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Voices for Justice is a podcast that uses adult language and discusses sensitive and potentially triggering topics including violence, abuse and murder.


This podcast may not be appropriate for younger audiences. All parties are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Some names have been changed or omitted per their request or for safety purposes. Listener discretion is advised. My name is Sarah Turny and this is Voices for Justice. In this episode of Voices for Justice, I'm going to explain why there isn't really an episode this week, as you might have heard by now, my father, Michael Roy Turny, was arrested on August 20th, 20-20 in Mesa, Arizona, at 131 p.m. on second degree murder charges for Elyssa.


He made his first court appearance the next day on August 21st, where his 500000 dollar bond was upheld. Tomorrow, August 28, he will appear for an arraignment in which he will plead guilty or not guilty. As of today, he is still in custody, but there is still a chance that he could be released on bond or due to covid. I don't know exactly what's going to happen from here. But just like my father's bomb trial, I planned to be present at each and every one of my father's hearings for Alissa's case and this development changes things for this podcast, Voices for Justice was designed to keep as much of my personal opinion out of the facts of Alice's case as possible.


And was primarily based off of public records that were made available to me and members of the media, I intentionally and at times painfully held back how I felt about so many aspects of this case in order to not jeopardize this exact moment. And I have now been advised to not discuss the details of the case at this time. So today's scheduled episode has to be postponed for the time being, as do several other episodes. However, rest assured that I have a few more episodes and topics to explore that won't discuss case details before closing out this portion of Voices for Justice.


Also, please know that this story is far from over.


Like I mentioned at the end of the timeline, I have been documenting the journey of the prosecution since January of 2019. And just like everything else in this case, there is a lot there, of course, including the most recent news of the arrest and possible trial. And just know that I am documenting and recording as much as humanly possible, and you will hear it all eventually. This podcast was never supposed to be about me or my journey. But as I read these headlines from The New York Times, BuzzFeed News, Good Morning America and so, so many others, I'm realizing that I guess this is my journey, too.


And I'm trying to embrace that.


And I know many of you are probably wondering how I feel about my father's arrest. If I'm being honest. I don't know. This development is so new and it's such a complicated mix of emotions that I don't fully understand that myself. But I want to thank you for all of your messages and comments and overall love that you have shown me. And although I will be walking into that courtroom alone tomorrow, I know you will all be with me in spirit.


So thank you, I love you and I'll talk to you next time. Voices for Justice is hosted, produced and edited by me, Sarah Turny. If you want to learn more about Elyssa story and how you can help with the case, visit justice for Alyssa Dotcom. And if you love the show, it would really help if you gave me a rating in review in your podcast player. Thank you so much and I'll talk to you next time.