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This message comes from NPR sponsor Comcast since 2011, Internet Essentials from Comcast has connected millions of people from low income homes to the Internet. Comcast is continuing to provide 60 days of free Internet to new Internet Essentials customers. From NPR and BBC Chicago, this is Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me the NPR News quiz. It's summertime and the Bellen is easy. I'm Bill Kurtis and here's your host, whose wife is still angry at him for dumping sand in the kitchen to make a quarantine beach.


Peter Sagal.


Thank you, Bill. So every year's summer seems to be over a little quicker.


The days getting shorter, long before you're ready to see it all go. Fortunately, we've now solved that problem by making every single day exactly like every other one forever.


The good news is you could wear white long after Labor Day now because time has no meaning.


But we're doing our best to enjoy what we are told is summer. And we're doing it the traditional way by lazing around and thinking about all the fun things we did back when we were at work.


For example, we got to talk to actress and model Isabella Rossellini, who went from international sex symbol to sex expert, at least when it comes to ducks.


Thank you so much. I didn't want to talk to you before we get to your work a little bit about your parents. I don't know how many people know this, but your mother was Ingrid Bergman was perhaps the greatest movie star of her age, Casablanca and Gaslight.


And your father, Roberto Rossellini, great Italian film director. And how old were you when you realized that your family was not like other people's families?


Well, you know, it took me a while. I didn't understand. You know, I think when you are a child, your family is your family. So I remember that when I went to school, I after maybe about seven or eight years old, I asked my student, my mother, how famous is she? Like Joan Crawford? Is she okay, Mrs. Gerarda? But I needed a kind of to monitor that other people could give me because for me, I couldn't gauge how famous they were.


You decided to become an actor yourself. Was that something that you resisted because it was your family business or something you embraced?


I did resist it for a long time because I thought that I couldn't be as good as my parents or that I was always going to be compared to them. So I first became a model. Then in my 30s, I decided to move into acting, which was something that was always offered to me, but I always declined it.


That's all well and good modeling, whatever. Acting fine. Let's talk about animal sex. Okay, because this is what I'm interested in. You did.


Let me rephrase that. That is an academic subject which I find fascinating to do something about physics.


Very funny, I guess. I was the mid 2000s, I made I started making funny films about how different animal made and reproduce.


But people have never seen these films. They're called a Green Porno is the name of the series of films.


And in it, they're not just lectures. You actually depict the animal.


You have these costumes and the sets in which you'll do a piece about, say, the mating habits of ducks.


And you, Isabella Rossellini, are a duck.


I have to tell you that that's a very special we always think that courtship is what you need for the female to say yes or no. But ducks have a different method. They evolve a very elaborate take the Jina, a lot of talk to jump on them and they'll try to make love to them. So they have evolved a vagina with several canals they can control. So if they are penetrated by a doctor, they don't want to be the father of the babies.


They send them to a dead end, but they're penetrated by the Dutch. They like they let them in the right canal to the eggs. So had babies.


That's that's why Daffy Duck didn't have any kids. I know. So I and like there are films about bugs and snails in which Miss Rossellini depicts all of them and they're amazing. But how in the world did you get interested in that stuff that seemed like such a strange was interested in animal behavior in general?


And then the standard they have a television channel and they have several other institution. I mean, the most known is the film festival. Yeah, well, they like to work on experimental filmmaking. And they contacted me saying they wanted to create a series of short film on the environmental subject because they knew it was a filmmaker and actress. And I knew about biology and had a master degree. And at first I said, well, I don't know, nothing comes to mind.


And then like a flash in my head, they had a lot of program called Green, you know, green transportation, green house. Being a green, whatever, and I said, oh, green porno. And that made a series of 40 short films, you know, and they all start with me saying, oh, if I were a fly. And then I transformed myself into a fly. Of course, having been a model for many years, I know how to do costumes.


Right? Of course, it's amazing the way that you can reproduce. How do snakes do it? Oh, snakes. You know, they have a double penis.


Well, I'm so glad you asked Lawrence why you went. You went to do the penises compete or do they work as a team? No. You know, surprisingly, they only use one at a time.


Yeah, like penises or peni carcasses caucus. Well, Isabella Rossellini, we could talk to you about that all day, but we do have some work. We do. It's a fascinating story. Yes. And I just want to say, Isabella, this is for our audience here in Chicago.


There is a little boy sitting right there right where I can see him, which has made this whole conversation so comfortable where we have to say, well, you either remain true. You either made things really difficult for him and his parents when they leave or you saved them a conversation. So either way, now, look, it's time to have the talk about the snake and the snake. Exactly when two snakes love each other very much. Am I am I helping you?


Are you are.


Well, Isabella Rossellini, we're so delighted to talk to you, but we've asked you here to play a game we're calling Make a run for the Border.


Your name is Isabella. So we're going to ask you three questions about Taco Bell.


Answer three questions about the popular fast food franchise, Taco Bell. Get two right. You'll win our prize for one of our listeners, Bill. Who is Isabella Rossellini playing for? Charlie Elvie of Evansville, Indiana.


So here's your first question. People who love Taco Bell truly love Taco Bell, as proved by which of these Real-Life cases.


A In 2016, a Florida man woke up from a seven week coma and the first words he said were, quote, I want Taco Bell to be a woman.


Turned herself permanently orange, trying to create the bright orange powder from Doritos Tacos, Locos or C.


A woman in Florida named her three children Krunch Rap, Krunch, Rap, Supreme and Anextra Crunch Rap Supreme. Wow. Now you know who the favorite is?


The coma. The coma like this. You're right.


Yeah. I was in a coma. The lucky guy was in a coma for seven weeks, completely insensate. One day his brother sitting there, all the Albany opens his eyes and says, I want Taco Bell.


And let me tell you something, ladies and gentlemen, he got it in Florida. That is a medical treat. Yeah. All right. Here's your next question.


As you may know, Taco Bell has a reputation for being the food of choice for drunk or stoned people. That was a reputation that was confirmed when which of these happened? A in 2011, a man in Florida was so drunk he showed police a Taco Bell taco thinking it was his driver's license by Taco Bell reports that one in four customers take out their money to pay and say, isn't it weird? This is just paper and you give me food for it.


Or see, Taco Bell Inc. has created its own special branded cannabis line called Live Mass Baked.


Know the one that he surprised about the paper? We want to support my newspaper. And you just get paper and you get I can understand. That is a surreal moment. I don't make any rational sense. No. And I love that you chose that. The answer, of course, was, a, the man in Florida who was so drunk he showed the taco. All right. You still can't win at all, Isabel. Here we go.


Your last question. It seems like Taco Bell can do no wrong, but in 2017, they tested one product that never caught on with their customers. What was it? A, the caviar chalupa.


B, the nacho suppository O or C, the Kit Kat Kasarda.


What about the Kit Kat?


What about the. That's the answer. It was a dessert item, of course, and it did not succeed.


Bill, how did Isabella Rossellini do on our quiz? Isabella, you won because two out of three, right, is a win. Congratulations. It's about what an absolute pleasure to talk to you. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you so much. What a joy. Thank you so much. But don't think we spent the pandemic just talking about ducks getting down, no, we did what we could to help. It's hard to know, for example, how many lives Bill might have saved with this one and a two and a three.


Take me out to the ball game. Take me right to the sink. Buy me some antibacterial gel, I'll follow that up with has squared off her round and it's root, root, root with my mask on, please don't sit next to me. For it's one to. Three, four, five, six feet away, and the new ball game. Hey, that was horrible, brings you right back to Fenway, nothing. When we come back, Mo Rocca, as you've never seen him on our show before.


Well, you still won't be able to see him, but take our word for it. That's in a minute on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me from NPR. Support for this podcast and the following message comes from simply safe home security.


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Black voters play a crucial role for any Democrat who seeks to win the White House. But some big divides amongst that block and some serious ambivalence could determine who is elected president this November. Listen now on the Cosulich podcast from NPR. From NPR and Chicago, this is Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me the NPR News quiz. I'm Bill Kurtis and here's your host trying to get a tan from the heat lamp at his bathroom. Peter Sagal. Thank you, Bill.


So we're kicking back this week and resting on our laurels, which, by the way, you should not literally do the itchy, itchy laurels.


So we were doing our show via Zoome as per normal these days, but right at the beginning, Mo Rocca had an announcement to make.


Well, Peter, before I answer, can I share some personal news with everyone? You came out earlier today. I had an endoscopy and a colonoscopy.


It's what's known in TV as a two camera shoot, and that's why I sound a little groggy.


Tickets to the camera they put down my throat. Yeah, but as for the prep, I just feel like I could fly like I feel so I feel like Noorie like I feel like I could just like, just leap across Sixth Avenue.


But you're doing the show today. Venmo still on colonoscopy drugs, which is interesting.


Yeah, no, I know it's interesting. It's it's it's. Yeah, it could be part of it can be part of a question based on some sort of research later on in a few weeks.


Researchers show that we know your voice does sound a little scratchy.


You have like a little Dr Foushee kind ask.


Oh good. I like that. I like that. Good. OK, I've got some pouchy going on. Yeah.


All right. Are you ready to answer a question though. I appreciate the warning that you've been. Oh sure. I just thought this would be a special wait wait moment.


Later on in the show, we were talking to special guest Don Cheadle, who had joined us on Zoome so each of us could see everybody else's.


We broadcast it from our individual homes. Don was focused on his Not My Job quiz, but I was having a hard time paying attention.


I'm going to go with B again, cut the plastic and run. You're right.


That's exactly what he was advised to do because apparently he just didn't want to be between anybody in their TV.


Yeah, that's smart. That's I think so. Do you have I'm sorry. I'm quite distracted because Mo has taken off his shirt.


He took it off did minutes ago. And it was while focusing on you like a good thing is had been melted shoulders into it.


Should I save this for pledge week?


Oh, it's really hot in this room. I'm burning up too. But I'm not just rubbing people in closets and they're not taking this. It's it's it's just so warm.


And God, we have all been locked inside too long, I think.


But shirt or no shirt, the show must go on.


And so we did mow summers here in a new study says that all that sunshine and warm weather does what to you eat, eat all that sunshine in warm weather. What does it do to you?


It makes you it makes you sad because you can't really enjoy it.


Sorry. Now, are we having sex with the lamp is it's dark in there and you're peering into the camera.


It's does this look a little player which now we heroically made it to the end of the show, our lightning fill in the blank game and Mo was well, if not ready, well warmed up right.


On Wednesday, the DNC announced they would hold a mostly virtual blank in August. Convention, right? This week, officials in Austin blamed I'm sorry, what Peter asked the questions. Don't get distracted.


Don't take a screenshot of that.


Do it. Oh, I got to take off my shirt. Why don't you start Faith? Peter was.


So we'll get into it. I don't want to go there. Where was I?


Oh, my God. Oh.


Here's a time a panelist managed to answer a question while remaining completely clothed, Maev Alinea, which is a very high end restaurant here in Chicago, is being criticized for a new item on their menu, a dessert made to look just like what?


A desert. Oh, well, you know that we have this terrible desert in Ireland called Spotted Dick, I do know that they didn't do that.


They didn't do that, OK, because that was inspired like pudding, you know.


Huh. And fashion to look like. Is it something political?


No, but it's something in current events, certainly something in the news right now. Something dominating the news right now.


Mm hmm. Oh, for God's sake, Disney. Plus, people felt that this was in poor taste, that in this moment they're serving people an expensive dessert that looks like, what is it, a democracy crumble?


No. Does anybody know happen anywhere you want to go? It's the coronavirus. It's the coronavirus. Yes.


So it's a bluish gray coconut custard sphere dotted with red Sichuan peppercorns.


And it looks just like the coronavirus, you know, blown up to large size. It's insane.


After four months of lockdown, people are not finally going to go out to restaurants to think about coronavirus. They're going to go to restaurants to get coronavirus.


And also, like, don't put peppercorns on your desserts, like, fine, make a funny desserts out of a killer disease, but just don't put peppercorns on it. That's where I get really offended. Really. I'm outraged. I sent you a pie shaped as Ebola.


So just go ahead. Enjoy that. Sure. There's no there's no fennel or anything terrible. I don't care. A flower that's just an apple.


Ebola researchers have surveyed single people who were looking for a partner and found all of them have one thing in common as to what they want in a partner. What is it?


Someone who's someone who's nice? No.


Oh, they all want someone who's better looking than them.


No. Gosh, let me ask you this, Miles, when you were single, did you know what you were looking for in a partner? I would probably I think if I saw that person like what I saw my wife, I knew I was attracted to her instantly.


Right. But if I had asked you what you were looking for, would you have known? Hmmm, not really. Well, that they don't answer. It turns out none of them have any idea what they're actually looking for. There you go.


Oh, they think they know. Everybody thinks they know. If you ask them what they're looking for in a partner, somebody who's funny or is generous or as millions of dollars a heart condition and no other airs.


But research has proved that all these people are wrong. Nobody knows what they want. In random tests, people ended up expressing attraction to people who had none of the things they had said they were attracted to, with two significant exceptions, a nice but in their own HBO password.


I also think, Peter, I also think a lot of times you get people who'll be like, yeah, I'm looking for a woman that looks like this and she does that. Or the girl goes, I want a guy that's like this, like that. But once somebody gives the other person a little bit of attention, they go, hey, you work out.


They don't they really don't take into account how much we're all willing to settle. My true I don't work.


When the pandemic started, we did what a lot of people did. We reached out to old friends to see how they were doing. We found Stephen Colbert at home and outside by the fire pit.


And one of the reasons we like him so much is that he says such nice things about us. What an honor. It's a thrill.


Regis Philbin, you are you're like or I like to think when when the old Carol Burnett Show announced a family show, just a regular gas was like couldn't get a guest. So you're are we a part of our family then, Steve?


I am. I am sincerely honored that you thought of me. I absolutely loved your show. And I you know, there are a few things that I know I can I hope to listen to as this goes to give me some sense of stability. And you guys have been a staple of my life and I'm so happy to be here.


I have to ask just because we're all sort of going through the same thing, how are you doing? How sheltering in place, going for the Colbert family?


Well, I mean, I think it's like what it's like for other people. It's you know, it's anxious, but there's just a sort of a sense of anticipation. And I'm I'm eating a lot of old meat.


How old, Stephen? We worry.


I you know, right before you called, I was grilling a piece of steak, I think was two and a half years old because my wife became a vegan about two and a half years ago and right before she became a dick and she bought a lot of steak. Yeah. And even the first thing we do when this happens, you go and you start defrosting things. So we've been defrosting and eating two and a half year old meat.


You, of course, have been one of my mainstays of your show, Late Night with Stephen Colbert. But you, like everybody else, had to shut down. You did do like one or two episodes without an audience, right?


We did one on one episode without an audience in The Ed Sullivan because we were ready to do a show. And then the governors decided that no, no groups of 500 or more. And that's about what my audience but my staff is. Right. And then this week, we did three shows, three monologues, whatever you want to call them at my house. Yeah, we shot it was I try with an iPad and then emailed the files to my producers who filled in all the graphics and all the footage.




If you haven't seen them, by the way, everybody listening, you can find them there on YouTube on the late night with Stephen Colbert Channel. They're amazing. You did a one from your bathtub in a suit with bubble bath, one from your back deck. No, so really.


OK, well, why would you wear pants if you don't have to go to work? You're actually just speaking as a radio guy. You're living the dream and you and you film them yourself.


You just you you sleep, you set up your iPad and you like who else want to be in the bathroom with him? My wife operated the prompter. Could we have a little prompter program on the iPad? She would basically start the prompter program so I could start talking in the bathtub. My two sons operated the machine on the next couple of days. Well, it's nice to have an entirely alone, but, you know, that's not the usual situation.


You see, if you keep getting in the tub with no pants on like that. And wait a minute, wait a minute.


Alone, Paula, do you wear pants when you get into the bathroom?


I don't get into the bathtub. I shower fully clothed. It's just you know what, Peter, I. Stephen, can we go back to the prompter thing? Your wife has a prompter. Can you not spontaneously talk nicely to her? You have a prompter?


I listen, we're happily married for 25 years. I recommend giving your wife a prompt. The first line of every script is I'm sorry.


By the way, Steven, this is an important thing. I have to tell you, I was supposed to do your show at the end of April. I'm not going to be there.


Why? Because I am not going into that bathroom with you in the tub naked with no pants on. I'm not going to do it. We have I have one last question.


I just wanted to ask if there's, like, a joke you would like to tell since you're not doing your show.


I'll tell you one of my favorite joke. This is a joke that my daughter came up with when she was three. OK, go ahead. What does the dog say? Dog says Ruff. Ruff.


Exactly right. What is the classic moo? OK, says Ruff Ruff. Why does the cow say ruff, ruff? Stephen there's a dog in its mouth.


A round of applause for your daughter at the age of three of the week on this show, probably the Jones be reduced to telling our children jokes.


Well, Stephen Colbert, as we have said, we had another guest lined up. So we're just going to ask you the quiz. We came up for this person. We we can't say who it was. So I'm sorry, but you just get, I guess, here, the leftovers.


It's a game we're calling the speaker of the House. Yes. This was a great idea for our original guest. We're going to ask you three questions about sneakers of the house. That is burglars. Answer three. Questions about some notable robberies and you'll win our prize for one of our listeners, the voice of anyone they may choose on their voicemail. Bill, who is something of a straight yes, this quiz was for the person who was supposed to be here to.


You cannot reveal. Right? We were we just didn't want to embarrass this person by saying that they backed out on us.


I can't imagine what they had to do that was more important than my name rhymes my pants in the Locy. All right.


You're ready. Here we go. So, Bill, who is Stephen Colbert playing for? Carey King of Providence, Rhode Island.


All right. You ready to do this one myself? All right. First question. An Ohio man was arrested for trying to rob his own mother's house, but he explained to the police that he couldn't possibly be guilty of burglary. Why? A, because of stealing from your mom was illegal. Every baby who breastfed would be a criminal B because he tried to rob the house in the daytime and you can only commit burglary at night or C because he had a note allowing him to take whatever he wanted, signed my mom.


Those are all really good excuses. They are all they would all hold up in court.


I'll go a you're going to go with a stealing from your mom was illegal. Every baby who breastfed would be a criminal. I'm afraid it was B.. He said he was robbing a house in the daytime and that can't be burglary.


Hmm. All right. Next question.


You still have two chances, Stephen. A man trying to steal a refrigerator from a Washington home was arrested when he made what mistake? A, he didn't realize the car in the driveway was not his getaway driver, but was instead a police officer who had pulled in to turn around. But he forgot to unplug it. So he ended up tripping and it fell on top of him, pinning him down until the owner came home. See, he forgot to take 60 pounds of ice out of it, resulting in an immobilizing hernia.


The first one, the cop one. You're right, Stephen. That's exactly what happened.


He walked out with what was a small refrigerator, saw a car in the driveway, said, oh, my my ride's here, got in and the police officer said, hello. All right. Last question. Criminals were dumb even back in the olden days of 2009. How did the authorities track down burglar Jonathan Parker in Pennsylvania? A Well, he signed the guestbook they had put up by the front door. B, he had told his friends that if they needed him, he'd be over at this particular house robbing it or C before leaving the house he robbed.


He logged onto his Facebook account on the owner's computer and forgot to log out.


Oh, I would say, see, you're going to say C or the third one. I don't know. See the third one? Yes, that's exactly right, Steven. He logged on to Facebook because you just had to see his news feed.


Maybe is like he's like checking his status. Hey, I'm robbing somebody. And he left it online, so they caught him. Bill, how did Stephen Colbert do on our quiz? You know, Stephen, one, we don't let friends go away. Empty it. He won. He won. Congratulations, Steven.


A theater that I stayed in my family. I won the. Wait, wait, don't tell me. That's awesome.


Oh, finally, you got some applause this week. Here we are playing for a live crowd. After all, this is great.


This daughter of mine, I told Eurocorps joke on. Wait, wait, don't tell me she never would she like to tell that joke or any other joke on.


Wait, wait, don't tell me what anyone here like to tell a joke on. Wait, wait, don't tell me you have a joke at your fingertips. Now my wife is leaving the room.


She doesn't want to tell you she's going out to punctuate it. Yeah.


Stephen Colbert is the host of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and a dear friend of ours, Stephen Colbert. Thank you so much for joining us again on Wait, wait, don't tell me. Okay.


So my advice in your show, I will be listening. God bless you all. They say for everybody. We shall see.


You, too. Thanks, Steven. Thank you. When we come back, Bill helps you with things you don't need any help with, and Sarmin, Nasrat tries to figure out how to improve our taste.


We'll be back in a minute with more. Wait, wait, don't tell me from NPR. Support for this NPR podcast and the following message come from Pinna Pinna is the only audio streaming service for kids three to 12 with original podcasts, audio books and more all at free and screen free. Keep your kids engaged all summer long with entertaining and educational audio content the whole family can enjoy from comedy to sci fi and mystery to adventure. There's always something new to discover.


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Back in the day, as Netflix began to gain popularity, its rival, Blockbuster, was looking for an edge. At one point, the investors were asking for Blockbuster to sell jeans in the store.


Yeah, you just met in these like older investors being like, you know what the kids want? They want GM.


You get a Tom Cruise movie and some stonewashed jeans, the downfall of Blockbuster and the rise of Netflix.


Listen to it's been a minute from NPR. From NPR and Chicago, this is Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me the NPR News quiz. I'm Bill Kurtis and here is your host who pretends to travel the world by looking at old National Geographic's really, really close up. Peter Sagal.


Thank you, Bill. Well, it's a week off and we are enjoying some me time because you know what?


Me deserve it, especially when the me is me.


Exactly. Right now, Bill has been a mainstay during the pandemic, especially when it comes to making sure you know things you already know.


When leaving the home wear pants, they're a mask for your legs.


Remember to bring a form of payment with you to the grocery store. Those things are not yours yet.


When seeing an adorable baby, it's important to say hoochie coochie goo and not. Why is that person so, so small? Remember, babies are brand new people, not tiny adults. It's exciting to be with other people again.


But remember, the tollbooth guy does not want to spoon one more just to be safe. Do not go swimming in Pennsylvania. Thank you, Bill.


And remember everybody when encountering something unusual, when in doubt, don't lick it.


But can I just say about the toll booth operator, I thought the words easy pass meant he does not.


We're doing a lot of cooking at home these days, learning interesting and exotic new techniques for opening cans of Beefaroni, I like to do it the way Mom used to do it with a machete and a wild look in her eye to up our game a bit.


We checked in with Sameem Nasrat, the chef and cookbook author famous for Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat.


Thank you for having me. I'm so excited. Oh, we're very excited to have you. I was amazed to find this out. But you did not you were not one of those people who grew up cooking and wanting to be a chef or a cookbook person at all, right?


No, not at all. I grew up eating well. Yes. Well, that is good practice.


I always loved to eat, and that was definitely my entry into the kitchen.


Well, I do too, except I don't have a Netflix special about international cuisine.


So you as we know from watching your Netflix special, among other things, you have traveled the world to taste and learn about the finest cuisines around the globe. Now you're stuck in your house with the rest of us. How's it going?


I mean, I actually really like constraint, and I think it makes us more creative. Well, yesterday, I had two slices of bread with butter and honey for dinner.


Yeah, whatever you want. While I was running around the garden teasing my dog, like I didn't even sit down. One of the things I always assume about, like food celebrities like yourself is that when you entertain, you have to impress because it's like so many Nazarro, she's going to make an amazing meal for us.


But since you're eating by yourself, I presume, do you let that go and just, like, make all the crappy things that you've always, like, really wanted to make like homemade spaghetti O's or whatever it may be?


Well, I mean, I sort of burnt out on trying to impress people a long time ago. So one delicious thing I had last week was a box of Annie's white cheddar and shells, mac and cheese with frozen peas, which sit perfectly in the show. You know, they just like, wait a minute.


So, so, so. So you made any made box mac and cheese Ania's is basically, you know, it's yeah.


It's like it's Kraft that went to Harvard and and you made it and then you put in frozen peas like at the end, you know, they weren't sure when I was eating them, but they were going to the fattest thing and you were like Oh my God, the pea fits exactly into the little semicircular pasta thing.


And I put like this stuff called Chili Crisp, which is like a Sichuan chili oil that's super crispy and garlicky and yummy on top. So, I mean, it was you know, the whole thing took eight minutes, but it was so delicious. But I also would be really happy to serve that to anyone, except I also really like eating the whole thing myself.


So, hey, one of the things we noticed watching your show on Netflix is you have these amazing emotional reactions to food. You'll laugh or you'll almost cry.


Something so delicious is I assume that's how you really are. You're not putting that. Oh, yeah. I don't know how to act. I mean, terrible actor.


Do you do you react like that to anything else in real life?


Almost everything, actually. I feel like oh, my friend had a magician, like a really talented magician at his birthday party last year and we were all gathered around the dining room table. And I just I feel like I'm a magician's dream audience member because I'm so, so gullible and so emotive. So I'm like, what? What did you do?


Magicians? Are you making fun of me?


You know? But it's really my genuine, like, really, really my thing. I just have big responses to stuff. I'm not may not be the favorite person you want in the movie theater with you. Right. Keep that in mind.


Well, Semin Nasrat, since you're famous for salt, fat, acid, heat, we thought we'd ask you to play a game. We're calling Crosby Stills Nash acid in heat.


That's right. That's right. We're going to ask you three questions about Woodstock, the famous music festival. Answer two out of three questions. Right. You'll win our prize for one of our listeners, Bill.


Who is Semin Nasrat playing for Rose Wang Hatton of Florissant, Missouri. All right.


Ready to play by name and the best town name. And it is I really hope I don't let you down.


I just I should ask, how are you, like, playing games under pressure? Do you know I'm terrible.


Well, that should be fine. I don't know. I'm like, deep down incredibly competitive, but I don't want to come off as competitive, so I usually just fail at everything you're speaking.


I like that is a solution if you're worried about beating people.


All right. Here's your first question. Once the organizers signed the band Creedence Clearwater Revival for the festival, other big acts started signing up to. But Creedence ended up regretting their involvement in Woodstock. Why was it A They were the ones who tried out the famous brown acid.


B They were introduced from the stage as credential Clearasil revolution or C their performance slot was. Three a.m., si, si, si, you're exactly right. In addition to having to go on at three a.m., John Fogerty, the leader of the band, refused to let themselves be filmed for the movie, which is why nobody even remembers they were there. Oh, my.


I like that there was a band at Woodstock who didn't want to stay up late.


I thought that would be prime time. You'd think look free love and drugs.


But I got a thing in the morning.


So here is your next question. The band Iron Butterfly did not perform at Woodstock as they were stuck at LaGuardia. They sent a telegram requesting that the festival send helicopters to take them up and back. How did the production coordinator at Woodstock respond to them? Did he say send them tickets for a plane flight to Ontario and four parachutes so they could jump out on the way?


B he sent a telegram back where the first letters of each line spelled out F you or C, he called the band's manager from the stage, held out the phone and said, This is what a band who arrives on time sounds like.


Oh, I'm going to go with C again.


I'm going to see that he said this is what they wanted. That's what I wanted I want to do. It's often wise to go with what you want to be true in life and in this game. But in this case, it was in fact, B, he sent back a telegram.


That's why Iron Butterfly was at Woodstock.


All right. Were spared in regard to the veto and all this information from.


Oh, I there's a lot of oral histories of Woodstock out there. Nothing was a memorable event. And of course, if you actually if you can remember it, you weren't there. All right. Here is your last question.


If you get this, I mean, you win. So no worries. Here we go. Woodstock was a huge mass of people with insufficient security and facilities, but there wasn't any violence at all except for one incident.


What happened? A two people very high on LSD had a sword fight with imaginary swords, leading to the loser insisting he was dead for an entire day. Be Pete Townsend of the WHO hit Abbie Hoffman on the head with his guitar when Hoffman jumped on stage or c eight people fought over a single roll of toilet paper, leading to some serious paper cuts.


I really, again, want it to be a so I'm going to go with that.


You're just going to idea, like two people totally high on LSD having a sword fight and they wanna go stab them because I know I am slain for like a day. That's what you think happened. Well, okay, fine.


Okay, fine. Okay.


B, yes, it was B, Pete Townsend hit Abbie Hoffman over the head with his guitar. And as far as anybody knows, that was the only physical confrontation at Woodstock. Oh, my gosh. Wow.


Bill, how did Samin Nasrat do on our quiz? Two out of three. Right. I call that a delicious win.


Samin Nasrat is the author of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, and her new podcast is called Home Cooking Somy.


Nasrat, thank you so much for joining us on Wait, wait, don't tell me.


Thanks so much for having me, you guys. You're so fine.


Thank you, Gary. Care to take care. This message comes from NPR sponsor Simon and Schuster, publishers of the Buddhist on Death Row by David Sheff, the best selling author of Beautiful Boy. It explores the transformation of a death row inmate who has become an inspiring Buddhist practitioner behind bars. Available now. Finally, when we're sitting back reliving good times, one of the best times we constantly go back to was our 20th anniversary show. In the fall of 2013, we gathered all our panelists and a lot of our friends in the Chicago theater to celebrate lasting about 20 years longer than anybody expected.


Here's the grand finale of that show.


We've selected team captains. Congratulation to the panelists with the most ever losses in the history of the show. That would be Brian Babylon. Maz Jobrani and Paula Poundstone.


Yeah, thank you. All right. First up, Brian, it's your team, what is your team name? Brian. We are the Illuminati. All right, here we go.


Fill in the blank, Brian. On Thursday, the Pentagon announced it was sending 800 agents to the border and response to the blank the horde of immigrants that was walking to our nation like zombies.


Right, Roxann? On Monday, a Russian man was charged with conspiring to interfere with blank the elections right. Mo.


After being released from a prison in Kansas, a man celebrated his freedom by blanking in the parking lot after sorry I'm sorry.


After a man was released from the parking lot in Kansas, he celebrated his freedom. He was released from a prison. He was released from a prison. He was released from prison. And then he went to the parking lot. The rest of you can leave Mo and I will watch this. No, no, no, no, no. No, a man was released from prison. Of course he celebrated, but what did he do to celebrate in the parking lot?


He committed a crime and got arrested. He did. He stole a car. Negi. Beginning on Wednesday, the blank on again on Wednesday, the blank closed six hundred and eight points down, erasing the gains made in twenty eighteen. The Dow Jones. Yes, Tom Bodett. This week, a woman rushing to get to a meeting at a mall in China was delayed when she blanked.


I knew I was going to get this question. I knew it when she when this guy got out of prison and and he stole her car. No, she didn't make the meeting on time because she fell into the mall shark tank at feeding time. Now, a lot of you are probably asking, why the hell is there an open shark tank in the middle of a shopping mall? And really your first question should be, is that woman OK, you monsters?


No, she is fine. She swam around with the sharks, which were like, oh, my God, they deliver, but they didn't act on it. This was in China. This is in China. That's their version of the show Shark Tank. That's true. She fell in. There's a bunch of sharks. Mark Cuban Hoonah.


Bill, how did Brian steam the Illuminati do on our show? Well, they got four, right, for eight more points, and that puts them in the lead.


Wow. We need it, right? Next up is Maz Jobrani, a team what's your team name? Our team is Mount PERF, are otherwise known in French as More Park.


Find out. Here we go. Fill in the blank Mars. This week, President Recep Erdogan called on Saudi Arabia to let Turkey adjudicate the death of journalist Blank Khashoggi. Yes, Khashoggi Faith. On Sunday, thousands took to the streets in London to demand a new vote on blank Brexit. Right, Peter. This week, a GOP congressman in Illinois regretfully declined an invite to meet President Trump, saying blank. OK, sorry. There was a fish who rode a bicycle in a storm.


Is that. No, no. He said he'd already agreed to march in the sycamore a pumpkin fest parade. Roy, following a surprise third quarter profit, shares an electric car company blank jumped by almost 10 percent. I don't want to just say one word.


I mean, I've been watching the Tesla Tower. A waitress at a family restaurant ended her very first day in the job surrounded by police after she accidentally blanked. Fainted? No, she accidentally pressed the nine one one emergency call button. Three hundred and forty eight times more nervous on your first day at work. You do nervous things when you click a button or you reorganize the papers. And then she saw the small button near the registers has just started pressing it.


She kept pressing it throughout the day, never realizing every time she did it, she was calling the police, standing up surrounding the restaurant with guns drawn. In any event, residents of her town are happy to know that if they need the police, they only need to call nine one one three hundred forty eight times and they'll be right there and they will finally show up.


How did Mas's team Malpasse do on our show?


Three points, six more. That means they trailed Brian's team. All right. Now, the last team we got, we got this damn fourth dancers. All right. So this is Paula Poundstone leading the Danforth dancers. Bill, how many do does Paula's team need to win for the tie? Five to win. All right. For to tie five to win. Here we go.


Fill in the blank, Paula. On Monday, it was reported that the Trump administration was considering narrowing the legal definition of blank marriage.


No, in this case, gender. Amy, on Wednesday, a federal judge ordered election officials in blank to stop rejecting absentee ballots with mismatched signatures. Oh, the great state of Georgia. In fact, you're right, Adam Burketown in Florida has become the first U.S. city to use a fully autonomous school bus. They celebrated another milestone this week when they became the first U.S. city to blank.


I fully autonomous schoolchildren know the first town to have the federal government tell them to stop using the fully autonomous school bus. That's crazy. Luke Burbank. This week, Colorado broke one billion dollars in legal blank cells, generating two hundred million in tax revenue. Is there a shark tank involved? No marijuana.


Oh, that was my second guess, I'm sure. And Adam Felber, the wedding of Taylor and Kern Leemon was announced The New York Post this week, along with the headline Blank Couple of falls into Shark Tank.


No, I married my best friend's dad and now I'm her step mom. Yeah.


Despite a 25 year age difference and the awkwardness of asking your best friend to call you mom, Taylor says the two make a great couple, noting they like the same music and are both old souls.


Mr. Kern is also physically old Bill de Paul. His team do well enough to win. No, they did get one right. Won it. Brian. Brian, dance team. That's it for our summer nostalgia show, Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me is a production of NPR and Beezy Chicago in association with Urgent Haircut Productions, Doug Berman, Benevolent Overlord, BJ Leiderman composed our theme.


Our program is produced by Jennifer Mills, Miles, Darren Bass and Lillian King, winner winner Peter Ginner.


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We're going to make it through the rest the same way. I'm Peter Sagal. Stay safe.


Stay healthy. We'll see him next week. This is NPR. This message comes from NPR sponsor Simon and Schuster, publishers of the Buddhist on Death Row by David Sheff, the best selling author of Beautiful Boy. It explores the transformation of a death row inmate who has become an inspiring Buddhist practitioner behind bars. Available now.