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What's the thirstiest, D.M., you've ever sent business or personal? Are you ready? Yeah, let's go. Hey, guys. Welcome back to Wild Till Nine, hosted by myself, Lauren and boyfriend Jeremy Guy's boyfriend, Jeremy. Jeremy, obviously, if you're watching the video version, you know what's happening.


But also for our audio listeners, I have jeans on and that means that there's something special happening and that something special is that we have our first guest, the two queens of pretty basic fucking shit, really good so far, the the the queens of pretty basic Remi and Alison.


And, my God, we kind of harmonize.


We're pretending like we're not going to absolutely click beat the hell out of them to get audio listeners to listen to this. Oh yeah. They all know already. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's going to be like pretty basic remine. Elysia Absolutely. It's where you click on this. So anyway, this is our this is our first we got new couches for this moment. We have charts how. Well they're actually couches their couches. Is that what they're called.


Yeah. Couches officialese. Yeah. Unofficially. Unofficially. OK, yeah I like it. So we have. OK, so first of all, this is a crossover podcast. Kulab So we went on to pretty basic and you you can listen to the episode if you're listening. This is probably out, right.


Unless something really goes wrong. Yeah. Unless something really fucking goes wrong then you can really listen to that after this. But Jeremy gave a very professional rundown of I mean, I know what Jeremy gave.


Jeremy was attacked for an hour and 15. There's a verbal onslaught of so I heard you are a fuck boy, talk about this, how about this? Oh, OK, so this OK, no more militia.


Why don't you summarize what really what happened?


I would like to call it an hour and a half of Remley finally getting answers that she's wanted for years, feeling enlightened amount of clarity that I feel like you got yesterday. Oh my God. I literally I, I went home and I sat on my couch and I was just like just like in deep, deep thought until I got here today. I will say I was so upset that we didn't have a video component, you know.


I know because Remi's states at the time, she would just go, oh, you could see like the pieces of is going off, like you see a smile just slowly fading. So that's what that was. So if you know. You know, if you. Feel like you also would get some clarity from that episode? Listen, I think everyone could I think you could pretend to literally anyone listening? Well, you know, it's great. We saw it in December.


Spotify did that fun thing where they released everyone's top podcasts. And it's always really great and it's not a competition. I'm saying that because you guys would crush us because every single person that said, oh, my God, you guys are on my top favorite podcast. It was us, a spot, a spot and pretty basic.


No one time it's actually a fact. One hundred percent of our audience watches. Pretty basic. Yeah, pretty much like the amount of our fans. All of our fans are also your fans. Yeah, I'm sure it's not vice versa. No one asked for this from your end, but everybody asked for this from Ana. So we're bringing you lots of. Similar eyeballs. Yes, exactly, but I will say that I feel like this is a nice moment for your fans to potentially get a little more juice out of you guys.


I will say that I feel like we are the more R rated version of, what, 17? You know what I like? I want to get here. I just don't know how to. So I'm glad that I have guidance today. I would tell Forcett Guide forced me to share these stories that I would otherwise not everyone's. I had to tell you how it's going to be good, because I think this is your foray into the R rated version of podcasts.


But you just say the ferrey for. Is it a word, right? Yeah. Am I the word like, oh my God, did I get a word right that someone didn't know that first in the history of what is a forgery like it's your first year of, like, journey, like your little it's like your first attempt, though. Like you're going to do something new. Yeah. Yeah. It's like a positive thing, like your first like first little steps into something new.


Very scary. So I just would like to mark this moment that no one ever I get every word wrong in the entire world. And I just said the right word. I'm so proud of myself now. I'm I'm impressed using that word. I think, you know what? It doesn't it doesn't make up for Segou, but it's close. You guys have assets in Canada? No, no, no, no. Really. No standardized testing. No, no.


He's let you into college filling in the circles.


No oath, but you have to do a test to get into college.


Not anymore. But yeah, you used to. Not anymore. They don't they're not like anymore because covid you don't do they took completely took it away.


It's like obstacle one silver lining. I know. I know. Yeah. They just let us in.


I went to like prep school just for the act alone. Oh she rich. Rich. I know. Yeah. Her parents know. I didn't know that. It was more about we want to get her out of here.


We're going to need to really.


And that's funny. See, I knew I was going to community college and fucking save the money saving money to save that as I was looking up everyone's backgrounds today. Oh, what do we find? Do we do a background check? I went to the bottom of each of your Instagram's last night. Just, you know, unnoted. Yeah. But, you know, what was the one of them? A ring candy of the dead. Oh, my God.


I forgot. Candy, candy drinkin. I was dying.


You know, I didn't have you been on high level at least has been on Instagram longer than you have. And like the deep dive, I like anything I did.


You got Instagram hum. Probably like twenty eleven or twenty twelve. That's early. Yeah. That's a really. Really. Yeah. Like your Instagram took me like maybe fifteen swipes. Alisha's I, I watched the whole episode. Go, go, go, go, go. Oh wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Q And the filters just get like it's like a Western movie towards the end there. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


Or they called it. Oh shit. What's the photo that just makes it look just like sepia. Sepia. Yes. Yes. How do you say that. I don't know. I'm scared to be wrong. I don't wanna get roasted. I just had a great moment with Ferrey. Let me have it. Ferrey foray. Spell it. I have a wife. I'm sure I'm not going to correct you because I'm sure I'll get it wrong.


I don't know. Tweeners, let us know. OK, babe. What? OK, so I would like to preface that I spent two hours this morning making a DIY element that I am very proud of. But I do want to say that this is Jeremy's idea and we creatively brought it together in a really great way after coming home from being roasted all day yesterday. And so we're we're not going to take this lightly and go easy on you guys.


We have a warning before we get to that. Oh, we will warm up. Yeah. Oh, do I know about the woman? Kind of OK, I figured before we hop into the game of the day, the nitty gritty, we could just do some a quick fun game that everyone's kind of heard of before and a little bit of a different kind of capacity. And it's kind of like a make or break. What do you mean?


What happens if you break? I'm glad you asked. Was that scripted and scripted practiced this morning? Yeah. From our sponsors. And so I. I hopped on the good service of Reddit and the good people of Reddit, and I looked through a few make or break scenarios which are simply he's perfect in every way, but ok, ok, ok.


OK, this like that game we put at your house once. Remember those red flags. Yeah. That's what it's called. Oh yes. OK, all right. And so I pulled my 10 favorites. OK, ok. And I put them in a randomizer for both of you. OK, and so we're gonna go back and forth. I mean, I don't have to answer that. We took you out. Yeah. It's not anything personal. It's just that they're our guests and we're not gonna sit here and talk.


It's just you had your roasting time yesterday. You're right. You're right. Good. I've heard some of these and I don't know if you get roasted for shit. Yesterday, I was going to say, yeah, you guys. By proxy. By proxy. You're right. You're right. OK, go for it. OK, now I'm nervous. So I got real simple. And we'll preface this in the sense that this is a judgment free zone, but it's not a preference free zone.


Oh, so you guys get have your preference judgment free. It's a judgment free zone. OK, ok. OK, we're short at the top. Remy. Yes. Oh, no. Now, I need you to take yourself out of we love Cal, we'll have Cal, absolutely. But in this scenario, this is PreCalc Cowled. OK, so put your. Yeah, put it well, Cal, definitely. This is Romey. OK, this is Romey time.


OK, OK. So Romey, I can get in the mindset. Hand me some teto. He's he's perfect in every way. Right. OK, so and this is the first time you see him, you meet him in whatever kind of like put it in your brain. OK, perfect in every way. But he has hobbit feet and nothing makes him happier than wearing flip flops in public. What is a hobbit. Well, it's huge. Well, it's huge.


It's like it's hairy. It's like a flipper and it's dirty. They're so dirty because hobbits don't wear shoes. It's perpetually unkempt. I mean, wearing flip flops might make him happy, but I can give him some boots. Right? You could, but you're taking a walk.


Yeah. He really wants this with you. Why would you take that away from him, Rummy? Am I saying whether what? How do I answer this is like a yes or no? Is it like a.. Yes, I make a break. Yes, it's a non-starter or no.


Nothing I'm fine with it won't let me fly, let me be OK. Got it. OK, so how to feed? Not a non. Honestly, if we're going back to twenty eighteen, we're only there or not. The standards are pretty. Yeah that's it. Sure. Yeah I actually that. OK, you ready. Yeah. OK, this is, these are you know they're going to happen but let's say he's perfect in every way. Perfect.


But he, he insists on singing in public and no he's not good.


It's like being with me. But I feel like the irony is that like you know, that you're not like a pop star, you know? And I feel like this person in this scenario thinks that like they are the shit.


I'm not like you check out the groceries. I would hate I would hate it. OK, I'm just saying that. Right. Yeah. Does it bother to bother coming by? I, I, I don't know if he's perfect. I don't know. And every other whenever, every the way I can feel I could hear I did. My ex wasn't a good singer but he would always sing like I had that conversation. Did you ever tell him he was bad.


Just like sugar warning for this one. I was like, OK, got it. So we've got. Yeah, good, good deal. OK, so two two so far standards are in the ground. They get better. OK, ready. Remine. Yes. Oh God. Now this one due to a freak accident. Birth freak. It's not his fault. His penis in his butthole are permanently switched, but both still work. So it looks like he has a tail, he just like his penis when erect, he has a tail.


Yeah, I just kind of like those that way. And you know what? He's here, but the whole point down. Well, keep down. Sure. You're still kind of. So it's more like a third leg. It wouldn't be a leg. How big are we talking to? It's in the direction.


It's parallel to the leg. Wait, wait, wait, no. How often does it switch back and forth, the human race? Oh, it's always, you know, it's part of why would it switch at switch? I thought they would switch back and forth. So, like, no time. No. Why would they? Oh, also, I just want you to know that you would be fucking him from behind. Right. Right, right, right.


But, you know, you'd have to get creative with this exposition.


So I'm kind of like, yeah. I would have to say a break on that. OK, so then you have to like because like what's the bathroom situation? That's what I was thinking. That's what I was thinking. Yeah. I'm going to go with it now. OK, have a pizza. Yes. Yeah. For an asshole is a no. I don't know what your standards. Yeah. OK, boundaries. Maybe a couple more. I'm ready.


Oh this is a good one. OK, I'm ready. This is actually tough and this is a two parter. OK, ok. He's perfect in every way. OK, but he makes twice what you make but insists on splitting everything.


Fifty four. I hate that. I hate that. I feel like that's great huh. Oh, I'm surprised I have to think about this. I wasn't sure which way you're going to go with it. It's just I. I don't know. I think knowing how much you make it would be OK. I could see I like I. Yeah. Like at least I could contribute. But if he expects that, I hate that. Yeah. Yeah.


It's a clear your honest conversation about what he's what his intentions and what he's looking for. Yet it's not a good attribute, it's not, it's not I know I don't think it maybe I'm thinking of it like a just like we're equals way. It's like he said, is he like being an asshole about it? I feel like it's an ass or C I was like, no, but like I feel like it was hysterical when that's not for everything.


It's like there's some I mean there might be a little little sprinkle of trauma somewhere I'm going to go with no.


Ah there it goes. Like does she ever get a present like did you get flowers and things on display. You have to see if they're splitting floppiness. All right. Ready. So that's a no no. So flip side, you make twice as much and he insists you pay twice as much. Oh, no.


Oh, got it. Got guys good notes.


These are also situational. Just totally pull you out a little bit of hot water. The situation totally.


Well, I was thinking too literally. I know she's like, she's like, she's like I've gone over this, you know. OK, got it. All right, I'm in. Ready. Ready. Yes. Oh, this God is my favorite one. Oh no.


I like the different one is what is right. And why are these. Just don't know what. Read it. I know. Like why do you want to know what my first, my first experience is read it was Liz is a picture of me. Good people read it. Oh yes Outhred. Are the threat of you what is the picture that they do where they put you on other people or. Oh, so that's a different one. So there are there are there is a thread of my face Photoshopped a whole bunch of naked bodies.


Yes. I said shut the fuck up.


It so good it have gigantic boobs. Oh yeah. Gigantic boobs. Gigantic. You know, let's let's let's take it one step further. Yes. I'm the one that does it need work. They trace the IP address sir. So once a further my experience is run it is a photo of me on someone's like phone screen and they just drop a fat load on my face on their phone screen.


That's my girl.


That was your first where you guys never looked at it? I cannot. No way to do a deep dive. Oh, I'm sure. What do you mean by load? They just on their own. I wasn't sure if she manages or poop. Oh, I know. That's gross.


Right away. It's a video of someone doing that in a video as if it's not videos. I know, but I think I kind of it's the same guy. It looks like the same little we head. Do you think he also does the photo shopping? And I don't know. It's hard to say. Interesting.


Yeah, I didn't I didn't say long enough to see was from the same the same person.


Anyways, sorry. We digress. Remi, this guy is perfect in every way, OK, except here he runs a flat earth Facebook group. Oh no, I can't be the one no head of like ironically because Khaleel do it ironically.


Yeah. Dude, I think he like legitimately believes the earth is flat.


He runs a just a small little forum of like minded people who, you know, think like minded. No like minded. Sounds like he believes. Yes, he believes that. OK then. No, I got it. Fight that one. All right. Three more. Ready. Ready. Hit me. All right, Alicia. Oh, God. I actually ran on my lawn. Yeah, so he's perfect in every way, every everyone, everywhere.


And there could be a couple guys out there are going to relate with this lingo.


But he blogs daily sarteano know it's enough of a shotgun just for fun. No, no, no. But I'd add the second. No way to know. I already know there's a two parter. So much fun. I have to answer that. Is that a nonstarter for you? Yeah. OK, how about this.


He only posted to Vimeo.


This is where my mind was like. That's really funny. That's good. That's true passion, but is it any passion, art form? You know, I'm going to do I'm going to do it now. I not even Vimeo. How do you about it? It's so funny, guys.


You heard it here first. Don't be a fucking blogger. References SoundCloud rapper. Yes or no? No, it's called rubber. Yeah, OK.


I like SoundCloud. I like a SoundCloud moment. Passion. OK, SoundCloud probers. If something ever happens, you know where to find Rimi. Last two. Ready. I'm ready. Yeah. Perfect. Every single way. Every single way. Except.


He lives with his mom and would like to keep it that way. Oh, my God. That means you have to move in with his mom, I mean, but like again, with the flip flops, he will ever flex up to the point where she's mad at him. I got ready. We need to be better than we need to be better than to be, like, empathetic, like. No, no, it's a.. It's a..


It's a no. We like. It's great. No. No. She'd be like, we're best friends. We're going shopping today. Grocery shopping. OK. And that's a no, but I did think about it. OK, just to be sympathetic or at least the last one. OK, ready? Yep. Perfect every way, yeah. And then just one thing, he he admits to being a really big fan after the first hookup that happened to our friend once, really literally once they went home from a bar and they slept together.


And then the next morning it was like, by the way, like, well, I can't believe he chose me like, wow, do you run with this?


You just couldn't keep it cool. I cannot wait to hear.


Not according to the paragraph paragraph Texas. Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes. You chose me. It was like it was. There are ways to handle that one.


I think that could be an OK situation where it's not awkward and that was not it. Yeah. Know, I mean, I don't know if there's an OK way to do it. I mean, maybe if you're like really nonchalant, just like, oh my God, I've seen your stuff. Like it's really cool that you do that. Yes. Yeah. Like that that could go either way. But there's there's an opportunity there for that to go.


OK, I think that would be such a like I it's like what fear of what you would OK me or somebody like me or like me now or like the orange wig pumpkin spice video like like you would kind of like a party with love that they're afraid of me would be like yeah no I know that. But at the same time I like it. But also like if they're a fan of like your girl lifestyle content and that's like a little bit of a red flag.




I just open to being entertained by things that aren't maybe, you know, that's a big red flag.


Yeah, I know that. I just based on the content we personally made, I come over here like the funniest guy. I know it's a big deal.


She's you know, they're just like attributing grates. I mean, there's like a photo of you together before. I mean, like in 2010 that you find to be like, OK, yes or no.


No. OK, now last last bonus question. OK, same scenario. Except he's not a fan of you.


He's a furry just he's a fan of someone. You absolutely can't fucking stand my celebrity.


You're like someone's celebrity YouTube or whatever. Mark Wahlberg.


I don't. I could deal. I could deal. OK, yeah. Got it. Yeah. I think that was the most excusable one in all that group. Like being a fan of someone that you hate. You were born with a butthole, with your penises.


It's not your fault. It's not your fault. And how the cockpit's are like, I would like these fees. Are your opinion about you're the one who is choosing to like flip flops. That's on him. What's on him? Maybe he just likes where they let him know. Hero. No, no, no.


On The Hobbit feet. On our toes into that. There's your warm up. You're a plus. All right. It wasn't that bad. OK, I feel a little bit eased like, no, I'm ready. Let's go. Time the main event, babe, teed off. Bring it out, bring it out or we're going to bring it out. Yeah, I think we have a DIY. We have a little DIY moment. What do you mean with this, it's too big for me to hold this feels like Jeopardy or something.


OK, so thank you so much for the intro. For the for the Segou. This is so. You got it. You got it. OK. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. So for our audio listeners, Jeremy and I brainstormed for categories that have four questions, each increasing in juiciness. And so our categories, we've got severe Romey and. So, you know, I can't like some some drunk, some drunk adventures.


We've got a category called Dumb Bitch itis, which is just, you know, that's self-explanatory. Talk about that. We've got content to be content with this kind of, you know, circles around money and things. And then we've got pretty basic, which represents not actually the podcast really, but more just like basic bitchiness. Right. OK, and so our questions here go up from two hundred to four to six to eight. And we have the history games you play in like history.


You know, I mean, like you said, everybody. Yeah.


Yes, please. Alex Trebek, international hero. Oh, OK. So do we just get it. OK, so and the one asterisk will put over here is that it's a bit of whose line is anyway in the sense that the points really matter. Whether or whether you actually answer the question correct or not is completely subjective for us. So we'll let you know if we accept this answer or not.


Are you kidding? Yeah. So are we playing it between us? That's right. Oh, OK. Yes, this is it. This this couch versus that couch. No, no, no, it's no, it's just, you know. OK, yeah. I'm rooting for you. I really am rooting for you. Yeah.


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Why are you excited. She's like I get to sit back I say yeah that and she is excited. So the way to work like I said is you know will you guys choose which ones you want. We'll read you the question scenario idea and then it's your job to answer that in a way that we feel is acceptable. What's up? You got something to show how far the fuck away? Forever. Ruined lives. Talk about your words, not ours.


Yeah, you know, OK, Lauren, you get this off. Yeah, I want you to explain that to me. Explain it, though. Yeah, we're ready. We're OK. Yeah.


So Rumbelow, she dumb bitch consent baby content and pretty face content.


Any other context around these or we could not go dive in. Wait, hold on. For the seven people who aren't massive fans of remuneration already. All seven of you. Yes. And Locy, oh, yeah, who are Romulo, she gives a rundown romelio she are drunk alter egos. Yeah, I would say somewhere between like five foot four to five shots in.


OK, that's when we start to meet Roman. Yeah. I would say maybe two, three, three. I'd say it's I don't know. Lately you've been having like a sip of your drink, like I'm trying to read to Rome and then whenever we get like drunk, drunk, we'll like lock eyes.


And then she goes, for me it's like a weird like it's like it's a little embarrassing like. It's almost like we hadn't seen each other since the last time we were right. Oh, my God, last time I saw you, we were in Greece. Like, how have you been? Like, I just been traveling. So my point being, yeah, we were both late bloomers, so we really bonded during our parties stage in our mid twenties.


So Romy and Loesch were born. I would say Romy's Irmo is like was no. Still like I like Dabb. I'd say mistakes were made. Loves to dance up on stage, out of a club in a club club. Loesch is just kind of in the corner, very stone cold. And then when we leave we'll run, run, run. You're my favorite drunk. We leave. You're leaving. We crash someone's party in Ohio in time for the party.


We are like surprised, bitch, what's up? And we left and I was walking to the Uber and I looked like she's gone. She sprinted up the street and as I'm going after her, she keeps hiding behind different trash cans of choice.


While why? It's both there's no I. I just want my dad splits, there's no explanation. Well, she just wants to. I actually remember the specific moment when Romy and Loesch found each other for the very first time you got in that arena. No, it was a big bear. It was a big bear. After the into the bathtub, I typically remember the first time and me and I look at each other and we're like, they're about to be best friends.


I actually think Mia saved us because we would have died in that. I think we would have like shriveled up like little raisins. And we had a healthy dose just floating in the tub, literally. We went to McDonald's. We were like, are they OK? I just want to be like, I don't even tases. Oh, like we were. It was so. And the altitude point being, let's get into it. That's what I mean.


That's I mean, LoCicero, all seven of you didn't already know that. Yes. This is who was your first.


Yeah, I'll go first. OK, I'm going to dump the Gita's for two hundred.


Oh baby you hold it well and only answer it. Can I chime in. I'm not going to stop you from chiming in. OK, it's our show but it's your world. OK.


OK. Oh it's Aleesha not WLOS right now. So Aleesha what jealous thing have you done that you're least proud of.


Oh you know also I'm just really sad. I made a typo literally on the first book. I read it from here. So you're so I know. I'm just worried about the Xoom. Don't don't. Yeah. Don't. Yeah that's tough Adilson. It's perfect. It's perfect.


Oh, I was about to give you this card, but you haven't earned it yet. Yeah. I mean, the first one that came to mind was when we asked if she can cut her hair short and I didn't really want her to, but I said, yes, that was fine anyway. And then it ended up being a huge part of our friendship break up. So I must say that I was thinking that when I bring that up, so funny.


Good, good, good. Last night as I was walking through what we should chat about, whatever I was like, I just, I just, I just don't know as much. And I completely blame her shit with her and Remi or her and Mia. And I don't get it.


Why were they fighting in the first place? And so, you know, why do I not know Alicia? And so I was like, OK, well, look, here's a good example. There was a lot of, like, pent up resentment in the French. They've been friends for so long. I it's like here's an example. And that was the one. And I was like, oh, like they've already aired this on the Internet themselves.


So I feel like it's OK that I tell you it's but that is the textbook issue that I think we all think of them.


You do like 100 percent as the guy who's hearing this in hindsight, 20, 20. So she said you should get a haircut. I have to say, there was so much more than just the hair. It wasn't about the haircut color. It wasn't about just the haircut. You earn that card. Thank you. Two hundred points. All yours. Rabbitt, take it away. OK, I'm going to go for content baby content for coming over 400.


Oh, babe. I'm a little nervous. This is such a great board. Thank you so much. All right, but you know. Has there ever been a time when the future of pretty basic was in jeopardy?


Oh. No, I don't think so. Not as far as I know. Wow, what a boring answer. I know. I'm sorry. Truth worthy. Maybe ask better questions. I feel like mine was worth four hundred. I'm not going to say no to anybody, but how could it be. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Go. Yeah, I don't think so. Thank you. Wow. Easy points. Easy money. Let's do Romey and lowish for four hundred.


Okay. Here we go.


Go big baby boom. Who's got the most gain? Well, drunk in part to provide proof to back up your argument, definitely REM, not REM.


I'm trying to think of a specific time. I mean, I definitely have plenty of proof. I'm on my phone. I immediately said, no, no, no, no, no, please, no advertiser. What do you think?


I don't know. I don't get the points for this one. I think the Ohio I was thinking about that one guy, one guy you knew you were going into it with one when she was running and hiding behind trash cans. And I was I was just I was just I was surprised. The next day you came back and early six thirty seven a.m.. So we stayed over. I need to give can I tell you should I tell the back story to this one.


You already get this car. Take the car. You've earned it split in half. It's ok. Maybe it's I'm pretty basic. Was in jeopardy right now. We went we would we we visit Ohio Samite not frequently but like every every couple times a year maybe other than recently obviously to visit a good friend. And you know, we hit up the bars, we go to the clubs, we have a good time. And so one time we went this was our I think our first time ever going right.


And this was the midst of you and me fighting because there were many tears in the club and we'd just be like crying in the. So we walk into one club and I meet my friend was like any guys here and there's one specific guy that was so cute, he was tall, he was tall and baby, yes, he was blond. I was like that one. And then my friend is like, oh, I know him.


And so then he was like, Yes, I don't think he's blind. Trust me, I know. And so then she he like matched us up and we danced and then I left. I don't really remember much then. Exactly. And then we left. But we like went back home and then we went back a few months later. And this time I was like, here we go, fucking go. And so we them where you know, I think we like try to like meet up the first night and then, like, he didn't show up.


So the next night I went, this was a moment. Keep in mind, we've never really talked. I want what did I say? You literally were like, want to fuck me like that. Let me tell you, he was there to say we were like, yes, we were at a gay bar. We were at a game. I'm strolling into the big pool, just basketball shorts in the back. And he's like, Hey, and then you tried for two seconds to have, like, come out.


And you're like, we're just going to go like I remember being like, so what do you do today? And I was like, watching you. And you're like dancing. I was like so I was like and then I left and we got in the car. And then I don't really remember much to be fully honest. And then I just remember him telling me in the car on the way there, this was like starting to like fade out, you know, visions fading.


Me leaving Romi come. Exactly. There was a quick switcheroo. And you're me. Exactly. Exactly. And I think he was like, oh, like I'm not I'm not really sure what I want to do with my life. And he was like in between a couple jobs, like he had like a job opportunity because like, I don't want to leave. I've lived here my whole life. And I was like, you just go with your heart just like Jesus fucker postboxes.


Fuck this on the way to. Oh, okay. Oh no.


I was just like, yeah. Like you should really follow your heart, do whatever. Like you know, you like you really good, like what you want. He was like OK. And then I remember and then the next morning I woke up and then as I was leaving he was like, thank you so much. I know what I'm going to do with my life. We don't need to be doing it. I don't know. I never followed up, but I got in the car.


But keep in mind, it's so fucking early. He had no water in his house, zero water. Well, actually, to be honest, I didn't ask, but no water. It is cause I get that offer. But I was like, oh, I'm going to go to like a gas station and get some water. So I take an Uber back to our friend's house and I'm like, look, you're on no gas stations, no stores around.


I don't know where it was. So I'm like trying to walk around the building. There's like the it's like fenced up. I'm like locked in this fence at one point and I finally get my way back up to the house. I, like, go through like blocks look like the gate code thing. Right. Like I it was like 6:00 a.m. and everyone was out. And so then I finally get back into the apartment. I'm just like, I see a water bomb just like chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, chug.


And that's when she wakes up. She looks at me from the air and she's like, oh, and then she went right like this. And then they cuddled and went to water was gone. I was I have never been more thirsty than that whole situation.


Truly, I, I remember getting photos in between. It was like three a.m. me and our friends were at White Castle. Oh. I think she was in the photo being like. Anyway, it's him. Never mind, sorry, we can ramble. Next one is me. So you all know we love a sustainable company. Well, and Louisa is a jewelry company that is keeping our world in mind. That's a and a ELU. I say for those of you who are just being introduced, they produce affordable, trendy pieces while also offsetting 100 percent of their carbon emissions, starting with the sourcing of the raw materials all the way to the disposal of their pieces.


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I think that was me so yeah all the time. It's your turn now. How fun. Pretty basic for 200. OK.


Oh I don't know why I told that story for our viewers. Yeah. OK, YouTube disappears tomorrow. You have two weeks to get a real job end quote.


What do you do. Either be. Hmmm, maybe like because I'm not qualified to work at a restaurant because I didn't go to school to cook, but maybe like a personal chef or whatever. Oh my God, that's so perfect for you. I could do ionisation I love to organize. Yeah. Maybe like a Marie Kondo.


I think I could do it. I think like. Yeah. Whether it's like I'm like a I think I could be a good, you know, like those those girls on tech talk do those videos where they like my day in the life of like a nanny where they like or like they go and they take care of the kids and then they like organize kitchens like I think I'd be really good at that. I fully agree. I mean, every time you walk into Rummies house for any size of an event, I don't care if it's like we'll just throw it together.


It's like, how did you get all this shit figured out? We were just with each other two hours a night of a nine course meal. Where did you find all this?


Yeah, and it's it's like there's like there's layers to it. There's the apps, there's the drinks and there's the many multiple, as you know. Oh, you mean. I understand. I eat all of them. I mean, how do you how do I know I'm notorious for eating too many of the apps before the full course meal.


Thank you. Let's do Qanta maybe contin for two hundred.


OK, we're like dancing around right now. I know. I know. Trying to get over the easy ones out of the way. OK. What's your boozes purchased oh, oh, and do you regret it? That would be my car 100 percent.


Not that I regret it, but buy your car. Yeah, let's let's just just drop the name. Just drop the name Aston Martin. And I splurge on this Buji car. It's a lease. I don't buy it, but it still is a lot of money when you atax right. Afghani's. Exactly. No, but. I knew I don't know, I don't really see you driving around that much. I here you're no one's going anywhere. Light mileage.


I do like I love it. It's it's beautiful. But I don't feel like people are nicer to you when you pull up in that. Yeah, a lot of people let me go more if I'm merging or something, the public didn't want to. You don't want to hit it? Yeah. Oh yeah. Oh that's interesting. Yeah. Yeah. You don't want to mess with that person's insurance. Yeah, that's interesting.


Also, on the flip side of that, if I get hit and I turn around and you're in the Aston Martin, my neck hurts a lot.


Suddenly, suddenly I feel I feel I'm driving the Nissan Sentra 2011 upgrade. The upgrade was unreal. You know, there were a couple of levels between those. Not at all. When at least I switched lives for a day and I had to wait until we were personal assistant. I was your assistant for a day, etc. And one of my one of my task was to go fill Alisha's car. And I remember backing out of the driveway. And not only was the window really nearly a roll down window, but there was no backup camera.


And I was like, bitch. And then I was in your range like, oh, my God, you shit. We just found the steering wheel warm of the day.


I cannot believe it. I've had this car for four years.


You have a these really real or more. Yeah. Yeah. Do you turn that on. You just click on. We live in California. Don't need it. But it was the moment we did. Wow. Yeah. I don't think mine has that year. Definitely has that.


Here you go. Thank you. Thank you. I'm going to go for it dumb bitch. I guess for six hundred.


Oh I now regret saying that. Yeah. Have you ever sent a nude.


I actually. Why do we classify as nude. Full full body. No I think, I think a sexy photo when I, I have in high school I sent just one bu I. Yes. Just wanted to know if that classifies as a nude but if so then yes. Other than that. No that's right. One boob. No one boob. Exactly. But you know what I will give you three hundred for one boob.


Yeah. You're punishing me for not sending nudes. It just wasn't a full commitment really. Kind of a body positivity comes out of it at the same time you were in high school, so we're free to discourage that. I was. Yeah. Three hundred. That's how they know. Yeah. Let's do it. I got to walk this one back.


So I was this like a the guy did he ask for a new. Did you surprise him with the new surprise. Teddy, how do we come to this tit for tat tat.


I don't quite remember to be honest. I mean I just remember I was in Hawaii at the time. Oh, she was on vacation and then the other half. Yeah, right. I'm kind of cold. Yeah. Answer a little location, OK? Yes, OK, got a tan Hawaii boob would have been on a family vacation, too. OK, never mind you got there. Let's do Romey and LOEs for six hundred. OK.


OK, Möller. It has Vanna White do it. Really, no one will unfortune. I just started watching that the other day, just started. Do you think she's necessary to the show? Because I don't think so.


Oh, I'm not going to sit here and talk shit about Vanna White. I mean, she's beautiful, but I'm just like she takes so long to touch the things you're eating and how she is a beautiful woman.


I think I think she's there for Middle America men, to be honest. Maybe it's an entertainment asset.


And we have a lot of those guys to watch this podcast so far for all four of you guys.


OK, Loesch, who has a worst case of drunk goggles and description of said male, the Remi's already blushing over here.


Oh, I'm chillin. I'm good.


Like, so when you were drunk and so it appears like much cuter than they actually are in real life, I would say, Remi. Only. For what reason? Just because you like, I feel like whenever we're out, you'll always ask me, like, oh, is he cute or like you did? And I'm like, no.


Have you seen that show from like I think it was like the hills maybe where I think it was. Lauren Conrad was talking to a guy at a booth and then Whitney comes over and chews and more is like, oh my God, thank God. Like I you know, is this guy cute? And when he goes now, do you you and me, everyone in New York, when I was literally pulled, I was like, no, Remi, no Remi.


You're like, wait. And then you reach you were like, yeah, we would never know. That was not I wasn't funny. That was wrong about me. I had no problem. I know Remi wasn't a fucking roadie for sure. Do that like just dog leash, I admit. Yeah. Yeah. No, that's not what I'm to go back.


It's a good I was after our first vehicle back.


Wow. She would never pick up what people back you take a shot is a whiskey shot of whiskey and then a shot of pickle juice. Yeah. Oh we did that in Canada with that guy think. Oh it just looks pretty good out every year we just close it all up. Tequila shot a pickle shot. Jesus Christ. That was hard. Oh we call it pickle shop. OK, but it was with something clear.


I can't refuse tequila vodka but is one of the one of the clear calls. I better fucking whiskey love pickles and I'm down with tequila shots. I don't know you shit together.


Take two shots of Everclear, one shot of moonshine. That's that's even more questionable. That's even more questionable.


Anyways up me. I will do it. OK, I'm going to go go, go, go.


Dumb bitch. I say it under. Yeah. Yeah it's. What is the booty call moment that you are least proud of? You know, what's so funny about this question is that have like all of the answers that are coming to Remy's head right now is that I don't know, because we were so against it and did not approve. And so you wouldn't even tell us what would happen. I would be like fine friends are for me to like I can't with this story because I guarantee that I don't know it, because I just wish that I would have met her when I was single and we could have just gone away together.


Oh, my God. We would have taken that town by. I grew up with you.


Oh, we go to Nashville is great. I love it. And back to Kentucky, you know, a lot of Southern men, I would have to say. She's like, no, we've got we've got the soccer net, we've kind I. I know when I lost my virginity. No, not that one. Oh no, not that one in San Diego in.


That wasn't a booty call. Oh, God, I love that story. So that's a good story. I feel like that's going to be Roman lowish. Eight hundred. I have a good feeling. I would have to say. I think, actually. At least this is why I'm proud when I first talked to Cal, I we were at Prai, OK, we had matched Unhinge chatted very briefly, but I was in my my like time where I was like, fuck love, I'm just going to have sex.


And so I remember can I match.


And I was like, oh he's six four, ok, I can do that.


And then I was three inches in changes. And so then I said man I like completely wrote him off is like an actual contender. And I was just like, I'm just going to like hook up with this guy. So we had chatted a bit and then I remember we were out at at Pride. We did indeed present. We did indeed get too drunk before so we could not present what we were locked up. Oh, we we went up on stage.


You're like gay pride allies. And then we got off and we laughed and then we like continued to party in West Hollywood all night and at like nine p.m. or so I look at Aleesha and we're like sober because we've been like out all day. All day. Exactly. We're like we were at with the Flaming Saddles was probably like and I look at him like, you want to go. She's like going to go. So we get in the car.


And I immediately messaged cow and I was like, Here's my number. Text me. Also setting up a booty call. I cannot believe that you had the energy to do all of that in a day. Get drunk, get sober. Oh, yes. And then still have the energy to booty call. Oh, yes. I can tell Lauren never lived her life, my life. So I like you get back at 10:00 p.m. just slamming caffeine.


I can fucking do this. Oh yeah. Oh I was good to go. The idea of Cal was like keeping me going. I don't even know him yet. So I text messaged him on whinge. I was like, here's my number. Text me. So I fully was planning on him just texting me in like the midnight hour, going over, never seeing him again. And then Alicia, I was like, let's go straight to another bar to keep going, like street bar.


And she was like, no, if I go home, like I'm going to sleep. But I was doing a sequined skirt for price. So I was like, I got to go back. So we went back, she sat on the couch. I was like, not coming out. So I made her little salmon dinner and I'm sitting there like dinner. That fireplace I used to have in Apex, like, yeah, we can say yes.


And I just sat there and she was like laying like falling asleep. And I was just like waiting, like twiddling my thumbs, waiting for her to text me. So I texted another guy that I used to talk to just to keep the party going. I wasn't back up. Well, no, I wasn't trying to. I was just like, hey, do you want to hang out until this guy texted? Right. And he was like, no, sorry, I can't do if I see you, I want I want to hook up.


And I was like, oh, no, I don't want that. I'm waiting for someone else. And so I was just waiting. And then, like, midnight rolls around one world right now. What? Oh, what?


Then I went to bed and I was like, fuck this guy in the next morning at like 1:00 p.m. he text me back next afternoon. He was like, he's sorry. Like, Do you want to go on a date? And I was like, OK. Like, No, I just want to fuck. Exactly. Yeah. And then we went on the date and then now we're going to get Mary. Not exclude. Yes, everyone we're engaged is getting so, yeah, that was what happened, like not embarrassed, it's a kind of a sweet potato just to you know, I'm not very proud of it because, like, that's such a bore.


Like, that's not a good story to start off on yet. But like I said, it's kind of great when you're looking for it. You were like, I'm just going to be down at work. I'm going to see exactly what I want to say. Yeah. Yeah. And if it does work out, whatever, I'm going to say what I want to fucking say. Yeah. And this whatever happens, happens. Yeah. And now you're married.


Well like I really like it's right.


When you're not looking for it, that's when it happens. Oh. I mean we talked about this yesterday. I was about to go into a whole rampage this year.


I was ready learning. I was I had burning rage to rip through L.A. and then I only I know are here. I love that point remains. Yes. Alicia pretty basic. Six hundred. OK, ok. All right. Oh OK. Hopefully my mom doesn't watch this. No, no, no, no, no. We'll do what I like we do with my mom. I just blocher OK. Have you ever considered a place to go and have you ever considered any kind of physical enhancement or plastic surgery?


Oh yes. Oh I always wanted a nose job and then I had a consultation and then I ended up not getting it. But you use a blog this, right? Yeah, OK. I was going to say because when I wrote this question, it's like I'm pretty sure, like in my brain, I think this is public. It might not be, but I think I just recently I actually talked about it. Yeah. It's like more newer.


If you're j14 Aleesha breaks the news, she might be good enough. I know. I'm still not like I still kind of want it.


I mean the time we have it about six months ago to get it right. Yeah I know, I know, I, I think no there's still like so much down time. It's OK. My thing is, is that like I've been dying to get injections for so long, but my schedule has not given me a five day window where I can has only like three to four days. That's the down time. Yeah, for sure. Oh, no, no, no.


Oh, you. Oh, yeah. Oh, and like the next day, I think I even filmed it definitely like they looked a little bruised, but it wasn't horrible. Oh, bitch.


I'm going to book that she like you don't need a full you just going to blog and say my boyfriend didn't beat me.


I used to myself to write like this is an injection into my face, like, you know, it's a Snapchat thumbnail. I can see now like look, D.I.Y. face bruised boyfriend questionmark.


No, no. It'll be like Lord. Yeah. Why is so L-A gets lip injections. All right. She's changed. Daily Mail is no longer a good influence. Arnica cream helps it not bruise. Oh I've heard. That's what I've heard. Oh my God. Okay I'm so excited. I got it. So really good answer.


So I would also I would love to get a boob job but like I'm too scared of the breast and plant illness, like I'm such a big rosana.


Our friend literally just did that. A lot of people are now. I have I have multiple friends who have gotten like the like where it's like poisoning you from the inside. Oh yeah. It's super scary. So it's crazy that we didn't realize it was a thing to like recently too.


And people thinking how. Well the internet. Yeah. Yeah. It's like if a doctor fucks up in the middle of Ohio and like no one really talks about it and like, oh, I want to take them on. And now it's like I do get put on blast. Oh me too. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


OK, well I'm going to go for. Roman lowish for two hundred, OK, a little I love the Romans. Oh, who's a message for me. Thank you. But Loesch is a barber, right? It kind of switch ever since I got on Zoloft. No, no. I just black out, which is interesting and I. Yeah. And now I, I can't I to pull my first Uber over a while. It fucking doesn't.


It is a judgment call. I know. Well you and your mouse are salivating. You're like Oh yeah. But didn't keep it and keep it. Yeah that was how I felt. Yeah. I mean I actually vib the what Romey and drunk Jeremy very well when they're drunk like I'm getting drunk. I'm me too. Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. Both because I could just sit back and be like no I'm not going to be celibate.


Like I'm a generational bitch. And meanwhile it's like you're disgusting. I got it. Cheekier points. Yeah. All right, listen, what you got done, PETRAITIS. Four hundred. All right. OK. Oh my God. We've cleared it. Wow. Wow. The last on Vagina's. Oh, this is interesting. Hall Pass oh. I had to do research to figure out who my hall pass was, I'm like, I haven't actually thought about it, right.


It's like not something that I was actively thinking about.


And then a bunch of trolls went and made fake merch. The targeted words of Ed Westwick, who was my hope as a hall pass, like to find Willerton immersions, Ed Westwick, great Gossip Girl and Chuck Chuck Bass O Seems Ed West Wing. Yeah, I don't know if it was Westwick. That's your whole party. Well, no, it's just one of my only Jast. Pete Davidson, Pete Davidson, Machine Gun Killing Machine. I've always liked it real quick.


Like obviously what am I doing here. Like I didn't mess up looking like this. She messed up. I just don't get it. But I don't want to date those people a one and done. So what would you what were you interested in those people. That was Praful or DIY. Elysha, back to you. Sorry I hopefully I bought you some more. I did it. Did it did. I've always loved Ryan Reynolds. I knew your life as well.


Right. You are so good. Yeah. Also like a Chris Hemsworth moment. Like honestly I'd be like I guess exactly exactly where yours is. Alexandra De offered to Lauren. I talk about every day like yeah, we just I can't Armus to man enormous. I understand that makes sense. That makes sense. But it's a girl supporting girls over here so.


Yeah. All right. No questions. Can I throw that date if you don't mind drivers. I'll drive. Yes, ma'am. OK, this Leesha. What can I take another look around in the back and forth in the back of the ostern. Looks like up to you chambering is literally going to go for Clinton.


Maybe content for six hundred. OK, if you're a future child, listen to pretty basic what would they be most embarrassed about? Probably there's so many that their father was a booty call. Oh, my God, imagine that. But that's this this this podcast through my podcast, I would have to say probably when I cried about how a guy that I had once seen reminded me of a song, I cried for the whole hour, that one that I still I'm sweating now just thinking about it.


She's sensitive, I have to say. Probably that one. That one or the one where we I'll give you options. The one where I texted. Remember when I sent screenshots to that one guy? Did you hear this story? No, but I want to hear it. I had just seen this one guy like we went on a date and I was, like, really excited about it because he was really nice and he was cute. Oh, I know which one.


This is a screenshots or when I sent, like, your screenshots back to back to back to back of his in my conversation, I was trying to send it to Lauren actually.


Specifically. Oh my God. I never saw him go right to that one. That one's one of those ones. You know that Tick-Tock where it's like when you think about something like, oh, yeah, exactly that. I've seen them a few times, like, oh, I hope he's well, like I'd probably say that one.


Wow. Here you go. Thank you.


I earned this. You really did. We're going to do pretty basic for eight hundred.


Oh yeah. All right. Ready. Yep. Alicia what's the thirstiest, D.M. you've ever sent this or personal.


Oh, I like lately I've been more into like the DME, you know, like great slidin for this. Good answer. I know, but I'm trying to think of the answer. Um, I have one in mind but go ahead of my.


I can't think of anything. Yes. Yes, one time I did dam Tyler Cameron. Oh, I think about the other bachelor guy which Noah. And in Los say she likes The Bachelor. I forgot to tell ABC's cast Tyler Cameron did chat a bit, though. Well the one that got away too when they got away. Wow. Yeah.


When I would help craft the answers, I felt like I too was talking. Yeah, well, I'm sure the only girl only back in is you doing OK? I don't know. I should follow. I think he's about a big listener. The party would like to ask. Yes. Yes. The five straight male audience. Yeah. Wiler. That's all you. Yeah. Good. I was thinking we were going to get like a bachelor or a couple bachelors and said name.


Oh, okay. All right, Rym, I'm going to go for.


I'll go for pretty basic for four hundred. OK. All right, who's more high maintenance state your argument? Oh, I'm going to go with a. Oh, she gets her hair done once a week. She has our hair curl. Come over, wash your hair. I swear I didn't start flying first class. I've only a few times, but only until I became friends with her. And I think she indeed her nails aren't done right now, but she has her nails done more.


I think that's it. You have someone wash your hair once a week. That's amazing.


No, no, no golf. Oh, I'll get my hair done sometimes when I film and sometimes and you know, if she feels the hair is always your audience is so spoiled. It's like if I shower, it's a good day for me. So make big mood. And if the hairstyle requires a blowout sometimes short I but ok. But I feel like I'm more Buji. But you're more high maintenance in more ways. I actually could argue both sides.


I feel like knowing both of you, I feel like, I feel like your lifestyle is more high maintenance.


Does that make sense. She said your life is more important to the guys.


I know I, I heard it. But state your argue. I don't like more things. You're just like, I don't know, love's the same high maintenance. So like I get I know my arguments.


I lose but I am well ok.


Maybe constant eight hundred oh oh we're almost we've only got the eight hundred left.


We'll talk. What scenario brought you closest to wanting to quit YouTube series one oh oh.


Yeah, open up the camera link to your first video on your way to tell us now go on, tell Lauren to learn. I literally, you know, I have all my old videos because I was like, I need a fresh start. I don't care about accents, whatever. And so when you go to oldest videos on my channel, the first ones, my break, like you think she's miserable when she starts out for channels like I can't do this anymore.


What was the actual question again? It's funny. What scenario has brought you the closest to wanting to quit being a YouTube.


So we we the three of us have quarterly mental breakdowns weekly. This is like, my God damn it.


I don't feel what I'm trying to give us, all of them don't hold back. It's OK. I feel like. Well, the first thing that led to my huge burnout moment where I wanted a huge break was I was so embarrassed of my channel because that was the first time I was like, oh, my God, look, let me start talking to guys like I'm finally ready today. And then I actually saw my channel from an outside perspective and I was like, oh, I hate this.


I want to go. Like, I literally look like I'm 16 years old and cringe. Like I if I knew it was cringe, then I didn't know. I was like, oh, no, we were we were just like stuck in a bubble, yet we were stuck in a bubble and yet didn't realize how bad the bubble was. Weekly, though, like you really are so close you don't know. But I could see if you were like to the video tab and you're just like and I'm like, I get why you didn't like random shit.


I was just like, oh my God, I'm so embarrassed. I think that was like a huge thing, obviously. And then I feel like there's also just been like, whether it's my family going through something or like little stuff like that. There's times I'm like, fuck, I wish I wasn't a public figure. Yeah, I think those are like probably for me. Wow. Your car.


You're coming through a serious one in there. I know. No worries.


No, I know. With Romi and Load and this is my favorite column. Give it to me. Me too. Me too.


God fucking. Oh, God, Lauren, I'm trying so hard. There we go. There we go. Last one. Last one. So this is a question for Romi since it is the last one. Yeah. Oh, this is not too bad. OK, describe a one night stand in three words. Yeah. You do it for a friend. I'll do it next. Oh, it's OK, go for it. Oh, yeah, I want to hear so he's a Tennessee already eight inches.


That's only two one two eight inches. Fuck, that's eight inches. I would say right now I feel like you're like, take me back to the safety of my people. I love this. Good, good, good, good. I would say different time. I'm trying to do it in three words because I have to I just need a good third one if you can do it, and to do it in two good or less. Drug dealer question.


That's the time. Oh, but you can take things like, OK, can we get a quick add up? Oh yeah, quick total quick total biomass or. Oh yeah, we know 12 to 18. Tony. Are you relying on laundry, rather? Yeah, I would not trust me, I know I realize automation, but that's just not one of the strong suits. Four thousand. I think I'm also for that. Oh, we need a tie.


You guys know your tie breaker. Oh my God, I guess. Is there a tie? Yeah, because if they're 16. Yeah, but the fact you guys took the same, I guess you can keep it a tie.


I'll keep it in Tel Aviv next time. Next time. Exactly. To be continued. I like that. Could you guys as the one of the most successful podcasts in the world, give us a quick synopsis of what's going to come next? And you guys are talking about big things. And you can talk about, um. We are. I think things coming to girls and a microphone, so we just don't have them.


You don't have anything to fucking make a pallet. What do you. Oh, oh, peaches. Let me try it again. Hey, guys, talk about the fucking international makeup. Like I want you guys to stay with a friend. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Not even coming up. Yeah, we just launched a collaboration with Taat Cosmetics. We have the pretty basic palette. We've heard it's doing great. Just flying off the shelves. Check it out.


Tarte, dotcom, ulta, dot com, lot of stores near you, as you can see your face that just happened. So I feel like things coming forward. We've really been watching merch for so long. So every time we do takes quite a few years to really come to fruition. I will say one thing we haven't talked about. We are looking to hire someone to like, really help with the learning basic brand like to produce. Yeah, especially having I mean, you get having like two people, especially both of our separate teams, like it's just a lot.


And I think that's why pretty basic has always kind of been on the backburner when it comes to like merch or other things just because it's so much like it could be its own thing. So we are looking to hire like someone to just be like the CEO, head of whatever guy what I'd give for a zip recruiter at right now.


Yeah. Oh, my God. They bleep that out, dammit. Bleep out right now. All right. We're excited. Yeah, we've got we're looking into getting well, you guys have inspired us.


We're going get our own studio and you're going to be making videos. Yes. And yeah, we're we have a pretty basic YouTube channel to that. We do like our own content on. Yeah, but we kind of yeah. We just everything is always like a little back burner because so much is going on. So I think just putting it front of me. Yeah. There is one venture that we've talked about for a while that we really want to do, which we won't see, but we'll tell you afterwards that I think would fucking crush.


Yeah, I agree.


We will all be first in line for the merge some way and for the six people, just remind them where they can listen to the podcast that they don't already listen to.


Everybody else does. Pretty basic on Apple podcast, Spotify, Google Play, whatever you listen, your podcasts done how they are.


It's it's just the Google Story on Google Play for years at the podcast by Google podcast, where we listen to your podcast. Yeah. And if you're still looking on Google Play, good for you. Keep listening. That's great. Yeah. Keeping it alive as new episodes, though, you might want to check out.


Oh no. They want to bring that up. Put it in oil.


Guys, how excited is going to be the day that, you know, we can go back into the world and someone pays boatloads of money to go do a tour and do live performances together, huh?


College to be so fun.


Oh, this is the only single one. And we're just on college tours and just like guys are lining up. How fantastic I am.


I yeah. Good to be on it. I need this guy. Yeah. Okay. So everyone get their shit figured out so that we can just, just run through college towns for Alysha.


Run through college towns.


On that note, so much for watching the number one show in Latvia while still not Latvia. You can actually do you laugh. We have a hell of a lot of folks from Latvia. We really did. We made a joke. You ladies, I love you. I love you happier. Thanks for watching. I guess next week. Bye bye.