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My name is Tim Donaghy, and on July 28, 2008, I was sentenced to federal prison for betting on games I refereed.


In 2007, the NBA's worst nightmare came true, Tim Donaghy is a convicted felon. He's admitted that he's betting on games. That's all that matters, is that he was cheating on me, making it to IBM's Tim Donaghy outside official made the call.


There is clear evidence that, in fact, Donaghy was fixing the games. I'm a writer and a journalist. And in 2012, I wrote an article in defense of Tim Donaghy.


The whole strategy of the NBA was Tim is a rogue referee who did bad, we think we have here a rogue, isolated criminal. It's the worst scandal ever. He had to be the scapegoat. Looking back at that article, I see now what I could have never dreamed of seeing then, namely the stakes, the main moneys, the TV money. We're talking about billions and billions of dollars. This is big business. And the question is, is it being acted out fairly?


I 100 percent believe that they can program the outcome of a game who they select as the referee. All of our lives were in danger. We were worried about getting killed at one point. This is a story about one rogue ref, according to Tim Donaghy, it wasn't him, those fixing games, it was the NBA. You know, the NBA game is more of a form of entertainment. Once I got to understand that I was better suited to be a ref in the NBA coming August.


Twenty seventh from tenderfoot TV.


This is whistle blower. There are rumors that you had two NBA referees on your payroll fixing games and that neither one of those referees was Tim Donaghy. Is that true? Correct.