owning my own companies or the worst part is Charlie, I hate to break this news to you, but no one's ever going to want want you to be their backup dancer because you will literally steal the show.


I think at this point, that dream has completely, completely safe. Yeah.


If I was an artist, if I was an artist and you were my backup dancer, I'd get so fucking jealous I'd be over here singing and recording. You would be like, fuck this bitch, get off stage.


I have these headphones. Charlie, since you're not an adult, I want you to put these on a noise cancelling. We're going to talk to Dixie about some more adult stuff. So maybe you want to put those on real quick. You can't hear anything, right? No, no, no.


How did you hear that? I'm going to play some music for Charlie, OK?


How are you? So, Dixie, be honest. Charlie, Charlie is an asshole. The music wasn't playing. OK, I have another question for you.


This one, this one's really important.


If you could hold on. Hey, chill, don't fucking look under my desk.


If you could be granted one wish, what would it be then? It was sake's. What would you wish to be, Charlie?


You know, it's one wish if you could be if you could be granted. Oh, is it is it to teleport or time travel? No, not according to your book. You said if I could be granted one wish, it would be that the kind people of the world would all rise to the top and spread their kindness widely. I believe in karma and I'm going to tell you, you change your answer. Yeah, I thought you meant like other human, like, magical powers.


I said, what this is it's under Tarle trivia in your book. And if I could be granted one wish, I wish I could teleport.


This is crazy, Jason.


I were reading through this. You never notice, but I have your sticker on my laptop. Did you notice? Oh yeah.


Look at that. Yeah. I also wrote that like almost a full year ago. My Charlie Rose's Dixie wants to know why her sticker isn't there.


There's not a Dixie sticker. Dixie stickers in the essentially make a book now.


Charlie, if she's read the whole book, I was like, oh, but she wrote the book.


Can I can I tell you how I wrote it? So I was on a call with the woman, so I didn't actually physically write it. I said the words, she wrote it down and then she put it in book form. That's how it happened. That's impressive. It went on for a few days.


I was just like talking and she would ask me questions.


I'd be like, yeah, that's how everybody that's how everybody writes these books is like is like there's someone dictating. And that's really good because then you can get all your thoughts and they just record it and then they write it down.


Because if I were to write it, it would it would come out like I like.


Weird social media and social media posting could make me happy. Jaylo, nice backup dancer, please.


Yeah. No, that's great. I'm a I have a couple of friends that I've asked. I was like, how much of it did you write? And he's like, right, I haven't fucking read the title I like.


There's a lot of people that have written these books that actually did have to go through and proofread everything, because sometimes when I was on the call it the woman like telling her everything that I wanted in it, I was like, we we can't put that in there. So I had to go through like a bunch of guys, make sure that cut out all the Dixie sucks.


Dick, she's a horrible sister. It's like, do you ever get in fights with Dixie? And that's like ten chapters. Let me tell you how to cut it out. Yeah.


No, this is sick. Look at this. This is this a late night thing I me to do.


Go by John Jay.


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The smartest way to hire. Thanks for being a part of that one. I guys. Charlie, because he had to go. So we brought in the B team, the team, the team to Natalie.


But every kid in America, what the fuck Charlie and Dixie go for these assholes like seventeen TVs and laptops just broke. It got dark, guys.


Todd and Natalie, quite possibly the hottest couple of sexiest couple ever and the coolest and the funniest couple around.


I would just say the sexiest. I wouldn't even go past and do the rest of that, but I would leave it at that for sure. Todd, how is it walking around with such a hot babe like Natalie all the time? Oh, my God.


Can I stay with a event to me? Let's eat this moment up under my shoulder.


It makes you look better. It's crazy. It makes me look way better.


But can you protect her? That's what I'm talking about. Yeah, of course. You keep yourself mentally and physically pretend you're an attacker. And Todd, you show me how you protect him about to get shot with the PayPal gun.


It's really funny because I was going to tell you to do it and I was like, I don't feel like getting shot. Well, let's just pretend I don't want to get a good shot.


You'll be the attacker and then Todd.


OK, Todd, show me how you shot. Oh, my little bit, you know, Todd has got defense all around your brother that looks like a fucking balloon on your back like a show.


But let's remember I told you. And between the eyebrows. Oh, no, it's all blue for the chair. No, no, no, it's fine. Don't touch it. Well, you fuck with your like Jacques Chirac. You fucking ruined it. Don't touch it. Don't touch it. I've got to take it all. I know, but I just don't trust your fingers. We just were bleeding on the couch. Don't you played on our, like, video guys fucking knew it.


I was like, let's do it to Todd. And then I was like, fuck, I don't want to get shot.


That Joe and I were secretly going to shoot you. But I knew the second I said you'd be the attacker, I knew it was going to trigger something in your face. I mean, you're going to go like, fuck the paper, right? When I said JVB attacker, you walked out of Joe's pocket inside. You could just see the handle of the gun sticking out. Todd, Natalie, you guys both have had your fair share of relationships.


How does this work?


What do you mean? Yeah, what are you talking about? I don't know. You're talking about well, now that you've had other relationships.


Oh, yeah. I've been on my fair share. I've no Todd. OK, yeah. Todd, you've had to move in with someone else.


Todd, how does this relationship differ than the rest? Is it. Oh, why don't you ask the this is your first of all, it's completely different than any other relationship I had.


This one's better ten times better.


Do you miss invading your relationship like you used to when you were of logging? I never really invaded their relationship.


Oh, really? I mean, you literally exposed it. You're the reason why I really came to light. Remember the giant billboard on Melrose Natalie's idea? Oh, well, it wasn't my idea. It was Aaron's idea. Oh, yeah.


It's Aaron's idea to put the billboard up. But Natalie showed us the tax.


Yeah. Then I condoned it after I thought it was. Yeah, it's probably a good idea. Oh yeah. That's what got them to start dating. That's so funny. So, so, so OK. So that's what happened.


We were told this. I don't know.


So the reason Todd and I we started dating is obviously Todd was always crushing on Natalie. Now he was like, I'm too good for Todd playing that whole thing for a while.


And then and then we had this idea for this billboard because Todd texted Natalie super drunk. But but the texts were pretty funny and embarrassing. So we're like, let's put it up on a billboard. And we had to wait like a month for the billboard to go up. Right. And we finally got word that the billboard was going up on a day that Todd was in Florida. Boston? Oh, he's in Boston. He was a boxer.


He's a world traveler.


I so, so, so madly had to call Todd and was like because we didn't want anybody to tweet him the billboard. So we had to get him there. That morning that the billboard came up for Natalie to call Todd. I was like, you got to get over here, come by. And Todd was like, I'm not flying from Boston, like my flight.


We'll get there in two days. That can be two more days and I'll be there. And she's like, no, you need to come now. And then it got to the point where Natalie Natalie had to agree to go on a date with Todd.


Well, coincidentally, Todd loves the ducks. Yeah. Hockey team and coincidentally, the Ducks and the Kings are to L.A. rival teams are playing. It's like the perfect, perfect scenario. Like, I don't know how it could have been any more perfect.


And I was like, but the Ducks and the Kings are playing. Do you want to go on a day like Evie? So and then Todd fucking booked a flight right back to L.A. It was crazy.


So was literally she went on this date that wasn't even like a real date was just to get him here. And then I fell in love at the Ducks game.


Not only this is not the first time I was like, I'm like, what happened? What?


Not only did I fly home, I missed my original flight. I had to book another flight and I had to do a connecting flight, which took me like eight hours to get home. You did it all for love. Pretty much in the ducks.


Bam. I guess that's the start, I guess. But I guess that goes to show, like, persistence is key. Persistence, persistence, consistency. No, persistent, persistent. You get it right. He was persistent, not consistent.


What's the difference? Persistence. This is an annoying version of consistency. You saw the text. Come on baby.


To people who have found love and obviously you're going to spend the rest of their lives together. What kind of advice do you have for a guy like David who still out there looking, looking now?


How do you find who? How do you find the right person? You have to grow up. You have to mature a little bit. Oh, and how does that how do you say that you have to grow up a little bit? I was initially like, you tried dressing up, apologizing for always in a row to fix growing up a little. What is it?


Well, I always liked Todd. Like I was always very attracted to Todd. Really. Wow.


This is so, so, so always constantly, bro. I remember when they first fucking do talk about you're attracted to Todd Dave Grohl. I remember when you guys first started hooking up. Todd was sitting next to you by the fireplace and I was like turning off the lights of the house, fucking music or something. And I don't know who I was talking to.


I think it was like Zane J. J. J. Oh, you guys know this? Yeah, it was J and I was like three a.m. and I saw you two sitting by the fireplace. And I was like, yo, J, that's still with Natalie, should I get that out of there? Should I go see her? And.


They've been doing this for like I go, oh, why?


I was so surprised and like, I don't know. That was the craziest thing to me. Like, it's been going on for months. And like usually things like usually I'm like pretty caught up with everything that's happening in the front room, especially with you. Yeah. And then I was surprise that you would not have been hooking up and having a little fling. You know, I'm sorry. You were the last person I wanted to tell that.


You're the first person I wanted to tell.


Have you ever heard the song say, say, say, by Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney? So whenever I see Taylor, I say take it goes right.


You never knew. I knew. You didn't know. I knew. She didn't know.


Taylor So interesting because she, like she's always trying to, like, do what's best, like she's always like, but she always somehow messes up on accident.


I don't know how to put it like it always, always is the strong word and like a sweet way. She's like there's always like a misstep in some way. So she knows the one thing that I thought was so funny, she told me the other day, she knows that I'm a huge fan of Iron Man, you know, as as anybody. So when she first started when she first started working here, she wanted to, like, learn more about Iron Man.


So, like, she was, you know, caught up to all the Iron Man references that I do. So she listened to a podcast about Iron Man.


Like, I got a full on podcast. And she told me she showed me fourteen minutes in fourteen minutes and she realized that it was about the race I and about the triathlon.


And she had nothing to do with the character. It was just the Ironman where you swim, bike and run. And it seems like once they like wouldn't drop the subject about running. I realized that I was in the wrong place. So they started talking about cycling.


And then I was like, wait, what if I've been listening to a doesn't psych? And then they're like, yeah, it's crazy that people can do it. And it's like they like, explain the entire race. Like you, you run and then. Right. Swim, you run. I mean, you cycle.


And I found out that I was not one of the adventures enough to do in Iron Man after being Avengers. So she had the same. Yeah. And I have a question.


If we're if we don't find the love of our lives that were, you know, that we die with and we just die single, do you want to be buried together?


I mean, I don't hear him dead. I jump with you guys. I would love to be buried above ground with Natalie and David. Above ground. Yeah, above ground in a mausoleum.


We've talked about this. Oh, is that your thing?


You want to be in a mausoleum mausoleum so you can walk out of it if you're if you come out of the ground, you want to be criminal.


Jason always says that he wants to be cremated because this is such a good point. He's like he's scared that when he's dead in like ten years, all of a sudden he'll be born again and he'll have to fucking crawl his way out of the ground.


He'll be the worst to be trapped and cremated. Then you're never coming back.


Well, cremated if I can't afford that. I know that's that's what he's saying. He's like he wants to be cremated. So his body isn't just sitting there as a whole. I think cremated would be fun for you guys.


Where do you want us to spread your ashes? Malibu. Can I smoke? You smoke. You do whatever you want.


It will me up shortly. You'd probably be a good high for tomorrow.


That would give you guys a good day. But let's go scatter Jason's assets and get some fish. Don't lose it. That's nice. I spoke with your kids. They'll be funny. Your ashes.


Please don't smoke me with my kids I. I smoke you with your ex-wife and she's paranoid.


She's having like a really bad experience. She's taken her back to the marriage. I can just feel Jason. I can just feel him disappointing me again. Oh my God.


What we say the other day when we went to go get ice cream and Jason was like, oh, it's on me. Like, you know, I wanted to get out and do something nice and fun. So we all went to the ice cream shop and Jason said it was on him. So he went to go pay. And right as he was about to go pay and give the woman money, he gets like some sort of phone call from this lady that he's been waiting all day to get a phone call from and walks away from the cash station.


There's other customers trying to get their ice cream now, but she's waiting on Jason. And then I turn to David, even you ice cream cones to the back corner of the store pretending like we don't know who this man is. And I remember I turned to David and I was like, well, I see why Marnie left him.


Oh, yeah. She said that. Natalie said that.


I was like I was like I stopped eating my ice cream, like I've been away from it. She knows that was fucking brutal. Write that down for the podcast. I thought it was so bad.


I was like, I can't believe she said that I had lost my phone and I was getting a call from somebody who had found my phone.


Oh, I know.


But it is so funny because like in situations like that where there's like more than one thing happening for you, you you panic and it just goes into this like, I don't know, do you tailor me to like the Iron Man race?


I can only do one thing at a time. It's true. Now I know why Marnie left him.


We're going back to that. Wow. That's funny that she also told the story. It's funny. It came from nothing. It's funny that, like I told her to write that story for me to share. Yeah. Yeah. But she was like, I want to tell. I want to tell you how much I hate myself. It's one of those stories where it's so funny, I really love it. Yeah, you should see, even though it's hurtful, I would have told you in the moment.


But you're so stressed out paying for the ice cream on your phone. Last time I bought you motherfuckers ice cream. You did. We actually ended up having to cover the bill. It's too much for you.


Who do you think will live the longest way out of the four of us?


Retailers, definitely the healthiest.


Who do you think will live the longest? What the fuck does that mean? Do you you will be who will be dead? Which three will be dead? In which one will be alive out of the four of us.


You don't have to stay out of the four of us. You could just stay out of the three of you. We don't know that I'd be the easy way to do it. There might be some regenerator regenerative things that happen in the next 20 years. I live to 150.


I think the person here obviously is going to live the longest. Other than, like, freak accidents, like no freak accidents. Taylor for sure. Taylor's like, got youthful energy. And she has she she doesn't have like she doesn't have like a burden of like stress, like there's something about it that she's just like she stressed she's so happy. Go lucky, maybe just an act. That's a good point. But like she's just like she is like a child's mind almost where she's just like full of energy.


I guess that's all the time we have in our podcast. Thank you guys for listening. We'll see you guys later. Thank you. Charlie Dixie and Jason Nash, for being on. Thank you, David. We'll see you guys around. My name is Jeff.


Ever had sex in my bed, all you do is sleep in your bed when we have time to creep in there and have sex in it, but now I want my.