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Go to daily harvest dotcom and enter promo code wild to get twenty five dollars off your first box. That's promo code wild for twenty five dollars off your first box at Daily Harvest Dotcom. Daily Harvest Dotcom. Who would win in a fight? Oh, OK, you, yeah, or Kirsten. Oh. Are you ready? Yeah, let's go. Shit, I have no idea what's going on. Welcome back. No, no, no, no.


Welcome for the first time. OK, you know, we've been honest with the audience. Yeah, we've been honest. Yeah. But it's bothered me. There was a problem from my perspective, the last twenty five episodes. OK. Problem was, I kept serving all the time on my life. OK, and a lot of tea to serve. So more to serve. Sir, suckering unsent. But what I noticed was that you had been served as much tea as I have, I just don't think I have as many skeletons in the closet.


I believe that you don't think that you have as many skeletons in the closet that actually that's part of the reason why today's happening.


I don't know what the episodes title is yet, but I've self-titled today's episode as hotseat. OK, so welcome back to Wild Till Nine. Welcome to the hotseat. In case you're wondering, I'm not in the hot seat this week.


I'm fucking stressed. You are also. I have forced Jeremy to make this somewhat of a truth or drink drinks that I do have an out. It's like 2:00 p.m. on a Sunday and I would rather not have to take a shot of tequila today. At this moment currently in present time. I don't want you to take a single shot. I mean, that's the goal. I mean, this Don Julio is not even open, and I would like to keep it that way.


Shout out to Lisa Marie for the the merge package with the Don Julio show.


Shout out baby matko seven. Up close. Very close. So cute. She was Mack Baby eleven.


Oh fuck with a Mack Baby McRobbie 007 which is Bethany Mota, right.


Yes, yes, yes, yes. Not to be confused. Yes I did not mean to steal a baby.


Oh nine continue. So welcome back everybody. I am. I spent the last week thinking about a fun little activity that I could handle all by myself that didn't require Lauren's input or creative thought process and most importantly, her firewall to her. My secrets to her secrets.


Right. Jimmy's been scheming the entire last week and a half, I'd say last ten days has been scheming. And like every moment of the day, every time he walks into the room, he'll be like, Oh. I can't wait. I can't wait. And it's been making me on edge and I basically have the nerves because of this video.


She canceled recording yesterday. Yeah, because of how nervous she is. Yeah.


Well, I was having a sad girl moment last night and I was like, this is not the vibes about this.


Wonderful. So here's what we did. So, you know, everyone's heard of the truth of drinks and those are fun because fans could just make questions and kind of like answer this thing that we finally heard a little bit about. And that's fun that that is a fun activity. But we've kind of already done that and everyone's already seen that.


I thought to myself, how can we take that concept and just ratcheted up a level?


And I realized, why don't I crowdsource questions from people that would ask a question that only someone who is actually close to learn and knew the dirt would know to ask.


I also am so intrigued by this because Jeremy has 20 questions, and I think it's bold to say that I have 20 friends and I'm very confused. I think a little concerned if he asked someone that I like secretly have a little bit of beef with.


And I'm concerned that Lauren said that we have 20 questions when you only hear 18 of them, which I went out of my way to find a way so that we could not have to take them out. You'll know that we are doing midsummer. So we start with 20 questions.


That's a fun game for our listeners to see how many questions actually make it into the end of the race and real ones. Go ahead and count how many we had. And not only that, she might not drink for one hour, but she did drink for one. It didn't even make the cut.


So, you know, it's bad. You know, it's bad. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think you could honestly, I think you're going to be fair. I've overhyped this. I've made it scarier than it needs to be because I want you to go. Oh, OK. Well, that's embarrassing.


But like when Jeremy has bad news of any kind, he'll he'll he'll warm you up with, like, the worst case scenario that is ten times worse than what he's actually about to say to tee it up so that you're actually excited about his bad news to two important things.


Remember, it's say their first name and say you got bad news, Lauren, I have bad news. No one thinks anything.


Besides, all of the family members are dead when someone says that, right. Ever text so sales one to one.


Let's move on to, uh, let's move on to hotseat. Also, I feel like there should be an ongoing segment for, ah, like TBD. Guess that. Come on, we put them in the hot seat.


Absolutely. I love this. So it's like hot ones but without like the pain in your mouth, just like pain in your heart.


It's like hot ones. Whatever brand wants to sponsor us for the thing we'll make them do. Right. Don Julio, we looking at you right now, this episode.


Where do you find the bills? I don't find, but it's too expensive. Don's a little expensive. It's out of reach. Yeah, he is expensive. Yeah.


I'd love to be there. I'm truly Aleesha sponsored this Don Julio bottle. I would never go out of my way to buy.


We're not crushin like goes oh no, no, no, no, no. This was a gift so.


I'm going to I'm going to admit they start off softballs and they get harder. OK, great. Warming up, warming up. And I'll say this. If you're trying to have an internal battle yourself and not drinking more than three times and answering them all, yeah, do not not have a shot left for the last question.


Jesus Christ.


Oh, so like all I'm saying is, OK, you've got to you've got to between one in nineteen, OK. And then 20. Yeah.


Well maybe they'll only be 19 questions and divorces too far. That didn't even make it in the video. And then I actually broke up halfway through my record.


OK, so the way it's going to work is I'm going to read the question and the way it worked is the last I text people on Wednesday and Thursday, it was like, hey, I don't need a favor. I want you to ask me a question and I'm going to ask Lauren that only you would know to ask her.


And she has to one answer the question honestly and then to guess which one of her friends asked that question. And so I'm going to read the question card, OK? You're going to write down who you think it is. Oh, OK. OK, I have a ready utensil. I'll grab one. OK, at the end, you're going to double check and see if you disagree with any of them.


When I can rearrange my answer. Exactly. I just don't think I have twenty friend. You want up to this. OK, Lauren, you ready. OK. Any guesses for how many of these you're going to get.


Correct. Well, are they all about my myself? Oh, not the stories the post. Oh, set a goal for yourself. Oh God, I don't know, maybe 10. I have really, really bad memory. It's really bad.


I think going to be better 12. OK, yeah. All right. I love that. A couple. The ones that are easy. OK, you ready?


Yeah. All right. Question number one. And so some of these are very much like a yes or no, true or false or some are like talk about this OK kind of thing, OK. Jesus Christ, I hate this. OK, well, the question number one, true or false.


OK, lay-up softball. Have you ever responded to someone you were doing business with in a professional setting with a B right back pupping. Yeah, true. OK, who do you think would have asked that decision, right? She's got your manager.


My manager? Yeah, 100 percent.


We've been we've been working together for seven years now, a long time and seven years in digital Hollywood world is forever. That's got like five countries. Yeah. OK, yeah. OK, so do you keep that. I feel confident about this one. OK, yeah. OK. Um oh this is this one. This one hits ok isn't it. I probably should about this later but here are ok.


You name one friend that just by continuing to be friends with, could have hurt your brand, but you continue to stay friends with and help to become a better person.


OK, well, hang on.


OK, we're good again. Oh, my God, it's me, one friend. OK, just by being friends with could have hurt your brand of hurt my brand. But you continue to be friends with that person and made a better person.


I made them a better person. Yes. Is the person asking the person who I made a better person. Yes.


Oh. OK, we've made it this far without any scandals, because there's two ways to answer this question. Hang on, hang tight and OK, great, perfect, amazing.


Oh, oh, oh oh. Fuzzy, fuzzy, fuzzy pussyfooted. Fuzzy floozie usif yeah. Youssouf Yes. Fouzi Do you think that's what it is. Yeah. OK, Fouzi been through some scandals, OK, and so you think that Fouzi is bad for your brand? Not right now he isn't, but he's been bad for your brand. Um could have been. Could have been. I thank you. OK, actually feel good about that one too.


I love this game.


Oh my God. The worst part is though is that like if the answer to this is not fuzzy then it's like so fucking offensive to Fouzi. There's no Fouzia this. Enough is enough, not it? No, it's a good guess, it's a good guess. Oh, God, this is more savage.


OK, this is a two parter. Well, question three an hour or question the third question we asked in a row. We'll see how we edited together. Have you ever been on a date with someone? Yeah, a guy. Just to find out he had a girlfriend. And you might have actually just been a former. True. Do so far that person on Instagram, true, oh, so it wasn't a date, though. It was on the day, as we talking about, because it wasn't a date, it wasn't a date, so I.


I don't remember that time that I kept serving the team about all these things like, you know, doing horse tranquilizers, so. And she said, I don't really have any stories. Oh, my God, it's so funny.


Yeah, not wasn't a date, wasn't a date, but was newly single and had gone out. And I was like, oh shit, this guy is cute. And then the way that we interacted that night was like very flirty. And I was like, oh shit.


And he was flirty. Yeah. OK. And then I found out like later the next day that he had a girlfriend and I was like, oh Jesus, what the hell. And he invited me to lunch with another mutual friend. And I don't want to give more details, but the mutual friend, because then it'll start piecing things together for people, but so the three of us hung out. And then when was that? Oh, I don't know, um, between you and my ex.


Right, right, right. So and and you still follow that person on Instagram? Yeah.


Like a homeless follow, though, Joe. Good to know. All right.


That person is not stressed because I feel like I need to unfollow them now. Who do you think? Why would you don't follow that person? This is Launa for sure. This is this is Lana. What are our dear friend loving your different llona, OK. Actually. No, I, I still feel good about Lahner. Yeah, OK, I can't. My God rearranges at the end.


I know it's like oh oh oh.


No shade, no tea, all right. I think it's no shade. Wow, has your friend's makeup ever looked so bad or busted?


But you didn't say anything because you didn't want to hurt their feelings.


Who whose makeup? Yeah. So has that ever happened, and if it has, who? The person who I immediately think of, I don't think would so OK, we hang on, so the person who ask this question, it was their makeup that was busted or this individual is really asking, have you ever had a friend?


His makeup was busted, and you don't want to say anything because you want their feelings. OK, let me let me think about it. Let me think about it. Oh, my God, I'm so uncomfortable. OK, I think that I may be drinking to this one because I don't see the thing. Is it like I don't know if that person ever came to the realization that their makeup wasn't that good.


And as someone whose makeup is so mediocre, I am in no place to call out anyone's lack or their or whatever makeup skills. I'm going to drink. Sounds like a drink. Yeah, I'm going to drink to this one. Oh, shit. Yeah, I just I, I, um, I almost don't even want to I don't even want to make a guess on who asked the question because I think it'll help piece things together and whose makeup I think is was busted.


You have to know you have to get rid of that. Oh no, no, no. If I take the shot I get to omit that part.


Oh, that's sad. All right, fine. Well, you know what? Maybe at the end of the on the answers. Yeah, OK. Also, it is 2:00 p.m. I'm taking a little mini baby just to warm it up. Or do we not even have a chaser up here, God damn, you get the water right there. That's that's not a. Uh, not particularly. Well, cheers to you, I'd like a pineapple juice.


You give me a pepper. We don't have one. I can't believe you're killing the shot already, I'm stressed. Well, that one is almost more shady than I know because it's not even like yeah, there's no right or wrong answer. There's just wrong ones. There's just wrong ones. And also, like, I don't know if that person knew their makeup was busted at the time and I'm in no place to judge. Smooth, I mean, that is really fucking smooth, actually.


I didn't even need the Dr Pepper. I mean, it's a small mortgage for a house, for a bottle, but yeah. How's the lip gloss? Are we still on? OK, so we'll put this over here in the. I didn't answer. I didn't answer. Wow. Oh, God. Here I am drinking tequila at. You know, it's not even two p.m., it's 150, have you offered up this information a little bit more freely on previous episodes?


We wouldn't have had to do this.


There's the person that I'm thinking of is makeup that's busted, is not someone who I think was self aware that there maybe it was a little busted. OK, yeah. OK, all right. Proceed. I know, but everybody else.


I'm having fun. Yeah. Are you.


Yeah I really I wish I had my Apple Watch on to measure my heart rate right now because I think I'm, I'm, I'm on the brink of.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Maybe a little faster. Speed it up. Yeah. Thank you.


Like a 13 year old boy in his house after everyone goes to bed. OK, all right. Give me that.


Have you ever been set up with someone younger?


Fucking Jesus Christ. I know how much younger. Oh, how much younger. And what did you think it was going to. We know the answer is yes, the answer is yes, yeah, two years younger. I got conflicting information. Oh, shit, maybe it might just be my bad memory. What did you get, three years? One year, four years. Four years younger, give us a story. I don't think that's correct.


OK, I think it was I firmly believe it's two years, but it might have been three years. OK, so how how old were you?


I would have been twenty one. Hang on. How old am I now?


I'm 27. No, I would have no older than that. Hang on. When did I graduate? I would have been 22 when I graduated. So I think I would have been twenty. I would've been twenty two. Twenty three. Twenty two.


OK, twenty two point two. Yeah I would have been 19 or eighteen. He would have been nineteen. OK. Oh wait. No, no, no, no. He would've been twenty. It was two years. Three years. I don't know 19 or 20. It was nineteen. Wasn't nineteen. OK, give me the fucking card.


It's Danny and this guy. Do it. I'm both a message. All my fucking friends out this for dragging me out like this. Can you give us a little bit of what happened, because I got more information here. Yeah, yeah. So what happened? Did anyone go out of their way? Was there what kind of date?


We don't know. She just you just set us up. What was and what happened? What went on?


Nothing. Oh, no.


We we saw podcast's or people, you know, the world really fucked up. Yes. We just make light of some you know, my life is a little fucked up right now. OK, no, she set us up and I was like, yeah, he's cute. And, uh, yeah, we went on some dates, hooked up a few times. And you know what the best part is, is that we were actually both using each other as a distraction from the people that we both liked.


Got it. Yeah. OK, I want to thank you for your benefit. Don't regret. Great. Oh, you're fucked. I'm fucked. I'm glad that. Yeah I already.


How many cards. Dinner we are. We're only five cards in. Oh my God. If you could punch any influencer in the face. Who would it be? Who would it be if I could find any influencer in the face while the amount of influence that just came to mind is like shocking?


Little or maybe not? If there's one influencer, I could punch in the face. OK, lots of people come to mind, but no one that I'd want to voice publicly without facing the backlash. So I'm trying to strategically think of someone that would. Be down to punch. Mm hmm.


What the honestly, the amount of people that came to mind that I would enjoy punching in the face was like alarmingly a lot.


We'll get to one of those that I think's on your on your list. And if five questions now. Really?


Yeah. Huh. Interesting. OK, who do I want to punch in the face. I want to punch in the face. I like to point out that your friends have never been so excited to participate in anything I've asked them in my entire life.


Yeah, my friends really just got to be honest, I, I probably pulled about 30 people and like five people just like, oh, I don't know or like I can't think of anything in there. People didn't respond because they're often famous. Right. And another 20 were like I got one actually got four or five. Is this one taken. Oh my God. Really. Sometimes I was like, oh that's actually that one's already taken like, oh, OK.


Oh my goodness. Well, I cannot wait to see the spreadsheet of who asked what after this.


Um hmm. OK, so I want to state a name but I would like the floor to come up but immediately after. OK, your world just living in it, right, OK, because of the podcast that I was just listening to and the kind of phenomenon that's been built around the boxing ring monetization industry lately. Tana Moja was like, let me get in the ring for a million dollars, like if you're in on it together, you can just punch each other in the face and split the money 50 50.


Oh, OK. I thought you were like you were mad at Tanne.


Oh, no, not at all. And I are super friendly. We've always been friendly and I think Tanno would be very down to go 50 50 with me in the ring for the monetization.


And you guys could do an only fans cover after I'd get in a fucking bikini and punch anybody on the face for a million dollars.


Absolutely can't, baby. Let's go call me girl has been fucking since episode one of this podcast.


And I'm really. I've never been I have nothing else is great. So did you ask that question? I actually am not sure.


I feel like this one is like a little vague. Like, I don't think there's could be anybody. Could be anybody. Yeah. And when when you find out you go, yeah, makes sense. But like it would be difficult to leave it as a I'm going to put a question mark on this because I really don't know. OK, got it. Also you have the cutest little chicken scratch writing in the entire world. I am getting so tired towards the end.




Oh fuck. Oh. Lauren Jeremy. Is three days too soon to sleep with someone after a breakup? Absolutely the fuck not. Care to elaborate? Yeah, I think when you leave a relationship that you have just mentally put yourself through the ringer for like that, you ready to fuck? You ready to get back out there? Who would have asked that question, huh? I'm actually not sure it's interesting that they chose the word or the number three, it's as if, you know, because there's there's two and one.


There's four and five. There's nine. There's two. But they chose a specific number.


You know, I would say there's a there's a decently sized handful of my friends, though, that know that that happens. So, like, I'm not there's not just like one specific person. I know that. It's just a it's weird that there was a are you going to confirm or deny that I slept with someone three days after my breakup?


Oh, I don't need to confirm or deny it. I'm aware of it.


Oh, great. We'll just leave it at that. This is this I don't know. This could be a handful of people.


There's not one specific person that only knows this question. I'm about a question mark on this.


Oh, this is is an easy one. OK, yes. A lay up.


Thank God. Yeah, I Springfield God. Tell us the importance. Of those pink lights in your bedroom. Oh, that's sexy time and how spoke sexy? Oh, well, it's both to me personally.


Like when I visualize it, it'd be CSI. That's what it's in the Phillips. Yep. Yeah. Exactly how I spelled it.


Oh yeah. Yeah. So we put the pink Philipps you lights on when we have them and we have quite a sprite. We have a light setting to set the mood. Sexy time mother, who would have asked that question? There's a handful of people that know this as well. So I, um. Hmm. You know what? There's one friend specifically, though, that, like loves this, loves this like, uh, characteristic about us, though.


And I can't I can't put my finger on it. Might be Rummy or Mia or Tife. Honestly, I'm not sure. OK, I'm going to put a question mark on this one, too, OK?


I think an alarming amount of people know about the pink lights is that we're not actually, you know, for for as small a circle as we keep. Yeah. We're not all that secretive. Well, that's really not. Not at all. Yeah. Not remembering what are we overbearing? No, I don't think so. Do you think overbearing people, everything. They're overbearing. Probably not. I want to go ahead just for the shop for this.


All right. Now. Oh my God. I think I need to get a pineapple juice. Actually, this is fine. It is. It is pretty good. Yeah. I mean, the fine. Good, but. There's a little baby shower, I'm stressed, see, that shot is a baby. OK, that's fine. Camera, go ahead and just zoom in. What boyfriend? Did your mom not like at all? Oh, my God, just the fucking spoiler is my mom asking the question, was it my mom that asked this question?


I need to know, please. It's not a yes or no. Please, please, please, please. I need to know desperately. Did Gail ask this question? I'm not at liberty to discuss her, OK, which boyfriend did your mom not like at all? OK, so my mom has never hated a boyfriend. Let me be very clear.


That's not what it says right now.


But I want to clarify, because your information here is wrong, that it didn't say which boyfriend did your mother hate? Which one did she just not like?


Right. But at all DataDot is misleading because there were elements of that person that she.


Oh, so there's a story. There's a story. There's a fucking podcast.


Jeremy, you've reminded me six times. So, no, there was there was a boyfriend that my mom was not compatible with and didn't think that I was compatible with. And my mom has always been very like Back-Seat when I'm in a relationship because I would say most relationships that didn't work out. She told me afterwards that she was like, yeah, this is when I saw this, like, falling apart. And I was like, this isn't going to last.


Like, this is not right. But she would she would always, like, keep a back seat and like not influence how I would look at the relationship, which is very respectable. Like, I very much appreciate that because I feel like every bitch needs to figure that out for themselves.


Yeah, no, it was it was Alex. It was Alex. My mom and my mom and I were not compatible, just very different people who had different ideas about life and they were not compatible whatsoever. I'm shocked you answer that question. You know what, though? You know what, though, just to give a little more information on this, I saw both sides, right. I being in the middle of it, I did understand both sides of why there why there was clashing of heads here, why there was butting of heads.


I understand where both sides were coming from 95 percent of the time. OK, and not to this is my my podcast to defend you on.


This is my podcast to one.


That means that I would I would go out as far to say that the majority of my adolescence and early adult life, I wouldn't expect to be liked or even remotely respected by your mom either. Right.


Where I like had you and I dated when you were 21, I would I certainly wouldn't expect to be liked and respected by her because of my actions, not her. Right. And I would have I would go so far to say that I would be embarrassed to have her know me during that stage of my life and compared to now.


Right. That's a good answer. As an answer. Yeah. That was your that was my last student who didn't like who asked this question. That's tough. I almost feel like as my mom, my mom would do me like that. I think for the sake of the podcast entertainment, she understands the value of a good.


OK, so I'm glad that shot still there. Oh, thank God.


You know what? I need to I'm I only if I only have two left unanswered. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. So we're almost the halfway point. I feel good about having two shots off, especially if the end at the last question is for sure, not going to either be answered on the pond. We're going to cut it completely or take a shot towards it.


Are you ready? Yeah. What's the company you think is doing? Creator's the dirtiest right now.


Oh. Like I said, these are getting harder. You should not have taken a shot already. Why don't I always make a point? No, I still I still feel confident that that's not a question that I want to answer publicly. What's the company you think is doing is the dirtiest right now fucking shit?


I mean, are they doing me a little dirty right now? So I'm going to go ahead and not. It's in this question.


That's fair. That's fair. I'm trying to think of who would ask this.


Are you going to take your shot? Yeah, I am. OK, I also want to put down a name here. Let me say, I think it's cocoons. OK. That's a good guess. Yeah, that is a good guess, is it is it accurate? I can't wait to find out. Actually, don't answer that. I wasn't going to. Oh my God. The rest of the day after this is a wash, it's a wash, look, I hope you don't expect me to cook dinner for us tonight.


We are using a food delivery app that I wish, which is this podcast, because we we are your number one customers.


Oh, all right. That was a little less enjoyable that time. Has a little night. I got to I remember I sprinkled in a few layups for you.


I think we're halfway at the halfway point. Fuck. On a Friday night in high school.


OK, were you more likely to go out drinking or stay in and play cod zombies?


This is fucking tat. I know exactly who asked this question. I would say there's a period in my life for both where both where we're able to happen.


And I really stayed in and watched a lot of Friday night lights and played a lot of cod and shot down a lot of zombies. Give me that card. That's tat. What's up, tat?


Oh, my God.


Oh. Are you ready? I think we should slow down the speed of the questions. I'm concerned about the frequency of the shots, the alcohol consumption at a 2:00 p.m. right now.


Like I like I feel like after you after you eat dinner, it's like you got three meals of carb loading in you to, like, protect your stomach. And so I would just love to, like, just keep chatting a little more.


My favorite part is for people that that watch this right when it comes out on their way to work at like 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning, they're going to be listening to me getting fucked up at 2:00 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon.


Yeah, no, maybe not. No, no. Who would win in a fight? Oh, OK. You. Yeah. Or Kirsten.


Oh. For those who don't know, Kurson is my ex girlfriend, fiance, a little last relationship. Here's the thing is that I think you're in focus.


Yeah, I actually don't feel confidently about either either option one, because I don't know her whatsoever.


I don't know her fitness levels are at I think she's shorter than me. She is shorter than you are. How many inches? She's five of three. She's OK. Well, it's only two inches different.


I did box for a year and a half, so I think that I would have a leg up in that area. But I think she's like a little scrappier than I am. She's definitely tougher than you are.


Yeah, that's insane. Like, I think if I were to get punched in the face once, I would be really, like, not trying to get punched in the face again. But I'm like a pretty athletic individual. And I think that I would be faster and more skilled in the actual fighting. But that's not to say that, like, she would rip my weave out, like, I don't know.


I want to know who the fuck asked this question, because I will be messaging him after. So you called ten out to fight?


Yeah, but you don't want to fight back and say, I just don't think that that's that's productive for anyone. I don't think it'd be as profitable either. I don't like to be as profitable. I think some fans would love to watch. Don't get me wrong, a very I think a finite amount of people are excited about it. I think you'd get more mass appeal tonight. Yeah, I think so, too. Also, Tina and I both like bikini's, like I obviously don't have as many assets to show off as Canada's, but I think that the profitability there is much higher and I'm in it for the revenue.


OK, got it. Yeah. And I think Tana's should talking promo leading up to the event would be phenomenal. I agree. Yeah, I agree. Who the fuck asked this.


So you, you did you answer the question or. I think we both have a fair fight in it. OK, like I think, I think if people were to put money on it they would go fifty fifty. OK, got it. Who the fuck asked this question. What do you think. I really don't know. I really don't know. Question mark. Yeah. OK, so. All right. This year, I'm refocusing on what it means to take care of myself, and it could not be easier with daily harvest, they've been one thing that makes me feel better about myself.


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You'll get ten percent off in the order of two hundred dollars and more. That's purple dot com slash wild ten promo code wild ten for ten percent of any order of two hundred or more terms apply. I already my face is starting to feel warm. I got to lay up for you. OK, I think this is going to the old old school Lordi. Our fans are going to appreciate this one. OK, what is the most important part of a stuffy wow is a really well rounded range of questions.


The most important part is the fact they have no neck. This is a tri guys question. I think this is that OK? And I don't mean to cause any controversy, yeah, that's not the answer that I was given. Oh, what's the most important part of a stuffy. Yeah. I'm not going to answer it. I'll tell you afterwards, but that's not the answer that I was given. Really? Yeah. Huh.


So here's here's the backstory to this, is that, like, I love pledges that have no neck. So it's just like one large body that has like flippers, arms, pods, whatever, and then a face on it. And this preference of mine was controversial in the tri. Guys make it so a stuffed animal, because I, I was a judge and I chose Neds chicken noodle plushy who had no neck, and Zach made a really fucking scary little doll thing called Ugly Keith.


And I think he's a little resentful that I didn't vote for his stuffed animal in the video. There's more history to this question than I anticipated.


OK, so it wasn't that. Got it. Got it. All right. You ready? Yeah.


And pay very close attention to the way that this question is worded, because it is very much in a state now that I feel like my my is my chest getting pink? No, I think that I sometimes get a little bit of Asian glow, but it's mostly here. Wasn't will color it later. OK. OK, but we I mean your color. Right.


How was. Air quotes Touraine Angel for the first time. Which is a fun fact, ladies and gentlemen, because we're all about to hear about this story for the first time.


Oh, my fucking God, you know, do you know this story?


You know this story. Walk me through how I know the story. I told you the story before. So the person that I was with that was trying, the person I was hooking up with that was trying to convince me to do anal.


I'm going to mark this to the podcast that my parents cannot listen to as of right now.


But it was the tip of the bursting closed captions. This is Lord DIY Craft Girl, DIY queen. She's the one speaking right now. Go ahead. Right, right, right. You're right. I want to be very clear. There has not been a penis near my butthole ever, OK? And I want to be very clear about that because I personally. It's not for me. It's not for me. Once again, you're your friend said how was trying.


Yeah. Yeah. So the guy that I was hooking up with was trying to convince me to do anal. God, it's like every dude, every little thing. It's like could be anyone that I've hooked up with. And they were like, come on. Like it's not that bad, it's not that bad. Like, look, you can you can put a finger up my butt and to show you that it's not that bad. I do remember the story.


Yes, yeah, yeah. This is not something you forget. And I was like, oh I mean, OK. And so I put a finger up his butt. And this is completely like the best part of this scenario. And the story is that it was in a very nonsexual way, like it was broad daylight. And I was like, OK. And so then I put a finger up his butt and I was like, OK, I it's in your butt.


He was like, OK, your turn. And I was like, I can't I can't do it. I can't do this. And so the day ended its finger to butthole before.


Well, like technically yes. But it was like it like entered and then I was like, I'm good on this. And then that was the end of it.


I also am not entirely sure who asked that question. I'm not confident whatsoever. I'm going to question mark relying on Dyle, sir. A trying so I can. We have worked towards the end one four. I think you've you've you've pace yourself well, OK. Good, good, good, good. Good to know. Good to know. Holy shit. Yeah. This is the worst podcast episode we've ever recorded and it's still the best podcast. Just do not let this flop, ladies and gentlemen.


OK. All right. Wild ones.


Yeah. Do you ever secretly, even secretly believe that having an HBO show makes you a little better than most people on YouTube? No, not at all. Here's the thing, though, is that I will say that it looks good on paper, it looks good on paper, and it looks good as like a title to be like, oh, I was host and executive producer of an HBO Mac show.


I think that looks good. But like I think in a YouTube sense, I have the most severe imposter syndrome than any like compared to any other YouTube like of the people who might be like quote unquote, my success level. Sure, I feel like I am so much more below all of them.


I will confirm all that. I'm constantly telling you to leverage just how amazing you are. Right.


Right. And I haven't done it and think that I'm a worthless piece of shit. So false, true or false. Do you ever hear it's a no, it's a OK. And you didn't ask that question.


Um hmm. I'm actually not sure. I mean, it's public information that I have an HBO show, so, like, I genuinely don't know.


Sure. OK, well, there's really only been a couple questions that, like, I confidently was like, oh, this is I know exactly who this is. Yeah.


You know, we slow down the pace.


This one this one's going to hurt because this is where we'll find out, OK? If you had to tell Jeremy the truth about his taste in dogs. What would you say if I had to tell you the truth about your taste in dogs? That's what your friend with the information that they have, uh, thinks it's important that you answer. Oh, I think you just want something woofy like Wolf, like. Hmm, I don't know what they were trying to get out like, I'm not sure what, like level of dirt they were trying to get at, but I think that you, like, very like Majestic, like Sturdee, Wolf, like breeds like we always share photos of like Dobermans and Huskies and German shepherds and like the more like eloquent looking dogs.


And I like the Derby dogs back to the no neck thing, back to the no neck thing.


And like, I love like Sherpa's and I love stuffies. I love pit bulls and I love bull. A bull terriers looking obviously like a moose, like very king of derp.


But I don't know if they're trying to get up there. OK. Hmm. I didn't know either. Yeah, interesting. Who do you think would have asked that question?


I have no idea. OK, I have no idea. It's a lot of question marks over here. Oh, my God, I. And it's the last one that's. OK, you ready? I, I hate knowing that I technically have no more shots left, right. But you have one, but I have one, but technically I don't, you know what I mean?


Like, it's like a it's like a I can talk about the time.


A photo shoot ended, not how you thought it would. Talk about a photo shoot that thought that it wouldn't end like I thought it would. Talk about the time a photo shoot ended, not the way you thought it would.


No, I can say it. I met a photographer. And when I was single and, um, he after we shot, he texted me to get me the photos, right.


And I was like, you know what, fuck it, I'm newly single. This guy is cute. I'm a human shot. And I successfully shot my shot. Shot your shot? Yeah, we thought is what I'm going to say. Yeah, but it wasn't that night was actually the next day, so like it was it was within a 48 hour window.


Oh, no, no, no. Was it within a 48 hour window? No, it was we yeah. Was it was within a 48 hour window. Wait, is that right. Might have been three or four days. I can't remember anyways. We meant I got his number through him texting me the photos and then I continued on the conversation with the intent. Of hooking up, of course, of course, yeah, and it was successful.


Who would have to ask that question, all my closest friends know about this, I'm not entirely sure. OK, yeah. Wow. I really don't have any secrets with all my friends. You know what I feel, though? As if it's much less stressful that all of my closest friends know all my secrets, because then, like, if you say you knew something and Remy didn't and Maya had asked the question, let me be like, why the fuck didn't you tell me that?


You don't I mean, like, it's problematic queen and unproblematic non secret keeping queen.


What was the real reason you didn't last long on escape the night season two? Oh, what was the real reason? Oh, I had asked you to go to the next day. Yeah, I was killed off. I was killed off who have asked that question, I think, Daniel. Wait, hang on, hang on, hang on. I want to talk about this. Yes, so I. And this was the most like one of the most like overworked moments of my life, I feel like.


So I escaped the night shoots overnight. And so I think I got there like 5:00 p.m. You shoot throughout the night. I left at 4:00 a.m. after I had died in episode two, I think it was. And then I went home, slept for an hour and a half, got ready to be at a shoot for six thirty, and then shot that entire day for like a Brandell campaign. But but even though it was like strategic to kill me off because I had to be somewhere else, they were so nice in accommodating me so that I could still be a part of the show because I really wanted to be there.


But then when we were doing the actual challenge, like I couldn't actually fucking figure it out, like the there was like a lock keypad that we were supposed to be like figuring out this, like, math equation. And I was like, oh, my God. Like, I'm actually stupid. Like, I can't figure this out. So then I really did die. Like there was no acting on that part, like I really did die, OK?


Yeah. He's been served.


He's been served. That's kind of son Daniel. You mentioned never wanting to have a relationship that was public after your breath, your last breakup.


What happened to that brother?


Bro, I'm trying to think of all my friends would say, fucking bro. I'm I'm really not sure. Um. I think here's here's here's the reality is that I think there's a very big difference between having a relationship that is publicly showcased in a daily vlog, because I think that creates a false narrative, whether being intentional or not about it. I think it creates a narrative that everything is picture perfect because I mean, we've talked about before, it just naturally happens when you're showcasing, showcasing, like the best moments, the cutest moments, the funniest moments.


And it creates this illusion of a perfect relationship which isn't healthy for a the audience to, like, build this construct that like a perfect relationship exists. Right. And then it's also unhealthy for the couple because like you're fighting off camera, you're having a normal relationship off camera. And so I made a vow to myself that I would never do that again. But I think there's a difference between that and having like if we were to break up tomorrow, I would never regret doing the podcast.


I think the conversations that we have are not only productive for our relationship and to, like, learn more about each other, but it's also productive for other people to, like, normalize, like fighting in relationships, being open about sex and mental health. And I think what we're doing here together is something that's much more positive and productive. And I would still feel good about if we broke up tomorrow.


Wow. Ladies and gentlemen, that is the motherfucking tea, I have nothing to add value to that. That was phenomenal. Yeah, and I think also, too, like even like you popping in for 10 seconds in a 15 minute vlog once a week is like you are naturally a part of my life. So it would be more weird to exclude you from that. You don't have to create a narrative that didn't include me would be fabricated.


All right. Which is fake. So it's like I think, you know, like all my journey of having this long channel and being more authentic and just like no filter if you walk through the shot, I'm not going to pretend that you don't exist. Right. And so we're just not we're just not doing what I had done in the past. OK, and there it is.


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Oh, my God. Thank God. Oh, my God. I'm also still concerned that I've taken like three even. I just like I'm not a shot. I haven't taken shots since the last truth or drink video. And that knocked me out for about two hours in like the middle of the evening. Right. Well, I've good news for you, OK?


Yeah. What is it? I asked this person on Wednesday, OK, the response Thursday got a response or no, I asked him Thursday, Friday, I didn't really get response. Then again and again and again. And this is what they came up with. OK. As the president asked the question for Lauren, the same promise to give everybody, OK, their response, OK, let me take a moment to think. OK, wait, no, sorry, a bit just way too high right now.


Oh, OK, this is OK. One day later, this is me. I can't think of anything. Fuck, that's the logical question. That's it. Oh, my God.


I can't think of anything. OK, so let me see. This is either MIA or aren't you glad I set you up for it?


So you answer more questions?


Yeah, no, you're right, because I saved that last shot. You know what, though? I don't know if there would have been one in there that I wouldn't have answered had I not known.


No know. Oh, my God. OK, I think this is Mia.


Does the weight tie him up just the way that she said? I'm going to guess for everyone.


I think a bitch a I think a bit just too high right now. I think this is MIA. OK, I have no changes. No changes. No changes. No. You don't want any guesses for the ones you put question marks on. OK, let me see.


Hang on. Hang on. Standby please stand.


OK. The foods you want to think feel like is wrong, Scott, phishers, that's for sure, right, Lorna? Um, I think that's also right, Danny, that's for sure. Right.


If you could punch any influence in the face, who would it be? This feels like something that Tife might ask. Sheila.


Scrapie. Maybe because I didn't narrow down one that had Remy on it either, OK, Mia, you never want to be in the public eye relationship again. I don't I don't know who the fuck is that?


Uh, Daniel escaped, and I feel I feel confident about that. Talk about the time a photo shoot ended. Not how you thought it would. I don't know who that is either. OK, if you had to tell Jeremy the truth about. Do you secretly believe he gave you? Oh, you know what, maybe Zach for this one, too. We were just talking about something similar. I'm a Remy down for the triangle for the first time.


You know, one that's probably the one I wouldn't have answered. I know that I had an extra shot. OK, the rest, I don't know.


The rest I don't know. Yeah, I read the question. The answer not to if you right or not. OK. Will you tell me the person who asked the question? Yeah, OK. Because they're all on my lap right now and they're not in order. OK, is three days too soon to sleep with someone after a breakup?


Who the fuck asked that, JP? Wow. I'm surprised he actually remembers that. Huh, motherfucker, J.P., you know you know your friends waiting for that. OK. Next, what is the most important part of a study, your mom and she what does she say?


She said the nose oh, you know, once the nose, because I had this stuffed animal who had a velvet nose and I rubbed all the velvet off as a child because I was so obsessed with, like, rubbing their nose. I think that's probably actually a sign of early OCD that I did not diagnose and she had to go back up on her.


Her second question that I almost used was OK, and was it was too. There's too many options for it. Wait, hang on.


But this means that she didn't ask who my mom didn't like as a as a boyfriend. That's funny. OK, go ahead.


The next one was name a time that your parents said no and you were or you were inevitably thankful for it and she named. Oh, is there anything that comes to mind? Said no, huh? My parents didn't really say no that all right, well, also because, like, I never like if I want to dye my hair purple when I was like in grade five, she OK, let's do it semipermanent. And then we'd still do it.


Right. Right. Right, right. Oh, no. What was for example, I guess there was some time that everyone wanted to stay at a hotel somewhere. Oh my God, that's disgusting. It was so sad. She was like, I she's going to hate this. And so, like, what, you up? And it turned out to be a good thing. Yeah.


Oh, my God. Niagara Falls has some, like, real seedy hotels. And like, you can rent a hotel room to, like, have a party. And this is wow. This seems like so foreign because like covid now. But like you would rent a hotel room to have a party and some people would like crash and stay over. And I want to stay over, obviously, because, like, my boyfriend was there at the time and I was like, it will be so fun trying to get it in and we'll know because it was like one hotel room.


It was more just like stay the night and. Yeah, no, no, no.


I didn't really know his friend that well. No, yeah. He was like yeah but I want to know. Same. Same.


Yeah. Totally, totally. Yeah she's totally right. And then I came home and was so grateful to see my own bed that did not have bedbugs in it. Yeah. OK. OK. Yeah she's right. OK. I love when they're starting to fall apart already. Who the fuck asked if I wanted to fight Kirsten or not? Go, fucking go. I knew it, I knew it was said that was on my side. That's Jeremy's best friend.


So I'll give it back to Ryan as a buddy of mine that I used to live. And we used to live in the same complex where there was one of the guys were like I met him at the same time, was with my ex. And they were are we went we traveled with them. We flew to Asia with them. We were very close friends. He and his he and his wife and me and my ex and and he went four years.


And it's one of those where, like, it's too close a relationship for people to pick sides. At the end of it, it's too close because the two of you met him at the same time. It's like he's he's both of your friends, right?


Exactly. Yeah. I mean, the first that's fine. Anyway, point is, he always is stirring the pot with that shit. Oh, that's funny.


I was thinking, like, this is not someone on my side. Yeah. This makes so much sense. My buddy Eddie can go up OK on a Friday night with the cod and the zombies, that's for sure. Yeah, that's tat. So I got this one.


This is my first one. That was right. Oh, my God, I think it is, yeah, OK. Wow, yikes. OK, I said you were going to get 12 out of 20. My God is wrong.


Yeah. Jesus Christ. What's the company you think is doing? Critter's the dirtiest right now is this cocoon. That cocoon. I knew it. I knew it. I knew it. I knew it because I text him every time I need to vent about this company. And that's so L'Oréal OK. Oh yes. That I was like, oh, I love like the most obscure questions, but the ones that I took a drink to like the make up one.


And who's the company that's doing the dirtiest.


And it's over here in case you wanted to. Oh, yeah, I do want to give that one. Yes, OK, um, uh, yes. So who of your friend's makeup ever looked a little busted, but you didn't say anything to hurt their feelings? Do you have a yes or no? It was a Remi. No. Oh, who was it. Oh was it right. Oh, Manny.


Oh, that makes more sense. I wonder if he actually had someone in mind on because he's a makeup guru. Yeah. Huh.


Manny OK, Manny, I can see you. That was funny. I see you. I don't even think he knows the person I was thinking about.


She wasn't. But he. Yeah, yeah. But it's funny, regardless, stirring the pot bit, you made me drink. I know.


I know. What's funny is I actually I texted James Charles first. Yeah. I don't have a new number only. Oh oh oh. I was like this is a perfect this is a perfect question that could have come from either of them right away because they're experts.


OK, ok. Who the fuck. James Watson. Do no God. Oh I have it. Do you. I'll give you after you give it to me now that that'll make this go away higher.


Who the fuck asked who my mom didn't like. The only person that's on payroll who Kate, oh, my God, my assistant. Oh, my God, that's so funny.


Kate, who's been there through thick and thin, she really knows everything about it. She was here before you were here. I know. She predates me. Yeah. Oh, my God. That's so funny.


Stirring the pot. Oh, my God. It was good. OK, um, tell us the most important. Oh, no. What? And to be fair, she was one of the ones that was like talk about the time you were single and you went back to Toronto where everyone actually went to hear about that. I don't want to hear about that. It's so funny.


Well, that was what was the most like not like standing things, but I did that. I did. But like, I was like, I know what I want and I'm going to make it happen. And it's happening now. Like there was intent there. OK, who part of you. Thank you so much. Who has what? The importance of the pink lights in our bedroom tiff. Oh, oh.


You know is a tiff that always jokes about the good stuff. Yeah. I say there's someone who thinks this is really funny and always, wow, I'm getting none of these. OK, who was how I was trying anal for the first time. Your stylist, Brandon.


Brandon. Oh my God.


Oh that's so funny. Yeah, he definitely knows. That's right. OK, Brandon motherfucker. Next career is everything. Brandon is everything.


Even if I haven't told him something Brandon knows, like I'm scared of the gossip that Brandon has heard about me. That's not even true. Right. But like he I'm sure he knows. Oh yeah, he knows. Everything OK.


Um, do you ever secretly. Oh, the HBO show one Zach Cornfeld. Oh that's so funny. That was my second guess for Zach. Zach, we just had a similar conversation. There's this app called Clubhouse where it's like entrepreneurs and business and people and shit that like Lauren is fucking this is a club. It just feels it feels like a podcast that's more productive because you can choose the topic you're listening to. And there's actual experts.


What do you mean? Mm hmm. I mean, OK, well, sometimes there's like a not, but for example, like I was in a room that had Mr B's and Logan Paul talking about You Tube stuff, but like you just named two of the biggest names in the world, like that's not the case.


Like where has that where else has that happened? Where they're like they're conversing and you can you can listen. And also, like I was on stage as well as to speak and like, again, imposter syndrome, like, I do not deserve to be in that room. You do. But OK, well, in person says, no, I don't deserve that. But like, it's so annoying anyway.


Anyway, below the age of 30, who has multiple businesses that are making millions of dollars a year, there are multiple platforms that are begging, vying and putting massive dollars amount just to get your attention because they know that you're a businesswoman that shows up and made a great product. That's something to be very, very proud of.


You're making me uncomfortable. You should be very proud of everything. I am.


I am I am proud somehow done all of that and remained humble. Insecure is what you meant, right? No, but so anyway, so Zach and I were talking about how, like, when you have to write your own profile description, you kind of have to be a douche bag and like, listen to some of your accomplishments. And that's like hard to do for some people. And we're like, yeah, it feels fucking douchy, but it like sucks that people won't give you the time of day unless you have some, like, credibility.


And it's very there's someone who, like everyone has to fucking redo the resume to get a new job every day. So it's like three or four years. I'm over here rewriting the book on what I did. I feel duche here and the the more names you throw around, right? But at the same time, it's like, well, how do you say that? You did deals with members of the conglomerate, guys in Asia, in Abu Dhabi and all these places?


It's like you said, douchy, but that's the only way people can be like, oh, well, he's kind some stuff, right?


Yeah, totally. No, no. It's something that I think is necessary. But it just like it feels a little douchy at the masturbatory mascotry. Yeah. You never you mentioned never wanting to have a relationship that was public.


What happened now, Bror? Here the think I'm trying to think I feel like if Guap hadn't been said already, Guap is my only friend.


I feel like that, says brother. She doesn't remember back to that point. Yeah. Yeah. Huh.


Well, maybe not one of the best animator's in the world. Susie. Susie.


Oh, God. So, like, I know I don't I don't want to serve this tea. I don't want to be there. I wouldn't be the qadi. I don't want to be the year. I would be very clear. But I'm about to show you what it feels like. Fucking Susie.


God, I love you so much, OK? Yeah. Well, he says a lot too. That makes more sense. Yeah. Yeah, ok. OK, if you had to tell Jeremy the truth about all the dogs, who was this? Kelsi Dara Kalsi.


We did have a conversation where I was like, Jeremy doesn't Jeremy doesn't like the meatheads because Kelsey Deira and I love Meathead Meatball Bryk of a dog. Right, like a Staffy pit bull bull terrier type breed. And Jeremy doesn't vibe with that as much as we do.


Have you see me with Moose? He is a meatball for sure. For sure. But like when I'm on Instagram, on the Explorer page, my Explorer page is just me, Bulldog's and your Explorer page is like elegant, regal, husky.


And your page was filled with people that you went on your dates with and filed for two years.


OK, well, I felt personal and it was personal and so I got to go. Oh shit, that's funny. Yeah, that makes sense. That lines up ok. OK, the photos you want. Who has that. Who. The motherfucker that asked that question. The very first person that I asked a question for really.


Remi Cruz.


I mean bitch I'm amache you should do this on pretty basic and I'ma hang you up dry bitch. OK, what was the real reason you didn't last long on Escape the night season two? Daniel. Daniel, I knew it, OK. Oh my God. That's my third one. That's right. OK. Oh I feel comfortable this one. You ever been with someone younger. How much younger. The Danny. Danny.


I knew it. I knew it. I knew were definitely a little bit different. And also apparently she took a Megabus at some point to like, to like make sure things broke like she did to some ridiculous inconvenience for herself to make sure this thing happened, huh?




I can't piece together text her about it. Yeah. My my picture about wow I, I can't wait to text all these bitches about these questions. Um, OK, let me take a moment to think a bit. Just too high right now. One day later. I don't think of anything. Is that Miah. That's me. I know it. I was so disappointed, you know, it's so funny because like me and knows me, the best out of anyone hurts me.


What the fuck? But, like, she knows me so well, that is probably overwhelming to choose something. Yeah. You know what I mean. Yeah, that's me. A hundred percent me. OK, well ok. OK that's that's five. Correct. OK, um. Oh OK. Who's the, who's the problematic friend that would have been like uh who could have hurt my brand. But I made them a better person fuzzing because I knew it.


I knew it. I knew I didn't have to act on this. Oh my God. That was a fucking oh.


Oscar award winning performance. Babe, you did a great job just selling. Yeah, well, you know what I have found I have been through a lot and we've stuck by each other through thick and thin. You know, sometimes he needs sometimes our friendship has been very dynamic for the last, I don't know, six or seven years. We were friends for forever. And I feel like we come and go from each other's lives, but we've definitely stuck together.


I can tell you someone that needs more tough love than hundred percent is like tertiary friend percent are giving him. Yeah. And you it sounds like you've been someone that has not um. I don't, I don't feel there should.


I was fouzi if I think he needs to hear something right. I know that he can handle it and he knows that I will tell him too. It's like what's great about what you've done is that I think he would agree that you've known that he could handle it at times, but I think he wouldn't even admit that he could handle it and that maybe really wise maybe.


Maybe Hollowell Fouzi love. Yeah that's funny. OK, I've been on a date with a dude just to find out he had a girlfriend. Azlan All right, that's not a lot.


I know it's funny. What's funny about the second part of that question. Yeah. I really like I went to look at it. I was like, wait, I was a student and I looked at Instagram and I saw your cell phone. I was like, wow, I'm attack this thing on my back. I was like, it's like that bitch. Oh, my God, that's I'm going to make it funny.


Well, like, I klodt farmer. That's so funny. It I don't think he had any bad intentions because I also just heard afterwards, like later on, that he's just like a flirty dude and people like we're like, oh, I don't know if his girlfriend knows that he like kind of has this air to him and maybe he's just like a charismatic guy because we talked about I think last episode that, like, sometimes you used to come off as more flirty than you intended, but it was out of good intentions.




And was there any. Physical touch involved. He definitely held my hand like a tiger. All right. Yeah, OK, OK. But I just wanna say, when that happened, I didn't know we had a girlfriend. Right.


But you said you didn't know we had any intention, so I guess that doesn't line up OK. Well, you know, just trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. OK, here we go. If you could punch any influence the face, would it be his ATIS?


No, we are active. That's where we don't use the lights. Who is this?


Got me choreographing for the stars. I love it and, you know, that's more violent than I would think that would kill you. It's so funny. It's so funny. He was funny. OK, true or false? Have you ever respond to someone you were doing business with? Movie Itzkoff is Scott Fisher.


I texted him like on Thursday, like, I have a very important role for you. And he goes, oh my God, I can't wait. Oh my God. Actually, his immediate response was to get Lauren off clubhouse. It's like you're like, OK, let's see how many I got.




So, OK, one. Oh, wait. No, no, no. This is the call when I didn't get this right. OK, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Yikes. Yikes. Yikes. Well, that was like that was I'm sweating like I feel like I need to go.


Either reapplied yet or maybe just take a full on body shower because I am. This was. If you had to choose, do you want Trilla, Showtime, HBO, Sports, ESPN, who do you want to promote the boxing match? The antenna? Oh or maybe it's the first boxing match and only.


Yeah, maybe. I love that we hang on going by the make up question we knew. And then who was the other one. Didn't answer. OK, right.


Right. OK, just kidding. And so a couple of people that, that I asked that like the ghost you. Well I won't say who goes to me.


That's ok. OK, let me see the list after. Take a look at what the fuck.


Um Manrique. I couldn't come up with anything Wong just forgot, ok. I love his ideas. A great what he got. Yeah. Silence Jimmy.


Yeah. He's newly engaged. They just bought a house. All right. You guys should do Garrett from suite boys didn't I. Oh he's so nice. Actually, I texted like Garrett. This is Jeremy, better known as bio's boyfriend. I did just steal your number out of her phone. Apologies in advance for the invasion of privacy across the board, because he's the only one I didn't know, like I know you guys are close enough that I was like, oh, Gary and I are like new friends because of, like, the circumstances of covid.


Like, we haven't really been able to like physically, but we've been talking frequently. Right. So he he didn't have one for you. He's like, I can't do justice. No, no, he's he's too nice. And also, like, our friendship has not gone into the area where, like, he knows the titty right of my past.


I only had James old number, OK, and. Oh and the the guy that was all my accounts at work, sky. Oh yeah. You purposefully said because he asked me he's like, oh this is funny. He sent me a few examples of what people are asking and I sent a couple the ones he goes, Oh I'm, I'm not going to do that. Oh, my God. I don't want to participate. Yeah, I mean, I get that it's OK.


I forgive you. Actually, I thank you. I thank you for bailing out. Well, OK. So I answered like I did not like not going into the edit now, like, I can confirm that we will not omit a single question from here.


I'm yeah. I'm, I'm happy. Yeah. I feel good about that. I feel like there was, I feel like oh my God. This is the most Tydfil podcast that we've ever done on my side for sure. Oh my God. Fucking time.


Oh you know what though a lot of those stories just like haven't come up because like there's a lot of them that I wouldn't hesitate to tell, but like there just hasn't been the time and place. And then you put me on a stage to give me the time and place in the time is now in the places here. Oh, my God, I threw through that just a quick update on things, learn a little bit more of a savage than she lets on sometimes.


OK. And I'm proud of you for handling both of those with Grace. You know what I am? I feel like I'm like I probably will have a nap later on. But like I this day is not a wash, right?


No, I think you're more like. All right. Yeah. I also feel like you when your adrenaline is really high, you kind of like power through alcohol. Right. And you feel it less right. I don't. Maybe that's just me. OK, well, listen, I'm proud. Oh, God. I hit the fucking subscribe button. Yeah. Please.


For this leaker's for the sake of my ego. Please, please, please. Oh, my God.


I appreciate everybody. Thank you so much for hopping on a jeromy produced episode of Wild Till Fucking Nine. Oh, my God, I do.


I would like to put you in the hot seat. You've put me in the fucking hot seat every year. All I do is just sit and just spew dumb shit out of my mouth. You just have more life experience of dumb shit than I do. OK, whatever. More people have just experienced it, so I can't bullshit it. I'm like, OK, well yeah, that's a fact right around that someone was there for that. Right.


Anyway, until next week. But.