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What's so let's give a welcome back to the World as good podcast today we are going to recap 20/20. What a year it's been. We're not going to recap the year as far as all the things that happen in 2020, because, you know, we'll be here forever.


We're going to recap the best pieces of advice that we've gotten. Look, I'll say this. We've gotten so much good advice. And to be honest, I could go through every single person's podcast. And actually that was the plan at first. But that would take me way too long because we got so much good advice. So I'm going to go through some of my favorites. And so today you were in for a treat because you were just going to get some gold in your ears.


And I just think that these things are worth repeating. And so let's go through.


We started out the year strong with my grandma, too, mama, who brought the house down and actually loved her piece of advice, and I'll be honest with you up front with you guys, I pretty much chose like four people from my family as our favorite adviser. That might be because I've heard them say it, because it's truly impacted me. So bear with me. But I think it's pretty good to mama. That's what I call her. She said this.


If you can't change the situation, change your attitude. A slam that was so good. Christian and I talked about that the other day because he was in a situation he did not want to be in and he was so frustrated and he was in that situation. And I was like, babe, the situation is not changing at the moment, you know? And so you have a choice. You can stay in this and you can have that attitude or you can change your attitude.


And we had this talk about how is hard in those moments to shift your attitude because you're frustrated at a situation, but it's always worth it. If you can just walk away, take a minute, reframe your mind to say, like, I don't know, I'm grateful for being here for whatever reason, guys, show me the joy in this moment always changes things for the better. So I love that piece of advice from too. Mama, we're going to go straight to the next week and January, Miles.


Fidel, who's actually Christian's college pastor in Auburn, Alabama church. I thought his advice was so good this way. He said he said the best thing you can do during this season of your life is find your own voice. You need to figure out what uniquely makes you you and unleash that. And I was so good. If you see the sign behind me literally says Live Original. And I thought that was so cool. That is what we're saying when we say live original, it's like find out what makes you uniquely you.


God put something inside of you that reflects his image. Wherever that is. The world needs to see that. We want to see that. So I don't know what he put in. You may be as different than anybody else in the world has, especially your voice. I mean, your voice is different than the voice anywhere else in the world has. So use it, unleash it, let the world see it, because you're going to make the world a better place by simply being you, because God put something in you that is good.


Even God called good. I think about that sometimes that literally God was like creating the universe. And he's making something as extraordinary as the sun. Right. And he says, this is good. And then he makes something as extraordinary as the stars. And he said, these are good. Then you make something as extraordinary as the ocean. He says, this is good. And then he made somebody like me and he said, that is very, very good.


When he made me, he made man. And I think that is so cool to think about. When you look around at creation, it's easy to to say, wow, God, that that's the coolest thing. You made that so good. It's a little bit harder. Look at herself and say that because we see our own flaws, I encourage you look at yourself today and say, like, God, you made me good. I want to bring out the good that you put in me.


I love that advice from Miles moving on along. So back in March, my dad, Willie Robertson himself said something I love. He said, give more than you take. And he said that covers every aspect of your life.


So I love that because I think a lot of times we can become like consumer minded and we just want to like, take, take, take, take, take. We want to get, get you get. But it's so important that we give more than we take. And I've seen that model for my dad. You know, he easily gets a lot. He's a successful man. He he gets gifts, he gets things. But I'm telling you, even though he gets a lot, he gives more.


He gives so much. He gives his time. He goes out and he works. He cooks every night for our family. And then he gives generously to he gives his finances to different places. I need it. And I just think that's so important, you know, to look at somebody's life and say, man, that's so cool that they literally give more than they're taking. That's great advice. Next, we're going on to Jenny Allen. I love Jenny's advice.


She said her husband says, sister Jenny, don't be the fancy version of yourself. Just be you know, she's so good again. It just amazing to live original. And I had this moment last year at Passion. I was so nervous to go speak. I was like, oh, gosh, how are you going to do this?


How I. How am I going do this? How am I going to get out there and do this moment? And I turn around and Kristen came standing there and I said, hey, like service, what do I do? Like how do I how do you prepare for this moment? How do I step into this? And she said, say, just be you. She was like, God, does it annoy another version of you? He annoys you.


And I thought that was so good because it's so tempting for us to want to be a fancier version of ourself or be a better version.


And in the sense of not trying to be like, oh, I want to be a better version of it, being like somebody that we're not are looking at somebody and say, I'm going to kind of act like them in. Because it seems to be working for them or whatever that looks like, and it's like, you know what like that's not who got crazy to be like don't try to be that person, just simply be you. Because the truth is, like, you're never going to be a better version of that person and that person is going to be because that's who they are.


I try to be the best version of who you are. Just be don't try to be anybody else.


I love that. Such good advice. Moving along.


Back in May. This one is so good, Mike and Natalie Todd, we're talking about relationships and they're talking about like sex before marriage and stuff. And Mike and Natalie said this moments of pleasure that are outside of God's will will produce years of rebuilding and now so real.


They were so vulnerable that their own story and how they had moments where it was like they just desired pleasure so much and they would go through with that desire. And then that took years of them rebuilding what was outside of God's will. And I just thought that was such good advice for us. Whether you're single or dating or even your married, you know that sometimes it does take years to rebuild, but it's worth rebuilding to make something that God created to be beautiful and pure make that beautiful and pure.


I thought that was such good that there were such good advice. That was incredible.


I remember one time John Piper said that he said the essence of good and evil is not, you know, breaking the law or doing the Lord's not doing the right thing or doing the wrong thing. He said the essence of good and evil is just like the essence of good is desiring God over everything else. Dozens of evil is putting something else in the place of your desire for God. So he talks about Eve with the apple and he says, like how Eve?


It wasn't that.


It was just evil that she just broke the wall. She just just didn't do what God said to do. That wasn't like the essence of the essence while she was saying this Apple is more desirable to me than my relationship with God. And it's always stuck out to me because I think sometimes we can get in such a thing of like what's right and what's wrong, and then it's hard to do what's right and what's wrong just because we know that's wrong.


We're not to do it. And that's right. It's a lot easier when we say, you know what, I'm not going to do that, not because I don't want to do it.


I'm not going to do that because I desire God's will over my own area. And Chris and I were dating. That's something we had to repeatedly say over ourselves. You know, we're not going to go there because we desire to see God's will. And so when you create a desire that's so deep in your heart, so deep in your life for God, it's a lot easier to do the right thing because it's not out of punishment or it's not out of guilt or it's not a shame.


It's not a true desire of who you love and that that's God. So it's a lot easier to deny your flesh, say yes, God, deny your own will and step into the will of God. So I've learned and I think that that is a critical thing to shift in your thinking. Things could be a lot easier for how to choose right from wrong.


All right. Next up in May, also, we had Bella Robb on the bike as well as Sister Bella Robertson. And I love her piece of advice that I took something from this that I want all young people to hear. So she said this. It's a Holy Spirit job to convict, God's job to judge. And it's only our job to love.


Dash Billy Graham. What I loved about it is that Bella, who was 17 at a time that she did this podcast, was quoting Billy Graham. You see, I think that's brilliant. You know, at 17, at 23, where I'm at, wherever you're at, you know, sometimes, like we have to say, like it's good and it's worthy and it's valuable. But at the same time, we have so much to learn. And when we humble ourselves and have a teachable spirit and say, you know what, I'm going to learn from the greats, I'm going to look at Billy Graham and I'm going to learn from him and how he did this, I'm going to look at whoever is dot, dot, dot that you see that inspires you.


I'm actually going to take what they say and put it in my heart. And so that's how Bella has the wisdom to say something like it is the Holy Spirit Shard to convict. It is God's job to judge, and it is our job to love because Bella is listening to wise counsel, maybe not wise counsel. She's a no. Billy Graham is not in her life, but wise counsel from afar. And we have the ability and the blessing to do that with YouTube, with everything, Spotify, Twitter, Instagram, you name it.


You have like wise counsel everywhere. But as Christine Cain did say and one of our podcasts, not all information is wisdom.


So you definitely have to discern. But I love that. And I think Bella's off to a great start knowing that, hey, it's not her job to convict people. That's Holy Spirit. Josh, you need to shame people. She doesn't need to judge people. That's Gujjar. That does. Obey the laws, you have to get caught in that judgmental spirit, she's going to love people because ultimately that's what Jesus taught us to do. Love your neighbor as yourself.


So I love it. That was so good. Moving along in June, we had John Luke and Mary Kay on the podcast. And John Lewis is something that I thought was so great. It was such a fun piece of advice. And like so John Lut to say this. He said, if you have to eat a frog, best to do it in the morning. If you have to eat two frogs, best to do them one after another.


Dash Mark Twain, which again, I think is so cool, Jean-Luc was saying, like, Gelug is learning from people older than him. He's learning from somebody that inspires him that he looks up to. And ultimately, that's kind of the whole that's good pikas is about it's about seeing somebody that we're inspired by and saying, hey, what inspired you? Seeing somebody that influenced us and say, what influenced you?


And we hear these pieces of advice your life and we see it played out and everything that they do. And I think that that is so cool. And so now we're seeing that played out. And even the advice these people give, hey, is that you might see that I do a lot of hard things in the morning. I wake up and I get my job done. And if I have too hard things to do it right after another, how do I do that?


Generally, you'd ask how do you how do you do that? Well, he listen to Mark Twain.


If you ever did a frog do it best in the morning, if you ready to do them one after another, that that was so good. All right. Next in July, we had Lauren Dego, which is such a good buy gas. Oh, my gosh. She just brought it.


She's such a genuine soul, such a sweet spirit. She said this true freedom is giving people the permission to misunderstand you.


Offense is taken not given who is so good because being misunderstood is so hard. It's so hard to be misunderstood. It's so frustrating. You want justice, you want to make it right. You want people to know the true you, how you really are, what you mean by the end of the day. Like we just don't get that. Sometimes not everybody's got to understand it's not everybody is actually going to want to understand us. People are actually sad.


They're going to want to judge you. They're going to want to stay jealous at you. They're going to want to stay mad at you. She said. If you can get to the point of your life, when you allow people the permission to misunderstand you, you will reach the most freedom you'll ever experience, because then at that point, you can just freely love, you can just freely be yourself.


You can just freely walk into the purpose God has for you. Not worrying about if people are going to misunderstand you because you already know that they are.


And I thought that was so good. I love how she then follows that out with offense is taken. It's not given. You know, that offense is ours for the taking. You know, you hear people say, you know, a gift from God is yours, for the taking is the same way with the fence. It's yours for the taking. Are you going to choose to stay offended or are you going to kind of deny that offense somebody throws at you?


Brilliant. I love it. Next one moving right along, we're going to go to September, we had Max Lakita and I loved his advice was so simple for such a brilliant man, he said succeed at home first. But that is so good, because the thing is, I think sometimes whenever you get successful in life or just really with anything, you can have a job. It could be the simplest job or the most extraordinary job. I think success in any manner, you tend to get very focused on the job.


You start to work really hard and you start to kind of lose focus of the things that are really most important to you. And so your priority shifts from your family to your workspace to the people that work with you. And that's really a dangerous place to be, because really, if you're not winning at home, you're really not winning anywhere. If you're not resting at home, you're not resting anywhere. If you're happy at home, you probably don't be anywhere.


And so a lot is advice. And I've found that to be true in my own life.


If I'm succeeding at home first, then the overflow of what's coming from my home is actually making me more successful, not just in a worldly standpoint, but in a spiritual standpoint, because I had peace. I am driven, I know I'm loved. I'm walking out the door knowing that my husband loves me. I love him. We're at a good place.


And so I thought that was crucial. So good. A little more recently, we talked to Carry a job in November and her advice was brilliant. She said comparison will always still remember the creativity and the calling on your own life. Brilliant. So good comparison. We always say it's a thief of joy, but a thief of many things is a thief of your creativity as a thief of your calling on your life. And we kind of talked about this earlier.


But when you start looking at other people's life and wanting to be them, so you're never going to be a better version of them than them, be you, you're always going to follow up less than somebody else trying to be them, but you're going to be more than enough being who you are. And so I would encourage that all day long to not look to the left or the right, be like a racehorse, put on your blinders and just run the race that God has for you.


That's the most important thing that you could do. So don't compare yourself to others. I know it's easier said than done, but it's so crucial that you stop that pattern, you might say. So how do you do that? How do you stop comparing yourself to other people? And I think you mentally have to change your mind. It says in Romans don't conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.


And I love that verse.


But there are some key words in that verse I think that we don't always think about.


It's that there's a pattern of your mind.


We can't conform to the pattern of the world. We can't conform to this pattern. And so the pattern of the world seems to be comparing yourself to other people and looking at the left and the right, not feeling like you're good, not being insecure, being anxious also seems to be a part of this world. So we're not to conform to that, but we have to transform our mind. And so I think in that moment, transforming, how do you transform?


You have to work to transform something like there is a big production that goes on to transform something. And I remember when I was trying to get out the comparison zone and that jealousy's I would literally have to stop the pattern of might say, you know what, I'm not going to think that that anymore. I'm going to thank you, God, for how you created that person. I'm going to thank you for how you created me. And God, I pray you would help me celebrate that person and not compare myself to that person, champion what they're doing.


And God help me to do what you call me to do. And so I think it's those prayers, those moments of stopping and actually shifting to a new to a new pattern in your mind. So crucial.


Lastly, yeah, we had Christine Cain on and she brought it and her advice is similar to Lauren's.


And I love how so many of these interweave with each other. She said this make the decision right at the beginning that you will never be offended and you will never take offense. If you can be offended, you will be offended. Oh, true. If you can, you will. If you're going to take it, you're going to be offended. Just let them make the decision right now. Make it today. I'm not going to be offended.


What to say. Both of those say all these things about. I think we kind of doubled up on comparison. We doubled up our offense, we doubled up on being yourself whenever I was reading this this advice.


And I think the reason I really want to stress is and reread the issue is because these are really important things. It's really important to be confident in who God created you to be. It's actually really important to not compare yourself to somebody else. It's actually really, really important to not take offense because all of those things are stealing from the opportunity and the calling that God has in your life.


You know, I actually believe every single one of you have. A purpose, and I believe every single one of you was made an image of God and made to be a good creation, and I believe that for you. And so I hope that you take this advice to your heart and you actually just go out and you're influenced by it.


I hope that one day somebody ask you, what's the best piece of advice you've ever been given and maybe even say one of these and you here get a well as good, but you're 22 and he's been a great year. Thanks for. Yeah, it's been a hard year. It's been a great year on the pike. It's been a hard year in life. And I recognize that. And I see that. I know we've had the coronaviruses taken so many lives and taken so much time from people and taken jobs from people.


And it's been hard. And I know we've had racial tension, which I know Nate is talking about, and so such a good podcast as well. And it's hard.


And we look at that and and it hurts and we're trying to be better and we're growing. But every time you grow, there's stretching involved and that can that can hurt. So I know we've had a hard year. So many other things that have happened. There's been hurricanes, there's been fires and all this stuff. But I really do hope that this podcast can bring a glimpse of hope in this time.


I hope that what it does is it encourages you to be a better person in this time, because there are a lot of things that we can't change. Back to it. To Momma said we can't change our situation, but we can't change your attitude. Maybe we can't change some of these big problems that we can change who are going to be in the midst of these big problems. And so, guys, I want us to go out and be better people from one of the best piece of advice I've ever gotten from my great grandma.


Mama Jo, you're not kind because other people are kind of you, your kind, because you are a kind person. Go out and be who you truly are. And I think that will shift the world.


Don't forget that Pat in 2020 is also coming up. We're so excited actually, Pat, in 2020 one, even though it's in 2020, we already have passed in 2020 back in the Mercedes Benz Stadium, which was insane. But this one is going to be just as good, even though it's virtual because God is not confined to walls.


His presence and his spirit can go anywhere that the people are. Because you guys at a church in South Park, don't forget to go get your take a pass in 2021. Dotcom, join us. It's going to be so exciting. Actually, several people I just talked about from the podcast will be there at Carajo will be there. Christine will be there. Louis will be there. I'll be there. So many fun people. But the most important thing is that you are there.


So go get your ticket passion. Twenty, twenty one dotcom way to stick with us this year. Well that's good fan. We love you guys and we will be back in January with new people, new advice and we're going to walk into twenty, twenty one stronger than we believe in. Twenty twenty. Love you guys.