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Keeping Secrets and Calling Out Haters

Wild 'Til 9

  • 13 days ago
  • 01:03:15

Lauren & Jeremy dive into the secret languages and ridiculous nicknames couples invent for each other. Jeremy goes on a tangent about girth and perfect proportions. Lauren calls out her beef with an internet troll and her brain.  Go to to let them know we sent you, and to get 20% off your order.  As a listener, you’ll get 10% off your first month by visiting our sponsor at Join Thrive Market today to get 25% off your first order AND an exclusive FREE gift! The ONLY way to get this offer is by going to Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

The Perfect Proposal… Ruined

Wild 'Til 9

  • 20 days ago
  • 01:04:13

We opened up the Wild ’Til 9 Hotline this week to talk engagement flops, STDs from toilet seats and what it means to be a flower slut. Our friends Swoozie, Zach Kornfeld and fiancée Maggie Bustamante and Kelsey Darragh call in to drop some hard truths on us from their years of field knowledge in the world of love, sex and dating. Check out our show and many hilarious other pods featured on Stitchers first ever Comedy week! In app or at, promo code wild10, for 10% off any order of $200 or more. with promo code wild for 20% off! Put your policy to the test like I did. Go to Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

How To Get Hired Without Boobies

Wild 'Til 9

  • 27 days ago
  • 01:01:16

Lauren takes a trip down memory lane of her interview flops and fails. Jeremy shares the strategy he used to get hired after dropping out of college. Lauren's imposter syndrome gets the best of her in a room full of men. Jeremy breaks down his privilege and the role it played in his success. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

10 Things I Hate About You

Wild 'Til 9

  • about 1 month ago
  • 01:21:42

Why is he such a trash texter? Why does she show up late to EVERY. SINGLE. DATE. Why are they so b*tchy towards waiters??? Today we're diving into a top 10 list of dating habits that suck, provided by you, the viewer. Get 10% off your purchase at Go to to get an extra three months of ExpressVPN for free! Get 15% off your Brüush toothbrush kit and refill plan when you use promo code WILD at Go to to explore your desires without shame with Lelo Enigma. For a limited time, use code WILD for 15% off all products not already discounted.  Go to, promo code WILD to get a complementary pair of cycling shoes with the purchase of your SoulCycle at-home bike. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Anxiety, Depression, & Panic Attacks

Wild 'Til 9

  • about 1 month ago
  • 58:54

WARNING: It’s been a tough week.  Lauren opens up about a brain diagnosis that helps explain, but limit options to treat her ongoing anxiety attacks and struggle with depression. Jeremy finds an unconventional emotional connection with Dixie D’amelio. Lauren admits to withdrawing $10,000 from the podcast bank account to go online shopping. Get started today at and you’ll get 25% off when you keep everything in your Fix! Right now, you can save seventy-five dollars on Candid’s starter kit. Go to and use code wild As a listener, you’ll get 10% off your first month by visiting our sponsor at Get 10% off your purchase at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit