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Let's go back to views today, we have Madison Beer here, everybody. Too high. Oh, what's up, guys? Well, back to you. Today, we have you like that one. Now you're right.


The first one is she's a singer songwriter and she has an album coming out February 26 and she's here, which is sick and super exciting. I actually met that as well. I tweeted at Madison like five, six years ago. I just tweeted out her saying, I love you, you're beautiful. That's what I said.


And it's like 2015. Yeah, it was a long time ago. Yeah. And Madison fucking like the tweet and she followed me back and I have no recollection of this, like, well, of course, because fucking thousands of people, you know, it's not like I was liking and following back a bunch of people.


So I saw my profile picture. You probably saw a future. Yeah, I think that's what it was.


But like in true Madison form, it's certainly, you know, she's like, hey, this guy is like a fucking loser. I have a sore spot for losers. Of course they do. Yeah, well, it's not losers.


I just thought people always make fun of me because the people like you, somebody crushes and I'm like their nerdy David's Ulbrich, Bo Burnham and like Nathan Fielder and Matthew Raghubir Matthew Gubler.


Don't even talk about it. Sorry. Right now it's super obvious that you're into personality and that's important. But what's your favorite body part on a guy at Navy hair?


I'm like a big like fuck. I like living off the table. What's your favorite body part? Girl boobs. I don't have as much to work with. That's fair. There's a lot more to work with. Okay.


Back to how we met. So she followed me and then whatever time went by, like three, four or five, probably six years. A long time went by. Yeah.


And we were at the VMAs or something in New York and he's Annisa contextualizes with the fact that I never seen one of his videos. No offence, maybe three days before the VMAs, my friend Sam was watching.


All I heard, I was staying at his house and all I heard was doo doo doo doo doo doo. And I was like, what is this that he's watching every single day? And it was so annoying. I was like, I don't know what this is. And I went out and I was like, what are these videos with this intro? And like, you've never seen a David big following. Like, no. And then I just dove into every single one of your videos.


So it was weird that I ended up seeing the only reason I went up to you and like, freaked out was because I just began my obsession with you for, like, three days before. Yes, literally. Oh.


So I was fresh on your mind, like I was on a David Dogbert kick. And I see you over time. I'm like, I remember I turned my publicist.


I was like that Davido. It seemed like she was like so.


And then I was like, I have to say something. I must. So then we're at the carpet and then Madisen like I see her, I think we make eye contact and then I turn to them like Madison Beer, it's Madison Beer.


And I turn back around and I pretend like I'm like fucking changing the ISO on my camera. So I'm not doing anything doing which David doesn't know to work because I was fucking panicking.


And then and then you walked up to me and she was a fan.


I was like, are you fucking kidding? What the fuck? It was like it was like winning the lottery.


I was like, no, no. You like. Yes, yes, I do. I haven't I have no idea. Then I was surprised because I don't know why. Like, I thought you were not going to hang out with me.


I don't think I'm cool at all. So I was like, he's not going to actually, like, hit me up. And then I remember after the event, I think I texted you something like like where you at or who texted who? I think I definitely texted you.


Maybe you did. I don't remember. But I just remember we ended up having, like, a really cute night.


We just, like, hung out for, like, yeah, broche invited me over. I was a fucking dinner, like after the beer. It was just us two and we literally bonded so hard.


I feel like she texted me. She's like, you want to come by? Like my apartment's like it was fucking like ten thirty at night. Yeah. I was like, what the fuck's going on. That's at least five seemed really so it was very late and I'm like and I'm like playing it cool.


I don't want to brag that Madison's texting me and like I have my friends texted me, we're at dinner.


I was like fucking I got at one of them here and I was like, look who's texting me like the doctor.


Are you fucking kidding me? There were so fucking stoked for me.


I remember literally you didn't leave till like four a.m..


I didn't know. I think we talked about this before, but like, I didn't know if I was going there because it was so late. Like, where are we going to hook up?


OK, stop.


You say you're awkward, but I know for a fact that you can turn on like the hot Madison look in seconds. I'm so awkward. Like people who actually think it's like a joke. When I say that, I'm like, very uncomfortable.


What do we say? What we talk about how we went. We went to some random college party. Well, yeah, a while ago. Oh, my gosh.


And David, we are in some someone's apartment or something, and we were in the bathroom mirror and David was like, OK, everybody, like, let's take a selfie or whatever.


And it was me. I was like that. Why are you talking like that? When I heard you say that before, it was like, but I'm sure you did. You're making it sound like I'm like this for a good time for the selfie. Oh, yeah. We were just in the moment hanging out and we were like in the bathroom mirror or whatever, just trying to figure out we were going to do. And David went to take a photo and it was like, me, you and I think Cindy, OK?


And you guys are both obviously beautiful. And I was like in a slicked back bun, like, whatever.


It's not in my element at the time. I feel like I remember you being miserable, like you did not want to be. Every year, every college trip, everybody except me was miserable. Are you like this? No, I like we were getting really mad at that one kid who wouldn't let us in. I was like, call him now and tell him to get us. And we wouldn't we couldn't get to a frat party. So difficult.


I think if you have Madison there, it's like a fucking game over, but it's like she's cool.


But if you're coming with these guys in a way, you know, like, OK, we continue. We just we took this photo and like you guys snapped into, like, you know, just like I don't even know I don't know what it is.


I have a word for it. And I was just like, you know what?


It is really funny, but it's like a superpower. Oh, what did you say? You were like, oh, I'm glad I brought my brother along.


You were tired.


I wanted to save this to later, but since we're getting right into it, you know, the most expensive liquid in the world, if you had to guess what it is most expensive liquid, one of the most expensive liquids in the world.


Just throw out a liquid in Korea. They like pig's urine or something. Great. You're getting closer to cows, cow urine or no. One of the most expensive liquids in the world.


This is fucking amazing is horse semen. Well, you probably know about this, Jay.


I know a lot about semen, but a gallon of horse semen can go for four point seven million dollars.


What are you talking. Oh, if it comes from the right stud. So, yeah, I was reading an article on it like there's a 15 year old white stallion and he earns his owners 300000 dollars every time he shoots a load.


This is an article. They're obtaining the semen, I think that's going on. Oh, I know.


I've seen this before. I think they have like, oh, I watched this on YouTube all the time.


No, I think I'm totally making this up because I think I've seen it. But I don't want to misrepresent the horse community. I think the horses have sex with the horses and then right when they're about to finish what I got, I'm not kidding.


I can't a guy comes in and puts like I watch that with you. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Are you being serious?


Yeah, I think we did see that. Yeah, we did see a guy jumps in and he grabs the horse semen and then that's it.


I don't know what catches it now he puts it in a tube because he opens his mouth because it's all worth it, depending on how successful your horses in races, people pay so much money for for the for the babies to be made.


So could you decrease anyway? And massive new album coming out tonight. It's like does your album come out February 26 for being completely serious?


This is bullshit about me.


I just wish it has any. Does it like when you listen to it, are you like this could be about me? Because if if that's a thing that raises some.


OK, listen, I know we like we're friends. Yeah. Definitely not that close. Like we haven't like hurt each other like in like an emotional way where you would write a song about me because I feel like we're very surface level friends, like we're not like, oh like really fucked up the whole album.


You better like redeem myself. And I'm like, no, no, no. Like, like, I mean we're surface level friends and I think you guys catch that or so I feel like we're not like we're not to the point where you write a song about me.


But has there ever been something I said other than what I just said now?


Has there ever been a moment that's inspired a part of a song?


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Close the door back to the podcast. You know what I meant, though, right?


You know what? Now my comment section is going to go from this is what Davidovich projected to. This is who David ever considers a surface level friend. No, no, no. Madison, Madison.


I was just listening to gloss over that really quick. Just can we put that to bed?


Can you go? There's no way. The surface level. No, no, no. The rejection thing.


Oh, trust the cameras will make sure the cameras I was telling this thing to I was I'm not even going to speak. I'm going to let him take the floor with this and see where he goes. I was saying this to Jason before.


I hate the whole rejection thing. Like, I hate that, like. People are like, this is the girl who David rejected three posts on Instagram to talk anything, all the replies are and the better you are, the better you look. And the more comments like this, the girl who rejected.


OK, that was the best joke in the roast that Jeff had a magical night tonight.


OK, mostly Joe Lawless and David use this opportunity to come out of the closet.


We all know you guys are gay. There's nothing wrong with it. There's no way Madison Beer is not your type. David.


What he say? There's no way that it's just not your. I texted him and I was like, oh, I'm not your type. Really? OK, so have you ever rejected me?


No, thank you. And that's what it stemmed from. It was in a blog. I don't know if you've made jokes being like, why don't you guys just data ready and like all that. Yeah, we did a podcast once where I was like, I don't know why you guys don't date. You seem like you're perfect for each other.


And I was much more like, yeah, I love him. And he was like, no, I'm not going. No, no, no.


But like it was and she's like, oh, see, you're just painting the whole rejection thing even more. I was I've always been like down.


I just think, listen, I just missed your window. No, my palms are starting to come up. But I think it's funny. I never rejected you. We just never dated.


That's it. Yeah. That's the only story. One last time I wanted to just apologize for the service I thing because you know. You know what I meant. You tell what I meant, right? Mm hmm. Yeah. I think we're good friends. I just don't think we've ever like. Would you consider me one of your close friends if someone's like are you friends with Madison or would you become friends with her? She's an acquaintance. Yes.


She's like a close friend, of course.


No, no, I do not look at you looking at them. Nothing. She said something in his hair. I was like, I'm holding up cue cards. And I'm like, you know, the way I see is if someone was like, are you supposed to masturbate?


Like, Oh yeah, 100 fucking percent. Like, I don't like like if they're like, could you call her and be like, I can fucking call her right now. I could send a text message. Yeah. Send her a picture of my memo. Whatever it is, I don't have to talk about you all the time.


No it does. Yeah. Yes I do. I you're such a liar. This is your music video on the day it came out. I know when you Madison I was really happy I say this.


I said this a lot to a lot of people. The people that I love the most, like I talk the most shit to their face and talk like the most highest way about it behind the back.


Why I leave crying here every day. But yeah, but when he's gone, I can't pay him. Right. Here are some here are some things that I've heard. I've read I was been doing some research and you guys can tell me if these are true or not. When someone says break a leg, they actually want you to be in the cast like a cast.


That's why they say that makes sense, because, you know, Frankenstein is it's actually Frankenstein's monster. Frankenstein actually call Frankenstein. Frankenstein is the doctor that built Frankenstein. I read the book Frankenstein Commodifies. That's true. I set you up, bro. So why is his wife called you?


Doesn't care. His wife. What? Yeah. Do you not just hear what I just said?


You say you read well you like nerdy guy.


So yes, I actually have the audio book for Frankenstein on Spotify. You want to hear a snippet.


After so much time spent paying for labor to arrive at once, the summit of my desires was the most gratifying consummation turned on. Ah, you're right. I don't think you should mean. Yeah. What does conservation mean. Conservation. Conservation when you can't poop. You got it. End of discussion. Consternation is when you make the marriage official consummation.


Yeah. Yeah. You got it. Good job Taylor.


I was listening to this. That was good. It was good. Really good.


So Madison, you have a story about people pooping on each other.


PEARDON Something from our private conversation from years ago that you told me about. I just find it so interesting. You have a story about a couple that used to poop on each other.


Why in the fuck are we doing this? I'm really curious. Like, what did you like everything you could do?


What does that you me that like she would shit and he would, like, jerk off over her while she was like, shit, you can't get this on Phalen.


But if she sees this and she's like, you fucking bitch, I don't know their names. You never even in private, you never told me their names. I'll give you fifty thousand dollars if someone comes out and then goes, Oh yeah, that's her friend Amy.


I'll have her comment on it. Amy Yeah. Yeah. There she goes talking about shit. Amy Someone can guess who you're talking about.


That's fucking got a fucking Sherlock Holmes watching this shit because that's pretty that's pretty bad.


I thought I said David looks really skinny to me and his hair looks really good. He got a haircut. Yeah.


I weigh 153 and I asked him if he lost a bunch of weight and he was like, no, Dave, you only weigh 153.


Well, that's about that's what that's what on my penis. Oh, I weighed myself completely naked the other day and I tied my penis to the ceiling and and yeah.


And yeah. With without penis 153. With like 170. But yeah. How tall my five. Ten there's no way.


Right. That's the part that confuses you about that start. Oh no I'm definitely five ten.


This is interesting. I want to, I wanted to, I wanted to play this game here because you play this and I think it's the fucking scariest thing in the world. It's the game where you whisper someone to something about you explain it's honestly like kind of like a mean game.


But you have to play with people that you're lucky to play with, people you're you're close with. So, you know, you make jokes at your friends that are like I mean, you can only really do it.


Who would you close with? So basically it's this game where you sit in a circle with all of your friends and all whisper something to Jason and I'll basically say, like point to the person in the room who you think takes the least amount of showers a week and then killed.


He'll kill someone. He'll point at somebody. But like, no one knows what we what I said to him other than us two. And then you flip a coin. If it's heads, you have to reveal what the question was. And if it's tails, the question dies and no one ever know. So then whoever was pointed to is just paranoid. But there's also just the rule. You can't tell someone like that's like never you can never tell anybody know.


This is a random paranoia.


It makes you uncomfortable because as opposed to I get her shit, I'm fifty. Okay, so I asked her a question. Now you point to the answer, Jason.


That's the game, right? No, we're going to flip a coin and a flip a coin.


You get to know if it lands on tails, the question dies, the question dies. You'll never get to know it.


I asked her, oh, you'll be paranoid for all. And and if it lands on heads, we'll tell you what the question is. Yeah, yeah, and I'm not allowed to take a guess now, you'll never know that's the rule is you're not allowed to play any shenanigans afterward.


That's the game.


Yeah, I know it sucks, but a blue balling experience, just for the sake of the show, I just give her an easy when I said, who is the oldest in the room? That's it. Because I you know, you got to watch somebody.


I don't know, OK? No matter what, Madison, go to jail. I don't want to play Madison. That'll be good to me. I'm not gonna let you go. We got to give them a good one.


Oh, damn. See, this is my I so.


Oh, that's so funny. Oh yeah.


Oh oh the.


At six a.m.. One more game. One more. OK, now he's whispering into Jason's ear. Jason's nervous to say it because he's going to hurt anyone's feelings. And we really think this is fucked up, right? No, I don't think so. It was really bad. The game has hurt people.


Point I don't like this at NASA. You know, when you were you were a kid and you had a friend that you were really mad at and you like, I don't know, maybe this is just me, but I was like, we should all, like, sit in a circle and just write down, like, what we don't like about each other. Like this game is that and like real life. Yeah. It's really, it's really point to somebody.




Thank you. Oh me. Oh shit. Oh my fuck. OK, so if it lands on has flipped the coin it's tails. Go go go for it.


Nervy. What is that? That's tale's right kind of coin coyness is their sales channel, so thank God, no, thank God. Well, you know, we could tell you we had this item from God. No, but she was aware that that would make everyone in the room like you. So I don't like this game.


You play this game, you have a question. We're playing with three people. Yeah, you're right.


And like all the girls are just going to go to jail. Yeah, no, if we were in a group of like ten. All right, let's do one more J. You whisper to Madison J. But you got to make sure you got to make a juice. I know you're I know you're capable of making a juice. Okay.


Now Jason's asking Madison was hers like a yeah.


Mi'kmaq what. She fucked me up good. Right. That was mean that. Yeah. I thought supposed to be mean.


It is. It is. But it's like oof. And I'm only picking between them too. Yeah.


Between now and I. Yeah. I mean let's remind you he called. I know the answer. I can tell, you know I go with David but I don't think either of either of you. If so if it is heads I am contextualising with. I actually don't think either of you.


Oh fuck. That's a shame that it was just who's the most insecure? Which is just like to say it's not me, it's not that I know what it's like, said like I've was like, who is going to rub it in more?


So I would say I'm saying it's not me trying to deflect. And you guys are like, no, it's really bad. Like, that's paresis.


I an answer you.


Well, who would you have said. Oh yeah.


I mean I knew you would have said you guys are insecure, at least you don't come across as it was actually an easy one between these two. Who would you have picked, David. Yeah, I mean she's on her high horse man. She loves herself.


I know. That's why I was like, Natalie's so confident you can take a dump in the studio right now. Oh, my God, why am I so badly taking shit cups? That looks good with that. Like, can you and you wanted to know about my shiting friend. We know fight about the plumbing. They say they accuse each other. We think it's a David picking it up first. I just bring it up first now so you don't bring it up first.


That's the way. What's the problem? It's aired out on air.


Well, we can't air it out because now I thinks have been constantly lingering. I think that was enough for that game. Yeah. As soon as I get hurt, I'm good. Oh, that's not a fucking crazy game. So fucked up, especially with so many people. And then I'll call you on from everyone. None of us are the same look like he was just hit by a bomb. And I said, oh, my question. But I still like what was my question.


Oh, don't tell me.


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You're also doing a livestream performance, which I'm really confused about because isn't that just like. Well I explain that to me. Is that fine. What is that like.


Well we just recorded a concert and then we air it. I have an album coming out like seventeen songs. I want to perform it.


And the show you're putting on is like like fucking well rehearsed.


It's not just like you sitting on a stool starting ten days of rehearsal. No, no.


It's a big it's a big show you're putting on like a movie basically. It's like a play, it's, it's like a full arena. If if we were doing an arena tour, it's what and where can people find that?


Madison, you're alive.


Oh, well, my first part, maybe you can have a part in the show or that comes out. You know, it's so funny. They pitched when they were talking about it, they brought him up and I was like, what are you guys talking about? They wanted to do this thing in the middle of the show where there was like cameos basically, but like not like they wanted it was I don't even know what type of person they you they were like, yeah, we can have David come in.


I was like, why don't they, David, come in and do like one less lonely girl style.


Like I'm sitting on like a stool and you're like singing around me. Basically if you want to be my baby, you're the baby. But as baby. Yeah.


Basically totally down.


Do a track where Dave's voice sounds amazing like somebody else and he sings it.


Oh, we made a song once. Oh my God. We do with Charlie. We are Charlie Puzo's. And I went in the booth and I just start. I was curious bro. I was fucking really bad. But then I posted I post the story of him singing horribly and was like, this is who you all worship is like what did you say? Like, I don't know what I would do. What was the lyric? I don't know, man.


It's all right. I'm so glad that I have so many famous friends or something like that. Oh, yeah.


So good. I actually like the song concept. It's about like having famous friends and how you can like get into a club or like supposably like a lonely island style. And for some reason Charlie really bought into it and he's like, yeah, it's great, but it's just been cooped up for too long. Like in the movie I was like, OK, I've never been in a booth. So I recorded the song and I was like, I'm so glad I have famous.


And it was all about like, I'm friends with somebody super famous. Yeah, it was it was all about getting handouts.


That sounds cool. You go to Charlie 2000, a record, a joke song. He should have been there. Jay. I wasn't invited. Crazy. I was. I have questions, who shot your music video? Yeah, this amazing director named Lauren. She's awesome, but she is great. Yes, she's she's. How do you see. Amazing.


I have a question, but I like I like had wanted to do that concept for so long and she was so perfect and over control of his own show. David, does she you what do you like. So how do you have you when you shoot music videos. How do you pick your love interest in the videos? Do you go through a huge cast about something really bad that I shouldn't say?


I cast a love interest that looks just like my little brother from my last video and I had no idea because he doesn't look like my brother at all. Like looks nothing like him. I asked him with his headshots, looks nothing like him. But there's this one angle I can't believe I'm saying this now. Everyone's going to be like, holy shit, that's literally writer where he's like, it's the scene in Boy Shit where I'm like like laying on his knee, kind of his head is down.


And from that angle, the hair and the facial structure. When we watch the first cut, I was like, what have I done?


I literally was like and then I didn't say anything to my best friend. I showed it to her and she was like, is that right? And I was like, Oh, no, I couldn't crop him out. He was like I was like a main part of the video.


So how many guys did you go through till you were like, Yeah, that's my brother. How many look like my brother? You know, it's funny. I actually cast him in another music video that never ended up coming out. So I guess I just kind of like the way this guy looks. But I go through like they send me a folder of like basically who's available, who fits the role. And that was like the coolest 30, 40 of them.


Then I just kind of like scroll through that sounds like so far like who do you want your boyfriend to to be for the day. Yeah, it's fun. It's fun. And then if you're have you ever shot a music video when you're in a relationship and your significant other is getting really jealous, does that happen? Yeah, because you don't want your boyfriend, you don't your significant other to be here. But I've never, like, kissed anyone on camera.


I done like a scene like that. That's like I I'm a very insecure, jealous person. So if my boyfriend I'm the worst actor and he was like making out with some girl, I would I would freak out. But you have to also know what you signed up for.


My ex had to kill somebody. And did it break you? Oh, my God. I had to fly home. I had to fly home for the moment. She was kissing somebody.


But you were kidding for a second. I was like, oh, no, this is serious.


I guess so. It's like the most brutal thing. I don't be a lot. And then they go out and they're like, OK, one more time. And you're like, not again.


Yeah, not another.


Some people are so good with it though. Like some people can be like on set and be like, yo, I would be making jokes and shit. Yeah. But like no like the guy. I like the statement. I think I would too.


I want to present it to the guy and boy should the first guy where you see where I'm on the balcony he had a girlfriend and like I think like oh my God, his girlfriend must have been on the beach so that we had to do it like 60 times where I had to basically walk up to him and, like, stare into his face. Imagine this fucking girl. I'm sure she's good. I'm sure she has to be like, you know, a certain kind of girl to be able to be with a boy who's going to go to get cast.


No, but that's the worst gig for her to be casting. Yeah. Madison Bier's love interest. But you you quit acting right now. Fuck you, asshole. You're not doing man.


Who is somebody famous that you wouldn't go up to. I thought you wouldn't approach.


I would not go up to Kevin Parker, but he was sitting in front of me on the plane where I was like, the universe is telling me to say something to you, like we're on the same flight.


I'm not familiar with Kevin Tameem, Paula. Oh, yeah. You're obsessed with that. Well, I was freaking out.


I actually was freaking out the entire flight. There was a random girl next to me, and this poor girl had no idea who he was. And I was like, you know, what is it? She was like, no. And I just like spiel to her for, like, 45 minutes about him. And she was like, who are you? Like, stop talking to me. And then I was getting her to, like, encourage me to say hi to him.


I was like, tell me to tell her, like, I need you to push me to do this. And we were sitting in first class, so I was really just like him in one row, me and the one behind him. And then we had just played Austin City Limits the same way he was playing Saturday night. Oh, you see. Yeah, I played under his light rig. No big deal. You have an excuse. Yeah, that was that was I was like, I have something to say.


So I'm like, say something, say something.


Me. He gets up and immediately grabs his bag and walks to the front of the plane. I'm like shit. Like I am not going to be able to say anything.


And then he's standing there outside of the gate just waiting for the rest of his crew, like with his by himself. So I went up to him. I was like, you need to do it.


And so I was like, Hi, Kevin. I was like, I am Madisen. I just wanted to say this was exactly how it was.


Yeah. Your I was like, Oh, I really love you and I love your music. And I think you're a genius and you are a pioneer. And I just I'm just really like, I really love you. And he was like, I don't man like that.


That's like I like in his, like accent. I was like I actually played Austin City Limits yesterday, too. Like, I really like your set. It was really good. And he's like he's like he's not really talkative. Like, I mean, maybe not to like strangers, I guess. And he was just like, how was it like it was really amazing. Oh, it's crazy. But your set was like so much better.


Like fuck me. Like who cares about me and what I did yesterday, like you really killed it. And then this is the worst part, and this is I can't even reenact it because it's so shameful. As I was walking away, I was like, nice to meet you. I thought I kind of killed it. I was like, you didn't or blatantly spit on him or something. I was expecting something horrible to happen. I'm like walking away.


And then I remembered in my brain, like, you didn't mention to him that, you know, he mixes and masters all of his own stuff.


But you have to say that almost like an afterthought, like like I'm not kidding you. I was like at least ten feet away from him. And I know he makes a mess for all of you.


And I kept on fucking walking. And then I literally when the bathroom when I called my assistant was like, come to the bathroom now. And I'm sitting on the floor. And I was like, I'm such a spasm, such an idiot. What'd I just do?


And now all of the people I work with, like all my writers and my producers, every single time I leave the studio, they're like, I don't know.


You mixed in for ongoing misery of my Kevin Parker. I just hope I get to redeem myself. Kevin, I promise I'm not as weird as I came across.


Are you ever gonna get married? Yeah, for sure. And is that person going to be like your final person? Yes, like. Oh, shit. So once you get married, it's. Oh so ideally, I mean, obviously I think everyone hopes that.


But I definitely wouldn't marry somebody that's too early to propose to somebody.


I don't think there's ever too early if you know that it's like the right person.


Now, what about you? What about me?


Like with Todd, do you feel like you're like hope? Are you hopeful that you'll be with him forever or do you, like, not see a future with him?


That sounds fucked up. So I think yeah, I know if I come over to Valentine's Day, why it's so much longer, to be honest, you know, but like I mean like do like they ever like like I might marry this person.


I definitely think about it. And we've been together for a year now. So it's like obviously you think about it, but we also like secret for like.


Yeah, yeah.


But I feel like, you know, Madison, I hate it too.


But I feel like also we haven't had our relationship like in the real world, like we've been like doing our own thing once.


So we feel, you know, when the bar is open, Todd's on us on the side. So right now she's got him locked up in the house. You but I think him and I both like we love to go out.


We're both like social people. And like when I go out, like, I hate having somebody, like, hold on to me and buy me all the time.


I didn't want to float around and talk to people. Yeah. Yeah. Someone asked me this the other day, if you're dating somebody and you're dating your, your boyfriend, whatever, and your boyfriend's liking other girls pictures like bikini pics, is this a problem?


I think it's a problem. I wouldn't want my boyfriend's name on another girl's like body pic.


It's a controversial tag. Probably would not give a shit. Right.


But like, good for her like that. You know, I know I am like I need to be like, so jealous, so jealous of you. Like, I could I call AT&T and I said, cancel this. Why am I so insecure.


Yeah, well, that's just like I've been also perpetuated the trust issues my entire life. And I feel like I've had, like, boyfriends cheated on me before. And I've had things happen to me that I'm like, I don't trust anybody in my past life.


Someone must have really cheated on me because I have some pretty big trust issues. Yeah, that's great. But I'm like, so insecure when it comes to that stuff.


And I but it's I'm like a secure an insecurity thing. Like a comparison thing. I'm just more like your mind. I don't want you looking at people I don't know.


I had a girlfriend once before with the one I had for a while. OK, I don't know. I made it back but. But I was dating.


Yeah, I this other girl and she told me she I was like, have you ever cheated on like a boyfriend. And we did it for like a month or two. I was like really quick.


So this is like three weeks in and she was like, yeah, I used to cheat on my boyfriend, but like I was like, would you tell him? And she's like, no, I never tell. I'm like, it's just what you got to do to keep the relationship alive sometimes.


What does that mean for the next like three weeks? I went with it. I was like, yeah, that makes sense. And then I fuck and then like hit me like two weeks in because I started to like her more. I was like, holy fuck, this bitch is about to cheat on you.


That's yeah.


That's, that's, that's when I got really fucking scared and I think that's where from then I was like fuck to keep. And that's why I've always been like so scared of someone cheating on me because it's like what the fuck, what the fuck.


Well yeah. It's like relationships are like I'm forming a bond with you where I trust you with my heart. And if you're going to cheat on me or like do something behind my back that you wouldn't like.


Dr. Phil, one of my favorite people as well, he always says that, like, cheating is cheating. Is he what? He would never cheat on his wife, April. I think her name is a Robin. Robin, Robin, April. I know where that came from. That was good.


I guess I just want Robin Wright Madison. But he always says cheating is anything he wouldn't do with your significant other in the room. And I believe that. I firmly believe that. I think if I heard my boyfriend talking about a girl like KU's not me.


And you know what I mean? Like, I would be like, what the fuck are you doing? And like, I don't know. I think relationships are just tricky. And if you're not ready to be in one, don't be in one because you really mess with someone's head and someone's heart, if you like, break their trust like nothing hurts more. And I feel like every person has experiences who's been in a relationship then like if you're going through your boyfriend's phone, you already have like a little bit of trust is.


With your, like, shaking, like, I don't want to I don't want to find what I'm looking for, but I'm probably going to and it's the worst feeling if you don't if you do, here's like, man, I love you. And I think I know you and I don't know you, and that hurts so much. You and me in a relationship would be we would to make sure we we wouldn't even be using our own phones that we would have to switch phones.


Yeah, we would. Both of our assistants running our Instagram. So neither of us looked at our feeds or anything. Jay, what are some things that are getting in the way of your happiness?


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Oh, so good. In a relationship life like you, I feel like I always ask for one. But then when I think about it, I'm just like, OK, there's like this cigarette's after Sexon that I really love. They're like one of my favorite bands. And there's a lyric that literally the song's called Cry. Yeah, I do that a lot.


Sex to actually before and after those cigarettes. Oh I hate tobacco. He if there's a little of tears there's a lyric in the song that's literally the chorus is like it's making you cry every time. Like basically it's like I can't be faithful to you but hopefully one day I will be. And he's like completely telling this girl, basically I love you but I won't be faithful to you. So I'm asking I'm the reason I'm saying that. Is there a reason that you feel like you want to be in a relationship?


Do you feel like you to be faithful? Do you feel like.


No, I never, ever, ever fucking cheat. Like when I was in my last relationship, I couldn't look, I couldn't function. I was like, I'm not looking at another girl, Madison. I would have never met you if I was in a relationship like I would have never, like, let you see.


For me, it's kind of like Henders on life. It's kind of. Yeah, like if I if we made eye contact, is it. But then is it worth it. You have to weigh out the pros and cons. Is it.


That's what I'm saying. This is when I was young and I was like, yeah, I was an idiot. But like, like if I was in a relationship and we made eye contact, I would have been like, nope. And I would have never fucking had a conversation with you, though.


I think that's. Yeah, but it's like it's too much. It's like, what the fuck are you doing bro. Like still live your life and do this.


But I still live your life. Totally find someone like I also kind of think it's like sweet and romantic to us and I'm like everyone else off because what what, what is everyone else going to offer you if you found someone who like loves you because like everything smoke and mirrors to this whole thing about life is that everything is bullshit. And like, if you find someone who loves you and respects you and trusts you and that you trust and that makes you feel good and like gets you, there's not much better out there.


So I think that's why a lot of those relationships end is because they're always searching for something better and they're always like, well, what else is out there? It's like nothing else is out there. So if you're happy, just be happy. One day it'll just be me and Natalie.


And I know that I know that be waiting this long will be worth it because I already live together. It's super easy. She's moving out.


I'm leaving. What? I think that is my scapegoat. When we talk about relationships, I just like to make a joke about Natalie just to not, like, actually say the truth. I'm going through a lot of stuff.


Oh, that's all the time. We thank you guys for listening.


Madison's album is coming out. Guys, go buy. The songs are sick. Sorry. That's the first time I was doing that.


That's I was good. I keep it going. Good though. I just got nervous. It was good.


Thank you guys for listening. Thank you guys for watching. We'll see you guys later. Go check out Madisons album, February 26. Go check out the rest of our social media and we'll see you guys later. My name is Jeff by.


I ruined a fight club for my friend and like, I feel so bad. That's one of the best cinematic twists in my opinion and imagination.


We I never.