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There's a new power trip in town. It's the It's MJF and Adam Cole Bay Bay. I hope they never split up.


Absolutely. I want them to never break up and give them all the belt.


Tag team titles, TNT title, TBS title.


This Orange Cassidy run has gone far enough.


Put it on Cole. Put it on Cole. Let's have the O in Hart Cup. Also, I know they're not in the tournament. You can put.


Them in.


Yeah. I think you can easily put them both in as one entrance.


Yeah. I then give them CM P unks World Title as well that is in that red bag. And then eventually, when he introduces the Collision World Championship.


Put that on him, too. The World Constellation Way AEW edition. Welcome to the AEW Dynamite Review podcast on the Restor t podcast channel. I'm Oli Davis. I'm joined by Luke Owen, DAD. If you haven't already, please press the subscribe button, give us a thumbs up, leave a comment down below with what you thought of this episode of dynamite and send in those Omega chats to wrestletalk. Com forward slash support, or read out every single one of them, over five US dollars. But our main talking point today, it was set up last week when Max said to Adam Cole, Hey, let's go hang out over the weekend. Let's work out. It's the blossoming bromance of MJF and Adam Cole, baby.


And you can tell how important Adam Cole is taking this storyline because MJF featured on his Twitter channel.


Wow. Yes, I saw this on Chugs.


Chugs is not a wrestling thing. This is almost a safe space from him having to talk about wrestling. Mjf called him while he was on the Twitch channel. He was in the Twitch chat. He gifted subs to us.


I didn't know that.


That's how serious Cole is taking this. When they announced this two weeks ago, they were going to be the blind tag partners. It was like, oh, well, that's a bit of fun. That's the whole point of a blind tag tournament thing is how.


Will they co exist?


How will they co exist? Bitty yucks. Then last week, the budding bromance. But this week, this was great.


It really subverted where I thought they were going to go. So we'll just run through the three segments they got on this.


Technically, four. Where's the four? Well, there was the video package, the backstay segment with Cole and Roddy, then the match, and then the.


Post match. Oh, you count in match and post match as different segments.


They'll be written down as two different segments on the.


Run sheet. This is three words or more right here, bending the rules. We got the video package vignette sketch that was filmed that was meant to have taken place over the weekend. It's Adam Cole going to work out with MJF. And Adam Cole, right from the start, he is like, I'm not in this. I'm very obviously not into this relationship.


Yeah. Mjf is like, Oh, come spot me, bro. Spot me, bro. And then MJF is doing his weights and stuff.


Very heavy weights.


As a shoot. I'd imagine there was all the weights, but not as much as Cole did. Cole did way more weights.


Off screen.


Well, I mean, at the end of that was the punchline to the segment was that he did way more weights than.


Mjf did. Yeah, worked weights.


Oh, do you think it's a.


Worked one? The camera... When MJF is doing the bench presses, you can see four giant plates on each side.


Of the bar. Actually, no, they're not worked ones.


You're right. Well, if they were worked ones for Adam Coles, you wouldn't then have to step in right to his face where presumably, I don't know, Scorpio Sky and Kazarian are standing and they're lifting the bar up for him to make it look effortless.


But the point of this is that, MJF's there, he's doing his weight and Adam Cole not even paying attention. He's on his phone, he's do scrolling Twitter and he is not doing a single thing. And he's just like, Yeah, no, that's really good. Really, really good. And then there is a large gentleman.


An overweight fellow.


In the room who is, to his credit, doing his best. He's doing his bit to try and maybe he's got some self confidence issues. He's looking to shed some of that weight. And he's gone to the gym, which is.


Great news. And the exercise he seems to be doing is hula hooping a five kilogram plate. Yeah. So just passing it around and like that.


Yeah, which I'd imagine is a really good exercise. I don't know.


I've never been to it. I've never done it.


Yeah. Maybe I should.


And M JS makes a fat joke.


It felt like 2005 again.


It was very, very well written as a, Oh, my God. Can you believe this man told this joke? And it's so in keeping with a Maxwell Jacob Friedmann character.


It was essentially, This guy is so large, when he goes to the laundret, the laundret says, We don't do curtains.


He could have said, Every time he turns around, it's his birthday. Really go back to that period of time. And Adam Cole says to me, Dude, that's not funny, and you can't say those sorts of things anymore. It's actually really hurtful and it's really offensive. But you know who is fat and smelly?


Tony Schivani. Tony Schivani.


They both say at the same time. They both laugh. And Adam Cole catches himself laughing and catches himself having fun. And he just pauses and he stares into the middle distance as his brain contemplate is trying to compute, I'm having fun with Max.


That's the bit that really transforms this from the usual, Oh, yeah, I see what they're doing. Cole is going to turn on Max, or Max is going to turn on Cole, to, Oh, no, I actually want them to stay together now. Because not only do you have Cole going, Huh, I'm feeling things I didn't think I'd feel around Max, you also have Max, very uncharacteristically, genuinely trying. When Cole says to him, No, you can't say that anymore about the fat joke, MJF goes, Oh, really? I'm sorry. And he seemed genuine and sincere about it.


Yeah, but that's the greatest trick the devil ever pulled is.


You never... I know, I know.


It's difficult, but maybe it is. Maybe that really was a moment of vulnerability within Max that we very rarely see.


Well, with MJF's character, and I said this in my review, so apologies for repeating myself, but that's all I do on this show. Get used to it by now. The bit that I keep coming back to for MJF's character is that promo with CM P unk about how the college kids threw money at him when they found out he was Jewish. It's always that thing, he thought he was in with the cool crowd. He got in with the cool crowd. They were awful to him. What's the word? Andy Somedically bullied him. Then he became that person as well to fit in. That's the mum and dad getting shot outside the... That's his origin story. It's his origin story. Batman origin story. I was trying to convey that.


So here, this is, for me, innocent Max wanting to get in with the cool kids. He idolises Adam Cole. It's very true. He pointed that out in a promo before.


His big Instagram post is if you want to be the best, you got to emulate the best.


Adam Cole was his hero. Adam Cole is one of those college kids he wanted to be. Not just modern day blue eyed baby face Adam Cole, who's still out on the road test, but the heel I'm always going to turn on you Adam Cole, undisputed era ring of honour Adam Cole, who is more in the mould of that douchebag bullying, toxic high school athlete figure, the jock that MJF wants to get in with. I really do feel if we're treating it 100 % K faith, I think Max in these segments is a hundred % believing that he wants to be Adam Cole's friend.


I think there's a good argument to be made for that. But I think it's because it's MJF, you've always got to take that slight step back. But that's all about character growth, isn't it? That is about you are so used to this character, but we're going on a bit of a potential character change here. What I find interesting in all of this is, aside from the points that you just made there, it's Cole finding himself, this blue eyed baby face version of Cole found himself self slipping back into ring of honour, undisputed era Adam Cole. And that's the self reflective moment of how I was like, Oh, I guess that part of me is still there. I am and always will be Adam Cole. Baby, no matter how much I come back from an injury and say, I'm a good guy now.


And maybe it felt good calling Tony Schivane fan.


Because it is something he doesn't like, which is Tony Schivane.


This was played through in a later bit just before that match, where Adam Cole goes to check on Roderick Strong. Roderick Strong, he's got the neck brace in from the Samoah Joe attack on Collision on Saturday. The doctors talking about, Well, you're not really cleared at the moment. Roddy is like, I'm fine. Adam Cole's there. Usually, this would be Adam Cole, Don't worry, buddy, I've got your back. I'm just playing with Max. Giving Roddy's full attention. But instead what it was, you've got a bit of sauce on your from your dinner. I do.


What a mucky p up.


You need a biblical.


It's because the kid doesn't have them anymore. So I'm just like, well, she doesn't need one. I don't need one either.


Sorry. I got bored of my own sentence. What was I talking about? Oh, yeah. That Cole was on his mobile phone while he was doing that. That's what he did to MJF earlier.


And it was reading a text from MJF that he laughed at. But was he laughing at it because Max said something funny, or was he laughing at it like, Can you believe this guy? Because Max's whole deal is I've got a new tag finish for us. We're going to do a double clothes line. And he's like, He's just text me about this double clothes line thing he wants to do. But don't worry about it. It's okay.


It felt probably like your mate's just got a girlfriend. Oh, my God. Sandi's just said the funniest thing. Dude, I'm trying to talk to you about where I'm going to take the And then the Jones franchise post Harrison Ford. Get your head in our conversation.


From the in betweeners when...


I still.


Do that. I did it last week. There were some friends of mine that did it for me when I was courting the one who would become my wife. Anytime that I would mention her, like in conversation, my friend would go, Oh, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop.


It's to American people who haven't seen the in betweeners. That's the sound a incoming text used to make on a speaker.


That's what he had here. He had his boobie.


Then we get into the actual match, which was just MJF and Adam Cole taking on another blind Eliminator tag team of.


Butcher and.


Matt Maynard. Daddy Magic. It felt really surreal watching Max wrestle on a Saturday twice and now watching him wrestle Matt Maynard here. I like it. I like that we're getting more M aks in the ring.


Absolutely. When in the office earlier, we're talking about the blind Eliminator tournament thing. And they paired Lee and Swerve together and Adam Cole was like, oh, no, but they hate each other. And I said, Yeah. And they also teamed Matt Harding and Jeff Jones. It's like, Oh, no, but they hate each other. It's like, yeah. And they teamed together, Adam Cole and then Jeff Jones. Oh, no, they're f uning together. It's like, yeah. And then they fueded butcher and Matt Menard. No, I don't think I've ever shared a screen together.


Some of them are going to be strange. Some of them.


Are obviously random. Some of them are just. We will literally draw these out of a Tom Bowder. Who could.


It be? On the tournament structure, I would appreciate knowing what the brackets are.


Considering that a couple of weeks ago, they said, We will announce the brackets for this tournament on next week's episode. And we are now two weeks in and they still.


Have not. I don't even know if this is of all the teams now wrestled because you've got Matt.


And Jeff still. There's two happening on rampage age, and then we are getting the next round of it next week. Okay. So it's Cole and MJF against one of the teams that is either... Hold on.


I think it's Trent.


Yeah, it's either Big Bill and Brian cage.


Which is apparently a banging match. They obviously already taped it for Rampage.


Or Trent and Matt Seidl.




God, I'm really good.


I feel like you're doing a survival series.


Yeah. And then the other ones, Matt and Jeff Jarret versus two other people. But really, the important ones are Matt and Jeff Jarret.


So this match itself was more of a showcase to get over the Adam Cole MJF stuff. And it was absolutely delightful. Mjf right away gets the abdominal stretch locked in on, I think, Matt Maynard. And he's telling Cole, behind the referee's back, come on, take my hand to give me more leverage on the abdominal stretch.


The classic heel spot. You grab the arm, it somehow makes the abdominal stretch.


More hurtful. Yeah, it pulls it over more.


Is that what it is?


I think so. And Adam Cole's like, I'm not going to do this, man. Not just because it's a moral and he's a baby face now, but because it's lame. It's lame.


He's like, I'm not doing it. And so Max is there trying to distract the referee from looking at it. He's like, No, ask him, ask him. And then telling the man, Let's do it. Let's do it. And then he starts saying, Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Chant from the audience and then Cole still says no. And so he starts another, Do it. Do it. And Adam Cole goes... And he grabs him by the hand to do the spot. And the guy.


Goes, wayy. And you could tell, Cole enjoyed it. Enjoyed embracing the dark side. Then it was a weird five minutes, perfectly fine. It was a weird to experience of MJF getting worked over.


That's what I wrote in my head here. Yeah. Healed, remarkably, work over World heavyweight champion, MJF, MJF during the ad break.


Which is fine. It was the structure of the match. It was just a weird visual to experience. And then MJF makes the hot tag by poking Maynard in the eyes.


This is just so wonderful. Doing all the baby face hope spots, but only getting out of it by doing heel shenanigans.


We said it in the office earlier. It's actually quite subversive what MJF is doing here. It's like, Yeah, I'm so good at performer. I can make everyone cheer me and my partner as massive baby faces despite doing every old school heel trick in the book. And at the end of the day, I'm going to make the place explode when we hit a double clothesline, one of the simplest moves in the Arsenal.


So they get the hot tag to Cole. Cole runs wild and he is clearing house. He's got Mignard ready to be finished off. And MJF says, tag me in. We'll do the double clothes line. And Cole looks at him and he's like, Nope. And he drops the knee pad, drops the boom and pins Minnard. But MJF is not mad. He's not upset about it because they got the win. He's like, Hey, we got the win. Do you know what? And he says in the pro m ater, We'd have won the match quick. Eah, I don't care if we'd have done my thing. But do you know what? We could do that another time. I cannot wait for that double clothesline spot. I literally can't wait for that moment. I think it's going to be so entertaining.


After the match, Adam Cole was leaving and Max said, Well, just before you go, happy birthday. Confetti exploded, or streamers rather, exploded from the ring post. A bunch of production guys came down with party hats and cake and and what are they called? The little blowers? Party blowers. Party blowers. They all celebrated. Then there was a little bit of, Oh, you guys. He's going to blow out the birthday cake candle. But Max goes to playfully shove his head in the cake.


Mj mugs to the camera and he's like, Hey, guys, check this out. Adam Cole, he's going to go and blow the candle out, but I'm going to push his face into the cake. It's going to be so funny.


We're such good friends, we're already at a point where we can turn on each other and it's just banter. But Cole, because he's the smart baby face reverses that shoves Max's head in the cake and I thought, Oh, no, that's a shame that this was all just paid off like that. Max gets up and he's laughing and it almost brings them closer together. I was like, Oh, my God. This is so good.


The crowd start shouting, eat the cake, eat the cake. Everyone says, takes me off his face. He's like, quite good cake actually. Adam Cole leans down to him and he just says, In all sincerity, thank you. And he leaves. And it genuinely was. That was a moment of sincerity of that was a really nice gesture. You did all of that for my birthday and I do appreciate that.


He's winning them over. It's like they've gone, Well, we're not going to do a wrestling storyline this time. We're not going to do, You beat this person, then this person, then this person and this person, then this person, then this person to face MJF. We're going to do the classic romcom. It's a romcom.


They're doing a romcom and I love it. We didn't talk about their entrance and stuff. Mjf cuts his music off so Adam Cole can have his full entrance. Mjf is doing all of his poses, doing the walk to the ring with the arms in the air and everything. Poses with Adam Cole. Adam Cole this whole time is pausing with him, being like, What are you doing? T he typical mags. But throughout the match, the more and more this went on, the more Cole got into the friendship. I suppose the question is, before we do get into our Omega chats on this is, I don't know, do we just do the standard? Because if MDF just turns on at the end is like, well, now Cole looks like an idiot because... And is that just the Samy thing that we did a handful of months ago? Where do we go here?


Well, last week I was like, well, they're going to do an odd couple thing. It's nowhere near Samy MJF levels, which was way too brief for me. I thought that was really, really fun. But already, this in just one week has become infinitely more layered and more enjoyable. If it was me, obviously, people keep saying, Cole, MJF at all in, or all out. I don't know. I don't feel that. Just watching this segment just based on gut reaction this week, Thursday, the day after Dynamite, I would honestly have them go and win the takedown.


I think the finals will likely be them with Orange Cassidy and Derby because that's what a perfect team to put them up against with Derby on the opposite side of the ring with MJF.


Yeah, of course. Then you can have So then the winners get a shot at FTR. So definitely win the tournament, maybe not win the titles. So that's like potentially two months of storyline there. I think that's a bit more substantial. I wouldn't have MJF go, I t was all a plan really to attack Cole. The way I would like to see MJF turn on him, because I think that's the way to go, is for MJF to... It's his self sabotaging. It's his paranoia that gets the better of him. He's genuinely in this friendship right now with Cole, but in a couple of weeks... Was he looking? It plays into that, Well, I can't trust anybody. I have no friends. Because when I did have friends that one time on that day in college, they threw pennies at me.


I would tie it into that. Cole has been saying from the get go, he told Roderick Strong that this isn't a real friendship. I'm just doing this because I'm the one who's actually suckering him and he's trying to suck me in and I'm not falling for it. Mjf really thinks they are in a friendship, but Cole is not. It's Cole is the one that breaks this friendship up because that is going to hurt Max so much. That is a brilliant character fuel for an even bigger heel run, MJF.


Let me add a bit more.


Please do. I can tell you're excited to do so.


Adam Cole actually is won over. You do. She's all that. Adam Cole actually becomes best friends with Max. Max actually becomes best friends with Adam Cole. Roderick Strong's cellist. Roderick Strong plays Max back. The bit of the star where Cole said, I'm only in it. No. That's the split.


That's the split.


And Cole was like, Man, I actually ended up liking you. But then that MDF gets twisted. It feels it was a bet all along. I can't trust anybody. And if they don't do that, it sucks. If LA Knight doesn't win the ladder match, Wwe are terrible.


This is an awesome bit of the show. I had a blast with all of this. The match was hilarious. The segment after was hilarious. The gym was hilarious. I love this so, so much.


Before we get into our Omega chat, hey, look at these lovely shirts these two fashionable fellows are wearing. I am wearing the wrestle Talk News presenter faces.


On here. There's Larry.


No, that's Larry.


That's Pete. That's right. He's got a bigger beard. I couldn't see him. He's got a more ginger beard. Yeah, there's Pete and there's a bigger beard as well. There's Sat obviously.






You, Tempest. Yeah, so Pete said, I don't know how much you can see this one without eyes, nose or a mouth. I look like Paul Rodd. He did say that. Pretty cool. And your T shirt is made up of the custom beers we had on sale at the Long Arm Pub & Brewery for our.


Watchalong party. Indeed, yes. We got survival berries, How Adam Would Drink, El Fakador's mask, the Olly's hot tag.


Delicious. That was the stamp. Did you have any?


No. Well, I had the LiW 4.5 % life, which was very, very nice. As was in about five %, which was a 4.9 % New England IPA.


Both of these T shirts are available to buy right now on wrestle. Com. The moderators should be posting a link in the comments. They are indeed. For you to look as sexy as these two guys, right? Yeah. On the Omega chat. Username has been lost for this, so please do tell the Mords and we can give you a shout out, hopefully. Love this partnership. However, thoughts on a double turn with MJF turning face. Everyone leaves him, Cole, his fiance Cody, etc, to then go against a newly heeled punk to unify the belts after the Cole feud. I think I like our version where MJF turns more heel.


Yeah. And also you got to remember it's a fall out, which it is actually, I believe it's at the United Center, it's in Chicago. They're not booing punk no matter how much of a heel he is on collision. So you really need MJF going in as the heel because punk will baby face it up. You can do punk heel after that, the proper heel run, but I think at this point here, you want MJF as the heel going in. That would be my point anyway. But I actually also forgot the fiance leaving him as well. Cody leaving him.


There's a history there. Heartbreaking. Will Campbell, the birthday segment was complete sports entertainment nonsense, and I would like double helpings of it, please, Mr. Khan. I would remove nonsense. I think sports entertainment has gotten a bad, a dirty rep because it's just been terribly done. Sports entertainment is great. I think that's the foundation of a lot of attitude era fans' enjoyment of the sport. So it is sports entertaining.


I would agree with that. Sorry, can I just do... I know you've got... I'm just going to get this little hat for teach.


Just grooming each other's day, aren't we? Just an idle heat. Mjf thinks he's Sean Michaels doing the double point, running around coal like Sean did for Triple H, the anticipation of putting the party hat on. I don't want this to end. I hadn't.


Even thought about that, but he's absolutely bang on the banana. That is what Sean used to do for Triple H. Before Triple H would do the in the DX thing, he would do the little run around him.


And it's Triple H who usually turns.


And then Sean Michaels gets run over and Triple H turns baby face for a week to do an investigation. And it turns out it was Triple H.


Rob Steadley, member for 13 months. Can Cole turn on Max and still be the baby face? Because the whole point is, Cole wants the title belt.


You can do if it's a justified thing of like, Well, look, Max was just using me. Not realising that perhaps Max isn't just using him, but we don't know that one. But you can do this where Max still comes out as the even bigger heel in this because he's a smart baby face.


nick Smith, I think it ends up being Cole who turns on MJF. Cole feels himself starting to like MJF and flips the switch. He does to him what MJF always does to others. Turning on him before MJF can turn on Cole, sending MJF even further into his heel character. I think that makes Cole the heel there. Mjf will become too relatable. Please keep getting in your Omega chats, wrestletalk. Com support or ead on every single one of the five US dollars, and buy our shirts. Links in the chat that the moderators should be putting on. This episode began with Keith Lee and Darby Allen having a backstage bit from earlier in the day where Darby Allen said, You've got lost in.


The shuffle. You suck, dude. And you seem to think it's everyone else's fault, but really it's yours.


And Keith's like.




Going to kill you.


Oh, little man. You have made a.


Terrible error. Because then we got such a fun opener. It was Keith Lee and Swerve, blind eliminated tag drawing, obviously against Darby Allen and Orange Cassidy. And this was all booked around much a bit like the previous week's Six Man tag, around Keith Lee looking brilliant.


Because they showed video clips of him teaming with Orange Cassidy last week and being that Keith Lee of all. We called him the 2018 PWG Keith Lee, which is that's our Keith Lee, the one who used to do Rev Pro shows.


Shaved the beard, tied the hair, looks exactly like him. Yeah.


So they showed clips of that. I also appreciated that they showed clips of this feud between Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland, which really, really works if you don't mention the dates because it's like Swerve Strickland, he laid out Keith Lee with a cinder block in December of.


Last year. I think they did show the takes.


Though, didn't they? I know, but it's like, you just whisper them, it's like in December of last year. And then Keith Lee made his return and he laid out Swerve Strickland in February of this year. So it's like, Wow, this hot feud has had nothing for the last four months.


I guess. They hate each other so much. They go through month periods of the time where they don't interact.


Swerve Strickland just goes off and does his own thing, going for different titles.


But this match was so much fun. And there was a lot of nice character play, even between Swerve and Lee. Even though I'm very much past that, Swerve would chop in Keith to make the tags. And then when somebody did a there was a moment at Tower of doom spot where Swerve was going to, I think, superplex Darby and Keith Lee just went and did a power bomb on Swerve. But that hit a superplex on Darby as well. Fun little bits like that.


Well worked. This was really about making Keith Lee feel like Keith Lee. The first thing he does is he just grabs Darby by the throat and beels him into the third row. It was awesome. And then they had the spot when Darby and Orange Cassidy were just was hitting move after move after move after move on him but couldn't take the big man down. It's just like rockin' him into feet. Those classic Rev Pro spots that you and I used to see in the PWG era of stuff. And what I loved about this is that they finally hit this move that rocked Keith Lee enough that he backed into his own corner to cause a tag on Swerve Strickland. But Swerve takes a bump because Keith Lee bumped into him because he's this big, powerful monster dude.


Spot of the match, though, was Darby has been put underneath the steel steps by Swerve. Orange Cassidy has Keith Lee in a choke on his back and Keith Lee walks up the steel steps with Orange Cassidy beneath them.


Yelling and then they... Derby's under the stairs and Orange Cassidy's on the back of the...


Oh, sorry. They're getting mixed up. And he just walks up. Oh, my God.




Good. Such a.


Cool spot. A spot that was so cool. We watched it twice because I watched this in the office today. I was like, What? No way. And then everyone was like, What was it? I was like, You've got to come out and see this spot. Rewind, rewind, rewind. Look at this.


Yeah, loved it. I really hope they follow up and keep on this Keith Lee momentum because it really feels like we're getting back to Keith Lee Prime. But the finish was Darby getting the last supper pin on Swerve after Swerve had accidentally kicked Lee so Keith was out the ring. They progress, Swerve walked out and Keith Lee, like, respectfully fist bumped Cassidy and Darby.


There was a spot when they had the pin on Keith Lee and Swerve broke it up with the 450. But I think Orange Cassidy actually moved out of the way. So he just 450 to Keith Lee. But he was quite happy about that. He was like, Well, I don't like him anyway, so that's fine with me. When he kicked him, he was like, That's great, because I've he just kicked him and I don't like him. Then he got pinned and he was like, Wait, no, I just lost. He was really annoyed by that. But Keith was like, I don't like him because I don't like him.


Look forward to the next installment in four months time. After that, we got a video package. Long time stories, haven't we? Keep him with Darby Allen, he is introducing this new signy. Well, he's actually an old signy. He was signed two years ago, but he was 16 years old. But he's turning 18 in the next week, so he's going to have his first match on Dynamite against Swerve Strickland.




nick Wayne, the son of Buddy Wayne, who isn't really a well known name, but he trained Brian Alvarez and he was a big part of that Seattle Defy wrestling scene training a lot of those guys.


Trained Derby as well. Darby Allen was trained by nick Wayne.


And Swerve?


Well, Swerve is a big part of that scene. I don't know whether he trained him or not. Buddy Wayne is a name that I am very familiar with through 10, 15 years of listening to Figure 4 online podcast, listening to Brian and Dave talking about him. Mostly Brian and Vinny because Brian and Vinny would share their stories of Buddy Wayne. Buddy Wayne would be on some of the podcast that they did in this and the other. Then when Buddy passed, they did a lot big tribute shows to him as well and sharing their memories of him. He's a guy that is a name I've just known for years on end. It's cool now. It's like, Well, now the son of Buddy Wayne is going to be wrestling for AEW next week. It's a perfect person to put him up against in Swerve Strickland because they have worked together a lot. This feels like Swerve said to AEW, because him and Darby, I think, are the guys that have been really pushing sign this kid because he's going to be the future of this business. Swerve's like, Give me this match because I will make him look like an absolute star next week.


If no one's heard of his name before, for the last couple of years, he has been spoken about as the future big star of wrestling, like a jungle boy or an MJF was before. We don't know which way it's going to go. I've personally seen Spots Vin wrestle and he's very good. I've not heard him cut a promo, so I don't know if that side's there. I was just a bit confused. The way this video package was structured and told, it felt like part one of three or four. I didn't get anything.


They just said to be continued.


I didn't get anything from nick Wayne. It was all derby. I felt like there was going to be another installment of getting to know nick Wayne's personality, said to be continued at the end. I was actually a bit miffed when at the end of the episode, Excalibur just announced, Oh, and nick Wayne's facing Strickland next week. I was like, That's not how you build a brand new style. You give him four weeks of vignettes.


Unless, of course, the second and final vignette is before the match.


I would give it more.


I agree with you because you're right, this is still like it was part one of a few weeks before we get to it. But the other side of this, the other side of that coin, if I was to jump on the defensive aspect of it is like, look, I saw a lot of Book of Hob's promo videos that went nowhere. I'd much rather we do one of these video promos and it leads to a match. That means AW can't bollocks that up.


Or forget about it. We'll pick up the pace because I've just seen the time and I do need to head off.


You do.


Tony Schivane is backstage with Jungle boy, whose car arrives, says he wants an FDW title shot, hook chases him off.


Yeah, he came out dressed like Dan Leighton.


Then we got the MJF. It's very Christian, isn't it? You can feel the Christian production there. The MJF Adam Colbit. Then we got the acclaimed and Daddy Ass taking on the Bollywood Boys and the Blade. Just total enhancement match, really.


It was. I said to Pete, as this match finished, I sometimes question whether or not me spending the last 20 plus years of wrestling has been a waste of time, or me watching it from such a young age has been a waste of time. But it really paid off in this match because I wrote down in my notes, Billy Gunn hits the one and only because I knew what the name of that move was because I was watching wrestling in 2001 when he debute that move when he became the one Billy Gunn. I was like, Pete, I know the name of that move and I've written it in my notes.


Afterwards, a Harley Cameron from QTV interrupted them on the tron and said that she'll prove next week she's the best musical musician in AW next week.


She had a line where you said you're going to be peanut butter and jealous. She's actually pretty good.


Do you think she's going to be bad?


No, she's an amazing singer. She's an incredible singer. She is an amazing singer. S he is actually just going to sing really well, I'd imagine. Or do you do the Gillian Hall thing of just go out there and sing really bad? But apparently that's a really difficult thing to do. If you're good at singing, it's hard to sing poorly because I was talking to Rosie about this because I have a sketch on Grovy Little Mitzvah where she has to sing badly, but Rosie can sing. The little girl in School of Rock, the band manager, she can really sing. When she has to do her bit where she sings memories really badly, like, Mike White, the director, had to give her lessons on how to sing badly.


Me. We got clips of Eddie Kingston beating Kenta for the New Japan Strong Openweight Championship.


Sorry, last point I just wanted to make on that segment there is the Billy Gunn tells her to suck it at the end of the segment. There is a pause and Tony Schifani went, Uh huh.


Yes. Kingston beat Kenta for the New Japan Strong Openweight Title. Yeah, take that punk. Then we get a video package from Mox because Mox is in Japan at the moment. He's not on this show. Although we'll hear from Mox was one of the big promot things. We did hear from him. I guess so. Didn't really say anything new. It was actually quite baby face. He was presenting Kingston as the heel here. I said, Look, the Blackpool Combat Club are trying to make the new generation of wrestlers and you're just grumpy at them all.


I hear this being which is like, in 2009, you were really pissed off about things, and now here we are, it's 2023 and you're still pissed off about them. I really was hoping that you were going to be able to move past of a lot of your issues and look to the future and be the rest of the day everyone thought you could be. But I guess you're not. I guess you're just going to be pissed off about things from 15.


Years ago. I care.


I care. I loved it. I thought this was awesome. Very cool archive as well.


At the end, he said he wants Eddie to answer his phone.


Yeah, he's not even responding.


To Mox's phone calls. That says to me that Mox is trying to talk to Eddie. Does he want him to join side?


Because he's trying to knock it off with Cloudio, just leave it alone.


Rj Citi drew the next name in the blind tag Eliminator Tournament for Matt Harding. This is very well done because it's RJ Citi. And he said, It's Jeff, Jeff Jarrett. Because Matt's like, My brother Jeff?


No, it's Jeff Jarrett. It's like, No, I hate Jeff Jarrett.


Very well done. That'll be fun.


It will be. I mean, no one will watch it because it's on rampage, but I'm sure it will be fun.


More people watch rampage than collision. It's the B Show. We got a video package on Uta and Omega, which was good actually, because I forgot that Uta pinned Omega at Double or Nothing in the end of the movie.


Very good reminder.


I love the Cole MJF stuff. I want to see where that goes. But the thing that's got me most curious, I'd say, is this next segment. Chris Gerico comes out, really has dropped a lot of the JAS heel persona. He is full on baby face in this segment, playing up Canada, playing up how it's Alberta. I trained at Stewart Hartz. Strangely, the crowd booed Stewart Hartz? I didn't think it.


Was going to be Stewart Hartz. I thought they were booing where it was. That's a different part of this province and I don't like that bit of the province. Maybe they've got a sports team.


Or something. It's like Dartford. Boo. We're from Swan Lake, Kent. I've disowned both of those places. I've moved them both.


I'm East London now.


I'm Ortham Stow. I was born here.


It's me in E 17 until the end.


And Damon Allburn from Blur.


Oh, really?


And Harry Kane and Johnny Ive, the designer of the iPhone. No. Ortham Stow boy. And the larger Layton area. Anywho, Chris Gerricke is getting a series of local hometown pops. Said wrestling is everything to him. That's what this place reminds him of. And now he's going to become a better version of Chris Gerricke, maybe the best version.




Which was cool. Don Dong Callous comes out.


Oh, the amazing heat.


For Don Calles. With what I think is Brown noise for his entrance.


It's like it's an air conditioning.


It just allows people to.


It's just an annoying sound. Oh, anyway.


I mean this with the highest compliments. I think Don Calles actually physically resembles a penis. Since the cut on his head, it just don't know what it is about him. He just looks like a penis personified.


I've never thought of Don Calles as a penis. But maybe next time I will. My new favourite thing about Don Calles, and I particularly enjoy this when we rewatch the Kenny Osprey match a few days ago. His big overreactions of points and things like that. But when he comes out the second time and the crowd booes him, he has this real like... He's so good at the big facial overreactions factions.


Yeah, he's amazing. But Kallis said to Gerica, I arranged Gerica Kingdom, changed the wrestling industry. We've been friends for 34 years. I'm building a new family. Do you want in?


Because I was betrayed by Kenny Omega.


And every line like that, the crowd boo harder. And Gerica had this great line. He says, I don't join factions, I start them. And he's building it up like he's going to say no.


He also made the point of like, look, you're in a new job because I got you a job. You were in a different profession. You left the world of professional wrestling, but I knew you wanted to come back. So I hooked you up with various different gigs. And that's how I got you back into it. I got you into a new job. So without me, there's no Don Calles. Without that, then there's no... So really, I did this. Don Calles is like, You're right. We're history makers. Layens is like, Yes, you're right. But also I did my thing. We're both people who make history.


So Derek was playing up the idea so much that he was going to say no. I thought, Oh, he's going to say yes. But he did something even more interesting. He answered, Maybe, and then walked off right away.


I think there's a really key and fascinating word you use there, which is interesting because I... Well, here's what I wrote in my notes, which is like, Out comes Don Calles. Oh, no. Derek is going to be in Blood and guts, isn't he? I don't want Gerica near my cool storyline I got with the elite and Blackpool Combat Club. I don't need Chris Gerica being like, Oh, that's over. I think I should probably be a part.


Of that as well. You can take a fun bump off the top of the cage. Do it right this time.


Always does. I know I was getting over. I think probably I should be a part of this as well. I don't want Gerica close to my elite Blackpool Combat Club storyline, part A. Part B, this makes Samy Khafara look like an absolute Muppet later on in this episode. Two weeks ago, Samy was like, I'm going to lead the jerk off pretty sure. I was like, I don't need this group. Then jerk up. I was like, No, you're sticking with me. And then we're going to be a tag team. Sam was like, All right, I guess we will be a tag team then. And now they were a tag team, lost a bunch of matches. And then later on, Sam was like, How could you possibly leave this group? I'm like, Why do you want him to stick around? You want him to leave because you're having a kid or some nonsense. I know what you're turning baby face, but apparently you are. And he said, I guess I'm tagging with Daniel Garcia now. Cool. So Gerica just one day woke up and said, I don't want to do that story anymore. I'd rather do a story where I'm the focus.


Now Sam is once again directionless.


I totally valid concerns, by the way, because Gerico is hit and miss. But I feel like he's been missing for the normal amount of time that he misses for.


Oh, you think he's.


Due a hit? I think he's due a hit. Just like last year, we all rode him off after that eternal Eddie Kingston feud last year. Then boom, hot show. Ring of Honor World Champion, one of the best runs of his career for about three months. But banger's every week back to back on dynamite. Gerico and Calles and to Kester, I think is the start of it. If Gerico is not the main focus and Calles is still the mouthpiece, that's a heck a lot of star power.


That ain't happening. Gerico not being the focus.


It could go.


Either way. I'm all for more Gerico Callus segments. I just want to take my toys and just I don't want these to play with your toys.


Yeah, because if it's Gerico added to Blood and guts and Eddie added on the elite side, it's like, Oh, well, I get the mirror image of last year, but I don't care.


Omega Teaser after dynamite went off the air that it is... Without saying as much as saying it's Kota Robuchik.




Could put King of Kingston on the other side.


I think Kingston... Sorry, Kingston is doing the G1. I think it's actually impossible for him to do.


I'm going to reserve judgment. I feel like just past performance, I feel like Gerica is about to do something good, but it could also be another three months of guff. I don't want to see Gerica feud with Takedhester. No. Which is the other way this could go, I think. We got a pumpkin Joe video package for Collision. The only reason I mentioned that about this weekend is because it's in Regina. Medical update with Strong and the Cole stuff. Then we got the great tag match with Max and Adam Cole. Brick got a promo on Ruby ahead of their.


Match together. She dug out that. I went and totaled from the own heart title from the bottom of her closet. It's in here somewhere. I know it is. We were in this house the last time I had it. It's got to be in one of... It's in here somewhere. Here it is. I knew it was around here somewhere.


You know there's the Simbad theory of different alternate universes and stuff, which is probably just people misremembering things. I'm convinced it was a cup. It was.


A cup. No, it was definitely. I think it was a cup.


And a title. Can we get a vote? Fred Baker and Adam Cole won cups.


I think they had.


Title belts. What did they win in the Owen Hart Cup Tournament last year?


I think there was a cup, but they were also awarded title belts.


I've seen it by the ring. It was in the ring in.


The next one. I know. But they also won title belts because I remember them wearing them because we made the joke of being like, how long do they wear these belts out on TV before they stop doing it? As it happened, it was like three weeks.


I love the idea of idea behind the O in our cup tournament and I'm happy that Martha gets to wear her hat. That's her name, isn't it? Martha? Yeah.


I thought you were going to say hat.


For a second. It really needs something like a shot at the end of the end of it, some steaks. Get a cup.


And in some cases, a.


Title belt. You do.


Get a cup, yeah. And in some.


Cases, a title belt. I thought Brit was not an array game. I thought it's a bit of a wooden promo.


It was okay.


Good by her standards. Yeah.


She cut a promo that was be fitting of the fact she was about to lose a match.


Then we got Gerica, Samy and Garcia, which we already covered. Then we got Ruby Soho versus Brit Baker. I was looking forward to this match. I thought we were going to get an actual last year's cup and we had stuff like Dax Harwood versus who was it? Cash. Cash, yeah. We had a couple of really good in ring matches. I just thought that was going to be what we would get between Brit and Ruby here. And it was, I get that they're heels, but man, this heel interference, really. I ruined the match. I thought it was a pretty rubbish match, to.


Be honest. I actually didn't mind it. I thought the match was pretty good. I really like the finish. I thought the finish was... I thought the last three minutes, five minutes of it were really good. I quite like the heel challenge. There was a moment at the start of the match when Seraya and Tony Storm were just skipping round the ring, just being obnoxious. They're just obnoxious dickheads. And then Sorret at one point shouted out loud when the referee was asking a question like, I'm not doing nothing. I think they are quite fun, obnoxious heels. But the action itself, I thought was pretty good. And it played into the match that they had last year in the Owen Hart tournament. They played up the finish that they did in the Owen Hart tournament. Played up Soho doing the lock jaw last week on dynamite, and there were some really good false finishes near and near falls that I proper bought into. I actually thought this was better than perhaps you're giving it credit for.


It was mostly the booking decisions here. It was all the distractions. I could not get invested in it at all. I get that they're a heel group and that's what they do. But it wasn't for me, that one. Ruby won, though.


Yeah, just to go over the finish is that they had... What was the really good nearfall that.


I've got down here? The nearfall was when Ruby whacked Brit's head onto the cup.


Don't you put the O in heart title belt over the corner. Ruby smashed her head into it, hit the no future. Really good kick out. I think the crowd bought that as the finish as well. She went for the lock jaw, but Baker reversed that into a lock jaw of her own. Then the outcast dragged Soho out of the ring. Baker goes out, she defies the odds and beats them all up. T hat's when they redo the finish from last year of the powerbomb and the roll up and everything. But this time it's Soho that gets to be on top of this. Sarea holds down her arm while Tony Storm is holding down Sohaya's arm so she can get the pin. I thought I really like the finish to this. Then afterwards, Soho had a stare off with Sky Blue, who is very blue. Blue. And Soho is very green. And Denice Alcedo said, When I was a kid, I used to have my crayons wrestle each other. And that is what this looks like.


The main event was Wheeler Ute had taken on Kenny Omega. I thought they had a cracking match. Of course they did. Omega gave Wheel it a lot and he did so believably by selling that neck and the head that got crushed like an accordion by Will Osprey at the end of the Forbidden Door match. It was all taped up along there along the trapezes as well. You could target that. This was just great. What body part you going to work over? The head, Bill. The head.


I particularly love how Kenny worked this into the match himself because he goes to do the you can't escape. And he just crumbles down. He does the move and flips over and then it's like, Oh, I actually can't finish this because my neck hurts. My bad neck.




Neck I broke. And yes, I used to was able to target a lot of that. I actually really thought U2 was going to win here because they made a very big point of... Kenny Omega is 0 and 3 since Calles turned on him.


And it's like.


It actually turns out that maybe Kenny did need Don. Don was the magic to Kenny. So when Wheely U got that near fall on him, I really thought he was going to pin him for a second time.


I agree because Don comes out. Don Tom. The other heated person, Don, not Dominic Mysterio, Don Calles came out. That's a distraction for the ref. So Takeshita can come in looking awesome and he's like.


Coat the jacket. Leather jacket. He's such a handsome dude.


And Takeshita, blue thunder bomb. I thought, Is that your finish?


That's his finish, yeah. What's that face? What's a.


Great move. It's a great move for a near fall.


Samy Zane has finished to match with a blue thunder bomb recently as well.


Yeah, once in a blue thunder move. So yeah, Takesh hits that and then Uta hits a splash off the top rope. That's not a finish either. Anyway, I still bought into the near fall. I thought off of that, you could also tell the story of not just Kenny's losing streak post callous, but also Uta has Kenny's number.


Pinned him twice. But in the end, Kenny picked about one wing and angel and got.


The win. It was a great one winged angel because Uta was going up again, presumably for a moonsault in the corner. Kenny ran in, punched him through his legs in the face, and then just ran out of the corner with the one winged angel. Oh, it's great.


After the match, the BCC attacked Omega and the Elite ran down to make the save. They were still up to do the BTE trigger, and they all had chairs and stuff, and hangman had a chair and as he lifted up above his head, the dark order showed up and took the chair away from him. And in America, that's where the show ended. But because we're cool and in the United Kingdom, we got an extra four minutes.


Of just the dark order passive, aggressively walking out and then hangman and the Bucks continually beating.


Up Claudia. They're not Claudia out the ring and instead angrily at their music play. Kenyan Mayer, I was a little bit concerned about as well because there's a moment when they go to check and see if Kenny's okay, he's got blood on his hands and he was pointing at his hands and being like, There's blood on me. I was like, Is he broken his fingers or something? There's just blood on his hands.


I don't know. The dark order in all of this.


Isn't doing it for me. It's actually perfect. You're absolutely right. It should be a three way blood and guts match.


I agree. But great match. The only other thing, this isn't a criticism, it's just a wish. I really miss Danielson on commentary for this.




Just like Danielson getting over the story, shouting at Uta for not doing certain things. I did miss, but I understand why.




He can't talk with an injured arm.


So who do you think is the other member of the BCC in there? Because they are down a man for blood and guts. It's likely Kota Robushi for the elite. But who goes on to BCC.


Well, now I'm worried it's Chris Gerica. I don't want that.


Do you know my picture? Silver.


John Silver? Sure. Overall, I gave this 80 %. Really enjoyable show. Had a lot of fun and I'm intrigued to see where things go.


Yeah, 4 out of 5 show for me. Had a good time.


Should we see what the end of the poll was for the Owen.


Hart Cup? Yes, I would imagine it has been... Someone in the moderator's thread has even posted a picture of Martha Hart with.


The cup. I knew.


Yeah, we didn't.


Say there wasn't a cup. I knew it. They won a cup.


We didn't say there wasn't a cup. We also said that there were belts. I said there were belts and a cup. What we're going to find out is that I'm right here and it was a belt and a cup.


The universe, the dimension I lived through, and I'm pretty sure a lot of other people lived through, there was only ever a cup.


Well, only 10 % voted for a cup. A title belt, 21 % and both voted 67 %.


That's not conclusive.


I think it's pretty conclusive because there's a picture right here of... Because that's the thing you've neglected to say about this image is that there's Adam Colin Brit Baker with belts.


Yeah, in this timeline. I'm saying there was another timeline. No, there wasn't. The picture has.


Been overridden. Not a Mandela effect thing. The timeline has not shifted.


Jury is out.


Should do our shout outs.


We should do our Patron shoutouts. I'm just trying to find them for me. Thank you very much to our wonderful $25 a Month or More pledge Hammers on Patron. The Roller coaster, Robert a Coaster.


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Result Talk's personal ring an answer, Rodrigo Benítez.


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Starbucks, Steven Custer.


We met Starbucks, Steven Custer at the party. Good dude. Shield Maiden, the Zornist.


He ran, Aaron Hanrahan.


He brings the fear, Ameer Jones.


And lastly, for this hall of fame class on the... Crikey, the sixth of July 2023, where has the time gone? Andrew Grifford, the Big Red Dog. Head on over topatre. Com forward slash Rest Dog. Yesterday, the patron mail bag went live with myself and Pete answering your questions. We are aying all of them queues that you've got for us. Next week it'll be Rest Dog Behind the scenes. Week after that after dark. And then it's looking likely it's the three Pete as Olly and I review our third TNA show in a row from 2009, which will have Jenner versus Charmel.


We're going chronologically. Right, our remaining Omega chat's last call for those. Kid Cuddy says, I understand Luke because it's AEW, but Oli, are you really that interested in another MJF Let's Be Friends scenario. It feels like I've seen a version of this play out in almost every MJF storyline now. Some bits are funny, but I'm a pass on this.


I understand Luke because it's AEW.


I think there's probably a weird You love everything that's AEW and I hate everything that's AEW. I guess it's their own. I don't think the Let's Be Friends thing's been played out with MJF since Jerry Co? The pinnacle in a.


Circle thing? Because people have said this before about like, Oh, he does all the same stories over and over again. The seven stages of whatever it is. It's the way that they do the twist on that that makes it interesting. It's not You could look at it as a surface level thing and say, Well, that's the same story. But then again, I would say, Well, then the bloodline was the same as Viper in the family because that was an outsider infiltrating a family thing. That's a surface level discussion of that. But actually there's a much bigger picture.


Tri. Mjf versus Cole. Strong gets jealous, shows Max video. Ac explains himself. Strong reassembles undisputed era to attack MJF because they believe Max will turn on AC. Ac defends MJF, but ultimately has to choose and betray MJF, becoming heel AC. Ac turn it all in, match it all out. You turn MJF face in the process for his match against heel punk at full gear where they can play off the mirror image of Cineverse's punk from Money in the Bank with roles reversed and MJF loses. Then he decides to stay in AEW to save it from punk and regain the belt.


Face MJF is an interesting prospect. Although, do you want us to cut promos? Are you saying you're staying to save AEW from CM P unk? The last time someone said that in a promo. All sorts of S hit fans.


Bonesaw Buck 823, Good day lads. Decent dynamite, big pros. Mjf and his Rick Steiner inspired trunks posing before the match. I didn't get that. No. Con, punk Joe gets a backstory, but not Stark's Hobbs Pro. The opening, con, the ending. Anyway, keep up the good work.


I did make in my notes, like, punk and Joe get a video promo, which is really detailed. Stark's and Hobbs get a video promo. It is not as long.


This next person, unfortunately, hasn't had their name recorded, so please do tell the Mods so we can give you a shout out. It's not happening, but for MJF to have a genuine friend, you need to have a Ted Lasso moment. Even though MJF turns on said person, he still forgives him and helps him on self destructing moments to have a friendship that works despite dynamics like Coach and Kenny. That is quite a nice three-dimensional idea.


That is nice. I like that a lot. I'll hot tag to you. Fred Worst here says, I'm always caught off guard when Calles comes out too low, ominous humming instead of a wrestling theme. As if the arena itself knows what a terrible person he is and joins us in with a collective booing of him. I like that. The arena is also booing him. Dante Kennedy says, Hi, gents. Dante here. Best part of the show for me was Lee and Orange when he watched a man's soul physically leave his body. I want Lee versus Cassidy for the title now. Aew, I know you watch. Push Keith Lee, you cowards. And follows that because he's been member for three months in a row, says, Following off my Omega Jack, it was also great to watch Orange Cassidy respaw n in real life. I want more of this. Each and every week. Young on Watch said, It's a sports thing. Edmonton hates Calgary because of hockey. Told you it was a sports thing. Had to be.


They hate Stewart Hart.


The Edmonton oilers versus the Calgary Flames, which is called the battle of Alberta, the more you know. I really do appreciate the only watch. I will have forgotten all of that in about an hour's time.


I'm glad Tempest was on holiday this week because he would have just been nonstop, talling us this all day.


Mike the Riff was at the show last night. They had to boost Don's mic because no one heard him live. The crowd hated him so much. And yes, we were booing Calgary, the city that Don Calles emanates... Sorry, the city is the Don Calles of cities to Edmontonians.


Because it was in Edmonton.


We've also got this here from BN Whitehouse that said, What determines what you guys review? For example, if Collision continues to have 200,000 less viewers than Nxt, which will likely happen in college football season, will you review Nxt instead? Also, what are the chances of an impact one minute review? I can answer some of that, B. M. Whitehouse. People actually care about the collision reviews early doors. No one has ever cared about us reviewing Nxt. They've always had tell me terrible numbers whenever we've done them. It's actually got nothing to do with the ratings of those shows. It's more about the YouTube numbers that we get. But if the collision reviews starts to get those Nxt numbers, we would probably go, we'll knock that on the head because no one's interested in it. We only really want to make content that you want to watch. There's no point in us wasting time giving you stuff that you aren't interested in.


It takes a lot of time and money to make all these shows. If people are watching them, it's like, Oh, yeah, yeah. We can't make them then.


But if a collision does 100,000 viewers a week, but the videos do 25,000, well, that means that people are still interested in the show to a certain degree. We have this from I'm Just Marcus said, Luke, I wasn't on board originally, but I now want the dark order in Blood and guts. Although he's written here Blood and Guys.


Blood and Guys. Just on BN Whitehouse's other point, chance of impact one minute review. Again, it's the same thing with the is unfortunately, other things we got to devote time to. Plus because they're batch taped, it's not like people already know most of what happens. So we're only doing it for big pay per views of this.


Just going to quickly end the poll now to find out what people thought of this episode of dynamite. And it is an overwhelming 83 % thumbs up with 16 % in the middle and 1 % thumbs down.


And thank you to Mr. Higglesby, who's gifted a membership to Fox Your Nan. Thank you very much. Whatever that means. Very generous. Thanks very much for joining us here today. Please go over and watch the rest of talk news that went up earlier about the AW collision rating stuff. Disasterous, really bad actually. But for now, I've been Oli Davis. It's been l ugo and DAD Jam.


That Jam. Jam that Jam. Can that Jam.